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Thread: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - PG stories

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    NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - PG stories

    Here are the challenge entries for March's challenge "Pic challenge", the PG entries! The adult entries will be posted in their own thread!

    If you're voting and want to leave a small note, please feel free to do so. The voting is anonymous and no one has to tell who they chose; a simple, "Great stories guys" won't reveal anything but can make a world of difference to the authors. And if you don't want it known that you voted at all, you can send me your reply in a PM and I will be more than happy to post it to preserve anonymity.

    Voting ends on Sunday April 11th 2010 at 15:26 Norway time.
    Click here to see what the time in Oslo is right now.

    Story one
    Story two
    Story three
    Story four
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - PG stories

    Story One

    The Defiant Ones
    AU Season 5

    Lex grasped Chloe's shoulders tightly, his eyes practically boring into hers. "I swear to you Chloe, I won't let my father get anywhere near you or your family. Not ever again"

    Chloe gazed levelly back at him, trying to mask her fear. "If anything happens to my dad..."

    "Nothing will happen," Lex quickly assured her. "We'll stop Lionel, and put him away. For good this time."

    Chloe had nodded her head, relief palpable on her face.


    It shouldn't have surprised him that his father had resorted to threatening Chloe again, but it still did. He had somehow hoped that Lionel Luthor had learned his lesson when he's been sent to prison the first time.

    But as soon as he was released back into society, he paid Chloe a visit while she worked late into the night at The Daily Planet. He'd casually handed her pictures of her dad in his new life in Edge City. Pictures of him driving to work, sitting in his apartment, going to his local diner for lunch.

    The threat was implicit. He could get to Gabe Sullivan whenever he wanted to and he wanted to make sure Chloe knew it.

    Chloe didn’t waste anytime in calling her dad, urging him to be alert for any danger and then she came to Lex, a plan in her mind and anger in her heart.


    It hadn't taken them long to uncover who Lionel was working with.

    When Lionel and Morgan Edge were still up and coming thugs in Suicide Slums, they'd been friends with a third hoodlum named Tommy Cavanaugh who was trying to make a name for himself as an enforcer.

    The three remained friends into their adult lives and helped each other to legitimatize their various criminal enterprises. It was Lionel who'd given Tommy the money he needed to buy their local pub, The Antrum Brewery, and he now owned several pubs and restaurants throughout Metropolis.

    Word on the street was that Tommy was Metropolis’ drug connection and that Luthorcorp was his mule.

    Lex and Chloe investigated all of their leads: he'd sent his best security people to search Tommy's warehouses and his more well to do restaurants while he and Chloe searched Tommy’s home but everyone had come up empty.

    So Lex and Chloe surmised that Tommy kept all of the manifests for the shipments of his drug ring in the office of The Antrum Brewery, his home base of operations.

    If they could find the shipping logs, then Lionel could be convicted as a co-conspirator because Tommy was using, with Lionel’s authorization, Luthorcorp trucks to deliver the drugs to various dealers in the city.

    Chloe had no trouble hacking into Tommy's home computer and she searched his entire server, and she was only able to find a mention of “log book at the Antrum.” No other folders were related to anything criminally oriented.

    In the end, it made a strange sort of sense for Tommy to hide all of his important papers in the one place that had started it all.

    Lex looked at Chloe, knowing without even asking that she would want to go to the pub herself and search Tommy's office. He spoke to his security people and he and Chloe were both equipped with tasers, and pepper spray, and Lex was bringing his .38 Smith and Wesson, just as a precaution.


    Tommy had made The Brewery the place to be during March because in his pub, St. Patrick's Day was celebrated all month long.

    The line to get in was quite long and Chloe worried that they might be turned away, but Lex managed to bribe the bouncer guarding the door to let him and Chloe in before the rest of the massive crowd.

    Chloe smiled gratefully at Lex, and then turned her attention to locating the office, when she felt Lex grab her arm. She looked up questioningly at him, as he'd put his arm around her, and brought her closer to his body. He leaned towards her and murmured, "Relax, we have to get a drink first and blend in. We don't want to arouse any suspicion."

