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Thread: Episode 3 - "Revelation" (PG)

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    Episode 3 - "Revelation" (PG)

    Title: Revelation
    Written by: Imp

    Notes, disclaimers, etc. in Episode 1


    She felt the vehicle come to a stop in front of the house. Unfortunately the house wasn’t hers. Correction, this house was now hers. That was the problem. It wasn’t the home she had spent the last few years growing up in. It was the place she was forced to dwell because she had made the mistake of working for Lionel Luthor. She let out a small sigh, she’d made her choice and now she had to live with it. A hand on her back, nudging her gently, brought her back to the present. As she glanced at her father, guilt flooded her. It was enough that her moment of weakness had forced her into this situation but it was unfair that her father had to suffer because of it as well. With great reluctance, she forced herself to get out of the vehicle, took a few steps and halted. She couldn’t help the worry that swept through her. Couldn’t help wondering if Lex would live up to his promise to keep her, and by extension her father, safe. She put a halt to that line of thinking immediately. Since the moment she became fully cognizant of the ramifications of her agreement with the elder Luthor, she had begun second-guessing her decisions. Putting her faith in Lex was the first time in a long while she had no second or third thoughts about the choice she had made. Still, as she made her feet move in the direction of the safe house, suitcase in hand, the worry continued to hound her. Struck by an overwhelming sense of wrongness, she paused a few feet away from the front door. Turning she looked towards the car she had arrived in and noted the slight smirk of the man riding in the passenger side. The wrongness of it all kicked up another notch. Trying to shove the feeling away, she turned back towards her father who wore an expression that seemed to say ‘could be worse.’ Having no real choice, Chloe followed her father into the house, giving it a quick once over as she crossed the threshold. Steadying herself, she closed the door on her old life and was almost immediately assaulted with a flash of light, a flicker of heat, and then…nothing.


    Geeks on one side, cheerleaders and jocks, a little further down on the opposite side, outsiders over there, in crowd that way, an occasional teacher milling about. It was the same, always the same each and everyday she made her way through the halls of Smallville High. Chloe didn’t fit in with any of them. She never had. Too cool to be a geek, not enough school spirit to become a cheerleader, too in to be an outsider, and too out to be a part of the in crowd. It never bothered her though. She had long ago learned to be proud of the uniqueness that was Chloe Sullivan. The very same uniqueness which had on many an occasion, forced her to butt heads with several of the narrow-minded denizens of a town that was almost obsessed with the need to pigeonhole people into one category or another.

    She caught sight of a very familiar figure making his way towards her. Once upon a time, the mere glimpse of Clark Kent had the power to induce fluttering in her belly, make her palms sweaty, and her nerves tense. The feelings often became more intense the nearer he got. Close proximity to the farm boy often forced the rhythm of her heart to increase to such a degree, she worried it would burst from her chest. And should he happen to flash one of those famous Kent smiles, well let’s just say she was very proud of the fact she was able to keep from turning into one big puddle of Chloe-shaped goo.

    He no longer held that power over her. She had come to terms with the fact she and Clark would never be anything more than friends. The events of the previous year had forced her to grow up, and with that maturity came the realization that she deserved better than to be second choice. It had also made her realize that despite the romantic feelings she had harbored for the dark haired boy, she truly valued his friendship more.

    Despite their agreement to forgive and move on, Chloe was still not 100% certain they could or would get their friendship back on track. A profound sense of relief shot through her when he fell into step with her, offering her a smile and a hello.

    “Hey yourself.” She gave him a smile in reply. Well, more of a half smile. She was too tired to manage a full smile.

    “Are you alright?”

    She stopped suddenly and turned to look at him. “Fine.” Her voice sounded sharper than she’d intended.

    “Are you sure? You look...tired.”

    “Gee thanks, Clark.” She heard the irony in her voice. “You sure know how to make a girl feel good about herself.”

    “I didn’t mean…I was just…”

    She barely repressed a grin. This was the open-mouth, insert foot, Clark Kent she knew and loved.

    “Sorry,” he said sheepishly.

    Chloe waved away his apology and resumed her trek to the Torch office. “I didn’t sleep well last night. Nightmare.”

    “Want to talk about it?” The honest concern in his voice warmed something in her heart. But she really had no desire to talk with him or anyone else about it right at the moment.

    “No,” she said with a shake of her head, “it’s nothing.”


    “It was nothing Clark. Just a stupid nightmare.” Seeing he wasn’t about to let it drop, she quickly switched the conversation to a more neutral topic. “You know, I’ve been meaning to ask you what you did over the summer.”

    It took a moment for him to answer, but that moment was all Chloe needed for her Clark Kent BS radar to kick in. She knew, before he opened his mouth, that whatever he said wasn’t going to be the truth. At least not the whole truth.

    “I visited a relative for awhile, then came home.”

    The way he wouldn’t meet her eyes confirmed what she already knew.

    “Did you have fun at least?”

    “It was, enlightening.”

    There was more to it. She knew it in her gut. She opened her mouth to question him further, then shut it. Their relationship was just getting back on track, and despite her instinct to uncover the truth about his summer she didn’t want to ruin any chance she might have of rebuilding their friendship. The chance for further conversation was cut short as the bell signaling the first class sounded.


    Lex tossed the file he had been staring at down on his desk with a weary sigh. It was just one of many that had been given to him since his official appointment as CEO of LuthorCorp. He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose attempting to stave off the headache he could feel forming. He had known when he made the choice to go against his father and take control of the family company that there would be a lot of work involved. Running his own company and having been groomed by Lionel to take over had given him the confidence he needed to convince the Board he was more than prepared for the job.

    Right now, he couldn’t help but think he might have been just a little too sure of himself. He quickly shoved the inadequate feeling aside. Luthors didn’t have such weakness.

