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Thread: BACK-UP: Drabbles (Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)

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    BACK-UP: Drabbles (Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)

    This is a repost of both threads devoted to drabbles that are no longer retrievable due to the hacking the boards suffered a few years ago.My intention was to post G-rated drabbles separately but, for some reason, the other threads I've been trying to create in this subforum can't be opened. Therefore, I'm going to merge drabbles of all ratings here. Watch out for the warnings.

    Savage Midnight 19th October 2003 20:42
    Chlex Drabbles (G+) (Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)

    I wasn't sure which forum to post this in, but I thought that if different authors were going
    to be posting their Chlex drabbles here, it'd belong in the interactive forum. I apologise if
    it's in the wrong place

    Anyway, the point of this thread is to post all your Chlex drabbles. If you don't know what a
    drabble is, it's usually a short snippet or scene that is about 100 words long. It's usually used
    as a disciplinary exercise (God, that sounds awful) to force writers to only include the most
    vital elements of their work in one short, tiny drabble.

    I've posted one of mine, but feel free to post your own. See if you can get as close to 100
    words as possible
    He was a good actor. He had the facial expressions down pat and the emotions had never
    really been a problem. I love you, Chloe. Steady gaze, soft eyes and it was game, set, match.
    Easy. And money brought him everything. The love of a good woman and the ring to slip on
    her delicate finger. Money had brought the life he lived, had taught him the finest lesson he
    would ever need to learn - lie, lie and lie, and soon his lies would become the only truth
    he’d ever need. Yes, Lex Luthor was a fine actor indeed.

    asharnanae 20th October 2003 15:21

    Ok, hears my go at the 'drabble', I am not counting the poety as part of the hundred words
    He saw her hair catch the autumn sun and shine in fluttering waves of gold. Lex watched as
    her expression turned from thoughtful to a small secretive smile, her eyes seeming to glow.
    And the darkness he felt receeded. It was then that a verse of poerty drifted through his

    "For thou art melancholy pale,
    And on thy head is cold moon's shine,
    But she is ruddy and bright as day,
    And sunbeams dazzle from her eyne."

    Unknown to him, and by some coincedence of fates chosing, Chloe was reading from a
    poerty book as he watched her, unseen. She to was struck by a verse of poetry, and from the
    very same poem as he. Reading the words made her smile as she thought about how apt it
    was to her hearts revelation earlyer that week.

    "I thought Love lived in the hot sunshine,
    But, oh, he lives in the moony light!
    I thought to find Love in the light of day,
    But sweet love is the comforter of the night."

    She looked up then and met his eyes as they still gazed at her. Her smile broke wide like
    sun streaming through stormy clouds, and Lex found himself warmed.

    beautiful N' Bruised 20th October 2003 20:03

    I've been wanting to start a drabble thread for so long, but was to lazy. Love those two
    drabbles, great work to you both!

    Okay, here are my two. Some of you, might have seen them already:-

    Cold and alone, without a family, save for a shark who calls himself a father, a mother
    beneath the ground, and too many disappointments to count.

    Then from nowhere, a little pixie, all sunshine and smiles, brimming with warmth, and eyes
    that speak openly of…
    … love.

    He holds his breath, afraid, waiting for the inevitable tragedy and keeps a vigil on her, lest
    she melt away.

    She catches him staring, and smiles wide saying, “I promise I’m not going anywhere.”

    He smirks in reply, in defence, but knowing him too well she just shakes her head, blowing
    a kiss. *

    *Secret Love*

    Chloe’s heart is thumping so hard, she suspects the whole Talon can hear it.

    She’s conscious of her every move, breath, and expression.

    Lex says something and Clark laughs, totally at ease.

    Taking a sip of coffee, she attempts a cool smile.

    But she’s sure she’s an open book, or perhaps a front page article, headline huge for all to
    see: ‘Chloe Sullivan loves Lex Luthor.’

    Clark is briefly distracted by the need to rescue Lana Lang from a ceramic breakage.

    Lex smiles at her then, squeezing her hand under the table.

    And there’s no one else in the world.

    xadie 21st October 2003 18:50
    :biggrin: Yay! A new game!
    Here goes - pure fluff!

