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    hmmmm, interesting development. I could be wrong and reading way more into this than you intended but was Lucas trying to convice Chloe or himself?

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    OK, You definitely have me hooked! UPDATE SOON! PLEEEEEZE!!!!!


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    I'm loving this fic! I can't wait to see how it all plays out...

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    Lord have mercy….I love this fic….*and I’m pretty sure you know the reason why*

    Keep them coming!

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    ummm interesting very interesting
    update more please

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    I'm so scared of what Chloe's going to find Lex doing. There had to be a reason he sent Lucas after her! Please update soon!! :yay2:

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    :huh: Argh! I'm with autumngold! How exciting!

    I just love the way this fic is going - more please?

    xadie xx

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    Thanks a bunch for your fb despite the fact that this is being updated amazingly slowly. I appreciate it.

    Anyway, here's a new part. Chlexville will hopefully be posted in several hours

    IV. Chloe and Lucas

    Two nights after their very first meeting

    She stirred languidly in her position curled up in the couch. Chloe yawned loudly, stretched, and reluctantly pulled herself to a sitting position. She blinked at the clock hanging on the wall. Her vision was still blurry, so she rubbed the sleep and traces of two hours worth of crying.

    Chloe really did not want to get up—not when she knew she wasn’t going out with Lex, or even going to see him for a while. She shook her head. She’d already cried about that particular problem and promised herself she won’t dwell on it for at least five more hours.

    The light on the answering machine was beeping, and she hurried to listen to her messages.

    “Hey sweetheart. I should have guessed you’d be too sleepy to take my call. Anyway, my plane is about take off so I have to shut off my phone for a while. Didn’t want you to worry. So if you wake up and aren’t able to contact me, just hold on. I’ll call you back.”

    “How long were you up crying, Chloe? Anyway, make sure you get plenty of rest. I’m somewhere over the Atlantic.”

    “We’re landing soon, and you’re sleeping a lot tonight. I’ll be in Vienna in a few minutes. I’ll call you then.”

    “Chloe, I’m going in for a meeting. I’ll call you after. If my voice pierces through that dream haze you have there, think of the two of us dancing under the moonlight.”

    Chloe’s lips curved into a smile. So that was where the image came from. Suddenly, she felt a pang stronger than the others she’d felt. She missed him so much.

    She did not want to choke in her own depression. Chloe got up and walked to the kitchen for some milk. She opened the refrigerator and reached for the carton. That was when her gaze fell on her finger, to her engagement ring. She drew the ring close to her heart and sighed. Chloe poured herself half a glass of milk and made her way back to the living room, simply because she was not willing to sleep in her bed without the other half of it occupied.

    Perhaps she had been around Lex too long. All she knew was the minute she walked past the kitchen doors and into the dark living room, it felt just a degree warmer than it had when she left. Lex had had threats to his life for some time, and had cautioned her to be careful. Even with the airtight security of her house, she could still never be too sure if she was safe or not.

    Chloe stepped lightly towards the light switch. The advantage of almost pitch darkness was that if you could not see the intruder, the intruder could not see you. Chloe placed the milk glass down on a small table and opened the drawer silently, drawing out the small gun that Lex left there for this particular occasion. In her head she recited a litany of prayers. And then quick as a whip she flipped the light switch on and trained her gun at the head of the man sitting on her couch.

    “Hey, it’s me!”

    Chloe tried to suck in her breath, but failed. She opened her mouth widely, desperately trying to breathe. About three minutes later, Lucas was standing in front of her and prying her gun out of her hands. Lucas firmly pushed her arms down and slapped her cheeks softly.

    “You moron!” she screamed in his face. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”


    “Relax?” she repeated shrilly. “Do you think it’s appropriate for you to be saying that after I almost blew your head off?”

    “Chloe,” Lucas replied calmly, smirking, “you didn’t even cock the gun.”

    She stared at him blankly, uncaring about what his point was. All she knew was that Lucas was inside her house, and she did not even let him in. “This is breaking and entering,” she told him, her voice still trembling. Chloe let Lucas guide her to the couch. She accepted the glass of milk that Lucas fetched from the table.

