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Thread: NS Fanfic Challenge - #9 April 2010 - "Blind date!" - PG stories

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    NS Fanfic Challenge - #9 April 2010 - "Blind date!" - PG stories

    Thanks again to everyone who participated!

    A general warning has arrived, read the spoiler below ONLY if you wish to be warned.

    Spoiler Below, Highlight to read!
    There is literal blinding in one story, but not above PG15.

    Story #1
    Story #2
    Story #3
    Story #4

    If you're voting and want to leave a small note, please feel free to do so. The voting is anonymous and no one has to tell who they chose; a simple, "Great stories guys" won't reveal anything but can make a world of difference to the authors. And if you don't want it known that you voted at all, you can send me your reply in a PM and I will be more than happy to post it to preserve anonymity.

    Voting ends on Sunday May 2nd 2010 at 09:04.

    Contact me directly if you have any thoughts/concerns about the fanfiction challenges, from how their handled to their prompts!
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #9 April 2010 - "Blind date!" - PG stories

    Story #1

    Through A Glass, Darkly

    “Well, this certainly brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘blind date’”
    Chloe’s voice was as bright as ever, her wit just as sharp as it had always been, despite the situation at hand.

    Lex had always marvelled at her ability to smile through everything and was somewhat astounded to see such an expression on her face even now, after all she had been through.
    Somehow her green eyes shone just as bright as he remembered, in spite of the fact they were staring unseeing at his own face.

    “You look amazing, Chloe” he told her, hoping his voice wouldn’t betray too much underlying emotion in just those few words, and apparently he struck lucky as she smiled, unaware of the undercurrent of pain beneath his sweet and truthful sentiment.
    A passerby that didn’t know what she had suffered would probably not even tell the difference in her.

    “I wish I could say the same” she sighed, “Well, I could but we both know I’d be taking an educated guess” she went on when he failed to respond, “I mean, I can’t imagine you’ve gotten anything but more handsome since I last saw you... since we last met” she amended, feeling a little weird about her own phrasing, perhaps more for his benefit than her own since she already seemed so at ease with her new condition.

    It had been just a month since the accident, she had quickly learnt to cope and that astounded Lex to no end. He had intended to call her much sooner and arrange to meet for dinner or something, anything so he could just see her, talk to her. Unfortunately, Superman had become her almost permanent bodyguard from that day to this, making it near impossible for anyone to get close, not least a Luthor who it was clear the superhero despised.

    “Lex” prompted Chloe, when he was silent too long, “Can’t say I know for sure, but I think you’re probably staring right now” she guessed, so accurately he almost wanted to accuse her of being a fraud.

    Of course he knew of all people Chloe could never be so low. She was no imposter, in fact so honest and truthful was she that it was astonishing that the two of them had ever managed to be friends, but then somehow in her company Lex lost all ability to lie. Perhaps that was not such a bad thing usually, but right now it might’ve helped. He didn’t want her thinking he was here to stare at her like a freak show, or worse because he felt only pity. Yes, he had sympathy for her condition, any human being would, but there was so much more to it than that.

    “I’m sorry” he said at length, very deliberately looking away from her face but drawn back to her just a second later, astounded by how beautiful she still was, “Chloe, this is somewhat of a new experience for me. I’m afraid I’m a little out of my depth”

    “Wow” she almost laughed she smiled so wide, astounding her dinner date all the more, “Lex Luthor out of his depth and all because of little old me” she joked, “I suppose I should feel special”

    “Chloe, you are special” he promised her, hand creeping across the table to cover hers, “Even before this... I have to admit you have always been more than capable of making me feel somewhat unsure of myself” he admitted, knowing she could not see him if he blushed or something similarly un-Luthor-like but still feeling strange about it, “You were always the most sharp-witted as well as the most charming young woman I ever had the pleasure of knowing” he told her, honestly as he’d ever said anything, so much so she almost couldn’t deal apparently.

    “Flattery won’t get you anywhere with me, Lex” she smiled in spite of her words, “but hey, don’t stop yet”

    He found a chuckle for her semi-joke, but it was all he could manage. Her company was something he had craved too long and yet seeing her like this, sightless as she was, tore him apart on the inside. As if sensing his discomfort on some level, she reacted to it immediately.
    “Lex, it’s not the end of the world” she told him as she turned her hand over in his on the table and squeezed his fingers in her own, “I know it’s bad, believe me learning to live with this kind of disability... it’s hard” she told him, her voice breaking a little as she spoke, though she fought to keep her composure, not least because the restaurant was full of prying eyes and ears both, “but it’s not like I can’t walk and talk just the same as I always did, and hey, we both know how much talking means to me” she forced a laugh but there were tears in her now blank eyes that broke Lex’s much-battered heart all the same.