    He turned in his chair to take in the view of Metropolis. One of the perks of having the best office was that you had a spectacular view of the city. For a moment, he felt as though he was a ruler surveying his kingdom. Imagined his father had felt the same before shaking off both the feeling and the image. He turned his mind back to work.

    Discovering the number of holdings and dealings the Luthor Empire was involved in had been a bit staggering. While he had worked for LuthorCorp before taking over, he hadn’t been privy to all of the details. The number of larger deals and business holdings hadn’t really come as a surprise. It was the number of smaller ones that gave him pause. Research for this. Development of that. Grants. Hostile takeovers. Acquisitions. Proposed buyouts. And all of that was just the legal, on-the-books stuff. Lex was under no illusions that Lionel hadn’t been involved in less savory dealings.

    “Mr. Luthor, a Mr. Logan is here to see you.”

    His secretary’s voice broke him out of his reverie. “Send him in.”

    He turned back to his desk; picked up the file he had dropped there a few moments ago and made himself look busy. Seconds later, one of LuthorCorp’s junior in-house lawyers appeared. He didn’t acknowledge the other man right away. It was a ploy he’d learned early on to show visitors that things in his office would get done on his time. Slowly he closed the file and set it down. Looking at the man before him, he gave a slight nod of his head and indicated he should take a seat.

    “What brings you to my office today, Mr. Logan?”

    He could see the nervousness in the other man’s eyes despite his attempts to mask it. It wasn’t the first time the man had appeared in his office. In fact, he was always the one to bring him more files to read and papers to sign. Lex was certain the rumors of his mental breakdown, his part in his father’s dethroning, and the fact that Logan had had the misfortune of being on the receiving end of one of Lex’s rare moments of emotional outburst all contributed to the other man’s nerves.

    “Mr. Price said to bring you this as soon as everything was in order.”

    Lex took the file, nodded his head and dismissed the other man. A slight smirk played on his lips as he watched Logan all but run out of his office. He glanced at the label on the file and quickly opened it. A feeling of satisfaction ran through him as he read the papers. The guardianship of the caves in Smallville that his father had taken such pains to steal from him, was now legally back in his care.

    Very little had intrigued him in recent years the way the caves had. Lex knew he was a little obsessed, but he was determined to unlock the mysteries of the caves. Even more so since the incident with the Starblade last year. Some part of him hoped that he would find proof of his theory that maybe just maybe, Sageeth was the hero and not the villain of the story written on the cave walls. Then maybe he could start to really believe that he stood a chance of not becoming his father. Shoving the lingering doubt aside, he concentrated on the feeling of content that came with beating his father once again. It was enough to help him get through the rest of the files sitting on his desk.


    “I still can’t believe you came all the way from Paris for me.”

    Jason shrugged. “Paris just wasn’t the same without you.”

    Lana blushed. To say she had been surprised to see Jason when she came into the Talon for her shift would have been an understatement. After the initial shock wore off, she had embraced her summer love expressing her happiness at seeing him. And she had been happy. For the most part.

    She turned back to the hot cocoa she was preparing for them, taking a moment to compose herself. It was the first time since his arrival that they had been able to really sit down and talk. Finished with the preparations, she made her way over to the small table she had in her apartment, set his cup down in front of him and took the seat across from him.

    “How’s the settling in going?”

    “Terrible.” At her concerned look he managed a small smile. “I’m glad Mrs. Kent recommended that Bed and Breakfast just outside of town, but settling into a new place takes so much time. Time I would rather be spending with you.”

    Lana couldn’t help the giddy feeling the statement produced. It felt nice to be wanted. “Well you have me now.”

    “Can I have you tomorrow too?”


    “I thought we might go out on our first real date here.”

    Panic gripped her. A date? Go out in public? Together? Was she ready to tell everyone, tell Clark, about her relationship with Jason? The feel of Jason’s hand covering hers broke through the panic.

    “If you aren’t ready to tell everyone, we can just do something here.”

    The flicker of pain in his eyes caused a feeling of shame to wash over her. She was betraying no one by being with Jason. She had no reason to hide her relationship with him. She kept repeating that to herself as she told him, “I’d like that. Going out on a date with you I mean.”

    His smile warmed her, even as she continued to try and convince herself she was ready to make their relationship public. She tried not to think about the part of her that had hoped leaving Paris behind had also meant leaving her conflicted feelings for Jason behind.

    Needing to get her mind off her problems she asked, “What did your parents say when you told them you were staying here?”

    She watched his smile falter, noticed his hesitation before he answered. “They were fine with it.”

    She knew he was lying. She’d learned to recognize that look well enough from Clark.

    “Please don’t keep secrets from me or tell me lies. I’ve had too many people I care about do that. I want the truth. I can handle the truth.” Her voice sounded more desperate than she liked, but she couldn’t help it.

    Her apartment was quiet for a few moments as the man across from her struggled with a decision. For a second it seemed as though he wasn’t going to tell her. Her heart broke at the thought. But the moment passed as he opened his mouth to speak.

    “They weren’t happy with it. My father threatened to cut me off if I didn’t return to Paris. They couldn’t understand why I would throw away my life on some, what was it my mother said, insignificant summer romance.” The pain in his voice tore at her heart.


    “Don’t worry about it, Lana. I’m sure they will get past it soon enough. I know if they met you, they would adore you. Almost as much as I do.” The depth of emotion shining in his eyes should have made her feel incredible but it only served to increase the turmoil going on in her mind—and her heart.

    Suddenly, the first part of his admission registered with her.

    “But Jason, if they cut you off, what are you going to do for money?”

    He waved the question away. “I have some money put away. And I can always find a job if it comes to that. I’m not completely without skills. So stop worrying. I have no regrets about following you here.” He smiled, squeezing her hand, his eyes again filled to the brim with emotion.

    Lana remained silent unsure of what to say. After several moments, Jason asked her about her day and happy to change the subject, conversation once again flowed easily between them.


