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Thread: Beloved - NC-17 - Complete

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    no update? ....Snif...Snif....
    I LOVED this chapter....

    hope you have a good time, wenn you're outa town...
    but...don't forget....

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    Somewhere out there.......
    Lionel's afraid he he gotta like seeing that!

    I’m so loving this story and I wait for updates when I can.

    Lex, Alex, Lucas?

    I don’t know who I want Chloe to be with they are all nice to have maybe when she chooses I can have one for myself, please? :worship2:

    Please update soon and now I’ll end my rambling!

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    That was incredible! Could the plot get any twisty-er? :yay: I'm really interested to see how you plan to resolve all of this.

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    I just read all those chapters and now I need more!!

    Please, please update soon.

    This is so good. I still don't know with which I want Chloe to be? Lex or Alexander?


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    snif snif...


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    Chapter 22

    A/N: Hey, look! I’m back. *smiles* This chapter has some odd scene switching, but hopefully it won’t get too confusing. Oh, and it’s a long one – not that any of you will mind. *wink*


    Lex scowled down at the old book in front of him. He had read it three times already with no portal opening up at all, and was beginning to suspect that the tip he had given to the seedy clerk hadn’t been warranted. He sighed and ran a hand over his head.

    “Concentrate,” he ordered aloud to himself. Unfortunately, it was easier said than done; especially given the fact that his mind was flitting through other disconcerting news that he had received earlier that day.

    He had received a call telling him that his half-brother Lucas was dead, and although he had been able to push the information aside when he initially heard it, it was now starting to gnaw at him.

    Then there was the message from his lawyers, waiting for him when he finally got home; telling him that his father’s attorneys had managed to get him a hearing, which would undoubtedly release him from his temporary stint in prison. There was definitely something to the old adage of the rich getting out of anything. Money was power and Lionel Luthor had a lot of both.

    Meaning that he had lost his brother, his only link at having a “real” family, and now his father was probably going to come back into his life and play all of his old games to try and get him under his thumb again.

    ‘And the damn incantation isn’t working,’ he mentally added.

    Lex walked over to the decanter set and poured himself a generous helping of scotch to help ease his nerves. He brought the glass to his lips, taking a sip and swirling the harsh liquid around in his mouth before he swallowed it, letting it burn his throat on the way down. His gaze fell back to the open, yellowed page of the book that held the passage the clerk had pointed out and strolled back over to where it lay on his desk, his fingers wrapped around his glass of alcohol as if it had become his one link to maintaining whatever sanity he felt he had left.

    His tongue darted out, cleaning the rest of the scotch off his lips before it dried, and then he started to read the words for a fourth time. As the words poured from his mouth, Lex immediately knew something was different this time.

    He didn’t notice when the clouds fell away from the moon in the night sky, or when three of the stars that lit up the darkness seemed to move into a straight line, but he knew something was different.

    He read the last bit of the text and a swirling light began to form in front of him. Lex stared at the portal, blinking a couple of times to make sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing. When he was satisfied that he wasn’t hallucinating, he lifted his glass of scotch somewhat shakily into the air.

    “Here’s hoping you find it before it closes, Miss Sullivan,” he said as a toast, despite the fact that he was the only one in the room. ‘And that you’re able to come home.’


    The guards who escorted James to the main hall were visibly nervous as they entered the large room. King Lionel’s youngest son never attended family gatherings, let alone the rare, very special events like the one that was being held now, and for good reason. Despite the obvious prophecies he spouted and his way of talking in mysterious riddles, James had a way of using his knowledge to his advantage, and it was well known that this fact alone made Lionel incredibly uncomfortable.

    The guards couldn’t help but wonder whether the visiting King Gabriel and his wife had not been warned about James’s personality quirks and what Lionel had up his sleeve for giving into the request to have his son brought downstairs. No one wanted a war, that’s what Alexander and Chloe’s marriage was supposed to signify, but if Lionel were to try and gain an advantage in the ongoing game by using his “gifted” son…the guards exchanged a look, knowing exactly what the other was thinking, and not liking what the probable outcome would be.

    They entered the room and one of the guards stepped forward, thumping his forearm flat against his chest before bowing as a form of salute.

    “Sire,” he addressed Lionel, taking one step back and holding his head high with respect for his king. “We have brought your son as commanded.”

    Lionel rested his tongue in his cheek as he stared past the guard to James, over to Gabriel, and then back to James again. The expression on his face conveyed barely restrained anger. Now that he saw them in the same light, the family resemblance between Gabriel and James was unmistakable; and, in one instant, every suspicion he ever had about his second wife being in love with a man other than himself was confirmed.


    Lucas held his freshly-sharpened sword out in front of him, lunging forward quickly, and making a stabbing thrust into thin air. He could practically see himself pushing the sharp metal through Alexander’s gut, the dark red blood seeping out of his brother’s body as punishment for taking Chloe away from him.

    He conveniently glossed over the facts that she had been promised to Alexander from the beginning and that even he could see the undeniable physical chemistry between the two. Lucas reasoned that there was more to a real relationship than being attracted to someone, a thought that he realized never would have crossed his mind before he met Chloe, only proving to Lucas that he was the one she truly meant to be with.