    She was beyond brave, but then he had known that for so many years now. All that she had done for him, all that she had acheived and at so young an age. Still the right side of thirty and yet she put Lex to shame in so many ways.

    “Chloe” he said more softly than he meant to, “Every time I am with you, you prove to me again and again what an incredible woman you really are” he told her, wondering how she could make him feel so much so easily, but then it had always been the same with her.
    “I’d like to believe that” she sniffed, before her face got a chance to decide she was going to bawl - she would not do it, not here and now, “Well, I guess I’m going to have to hone my skills on identifying any Luthor lies by the sound of them, rather than the look in your eyes when you say them” she ended much more awkwardly than she’d begun, and Lex was almost glad his cell chose that moment to ring.

    Excusing himself from the table, he promised to be right back, and since Chloe was in no position to run after him, he made his escape out into the entrance hall unhindered.
    “Luthor” he barked into the phone, stood in a corner where no-one else was likely to hear, “What are your conclusions, doctor?” he asked the scientist on the other end of the line, just a soon as he realised it was him calling.

    “Definitely two of our guys” he said solemnly, “The lasers were modified but ran on Kryptonite with almost all of the same properties”

    Lex felt sick at the sound of those words, but had no time to dwell on guilt as he crossed back to the doorway and peered in at Chloe, tapping her fingers on the table as she waited for him to return.

    “And the cure?” he asked, the pause before his scientist answered proving itself too long to be a good thing.

    “I’m sorry, sir” came the quiet answer of a man afraid for his life, “it can’t be done” he admitted, honest if nothing else, because it was all he could be right now.

    Lex slammed the phone shut angrily and turned away. He could have people’s lives ended for what they had done, could scour the known universe for materials, techniques, and people, all the very best science had to offer until a cure was found. Still, Lex knew he was fooling hismelf. The doctor who he had just spoken with was one of three leading experts in the field, it was why all three had been employed at Lex Labs in the first place. If he said nothing could be done, it was almost definitely true.

    Either way, Lex had to find his composure somehow before he faced Chloe again. She wouldn’t see his expression, but she was smart enough to read the emotion in his voice that would betray him. There was no way he could let her know anything was wrong, knowing it would destroy him if Chloe realised the part he played in her blindness, however inadvertently.

    Until she learnt the new trick she had planned, to tell his lies from his voice alone, he was safe. Lex would love Chloe on borrowed time, hoping she would come to depend upon him before she ever uncovered his darkest secret, because blind or not, she would do it eventually. Of that he was frighteningly certain.

    The End
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #9 April 2010 - "Blind date!" - PG stories

    Story #2


    The room was dark, but he didn’t know that by observation. It simply felt dark. The binds that tied him to the bed’s four posts held him tightly. He tested them again. He hoped that maybe they would give just a little bit. Then he would know that his efforts had an impact. The room felt empty as well. It felt open and large and it was disorienting. If he were being honest with himself, and such circumstances stripped away all pretense and left all thing bare, then he would acknowledge that this was a new experience.

    Even the silence and stillness of the room was false. The silence was broken by his labored breathing of anticipation. His chest rapidly moved up and down. Sweat coated his body in a fine layer. He knew that he should be cold, but his own adrenaline and anticipation warmed his blood. He wanted to scream his frustration, but he wouldn’t give her the satisfaction. This was a game he knew. It was a test. He feared that he would fail. Testing his binds again, he held back his groan. Her games would draw no sound from his lips.

    He knew she wouldn’t be expected him. Lex, of course, knew to expect her. He set this trap for her. It came as no surprise to see her glide into the restaurant, wearing a nice emerald dress that complimented the beauty of her flesh. Current thinking led everyone to believe that the color purple stirred his interest. Many floozies wore it thinking to entice him, but it was simply an affectation. It was an artifact of the persona he adopted. The truth was that he didn’t particularly have a favorite color. The only thing that mattered was that he, or the woman of interest, selected flattering colors.
    A simple necklace adorned her neck. She wore her hair up with a few curled tendrils to frame her face. It was an expert showing of her neck and Lex wanted nothing more than to taste her. She needed no more embellishments.