    She nodded in agreement and followed Lex as he made his way to the bar. She shook her head in amusement because even in the disguise his security team had insisted on their wearing, Lex still exuded a power and authority that made people get out of his way.

    And he was just as handsome as ever.

    Chloe stopped in surprise at her own thoughts, but by then, Lex had reached the bar, and ordered two pints of Harp's and pulled Chloe to stand next to him. She could feel him looking at her and she tried to keep her expression neutral.

    He titled his head down to look at her and grimaced slightly at the feel of the hat on his head. He was dressed as a dockworker, complete with peacoat, work boots and watchmen's cap, and while he appreciated the warmth of the coat, the hat felt foreign to him.

    Chloe was similarity casually dressed: her blonde hair was curled slightly, and she wore black jeans, and a green top, but she still looked at lovely as ever. He paused and blinked in surprise. Since when had he ever thought of Chloe as lovely?

    He shook his head to clear his thoughts and out of the corner of his eye, he could see one of his security people standing by as back up. That was the reminder that he needed to get his mind back in the game. He and Chloe had a mission to complete and he didn’t have time for distractions.

    Even if he noticed that the top Chloe wore made her sparkling eyes even greener.


    After half an hour of listening to the band play every Irish song ever written, Lex whispered in Chloe’s ear that it was time.
    They made their way to the back of the pub, past several people already passed out, and got to the door marked “Private.” They nodded to Lex’s security man, who was acting as their look out, and easily broke into the office.

    Chloe set about going through Tommy’s desk and bookshelves and Lex concentrated on opening the safe. After about five minutes, Lex found the log book that listed all of Tommy’s dealers names, and Chloe found every manifest that pertained to Luthorcorp and the drug shipments.

    Using their camera phones, they quickly took pictures of every document, and then made sure to replace the paperwork exactly as they found it.

    They placed their cell phones in the inside lining of Lex’s peacoat, and he had just closed the door to the safe when he received a text message: Get out TC on way

    Chloe looked at Lex and she could see that he was trying to mask his worry. She instinctively moved towards him when she heard the sound of voices getting closer.

    Lex didn’t waste a minute. He pulled Chloe into his arms and lowering his lips to hers, kissing her .

    The kiss was soft at first, tentative, as though Lex was afraid of scaring her. Chloe gasped in surprise at his actions, but then she melted in his arms him, and returned his kiss enthusiastically.

    At that point, Lex and Chloe both forget where they were, and just how dangerous their situation was. He pulled her even closer to him, and deepened the kiss while Chloe arched her body into his.

    When Chloe asked him about it later, Lex swore that he knew that Tommy was in the room with them, but she didn’t quite believe him. They were both so involved in their kiss that neither one of them would have noticed if war had broken out.

    Over the roaring of the blood rushing in his ears, Lex could hear a throat being cleared, and he forced himself to break away from Chloe’s lips. His arms were still wrapped around Chloe’s waist, holding her tightly to him.

    He rested his forehead against hers, both of them breathing raggedly. Lex finally glanced up and was surprised to see Tommy smiling at them knowingly. “Listen kid, I get that you want to be alone with your girl, but my office ain’t the Motel 6. Understand?”

    Lex and Chloe exchanged a quick look, nodded, and left Tommy’s office. The pair didn’t stop until they were outside of the pub and onto the Metropolis street.

    The looked around to make sure no one was within earshot, but before Chloe could even speak, Lex whispered, “Chloe, we did it. We’ve got the evidence to put away my father for good!”

    Chloe tried not to grin too broadly, so she whispered back, “Let’s get this evidence to the District Attorney and then...”

    Lex looked at her sharply, trying not to look too hopeful. “And then?”

    Chloe smiled and raised herself on her tiptoes, cupping Lex’s cheek. “We finish where we left off.”
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - PG stories

    Story Two


    Multicoloured shards lie scattered at my feet as the unexpected storm rages with unrestrained violence. Coloured fragments of a dream lying there helpless, scarred and alone. The wind and the rain, which come through the void that is now what used to be the stained-glass window in whose light I remember you standing, are lashing against my face. My soaked dress shirt has started to plaster to my skin, but I do not feel cold as I close my eyes and assemble the broken pieces in my mind again.

