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Thread: Surge - Complete

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    OMG! This story had everything. I cried so much I needed to replace my keyboard twice! (kept getting tears in there&#33 This was absolutely beautiful.

    I feel so sad for Lex, though. He was once again the victim of his father's doings. But Chloe and Lucas finally finding happiness was heart warming. I liked how Alice knows that Lex is alive, and spoke to him at the end. I'd like to believe that Alice and Lex can keep in touch somehow and that she will always love him and know him as her father.

    Damn, I need more tissues! Catheryne, Great story as always! Keep the muse flowing!


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    Even though I really, really wanted Lex to end up with Chloe, I'm so proud of him for not breaking up her wedding!! I think that proved how much he really loved her!! Poor Lex, thinking Chloe was dead and then finding out she wasn't. He needs to kill Lionel!! :biggrin: Thank you for the great story!! :chlexsign4:

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    angst, angst, angst, angst,
    i hate angst
    i feel soo soo badly for lex
    eventhough he is stupid beyond belief for believing his father and hiding away
    wwhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa!!! :crygreen: :crygreen: :crydevil: :crygreen: :crygreen:
    they soo belong together
    and they are together
    and its happy

    :tease: but the vows sucked, the vows were about lex

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