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Thread: Surge - Complete

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    Nooooooooo!!!!!!! How could you blow him up??????????? :crygreen:
    Please let him be alive, iam begging you, pleaseeee!!! :crygreen: :crygreen:
    You are are an evil, evil person!!!! :crygreen:

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    :crygreen: :crygreen: how could you :crygreen: :crygreen:
    how dare you blow him up :crygreen: :crygreen:
    everything was all good
    and....and...you, you do that and blow him up. why, tell me why :crygreen: :crygreen:
    please fix it and let him be alive please :worship2: :worship2:

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    Dang…you got me where I think you want me…torn between the two! Others might not understand, but I feel you do Catheryne. Again, you are one marvelous writer. I applaud you, a million times over. I’m keeping mum about what I want to happen, I know how you writers are, hee! I just ask one thing of you….PLEASE don’t leave us waiting too long.

    I have my ideas of where you are going, however, it never hurts to see close I am.

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    OMG, you didnt!!! hmy:
    Please update soon!!!! Poor Lex!!! :crygreen:

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    Hope :huh:
    "Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. "

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    :huh: :huh: :huh: WHAAAAAATTT?!?!?!?!?!?! :huh: :huh: :huh:

    H-how... how could you do that?! Lex just chose Chloe over being President and then you blow him up!!! How do you sleep at night?! lol. Good update. It was SOO sweet until everything EXPLODED!!! Who ever did that... ooooo :die: :die: :die:

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    Oh no, I hope Lex is okay!

    I'm dying to know what'll happen. Please update soon!

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    I was expecting it, really, I was prepared, I had this bad nagging cold feeling running down my back (well, it could have been the fever)...so why I'm crying!!! :crygreen:
    Gosh, Catheryne, how good you are!?!


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    Oh Dear! :unsure: Like Gaia I had an uneasy feeling that things would go awry. Poor Lexy poo :sad:

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    Thanks so much for all your feedback on this, Chlexville and Shades. You all rock!

    VII. Lionel

    Her tired eyes measured every drop inside the IV bag. The last time she checked, the level of the solution inside was on the twelfth line. She needed to get the nurse soon. The level was on the tenth line and Lex might get worse if nobody replaced it. Chloe felt the quickening of her heart at the thought. She sucked in her breath and stiffened in her seat. She started to reach for the button above Lex’s head when a hand on her shoulder stopped her. She glanced back at the man looking down at her.

    “Mr Luthor,” she rasped. Chloe had not spoken for such a long time that her throat was raw from crying.

    “The nurses know when to come back here. There’s no sense for you to stress overly.”

    She nodded and relaxed back on her seat beside Lex’s bed. Chloe gripped the hand in hers even more tightly. Lex had not introduced her to Lionel in the year that they were engaged, yet she was much too preoccupied to care about the impression she was leaving on her future father-in-law. Chloe forced her eyes away from the gaze of Lionel Luthor and rested them instead on Lex’s face.

    A noise from the door and Chloe knew that Lionel had left the room again. He never spend more than five minutes in the room with Lex.

    “You said we’d have a happy family, and we would spend our entire lives together.” She smiled bitterly and felt a tear roll down her cheek. Chloe reached up to wipe it away. Chloe stood up and looked down at her fiancé. “You’re not even a real politician yet, so don’t start lying to me now.”

    Chloe’s fingers ran over Lex’s face. She smoothed out his forehead. She brushed her fingers over his lashes. Lex always fluttered them when she did that, because his eyes were sensitive and he told her that her action tickled him. She blinked away her tears when he did not so much as stir. Chloe traced his cheeks. When her fingers reached his lips, she shivered. They had never been dry before. Lex’s lips dry and slack was a sin.

    She laid her lips on them and ran her tongue slowly between them. Chloe continued the kiss for a few more seconds until she finally realized that her life was no longer the fairy tale that it was since Lex fell in love with her. He was not going to respond to her, not going to wake up. The stark hospital room would not evaporate into a meadow just because she wished upon a star.

    “God, how could you do this to me?”

    She collapsed on her chair again. The hard backing was killing her. “I need you to wake up and tell me how to deal with the possibility of losing you, Lex. If it were left to me, I’d go crazy.”

