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Thread: Lexie's Fanfiction List W/PDFs & Podfics (Nov 2, '19: Links fixed)

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    Lexie's Fanfiction List W/PDFs & Podfics (Nov 2, '19: Links fixed)

    Here's a master list of all my Chlex fics- both COMPLETE and WIP- and Podfics. They're listed in the order they were posted- the oldest first. With the exception of Addicted, which is a much older fic, they were posted in the sequence I wrote them. Hopefully, the closer to the present, the more mature in terms of plot, style and characterisation they'll be.

    ETA: Next to each title you'll find a downloadable PDF version. These files are there in case you feel like saving any of them, but I expect that once you're done reading my work you'll be polite enough to leave your impressions on the fics in the threads where they were originally posted .

    COMPLETED WORKS (All of them are multi-chaptered unless stated)

    Second Chances
    (PG-13 ROMANCE) Jan 2007 PDF

    Lex finds himself a widower with two young children.Chloe´s romantic dreams of Clark are shattered. Love turns up in the most unexpected places but will they dare risk their hearts the second time around ?

    Payback Time
    (PG-ROMANCE) Feb 2007 PDF

    Chloe is living under a new identity and working for a prestigious magazine. A guilty Lex believes her dead and, when someone attempts on his life again, the reporter comes out of hiding to help him undercover.Will they have a chance together this time ?

    The Love of Two Men
    (PG-13-ROMANCE) (Winner of the April Sci-fi Contest of myfandoms.com-2008) April 2007 PDF

    A heartbroken Chloe leaves Smallville at 17 and builds a successful career in NY. Destiny brings her to Gotham, where she falls for a mysterious guy, only to find herself in the Luthors´crossfire again. Will she be able to escape unscathed this time ?

    Hope and Happiness (PG-13-ROMANCE) June 2007 PDF

    Chloe ran away from Metropolis three years ago with some very special memories but the past comes back to haunt her. Lex finds himself in a quandary. Is he willing to sacrifice everything, including happiness, to close a deal ?

    The Countdown
    (PG-13-ROMANCE) July 2007 PDF

    Chloe is behaving completely out of character after a visit from Lana. Lois is keeping a close eye on her cousin and discovers some disturbing news. Lexs finds himself in a quandary and Clark is chased by an unexpected female.

    Shadows from the Past (PG-13-ROMANCE/MYSTERY) (Winner of the DTS Murder Mystery Challenge-2008) September 2007 PDF

    Alienated from the world of affections by a mysterious past Chloe is not aware of, she finds her world turned upside down when a tragic event reveals she has been living a lie. A small Kansas town seems to hold the key to the secret behind her nightmares.

    Finding the Way Back
    (PG-13-ROMANCE) October 2007 PDF

    Thirty-six-year old Chloe finds herself in a conundrum when someone very dear to her leaves her side and accidentally sets the wheels of destiny in motion. Chloe is forced to take some painful decisions to protect two innocent people and recover or lose Lex for ever,

    The Real Thing
    (PG-13-ROMANCE) November 2007 PDF

    A soul-tormented groom, a lovesick maid of honour and a small town church packed with wedding guests. Three lives are torn asunder and brought together by secrets, hurting, murder and betrayal. Would he be able to believe in love again? Would she have the chance to fulfil her romantic dreams? A Chlex version of Promise with a big twist.

    The Christmas Gift
    (PG-13- HOLIDAY ROMANCE- ONE-SHOT) December 2007 PDF

    Lex reminisces his first Christmas with Chloe as a married couple and how his life changed when the clock struck twelve.

    Addicted (PG-13-ROMANCE) January 2008 PDF

    Lex loves somebody he thinks is in love with Clark. Lana loves a guy she thinks is in love with Chloe.Chloe loves a guy she thinks is in love with Lana. Who will win this lottery of hearts ?

    The Naked Truth (PG13/R- ROMANCE) February 2008 PDF

    For four years Lex and Chloe have been the bitterest of enemies. Now, the young Daily Planet reporter is about to print a front-page story on his shady business. Little does she know fate will get in the way and uncover a secret which will leave her heart completely exposed.

    Crossing Paths
    (PG-13- GENERAL) April 2008 PDF

    Six years after leaving Smallville for good, Lex has expanded his empire and is now running for the Senate. Chloe is trying to balance her professional and her personal life as she investigates a LuthorCorp project which will touch many lives and have unsuspected ramifications. Their paths will cross again and make them question the choices made a lifetime ago.

    (Sequel to Crossing Paths) (PG-13/R-ROMANCE) August 2008 PDF

    A year after their paths crossed once again, Lex and Chloe are trying to rebuild their lives. As their friendship strengthens and Chloe´s attachment to his children grows, Lex realises they are playing a dangerous game which could end up with more than one heart broken were he unable to live up to his promise.