    “I have the security code.”

    Chloe ignored him. She just sat there nursing her glass of milk for a long time. After what seemed like thirty minutes, Chloe finally turned to him and asked, “So what are you doing here?”

    “I need to ask you something.” Chloe prompted him with her eyes to continue. “Do you really love my brother?” he asked bluntly.

    “You almost sacrificed you life for that?” Lucas opened his mouth to reply, but Chloe shushed him. “Cock schmock!” She rolled her eyes and rested her gaze on his, met him stare for stare. Lucas did not seem like he was kidding or anything. “What do you see when I look at him? Do I appear insincere?”

    Lucas narrowed his eyes at her, because she was playing now. He was sure she knew what he thought. “You look like every other woman who professed to have feelings for more brother,” he said instead, “so forgive me if I have reservations.”

    “That’s where you’re wrong, Lucas.”

    He finally cracked a grin. “I know,” he admitted. “The hair threw me off too.”

    Chloe shook her head, knowing that even if Lucas did not admit to it, she actually won that round. “You did not break into my house to ask me that.”

    “Lex is out of the country,” he told her, as if she did not already know.

    “Shouldn’t you be sniffing after him like the guard dog that you are?”

    “I’ve been assigned to guard his most precious possession.” Chloe grinned. “I know what you’re thinking. And no. I did not spend the last two days deliberately disobeying orders. I’ve been around. I stepped in tonight because I’m tired of sleeping in my car across the street.”

    “I bet you hate it, don’t you? All the things you’ve been through and now you’re relegated to babysitting me.”

    “I don’t necessarily hate it. As long as you don’t become that old woman from Guarding Tess. I just can’t be comfortable not knowing firsthand how my brother’s security is.” Lucas saw the way the sparkle in her eye was lost when he mentioned Lex. “But believe me, whoever Lex took with him are the best in their field.”

    “That doesn’t keep me from worrying, Lucas.”

    He nodded sympathetically, and closed his hand around hers. “Me neither.” He shifted in his seat and glanced up to see the small stack of DVDs on the coffee table. “You got popcorn?”


    “Go throw one in the microwave and we’ll burn one of these babies tonight.”


    “Go,” he commanded. “I don’t just guard against attackers. I guard against depression too.”

    Chloe shrugged and left him. Lucas picked up the movies and sifted through them, then muttered a curse under his breath when he saw the selection. He admired his brother even more for putting up with this trash to watch.

    He did not realize how long he spent just staring at the DVDs in disbelief until Chloe’s voice broke through his trance. He looked up to see her holding a bowl of buttered popcorn. “I tried to warn you,” she said.

    “Pretty Woman, Wedding Singer, Notting Hill, American President, Love Story, Love Affair. These are all chick flicks.”

    “Well as anti-feminist as it is to admit, Lucas, I’m a chick. So if you’re as dedicated to your job as you say you are, you’re not backing out.”

    Lucas sighed and reached for the popcorn. “Fine. But we’re watching American President. You might get some tips from Annette Bening.”

    Midway through Michael Douglas’ speech about knocking on every door in America to confiscate illegal guns, Lucas noticed that Chloe was getting heavier slumped against him. He looked down at the golden head now sleeping peacefully against his warmth. From this proximity, he could see how softly her lashes curled upwards to frame her eyes. He could appreciate how smooth her cheeks were, and how pick those bare lips were. In a touch of childishness, he blew very subtly on her face.

    He grinned when the air made her smile. And then she whispered his brother’s name. Lucas turned off the movie.


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    Great update I am glad even in sleep she thinks about Lex. :tongue:

    Hope :chlexsign2:
    "Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. "

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    Even in her sleep her heart is committed to Lex. That is just too sweet.

    I'm still conflicted as to how I want this to turn out. It's unfortunate that Lex's job keeps him away from her so often *sigh* poor Lucas, a night of chick flicks.

    And yay for an update on Chlexville. :yay:

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