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Thread: Your Eyes- PG (Completed)

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    Title: Your Eyes
    Rating: PG
    A/N - no idea where this came from. It's only my third story. It's not what I wanted it to be but it's not bad enough, that i'm not going to post it.

    He has your eyes Lillian, eyes that switch from sky blue to gunmetal gray in an instant, eyes that have the ability to fill with tenderness and rage. I thought that once you were gone hed become my son, hard and cold, unable to see the good in the world, I believed he would be jaded from the loss. But hes stronger than I imagined, he rises time and time again from the ashes of his defeat to become something more, something better.

    Your Alexander is a bright boy Lilli, filled with promise, and hope. For a while he had changed, he was angry and violent, lashing out with drugs and violence. My Lex lost himself in the hazy world of heroin but his hate for me ended up being what centered him, what gave him the motivation to pick up the pieces and make the move to Smallville. Thats what truly changed Alexander, that place did what you would have done for him.

    I thought it would be an exile, that he would detest the open farmland, and that it would bring back memories of the meteor shower. He proved me wrong once again. He made a friend, in a quaint, nave high school boy. With that he learned that you go to all lengths to protect what you love. I threatened him, threw him curve balls, he stood strong. Every time I thought I brought him down he outwitted, and out maneuvered; always one-step ahead. You told me hed be a genius, I never saw it.

    He met someone, youd like her, shes all fire and spunk wrapped in a very pretty package. Nothing like the others, including the two he had the misfortune of marrying first. You would think hed get scared off of woman after two try to murder him, but not Lex, He keeps going till he gets it right. Chloes different; shes this bright, charming young woman with the ability to see through his masks. She can read his eyes.

    She knows the way his eyes become a stormy ocean when he remembers the past, she knows the way they turn bright with the prospect of a future devoid of darkness. She calls him Sasha, a loving nickname, which those on the outside of his life would dismiss as ill suiting the hard businessman hes become. But those who see him curled by the fire with Chloe by his side would understand, shes made him soft.

    They relate, she feels his grief, understands the feeling of loneliness that used to reside in his soul. Chloe, lost her mother at a young age, and was betrayed by her friends, the same ones that accepted our son just to exclude him. They both stung from the rejection but found solace in each other. She came to him to ask for his help, help to escape my clutches. I found her first, a fact that I remind Alexander of often, but he was the one that kept her. He has forgiven me for all the obstacles I put in his path. He has let bygones be bygones. He runs the company I built up from the ground, along with his company, and they both have become more successful than either of us could have imagined.

    I wish you could see him Lillian dear, see him with his children, and see him with Chloe. I wish you were here to see the oldest call me Grandpa, to see the youngest bundled up in Lexs arms. Your child has had children, beautiful children. He made something of himself darling, despite me trying to tear him down every step of the way. Ive never been prouder of him then the moment he showed me his heir. Hes a father, a better once than Ive ever been. He learned about parenting from you. I love him Lillian dear, and it's because he has your eyes, your heart, and your soul.

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    Oh wow that was :crygreen: so good. I loved it. :

    Hope :chlexsign2:
    "Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. "

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    He keeps going till he gets it right.
    I don't know what it was, but that line just got me. This was such a cute fic.


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    It's nice to see Lionel's perspective on this board...it's not something that normally gets focused on. Nicely done! Definitely a different side of the MB

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    What a beautiful story!! I absolutely love it!! Your writing is so descriptive and wonderful!! I can't believe this is only your third story!! Please write more Chlex soon!! :chlexsign1:

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    i loved it, you almost make like lionel :blush:

    if he could only be like that with Lex in the show (well, maybe he wouldn't turn evil...oh forget me just wishful thinking)

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    It's nice to see Lionel's perspective on this board...it's not something that normally gets focused on. Nicely done! Definitely a different side of the MB
    I think so too. Nice to see a different, more compassionate side of old Lionel once in a while.

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    This is a beautiful story, but i've moved it to this forum since it has no chlex in it.

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    This is lovely. warm and happy, it made me smile.

    Love Lel xx

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    Lionel is a great perspective to view Lex's life, and this is a really touching story.
    Her soul is senstive like a finely made tuning fork. It vibrates and resonates with every little hint of trauma, evil and monstrosity that might be humming in the air, and channels it into expressions of fiction... or recomended websites - somethingeasy

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