    Secrets and Lies (Nominated for Naughty Seduction´s 2009 Fanfiction Awards) (PG-15-General/Romance) April 2009 PDF

    Secrets and lies have always been part of his life, and she has made a living out of exposing them. What happens when she discovers more than she´s bargained for and when he learns everything he thought he knew was a lie? Sometimes a life-death decision can rise up questions and provide you with answers you aren´t prepared for.

    From Afar (Nominated for Best Angst NS Fanfic Awards 2010) (PG-13/15- ANGST-ONE.SHOT) April 2009 PDF

    Sometimes distance can make you feel things closer

    Mirror (Sequel to From Afar) (PG-13/15-ANGST-ONE-SHOT) May 2009 PDF

    Sometimes looking at yourself in the mirror can reveal things you haven´t expected to see.

    Lean on Me- Doomsday Revisited (Sequel to Mirror) (PG-13-GENERAL ONE-SHOT) May 2009 PDF

    When there´s only one person left for you to lean on.

    The Father He Never Was

    A Father´s Day vignette.

    Wedding Jitters
    (PG-13. GENERAL-ONE-SHOT) (Entry for NS Challenge#1 A Smallville Wedding-June ´09) PDF

    A girl is always her daddy's baby.

    The Top of the World
    (PG-13/15-ANGST ONE-SHOT) June 2009 PDF

    Post-Doomsday one-shot. Lex returns to Metropolis incognito intent on coming face-to-face with his dreams once again.

    On A Day Just like Today
    (PG-13-ROMANCE ONE-SHOT) (Winning Entry for NS Challenge #2 The Safe House_July ´09) PDF

    Chloe reminisces one very special birthday.

    "A Modern Persephone"
    (PG-13- ANGST/ROMANCE ONE-SHOT)(Winning Entry for NS Challenge #3- Kidnapped! August ´09) PDF or PODFIC

    She stands by the pool saying, from time to time,
    I was abducted, but it sounds
    wrong to her, nothing like what she felt.

    "Chances Are"
    (PG-13-GENERAL ONE-SHOT) (Entry for NS Challenge #4- Who's Your Daddy? September ´09) PDF

    Life rarely turns out the way you expected and neither do your best-laid plans.

    (PG-13-ROMANCE ONE-SHOT)(Entry for NS Challenge #5 Abandon- October ´09) PDF

    I surrender the fight, the fight against myself
    I surrender the fight to be someone
    The fight to be important

    "Leap of Faith"
    (PG-13- GENERAL/ROMANCE ONE.SHOT)(Entry for NS Challenge #6 Pregnant Pause- November ´09) PDF

    Set in the first quarter of Season 5; it tries to answer Lex s question in Mortal:Why have you been avoiding me, Chloe?

    (PG-GENERAL ONE-SHOT)(Entry for NS Challenge#7 Endings and Beginnings- Dec '09/Jan '10) PDF

    It has Cure as its background.In hospital once again, Lex ponders about Chloe & him and wonders what to do before it's too late.

    "Yearning" ( R- ROMANCE ONE-SHOT)(Entry for NS Adult-Themed Challenge #1- Hunger; Jan '10) PDF

    I embrace the yearning.

    Want and need fill me,
    obliterating in frenzy
    all conscious thought.

    "Undercover Warrior" (Nominated for Best Canon and Best Short Story NS Fanfic Awards 2010) (PG-13- GENERAL/ROMANCE ONE-SHOT) February 2010 PDF and/or PODFIC (Read the sequel: The Last Ace)

    Sometimes a warrior has to lie down and wait for the perfect moment to rise and strike back.

    Close Your Eyes
    (R- ROMANCE ONE-SHOT) February 2010 PDF

    There's more to see than just with sight.

    Last Time (R- ROMANCE ONE-SHOT) March 2010 PDF

    Sometimes promises can be very hard to keep.

    Stained Glass
    (PG-ANGST-ONE-SHOT) (Entry for NS Challenge#8- Pic Challenge: PG Stories- March '10) PDF or PODFIC

    A storm. A broken window. And shattered dreams.

    (PG-ROMANCE/HUMOUR ONE SHOT) (Winner of NS Challenge #9- Blind Date- April '10) PDF

    Matchmakers can be very sneaky creatures but so can their target victims.

    Remember (PG-15- ANGST/ROMANCE ONE-SHOT) May 11th, 2010 PDF

    Lex remembers a time long gone.

    "Tell Me..."
    (PG-ANGST-ONE-SHOT) (Entry for NS Challenge#10- Secrets- May '10) PDF

    “There are secrets in my heart, tears in my eyes and a person on my mind.”