    Chloe rested her hand on his chest, just above his heart. “You said your heart belongs to me. You better make sure that it doesn’t stop beating,” she warned him, her voice taking on a hard edge. “I swear to you, Lex, the moment it does I will have them resuscitate you. And if it stops again, I will have them revive you again. With electric shock, with pumping, with injection… anything. I wouldn’t stop, Lex, until you’re too tired of being forced alive that you’d open your eyes to tell me yourself.”

    The look in her eyes as she regarded Lex held challenge. She expected him to laugh at her, or to scowl. She really did. Or maybe she didn’t but the insanity was starting.

    “Wake up,” she commanded quietly. “Do it for us.”

    Chloe heard the door open again. It was Lucas. She knew it was without even having to look at him. She was too comfortable around Lucas to not feel his presence when he stepped into a room.

    “You have to come with me, Chloe. You’ll need to get something to eat.”

    “I don’t need to,” she reasoned. “You only want me to.”

    “I’m supposed to protect you,” came Lucas’ voice again. “How can I do that if you won’t cooperate with me?”

    “And you’re a damn good protector, aren’t you?” she said bitterly. Chloe physically felt the way Lucas cringed at her words. She closed her eyes and sighed. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

    “Why be? You’re right.”


    “Just do this for me.”

    “Don’t make me laugh, Lucas, because I have no capability of doing that.”

    He pulled up another chair and sat in front of her. Lucas tried to catch her eyes, but her gaze remained fixed on Lex. “Chloe, look at me.” He took her cold hand in his and pulled the other one that laid on Lex’s chest. He rubbed them between his and kissed both. “You can’t stay here forever.”

    She finally looked at him. “Of course not. I’ll be out of here the moment Lex is fine to go home.”

    Lucas took a deep breath. “You are the most intelligent woman I know.” Her gaze left his and settled back on Lex. “And I know… I know, Chloe, that this is part of a process that I would never fully understand. Even so,” he tightened his hands on hers, “I want you to accept—“

    Lucas looked up when the door opened to admit his father and the doctor. Chloe briefly glanced at the people who arrived and ignored them, returning to what she had been doing before.

    “Chloe,” she heard Lionel say. She forced herself to regard the older man. “I have something I want to tell you.” Chloe waited for him to continue. He asked no question. She did not need to reply. “Chloe, I want you to move on with your life,” he said gently. “Do you understand that?”

    “I’m not stupid, Lionel,” she told him. “I’ll move on but you have to make my fiancé wake up.”

    “I’ll do something for you. I know this situation with my son is keeping you from going back to your life.”

    “He’s my life,” she said simply.

    Lionel shook his head. “That’s not healthy, Chloe.” She did not respond. “I spoke with Lex’s doctors.” The man behind Lionel, whom Chloe recognized as Lex’s neurosurgeon, nodded as if to say he agreed with whatever Lionel was going to say. “The blow to my son’s head caused an irreversible damage to his brain. Lex is not waking up, Chloe.”

    Lucas’ gaze flew to his father’s, and he muttered a curse at the delivery of the news. Chloe’s nails bit into his palm. Lucas stood to stand behind Chloe. “Father, why don’t we talk outside?”

    “Don’t you think, Lucas, that Chloe should hear this? You told me yourself, the most important person in Lex’s life is neither you nor I.”

    The tears brimmed in her eyes, but she willed them not to drop.

    “Chloe, Lex was a brilliant man who was active and alert, who loved life and spend most of his days outside.”

    “I know who Lex is,” she told him. “I know him more than you do.”

    “Good.” Lionel nodded. “Then you know whether or not Lex will want us to keep him alive hooked on machines, a vegetable.”

    “I don’t care. I’ll keep him alive.”

    “You don’t care what Lex thinks.”

    She shook her head. “Lex stays alive.”

    “I respect that. But I still make the call. And it appears that I care more about Lex than you do, if you can’t sacrifice your peace of mind for the peace of his soul.”

    And then like a torrent of rain, the tears dropped. “You don’t understand,” she gasped. Lucas grabbed her arms and helped her stand. “Lex wants to live. Why aren’t you giving him a chance?”

    “Two months, Chloe,” Lionel said, his voice calm and full of reason. “Let my son rest.”

    “Lex has so many plans—“

    “Let him rest, Chloe.”