    Chloe would not be appreciative if she knew that he had set this meeting in motion. A series of calls and veiled threats to the editor of The Daily Planet was all it took to get her here; and it was very important that she come. He had been waiting for an absurdly long time to have her. Ever since she denied him that fateful summer. After all the trouble she caused over the years, he would not, could not remove his hunger for her. There would be satisfaction tonight.

    Lex watched her as the maitre d’ spoke to her and gestured to the table where he sat. It always astounded him how good she was. He knew, by the slight stiffening of her back, that she was displeased. “Good. She didn’t know.” It meant that her worthless editor was broken to task and didn’t go beyond the parameters of his instructions. He had been tempted to order for her, but then changed his mind. She needed the semblance of power and he would give it to her. It would pay dividends later.

    He rose to greet her as she approached the table. Lex allowed the maitre d’ to pull her chair from the table. Chloe politely thanked the man without ever taking her eyes from his own. Chloe was no weeping willow. She would fight him to the end. He looked forward to it.

    The maitre d’ listed the specials for the night. Lex already knew what he wanted and he figured Chloe would need time to decide. She surprised him when she ordered. He nodded in her direction, with a slight smirk on his lips, and ordered the same. She would lead until he no longer wanted her to. That was the trick in games of power and control. Let the other lead until they felt safe and then wrest it from their grasp. It made victory all the more meaningful.

    A few moments later a waiter returned with a bottle of red wine. It was their signature wine. A few minutes more passed as they sipped their wine. He would not be the first to break the silence.
    Chloe lifted an eyebrow, “What do you want, Lex?”

    He chuckled. “A meeting between friends is beyond us?”

    Chloe traced the rim of her glass with her forefinger. “We were never friends.”
    His lip curled upward. “There was a time when you were dependent on me. If that isn’t friendship, then what is?”

    She leaned back in her chair. A sneer marred her face and derision laced her voice, “That? That is your definition of friendship? Lex, I was a teenager in over my head. That time was nothing more than a bad dream made possible by my own spurned feelings and had nothing to do with you. You were convenient,” her look turned thoughtful, “You are no longer convenient.”

    This was why he had gone through all the trouble for this meeting. She would stop spurning him. He wouldn’t allow her to ignore him. In the course of his meteor rock infatuation, he discovered the red version. Extensive tests proved that it was the “go” button. A derivative of the rock loosed inhibitions in the meteor infected. It would create a compulsion within her to fulfill that desire. Best of all, she wouldn’t remember.

    Chloe would experience it tonight. A small dose in her food and she would be his. Deep down, he knew that she wanted him. It was in her obsession with his business dealings. She disguised it as the search for truth; but her interest in him went beyond the standard she applied to all other businessmen with shady dealings.

    They traded barbs and tested the edge of each other’s wit as they ate dinner. Chloe would never make it easy, but he never expected her to. It was only a matter of time.

    She called him at 3 o’clock in the morning. His sleep had been restless, but she called and he could not be angry. Lex didn’t recognize the phone number, but he knew her voice.
    Her voice was a low moan, “Lex. I need to see you.”

    Lex wanted to make her beg. He wanted her humiliation before he granted relief to her pain.
    “Call my secretary at a more civilized hour to set up an appointment.”

    His pleasure increased when he heard her groan into the phone. The urgency was palpable and it caressed him. “No, Lex. I need to see you now!”

    It was beyond Lex to keep the smug satisfaction from his voice, “Where do you want to meet?”
    “Remember that safe house in Metropolis that you took me to for a day during Lionel’s trial? Remember?”

    Her desperation was delicious. Of course he remembered. It pleased him that she chose such a meaningful place. It was the place where they had been partners. Where she had to trust him. Where he had made clear his desire for her. The house was furnished because he couldn’t bear to let it go. It was the most tangible proof he had of that summer.

    “I’ll be there within the hour, Chloe.”

    The last thing he heard was her explosive exhalation of relief. It was music to his ears.


    That was how he ended up tied to a bed, his skull pounding where she had hit him with a crowbar.
    Lex broke and yelled for her. “Chloe!”

