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Thread: NS Advent Calendar 2003 - The Magic Of Christmas - Feedback thread

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    NS Advent Calendar 2003 - The Magic Of Christmas - Feedback thread

    Hey everyone,

    I know a lot of you have been reading Fiona's awesome Christmas fic over at the Advent Calender. If you haven't given her any feedback, here's the place for it. (or you can just mail her)

    She really deserves it.

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    Here's the story so far posted if you haven't looked at it.


    The Magic of Christmas
    Author: RuaFair (AKA Fiona)
    Email: redwitchire@yahoo.co.uk
    Disclaimer: Smallville and its characters do not belong to me. (Sigh)
    Rating: PG to start will rise to at least R
    Spoilers: This is AU: Events in Season One/Two may be mentioned
    Feedback: Yes please. I need to know if you want me to continue.

    Part One

    Torch Office

    Chloe sat in front of her computer in the Torch office finishing up the week's edition. 'Bore, bored, boring,' she thought. For some reason the mutant population of Smallville had decided to take a break from creating newsworthy stories for her and she was stuck writing about the wonderful world of her school where the most exciting topic was the mystery lunches.

    She sighed and stretched, glancing at her watch. She was waiting for Clark; they were supposed to be going for coffee. Her eye caught the calendar on her desk, already into December.

    'The Christmas month,' she thought with a smile, 'maybe I should do a special seasonal edition of the Torch.' Just thinking about it made Chloe happy, she loved Christmas. And her dad always tried to make it special considering there was only the two of them.

    "Ready Chloe?" Her musings where interrupted by Clark standing in the doorway.

    "Hi Clark, I'll be with you now," and she began gathering her things together.

    "Is the Talon ok for coffee?" he asked, his usual mega-watt Kent grin plastered on his face.

    Chloe resisted the urge to roll her eyes, "fine," she said, despite the fact that the Talon served the worse coffee and *Lana* was there.

    She turned off her computer, grabbed her bag and headed for the door. They chatted briefly as they headed for her car, both got in and Chloe drove to the Talon.


    Luthor Mansion

    "I'll have the papers over to you tomorrow morning for signing. Everything will be in order. Ok, I'll see you then," and with that Lex finished his phone conversation.

    'Another deal done,' he thought, 'should keep Lionel off my back for at least *five* minutes.'

    The door to his study open and his housekeeper entered.

    "Sorry to disturb you Mr. Luthor, but I just wanted to see if you had made a decision on my Christmas holidays." The woman asked nervously.

    Lex was confused for as moment, and then remembered that last week she had asked for time off over Christmas because she was spending it with her daughter.

    "Oh yes Helen the time off. Of course it's ok, take as much time as you need."

    "Thank you Mr. Luthor, I'll be leaving on the 14th." Lex just nodded and she left the room.

    "Great," he said, "Christmas is almost upon us."

    Since his mother died Christmas had stopped being celebrated in the Luthor household. Not that there was much of it while she was alive, but at least Lillian had made an effort.

    Christmas to Lex meant, staff wanting more time off and the plant closing for a while. His father would probably throw some totally lavish, expensive and completely false party. And he would go, make small talk, get very drunk and end up spending the night with some nameless woman.

    "Bah humbug," he muttered with a smirk.

    He decided to get out for a while, 'maybe Clark's at the Talon', he thought as he made the way to his Porsche.


    Part Two


    Clark was engrossed in a conversation with Lana at the counter. Well she was talking and Clark was just staring at her, a goofy expression plastered to his face.

    Chloe rolled her eyes at the picture they made. It wasn't that she was jealous anymore, she had more than resigned herself to the fact that she and Clark would only ever be friends and she was fine with that, it was just how pathetic Clark was, not that Lana was much better.

    'Just ask her out already,' she thought, 'end the soap opera we all have to watch, *please*.'

    She sipped her coffee as she looked around the room. 'Where's a meteor freak when you need one," she thought.

    "Chloe. Chloe." A hand waved in front of her face. She slapped it away, "What?"

    "That's it Chlo all the way back to us."

    Chloe turned to face a very amused looking Lana and Clark. She rolled her eyes at them.

    "Chloe I was wondering if you'd like to help out with the Talon Christmas Party," asked Lana. "Clark has agreed to help."

    "Now there's a surprise,' thought Chloe.

    "And *what* exactly would this helping entail *if* I were to offer my assistance."

    "Jeez Chloe, you always this suspicious," said a grinning Clark.

    Chloe just glared at him.

    "Well I was hoping you'd write about it in the Torch," said Lana, "it's for the local kids and all publicity would be a great help."

    "I'd be happy to do that," said Chloe. "And if you need any help with the decorations or on the day just let me know."

    "Thanks Chloe," said Lana sincerely.

    "Actually I do need one more person for a *special* project on the day," said Lana, her voice taking on a playful tone.

    "What special project?" Chloe asked cagey.

    "Well on the day we have a Santa Claus organized," began Lana, "and I need another elf."

    Clark started laughing when Lana said elf and nearly choked on his coffee. Both Lana and Chloe glared at him and he stopped almost immediately.

    "Please Chloe, I won't be able to do it all myself," implored Lana.

    Chloe thought about what she had said for a moment. Lana was trying to be friends with her and beside the day could be fun.

    "Ok," she said, "*but* there are a couple of guidelines."

    "Like what?"

    "Well first off, there are to be no pictures of me as an elf," began Chloe, "and second we both have to agree on costumes."

