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Thread: The Deal (strong R - Chloe/Bruce Chloe/Lex UST) - Complete

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    A/N: Just remember that the story is listed as Chlex UST – meaning *unresolved* sexual tension. Sorry to all of you still rooting for that couple in this one.


    Chloe and Bruce sat in the formal dining room, seated together at one end of the large, dark table, waiting for food as Alfred proclaimed that they must be famished and insisted that they eat something.

    “Are you going to tell me what this is about?” Bruce asked.

    Chloe reached out and pressed the rewind button on her tape recorder.

    “Lex paid me a visit while I was out driving,” she said quietly and watched as Bruce squared his jaw.

    “How did he find you?”

    “I have no idea,” Chloe admitted. “But he’s rich, so ---”

    “So am I,” Bruce reminded her. “And I couldn’t find you.” She gave him a compensatory smile.

    “Yeah, but you don’t use your money to cross the line,” she said. Bruce nodded a couple of times in acceptance of her answer.

    “You think he’s becoming like his father,” he observed.

    “I don’t know,” she replied. “I hope not, but…you should have seen him, Bruce.”

    “Did he hurt you?”

    “No,” Chloe said, “not physically anyway. He just…he scared me. I’ve never seen him like that. He’s usually a pretty nice guy for the most part, but it’s like he’s become obsessed or something. I’m not sure I know how to explain it, because he wasn’t mean or anything, but…he just wasn’t the guy I used to know – although, technically, I guess I never *really* knew him.”

    Bruce ran his hands down his face and then stared at her, knowing from the expression on her face that she had something else to say.

    “He knows about Clark.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Pretty sure. I mean, I suppose he could just *suspect* that Clark has some meteor-enhanced abilities like I do, but ---”

    “You think he has proof,” Bruce stated. Chloe nodded sadly.

    “If there’s one person other than me in the world who’s willing to search for the truth at all costs, it’s him,” she said and then let out a humorless chuckle. “Clark used to call us the ‘truth seekers’…although he always seemed to say that in a derogatory manner.”

    Bruce sighed.

    “If Clark’s the super-man you think he is, then why didn’t he save you at Lana and Pete’s wedding rehearsal? Why didn’t he stop the shooters?” he asked.

    “Bruce ---”

    “I know, I know – we’ve had this discussion,” he said.

    “I don’t love Clark – you know that.”

    “So does he, but he still should have saved you.”

    “You think he didn’t help me because I had just told him to get lost?” Chloe asked incredulously.

    “It’s possible.”

    “It’s not,” Chloe said and shook her head. “Clark is a good guy – I’ve seen him stick up for people that he doesn’t even like. I don’t know - maybe I’m wrong,” Chloe suggested and then gave him a hint of a smile. “First time for everything, right? Maybe Clark wasn’t affected by the meteor rocks.” Bruce leaned his jaw to rest on his propped up fist.

    “Maybe Clark told him - Lex,” he mused aloud. “You said he seemed to know something --- and they’re friends, right?”

    “They used to be,” Chloe said. “Lana said that they haven’t been getting along too well for a while now.” She glanced down and saw that the tape had stopped at the beginning. “I didn’t get all of it, only the last of the conversation.” She ran her teeth over her lower lip in hesitation. “If you don’t want to hear it ---”

    Bruce reached out and covered her hand, giving it a little squeeze as a silent go ahead. He could take whatever he was about to hear. He might not like it, but he could take it. And if he couldn’t…well, he *had* warned Lex not to show up at the wedding the next day. He would just have to take advantage of that warning. Chloe she pressed the play button with her index finger and Bruce listened intently as Chloe and Lex’s conversation from the car crackled through the small speaker on the tape recorder.

    “So, she came up with the killing you thing all by herself?”

    “Sadly, yes.”

    “No offense, but you have horrible taste in women.”

    Lex let out a half-snort and grinned at her.

    “Up until now, I would have agreed with you,” he said, an almost endearing tone creeping into his voice. “You’re still going to marry him, aren’t you?”

    “I love him.”

    “Chloe ---”

    “Maybe in another life, or maybe even in this one if you had gotten your act together before I met him…

    Chloe cringed and looked over to see Bruce’s reaction to her statement, but, like Lex, he was well adept at keeping an emotionless mask on his face.

    “…but I need you to stop this now. I love Bruce and I’m marrying him tomorrow. You need to let it go.”

    “I’m not good at that.”

    “I’ve noticed…Lex? --- I’m sorry.”