    Chloe came into view. There was a contented look in her eye. She held a mallet and two wooden dowels in her hand. Chloe climbed into the bed and straddled him. She wore what must have been the clothes she donned to break into various places. Her hair was covered and not a strand escaped its confines. Leather gloves covered her hands. She didn’t wear all black, but she did wear clothes that would never attract attention. He wondered how she got here since he saw no car parked.
    Lex strained against his bonds. “You did something to me, Lex. I remember wanting to do this a long time ago.”

    His voice was panicked, “Chloe, whatever it is you think you’re doing, stop it now.”
    She shuddered. “I can’t.”

    Chloe put the wooden dowel to his right eye and struck it with the wooden mallet. Lex screamed. His body bucked and writhed on the bed. She repeated the action on his left eye.

    Her voice was calm, “No one to hear, Lex. No one to find you. I hate myself for wanting you. I know you see it, but I can’t let you see it anymore.”

    Lex didn’t see her leave, nor could he hear her leave over the sound of his own screams. No one would know. She wouldn’t remember, even as she wrote about his death. Somewhere in the back of his head, Lex realized that he wouldn’t survive.
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #9 April 2010 - "Blind date!" - PG stories

    Story #3

    “I swear I don’t know how you think this could possibly be a good idea,” Lex stated as put on his black socks. He was sitting on the bed preparing for the latest of his wife’s matchmaking dates disguised as dinner parties. Chloe insisted these get-togethers be low key so no formal wear was required. Good that no bowtie was necessary, bad that he couldn’t use it as excuse to hold her close as she tied his for him. Not that he needed the excuse to pull her close to him; it was just part of the fun of domestic life.

    Not part of the fun of domestic life: inane dinner parties to match family members and friends.

    Chloe exited the bathroom and walked to the closet where her outfit for dinner was hanging on one of the doors. She wore only a matching lavender bra and panty set as she answered, “Because I’m determined to spread joy wherever I go. And I resent the implication that any of my ideas are bad ideas.”

    As he watched her pull on her black skirt, he only paid attention to her body therefore his mind only caught the words about ‘spread joy’. He wasn’t ashamed to admit his thoughts were in a very bad porn dialogue place, but he knew better than to say so to her. “Of course, you are right.” Always a safe bet for a correct response.

    “And?” she questioned as she straightened her green silk blouse.

    Damn, he should have automatically added the other sure bet response. “And I’m sorry.” He walked over to her with his best contrite smile and pulled her to him for a kiss. He reached for the zipper of her skirt, but she pushed him back and moved out of his arms.

    “You know the rules. Once the clothes go on, they don’t go off until later in the night.” Chloe had implemented that rule after a series of being beyond fashionably late to a number of events. She didn’t mind skipping a few hours of the society functions, but once it got to be meetings with friends and being late to work, she had to start the rule.

    He groaned in frustration before going back to the bed to put on his shoes while she went to the vanity. “I’m just not sure this will work out like you hope. Remember last time with Jimmy?”

    “That was a mistake, I’ll admit. I should have avoided the incestuous undertones the relationship would have suffered.”

    “Not to mention, it makes you wonder if you’re the reason he decided…”

    “Hey! Don’t go there.” She gave him a sharp look.

    “Sorry. All the same, if you continue with these set-ups, you need to look outside your circle of friends and past quasi-relationships. If we weren’t on the outs with Clark, you probably would have chosen him for this dinner.”

    “I think I won’t have to look for anyone else after tonight. I’m certain this night will work out for them.” After a moment she conceded, “Though you’re probably correct about Clark.”

    “Know I had to fend him off enough back in Smallville.” Finished with his dressing, he walked up behind her and settled his hands on her shoulders. “Tell me, if Queen wasn’t inexplicably in a committed relationship, would you have asked him to dinner?”

    Pausing in applying her make-up, she replied, “Oliver isn’t the right type. Trust me.”

    “What do you mean? Did he proposition you?” His demeanor clearly stating he would track Oliver down and jam arrows into his body whether the blonde billionaire had asked her out or not.

    She stood up to face him. “Calm down. You know you are the only one for me. Women just take notice of men and know what attracts them. Don’t act like you don’t notice when other women are attracted to you or that you don’t get a thrill out of it. And don’t lie and say you’ve never thought other women were attractive.”

    “I have n…” Her look of disbelief stopped him before he finished.