    "That's absolutely fine," beamed Lana and ran from behind the counter and hugged her. "Thank you so much Chloe."

    Chloe was a little startled but laughed it off and hugged the other girl back. "You're welcome Lana."

    Clark watched the scene in amazement, 'who would of thought it, Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan becoming friends,' he mused.

    The two girls stood back and turned to Clark almost daring him to say something about what happened. Clark, recognising that his life might be in danger from the two girls, wisely kept his mouth shut. And just listened as they made plans.


    Part Three

    Lex walked into the Talon and almost did a double take. 'Lex Luthor, you have just entered the Twilight Zone,' he thought. Over at the counter sat a very left out looking Clark, while *Chloe Sullivan* and *Lana Lang* sat engrossed in conversation. If anything they were both chatting very excitedly.

    'Curious,' he thought as he made his way over to them. "Hey Lex," said Clark as he got near.

    "Clark," he replied as he sat down beside him. "Now there's an interesting development," nodding in the direction of Chloe and Lana.

    "Yes, and I don't know if I should be happy or scared," joked Clark, half-seriously.

    "Well Clark I would of thought you'd be happy, Chloe's your best friend, Lana's the *love* of your life. The fact they are getting on is a good thing."

    "I suppose Lex," sighed Clark. "It's just, well, weird."

    Lex just smirked and turned to watch the girls, or more specifically Chloe. He liked Chloe; they were sort-of friends that much he'd admit to anyone, well except maybe his father. But what he'd never admit was how much he really liked her; she was smart, beautiful, funny, and not afraid to speak her mind to anybody and so unlike any woman he'd ever met.

    'Well Santa what I want for Christmas is a snarky blonde reporter,' he thought, and suddenly visions of *unwrapping* Chloe like a Christmas present filled Lex's mind and he shifted in his seat as he tried to clamp down on those thoughts.

    He shook his head slightly and tried to pay attention to what Clark was saying.


    'Weirder and weirder,' thought Chloe as she and Lana were discussing how to decorate the Talon for the kids. They had been chatting for almost an hour and Chloe had discovered that Lana loved Christmas as much as she did.

    "We could do up some flyers Lana," she suggested, "and I could run advertisements in the Torch as well."

    "That's an excellent idea," replied Lana making a note of it.

    "Oh one other thing Lana, how is all this being paid for?"

    "That's the tricky part," sighed Lana, "most of the decorations have been donated and Nell's going to help with the flowers for free. But as for the rest…" She shrugged her shoulders.

    Chloe thought for a minute. "We could get Clark to talk to his mom about the food." She looked around the Talon and spotted Lex talking to Clark. A grin formed on her face, which didn't go unnoticed by Lana.

    "What are you plotting?" asked a suspicious Lana.

    Chloe turned to face her again, "you know what would solve all our money problems?"

    "Winning the lottery," suggested Lana.

    "I was thinking of something a little more achievable Lana, like asking Lex Luthor to sponsor it."

    "Are you crazy," replied Lana, glancing over at the man in question, "he'd never go for it."

    "Come on Lana, you put together the proposal for this place," waving her hand around the room, "you got him to agree to that."

    "Yes but that was pitching a business idea, not looking for, well, charity. At least with this place the profit light went on in his head."

    "But Lana think of the PR for Luthor-Corp if he did this. You know, show the *human* side to Lex Luthor."

    "Very true Chloe, which is why I think *you* should ask him."

    Chloe's eyes widened at Lana's words, "oh no, I so don't think so."

    "Come on Chloe, you'd be perfect, you're the only person I know that's not afraid to argue with him or answer him back."

    Chloe glanced back over at Lex, looking as immaculate as usual in his business suit, Lana watched her. "But if you don't think you're up to it…"

    "Don't try that with me Lana" said Chloe with a smile, "reverse psychologically won't wash with me."

    "Please Chloe."

    Chloe sighed deeply, "ok I'll ask him, but not right now I need to get my *pitch* right in my head first."

    Lana clapped her hands together; "cool and I'll ask Mrs. Kent about the food."

    "Yeah, take the easy option why don't you Lana."


    Part Four

    Chloe took a deep breath to calm her nerves as she sat in a ridiculously comfortable armchair in Lex's study. The woman who had shown her in here had shuffled off to get him. It had been three days since she agreed to help Lana with the party, three days since a momentary lapse of sanity on her part made her agree to this.

    'Stop it,' she thought, 'I'm Chloe Sullivan, prize-winning reporter in the making. I can snark with the best of them and I can ask Lex Luthor for a donation.' She nodded her head as if agreeing with herself. Just then the door opened and in walked the man in question.

    "Miss Sullivan to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit," his clear voice rang out as he made his way over to the chair opposite the one she was in.

    "Mr Luthor I hope I'm not interrupting anything but I wanted to ask you something."

    "Not at all, and call me Lex."

    Chloe rolled her eyes at his usual response to her calling him *Mr Luthor*. He took his seat, "now what can I do for you Miss Sullivan?"

    "Call me Chloe" she retorted. Lex just smirked.

    "I don't know if you're aware if this, but Lana is organising a Christmas party for the kids at the Talon."

    He nodded his head in confirmation and gestured with his hand for her to continue.

    "At the moment we have had a lot of donations for decorations. Lana's aunt has agreed to the flowers etc and Mrs. Kent has said she'll help out with the food. Also Lana is organising a Santa Claus, Clark is going to help and I'm going to look after advertising."