    It is suddenly warm and sunny. Gone is the sound of the roaring wind and, in its place, I can hear your quickened breathing and your nervous chuckle as you try to convince me and yourself that everything will be fine, that I will be able to protect you from the man to whom I have always been nothing but a disgrace. I see your smile, luminous like the light and the wonder the stained-glass window used to catch and cast whenever you were around, and believe once again I can be someone you could be proud of, someone you might even learn to love.

    I open my eyes and see the physical culprit of this destruction fight its way through the splintered glass that has yet to fall- the branch of an old tree, which advances and retreats like the epée I have not wielded since the day I split into two and my evil half almost killed you at the fertiliser plant. It has ripped through the splendour of this rainbow in glass- the only thing left standing of a dream I once had. I look at it accusingly- my fists clenched in impotence- when it launches forward aiming at my chest as if it were challenging me to a duel, as if it were saying ‘Come on. Prove your worth. Only cowards are incapable of facing what they have brought upon themselves.’

    I kneel down and start collecting the shattered glass, oblivious to the way the smallest shards pierce my hands and bury in my skin. I notice the little crimson rivulets that run through my fingers and across my palms and pay no heed to the pain. I clench my fist tighter wishing that shattered beauty- which now lies unrhyming and dark as the night- could mingle with my blood and flow through my veins to recapture the way you made me feel while standing together in the light cast by the stained-glass window of my study.

    I raise my eyes and glare at the branch as it fences stubbornly against the splintered glass still hanging from the window frame. I scramble to my feet, grab the poker and trudge against the hampering wind to reach the destroyer. I swing the tool like an axe and slam it down over and over again severing the offending arm from the immovable body it is attached to. My heaving chest fights for oxygen once the deed is accomplished; however, there is no satisfaction in the amputation for, delicate and fragile, the remains of the pane could not last.

    With a silent howl I hurl the poker across the room and smash the glass of the cabinet which holds some of my antiques collection greatest treasures. I am sure a couple of pieces have been damaged in the process and yet I do not care. Even though they are unique and obscenely expensive when compared to this stained glass I cannot stop looking at with blurry eyes, it is what this window stood for that I will never be able to replace.

    I fall on my knees amidst the scattered shards, focusing my gaze on the biggest fragments, calling out to the little boy whose voice I have not heard for quite some time now. He would be able to pick up the now opaque remnants and make them shine again. The minutes tick away and the storm grows more ferocious, the old volumes you once leafed through as you sat waiting for my arrival in my den fly off the shelves sucked by the whirlwind that is sweeping across the room. I strain my ears to hear the red-haired boy’s voice, close my bloodshot eyes to obliterate the chaos around me and see your deep emerald pools holding my gaze, granting me your trust, showing your faith in me.

    I remember looking into your green orbs and being washed over by a soothing calm. I remember seeing another pair of eyes reflected in their depths calling out to the little boy trapped in the body of a jaded twenty-four-year-old. Getting lost in your eyes I yearned to find the three-year-old who used to sit on his mother’s lap with coloured crayons clutched tightly in his hand, colours amazingly bright glowing like a prism light.

    Standing with you as the sun filtered through the stained glass, painting us in hues of purple and gold, I dreamt I was holding those crayons again, planning my masterpiece with childish excitement. The evening sunset blazed like a red-hot flame enhancing the radiant colours I saw reflected on your face. Unwilling to drop my gaze- as if I were in a mesmerised daze- I stared at the splendid hues and basked in your warmth.

    Suddenly, I feel a pair of hands grabbing my arms and hear the unwelcomed voice of one of my security detail shouting at me and urging me to vacate the room and seek shelter. Still sitting despondently on the plank wood floor, I stare at the multicoloured glass scattered around me. I feel my heart ache with a dull pain. Sorrow overtakes me as I glance over these pieces of a shattered dream, pieces that were once held as one. And I see your beautiful eyes, which once shone with warmth in my presence, filled with bitter animosity and mistrust when you look at me now.

    I shoot a final glance at the void where our stained-glass window used to be and wonder where the first stone that ripped through it came from, the rock that ripped through the splendour of our rainbow in glass.
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - PG stories

    Story Three

    It's Chloe's freckles that make the decision for him.