    You can do this. You can do this, she kept repeating to herself as she walked towards the door of the safe house. Still, she hesitated at the threshold, the feeling that something wasn’t quite right overwhelming her. Heeding the urging by her father, she took the last few steps into what would be her home for the next few months. Closing the door on her old life, she was almost immediately assaulted with a flash of light, a flicker of heat, the impression of a hand on her arm and then…nothing.

    Chloe jerked awake, still feeling the sensations of her nightmare. It took her a moment to realize she had fallen asleep at her computer in the Torch office. But the lingering feel of a hand resting on her arm confused her until she realized the touch was real. Looking over her shoulder, she was surprised and not a little confused, to see the young woman standing behind her.



    Shaking off the last vestiges of both her nightmare and sleep, Chloe stood, forcing Alicia to take a few steps back.

    “What are you doing here?”

    Alicia frowned and Chloe immediately regretted the abruptness of the question.

    “If this is a bad time…” Alicia’s voice was slightly hesitant and Chloe immediately shook her head.

    “It’s not that.” And it really wasn’t. Alicia’s arrival had woken her from her nightmare, for which she was extremely grateful. “But you know it’s not a good idea for you to pop into places like this. What if someone sees you?”

    “I know. I just really needed to talk. I would have waited for you at your house, but…”

    Chloe nodded in understanding well aware of the young woman’s current limitations. Not wanting to make the other girl feel defensive, Chloe simply said, “Try not to make a habit of it, ok?”

    The other girl nodded and turned away. Chloe watched her walk to the Wall of Weird and look at the collection of stories tacked onto it. She waited for several minutes for the other girl to bring up the reason for her unscheduled visit. Given the lateness of the hour, she wasn’t really concerned with someone walking in on them. Sensing no conversation was forth coming she decided to broach the subject herself.

    “What did you want to talk about?”

    The other girl sighed before slowly turning back to Chloe, an almost frightened expression on her face. “I think Dr. Miles wants me to share more than just my inner most thoughts and feelings with him.”

    Chloe blinked and stared. She had never met Alicia’s therapist but knew the man had been making great strides in helping Alicia heal. “What makes you think that?”

    “Lately it seems as though he finds any excuse to touch me.” Alicia bit her lip, turning away as Chloe spoke.

    “You’ve told me before that he occasionally lays a hand on your arm. You’ve never said it bothered you before. Has he touched you in any way that could be considered sexual?” The reporter in her demanded she get all the facts before coming to a conclusion about whether she believed the young woman before her.

    “It didn’t bother me before. But now, it seems that his touch lingers longer than it should. And he’s progressed from touching my arm, to resting a hand on my shoulder, and occasionally touching my knee. Nothing overtly sexual though.” She paused, looking back at Chloe. “But then there’s the way he looks at me.”

    “How?” Chloe was inclined to believe her, but still needed a little more information.

    “Like I’m a new toy he can’t wait to open up and play with. It’s creeping me out.” She shivered at the thought, a move that did not go unnoticed by Chloe.

    The fact that anything could creep Alicia of all people out was proof enough for Chloe that something was up. “What do you want to do about it? Do you want to talk to Lex?”

    “I don’t know. I don’t really want to bring it up to Lex. I mean what if I’m just reading it wrong?”

    Chloe thought for a moment, sensing Alicia was truly troubled about what to do. “When is your next session?”


    Chloe thought for a moment before speaking. “Ok then, why don’t you attend the session and if you still feel the same way about Dr. Miles, then come and get me and we will go talk to Lex, ok?”


    Despite her acceptance of the idea, something in the tone of her voice, the way she shifted on her feet, told Chloe something was still bothering the other blond. “What else, Alicia?”

    “What else what?”

    “What else is bothering you?”

    Alicia hesitated before answering. “You were having the nightmare again when I woke you up, weren’t you?”

    Chloe was surprised at the question. She opened her mouth to brush it off, but stopped. Alicia had woken her many times from the same nightmare, so she knew the signs. “Yeah.”
    Her voice was full of resignation.

    “I thought they’d stopped.”

    Typically Chloe would have been hesitant to answer, but Alicia was familiar with what happened. “They did. I think the stress of rising from the dead and everyone asking how I did it brought them back.”

    “Does he know?” There was no accusation in Alicia’s voice, but Chloe immediately tensed.

    “No. And I would prefer to keep it that way.”

    “He would want to know.” Alicia had moved closer and Chloe could hear the sincerity in her voice. But it still didn’t change her mind.

    “Maybe. But he has enough to worry about. I don’t want to add more guilt to all his other concerns.”

    “You know Lex is concerned about you.”

    Chloe snorted. “I highly doubt he’s sitting at home thinking ‘Gee I wonder if Chloe is having nightmares’”



    The two young women stared at each other for a long moment before Chloe broke the silence. “Go home. Try and relax. If Dr. Miles turns into Dirty Old Man Miles, then we will go talk to Lex. And no, I will not tell him about the nightmares.”

    Alicia glared at her before reluctantly nodding her head and popping out. Chloe had no time to take a breath before she heard a voice say, “Tell who about what nightmares?”

    As she turned to the doorway, Chloe gave silent thanks that Clark’s usual timing was just a little bit off tonight.


    Clark paused on his way into the building, relieved to see Chloe’s car in the parking lot. He had zipped over to the school after his mother had called him at home and told him Chloe’s father had called looking for her at the Talon. Chloe hadn’t checked in like she was supposed to and after attempts to reach her on her cell had failed, Gabe Sullivan had called one of the few places he knew his daughter frequented. His mom had told Mr. Sullivan she would call her son to see if he knew where she might be. Clark had told his mom he would check the school and moments later he arrived.

    He zipped into the building stopping a few feet from the Torch office door. His enhanced hearing picked up Chloe saying I will not tell him about the nightmares. Curious and concerned, remembering their earlier conversation; he closed the gap and stepped into the room.

    “Tell who about what nightmares?” A question that was quickly followed by a confused, “Who were you talking to?”