    "You're helping out," asked Lex a little surprised.

    "Yes," said Chloe, "why, does that surprise you?"

    "On no reason, I just thought that if you were going to bury the hatchet so too speak with Lana it would have been in her…"

    "Don't even *think* of finishing that sentence* Mr Luthor*." Chloe could feel her anger rising. 'Pompous, arrogant so and so,' she thought.

    Lex just chuckled; he was enjoying getting a rise out of her.

    "Or what *Miss Sullivan*?" He knew she would be fighting back a snappy retort, she was here to ask him as favour and pissing him off wouldn't help her cause.

    Chloe narrowed her eyes and glared at him in lieu of a reply.

    'If looks could kill,' he thought. "You and Lana sound like you have everything under control. So what's the favour that you need from me?" He leaned back in his chair and stared at her.

    'Moment of truth,' she thought.

    "We need money," she began, "we have to buy the presents for the kids, Santa has to be paid, you'd think he would work for free but no; the sponger, Nell and Mrs Kent are giving their time for nothing but supplies have to be purchased for them."

    "And you want *me* to pay for it. Why?"

    "Well Lex all the other *billionaires* in town turned me down," she snapped. "Why do you think I'm asking you?"

    Lex smirked, knowing she had lost her patience with him but the effect was magnificent, her eyes sparkled, and her cheeks were all flushed. Very few people argued with him, so when he found someone who would he made sure he enjoyed it.

    "Not really selling the idea to me with that attitude Chloe," he said.

    Chloe literally bit her tongue from telling him exactly what she wanted to do with him, and it involved inserting a pool cue…

    "Nothing to say," he said after a few moments of her silence, "so unlike you."

    'Plan B,' she thought. "Bah humbug," she uttered.

    "Excuse me!" said a confused Lex.

    She stood up, and held her head high, "I'm sorry for wasting your time Lex but I honestly didn't think you'd take the whole *Scrooge* routine so seriously." She turned to walk away, "I guess Mr Kent was right," she sighed.

    His guard slightly down by her change in attitude he unwittingly rose to the bait, "what did *he* say?"

    "He said you wouldn't help because there would be nothing in it for you personally, and I said you weren't like that at all." She hadn't actually spoken to Jonathan Kent at all, Lana being the only person who knew she was doing this but desperate times called for desperate measures.

    He was just about to answer when he noticed how she was avoiding looking him in the eye. 'She's making it up,' he thought, a part of him very impressed with her. 'Ok time to change tactics again.'

    "Put together some figures for me Chloe and we'll talk again."

    "You mean you'll help," she said, delighted her little rouse had worked and silently congratulating herself.

    "I was always going too," he said with a knowing smirk, "I just wanted to see how far you'd go in asking me."

    "What? You son of…"

    "Now, now Chloe you wouldn't want me to withdraw my generous offer now would you?"

    "You can take your *generous* offer Lex and shove it up your…"

    He started laughing, loud and hearty, and Chloe stopped in her rant at the almost alien like sound coming from Lex.

    "Oh Chloe, people in Smallville don't argue with me as a rule, but you don't care about who or what I am. I'll donate whatever you need if only as a thank you for brightening up my week. And my only provision is that I'm not involved in the party at all."

    Chloe was utterly confused, but decided to just accept it and think of a way to get Lex Luthor back.


    Part Five

    "And then he just agreed," said a confused Lana.

    "Yes," replied Chloe; "first off he was all like, why should I help? And I was starting to lose it and got really snarky with him. And then he said fine, get together some figures and we'll discuss further."

    Chloe kicked off her shoes and got more comfortable on her bed as she continued her phone conversation with Lana. She had just got back from her *meeting* with Lex and was relaying what had happened to Lana.

    "Lex Luthor is one very complex man," she said, 'and a damn sexy one when he's teasing you,' she added to herself silently.

    "I'm sorry Chloe that you had to be the one to go and ask him, but I was right, I did say if anyone could get the money out of him it would be you," said Lana.

    "Well yeah you were right," said Chloe, a slight teasing tone to her voice, "I just had to promise him a number of sexual favours to really seal the deal."

    There was a choking sound on the other end of the phone when Lana heard that. "Breathe Lana, breathe," a concerned Chloe said, as the other girl coughed and spluttered.

    "What…what did you say?" she finally managed to get out.

    "I said that I had to promise sexual favours to close the deal," she repeated.

    "Chloe Sullivan that is *so* not funny," said Lana, "don't even joke about that."

    "Who said I was *joking*?" she said, trying not to laugh. "Well…what…you can't…and," stammered Lana.

    "Wow Lana, bet you keep an audience riveted when you make a speech," teased Chloe. The other end of the phone was silent for a while. "Lana, are you ok?"

    "No Chloe, I'm just recovering from a heart attack."

    "I'm sorry I just couldn't resist, pity we're on the phone I bet the look on your face was priceless when I said that."

    "Ha. Ha Chloe. I dying with the laughter here," said Lana, "but Chloe, would you?"

    "Would I what?"

    "You know, do it with Lex?"

    Chloe thought for a moment, "truthfully Lana. Yes." She said, "I mean come on, the man is hot and I'd say really *experienced*."

    "Chloe has a crush on Lex. Chloe has a crush on Lex," sang Lana in a child-like voice.

    "No I do NOT," said Chloe, but Lana kept singing, "Lana, stop it I don't."