    Chloe stared almost absently at the table as she waited for Bruce’s reaction. She hadn’t been able to record the entire conversation, but had reached into her purse to record the ending when she remembered that her tape recorder was in her purse. She figured that if Bruce was going to lose his temper as much as she thought he might, then it might be good to have proof that she hadn’t done anything with Lex other than talk to him.

    The recording stopped and Bruce slowly drug his eyes from where the recorder sat on the large table to where Chloe was sitting, her eyes now scanning his face nervously for a reaction.

    “Do you love him?”

    Chloe closed her eyes as she felt her heart cracking. She knew that Bruce might get the wrong idea from the tape, but she had been honest when she said she didn’t want any more secrets between them. She would have never been able to go through the wedding if she hadn’t told him about it.

    “You know I don’t,” she answered.

    “How do I know that?” Bruce asked. Chloe’s eyes snapped open and she glared at him. Even as he stood up to loom over her, she kept her eyes focused on him, unthreatened by what might happen. She opened her mouth to speak, but he cut her off with an increasingly upset voice. “Answer me, Chloe. How do I know that? The man is practically throwing himself at you, so he must think that he still has a chance – not to mention the fact that you used to say his name in your sleep.”

    Chloe paled. She remembered the nightmares she used to have about Lex and what might have happened between them, but she hadn’t had them since Bruce asked her to marry him, and he had never told her that she said Lex’s name while she was dreaming. Her gut twisted and her arms crossed over it as if by instinct. She drew a large breath before raising her head to face her fiancé again.

    “I don’t love him,” Chloe said. “I don’t know why Lex is acting the way he is, but I promise you that I have never encouraged him - *never*.” She stopped for a second and looked down again, shaking her head. “As for the nightmares, I should have told you about them, but I knew you would be upset and ---”

    “Nightmares?” Bruce asked, his previously angry tone now contorted into surprise and worry. Chloe swallowed down a wave of nausea that hit her. It was one thing to mention that she had them, quite another to describe what the content of them was.

    “I – um – before we got engaged,” she started, still pale and not looking at him. “I told you that Lex was in my room, waiting for me, on the night we met.” Bruce nodded to encourage her to continue. “I had these dreams. They would start out the same way the night actually happened, but then…” she trailed off as a shudder passed through her body and Bruce immediately knew he wasn’t going to want to hear the rest of what she had to say. “He would start…I tried to push him away, but…” Chloe’s eyes started to water up and her voice started to shake. “I…I don’t feel so well. I think I need to get to bed,” she said, rising from her seat and purposefully avoiding looking at him as she tried to brush by him.

    Bruce wrapped his arms around her from behind and leaned down to kiss the nape of her neck.

    “I’m sorry, Chloe,” he said. “I had no idea. I never would have brought it up if ---” Chloe started crying and he turned her around in his arms so she could bury her head against his chest. Bruce closed his eyes and stroked the back of her hair. “Shhh. Sweetheart - I’m so sorry.” Chloe continued to cry until it tapered off into a whimpered sniffle and she started to push herself away from him.

    Bruce gripped loosely onto her arms and slowly bent his head down to kiss her. Despite, or perhaps because of, all of the emotion pent up inside her, Chloe melted into the kiss, quickly parting her lips to allow their tongues to slide into each other’s mouths. His hands ran over the bottom of her shirt, tilting his head to deepen the kiss as he tugged at the fabric, raising it over her belly until she lifted her arms to take it off. Chloe let out an appreciative hum from deep in her throat as the cool air hit her nipples through the lace of her bra.

    In one swift movement, Chloe clutched at the material of Bruce’s shirt and the buttons holding it closed went splaying across the room, tapping like little pebbles as they hit the stone floor. Their mouths met again in a fevered passion and after a mere couple of steps, he pushed her back against the table. Leaning over her, he held himself up on one arm while he tried to unbutton her jeans with his free hand. Chloe raised her hips and started to wiggle free of her jeans when they heard the distinctive sound of a throat clearing in the room.

    Chloe and Bruce exchanged startled and slightly embarrassed expressions before turning their heads to see a completely mortified Alfred standing in the doorway.

    “My sincerest apologies for *ahem* interrupting you, but there’s a Mr. Kent here to see Miss Chloe.”

    “Mr. Kent?” Chloe asked in surprise, propping herself up only to find herself completely covered by Bruce’s bare chest as he shielded her from Alfred’s view. “Jonathan Kent?”

    “I believe the young man said his name was Clark, Miss Chloe.”