    “Clark, to what shall I attribute this unexpected visit?” Chloe hoped her voice hid her panic. The last thing she wanted to do was explain about Alicia.

    “I thought I heard you talking to someone.”

    “I was talking to myself.” Chloe hoped he bought the explanation not feeling up to playing twenty questions with him. Speaking of questions, she had one of her own. “What are you doing here anyhow, Clark?”

    “Your dad called my mom at the Talon looking for you.” Clark kept his reply neutral although he knew something was going on with Chloe. He only hoped she’d open up to him, like she used to.

    “What time is it? Shoot,” she said, looking at her watch. Clark watched as she picked up the phone to call her dad. “I forgot, the phone isn’t working. They are supposed to come out and fix it tomorrow. Why didn’t he call me on my cell?”

    Clark was fairly certain the question wasn’t directed at him, but he answered anyway. “My mom said he did. He couldn’t reach you so he called the Talon.”

    “I didn’t think my phone was on silent mode.” She went to retrieve her phone from where it sat next to her computer. She fiddled with it for a moment before grimacing. “Battery died. I should get home before he calls out the National Guard.”

    Clark scrutinized Chloe as she went through the process of shutting down the office and gathered her belongings. Noticing for the first time since his arrival the dark circles under her eyes, the way her shoulders slumped, and the lack of spark that was Chloe Sullivan, Clark’s previous feeling of concern grew. He thought for a moment how best to bring up his unease without insulting her as he had done earlier.

    “Chloe.” The young woman paused in her routine and looked at him. “Chloe, what’s wrong?”

    Chloe tensed. “What makes you think something’s wrong, Clark? Everything is fine.”

    “You know you can talk to me about anything.” Clark waited, hoping she would say something, anything to give him a clue what was going on.
    “I know Clark, but nothing is wrong.” She heard the strain in her voice, her heart falling as she realized Clark couldn’t possibly have missed it.

    “Chloe, I’ve heard you mention having nightmares twice now. I’m no expert, but that can’t be good.”

    “Clark, I told you earlier, it’s nothing.”

    Clark grew frustrated with the young woman before him. True, they weren’t as close as they once were, but they were trying to make their friendship stronger again. And he still cared a lot about her. “Chloe, talk to me.”

    Something in his voice or maybe it was his expression must have reached her. She let out a sigh and sat down on the edge of the desk, clutching the bag she had just picked up. He made his way over and sat next to her. Gently, he laid a hand on her arm as she began to speak.

    “I’ve been having a recurring nightmare about the safe house and the explosion. It varies from time to time, but it always ends with my dad and me entering the house and it exploding. Sometimes I go through the entire time from our arrival to the blast, sometimes the dream picks up just as I’m about to step into the house. Other times I view the dream as though I’m watching a movie. I try telling myself to stop, not to go in, but in the end…” she trailed off, feeling Clark’s hand tighten slightly on her arm. Taking a deep breath, she continued. “I had the dreams for the first couple of weeks I was in protective custody. After that, it was just every few days and eventually, the nightmares stopped.”

    “So what brought them back?” Clark was truly concerned now for his friend. He knew a little something about being haunted by nightmares.

    Chloe took a deep breath and slowly released it. “I think coming home.” She turned to look at him with a contemplative expression. “With the trial and the curiosity of people over my miraculous rise from the dead, I guess I’ve just been thinking about it more lately. I’m sure once this all settles down, so will the nightmares.”

    She wished she believed her own words.

    Clark hated to cause her more discomfort but he needed to know the truth. “Chloe, how did you survive the explosion?”

    There was a brief hesitation before she answered. “Lex.”

    Clark opened his mouth to question her further but she slid off the desk and quickly started for the door. “I need to go, Clark. Before my dad really does call out the National Guard.”

    He was left with no choice but to follow.


    Lana sat waiting at a quiet booth in the Talon. She attempted, with a modicum of success, to hide the uncertainty and nervousness she was feeling. Ridiculous when she thought about it. It wasn’t as though this was a date, or even a meeting with a guy she had a crush on. It was just two friends getting together to study.

    It was that very thing that caused her to worry. She had no idea if she and Chloe could still be considered friends. Sure they had taken the first step towards rebuilding, but neither had been certain of an appropriate second step. The tension present in their most recent conversation was still very much apparent when she’d stopped the other young woman on her way out of class yesterday. The announcement of a test the following week had provided the brunette with the excuse she needed to approach the blonde. Dipping into the same well of courage that had allowed her to pursue her dream in Paris, she’d extended an offer to get together and study the following day. She’d released a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding when, after only the slightest of hesitations, Chloe had accepted.

    The dropping of a book on the table forced her out of her reverie. “I can’t believe Mr. Connor is giving us a test so soon. Classes just started.”

    Chloe smiled brightly as she dropped into the seat across from Lana. Her own nerves were a bit strained from worrying about how she should proceed with Lana. After much debate, acting as close to normal as she could, seemed the best option for starting things off.

    “It does seem unfair,” Lana agreed, feeling more comfortable as Chloe grimaced in shared understanding. “But what can you do?”

    “I say we protest. This is cruel and unusual punishment. That’s against the law.”

    A smile tugged at Lana’s lips, and some of the nervousness she had been feeling melted away.

    Chloe relaxed into her seat, sensing the hardest part of this ‘study session’ had passed.

    They settled in, pausing long enough to order coffee from Mrs. Kent, exchange a few pleasantries, and began to study. Soon enough, however, the tension crept in again as meaningless small talk dried up, and no questions concerning their study material came forth. Lana sat for the longest time, rereading the same page without comprehending anything before she snapped. She slammed her book shut, and tossed it to one side.

    “Why is this so difficult? Hanging out shouldn’t be this hard.”

    Chloe jumped, startled at Lana’s outburst.

    Lana watched Chloe slowly close her book and set it to one side.