    "Chloe and Lex, sitting in a tree…"

    "Finish that sentence Lana Lang and you can organise the Talon Christmas Party all on your own," said Chloe.

    "Ok this is me being quiet now," said Lana, with still a hint of teasing in her voice.

    "Fine, let's just say we are even Lana and leave it at that," said Chloe.

    "Ok Chloe, whatever you say."

    And both girls continued to talk about the party, and Lex wasn't mentioned over the remainder of the conversation.


    Lex sat in his study thinking over his conversation with Chloe. He couldn't believe she had tried reverse psychology on him by mentioning Jonathan Kent's name. He was impressed but then again Chloe Sullivan was definitely one of a kind. He stood up and went over to the window, and looked out over the grounds. The weather had turned colder and it looked like soon would be upon them soon.

    Lex sighed. His father had informed him that *they* would be spending Christmas in the Bahamas. He couldn't bear thinking about it; he would rather be doing anything than spending Christmas with his father.

    He wondered briefly how the Kent's spent Christmas. 'Probably go the whole hog,' he thought. 'Tree. Decoration, big family dinner.' His mind fell silent again.

    "Mr Luthor," a voice over the intercom jarred him from his thoughts. "Yes," he answered.

    "Mr Luthor, there is a Chloe Sullivan on the line for you. Should I put her through?"

    Lex smiled at the mention of Chloe's name, "yes by all means, put her through."

    He waited a moment for the call. "Miss Sullivan."

    "Mr Luthor," she retorted.

    "Too what do I owe the pleasure?"

    "Well, Lana and I have gotten a quote for the printing of the tickets and…"

    "And you want me to autograph a cheque for you," he finished for her.

    "Yep, that's pretty much it," said Chloe and he could practically hear her smile down the phone.

    "Why Miss Sullivan, anyone would think you were only using me for my money?"

    "That's because I am Lex."

    He laughed softly. "Very well, never let it be said that Lex Luthor turned a beautiful woman down. Drop by tomorrow and I'll give you the cheque."

    "Thanks Lex, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye."

    "Bye Chloe," and he hung up.


    Back in her own room Chloe blushed as she hung up the phone. 'He called me beautiful,' she thought, a big grin on her face.

    "Lex Luthor called me beautiful," she whispered again.


    Part Six

    "Mr Luthor, Miss Sullivan is here to see you," said the housekeeper.

    "Thank you, send her in please," said Lex, getting up from his desk.

    The housekeeper left and less than a minute later Chloe breezed into the office. She was wrapped up against the cold, her cheeks were slightly flushed from the cold, and she looked beautiful. "Hi Lex," she said.

    "Miss Sullivan, can I get you anything?"

    "Something to warm me up," she joked, "it's freezing out there."

    'I could think of many pleasurable ways to *warm* you up,' thought Lex. "How about some coffee?" he asked.

    Chloe raised an eyebrow and gave him a 'Like I'd ever turn down a coffee' look. Lex laughed softly and called the housekeeper to bring in some coffee. "So, how are the preparations going?"

    "They're going ok," she replied, "to be honest I'll be glad when the whole thing is over and done with, at least then I can get back to my normal life, well normal for Smallville anyway. All I seem to be doing these days involves something to do with Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but…"

    "Things are getting out of hand," Lex finished for her. "Something like that," she said with a grin, "but Lana and I are becoming friends, so I suppose that's one good thing."

    "And how is Clark taking that news?"

    "Kind of hard to say. I think he's still trying to figure out if it's and good thing or a bad thing. Although I have to say now I get to tease Lana about Clark and vice versa, which is a lot of fun," she finished with a grin.

    "Why Miss Sullivan, does one's heart not go all a flutter at the sight of Clark Kent anymore?" teased Lex.

    Chloe rolled her eyes, "I am *way* over my crush on Clark Mr Luthor."

    'That's good to hear,' he thought. Their conversation was interrupted momentarily as the housekeeper came in with the coffee. "Thank you," said Lex, as she put the tray on his desk and left the room.

    Lex poured out two cups. "Wow, Lex Luthor serving me coffee, where's my camera when I need it?"

    "Miss Sullivan I do *allow* myself to do some menial tasks every now and then," he said as he handed her a cup.

    "Thanks," she said accepting it, "glad to know that you still like to keep in touch with the common folk."

    Lex couldn't help but roll his eyes at her comment. He watched as she brought the cup to her mouth, she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply before taking a sip.

    "You really like your coffee don't you?"

    "Hey, we are all entitled to some vices, caffeine happens to be mine. Anyway I'd say *you* have one or two vices of your own Lex."

    "Would you like to know what my vices are Chloe?" he asked, his voice low.

    Chloe blushed slightly and was rewarded with a smirk from Lex. 'Damn him,' she thought, 'how can one man be *that* infuriating and sexy at the same time?'

    "No thanks Lex," she said, when she had managed to compose herself, "as I said on the phone yesterday I'm only using you for your money."

    Lex didn't reply but just shot Chloe a grin, and stared at her intently. 'Did it suddenly get hotter in her?' she thought. She cleared her throat, "so, about the money."

    "Ah yes, and how much are you looking for?"

    Chloe rummaged in her bag for a moment and pulled out a handful of papers. "Ok, for the printing of the tickets, we need $450.00, they were looking for $600.00 but Lana and I managed to get them down. Oh and we also need $500.00 for decorations for the Talon. Those stupid people in the store wanted $750.00 but settled for $500.00."