    They dot her cheeks as she smiles, drawing his eyes to them, making him think of warm summer days when he was a kid.

    Lex's red hair and fair skin guaranteed him freckles.

    The summer after he turned six, it became routine for him and his mom to take a picnic lunch to a field outside Metropolis, with security standing guard; black suits amid a field of yellows and greens speckled with vibrant reds.

    They sit in the tall grass in warm sunlight, eating, playing, reading the books his father doesn't allow. Sometimes Lex falls asleep, but she's always there when he wakes up. Always there with a sweet smile and a cold drink.
    And every night, she tucks him into bed, softly kissing the freckles on his cheeks.

    "Goodnight, my sweet Alexander."

    When school starts in the fall, she finds him hiding under the stairs, wiping away stray tears, and he reluctantly tells her about how the kids tease him. She smiles warmly, settling him in her lap, and begins to weave a tale about the freckles on his face being a map that leads to hidden treasure.
    How, one day, he'll find that treasure and keep it safe from the world.

    He doesn't believe her... not completely, but her soft voice and smiling lips make him feel better and leave him feeling safe and loved. Then, abruptly, those happy, innocent days he spends with his mother stop when she becomes pregnant and life gets more complicated after that.

    He loses a brother, a mom, and his dad all in one fell swoop.

    Shaking himself free of the memories, Lex glances across the distance to Chloe, standing before him, asking him for his help. Her body glows in the sunlight pouring through the windows. He could swear it creates an aura around her.

    She's beautiful, but it's the freckles that make him reach out and softly take her by the arms, makes him give her a pure, genuine smile. It's the freckles that make him vow to himself that he will keep her safe if he has to protect her with his life.

    Keep her safe from the world.

    "Chloe. It means a lot you're willing to do this for me. But if you come forward, you're putting yourself between my father and the FBI. That's not a very safe place to be."

    "I know," she admits, and he can see the fear in her eyes, the hope that she's doing the right thing. "But I can't get out from under your father's grip by myself. Besides, I know you won't let anything happen to me." She smiles widely, trust radiating off of her like that boy he once was, wrapped up in his mom's protective arms.

    The trust Chloe has in him stuns him, but it pleases him as well.

    She's willing to help him. And he's just messed up enough to take advantage of that trust. Right up until the point that she bites her lip and stands on tiptoes, pressing a light kiss to the corner of his mouth. "Thank you, Lex."

    His smile slips, fading just as fast as his plans for using her; to retrieve the memories he's lost, to help him find out the truth about Clark. Standing with his hands by his sides, Lex drops his gaze to the floor, unable and unwilling to replace his father's abuse with his own.


    Lex finds her by the stairs, trying to make herself disappear into the woodwork. Crying softly.

    "What's the matter, honey?" he asks, wiping the tears from her freckled cheeks.

    She spins quickly toward him, hugging his leg with a sniffle. "The kids at school said I'm spotchly. They called me polka dot face."

    "Splotchy." Fighting a smile, he picks her up and presses her to his chest, knowing that he's ruined yet another shirt; being a father has been hell on his wardrobe. Sitting on the steps, he places her in his lap and hands her his handkerchief. "Kids can be cruel."

    She nods, messy blonde ponytail bobbing around, brushing against her shoulders. Wiping her nose, she sniffles, then runs a hand across her eyes. "I don't wanna go back. Can't I just go to work with you?" she asks, lower lip quivering before she bites down on it.

    Just like her mother.

    Wanting nothing more than to spend all his days with his daughter, he shakes his head and sighs, examining her carefully. Touching a freckle, he looks uncertainly at her. "Reese, can you keep a secret?"

    A little glimmer of excitement appears in her blue eyes and she sits forward, trying to hide her eagerness. "I can try."

    Chuckling, he glances at Chloe, standing in the doorway with a blanket over one arm and a picnic basket dangling from her fingers. "It's about secret, hidden treasures. And it's very important that you not tell anyone."
    "Really?" she nearly squeals, fingers clutching his leg beneath her. "I like hidden treasure, Daddy. I can keep a secret. I really, really can. Please?"
    "All right, sweetheart." Cupping her cheek in his hand, he turns her face to the light to better see the freckles dotting her skin. "Once, many years ago--"

    "How many?" she demands, impatiently pulling his hand from her face. She plays with his fingers, absently fitting her palm to his.