    Chloe knew they’d get nowhere without laying it on the table – and she’d rather it be sooner than later. The growing tension needed to be resolved and she would do it in the only way she knew how. Direct and to the point. “Because too much has happened for either of us to pretend nothing did.”

    Lana wasn’t surprised at the words, sighing sadly before replying.

    “What happened to us, Chloe? We were friends once.”

    With sudden clarity Lana understood why it was so important that she become friends once again with Chloe. The younger Sullivan was the first real female friend since Emily that Lana had ever had. While their beginning hadn’t been the stuff of legends, they had learned to talk, have fun, hangout. Chloe was the only one of her acquaintances to see her as more than the town princess, the popular girl, or Whitney’s girlfriend. For the first time, Lana felt she could be herself. She wanted that feeling back.

    Chloe looked over at Lana with a resigned expression.

    “It’s simple. Secrets, Lies and Clark Kent.”

    And didn’t that just sum it up nicely. Lana ran a hand through her hair before resting her head against it. “We weren’t supposed to let Clark come between us.”

    “No we weren’t,” agreed Chloe. “But we did.”

    “I should have told you about me and Clark.” There was regret in her voice and she hoped Chloe understood she truly meant her words.

    “Yes you should have.” Chloe softened her voice, seeing that Lana was trying to be honest. It was only fitting she do the same. “But in retrospect, I probably should have confronted you, instead of…”

    “Instead of what?” Lana watched curiously as Chloe’s eyes fell from hers. Suddenly, something occurred to her. Something that made a lot of sense observing Chloe’s tense posture. “Chloe, am I the reason you got mixed up with Lionel Luthor?”

    Chloe’s head jerked up surprised at Lana’s question—and how close it was to the truth.

    “It was a combination of things. Being lied to by my so called friends and a broken heart were just chief among them.”

    Lana winced. “I wanted to tell you. You have no idea how hard it was to keep it from you.”

    “Then why didn’t you?” The hurt and anger were in her voice as she asked the questions and gave reign to the emotions she’d held back for too long. “I gave you a chance to tell me and you lied to my face.”

    “I’m sorry.” Lana felt helpless as she realized how much her own secret had hurt one of the few people she had once called a friend. “Clark wanted to be the one to tell you. I pushed him to, but I guess it was never the right time.” She took a deep breath and forced the question she desperately needed an answer to out of her mouth. “Is Clark going to continue to be an issue with us?”

    Chloe didn’t answer immediately, puzzling out the question, trying to formulate a truthful response.

    “You mean do I still have feelings for him?”

    Lana swallowed, then nodded, almost afraid of the reply.

    Chloe sighed, smiling slightly. “Clark was my first love. I’ll always have feelings for him, but I know now we could never work out as more than friends.” She watched, seeing something spark in the other girl’s eyes, trying not to feel jealous for what might have been. Taking a deep breath, she looked Lana directly in the eye, knowing the words needed to be said, the situation resolved once and for all. “If you want to pursue that course, you have my blessing.”

    “Pursue what course?”

    Lana whipped her head around to see Jason standing beside them. She couldn’t help but wonder how much of the conversation he’d heard.

    “Jason, what are you doing here?” She hoped her voice didn’t sound as worried as she felt.

    Jason smiled, offering Chloe a friendly look before turning back to Lana. “I couldn’t wait for our date, so I thought I’d come by and see if you might be able to get away early.”


    Date?! Chloe looked at the young man standing before her. Attractive, but then again one wouldn’t expect less of someone dating Lana Lang. Well built, again her mind flashed to some of the guys Lana had been involved with at some level over the last couple of years. Though she couldn’t help but notice that while he radiated confidence, it didn’t come across as the kind of self-assuredness that comes with knowing others find you attractive. Rather, it came from knowing you were capable of doing whatever you wanted to do. A quality she had only really found in the Luthors. In fact, he seemed to be about the same age and height as Lex. She turned back to Lana, noting the odd combination of alarm and happiness.

    “Did I come at a bad time?”

    “No, of course not.” Lana was quick to assure him.

    Chloe watched the two, waiting for an introduction, but it seemed Lana was too flustered to give one. Deciding to introduce herself, she took a breath and prepared to open her mouth, but the man beat her to it.

    “Hi. Jason Teague.” He extended his hand and Chloe took it, noting the firm but gentle grip.

    “Chloe Sullivan.” She smiled as Jason’s face broke into a grin.

    “Ah, so you’re Chloe. Lana’s mentioned you.”

    Chloe’s eyebrow rose as she noticed how uncomfortable Lana looked. “I wish I could say the same. But then again, we haven’t talked much lately.”

    Jason nodded, and settled in next to Lana. “She told me you guys had some kind of falling out before she came to Paris. But you guys seem to be talking now, so that’s good right?”

    Chloe nodded and looked at Lana. The former cheerleader appeared unsure of what to say or do, so Chloe decided to continue hedging for information. “So Jason, how did you two meet?”

    Jason smile softened in memory. “Paris. We were both outsiders there.”

    “He made me feel more comfortable. A little less alone.” Lana seemed to have found her voice, although neither of them seemed inclined to provide more detail.

    Chloe’s natural instinct for uncovering the truth kicked in. “Lana’s stories about Smallville must have really been interesting to get you to come all this way.”

    “It was Lana who interested me. She actually didn’t say a whole lot about where she came from.” Jason slid an arm around Lana’s shoulders, pulling her to his side. Chloe noted Lana’s slight hesitation before the young woman relaxed against his side. Interesting.

    “So you flew all the way from Paris for Lana?” Chloe hoped the slight bitterness she was feeling didn’t come through in her voice. It shouldn’t have surprised her really; guys always seemed to go goofy, psycho, or both over Lana Lang.