    "Very impressive Chloe, and how did you manage to get the decoration price down?"

    "I just performed a few sexual acts and that was enough to get a discount," she said with a grin.

    Lex almost choked on his coffee, coughing and spluttering as he tried to catch his breath. After composing himself he looked at Chloe to see her staring at him with a smug look on her face. 'Two can play at the game,' he thought.

    "Really Miss Sullivan, so you are looking for two cheques from me, totalling $950.00. What kind of *favours* do I get for writing them?"

    "Well you don't get favours as such Lex," replied Chloe, "what you get is the satisfaction of knowing you helped people who are less fortunate than you."

    "But Chloe, what if I want *satisfaction* of a different kind?"

    'Ok, and how did this conversation suddenly become innuendo-laden,' she thought. "Well Mr Luthor you're going to be disappointed."

    "Well I don't like to be disappointed, but I'll accept it, for now," he said with a smirk.

    Chloe gulped down her coffee as she tried to stop visions of ways she'd like to *satisfy* Lex running through her mind. "Yes, well, anyway, those cheques?"

    Lex took out his chequebook and wrote the two for her. As he handed them over to her he allowed his fingers to brush hers as she took them. "We'll take a rain check on that *satisfaction* Chloe."

    She just nodded and took the cheques. "You know Lex, you could really brighten up this place by putting up some decorations," she said, changing the subject.

    "I don't think so Chloe, I'm not really into the whole Christmas thing."

    "So, you could still brighten up the place. Hey maybe you should have a party here and it doesn't have to be a Christmas theme if you that set against it."

    Lex shook his head and chuckled, "ok, at this time of year, if one is having a party, there isn't really any other theme *but* Christmas."

    "I'm only making a suggestion Lex, anyway I thought you were a *genius*. I would of thought you would be able to come up with a theme."

    "Who said I was having a party?"

    Chloe shrugged her shoulders; "I could always get you a discount on some decorations, if you did decide to go ahead with it," a small smile on her face.

    "I bet you could. Let me think about it and *if* I do decide to have one, I will expect you to help."

    "Jeez, when did I suddenly become Miss Party Organiser?" she said, "you'd swear I had nothing better to do with my time."

    "Well Chloe, we could put this down as a kind of satisfaction for me. Let's just say, I'd be satisfied having you around."

    Chloe eyes twinkled, "so you're having the party."

    "I said I'd think about it," he replied.

    "Whatever," she said airily. "Oh look at the time, I'd better go, I have to meet with Lana. Thanks for the coffee and the cheques."

    "You're welcome and I'll be in touch when I've made a decision on the party," he said. And with that walked her to her car.


    Part Seven

    Chloe watched in amusement as Lana barked orders like an army sergeant at Clark, Pete and all the others that she managed to rope into helping her decorate the Talon. Gone was the quiet and perfect Lana and in its place was quite a scary replacement.

    Before Lana could catch Chloe grinning, she turned her attention back to the boxes of decorations that had been delivered earlier. Chloe could swear there were at least two if not three extra boxes of stuff. She wondered if it had anything to do with Lex Luthor's name on the cheque.

    Lana came over to her, "men," she said, rolling her eyes. "You have to spell everything out to them. Wow look at all these decorations, that was some bargaining that you did Chloe."

    "I think it had more to do with Lex's name on the cheque than my negotiating skills," said Chloe with a smile. "Anyway what's the plan?"

    "Ok, I've sent Clark and Pete to get the trees. A couple of the others are getting the holly and mistletoe," said Lana, "and get that look off your face Chloe, I plan to place mistletoe *everywhere*."

    "Yippee," said Chloe, sarcastically, "that will be so much fun."

    "Chloe," replied Lana, dragging out her name, "don't be like that, you never know a certain handsome young billionaire might…"

    "Lana, what did I tell you about that," interrupted Chloe, "anyway look who's talking, a certain handsome farm boy might…"

    "Ok, ok Chloe, I get the picture," laughed Lana; "we'll call a truce on that."

    Both girls laughed as they rummaged through the boxes. "Oh Saturday night, we have a *fitting* of our elf costumes," said Lana after a moment. Chloe groaned part of her was hoping Lana would forget about that. "So do you want to come by my place?"

    "Why don't you come to mine Lana, my dad is working late so it will be just the two of us?"

    "Sure, we'll agree a time later. Will you be ok with the decorations for a while? I need to talk to Nell about the flowers and Martha Kent will be there as well and I need to talk to her."

    "Go for it, I'll be fine." Lana left the Talon and Chloe busied herself with taking all the tinsel out first. "Jeez, what the hell am I going to do with all this?" she murmured. "I could decorate the entire school with all this."

    Taking a deep breath she set about putting it up.


    Lex was walking past the Talon when he spotted Chloe standing precariously on a table stretching up to hang some tinsel. Silently he entered the coffee shop and moved closer to her. He laughed inwardly as she seemed to get herself stuck.

    "Need a hand?" he asked softly as not to startle her. "Lex, hi," she said, not turning around, "don't you dare laugh? And yes I would like some help."

    "I wouldn't dream of it Chloe." He got up on the table behind her and she could feel his chest against her back. He reached up and put his hands over hers and took the tinsel from her, holding it in place. Chloe turned and found herself nose-to-silk covered chest with Lex. She looked up to see him looking down at her, an amused expression on his face.