    He pulled the sword up to his eye level again, admiring the way the blade’s sharp edges now glistened in the small amount of light in the room.

    “I apologize for the amount of time it took, but a quality weapon such as yours cannot be rushed, your highness.”

    Lucas grunted in response to the blacksmith’s statement and then nodded once at him before turning on his heel and leaving the room.

    Instead of going to his room to change his clothing as was recommended, he had left Chloe’s room in pursuit of the palace’s private blacksmith. Alexander’s sword had not been seen to since before he left for battle, and Lucas decided that a sharp sword would undoubtedly place the odds in his favor for the fight with his brother that he now felt was certain. Unfortunately, his own blade had needed more time than he had planned on, and he was now running late for King Gabriel and Queen Rebecca’s official greeting.

    He cursed under his breath. He had probably already missed most of Gabriel’s angry rant at Alexander for forcing his daughter to marry him against her will. If Gabriel was angry enough, Lucas mused that there could even be an upset of power that night, with Gabriel killing Lionel and Alexander as punishment for Alexander’s crime against Chloe. It would leave Tor, a brother who he could easily manipulate – or kill, poised to take the throne. That was assuming, of course, that Gabriel would allow the Luthor family to continue ruling their kingdom, let alone living – and one should never make assumptions.

    Lucas quickly opened the door to his room and rushed in, only to stop dead in his tracks when he saw the swirling circle of light in front of him. From the description that Nudd had given him before he killed him, Lucas knew immediately that the phenomenon in front of him was a portal to another world; and since they weren’t exactly common and had to be conjured, he reasoned that it was quite probably the gateway to the world Chloe had been stolen from and they were trying to bring her home.

    The question now was whether someone had come through or gone through, since from what he had been able to gather, wormholes only traveled one direction.

    ‘Only one way to be certain,’ he mused to himself. He strode over to the side wall and took down an axe. Bringing it back and flicking his wrist, he flung it into the light, smirking when it didn’t come flying back at him. He turned around, ignoring the fact that he was improperly dressed, closing the door behind him as he left to search for Chloe. In his mind, he now had a way to get her away from his brother for good, and he would be damned if he was going to let the opportunity pass him by.


    Lex’s eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped open in shock when an axe shot out of the portal and barely missed grazing the side of his head. It lodged itself firmly into the wall behind him because of the speed with which it came through, and as he stared at it, Lex found himself pushing down the sudden bout of nervousness that encompassed his entire being. He frowned.

    “I certainly hope that’s not a hint.”


    By the time Lucas made his way to the main hall, all hell had broken loose. He drew his sword and prepared to defend himself when he heard the familiar clanking, clashing, and screaming sounds of battle coming from the room. He ascertained that Alexander was paying for his sins as he had earlier suspected might happen, and took advantage of the fact that the guards were no longer at the door to take a quick survey of the situation from the safety of the entryway.

    He could see that his mother lay dead on the floor by one of the walls, along with a few other bodies whose faces Lucas couldn’t see. Several guards and knights were fighting through visible injuries and the bloodshed was already great. Lucas’s eyes came upon where his father was dueling with King Gabriel, and although Lionel was known to be a skilled swordsman, Gabriel appeared to be winning; a fact for which Lucas inwardly smirked.

    His gaze continued to flit across the room. Seeing Julian ushering Lana out of the door at the far side of the room, he quickly averted his eyes to something more substantial to his plan. He saw that Alexander and Tor were both busy fighting with opponents that he figured were from the Sullivan court, and knew that he needed to find Chloe quickly, to take her out of there before his eldest brother was none the wiser.

    Lucas’s eyes locked on her. She was standing against the far wall, too absorbed in shock to notice that her escape only lie fifty feet or so away from her. He swiftly maneuvered his way across the room, through the screaming women and fighting men, dodging swinging metal and fists, using his sword as a shield when he needed to, until he reached his destination.

    She didn’t even notice when he stood right in front of her, her eyes glazed over as she had tried to mentally separate herself from what was happening. Lucas grinned. At least she wouldn’t fight him to stay with her beloved Alexander and die by his side.

    He reached down and rested his arm behind her knees, bringing her up into his arms as he had done in the garden on the first day he met her. Even with the added weight of her in his arms, he moved with speed and grace, getting them to the exit that he had watched Julian and Lana leave through earlier. He had her down the first hallway and had turned down the corridor that would eventually lead to the one that led to his room before she snapped out of her shellshock.

    Chloe blinked up at him, the horrific images of what she had just witnessed flashing before her eyes. She thumped at his chest and kicked her legs, struggling against him to be set on her feet.

    “What are you doing?!” she yelled. “Didn’t you see what was happening in there?”

    “Did you?” Lucas countered, adjusting his grip on her to deal with the extra pressure from her moving around.

    “Y-your dad,” she replied, her lower lip starting to quiver as the bloody scene of Lionel stabbing his wife through her heart and twisting the sword in her body as she fell upon it replayed in her mind.

    “He killed my mother,” Lucas said, no hint of emotion lining his voice. Chloe furrowed her brow slightly.