    “Kristen Bell. You have an unhealthy obsession with Veronica Mars.”

    Lifting an eyebrow, he stated, “What can I say? I find blondes who investigate to be sexy.” She allowed him to kiss her again, this time he followed with a trail of kisses down her neck.

    She laughed at his words and moaned from his kisses. “My point being that even if Oliver were available, he wouldn’t be the right guy.”

    “Damn straight. Not like I would let Queen get too close to this family. I’m very protective of my family, especially since I dealt with my father. I don’t want there to be any chance of heartache. That includes being wary of who tries to enter into the family.”

    “You know you sound like we’re the mafia. And you’re such a snob. That is the same thing you said about Jimmy.”

    “And I was right.” He was way too pleased with himself for her liking.

    “Okay, but Bruce is your friend. So you have no reason to worry.”

    “I think friend is a bit of a stretch. He’s a business associate whom I tolerate, and he is more of a rival than anything else. Plus, I’m not entirely convinced this isn’t an elaborate scheme of his just so he can get closer to you.”

    She shook her head in exasperation. “You are being ridiculous. Guys do not agree to blind dates just so they can hook up with the person who arranged the blind date. This isn’t some crazy sitcom plot.”
    Lex laughed at the concept of the date. “Can we really call this a blind date if the two people have met before and know that the dinner is a thinly veiled set-up?”

    “They only know each other from society functions where people talk about business and how much they’ve given to charity or how they’ve improved their golf score.” She paused as a new thought came to her. “Speaking of business, you will not be using this dinner to conduct any. The point of intimate dinners is to get to know people on a personal level. I don’t want to hear anything about contracts or department merging.” She smoothed out the wrinkles of his dress shirt before lifting her hands to cradle his face. “If I do, then you will be locked out this room and the guest room, forcing you to sleep on the sofa.”

    They both knew the threat was more about the lack of sex he would be having if he disobeyed rather than caring where he slept, but he couldn’t let the statement go unchallenged. “You know I could just get a hotel room or even drive out to the mansion if I wanted a comfortable place to sleep.”

    She smiled conspiratorially, “What makes you think anyone in this city or our staff will allow you to do either of those things once I make a call?”

    He tightened his hold on her and smirked, “It’s scary the power you have over people.”

    “One of the reasons you love me.” Another deep kiss was his affirmative answer.

    The doorbell ringing interrupted Lex’s attempts to move Chloe over to the bed. She wiggled out his embrace and checked herself in the mirror. As she left the bedroom, she called over her shoulder “Go make sure everything is prepared.” ‘Everything’ was code for making sure their other guest had stayed relatively sober.

    As he was preparing drinks for himself and Chloe, his wife entered the living room with Bruce Wayne on her arm. He and Bruce shook hands and made pleasantries before Chloe made to introduce the other person in the room.

    Smiling brightly, she made a sweeping gesture. “I believe you know Lex’s brother, Lucas.”

    Bruce smiled and soon he and Lucas were engaged in conversation.

    Pleased with herself, Chloe moved toward Lex and whispered, “See? Things are looking good and you have no reason to worry.”

    Lex took a sip of his scotch, “We’ll see.”

    Chloe sighed, “Think of it this way: if the relationship endures, it will make business deals between Wayne Enterprises and LuthorCorp much easier which translates to more profits for you.”

    Lex smiled at that thought. Speaking up, he asked, “Lucas, had Bruce told you about his extensive classic motorcycle collection?”

    Chloe laughed silently. She was certain that like Lex and herself, she had helped Bruce and Lucas find their perfect mate.
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #9 April 2010 - "Blind date!" - PG stories

    Story #4


    A/N: For the sake of this story you have to assume Lex is still friends with Clark.

    It’s Friday evening and Lois is getting the popcorn ready for a movie marathon with Clark after finishing a mouth-watering pizza he surprised her with. The young reporter keeps amazing her with little thoughtful gestures which she’s too tough to acknowledge in so many words, but which mean a lot to her hidden romantic heart. She’s too cynical to confess she’s always wanted what every young woman and that she’s finally found it in Clark of all people. For once she’s been taking things slowly and she can’t remember ever being this happy.

    “Shoot!” she drops the package she’s just removed from the microwave and sucks a couple of fingers after burning them with the overly-heated aluminium.

    “Lois, is everything OK?”