    Bruce cursed under her breath and Chloe blew a huff of air to get some loose hair out of her eyes.

    “I told him that you had retired for the evening, but he was rather insistent that he needed to see you right away,” Alfred said. “He claims it to be a matter of life and death.”

    Bruce let out a small sigh.

    “Show him to my study, Alfred. We’ll be there in a few minutes.”


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    Yay, an update! I'm ok with the 'unresolved' part, because I love Bruce in this so much. Now, why is Clark there? More soon!

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    i alternate from nc17 fanfiction forum to la la land...
    yay! update!!! but.... i guess im not too happy with the unresolved chlex part......

    it sux cause i really like this fic....

    cant it pretty pretty pretty please get partially resolved???

    ure evil... in a very very good way... damn..
    i do so like green eggs and ham
    i do so like them...sam i am
    –Dr Seuss “Green Eggs And Ham”--

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    Originally posted by scifichick774@Jul 16 2003, 09:29 AM
    A/N: Just remember that the story is listed as Chlex UST – meaning *unresolved* sexual tension. Sorry to all of you still rooting for that couple in this one.
    Yeah I've known that from the beginning and I'm fine with it - the Chlexy part of me just still likes to dream that's all!

    Clark always seems to be able to ruin good moments doesn't he? Wonder what he wants?

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    A/N: *ahem* Just remember that this isn’t an NC-17 fic so you won’t be mad at me, okay?



    The sound of his blonde friend’s voice ripped Clark’s attention away from the artifacts in the glass display case in front of him. It was the first time he had set foot in Wayne Manor, and Clark couldn’t help but think how similarly it was decorated to Lex’s castle. The only differences he was able to discern were that Bruce’s home was larger and, for some reason, it seemed to radiate more warmth, though Clark figured that the latter was primarily due to Chloe’s presence.

    He wondered briefly if Lex’s place would have been different had Chloe chosen him over Bruce. Clark suspected that it would, just as he had a gnawing feeling hin his gut that Lex himself, the friend he had for so many years, would have ended up a better man because of it as well, and not the obsessed and somewhat desperate man he had become.

    “Chloe,” Clark greeted with a solemn look as he tried to push down the unresolved feelings he had for the woman standing in front of him. Her appearance wasn’t helping. Her messy, hand combed hair, the rosy glow of her cheeks, the way her normally hazel eyes shone a brilliant green because of the top she was wearing…

    Bruce noticed Clark’s silent appraisal of his fiancée and cleared his throat, causing Clark’s gaze to flit to him. Ever the paramount of what many women considered physical perfection in a man, Bruce’s now-open shirt displayed his finely sculpted chest. Clark frowned when he put two and two together and realized what he must have interrupted. Still, he had come there with a purpose, and if they really wanted to, Bruce and Chloe could always resume their ‘activities’ later.

    “Clark,” Bruce started, giving the young man in front of him a steady, steely glare. “Alfred said something about life and death. Would you care to elaborate?”

    It was a hardly a secret that Bruce still felt a twinge of jealousy when it came to Clark; after all, his soon-to-be wife had a crush on the boy since eighth grade; but neither Clark nor Chloe was prepared for the less than subtle hostility in which Bruce addressed Clark. Truth be told, Bruce believed Chloe’s theory about Clark being different, and it upset him to no end that Clark hadn’t done anything to try and help Chloe on the day she had been shot. Unrequited feelings could overlooked, but some things were unforgivable.

    “Uh – yeah,” Clark answered hesitantly and drew in a deep breath before speaking again. “I overheard something. I don’t have specifics, but I think Lex is planning to do something at the wedding.” He said the last part with quiet remorse and ran a hand through his hair.

    Chloe closed her eyes and cursed under her breath. She knew the information was important because Clark never would have risked going against Lex if it wasn’t, but she almost wished that he hadn’t said anything. Anything about Lex would only serve to reignite Bruce’s earlier fury, and it had been difficult enough to deal with the first time around.

    “What exactly did you hear?” Bruce asked, his word coming out cold and fiery at the same time.

    “Not a lot,” Clark admitted with some embarrassment.

    “But enough to have you come to our house at an hour when most people would be in bed already,” Bruce quipped. Clark cringed ever so slightly. It was a posturing stance and he knew it; Bruce had said ‘in bed’ and not ‘asleep’, referring back to what Clark had interrupted, to what Clark could never have with her. He sighed. He certainly couldn’t blame Bruce for marking his territory, because if the situation was reversed then he would have probably done the same thing.