    “How can you be so…blasé about it?”

    Lucas raised an eyebrow at her and Chloe shuddered, suddenly very aware that the young man who had become her best friend had been a sociopath from the day she met him and she had just chosen to ignore it because she was the only one he was nice to. And he had just taken her away from the battle – why? To protect his friend? Or did he more probably have an ulterior motive? Could he have gone over the edge with seeing her and his brother together? Was there a possibility that he might be taking her to rape her, make her his own? Or maybe even kill her for betraying him?

    “I --- where were you?” she asked, changing the topic away from the slew of unsettling questions that were running through her mind.

    “Attempting to remove the image of you as my brother’s wife from my head,” he replied coolly.


    She knew then exactly what he was feeling. It was the same feeling she had when Clark made moon eyes at Lana. And despite the fact that Clark had never actually been hers, it didn’t hurt any less to see him fawning over another girl - especially one who everyone in the damn town already seemed to be in love with.

    “Do you love him so much that you are willing to die for his selfishness?”


    “If he truly loved you, he would have protected you, left with you as Julian did with Lady Lana,” Lucas responded. “Instead he chose battle, just as he always will. The need for war runs through his body and it will never be satiated until he dies.” He gave her a hard look as he set her down in front of his room. “Is that what you want? To continually be second?”

    In some deep level of her mind, Chloe knew that he was manipulating her, using the things she told him about Clark to his advantage, but still…it made sense. She didn’t want to be second in her significant other’s eyes. Whether it be a boyfriend or husband, she wanted to be his first priority, and God knew she had been through enough to deserve that.

    “I am not going to cause you harm,” he said, echoing her previous thoughts and then tilted his head to the side with a grin. “Unless James was correct.” Chloe looked at him questioningly and the grin on his lips turned into a smirk before he opened the door to his bedroom. Chloe turned around and her eyes grew large when she saw the portal in front of her. “Is it not a sign from the gods that the road back to your world should appear in *my* bedroom?”

    Chloe opened and closed her mouth and then turned around, flashing a bright smile at Lucas. She jumped at him and wrapped her arms around him quickly in a tight, surreally overjoyed embrace.

    “I – I can’t believe it,” she said as she hugged him.

    “You should depart,” he said, slightly pulling away from her.

    Chloe nodded and then her face went serious. She touched his arm and looked down.

    “Before I go – I ---” she paused and sucked in a breath. “I know how it feels to like someone and --- I know how it is to feel betrayed,” she said, her eyes beginning to well up with a light shimmer of tears. “Please believe me when I say that I never meant to do that to you. Despite what everyone says about you, you’ve been such a good friend, the only real friend I’ve had since I was brought here.” Lucas’s eyes went to the inter-dimensional gate behind her.

    “I do not know how much time it has left before it will close, and I do not wish for ---”

    Chloe stopped him with a well placed hand on his chest as he started to move her toward it, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

    “Is there any chance that you could find a way to forgive me and still go back with me?”

    Lucas scanned her face for any sign of insincerity and was happy when he found none. He reached down and took her hands in his before looking her in the eye.

    “Your marriage to Alexander will not be valid in your world,” he informed her, even though he suspected she already knew it. “I would be most pleased if you would consider me a potential suitor for your hand.”

    Chloe’s mouth opened slightly in surprise, but she quickly closed it and gave him a small grin.

    “*Potential*, right?” she asked. Lucas nodded. After a moment of consideration, Chloe nodded her head once. “Okay.”


    James clasped his hands onto the sides of his head when a vision of Chloe and Lucas going through the portal burned behind his eyelids.

    “No!” he yelled loudly, his voice echoing over the other noises in the room. The fighting stilled for a second as people turned toward the sound of his protest, surprised that his voice carried so much power over everyone else’s. James shot an angry look directly at Alexander. “You were supposed to stop this!” He released a growl from deep in his throat and then turned on his heel to storm out of the room.

    Gabriel and Lionel both looked to Alexander for an explanation, but instead of answering them, he squared his jaw and they could have sworn they saw a violent fire rise up in his eyes before he turned and started to run in the same direction that James had gone. Gabriel stared after him for only a moment before he swung his head around to question Lionel. Knowing the unspoken question already, Lionel answered.



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    Noooooooo! Why must you end it there? I have waited for an update for so freaking long and you end it....THERE?!?!

    My god, you are trying to kill me over here aren't you?

    And OMFG, the comment Lex made when the axe came flying through the portal had me giggling my ass off!

    That was great! *g


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    Ohhh! I want more!!! What's gonna happen? :crygreen:

    I've been reading this and others of your fics at ff.net where I've been reviewing as Renee and have only just registered here. I'm glad your back I need my scifichick fix!!! Now get busy and update all your fics! Chop!Chop! :

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    Ahh, my scifichick fix has been given to me at last, and what sweet relife it is to my senses, I am proud to admit my adiction to your writeing, you have been unknowingly crule to me, I have been writheing in the flames of withdrawral for soooooo long, thankyou for returning! clol:

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    I didn't even know there was an update..but the way you end the chapter..AHHHHH!!! I wanna know what happen next! Pretty please? *begging puppy eyes*

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