    “Everything’s peachy, Smallville,” she grins, sauntering into the cosy room with a filled-to-the-brim bowl of buttered popcorn. “So,” she sighs, setting it down on the coffee table and flopping down on the sofa, ”have you looked through the DVD selection I rented at the video store this time?”

    “Yeah,” he smiles faintly, wondering why he’s let her pick the films yet again. He should have let her get the food instead of giving in to his stupid romantic spirit and speeding all the way to Metropolis to bring her that double pepperoni and extra mozzarella pizza she used to love eating on Sundays when her Mom was still alive. “Kickboxer ... Fast & Furious... “

    “What’s wrong, Clark? Don’t you approve of my choice? I enjoy speed and well-built guys,” she teases him, munching on the snack and giving his body a seductive once-over.

    “Oh, look! Gone in 60 Seconds,” he opens the DVD case and kneels down in front of the player, putting his back to her to keep his heat vision under control. At least Angelina Jolie is in this one. It still amazes him how he could fall for someone so different from Lana.

    Fifteen minutes into the film Lois has inadvertently snuggled closer to him and suddenly things are getting too warm.

    “Say, Clark,” she blurts out, clearing her throat, when she realises Clark’s eyes are no longer glued to the screen and that Angelina Jolie’s far away from his thoughts, ”have you taken care of that little errand I asked you to?”

    “Pardon?” he frowns.

    “Earth to Clark,” she says waving a hand in front of his eyes. “You do remember the conversation we had last Wednesday at the paper, right? Say you didn’t forget your promise or neither of us will finally get to taste dessert until I’ve got definite proof. ”



    “No, I haven’t told him anything yet. We’ll proceed as planned. Yes... I see your point,” nods Lex on the phone as the door of his private office at LuthorCorp opens and Clark enters with a sheepish grin on his face when the billionaire sees the big bunch of flowers and the box of chocolates. “Could we discuss this further over lunch? I’m afraid something’s turned up that demands my urgent attention,” Lex tells his interlocutor with a smirk. “Ok. Goodbye.”

    “I’m sorry for interrupting. I didn’t know you were busy; your new secretary said it was fine.”

    “This is what happens with temps. Do you think I’m losing my edge? There was a time I used to be more intimidating. This would have never happened when Dad was alive,” replies Lex, walking around the desk to invite Clark to sit down.

    “I’m sure your employees respect you more than they ever did your father. You’ve earned their trust and admiration because you’re a capable leader, Lex.”

    “Well, thanks for the praise, Clark. I’ve been having a pretty lousy week at work and my spirits needed to be lifted. So... what have I done to earn a bunch of flowers and a box of Belgian chocolates? Or is that a bribe to have me do something for you?” he chuckles.

    “These aren’t for you... They’re for Lois and... well... about your second question...”

    “Yes? Come on, Clark. You’ve done this dozens of times before. You know that there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for a friend. Does this favour have anything to do with Lois?”

    “Yes... and no. You see, I... We... The other day... I kind of told her... I was... worried about you.”

    “About me?” frowns Lex.

    “Yes, you know, about your being too committed to this corporation and... not having a life of your own...”

    “Are we talking about my no longer appearing in the society and the gossip pages of The Planet and The Inquisitor with a new bloodsucking brunette on my arm? I’ve had had my fair share of murderous wives and girlfriends; thank you very much. “

    “I know but... “

    “I really don’t see what my love life has to do with this favour you want from me.”

    “Lois has a girlfriend who’s just moved back to Metropolis.”

    “Are you two trying to play matchmakers?”

    “No! Lois said this young woman...”

    “You don’t know her?” Lex cuts him off.

    “No. Lois said work takes up most of her friend’s time and that she has no social life and no other friends. That she’s shut herself off after a few failed relationships... ”

    “Has this person asked Lois to procure her a date?”

    “Well, no.”

    “It sounds like your girlfriend...”

    “She isn’t my girlfriend... officially...”

    “... is meddling in yet another person’s life. Two people’s, actually. Besides, the fact my name’s no longer mentioned in Linda Lake’s column doesn’t mean I don’t have a life.”

    “You’re seeing someone?”

    “Are you fishing for information, Clark?”

    “Do you mean to imply I’d stoop so low as to use our friendship to get a byline in The Planet?”