    Seeing how tiny it is compared to his own, he folds his fingers down, hugging his daughter to him, watching Chloe over the top of her head. "Almost six. Now, hush."

    Chloe joins them, sitting beside her husband and their daughter as Lex begins to weave a tale about the freckles on Reese's face being a map that leads to hidden treasure. And how, one day, she'll find that treasure and keep it safe from the world.

    Just like he did.
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - PG stories

    Story Four

    Title: What Lies Beneath

    Lex sat behind his desk and stared at the computer screen. He was seeing her face more and more in places he wished she wasn't. The girl, now woman, never seemed to give up. Even after her release from testing, her interest in 33.1 never faltered and she continued to dive into his not so personal but very private affairs.

    He thought she had gotten the message when he and Lana started dating. Lana had warned her to not try to find the evil in Lex Luthor but her best friend, his enemy, seemed to press her need for more knowledge and greater research to bring Lex down. She could try but nothing she had done so far even touched him or the company enough to warrant a blurb on the back page of the Daily Planet.

    The Daily Planet. Her haven to hide out in when she wasn't conducting her own experiments on computer systems and hacking devices. He had to applaud her for making his security systems better than ever. When she found a hole, he found a new way of plugging it. He smiled, thinking he actually relied on her curiosity of him and her instincts to reinforce him as an entity.

    Last week his security noted that hackings from a roaming transmitter increased tenfold. He wasn't quite sure what Chloe's angle was. She never truly breathed venom from her lips in his direction except when Lana said she was pregnant and obviously wasn't happy about it. He laughed to himself. Lana couldn't even hold her liquor; she got sloshed, passed out, and a month later was 'pregnant.' Two weeks after that, Chloe simply nodded and said, "Lex," as she passed him on the street. The issue with Lana's exaggeration of missing a period, from stress the doctor said, was past her and it was back to one-liners.

    Still her power over him, or his computer systems, amazed him. He watched as she would poke around his files, moving them to her server and he would delete them, one by one. He wished he could see her face when things disappeared the next morning. It was like electronic chess, just no pieces and it delighted him.

    Too bad the line had been severed between them. He had made the mistake with Lana and taking the best friend was now never going to happen. Resigning to hearing her voice, he wished she would repeat the words she said years ago now, "you'll never be your father." Maybe those exact words led him here.

    Hearing a beep, Lex pulled up another screen, this time in the 33.1 unit. Opening up one of the cameras in the unit, he watched as the blond reporter skulked around. Picking up the phone he dialed three numbers and simply said, "shut it down." Looking back at the screen, guards walked away from posts and Lex closed the screen before picking up his jacket.

    Chloe couldn't have imagined in all her research that something like this would come out. She hadn't told Clark anything; he would have just flown off the handle and raged into the place without protection or thought. Lately, he acted on impulse when dealing with anything Lex Luthor. He blamed Lex for Lana's weeks of pregnant hell even after explaining repeatedly that she was never pregnant and never even slept with the man. Chloe laughed. To think Lex would have lowered his standards like that. Although, he did lower them for herself once upon a time.

    Stopping at the end of stairwell, she wondered what all this had come to. Lex was carefully building an army of super freaks while she was now fighting against it. At one time they had been on the same side. Even those lines had blurred with Lionel now fighting against Lex. Things could have been so different if Lex had only accepted them as more than friends. But that was before legal age and everything that came after she was eighteen.

    Now this other thing weighed on her as she walked around the last corridor. She wondered what she would tell him if she ran into him. Seeing that guards that were normally posted just disappear, she knew that he was probably on his way. Her downfall, her still unrequited love, she supposed, for him made her feel an obligation to tell him. Then again, she wondered if he would even care.

    Looking in the small window, she swallowed at the condition of the cell. At least there was food and water. She knew she was one of the lucky ones. At least he had let her go.

    "Chloe, now how did you get in here?" Chloe turned and felt Lex's hands immediately grab her by the arms to keep her from running.