    The little devil on her shoulder idly wondered (as it had several times over the years) if the town princess was indeed one of the many infused with special abilities by the meteor shower all those years ago. How else, it wondered, would you explain why everyone seemed to think Lana walked on water? The little devil would have continued if it weren’t for the fact that Chloe mentally smacked it off her shoulder. Ok, she was being a little jealous and petty. But was it really so wrong of her to want a guy to fly half way across the world for her?

    Well he didn’t go half way across the world, but Lex did move mountains to save your life, the little angel sitting on her other shoulder decided to interject.

    And that would have counted if it weren’t for the fact that Lex was only doing so, so I could testify against his father. It wasn’t as though there was any romantic interest on either of our parts, Chloe shot back.

    Oh so you’re telling me you’ve never once thought about how good looking Lex is or wondered what… The little angel, who was starting to sound an awful lot like the little devil, never got to finish the sentence as Chloe mentally flicked it off her shoulder

    Firmly closing the door on the resentment for Lana, and non-platonic thoughts of Lex, Chloe forced her mind back to Lana and Jason, and realized they had been speaking.

    “…and it didn’t take long for me to realize I would regret it if I didn’t come after her. So here I am.”

    Lana knew Chloe was processing everything and wondered what the other girl was thinking. So far, she’d been very polite, her usual inquisitive self toned down a bit, it seemed, and for that the brunette was grateful.

    “How do you like Smallville so far?” What Chloe really wanted to ask was, does Clark know about you? She had a strong suspicion that the answer would be negative.

    “Well I haven’t really had the chance to see much of it. Lana is supposed to take me on a tour, and I’m hoping she’ll introduce me to some of her friends.” The smile on Jason’s face was excited. Lana’s smile was a bit more wan.

    So she hasn’t introduced him to anybody. Guess that answers the question about Clark, she thought. “Have you seen the pastures?” She wasn’t sure where that came from, but was glad to hear Jason laugh.

    “I saw a lot of those coming into town.” He told her with a smile and Chloe couldn’t resist smiling back.

    “Did you go up and down Main Street, yet?” Jason nodded and Chloe’s grin widened. “Then you’ve seen all of Smallville.”

    This time both Lana and Jason broke into laughter and Chloe relaxed back into her seat, feeling the tension ease a bit. The three continued talking for a few minutes and Chloe couldn’t help but marvel at the ease of the conversation. She was sure a lot of that was due to the fact that the focus was no longer on the two of them and the issues they still had yet to truly resolve.

    In retrospect, she realized she should have known the nearly idyllic time would come crashing to a screeching halt, but she lacked the ability of premonition, so unaware, she uttered the words that would begin the downward spiral of her day.

    “You know Lana, I could have sworn you were going to Paris to find yourself, not a boyfriend,” she teased the brunette.

    “Boyfriend?” Clark’s abrupt interjection quickly ended the lightness of the moment. Inwardly cursing her friend’s timing, Chloe looked up to catch the shocked and brokenhearted look on Clark’s face before he covered it. She felt a moment of empathy for him. Lana, who had been doing a good impression of a deer caught in headlights, seemed to gather herself and stood quickly followed by Jason.

    “Umm, Jason this is my friend Clark Kent. Clark this is Jason.”

    “Her boyfriend.” Chloe noticed the look Jason shot Lana. She also noticed how quickly he shifted from ‘nice’ to ‘Alpha Male’. He slid an arm around Lana’s waist, pulling her a little closer to him, saying without words ‘Mine’. She almost cringed when Clark shifted his stance, standing just a little bit taller and puffing out his chest, silently and probably unwittingly challenging Jason. They eyed each other for several long moments, and Chloe had to fight the urge to shout ‘come on just whip it out already’. The ill timing of her on again off again best friend and the macho pandering over Lana was enough to put a damper on her day. Plus, she really didn’t want to become embroiled in a Lana/Clark/third party romantic triangle again. Once in her lifetime was more than enough.

    Idly glancing around the Talon while contemplating the best way to make her escape, she was distracted by the site of someone frantically trying to get someone’s attention without being spotted. Taking a closer look, she realized that she was the intended recipient of the awkward gesturing. Quickly upon the heels of this realization came the recognition of the person making the gesture. Biting her tongue to keep from uttering words that would make a sailor blush, she rose from her spot on the couch intending on making a quiet escape. Too late she become conscious of the fact that she had waited just a little to long.

    “Chloe.” She never knew one word, two little syllables, could carry such a hint of desperation. Even more unsettling was hearing it uttered in surround sound in both feminine and masculine tones. Unsure of where to look first, Chloe went with the age-old rule Ladies first, and glanced at Lana then at Clark. Both wore expressions that clearly said… ‘Please don’t leave me.’ Another time she might have given into the plea, but now she had a neck to wring.

    “I see someone I need to talk to.” She offered by way of explanation quickly making a break for it before they could stop her. As she walked swiftly towards the little alcove near the back, she idly wondered if Lex would be willing to help her cover up a homicide. He owed her for helping him with his father didn’t he? And it wasn’t as though he didn’t have the connections or the resources.

    Reaching her intended destination, she slipped behind the wall and unceremoniously shoved the young woman who had been frantically signaling to her a little further back trying to ensure she was not seen.

    “That was uncalled for.” Alicia sounded hurt as she shrugged off Chloe’s hands.

    “What are you doing here?” Chloe completely ignored both Alicia’s statement and the dirty look the other girl was directing her way.

    “You said if I still felt the same way about Dr. Miles after our session today you would go with me to talk to Lex. Well, I still feel the same way.” The bitterness in the tone startled Chloe.

    Remembering their conversation, much of her anger deflated. For some reason she felt compelled to ask, “You didn’t…” she hesitated trying to think of the right words before just giving up and continuing, “hurt him did you?”

    The flash of hurt in the other woman’s eyes made Chloe feel guilty. She knew better than most how hard Alicia was working to get past her need to physically lash out at people. Still, she relaxed a little when Alicia shook her head.