    Twilight fell slowly, and the room was heavy with silence. Lex cleared his throat. Chloe
    lifted her head and smiled as the librarian shushed him sternly. Mentally Lex swore that not
    even his love for his wife would drag him into this dusty reading room again - research be
    damned. Surreptitiously dropping his shoe and stretching his foot to rub her sandalled one
    under the table, he remembered her golden hair tumbled on his pillow that morning. She
    shifted away, but smiled again, and he could see the new light of their unborn child in her


    happy bunny 23rd October 2003 19:23

    Not really sure where this came from, but I had to write it. If you hate it, feel free to tell me.
    This is my first attempt at a drabble. Kinda an unhappy one, but deal with it.
    Second Best

    Chloe glanced down at the ring on her finger and sighed. ‘It just doesn’t feel right.’ She
    checked her reflection in the mirror once more, admiring the beauty of her flowing white
    gown, before making her way down the aisle and towards her fiancé. She smiled half
    heartedly up at him, but he was too happy to notice her lack of enthusiasm and beamed

    She remembered the day her life had changed, the day Lex had been lowered into the
    ground, taken prematurely. With her love gone, she moved on and went with the second
    best. She became Mrs. Clark Kent.

    Ranting Idiot 3rd November 2003 02:26
    Putting in my two cents... -Rant

    Even in the dark, her fingers could find his lips. Chloe pulled him closer, keeping an ear out
    for the noises coming through the door.

    "What do you think he's doing?" Lex whispered.

    "Does it matter?" Chloe tilted her chin up and kissed him soundly.

    When Clark's annoyed tones came even louder through the wood, Lex felt her exasperated
    sigh on his lips.

    "Think I should go and help him? He sounds pretty confused."

    "Not nearly as confused as he'd be when you step out of the Torch's closet when he's been
    there for an hour."

    sabby 7th November 2003 18:36

    They were standing across from eachother, facing off, only a few feet between them. Their
    history could be told in simple words. Aquaintances, collaborators, friends, lovers. And
    now - that all was over. The ultimate betrayal had caused a fracture that could not be


    "I never meant for it to happen, Lex...I"

    "You were my last attempt at humanity." The blood flowed cold in his veins.

    "Lex, what are you talking about?" Confusion, fear. He could always read her like a book.

    "We failed. Now, do us both a favor and get out." Numb, already dying on the inside and
    turning away from her didn't take much effort.

    "Lex..." She never knew when to stop.

    "GET OUT!"

    The quiet click of the door was lost on the roaring of blood in his ears.

    Not An Addict 8th November 2003 17:08

    The package was small, wrapped in plain brown paper. If it hadn't been for the familiarity
    of the handwriting scrawled over it Lex would have sent it directly to security. After all,
    once a few bombs get mailed to you, you start to be a bit more cautious. But this was safe.
    This was from her.

    He ripped at the paper until it lay scattered over his office floor like so many dead leaves. A
    small box with a note taped to the lid. When he opened it, he could swear he almost caught
    the faint scent of a Smallville autumn. Seeing what was in the box, he tore the note from the
    lid and scanned it.

    {Something to remind you of your home town. I'll be back soon, lover.}

    The box dropped to the floor as he brought the ring closer to his face. The green stone
    seemed to glow in the light of the fading sun, and his lips began to curl into a malevolent

    This was going to be fun.

    happy bunny 10th November 2003 16:21

    If there's anything in this world I hate the most, it's being powerless. Powerless to help her,
    powerless to make a difference.

    I was carefully schooled that power and control are everything. But now, the most
    important thing in my life is in danger and I can't do a thing. I'm unable to do anything but
    worry and hold her hand and pray that she'll be okay. I'm forced to be nothing more than a
    spectator as the same disease that claimed my mother takes her too.

    The woman I love is dying and I'm powerless to stop it.

    sabby 12th November 2003 10:32
    It was a tuesday like any other. At least it appeared to be. Lex didn't want it any other way.
    He'd never been one to celebrate in the big way, not when there wasn't really a victory.
    He entered his study with the intention to get some work done. Maybe he'd make a trip to
    the Talon later, but he didn't have any big plans.

    When he came closer to his desk, Lex found a rectangular package on top of it. Arching and
    eyebrow he ripped the package open.

    A box of cheerios and a small white card.

    "Funny enough, it was easier to find out your favorite cereal than finding out your
    birthdate. Happy Birthday Lex. ~Chloe"

    Lex smiled.

    Ranting Idiot 12th November 2003 23:45
    Inspired by tonight's episode...
    ************************************************** ******************
    "I can protect you, Chloe."

    She looked up fearfully before hiding her face in his jacket. "No, you can't. Nobody can.""You don't trust me?"

    "It's not you, it's-"

    "Ah," Lex sighed as he understood and pulled her closer. "It's not that bad."