    We had the right love
    At the wrong time
    Guess I always knew inside
    I wouldn't have you for a long time

    Those dreams of yours
    Are shining on distant shores
    And if they're calling you away
    I have no right to make you stay.

    “Oh God,” she murmured. “Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.” The litany went through her lips in a soft breath.

    “Chloe, shhh, it’s fine,” Lucas whispered into her ear. “Come on, Chloe, take a deep breath.

    “He can’t do this.”


    She pried herself from Lucas’ grip and stumbled back to Lex’s bedside. “Lex, wake up,” she said. Chloe grabbed Lex’s arm and started shaking him. “I’m not kidding, Lex. Wake up now.”

    “Miss Sullivan,” the doctor said, “calm down.”

    “Chloe, just…” Lucas glanced at the doctor, and he read in the man’s face the truth of what his father related about Lex’s condition. “Chloe, you don’t want Lex to have a difficult time, do you? Come on. Show him you’re strong.”

    “But I’m not! If he knows I’m not, he’ll stay for me.”

    “Chloe, Lex is gone,” he told her.

    She bent to kiss Lex’s lips. If there were a real power out there watching out for them, then Lex would wake up and they would live happily every after. Or better yet, she would wake up and laugh because this was a nightmare brought about by her popcorn binge when Lex was away on business.

    But Lucas reached for her and held her close.

    “It would be better if you took her outside, Lucas. She doesn’t need to be here for this,” she heard Lionel’s voice above the thudding in her ears.

    “Do you need me with you?”

    “No, Lucas. Take Miss Sullivan home. I’ll do it.”

    It was the last thing she heard before the thudding turned into a roar that flooded her eyes with darkness and swallowed her entirely.


    Lucas gave her bags to the cab driver. He opened the passenger door and helped her in. “You’re sure you don’t want me to drive you to the airport?”

    Chloe kissed his cheek. “Thank you for everything, Lucas.”

    “Chloe, stay here. It’s not good to be alone in your condition.”

    “I know that, Lucas. But I can’t do anything about it. I am alone.”

    He shook his head. “You’re not alone.”

    “I am,” she said simply. She started to get into the cab.

    For Lucas, it was now or never. She was leaving Kansas forever. If she left now, he would never see her again. He had never been able to approach her because she was Lex’s. He respected that. Now, though, despite his need to give her space to grieve, he knew he had to act.


    She turned around and faced him, her hand gripping the end of her necklace. When she saw Lucas staring at her fist, she opened it and gave him a sad smile. On her palm lay the diamond ring that Lex had given her—the same ring Lucas handed to her the night he took her to the party that proved to be the most unforgettable of her life. “Yes?”

    And he could not sully whatever love he had for his brother by laying his heart open to his fiancé before Lex was even cold. “Have a safe trip.”

    But Somewhere down the road
    Our roads are gonna cross again
    It doesn't really matter when
    But somewhere down the road
    I know that heart of yours
    will come to see
    That you belong with me

    Chloe settled on the back of the cab and closed her eyes. Metropolis was fading fast as the cab took her closer to the airport. Soon, all this would be a distant memory. On the back of her lids, a picture of Lex was etched, and she treasured the pain that it brought her. As long as there was pain, she was sure that she could still feel.

    The white stargazer she had been holding had dropped on top of the coffin. She could not think of any flower more appropriate for an occasion when you buried your love and your dreams.

    Lionel had repeatedly asked her to let Lex rest. He asked her for a sacrifice. Chloe found out she was selfish. Now it was too late, so maybe she owed Lex a whisper.

    “Rest well, Lex.”


    Lucas watched the cab carrying the woman of his dreams vanish into the horizon. His destiny meant nothing because he had not been able to fulfill it. To protect his mother, to guard Lex, to make sure Chloe never got hurt.

    Someone told him once that if life did not go the way you choose, you pick another path.

    Lucas was afraid that a bigger power picked it for him, and he was actually supposed to fulfill his brother’s destiny.

    It was already half complete, after all. He loved the woman his brother loved. And he let her go.

    Sometimes goodbyes are not forever
    It doesn't matter if you're gone
    I still believe in us together
    I understand more than you think I can
    You have to go out on your own
    So you can find your way back home

    “Just a little while, Chloe. And then I’ll show you that you weren’t buried with my brother.”

    Letting go is just another way to say
    I'll always love you so.

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