    “We were talking about how we hoped nothing went wrong at your wedding.”

    ‘I’ll bet,’ Bruce thought sarcastically.

    “Someone brought up the fact that at least there wouldn’t be any assassination attempts at this one and Lex said something to himself,” Clark said. Seeing the questioning, almost suspicious looks on Chloe and Bruce’s faces, he quickly added, “I barely even heard it and I was sitting right next to him.”

    “What did he say?” Bruce prodded.

    Clark nervously shoved his hands in his pockets. Maybe telling them hadn’t been the right decision after all, especially if it meant Bruce Wayne getting all riled up at him rather than at Lex.

    “I can’t be sure, but it sounded like ‘at least not the way you think’,” Clark answered. “And before you say it, I know I could just be overreacting. But he went and made a phone call right after that.”

    Chloe wrapped her arms around herself to try and calm the uneasy feeling that swept through her. It didn’t work, and the inquisitive part of her nature won out over the part of her who just wanted to leave the subject alone.

    “What did he say on the phone?” she asked, her eyes unmoving from the spot on the wall behind him that she had focused on. She didn’t want to face Clark, to have him confirm her suspicions about Lex hiring someone to kill the man she loved. ‘As if not looking at him will make any difference in what he has to say,’ she thought sarcastically.

    “I didn’t…I mean…how would I ---?”

    Chloe’s eyes snapped up to his and in that instant, Clark knew.

    Chloe knew.

    She might not have all of the explicit details, but she knew. And more importantly, she hadn’t exposed him. In that one moment, Clark felt monumentally worse than he had already about all the years he had hopelessly mooned over Lana, all the years he had mistreated Chloe because he didn’t know if he could trust her.

    ‘All that time,’ he mused sadly to himself. His heart cracked as a sudden thought entered his mind. ‘Oh, my God. I did this. I drove her away from me by going after Lana, by breaking her heart, by never trusting her enough to tell her the truth.’ The blood drained from his face with the realization and Chloe closed her eyes.

    Now wasn’t the time to call him on the secrets he held, no matter how much she might feel vindicated in doing so. She then grimly acknowledged that there might never be a time to clear the air between them and reconcile their friendship. They were his secrets, so he would have to come to her; and in her heart, she had a strong feeling that he never would.

    “He’s going to try and kill Bruce, isn’t he?” she asked somberly. “I knew we should have just gone to that drive-thru place in Las Vegas.”

    “Grandparents – white dress,” Bruce quickly reminded her.

    “Yeah, well, call me a skeptic, but I don’t think the dress is going to be the highlight if my husband is a dead man in our wedding pictures,” she retorted, her voice tweaked with a bitter and fearful humor. She felt Bruce wrap his arms around her from behind, crossing them in front of her to lie over her own. He gave the top of her head a gentle kiss as she leaned back against him, and then he looked at Clark.

    “Will you be able to stop whomever he’s hired?” he asked. The second, underlying question remained unspoken as their blue eyes met each other. ‘*Will* you stop them?’

    “I don’t know who he’s hired,” Clark said in a neutral tone.

    There was an awkward pause as the two men stared each other down. Clark knew what Bruce was asking, but to risk exposing his powers at the wedding, in front of all those people, just so his competition could live…

    “Does it matter?” Bruce asked seriously.

    It was a moment of fate and both of them knew it. Clark could choose to continue walking the line, or he could take that final step and set his destiny into play.

    Clark looked – *really* looked – at the couple in front of him. He had never seen Chloe as comfortable with anyone as she was with Bruce, nor as scared of what the future might hold. He had unwittingly pushed her into the arms of the other man, and he had to deal with her choice. He may not want her to be with Bruce, but he wasn’t going to be responsible for destroying Chloe’s happiness yet again.

    He gave Bruce a light shake of his head and Bruce returned it with a curt nod.



    Bruce smirked at Chloe as he looked at her slip off her clothes to get ready for bed. As if she sensed it, she turned around and launched a mocking eyebrow into the air.

    “You’re not technically supposed to see me, you know?”

    “Antiquated tradition,” Bruce offered with a half-shrug of his shoulders. “I believe one of those wedding books that Lana sent you said that it came about from arranged marriages where the groom and bride hadn’t met, so the groom wouldn’t run away before the wedding.” Chloe snickered.

    “You actually read those books?” she teased. Bruce grinned at her and folded his arms across his chest as he leaned against the door.

