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Thread: Beloved - NC-17 - Complete

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    Yeah Kris you brought this over as well. I can't wait to read an update.

    Hope :
    "Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. "

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    Okay, just read through the entire thing...and now I DEMAND MORE! who's chloe meant to be with? Lex, Alex, Lucas? Why's Lex's Lucas dead? Is Lucas coming back here with Chloe? Just ignore me...I'm a bit insane.

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    Kris, loving this one. I'm curious to see how Lex or Chloe is going to solve this and get her back where she belongs. I love the dyfunction of the royals, it's ever so much fun.


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    :chlexsign2: :chlexsign2: I love that fic ! Update as soon as you can !

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    Ok, since you posted it here, I will once again say "I really like this one." Now hurry up and update. :

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    I like it, but I think its strange that chloe doesn't mind that lucas kills people and that he wants to kill lex, I really think it would be in her character to be mad at him ...

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    A/N: Okay, this is probably the last update you’ll be getting on any of my stories for a couple of weeks since I’m going out of town. Sorry, but I hope you enjoy it. *smile*


    Lex walked into the shop, his eyes quickly darting around the area of the shop that wasn’t hidden behind towering shelves that held books and what appeared to be black arts paraphernalia. A skinny man with black wiry hair looked up from his counter at him and pursed his lips ever so slightly before nodding once.

    “You’re the one who called about alternate dimensions?”

    “Yes,” Lex answered with his eyebrows threatening to close together as he walked toward the counter. “How did you ---”

    “You don’t look like our usual clientele,” the man answered, cutting the rest of Lex’s question off. He then turned his back on Lex and retrieved a large, heavy book, still covered with a dusty film, from the shelf behind the counter. He let it drop beside the register, the dust poofing up as it hit the dark wood of the counter, and gave Lex an unreadable expression. “It’s not cheap,” he informed him.

    “Nothing worth having is…” Lex replied and then glanced down at the man’s nametag, “Pelleas?”

    “My mom’s into the King Arthur stuff,” the clerk offered as an explanation. Lex raised his eyebrows, but then nodded in acceptance.

    “How much?”

    “To my knowledge, they never published anything other than the first edition,” Pelleas said in a tone that Lex figured was supposed to sound apologetic, but came out sounding almost giddy because of the commission that the man would be getting on the sale.

    “It doesn’t matter.”

    The man nodded understandingly. He had seen Lex pull up in his expensive car and come in wearing his expensive suit; he had no doubt in his mind that the rich young man in front of him could afford the price that was being asked. Of course, the real question now was why someone who was obviously so well off would be interested in purchasing a book that contained information about alternate realities in the first place, and whether or not he would be able to exploit the situation for profit.

    “Not that it’s any of my business,” he started, punching in the price of the book, “but like I said, you don’t look like our usual clientele. Are you a collector or something?”


    Pelleas looked up from the register and met Lex’s eyes with an unspoken question, but when Lex didn’t elaborate; his attention went back to the terminal in front of him. The fact that Lex wasn’t a collector, which he had already suspected, meant that he probably didn’t know much about magic in general. Pelleas decided to venture a guess.

    “A lot of that stuff can be kind of tricky,” he said coolly. “If you tell me what you’re looking for, I might be able to help you find it.” Lex arched an eyebrow at him and the man let one corner of his mouth quirk upward in a creepy, lopsided grin. “For a price, of course.”

    “Of course,” Lex said dryly and handed him a credit card to pay for the transaction.

    “So?” the clerk asked and swiped the card through the machine.

    “How much?”

    “What are you looking for?”

    “A friend of mine…” Lex started, glossing over the fact that he and Chloe had never actually been anything more than acquaintances – something that the man in front of him didn’t need to know, “…I believe she was taken to another reality or dimension, whatever you want to call it.”

    “Taken?” the man repeated, an uneasy look spreading across his face. “Like against her will?”



    Well, that certainly changed the situation, didn’t it?

    Pelleas had just assumed that Lex was looking for more wealth or power, or possibly even another version of a person he lost; but he hadn’t considered the scenario that Lex just told him. Someone coming through to their world and taking someone meant there were stronger forces at play and he wasn’t sure he wanted to get involved in something like that.

    “Can you help me?” Lex asked, snapping Pelleas out of his thoughts.

    “Maybe,” he answered and slid a pen with a small piece of paper across the counter for Lex to sign. “What makes you think she was taken to an alternate world?”

    “You think I’m crazy,” Lex stated in an observational tone.

    “No,” he said, “but lots of people up and disappear, leave their old lives behind them without saying a word.” He gave Lex a pointed look as he silently thought about how determined Lex seemed to be; everything about his appearance told the clerk that Lex wasn’t about to give up looking for the woman he had just referred to, even if he had to think out of the box and grasp at straws like parallel earths.

    “Most of them don’t leave an almost identical copy of themselves dead at the scene,” Lex responded. The clerk blinked.

    “Ah.” And the situation just went from bad to worse. ‘Definitely stronger forces at work,’ Pelleas thought to himself. ‘Probably darker too. And I had to go and offer him help...’

    “So, can you help me?” Lex repeated.

    ‘Oh, right – the money,’ Pelleas silently reminded himself. He grinned ever so slightly and then turned the book around so he could flip through its pages.

    “When was she taken?”

    Lex filled him in on all the details he had, down to the evidence that the coroner had come up with, disclaiming the body they had found as Chloe’s.

    “And you want --- what?” Pelleas asked. “Proof that she was taken? To open a gate to go and get her? To ---”

    “All of the above,” Lex answered curtly. Pelleas sighed and let his eyes run over the yellowed pages of the book on the counter.