    "I figured if you were going to call off the security for me, then I could at least take the time to take a look see. Maybe find the lab table where you stripped me down and tested me." Chloe kept a straight face while he gripped her tighter.

    "Chloe, now I would never admit to that and you know it. But that's why you are an investigative reporter. But lately you've been working on one particular person here without revealing it to the public. Why I wonder? Are you waiting for a confession or just enough evidence to make sure you can prove that you're not dreaming. I remember you've had some delusions yourself from time to time. And then, of course, there was your mother."

    Chloe pulled from his grip with tears in her eyes, "I told you that in confidence you bastard and now you use it to hurt. Real adult of you." Looking back in the window of the cell, she noticed the person looked toward the one-way glass without emotion. "I was going to offer up my knowledge but screw you."

    She started back down the hall as Lex grabbed her again. "You have information? This one has been quite tricky, seeing it doesn't speak."

    Chloe looked past Lex and then walked back to the door and watched as the person walked around the room and ran his fingers along the wall carefully. Feeling Lex's heat behind her she moved closer to the door and felt his breath through her hair. Ignoring the closeness of him and reminding herself she was there for the person's benefit, she ignored him.

    Lex watched over Chloe's shoulder as his latest specimen had been picked up at Star City orphanage and hadn't spoken a word, even under duress. He had to admit he had been soft with the child of about 3 or 4. The child kept writing on the wall with his finger. "You got a pen?"

    Lex pulled out a pen and Chloe put it through the food door. They both watched the child write 'help' on the wall and 'Henry.' Chloe looked back at Lex and pulled the paper out of her jacket.

    "He's mute, not stupid. Actually pretty bright for the age, don't you think?" Chloe turned and looked as Lex continued watching the child write notes on the wall.

    "What's his ability?"

    "We're not sure yet, but he was identified."

    Chloe nodded in agreement, "I have no doubt Adolf." She pulled something out of her jacket and handed it to him. "I have a copy of my own. You read that one. I wish you luck in the future Lex. I'll find my way out." Chloe turned and started up the stairs before looking back.

    She watched as he read the report she would never print. That was even unfair to someone like him. Lionel would know though and quickly enough to make a move if need be.

    "Chloe," Lex called out and watched her stop mid-stair. "How did you find this out and why go to the trouble."

    "I was researching 33.1 and researching the newspaper's lead on the 'orphan that walked out.' Came to find out who the parent was. You know Lex, as meticulous as you are with everything, I would have thought Helen's whereabouts would have always stayed on your radar. You know what they say about history..."

    "I'm aware." Lex calmly answered as he flipped through the rest of the paper. Looking up he watched Chloe descend the stairs and look at the small child. "As for his ability, I would see if his father holds any keys to that mystery." Chloe glanced at the child before grabbing the keys from Lex and unlocking the door. Both watched the boy cower in the corner. "Maybe this time, try to communicate with him, not prod and poke him, dad."

    Chloe watched Lex's face as shock rolled across it. Lex carefully read the rest of report that cross-referenced his genetics with Helen. Smiling to herself, Chloe ascended the stairs, knowing Lex, even in his present state, couldn't harm his own son.
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - PG stories

    Hopefully I've posted this right, if not let me know!

    Let the voting begin!

    Thanks to everyone who sent in their submissions! If you have any comments on this month's challenge, please send them directly to me! Thank you!
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - PG stories

    All of the stories were wonderful with completley different takes on the picture prompts--great work everyone

    I do have to admit to getting tears in my eyes when I read Story# 3--Lex missing his mother always gets me.

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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - PG stories

    Story One - The Defiant Ones

    This was a really great story. It was funny, dramatic and romantic too! First of all, it was a fantastic beginning with Chloe being hunted anew by Lionel Luthor. This time, the old bastard was really going for the low blow, threatening Chloe’s dad rather than threatening Chloe herself. The bastard! Good thing Lex was still around to approach for help.

    I really enjoyed the thrilling conspiracy that had been built up showing the connection between Lionel, Morgan and their drug dealings. Who would have thought, however, that Lionel would have been stupid enough to get involved in something so dirty as drug smuggling. I would have thought that being a LuthorCorp executive would have been enough to satisfy any man’s ambitions, but Lionel simply HAS to be greedy to the point of stupidity where his legally gotten billions aren’t enough… he needs yet more billions through illegal means as well. Idiot!

