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Thread: Fragile Ground *PG/PG-13* (COMPLETE)

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    Red face Fragile Ground *PG/PG-13* (COMPLETE)

    Fragile Ground
    By ~*~Tasha~*~

    Summary: *RATED PG/PG-13 for language* A rewrite and continuation of a couple scenes from Season 5 Episode 18 called Fragile. This covers two separate scenes. The first is when Chloe walks into her dorm room to see Lex and Lana standing rather close. The second is when Chloe confronts Lex at the castle/mansion. This is angsty, and it is not what I usually write. If there is interest, I will continue this fic in a sequel that would be called Fragile Hearts. I need you guys to let me know if my writing is worthwhile enough to do the sequel.

    Author’s Note: Well folks, I’m trying my hand at a little bit of Chlex (Chole/Lex) here. This is my first Chlex or Smallville fic. I welcome constructive criticisms. There are only a few spoilers for Season 5’s episode called Fragile. You can figure that canon is pretty much the same up until the point, except where you see things I’ve changed by the character’s thoughts or words. Some dialogue from the episode was used, and some was changed.

    Disclaimer: These characters, and some of the bits of dialogue, are the property of the WB, CW or whatever they are calling themselves now. A lot of time is involved in my writing, but your feedback is the only form of "payment" that I receive. I have only the hope that you will enjoy what I come up for our heroes, heroines, and villains.

    'Single' quote marks surround thoughts in this story. "Regular" quotes are around spoken words.

    ================================================== ==

    Chloe Sullivan clutched her academic books tight to her chest. She dodged several other students who lived in the same dormitory with her and Lana. She was worried about her roommate and friend, but she also grew weary of catering to all of Lana’s mood swings. Lately she felt like Lana was hiding something from her, something big.

    Chloe pushed open the door of her dorm room. She froze in her tracks at the sight before her. Her eyes shone her confusion to see Lex Luthor and Lana Lang nearly in an embrace in her dorm room. “Um …” She was at a loss for words.

    Lana blushed, and she stepped back two steps from Lex. There was a reason she hadn’t been telling her friend Chloe about becoming better friends with Lex Luthor. First off, she didn’t want to put Chloe in the middle of anything between Clark and her. Secondly, she knew how Chloe felt about the dashing billionaire.

    In a little confession session after Clark broke away from Lana, the two girls shared in a game of Truth or Dare, unrequited love style. When the two girls got to questioning each other about what men they wished would care for them as they cared for the men, Chloe mentioned Lex Luthor’s name. Of course Chloe tried to cover up her answer the next day by claiming she drank a little too much, but Lana had seen the truth in Chloe’s eyes.

    Lana felt shy about having Chloe find Lex in their dorm room. The look on Chloe’s face of pain and confusion made Lana feel guilty as well.

    Lex dropped his hands to his sides. ‘Damn it.’ He tried to stand still, but he wanted to open his mouth to defend his presence. Although he was trying to “seduce” Lana, he never intended for Chloe to walk in on it. A second later the ruthless side of his persona shut off the tender side. ‘We have every right to be with whoever we want. She can just deal with it.’ His frown turned into a cocky smirk.

    Chloe gulped hard. “Pencil … I think I left my pencil at the library.” She hurriedly shut the door. She leaned her back against the door and fought off the tears that threatened to fall. ‘What was Lex doing in our room, and what was Lana doing looking at him like that?’ She pushed herself off the door. ‘Surely Lana isn’t that vapid that she forgot our little chat?’

    Chloe marched down the hallway. Anywhere was a better place to be right at the moment. ‘If that twit is doing it again, I swear I’ll scream.’ At one time Chloe had a crush on Clark. Later her “crush” was more of a smokescreened attempt to win the man she did care for, but it failed. ‘Either way, Lana won Clark’s heart. I swear if she is after Lex’s now, she will regret it.’


    (Later the next day at Lex’s castle/mansion)

    Lex clicked a key on his laptop with the hand he held his tumbler of amber alcohol in. A conference video droned on and on about the presence of Milton Fine in a couple different places. ‘What is he up to?’ With his pool stick in his right hand, Lex listened to each report from his various operatives around the globe.

    The sound of arriving footsteps pulled his attention away from the screen, and he closed the lid to keep his guest from getting a hint of what he was doing. “Chloe,”

    Chloe Sullivan stormed into the room Lex was in. Her eyes were full of fury, and she looked ready to tangle with anything that crossed her path. She stopped several feet away from Lex in the middle of the room. “I know your moral compass has a tendency to veer off course, but taking advantage of Lana when she’s at her most vulnerable … It’s despicable.”

    Lex smirked. He wondered how long it would take before Chloe came charging in to defend Lana’s virtues. ‘As if the woman really has any virtues to protect,’ He thought to himself about Lana. “I think your reporter’s eye is getting a little cloudy.”

    Chloe watched Lex walk across the room to the pool table. She saw the way he held his drink in his left hand and the pool cue in his right. Insults were always his way to attempt to throw Chloe off course, but she wasn’t being deterred tonight. She didn’t like a single glance of what she saw between Lex and Lana.

    “You’re starting to see things that aren’t there.” Lex set his tumbler on the wood edge of the pool table, just outside the felt that overlapped onto the top. He pulled back and shot the cue ball into another ball hard. He sunk the shot.

    Chloe’s boot heels clicked on the wood floor of the room the entire time she made her way over to the pool table. “I don’t have to work for the DWP to know that there was enough electricity in that room to light up the entire state of Kansas.” She rested one hand on her hip. Her pose may have seemed relaxed, but she was anything but relaxed.