    Chloe stepped back from him, as well as the entrace to the Talon, and glared at him. "Tell
    me that after you've had one of Lana's latte's. Then we'll talk."
    ************************************************** ******************
    :huh: Hee!

    Not An Addict 14th November 2003 18:16

    There was still a heavy, musky scent in the room, and the satin sheets lay in rumpled
    disarray. It was only hours ago that he had watched her sleeping there, her silky blonde hair
    fanned out across the pillow as if it belonged there. As if it had always belonged there.

    He rubbed at his stomach, trying to ease out the nervous knots. Nothing to be nervous
    about, he reasoned. Just walk up to her, kiss her brainless, and say it. But as much as he
    tried to reassure himself, it still seemed as if a flock of butterflies had made their home in
    his stomach.

    He thought of her smile and his tension faded slightly. Today was the day.

    Today he would tell Chloe Sullivan that he loved her.

    beautiful N' Bruised 18th November 2003 18:43
    She was working late at The Torch, as per usual.

    Lionel Luthor interrupted her in typical fashion. Sleazy, expensive, intimidation.

    He looked at her down his nose. “And how is the lovely Miss Sullivan?”

    Almost as though his words were magic, she lost her breath. Choking, she managed to gasp
    out. “What did you do to me?”His reply was a self-satisfied smirk.

    Lex walked through the door. Gorgeous, smooth, mocking.

    He looked at her with a smile. “I gave my word, Chloe.” The two men laughed. As she lost
    consciousness, Lex touched her cheek. “My love will protect you…”

    beautiful N' Bruised 19th November 2003 07:59
    Four Quarter drabbles

    To belay the risk of being chucked out of NS, under the charge of too much darkness, I
    bring you four light-hearted quarter (25 word) drabbles..

    So she had enough of her pinkness, and tried to kill Lana.
    Didn’t mean she was insane…
    Still, her interesting cellmate made it worth it.

    She never realised how seriously he would take his promise...
    It took her father some time to adapt to a millionaire, camping in his hallway.

    He dropped Lana’s head onto the table. “Happy Anniversary, darling.”
    “Sweetness, just what I always wanted!” Smirking, she added Clark’s to the tabletop. “Happy Anniversary.”

    When Lex got down on one knee, she was flattered. The diamond ring, was classy and

    The dancing kryptomutants, she thought a bit much.

    Lulucifer 23rd November 2003 21:37

    I’m walking silently down the hall and into his room. I finally have a real family, I thought.
    He’s crying in his crib. I picked him up and hugged him fiercely, “Don’t cry, I will always
    love you Julian. I will always protect you.” He ceased crying, I looked down at him still
    pressed to my chest. “Lex, what have you done?” My father whispered through the dark
    door frame. I looked down at him again, but Julian’s gone. It was Chloe in my arms now,
    she’s so still, lifeless.

    AN - just something i thought of today. sorta my take on Julian's death. hope this makes
    sense to everyone. it's my first drabble.

    sosostris 26th November 2003 00:03
    Other studies have suggested that a critical step in the development of alcoholism occurs
    when a person begins to use alcohol not just socially but as a way of coping with negative
    emotions (Cooper et al, 1988). Once the person thinks of alcohol as a general way of
    quieting negative emotions, its use increases and the person is well on the path to alcohol
    abuse or dependence.

    Chloe looked up from her psych book to Lex standing at the bar. He turned, raised his half-
    full glass, “AA is for quitters” he toasted. And downed the contents in one go
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    Re: BACK-UP: Drabbles (G+)(Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)

    ghostwriter 28th November 2003 06:40

    Well I'm finally going to post something, only a drabble but it's a start, right? I've had this
    ficlet idea for ages so here goes... (And no I don't own them)

    She’s sitting there at a corner table. There’s a coffee cup in front of her, next to her laptop,
    but neither is getting any attention. I see the tears streaming down her face, I don’t think
    she knows. I’m not even sure she cares, but I know she needs something. Can I give it to
    her? No-one sees her, maybe I can help, maybe…

    She finally drags herself back to the real world, coffee cold, laptop dead. On her laptop
    there’s a note. Only two words but they are the only ones she needs to see...

    ‘I notice’

    scifichick774 28th November 2003 10:25

    He knew.

    From the second her fiancé walked into his office at the mansion and told him the ‘happy
    news’, he knew that Clark wasn’t the father of Chloe’s baby.

    So why was he sitting across the table from the couple, giving his congratulations to them
    when all he wanted to do was rip the other man’s throat out for taking what was his?

    Clark got up and excused himself from the table, giving Lex the opportunity he had been
    looking for.