    "It's not funny," she mumbled and manoeuvred herself to bend down to get the tape from the table. Lex took a sharp intake of breath as he felt her cheek brush his chest. She stood up again and taped the tinsel into place. Lex moved his hands to hold another piece against the wall. Before Chloe secured that she turned to face him again.

    "Are you ticklish Lex?" she asked, a mischievous grin on her face.

    "Don't even *think* about it Chloe," he warned.

    "That's a definite yes," she said. "Chloe, I mean it, don't."

    "What?" she asked innocently. "I was only asking a question." Her hands were itching to see if he was, hell her hands were itching just to touch him.

    "Chloe, I think there's some tinsel here that needs to…stop it," he trailed off as her fingers gently tickled his sides. He squirmed, "Chloe, stop."

    She moved her fingers quicker and he started laughing. He dropped his arms and started to tickle her back. Within moments both were laughing loudly as the *war* intensified. Lex grabbed Chloe's hands and as she tried to pull herself free she upset their balance and they fell off the table. Luckily there were a number of empty cardboard boxes on the floor, which broke their fall.

    Lex landed first with Chloe landing on top of him. Their laughter stopped, "are you ok?" she whispered, looking into his eyes, her hands resting on his chest.

    "I'm fine, are you ok?" he whispered back, his hands on her waist. Chloe nodded, but both made no attempt to move. There seemed to be a change in the air around them, it was almost charged as they continued to look into each other's eyes. Chloe licked her suddenly dry lips and Lex's eyes followed the action.

    He lifted his head slightly from the floor and tightened his hands on her waist. Chloe dipped her head down at the same time.

    "Ok that's the flowers…" Lana's voice trailed off as she saw Chloe and Lex on the floor. "Am I interrupting something?"

    Chloe jumped up quickly, blushing furiously. "What…no…we fell," she stammered. She looked to Lex for some help, but he just smirked at her and sat up.

    "I can leave and come back in an hour or so," said Lana, a big smile on her face.

    Seeing the murderous looks Chloe was throwing him Lex stood up. "I was helping Chloe with the decorations and we lost our balance causing us to fall off the table. Fortunately the boxes broke my fall, and I broke Chloe's."

    "Of course," said Lana. "Of course that's what happened."

    "Well I must go," said Lex, "things to do at the plant. Goodbye Lana, Miss Sullivan." And with that he breezed out of the Talon.

    "Shut up Lana," said Chloe, her face returning to its normal colour.

    "I haven't said anything," she exclaimed.

    "No, but you're thinking it. I don't want to hear a word. Let's just get on with the decorating."

    Lana just smiled and moved to the table to Chloe. "You know Chloe, you could have waited till the mistletoe had been put up." And Chloe's response was to throw an armful of tinsel into her face.


    Part Eight

    Despite constant questions from Lana, Chloe refused to discuss the *incident* on the Talon floor with Lex. He was going to kiss her, and she was going to let him. 'Jeez Lana really would have got an eyeful had she walked in two minutes later,' she thought

    And now here she was at the door of the Luthor mansion. Lex had called and asked her to drop by on her way home. Chloe had been half-tempted to say no, that she was too busy, but she didn't. "Ok," she whispered as she ran the bell, "find out what he wants and get out quick."

    She did have to get home quickly anyway, Lana was coming over with the infamous *Elf* costumes. The large door before her opened and the housekeeper let her in.

    "Mr Luthor is in here," she said as she led Chloe down a long corridor, which opened out to a magnificent room. "Wow," she Chloe.

    "Yes it is quite impressive," said Lex, as he made his way over to her.

    "Will there be anything else?" asked the housekeeper.

    "No thank you Helen, that will be all." The woman turned and left Chloe and Lex alone.

    "This really is some room Lex," said Chloe as she looked around it. A mahogany hardwood floor that was just made for dancing on. Floor to ceiling windows covered one wall, while mirrors just as big covered two other walls. Elegant chandeliers hung from the high ceiling.

    "It has never been used," said Lex. "But that is about to change. I've been thinking over your suggestion from the other day, when you were here to collect the cheques. And I've decided to hold a Winter Ball."

    "You couldn't just call it a Christmas Party," said Chloe with a grin.

    "NO Miss Sullivan, and that's because it has nothing to do with Christmas."

    "Of course not Lex. So when are you planning on having this nothing-to-do-with Christmas party?"

    "Friday 20th December," he replied. "Invitations are being printed as we speak and will be issued next week."

    "I see you've done more than just *think* about it. Sounds like you have everything under control."

    "Well almost everything Chloe. I thought you might help with the decorations," he said with a smirk.

    Chloe tried and failed to stop the blush that now coloured her cheeks. "Well as tempting as that offer sounds Lex, I really wouldn't have the time…you know school, the Torch and the Talon Christmas party pretty much have me booked out."

    "But Chloe, you still owe me, what was it again…ah yes, *satisfaction*." He moved till he was standing right in front of her, their bodies' mere inches apart.

    "And me helping you with the decorations will wipe the slate clean on this whole satisfaction thing?"

    "Not really," he said, his voice low, "but it will be start."

    Chloe took a step back from him, "well, yes, I'll think about it." She glanced at her watch, "would you look at the time? I have to go, Lana's coming over."

    "This would be the costumes?"

    "How do you know about those?" said Chloe.

    "Oh Chloe, I know everything didn't you know that," he said, and then after a moment of being bombarded with Chloe's death glares added, "Clark told me."

    "I'm going to kill him," she seethed.