    "Back from the Dead"
    (Nominated for Best Romance NS Fanfic Awards 2010) (R-Romance/Drama/Action) July 27th 2009-Aug 17th 2010 PDF

    Almost three years have gone by since Lionel´s murder trial but its effects are far from over for everyone involved. A mysterious meeting in Star City resurrects hidden skeletons and wakes up many ghosts.

    "Touch Me"
    (PG-ANGST-ONE-SHOT) August 23rd, 2010 PDF

    Masks are hard to be stripped alone.

    "The Art of War" (PG-GENERAL-ONE-SHOT) (Entry for NS Challenge#11- Competition- July '10) PDF

    In war the victorious strategist seeks battle only after victory has been won

    (PG-GENERAL- ONE-SHOT) (Entry for NS Challenge #12- AU- September 2010) PDF or PODFIC

    Living on the sidelines. Will someone ever see them?

    "À la Carte"
    (PG-GENERAL-ONE-SHOT) (Entry for NS Challenge #13- Halloween Duck Mystery-October 2010) PDF

    There's nothing like the thrill of the hunt, the rush that comes with not knowing if one might get caught.

    (PG-GENERAL- ONE-SHOT) (Winning Entry of NS Challenge #14- Hidden Reflected Confessions- November 2010) PDF

    The best-guarded secret this side of Kansas is about to be revealed and leave its owner completely exposed.

    "The Christmas Trap"
    (PG-15- HOLIDAY ROMANCE) Epilogue; Dec 25th, 2010 PDF

    It's the holiday season and someone's determined to make sure Lex will get the Christmas he deserves.

    "The Last Ace"
    (Fortune Revisited) (Sequel to Undercover Warrior) (PG-GENERAL- ONE-SHOT) Feb 27,'11. PDF or PODFIC

    Fortune smiles on those who help themselves.

    "Compromising Circumstances"
    (R-ROMANCE) Final update:July 19th, 2011- Chapter 12 PDF

    Two strangers meet under compromising circumstances; a brief encounter that will affect their lives in more ways than one.


    (PG-13/R- ROMANCE/DRAMA) Latest update: Chapter 11; May 30th, 2011

    Life is about choices. Life is what you make it. It's a long-winding road full of surprises.

    "At Second Sight" (PG 15/R-ROMANCE) Latest Update: August 21st '11- Chapter 8

    She’s stayed clear away from the son and waged war against the father for seven years, but things are about to change now as a man’s ambition threatens the future of those she loves.
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    Re: Lexie's Fanfictions List (April 8th, 2010)

    thank you!!! There is fanfiction that I didn't read!!

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    Re: Lexie's Fanfictions List (April 8th, 2010)

    Thanks. Fouzia. By the way, I realised I had deleted half the list! Damn!

    It's edited and complete now.
    Thxs to beeej for the avi



    "Choices"May 30 '11

    "At Second Sight" August 21 '11




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    Re: Lexie's Fanfictions List (April 8th, 2010)

    Since several people have asked me for them, I just wanted to inform my readers that I've decided to add downloadable PDF versions of all my completed stories.

    You'll find a purple PDF link next to every fic. These files are there in case you feel like saving any of them, but I expect you'll be polite enough to leave your impressions on the stories in the threads where they were originally posted.
    Last edited by lexie; 4th October 2010 at 23:15.
    Thxs to beeej for the avi



    "Choices"May 30 '11

    "At Second Sight" August 21 '11




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    Re: Lexie's Fanfictions List (April 8th, 2010)

    Thank you for the PDFs, Lexie! You have a very promising career in the field of public service.

    Just read Sneaky, by the way. Didn't know where to put my comment since it was among the contest entries. Anyway, it was really sneaky for both couples, in Clark and Lois setting them up and in Chloe and Lex being secretly married. Great read!

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    Re: Lexie's Fanfictions List (April 8th, 2010)

    thanks for the list now i can read more of your great stories.

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    Re: Lexie's Fanfictions List (April 8th, 2010)

    Thanks so much for the PDF versions. Now I can take my Chlex on long car trips with me.
    I'll be certain to leave feedback for you.

    Thank you again for taking the time to do that for us. It is really a huge help for when you can't sit behind a screen to read.

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    Just a Guest!

    Re: Lexie's Fanfictions List (April 8th, 2010)

    thanks for the pdf version. lexie.

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    Re: Lexie's Fanfictions List (April 8th, 2010)

    This is such a good idea.

    Thank you very much, theres a few of your fics i havn't read. Must do so now

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    Re: Lexie's Fanfiction List W/PDF (Jan 5th, 2011)

    Thanks for uploading your stories in PDF format. Now I can save one of my all time favorite stories -- Back from the Dead-- so I can read it any time I want.

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