    “When are you going to tell him?”

    “I’m not,” Chloe said quietly.

    “Then I will.”

    Kit Merlot 28th November 2003 12:08


    Hi, this is my first attempt at a Smallville drabble. Please tell me what you think :biggrin: He had to admit to himself that he was worried. It was a new emotion for him. As a rule, he denied ever feeling any emotions, much less worry. But that was before. Before a blonde
    reporter entered the picture. She was everything he wasn't: she was the brightness against
    his darkness, she was witty opposing his sarcasm, she was love versus his anger.

    Lionel Luthor hadn't realized that Chloe Sullivan would be such a formidable opponent.
    They both wanted to see Lex's future secure. Chloe wanted his happiness and Lionel
    wanted Lex to be as soulless a corporate giant as he was. The question was who would be
    the strongest?

    Silly Sphinx 28th November 2003 16:47

    The drunken fics are in abundance, and I really didn't want to write one...but I thought of
    this scene a while ago and was tempted. Yay for Drabbles!

    She licked her lips and took in the sight of the man greedily. He was sitting on the floor
    with his back up against the couch. The glass of liquor was almost gone. She had kept
    careful count of his alcohol consumption and knew his limits which, he had surpassed a
    long time ago.

    Taking a swig of the bitter clear liquid, she dropped to the floor and crawled over to him. In
    her own drunken haze she straddled his lap and he met her gaze with a confused one, "What
    are you doing...?" He mumbled.

    "Driving Lex while under the Influence." She said drunkenly, and then kissed him.

    Kit Merlot 4th December 2003 12:57

    Everyone's Drabbles are so wonderful, I decided to try another one :biggrin:

    Turning away from the counter, Lana tried to hide her expression, but Clark saw her face.
    He didn't need to ask, he knew what was wrong. He followed her gaze to the couple seated
    at the table, completely immersed in each other.

    Clark felt excluded in their relationship, and he knew Lana was hurt as well. Lana needed
    to trust her friends and Chloe and Lex were oblivious to her feelings.

    Clark was suddenly angered. They should have been told about Chloe and Lex's relationship. They had no right to keep secrets. No right at all.
    Somewhere, Fate laughed the laugh of the damned. Soon, very soon, Fate would laugh again.

    I.am.me 7th December 2003 17:43

    Hey, I'm new here and just thought why not post a little drabble, but be aware that this is
    my first fic ever....oh and english is not my motherlanguage, so sorry for any grammar or
    spelling mistakes :blush:

    oh and I really like the drabbles that are already posted, especially the dark ones
    but i'll just start now

    Just a second ago the car was filled with laughter. Laughter of two people, who had a bright
    future ahead of them.

    Now there was only the crackling of fire and pattering of rain.

    Seemingly unafraid of the flames lightening the dark night, a man could be seen standing at
    the roadside.

    Clothes wet and clinging to his body, face expressionless except for one lone tear sliding
    down his cheek and joining the raindrops on the ground, he stared, stared at the blazing fire.
    Then, taking one last look and whispering one last sentence, he turned around and went his

    “You knew I couldn’t let him have you, you knew.”
    (hope it's not to bad) Bye

    tigerbaby 8th December 2003 18:20

    Okay, I obviously had nothing better do at work. My first stab at a drabble and bloody
    things are just as difficult to write as fics!!! I wrote two but they're on opposite ends of the
    spectrum so the second one will be posted at a date TBD.* * * *


    Toe to toe they stood, tension thick and palpable in this contest of wills. Heated honey-
    brown met determined icy blue, neither willing to concede. Each waiting for the other to
    make a move; each determined to come out the winner in this battle

    Stubborn wench, he thought, eyes narrowed in frustration.

    Cold-hearted bastard, she thought, glaring at him.

    Nerves coiled and wound tight as seconds ticked away, turning to minutes.

    Tick, tick.

    Tick, tick.

    Not able to stand it any longer, she blew out a breath and opened her mouth.

    "I love you," he ground out through clenched teeth.

    tigerbaby 8th December 2003 19:20

    Okay, caving into pressure by a specific eager beaver that I will add in the link once her
    story is posted but here you go, #2 from me. Also done during my boredom at work.

    "Son, think of the consequences."

    "I am," he stated with calm rationale as he held Chloe tight against his chest. The cold edge
    of the blade pressed against her warm flesh, nicking the tender skin and drawing a crimson

    "Don't listen to him Lex. Just do it," she bit out.

    "I love you," he whispered

    "I know."