    “I wanted to. Especially when, after I told him to stop touching me, he threatened to have me recommitted to Belle Reve if I told anyone.” Alicia bit her lip, shivering at the disgust that had crawled through her as her doctor had slid his hand down her arm, brushing her chest in the process.

    “What did you do?” Chloe was curious, not to mention concerned.
    Alicia smiled harshly. “I threatened him. I basically told him whatever you think you can do to me is nothing compared to what I will do to you if you try and stop me."

    Whatever Chloe might have said was lost as a voice growled, “Get away from her,” and a hand locked on her upper arm jerking her back. Unfortunately, her would be protector seemed to forget his own strength and the move ended up propelling her backwards, stumbling out of the seclusion of the corner and landing in a rather undignified heap on the floor. It took her a moment to gather her wits and the breath that had been knocked out of her upon landing. Gradually she became aware of the position she was in as well as the people staring at her and was immensely grateful she had chosen to wear jeans today instead of going with her original choice, a skirt.

    A shout of “Oh my god, Chloe” and the sensation of two hands running over parts of her body, snapped her into full alertness. Once upon a time she would have enjoyed having those two hands roaming her person the way they were now. At this moment however, they just made her feel slightly annoyed.

    “I’m fine Clark, stop trying to cop feel and help me up.” The words had the desired effect and Chloe quickly found herself standing up right.

    “Keep her away from me.” Chloe’s head turned at Lana’s hard words, noting the brunette had reached them and was now leaning against a confused looking Jason. It was clear she was keeping her distance from a sheepish looking Alicia who had come out of the alcove at the commotion.

    “What is she doing here, Clark?” This came from Mrs. Kent who had by now cleared the small crowd that had gathered around them. Chloe winced at the hard tone in Mrs. Kent’s usually soft voice.

    “Threatening Chloe.” Clark turned towards the woman in question, his voice hard. “I don’t know how you got out, but trying again to hurt people I care about is not a good way to convince me not to turn you back in.”

    “She wasn’t here to hurt me, or anyone else for that matter. She was here asking for my help.” Chloe heard herself speak before she could think about the repercussions.

    “What!?” Again with the surround sound, Chloe thought irritably. She could already feel a headache forming. Deciding there was nothing for it but the truth, she took a breath and spoke again.

    “Alicia was asking for my help with a problem.”

    “She tried to kill me.” Lana’s voice was still strong, and Chloe was surprised to note the hard look the brunette wore. Normally, at this point Lana would have been giving everyone her familiar “sympathize with me” look. Instead, it actually looked as if she were going to stand her ground. In any other circumstances, she would have been extremely impressed at the change. Unfortunately at the present, it did not bode well.

    “I’m sorry about that.” All heads turned towards Alicia as the blonde finally spoke. It was difficult to tell if she was sincere or not, even for Chloe who knew her better than the rest.

    “Is that supposed to make it alright? You say you’re sorry and I’m supposed to forgive you for trying to kill me?” Lana’s voice rose in pitch, but remained steady as Alicia’s face darkened. Chloe figured it would be a good time to intervene.

    “Lana, I know this is difficult for you,” she tried not to sound pacifying, but knew she hadn’t succeeded when Lana turned a heated gaze on her.
    “I can’t believe you, Chloe. After what she did to Lana.”

    There was Clark, still siding with Lana to his last breath. Some things, she guessed, never changed. But it was time she set him straight. He deserved to know what Alicia had done and how she was trying to change.

    “She saved my life, Clark.” Her voice was even and firm, and she could see the confusion in Clark’s eyes. But it was Lana who spoke.

    “Chloe, she tried to kill me.”

    Chloe sighed. “I know that Lana, but she’s different now. She wants to get better—and she saved my life, even though she had no reason to.” She looked over at Alicia, knowing she spoke the truth about the girl.

    “Could someone please tell me what’s going on?”

    Chloe was about to answer but Lana’s bitter voice beat her to the punch.

    “Alicia has a bizarre talent, Jason. She can teleport herself and others through thin air.”

    “Teleport? You mean like in those old science fiction TV shows?” Jason was thoroughly confused.

    “It’s something that happened after the meteor shower. I can’t explain it, but I never meant to hurt anyone with my abilities.” Alicia’s voice was almost pleading as she stepped forward, stopping as Lana and Clark pulled back.

    “She used that ability to get to me and made an attempt on my life. She got it into her head that I was impeding her relationship with Clark,” she stopped at Jason’s look, realizing she’d just opened another can of worms. She could deal with that later, when she was feeling more settled and less angry. But it wasn’t just Alicia she was truly furious with. Turning, her eyes flashed as they focused on Chloe.

    “I can’t believe, after what she did, you’d believe anything she said. She tried to kill Clark, she tried to kill me--”

    “If I recall right, both you and Clark tried to kill me.” Chloe’s voice was firm and strong as she took a step towards Alicia.

    Clark frowned. “But Chloe, that’s different. We were under the influence of that mind controlling email--”

    “And it wasn’t us – it was that twisted scientist.”

    Lana and Clark both looked pleased at their justification. Chloe, however, rolled her eyes.

    “Either way, you both tried to kill me. Alicia tried to kill you both. Hell, how many meteor freaks have tried to kill us all in the past four years?” Chloe watched, noting Lana and Clark appeared speechless. Jason, she observed, wore a disbelieving expression. She couldn’t blame him – she’d think they were all crazy if she’d just heard the words she’d uttered.

    Clark finally broke the uncomfortable moment. “Ok then Alicia, if you aren’t here to hurt anyone, then why are you here. And what are you doing with Chloe?”

    Alicia looked at Chloe. Chloe looked at Alicia. Both remained silent, considering the options and just how much to reveal.

    Lana watched the two, feeling a sense of betrayal as she noted the girls seemed close. For a moment, her horror at seeing the girl who had tried to kill her was overshadowed by a jealousy that Chloe and Alicia had obviously formed some sort of twisted friendship. The emotion was quickly pushed aside by a growing anger, as it appeared neither girl was going to give them any answers.