    “A man in love can do things he’d have never thought possible to please the woman of his dreams. The flowers and the chocolates mean you‘ve put your foot in. Has she been stalling? Yeah, I thought so.”


    “She’s the one, isn’t she?” he smirks.

    “Could you do this one thing for me? I won’t ask you for any more favours... in the next six months.”

    “OK,” he sighs. “Lunch. Dinner might be interpreted as a date and this won’t be one. I’ll tell her her friend was busy chasing a lead and that her boyfriend was too tied up baling hay to welcome her to Metropolis. I’ll just show her there’s more to Kansas than corn and cows, give her a tour of the city, make some chit-chat and that’ll be all. “

    “Thanks, Lex.”

    “Don’t thank me. I’ll have to cancel a very important lunch and hope they’ll buy my excuses.”


    Chloe pays the taxi driver and rushes out of the cab to take shelter from the rain under an awning. To think she could be somewhere else, sitting comfortably near the fire, going over her draft for tomorrow’s column and eating homemade Thai food. Life’s full of surprises. Her lips curve in a smile as she reminisces last weekend.

    She looks at her watch. Half past twelve sharp. The person she’s meeting must have already arrived. She looks through the shop window and sighs. It’s show time.

    “Good afternoon, Madam. Table for one?” asks the waiter with a heavy Italian accent.

    “No, I...” she interrupts herself when a pair of well-known blue-grey eyes locks with hers across the room. “Excuse me,” she adds, leaving the man standing and walking purposefully towards the back of the restaurant.


    “What are you doing here?”

    “Well, I may ask the same question.”

    “Are you stalking me?”

    “Stalking you? Why would I stalk you?”

    “You tell me, Lex.”

    “I can’t believe this. The little rat,” he mumbles, shaking his head.

    “What in heaven’s name are you talking about?”


    “Clark? What does he have to do with anything?”

    “This. You. Me. Blind date. Your cousin and our best friend have set us up.”

    “You have to be kidding. Are you here on a date?“ she glares.

    “It isn’t a date. I was supposed to buy her... you... lunch and show you the sights before taking you to The Planet. “

    “Yes, that’s what you told me on the phone the second time we talked.”

    “I guess he expected me to be dazzled by you.”

    “Are you?” she murmurs throatily.

    “You’re here on a date?”

    Business date. I’d try to talk a young tycoon into giving me an interview Lois couldn’t get.”

    “They must have suspected something. They should pay for being sneaky, don’t you agree?”

    “Any ideas?”

    “Do you think you could fake not to stand the sight of me or the sound of my name, especially around Lois?”

    “What’s there in it for me?”

    “A sexually frustrated Clark and... long steamy nights in bed with your husband.”


    “See you tonight?”

    “You’d better deliver.”

    “Love that glare. It’s convincing. Hope Olsen’s taken enough pictures.”

    “See you at home, Lex.”

    “Can’t wait,” he murmurs, fingering the wedding band he’s only been wearing when they’re alone.

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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #9 April 2010 - "Blind date!" - PG stories

    Oh My God! All of these stories are amazing....don't make me pick just one!!!! Pleeeeeeaaaassssseeee....*beats head against desk in frustration* How do I choose?!?

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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #9 April 2010 - "Blind date!" - PG stories

    Thank you so much for people who write these stories!!!!!

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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #9 April 2010 - "Blind date!" - PG stories

    Thanks for new batch of stories!

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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #9 April 2010 - "Blind date!" - PG stories

    Don't forget to also leave a quick review when you vote The authors will appreciate the feedback!
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #9 April 2010 - "Blind date!" - PG stories

    All 4 versions were fabulous in their own way so "Good Work" to the authors

    Story#1 killed me with Chloe's literally being blinded by lazers from Lex's experiments. I'm proud of him for wanting to stay by her side and care for her, but if he doesn't tell her the truth, he will lose her forever.

    Story#2 was beautifully chilling with Lex completely underestimating Chloe's feelings for him and what she was capable of doing under the influence of the Red K. Chloe's gauging out his eyes was just horrifying--I loved it!

    Story #3 was very sweet with an adorably married and committed Chlex relationship trying to matchmake for their loved ones. And I'm sure that Bruce and Lucas will be very happy together.

    Story#4 was a net twist with Lois and Clark trying to get the Chlex together--I think that is one of the few times I've been on Clark and Lois' side.

    Again, fabulous work to all of the authors

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