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Thread: The Deal (strong R - Chloe/Bruce Chloe/Lex UST) - Complete

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    This is a great fic! You are a great Angst writer! Threre is just enough Lex/Chloe interaction and tons of great Bruce/Chole. I love it!

    I hate seeming Lex so desperate, but very appropriate for the story. Looking forward to the next day.

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    For me Chruce is like second best right after Chlex, so this fic is simply great :worship2:
    It is sad, though, to see Lex alone and obsessive, drifting towards the dark side. Poor Lexy, *hugs Lex*.


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    A/N: You all are going to kill me. Just remember it’s labeled as angst for a reason, okay?


    Lana looked appraisingly over the gown that Chloe just put on; circling her to make sure everything was in the proper place.

    “It’s so…little – and not fluffy,” Lana said with a small frown, quickly adding, “Really pretty though.” Chloe let out a chortle of amusement, causing Lana to scrunch up her nose. “Chloe, are you sure you don’t want something more traditional? I mean, Alfred showed me some really lovely dresses that he picked out in case you changed your mind and ---”

    “No,” Chloe cut in. “This is the dress I picked out; this is the dress I’m going to wear.”

    “But ---”

    “There’s nothing wrong with the dress, Lana.”

    Lana looked over the dress again. It was made from a beautiful off-white silk that hung to Chloe’s curves until it reached her waist, where it draped off into a long train. Really, the only problem Lana had with it was the back, because it basically didn’t have one until it reached Chloe’s waist. That, and the complete lack of toole. Chloe gave her friend a crooked smile.

    “The only reason you’re upset is because it doesn’t make me look like a giant marshmallow,” she said. Lana pursed her lips.

    “You’re *supposed* to look like that – well, I wouldn’t use that exact phrase – but it’s your *wedding*,” she argued. “Don’t you want all the eyes in the room to be on you?”

    “Not really,” Chloe answered, silently adding, ‘especially not if they belong to the gunmen that Lex hired.’ “But I have a feeling that’s going to happen anyway since *I’m* the bride.”

    Lana let her lips spread into an apologetic smile and then stepped forward to give her friend a partial hug, her protruding stomach standing between them.

    “I’m sorry,” she said. “It’s just – you know how I love this sort of thing, and then I didn’t get to have the wedding I wanted and ---”

    “It’s okay,” Chloe interrupted. She loved Lana, but the last thing she wanted was for the girl to go into a self-centered pouting session.

    “No, it’s not,” Lana said. “I shouldn’t have tried to have my dream wedding vicariously through yours. Forgive me?”

    Chloe gave Lana a forced smile, but the brunette didn’t notice.

    “Sure.” She decided a change of topic was in order, but still made it a little about her friend to keep Lana’s interest. “Why don’t you go put your dress on? We don’t want to be late for the walk down the aisle.” Lana beamed a bright smile at her.

    “Great idea, but I might need a little help.”

    Chloe nodded and watched as Lana seemed to flutter out of the room, letting out a small sigh of relief after she did so. So far that day she had seen Martha Kent get weepy-eyed and Lana take to Alfred as a new best friend. Not to mention the fact that she had to explain to her dad why she was throwing up because of wedding jitters and not because she was pregnant all the while conveniently glossing over the mention of his boss apparently turning to the dark side.

    She sighed again and looked at herself in the mirror, wondering how she had gotten to be surrounded by such bizarre circumstances in the first place.

    “One minute I was Chloe Sullivan, investigative reporter – or sort of anyway, and the next…”

    “Mrs. Chloe Wayne,” Bruce said, leaning against the now open door. Chloe turned around and smiled at him. “You’re nervous,” he observed, walking over to her and letting the door close on its own behind him.

    “So, you think I’m gonna take your name, huh?” she asked teasingly, running her hands up his tuxedo-clad chest.

    “Mmm,” he hummed in response and leaned his head down to kiss her. It was soft and sweet, their lips only lightly sucking on each other for a second before he pulled away and grinned down at her. “I have good news.”

    “You’ve decided to elope after all?” she asked cheekily.

    “No. Your dad would have my head,” he replied. Chloe snickered.

    “What then?” she asked. “It must be pretty good for you to break tradition and come to see me before the wedding.” Bruce narrowed his eyes playfully at her.

    “As I recall, I did more than see you earlier…” Bruce trailed off as Chloe wrapped her arms around his neck and drug his head down to her.

    “Remind me,” she murmured against his lips. He kissed her again, but again left her wanting more. Chloe rolled her eyes, but smiled. “Okay, what is it?”

    “Lex took one of his company planes back to Metropolis this afternoon.”

    Chloe couldn’t hide the genuine surprise that swept over her face.

    “Are you sure? I mean ---”

    “I’m sure. I saw the security footage from the airport.”


    Chloe blinked a few times and furrowed her brow with confusion. Sure, she had hoped that Lex would give up, but after his ploys in pursuing her, she didn’t think that he actually would.

    “*And* Clark has scanned everyone who has come onto the grounds for any sort of weapon.”