    A soft butterfly kiss and with a deft flick of the wrist, he sliced her jugular and letting her fall gracefully onto the Persian rug.
    Lionel watched helpless as his greatest bargaining chip against Lex had her life force drained from her.
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    Re: BACK-UP: Drabbles (G+)(Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)


    Chlex Drabbles (NC17-R/Adult) (Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)

    Wanted To Be (Warning: NC-17!!)
    Spoilers: Season 7

    Lex thrust quickly into his hand, grunting with each stroke. Chloe wouldn't let him taste her, wouldn't let him sink inside her, wouldn't let him--


    His cock spasmed, spurting his seed all over his hand and thigh. Hips bucking into his own flesh, he squeezed his eyes tight, remembering the way she'd smelled when she'd been in his office that afternoon. She'd never forgive him now.

    Never let him bury his head between her legs or fuck her the way he'd wanted to for months. Never let him be the man he wanted--

    He'd been right to fire her.


    Re: Chlex Drabbles (NC17-R/Adult) (Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)

    Fit To Be Tied

    Because Chloe was on his lap, riding him from above, her breasts--still bound in her bra at his insistence--so tantalizingly close. Because she was tied to his bed, writhing beneath his touches and his tongue.

    Because his cock wanted more of her.

    Because, sometimes, she didn't understand that pleasure and pain went together.

    Because she'd written another article about him, and she needed to understand where her true loyalties lay. Because she was insistent that they weren't with him.

    Because she'd fucked him and then gone to see Clark.

    Because Lex needed to tell her he loved her.

    Re: Chlex Drabbles (NC17-R/Adult) (Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)


    It was dirty and rough when they fucked. Nothing like the sweet touches of Jimmy, or the startled feel of Clark when she'd managed to lock lips with him. With Lex, it was fucking, and Chloe loved that that was all it was. He called it mating, not even wanting to let it rise to the level of fucking.

    She was a body to slake his lust in.

    He was someone who could get her off.

    Two months later, he grabbed her hand, pulling her back beside him when she got up to leave. "Stay."

    She pulled free desperately. "No."

    Re: Chlex Drabbles (NC17-R/Adult) (Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)
    Title: Strike Out - Rated R for language
    4 drabbles


    Chloe shoved Lex from her. "You're drunk."

    "Yes," he agreed, over-enunciating his words. "I am very drunk." He tried, once again, to pull her to him, but she squirmed free, glaring at him.

    "What are you doing?"

    "Trying to fuck you, Chloe." He stalked toward her, unfocused eyes intent.

    Rolling her eyes, she moved past him, grabbing her bag and tossing him a finger over her shoulder. "Fuck this, Lex. I'm not gonna be a drunken, pity fuck for you." No matter how much she was tempted.

    Watching her leave, Lex straightened up, shaking off the drunken image.

    Strike one.


    Chloe glanced at Lex, catching him watching her intently with a frown on his face; as if she were the clichéd puzzle he couldn't quite figure out. He noticed her gaze and quickly hid the frown behind an expectant look.

    "Lex," she sighed, handing him his flash drive, wondering if he were drunk again, "this isn't encoded. It's not even code. It's just... gobbledygook."

    "Really." His mouth twitched, brows lowering in puzzlement. "Odd."

    She glanced at her watch. "I'm now really late for my date, so, thank you." She could've sworn she heard him mumble 'strike two' as she left.


    Feeling her date's fingers tighten around hers, Chloe got a bad feeling in her gut.

    "Chloe," a voice said smoothly from behind her, making the feeling solidify, "And Bruce," Lex added, almost as an afterthought.

    Wondering why Lex kept getting thrown into her life these past few weeks, she looked up, smile freezing on her lips at the blonde wrapped around him. "Lex," she choked out, trying to define the feelings tearing through her. "What are--"

    The blonde whispered in his ear, but Lex stayed focused on Chloe, watching. Waiting.

    Then he smiled, muttered, "Strike three," and walked away.


    Skulking outside of Lex's office wasn't accomplishing anything. Straightening her shoulders, Chloe pushed the doors open and strode across the room to his desk. "So, I think that I-- and you've-- fuck it." Ignoring his confused frown, she circled his desk, grabbed his tie, and kissed him.


    The voice wasn't his. She was pretty sure it was Clark's, from the doorway, but she ignored him as Lex slid an arm around her waist and kissed her thoroughly, dragging her to his lap.

    "It's about time," he muttered, lips curving up.

    "You mean, 'home run' don't you?" she teased.
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    Re: BACK-UP: Drabbles (G+)(Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)

    More coming soon...
    Thxs to beeej for the avi



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