    Lex smirked at Chloe cockily. He laughed and stood up. “It’s interesting how perceptive you are about affairs of the heart considering you’ve never actually been in a serious relationship.” A part of him cringed at what the hurtful words would do to Chloe, but his face never changed from its cruel façade.

    ‘Score one for Lex,’ Chloe thought to herself. “Do you even think Lana would be remotely interested in you if she wasn’t swept up in her own emotional tornado?” Each word was laced with disgust at herself and Lex for how the situation was affecting her. She huffed as if she didn’t believe Lex was capable of sweeping anyone off their feet. “I mean, honestly.”

    Lex half huffed his response, but he pulled any words that would have come out of his mouth back. ‘Score one for Chloe,’ He thought to himself. He smiled deviantly, side stepped the pool table and stood right in front of Chloe. “I appreciate you looking out for your friend. I’d do the same, but” He shrugged his shoulders “Your concern is unwarranted.” Having felt that he’d gotten his point across he returned to the pool table to take his next shot. “We’re friends. Nothing more.”

    Chloe eyed Lex warily. She’d spent enough time around him to know when the man was up to something. She didn’t believe for one minute that he wasn’t trying to weave a web around Lana now that Clark was out of the way. “Lex, I know you’re used to getting whatever you want without even thinking about the consequences.” She made sure that her body touched his, and she was standing right in his face. “If you hurt my friend, there will be a consequence, and you’re looking at her.”

    Lex beamed inwardly at the brazen strength that Chloe exhibited. ‘Hell, she’s a spitfire. Can’t let her have the upper hand though,’ He thought to himself when she turned to walk back towards the doors. “Chloe …”

    Chloe turned back around. She gave him her annoyed look that said hurry up, you are keeping me from something better that I want to do. She only hoped it was convincing.

    “I think I’m getting an inkling why you’ve never had a boyfriend.” Lex held up his thumb and index finger a couple inches apart to emphasize his inkling feeling. He smirked at the anger that burned brighter in Chloe’s face. ‘Score one for me.’

    Chloe aimed a steely glare at Lex. “You do? Because I could have sworn it was because the man I loved was blind.”

    “Clark’s free now, Chloe,” Lex sneered. “You can go running into his arms anytime you want.” Each word he spoke was full of anger and loathing.

    “It was never about Clark.” Chloe slowly worked her way back across the room to face Lex head on. He may be taller than her, but she could match him head to head in brains and fortitude any time.

    Lex forced himself not to flinch away from the boiling anger Chloe’s eyes directed at him. Her gall enraged him and aroused him at the same time. “Is that so? Who was is about then, Chloe? Pete?” He laughed.

    Chloe grabbed Lex’s chin between her fingers and pinched the edges of her nails into his skin. With all the pain she felt the moment she opened the dorm room door to see Lex with Lana, she spoke, “The man I love no longer exists. It seems you killed him.”

    Lex’s mouth gaped open, but words failed to emerge except her name, “Chloe …” All of his bravado left him as Chloe’s meaning started to sink into his brain.

    Chloe twisted Lex’s chin as she turned away from him. She’d probably left scratches on his face, but the pain he felt was nothing compared to the hole in her heart.

    “Chloe,” Lex repeated. His feet wouldn’t obey his brain’s orders to move and stop Chloe from leaving.

    “Goodbye … Mr. Luthor.” Chloe never turned around to face Lex again. She left the castle with no intentions of ever returning.

    Lex dropped the pool stick and collapsed to the floor. “My God … What have I done?”


    (THE END … The sequel is called Fragile Hearts, which is also on this site.)
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    Re: Fragile Ground *PG/PG-13*

    Me likey more more more.

    I like the insights you give into what they are thinking and great layout of the the sence and location.

    MORE MORE...

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    Re: Fragile Ground *PG/PG-13*

    Oh my god!!!! Thaqt was so totally awesome!!!!!!!! You did an excellent job. It was your first chlex fanfic? I couldn't have tell. It's really good and I believe you put the characters really well and their relationship too. I like that you put Lana knowing Chloe's feelings for LEx and that she feels bad about getting caught with Lex in the dormroom. She should feel bad... It wasn't very bright of Lana to be with Lex there if she didn't want Chloe to know. Anyway, I really enjoyed this story and I have to plead you to do a sequel. Please please please please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be waiting for your sequel! And I'll look at the other things you write too. By the way, if you do write a sequel, it would be good to put a scene with Chloe and Lana confronting each other or something. it's just a suggestion of course, because I'm sure you'll do a great sequel. Keep on writing!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Fragile Ground *PG/PG-13*

    That was really great. I love the way you write. It should definitley have a sequel, it would be a sin not to continue this story!!!


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    Re: Fragile Ground *PG/PG-13*

    Tasha, you know my feelings on this season, vividly---I don't watch anymore. But I tell you, if those scenes, were like your scenes, in this eppy, I might have watched it. Honey, for a first try at Chlex, you hit a bullseye. And sweetie, glad that Esther and I introduced you to the Bald and the Beautiful. Well, done---and heck yes, we want a sequel.

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    Re: Fragile Ground *PG/PG-13*

    That was really great. Actually it was beyond great. no words to describe it. loved ever word. more please!!!

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    Re: Fragile Ground *PG/PG-13*

    It was awesome!!!! You must do a sequel!!! LOVE IT!

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    Re: Fragile Ground *PG/PG-13*

    Chlex....please Chlex......pretty please Chlex happy ending..

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    Re: Fragile Ground *PG/PG-13*

    Definitely want MORE!!!!!
    Excellent start, but definitely want more!

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    Re: Fragile Ground *PG/PG-13*

    Oh please, you can't leave the story like this!! Lex just has to win Chloe back!! Please write more!!

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