    “Nothing,” Bruce said, a real smile lighting up in his eyes. “And according to Alfred, everyone we sent an invitation to – except for Lex – is here.” Chloe frowned. “What is it?” She shook her head.

    “I don’t know,” she admitted. “I still have a bad feeling in my gut.”

    Bruce nodded once in understanding before leaning against the wall and folding his arms across his chest.

    “Your dad said you’ve been ill.”

    “Nerves,” Chloe said dismissively. “Can you blame me?”

    “Of course not.”

    Chloe looked down at the floor and frowned.

    “Do you really think it’s all over?” she asked.

    “I think so,” Bruce said confidently. Chloe nodded even though she was unsure.


    “I suppose I should be going before Lana comes back from putting on her dress.”

    Chloe’s sullen demeanor abruptly turned into a mirthful smirk.

    “You just don’t want to hear her lecture you for seeing me.”

    “Obviously,” Bruce agreed and swiveled around to leave the room.

    “I love you.”

    Bruce turned back around and after a few quick steps he kissed her again, this time grabbing the sides of her face to make it more passionate, his lips demanding against her own as their tongues started to snake into each other’s mouths.

    Lex leaned back in his chair, steepling his fingers together while he observed the couple on the screen in front of him.

    “They say it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding,” he said to the man who had just come up behind him. Lex leaned his head to the side, keeping his eyes fixed on Chloe. “Do you agree with that?”

    The man stayed silent, but walked around to the side of the chair.

    “I do,” Lex continued and then let an evil, lopsided grin cover his lips.

    “You already called off the job.”

    “I did,” Lex agreed with a curt nod of his head. He looked up at the man and then motioned to one of the nearby chairs. The man sat down, his posture stiff as he tried to figure out what Lex was thinking. Lex leaned forward in his chair. “You broke in there once – and did a brilliant job I might add. The video in Chloe’s VCR, tapping into the security cameras without being detected – very good work.”

    “Thanks,” the man replied shortly. “Don’t get offended, but why am I here? I did my job and you called off the hit, so ---”

    “I have another job for you.”

    “I’m listening.”

    “It might require some…finesse,” Lex said. The man snorted in response and then noticed that Lex was no longer looking at him, but instead turning his attention back to the screen and flicking through the different security cameras with a remote. “Have you seen Chloe?”

    “In pictures,” the man responded. Lex nodded.

    “Pictures don’t do her justice,” he replied.

    “Mr. Luthor ---”

    “I need you to bring her to me.”

    The man blinked.


    Lex looked back at him and cast him a cold glare.

    “Why do you think I called off the hit?” he asked, not waiting for an answer before he continued. “Because death is the easy way out. I want Bruce Wayne to pay for taking her away from me.”

    The man pursed his lips and nodded once.


    “Sometime during their honeymoon, I think,” Lex said. “They’ll still have their usual security detail, but they won’t have the added protection of Bruce’s house to protect them – not that it would have been a problem for you. That procedure you had to remove your fingerprints has come in quite handy, hasn’t it?”

    The man shot Lex a wry look and pushed himself out of his chair.

    Although it looked like he was going to leave the area Lex was seated in, Lex could still sense his presence behind him.

    “Was there something else?” Lex asked, twisting his head ever so slightly to try and catch a glimpse of the man again.

    The next and last thing Lex felt was a cold pricking sensation against his neck. His eyelids fell closed and he slumped forward in his seat.

    “Nothing personal, Mr. Luthor,” the man said to Lex’s now unconscious form, “but I owed Batman; and since he’s apparently friends with this Wayne guy and not really accessible - it was the only way I could think to repay him.”

    If the man had only watched the video that Lex provided him with, he would have probably known that the two were one and the same, but he hadn’t, so he labored under false illusions like everyone else in Gotham.

    His mind briefly flitted to the possibility that neither Batman nor Bruce would approve of what he had done, but he quickly disregarded it. They would undoubtedly find out what happened, but they would never know of his involvement because he left no clues behind. And yet, his conscious was clear, his debt was paid. And that’s what mattered.

    He leaned down and checked for a pulse, standing straight up and taking his cell phone out of his pocket when he found one. He had already taken care of Lex’s security personnel before going to meet Lex in his part of the plane, so all that was left now was for him to call the Metropolis Police Department with an anonymous tip and jump ship while they were still airborne.


    All the heads in the room were turned toward a most unlikely wedding guest as she started to speak at the podium.

    Bruce tilted his head to the side to whisper into Chloe’s ear.

    “What on earth possessed you to invite Millicent to our wedding?” he asked. Chloe let out a small, lilting giggle, thankful that no one could hear what they were saying and it would just look like they were engaged in normal newlywed behavior.

    “Technically, if it wasn’t for her, then we would have never gotten together,” she replied. Bruce furrowed his brow in confusion and Chloe decided to take pity on him. “You really think I would have gone out on that balcony with you if she hadn’t been hounding us?” Bruce nodded.