    “It looks like it will be a lot easier to open a portal up on her side,” he said, more to himself than to Lex. He raised his eyes to look at Lex. “You sure she was taken against her will? Because if she went there on purpose, then the incantation will pretty much be pointless.”

    Lex’s mind immediately drifted to the previous vision he had of the two of them together, the passion from their argument transposing itself into an amazing connection while making love…except it hadn’t been him, it had been his double from the world she had gone to. Suddenly, Lex wasn’t so sure that Chloe would want to be brought back after all. She had everything there – a husband who loved her and he knew she would grow to love, not to mention the fact that her mother was apparently still in her life there.

    He realized he had a decision to make, but for the life of him, Lex couldn’t come up with a reason to bring her back that wasn’t just selfishness on his part.

    ‘Gabe,’ he thought, resisting the urge to smile at a valid excuse to bring her back. Then, another thought hit him; words from one of the fevered fights with his other self echoed in his head.

    ‘I don’t care what James says – I’m going home. And you ---’ she paused for a second while she poked his chest angrily with her finger. ‘*You* are *not* going with me!’

    Lex squared his jaw ever so slightly, wondering if she would react to him with that same hostile attitude after she came home. His memory replayed the vision of them making love, her writhing rhythmically beneath him as he thrust into her, their mingled moans of pleasure as they came together, and then he spoke with confidence.

    “I’m sure.”

    Pelleas gave Lex a look like he didn’t quite believe him, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he turned the book back around and pointed to a passage on the open page.

    “I might be a little off on my calculations, but I think you’ll need to be a good thirty miles east of where she was taken when you read it for it to work,” he said. “The stars have shifted in the time that she’s been gone.” Lex nodded and slipped his credit card receipt into the book to mark the passage.

    ‘Thirty miles east…’ he thought to himself, ‘…the castle.’

    He gave a hint of a smirk to the man in front of him and then pulled his wallet out of his jacket pocket once again. He swiftly reached into it and threw a couple of hundred dollar bills on the counter. Pelleas grinned and slid the money across to himself.

    “Pleasure doing business with you,” he said as he folded the bills and shoved them into the front pocket of his slacks. Lex resisted the urge to roll his eyes and opted for a smirk instead, which Pelleas cleared his throat at. “You might have to try it a few times; no guarantee that she’s going to be in the room when the gate is opened, you know?” ‘Or that she’ll go through it even if she is,’ he silently added.


    King Gabriel’s brows knitted together as eyed Chloe skeptically. She let out a sigh and made sure to lean close enough to him so that he could hear her, but Alexander and Lionel, who were now speaking with each other, couldn’t.

    “Look, I remember my life, okay? Whatever thing Carrado tried to give me didn’t erase my memory, so believe me when I say that James looks enough like some of my cousins back home for me not to have any doubts about his lineage.”

    Her voice was a harsh, authoritative whisper and Gabriel couldn’t get over how different his biological daughter seemed to be from the one who had been raised in his world. He inwardly gave himself a bit of praise on his decision to send her away. Not only had she escaped certain death at the hands of his unstable wife, but she had also developed the qualities she would need to possess to take over the throne. Intelligent, confident, and stubborn. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he hadn’t immediately taken note of when she started speaking again.

    “I’m not judging you,” she said in a hushed voice. “My mother here is apparently a psycho, and they probably don’t have such a thing as divorce, so I get why you cheated on her with Rachel, but ---”

    “I did not,” Gabriel interrupted a little too loudly. His eyes quickly scanned the crowd to make sure that no one was paying attention to their conversation and then he turned his attention back to Chloe. “I wished to marry Rachel,” he whispered. “But she was not of royal blood and my parents would not allow it. They arranged my marriage to Rebecca, just as I am sure they arranged for Lillian’s unexpected passing so Lionel would be free to marry her first.” Chloe paled.

    ‘Okay, wasn’t expecting *that*,’ she thought. “But you continued your relationship with her.” Gabriel pulled back slightly, a sullen expression on his face.

    “She would have informed me if she had born my child.”



    “Because as far as I can see, telling you would pretty much only get her and James killed – at least at the time.”

    Gabriel’s eyes fell to the floor, his head dizzy with the thoughts that Chloe was putting in his head, wondering if it could possibly be true that the woman he had been involved with for so many years had given birth to his son and passed it off as her husband’s. He raised his head and stared into Chloe’s eyes, searching for any indication that she might be lying to him, but he found none. Gabriel turned to face Lionel.

    “I wish to speak with James, send for him,” he said, his commanding tone leaving no room for argument. Lionel looked surprised.

    “James is…unwell,” he responded. “Perhaps ---” he trailed off when he saw the stern look on Gabriel’s face and then gave him a nervous grin. “Of course.”


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    Okay from now on I'll send my roomie to do my bidding. Anywho, thank you for updating this, I didn't want to beg, seeing as how you've been so good with the others. So thank you and I loved it, now have lex get her the hell out of the other hell dimension and back home safely in his arms. That way she can start fresh.

    But damn, I do like the Alexander from the other dimension. <frowns> Not fair, you just had to make them both so appealing didn&#39;t you?

    B & M

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    DAMMIT, Dammit dammit&#33;
    I don&#39;t know who i want Chloe to be with&#33;&#33; If only the other Chloe was still alive, then BOTH sets of Chloe and Lex&#39;s could be happy&#33;
    Ok, now go write more, since i don&#39;t know what i want to happen&#33;

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    Another wonderful chapter. I love that he has to be at the castle when doing the incantation. And the story of the royals in the other dimension is fantastic. Very sad that you&#39;ll be away, but this eases the pain a little. A very little.


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