    “Alfred filled me in on the finer details.”

    Chloe let out a lilting chuckle and shook her head.

    “At least he didn’t cave into Lana’s pathetic pleas for pink as one of the colors,” she said. Bruce nodded in agreement and then smirked at her again.

    “Or into yours to have black.”

    “It’s an evening wedding – black is a perfectly acceptable color,” Chloe argued jokingly and then placed a large smile on her face. “Besides, you could have worn your suit.” Bruce furrowed his brow.

    “I’m *wearing* my suit.”

    “Nooo, your *other* suit,” Chloe teased, causing Bruce to raise his eyebrows and then purse his lips.

    “Funny,” he said dryly.

    Chloe’s smile seemed to broaden even further and she began to laugh as Bruce started to stalk toward her. In a half-hearted attempt, she turned to try and run away, only to have Bruce grab her from behind and lift her up in the air. She let out a squeal and started kicking her legs playfully, but in the end, she found herself flopped onto the large bed with Bruce hovering over her.

    He smiled down at her and she smiled back, though the corners of her mouth started to fall as she reached up to run her fingers along his lips. Bruce’s expression went serious as well.

    “You’re worried,” he observed.

    “You could die,” she countered.

    “I won’t.”

    “I can’t lose you,” she whispered so quietly that he almost didn’t catch it. He leaned down and brushed his lips against hers, pulling back before the kiss had a chance to deepen.

    “You won’t,” he assured her and then gave her a forced half-grin. “I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but I have been known to be able to take care of myself.”

    Chloe scoffed.

    “Yeah, well, that’s what I said and I have a nice little scar on my back to prove otherwise,” she grumbled. Bruce’s grin grew and his eyes sparked with a teasing fire.

    “Are you admitting that you can’t take care of yourself?”

    “No,” she responded quickly and then gave him a fake pout. “Jackass.”

    Bruce started laughing and then slowly lowered himself to kiss her again. He darted out his tongue and traced it gently along her already-parted lips before snaking it into her mouth and entwining with her own. One hand ran down her body to palm her breast as the other arm kept him slightly hovering over her. He pulled away from her only when air finally became a necessity, his breathing ragged and his eyes dark with a desire that Chloe had come to know very well.

    His lips smashed against her once again and in a whirlwind of panting need and twisted emotion, the remainder of what little clothing they had been wearing was quickly shed from their bodies.

    Bruce kissed and nipped his way down to her neck, sucking on the spot on her jugular that he knew made her go almost insane with need. Her hands clutched his hair, pushing his head down so he stayed in the spot, causing her only too sweet torture. His fingers drifted down her abdomen to her curls and he smirked against her skin when he felt her hips buck and the wetness that lay between her thighs.

    In a split second he repositioned himself to enter her, bending down to give her a light kiss as he thrust into her waiting depths. Chloe’s head fell back and away from him, a keening moan coming from her throat at the feeling of him filling her once again.

    The last conscious thought Chloe had before the onslaught of thrusting and pumping and moans and screams took hold of her and brought her to a white-lighted, body shaking orgasm, was that if Lex Luthor dared to try and take this away from her, dared to try and take Bruce away from her, that she would kill the man herself.


    *bounces* Only one chapter left!!

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    ... that if Lex Luthor dared to try and take this away from her, dared to try and take Bruce away from her, that she would kill the man herself.
    the tables have turned. I'm so excited! And sad :crygreen: at the same time ( hmy: only one more chapter to go&#33. The very last sentence just sent chills up my spine. It's Chloe's turn to protect her man! How incredible sexy and sweet! I love Chlruce. Simply love it! Through this story, you have changed my whole perspective of Bruce Wayne. And personally, when he comes to SV, I truly hope the writers will characterize him like you have done in this story. I have declared this, my all time fav. fic! :worship2:

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    Chesapeake, Va

    *pouts* you made me like the chruce. The pairing I have been fighting against for a good portion of this fic, and i have been reading it from the very beginning, and you make me like chloe and bruce.

    *shakes head* see what happens when you're such a good writer?


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    this fic is good. i was also hesistant to read it.

    i ove chlex but chruce thats going down very nicely. still rooting on for lex even though its UST

    post more soon


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    Yay, Chruce. Only one chapter left :crygreen: Its a great story, can't wait to see how it ends.

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    Why does everybody try to fight Chruce?? :goof: I know I posted before, but I can't wait! All though I know I'll prolly complain because it's ending, I'm dying to see the wedding. :blush:

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