    “The press ---”

    “Wasn’t interested in me,” she finished for him. “I could have just as easily said it was nice meeting you and taken off before they got there.”

    “Hmm…good point.”

    Millicent ended what she had to say and then laughed, causing Bruce and Chloe to both cringe, although nobody else in the room seemed to mind the obnoxious sound of her laughter. When it looked like Millicent was encouraged to continue, Bruce turned to Chloe again with an impish smile.

    “Balcony?” he asked. Chloe snickered but then gave him a bright, equally as mischievous smile.

    “Limo?” she countered. Bruce smiled wider.

    “I like the way you think, Mrs. Wayne.”


    Three days into their honeymoon, Chloe found herself gaping at the front page of the morning paper that the hotel had delivered to them. Bruce stared at her over the rim of his coffee cup.

    “I take it you had nothing to do with this then,” he said observantly, but leaving the end of the sentence dangling like a question. Chloe shook her head and then looked at him.

    “Did you?” she asked. Bruce arched an eyebrow and Chloe rolled her eyes. “Don’t look at me like that. You just made a comment that made it sound like you already knew about this. You *could have* had something to do with it.” Bruce let one corner of his mouth curl upward.

    “I did know about it,” Bruce acknowledged, “but only because the room service attendant was yammering on about it last night when he came to drop off our dinner.” He paused for a second and gave her a compensatory grin. “And I admit that I could have had something to do with it; in fact, I kind of wish I had, but I didn’t.”

    “So-ooo,” she strung out, “it’s just coincidence?” She didn’t sound convinced. Coincidences, especially ones like that, were very rare.

    “Or fate,” Bruce said. Chloe gave him a pointed, yet disbelieving look.

    “You’re not suggesting that his karma finally caught up to him?”

    “Anything is possible,” he replied.

    “I guess. I still can’t help feeling bad for him though. He actually *did* used to be a pretty good guy.” Chloe stopped and frowned, gazing down at the article once again.

    Billionaire Lex Luthor In Attempted Kidnapping Scandal

    … Since the story broke on Sunday, there have been leaks from very credible sources in the Metropolis Police Department that suggest that the charges being brought against Lex Luthor are well founded. Apparently there is physical evidence, in the form of audio and video tapes, that back up the anonymous tip the department received on Saturday…Although the would-be victim has not been named, we’re keeping a close eye on this story and will keep our readers well informed…

    Chloe looked up from the paper when she felt Bruce’s warm hand on top of hers.

    “Would it help you get your mind back to our honeymoon if I told you that I already called and spoke with his attorney?” he asked. Chloe’s mouth dropped open a little. “Apparently they think all people with money are friends, so it wasn’t difficult. And he’s agreed to at least present the insanity plea to Lex.”

    “He’ll never take it,” Chloe argued.

    “His choice,” Bruce said with a light shrug. “It’s that or prison, and I think he’s still reasonable enough to see that he needs the help.”

    “Maybe.” Chloe let the sides of her mouth slide up and she flipped her hand over to hold his. “Now, what was that you were saying about a honeymoon?”

    The End

    I hate to admit this, but I do have a sequel in mind. Just don’t get your hopes up for it coming out anytime soon.

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    even if Chloe didn't end up with Lex i really love it..... :biggrin: , i'll be waiting for that sequel anyway.....(soon???, please, please, please!!!! :chlexsign3: )

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    Bravo! *claps* such a fitting ending. Sad, but well done. I'm surprisingly NOT sympathetic for Lex, he was an all and all jerk :tease: .
    *g*I'm all wound up, it all worked out. yay!

    Chloe married Bruce, the wedding went off without a hitch and Lex's plans backfired. AND!!!!!!!!

    I hate to admit this, but I do have a sequel in mind.*
    a possible sequel...this is so Canadian of me to say...but EXCELLENT!
    Just don’t get your hopes up for it coming out anytime soon.
    hmy: Oh no, no, no! Just knowing that it might be in the works, is good enough. Makes me happy.... :biggrin:
    Not to mention the fact that she had to explain to her dad why she was throwing up because of wedding jitters and not because she was pregnant...
    ...maybe I'm reading WAY TOO much into it and reading it WAY wrong, (but oh well)...but, ummm... :huh: could this be a hint?? A Wayne baby?

    So sad to see it come to an end.....

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    So, you said the sequel wouldn't come out soon? Define soon! Who was the guy with Lex and how shall he deal with this new situation that he's gotten himself into? Too many questions, need answers now.


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    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I loved it! And a sequel would make me a very happy girl.

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    Ah! You really need to go with the sequel idea, this need more... just... MORE. Really. Great writing as usual :

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    It's over? Great story, although as a Lex fan I would of liked to seen what happened with him. I know it's angst, so it would not be Chlex. If you decide to write a sequal... I'll definatly read it. Hopefully it will explain what happed to Lex.

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    Damn it's finished, but Yay to a sequal!!! I found the guy with no fingerprints who owed Batman very fascinating. Is he going to feature in the sequal? Hope so!

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