    Lionel’s thuggish stupidity made it all the more satisfying to see Lex and Chloe hunt down the evidence behind his illegal dealings, AND gather up the evidence in order to pass it along to the authorities.

    And it was beyond satisfying to see how this awesome bit of Scooby-doo work was the very thing required to trigger off a romance between Lex and Chloe The kiss was lovely, sweet and damned funny, LOL! And it was funnier still seeing Chloe suggesting that Lex that they should carry on with the kiss, even after it wasn’t strictly necessary as a cover-up any longer, LOL!

    Story Two - STAINED GLASS

    This was a beautiful fic. I loved the metaphor that was built up, making a connection between that beautiful stained glass window in Lex’s office to his relationship with Chloe Sullivan… something precious and beautiful beyond all imagining, and yet heartbreaking fragile, and now shattered beyond all repair.

    I also liked how it was something completely beyond Lex’s control that broke that glass. A tree branch of all things?! I could almost taste Lex’s vexation and frustration about having something so random, unpredictable and so completely outside of his control breaking into his world like that… pretty similar to the exterior forces that broke up his and Chloe’s relationship…?

    Heartbreaking, and yet beautifully written! I loved it!

    Story Three – Freckles

    I love stories that feature Lex’s childhood, and draw his childhood lessons and experiences into the present day. It’s always wonderful and intriguing to see how Lex’s formative years shaped him into the obsessive, scary, thrilling and irresistible man that he’s become today.

    In this case, I LOVED the idea that Lex was attracted to Chloe because of her freckles… more than that, because he couldn’t help but adore the idea of his children having her freckles He fell in love with her from practically the very start, didn’t he?

    Anyhow, it was awesome seeing Lex’s mother shaping Lex’s childhood dreams, and then Lex passing along those same dreams onto his own child. Although I really hope that his little girl ends up getting a better childhood than Lex ended up with. Personally, I firmly believe that Lex will be a GREAT father to her, and Reese is going to have exactly the kind of childhood (and life) that Lex always wished that he could have had.

    Story Four - What Lies Beneath

    This was my favourite story from the lot. I LOVED the beginning premise showing a battle of intellect and wills going on between Lex and Chloe. Where the two of them were matching their digital wits against each other. Or, actually I should say that Chloe was waging her amazing digital skills against the digital skills that Lex could command with his money. I think this already sets Chloe as Lex’s intellectual superior from the get go

    It was fantastic seeing the smug and nearly orgasmic kind of pleasure that Lex got from matching his skills against Chloe’s… how he thrilled in the constant battle where Chloe would find a weak-spot, and then Lex would immediately strengthen that weak area until the defences were perfect… until Chloe found yet another weak spot, in which case the process would start anew.

    I found it fascinating that Lex was willing to stay on the defensive with Chloe all the time, instead of launching into the offensive and having her destroyed once and for all. Instead, he seemed quite content to let her continue her strategy of attrition warfare on Lex, until she either won, or gave up.

    The ending was just… amazing!! I loved it! I loved the ironic, surprising, shocking twist… where it turns out that Lex has been holding onto a orphaned meteor freak who was his own friggen son?!??? Oh my god!! Lex is going to loathe himself for that!

    I loved the idea that Chloe was waaay ahead of Lex on this information, and that she knew exactly the right way to utilize his knowledge. She could have ‘rescues’ the little boy from the lab, and taken him away to a safe place. But instead she chose to leave the boy behind with Lex, knowing that Lex himself would dedicate his life to taking care of this child… AND that this child’s presence would be a constant reminder to Lex about the monstrosity that he descended to… where he was driven to become a man who grabbed his own son for experimentation purposes.

    Brillaint fic! Thanks for posting!

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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - PG stories

    Great work, everyone. Four very different takes on a set of very familiar frames. Really creative spins.
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    Thxs to Esther25jm for creating the banner for me and to beeej for the avi



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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - PG stories

    Very good job, everyone! I take back what I said about scene prompts stifling creativity...everyone did a really good job of keeping their stories unique and interesting!

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