    "I have to say I'm very much looking forward to *seeing* you dressed up as an elf Chloe," aid Lex with a laugh.

    "Yeah well get use to disappointment Lex, that is so not going to happen," mumbled Chloe.

    "Let me walk you out," he said and placed his hand on the small of her back as he led her down the corridor and back to the main door.

    "Goodbye Chloe, and don't forget to think about the decorations for the ball," he smirked.

    "Bye," muttered Chloe, and hurried to her car.


    "Oh my God," exclaimed Lana, "a winter ball, that sounds so cool."

    Chloe rolled her eyes, she had been relaying *most* of her conversation with Lex to Lana. She had left out all the references to satisfaction; she really didn't want anybody knowing the particulars of that. Lana was practically bouncing with joy at the thought of the ball.

    "Whoa calm down Lana, it's *not* that exciting."

    Lana fixed Chloe with a 'yeah right' look. "Chloe, this will probably be *the* social event of the year. Of course it's that exciting."

    "Whatever," replied Chloe. "We have the kids party to worry about."

    "Fine," said Lana, "but don't think the Winter Ball subject is dropped." She picked up two bags from the floor and rested them on Chloe's bed.

    "Are those what I think they are?" she groaned.

    "Yes, these are the Elf costumes," beamed Lana, "now I haven't actually seen them myself yet, they were only just delivered before I came over and I wanted us to see them at the same time."

    "Yippee," said Chloe sarcastically.

    Lana just glared at her for a moment and took the costumes out.

    "I am NOT wearing that," said Chloe. "I think I have to agree with you," said Lana.

    "Lana, this is a kids Christmas party, I think these *costumes* were worn the Santa Claus the movie, the one rated XXX."

    The costumes consisted of a pair of hot pants-green, a very tight and small top-red and white stripes that would barley cover their midriffs, a waistcoat-green, and a pair of thigh-high green leather boots, the only item that was anyway decent where the little green hats.

    Lana stared at the clothes and then at Chloe, and they both burst out laughing. "Oh God Lana, can you imagine us in these?" said Chloe, tears streaming down her face from laughing.

    "I'm sorry Chloe I had no idea this is what they'd be like, I had asked Lex if he knew of anywhere we could get costumes," said Lana.

    "Lex," exclaimed Chloe, "that son of a bitch, he did it on purpose."

    "I don't think so Chloe, I mean, he wouldn't…actually he would," said Lana, "I could kill him."

    "Get in line," seethed Chloe.

    "So what are we going to do? The party's in a few days, we'd never have time to get replacement ones."

    "I'll tell you what we'll do Lana, we'll wear them. Think about it, Lex is going to expect us not too, otherwise he wouldn't have organised these ones."

    "But Chloe look at them."

    "I know Lana, I'd rather be seen dead than wear them but I really don't want to let Lex win. And anyway all the party thing was *your* idea."

    "Yes the party thing Chloe, not the dressing like two extras in a porn movie. But I do see your point; I don't want Lex winning either. Ok let's go for it."

    "Ooh Lana 'don't mess with me' Lang' has spoken," laughed Chloe.

    "Well that's better than Chloe 'my *chest* is never going to be covered with this top' Sullivan," said Lana, holding the scrap of material up.

    Both girls stared at each other again and burst out laughing.


    Part Nine

    "Chloe, Lex has just walked in," whispered Lana. The pair where huddled over a table going over the last few outstanding details for the kids party. They could hardly believe it was tomorrow, it seemed ages ago that they had started organising it. Having decided to wear the *costumes* both girls were going to think of a way to get Lex Luthor back as soon as the party was over.

    They had spent a hilarious two hours in Lana's house last night trying them on. Chloe had brought two pairs of semi-thick green tights, which made the hot pants look somewhat decent. As they had thought the tops were kind of skimpy but they managed to alter them a little to cover a bit more skin.

    "What's he doing?" asked Chloe.

    "Just chatting with Clark at the moment," replied the other girl, "oh wait, he's spotted us and is coming over."

    "Hi Lex," said Lana, when he had reached their table. "Miss Lang, Miss Sullivan," he said.

    "Hey Lex, how are the *Winter Ball* preparations going?" asked Chloe.

    "They are going fine Chloe, and have you thought anymore about helping with the *decorating*," he said with a smirk.

    "Yes I have and Lana and I would be delighted to help."

    "The two of you," said Lex.

    "Of course, Chloe did say the room was huge and that she wouldn't be able to do it herself, so I volunteered to help her," said a smiling Lana.

    'Damn it,' thought Lex. "Well wasn't that nice of you Lana," he said, "but will you have the time with the Talon etc?"

    "No problem, Clark and Pete will help out with the Talon."

    "And I can help as well," piped up Chloe.

    "Well, it seems that the two of you have it all under control," said Lex.

    "Yes, and as soon as the kids party is done and over with, Chloe and I will be over to yours to get going on that," said Lana, as she nudged Chloe under the table.

    "Lucky me," muttered Lex. Just then Clark came over, "Lana, a Mr Carey is on the phone, he wants to know what time you want him here tomorrow at."

    "Tell him no later that 9.00am," said Lana. Clark trundled off to relay her message. "He's our Santa," said Lana to Lex. "He owns the bakery, so there is no extra padding needed on his costume."

    "He's an excellent choice," said Chloe, "he's actually how you'd picture Santa to be."

    "And are Santa's little *elves* all ready?" asked Lex.