    “Jason, let’s go.” Turning, she grabbed his arm, ignoring Chloe, Alicia and Clark as she pulled him with her towards the door.

    “Lana-” Clark called after her, but Chloe cut him off before he could say more.

    “Let her go. She needs time to cool off.” Watching her friend closely, she noted Clark was now watching Alicia, a strange look in his eyes. Sighing, she realized that despite his anger at what the other girl had done, he still felt something for her. She also suspected there was something else behind that look. She’d wanted to ask – but having learned from the debacle with Lionel, figured it prudent not to indulge in her curiosity. Although it hurt to think Clark might have revealed secrets to Alicia that he couldn’t have told her, his supposed best friend.

    Clark for his part was trying to absorb the fact that his heart could still skip a beat at the sight of Alicia’s face, watching him with a clearly evident worry. He felt something around his heart soften, but forced himself to ignore the feeling. He wanted an explanation and he wanted it now.

    “I want to know what happened. Now.”

    Chloe grimaced at the harshness of his tone. She couldn’t blame him though, considering the history they all had. Maybe it would be best to get it all in the open – although definitely not here. And not without the third member of the triumvirate that had formed to keep her alive over the summer.

    “Not here.” Surprisingly, it was Alicia who broke the silence. “Chloe and I need to talk to Lex about something,” she looked over and Chloe realized she didn’t want Clark to know about Doctor Miles. “Why don’t you meet us at the manor in about a half hour – that will give us plenty of time to pop in on Lex and straighten out our business, then all three of us will try to make you understand why we did what we did.”

    Clark couldn’t help but wonder what he wasn’t being told. Now that he’d taken the time to look, Alicia seemed nervous, more jumpy than usual. It was obvious, watching Chloe that his friend knew what was going on but was keeping quiet.

    Still, maybe he could get it out of them at Lex’s. It also hadn’t gone past his notice that Alicia’s words had subtly reminded him to take his time in getting to the mansion. At least it seemed she hadn’t revealed his secret, and for that, he was extremely glad.

    “A half hour.”

    With that, he turned and left the Talon, needing to find some way to work off his anger for the next thirty minutes.

    When he’d left, Chloe and Alicia looked at each other wryly.

    “That went well.”

    Chloe snorted at Alicia’s dry comment. “Right. It was just peachy.”

    Alicia frowned, looking over at the clock on the wall. She tried not to wince under the intense stare she could feel coming from Mrs. Kent. The older woman had moved back behind the counter to continue serving customers, but was watching her like a hawk.

    “Can we get out of here?”

    Chloe nodded, knowing they had a lot to cover with Lex before Clark arrived. She only hoped he wasn’t too bogged down with business to be upset at their intrusion. Then again, when wasn’t he bogged down with business now that he was running LuthorCorp?

    “Let’s go surprise Lex.” With a resigned sigh, she started walking towards the door. She stopped as she felt Alicia’s hand on her arm, pulling her back towards the shadowy alcove.

    “Alicia, what-”

    “I know a much faster way to get there.” Alicia placed her arm around Chloe’s waist. “You’ve done this before so you know it doesn’t hurt.”

    It was the only warning she got before Chloe felt the world swirl around her before it went black.

    (story continues in next post)

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    Re: Episode 3 - "Revelation" (PG)

    Very original use of Alicia´s power, Sara. Clark and Lana are their usual self-absorbed selves. Lana always having to be the centre of attention and Clark always placing everyone´s safety and well-being second to hers.

    I really enjoyed the dressing-down Chloe submitted him to in Lex´s study.

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    Re: Episode 3 - "Revelation" (PG)

    “Get over it Clark. This isn’t about Lana, and it’s not about you.”
    Damn, how I wish Chloe had actually said this on the show!

    And while I appreciate Lana's trying to actually use her spine, she's still way too self-absorbed, but I guess that will never change, so it's good that Chloe's calling her on her hypocrisy. Maybe it will penetrate her tiny brain.

    And the Chloe/Alicia friendship is quite interesting and a nice twist.
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    Re: Episode 3 - "Revelation" (PG)

    This was great! I love the twist you did on Alicia's powers and bringing her back! Much better than the show did in my opinion. And Chloe standing up to Clark was nice. There really isn't enough of that on the show. Clark deserves a lot of the time and yet no one yells at him. Its just not right.

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    Re: Episode 3 - "Revelation" (PG)

    love it! I wished they thought about that kind of explanation in the show! Help from Alica would be great! Better than this tunnel under the ground!

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    Re: Episode 3 - "Revelation" (PG)

    Story continues in next post. Where's next post? *Looks under the sofa* No, I don't see it.

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    Re: Episode 3 - "Revelation" (PG)

    Quote Originally Posted by HotCrossedBunny View Post
    Story continues in next post. Where's next post? *Looks under the sofa* No, I don't see it.
    I'm sure you'll find it.
    You do know this is not romantic, do you? Becuase I loved it until I actually hated it, because it ends and... there's nothing there anymore <crying>
    Chlex friendship only;/
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    Re: Episode 3 - "Revelation" (PG)

    Yes, I realised that. But friendship is still good.

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    Re: Episode 3 - "Revelation" (PG)

    Quote Originally Posted by HotCrossedBunny View Post
    Yes, I realised that. But friendship is still good.
    Not good enough for me <crying>
    I so want another season! Like a series finale lol But they seemed to abandon it

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    Re: Episode 3 - "Revelation" (PG)

    Quote Originally Posted by TrinityR View Post
    Not good enough for me <crying>
    I so want another season! Like a series finale lol But they seemed to abandon it
    They haven't abandoned it. The infection that deleted lots of posts has affected this thread and others corresponding to the virtual season.

    I'll try to send Julie links to the whole series, but I don't know when she'll have the time to repost it.

    Drop me a line if you're interested.

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