    "More than ready," said Chloe with a glare. "Oh and Lana says we have you to thank for recommending the costume place."

    "Oh it was nothing," he smirked.

    "Not at all Lex, it was very nice of you, actually they arrived a few days ago. They are so cute, you should see them, aren't they Lana?"

    "Adorable," said Lana.

    Lex gave both girls a funny look but covered it up quickly, "I'm sure you'll both look great."

    "Well Lex if you'll excuse us, we have a pile of things to do," said Chloe, "but I'll be dropping by your place later, I need another autograph."

    Lex cocked an eyebrow at her dismissal; "I'll look forward to seeing you Chloe. Lana." And with left their table and made his way back over to the counter and Clark.

    "He gives nothing away," said Lana.

    "I know, not a damn thing. But we will get him back, we just need to put our minds to it," said Chloe as she gazed over at Lex.


    After four rings the answer machine kicked in, Lex waited for the beep:

    "Philip, its Lex Luthor. I need to talk to you about the costumes you sent to Lana Lang. Call me immediately."

    He hung up his phone; he knew it was childish what he was doing. As soon as Clark had told him about Chloe and Lana dressing up as elves for the party, but he couldn't resist. Besides Chloe Sullivan was always at her most magnificent when she was rising to a challenge.

    He was roused from his thoughts by the appearance of the very person he'd been thinking about, "Ah Chloe, how much?" he grinned.

    "And hello to you to Lex. And this is the last one; it's the final payment for the presents. $400.00 please."

    "Tell me Chloe," he began as he reached for his cheque book, "how much in total has this *sponsorship* cost me?"

    Chloe rolled her eyes, "about $2500.00, give or take $50.00. And you also had the pleasure of my company on a regular basis."

    Lex walked around his over to her and handed over the cheque, but he didn't let it go when she took it in her hand. "Well Chloe I've *enjoyed* your company, but we'll work on the *pleasure* factor."

    'Damn him,' she thought, 'how the hell did he manage to turn to her to jelly every time?'

    "You're not still on about this *satisfaction*?"

    "Chloe, is it wrong from me to want some sort of justification for spending $2500.00?" he asked, his thumb rubbing small circles on her hand.

    "And what? A room full of happy kids isn't enough justification?" She said as she placed her other hand on his arm.

    "What can I say Chloe, I'm selfish like that?" He was about to move his other hand to her waist when the door to his study opened and the housekeeper came.

    Chloe took the opportunity to take the cheque from his hand and to step back from him. "Well thanks for this Lex, but I really should get going. Bye." And she hurried out of the office.

    "What is it Helen?" he said.

    "Sorry to disturb you, but your father is on the line," she said timidly.

    "Thank you Helen," and he picked up the phone.


    Chloe hurried to her car, "ok what the hell is going on between me and Lex Luthor? What the hell is all the innuendo and flirting about?" she muttered as she started the engine. That's not to say she wasn't enjoying it of course, but there was no way she could compete with someone as experienced as Lex.

    "Enough of this," she said, "I have far more important things to worry about at the moment, like getting through tomorrow with a café full of screaming kids while wearing that excuse for a costume."

    She glanced back at the Luthor mansion and then set off for home.


    Part Ten

    Chloe parked in front of the Talon just as Clark was. "Hey Clark," she waved as she got out. He came over to her, "you all set for this?" he asked.

    "Yeah sure Clark, a room full of screaming kids, stuffing their faces with enough candy to give them all sugar overdoses it definitely how I want to spend my Saturday mornings."

    Clark laughed at her. "Do you want a hand with anything?"

    "No thanks, I'm good."

    They made their way to the door and looked in; inside they could see Lana, clipboard in hand doing her sergeant major impression. "Think she'd find us if we were to make a break for it?" whispered Clark. "No Clark, not if you plan on spending the rest of your life on the run," replied Chloe.

    Lana glanced up from her clipboard and saw them at the door. She impatiently waved at them to come in. "Looks like we've been summoned," whispered Chloe as the entered the coffee shop.

    "Chloe, Clark, what kept you?"

    "Lana, we are like one minute late. Just chill, you'll give yourself wrinkles if you don't calm done," said Chloe with a grin. Lana narrowed her eyes slightly at Chloe as she tried to cover up the grin that was appearing on her own face.

    "Clark, would you help Pete and Mr Carey get the Santa's Grotto set up?"

    "On my way," he said, and left the two girls.

    "Did you bring your costume Chloe?"

    "Unfortunately I did, although you have no idea how tempted I was to burn it."

    "I know what you mean, I still can't believe we are going through with wearing them."

    "I know Lana, but let's just not think about it too much. Let's just get the day over with and then we can spend time on getting Lex Luthor back," said Chloe.

    "Well at least he's not going to be here today. Although I bet that would be some sight, Lex Luthor stuck in a room full of kids."

    Chloe laughed as well, "How many are we talking about Lana?"

    Lana took a deep breath, "ninetythreeatlastcount," she mumbled.

    "What was that?"

    "At the last count there was ninety-three," she said.

    "NINETY-THREE KIDS," exclaimed Chloe, "Lana there's spreading the Christmas spirit and then there's dunking yourself in it until you are so drunk that you'd agree to anything."

    "Come one Chlo, it won't be that bad," said Lana not very convincingly.

    Chloe fixed Lana with a 'and what planet are you from?' look. She glanced around the Talon and she had to admit that she and Lana had done a good job of decorating it. "It does looks good," said Lana as she saw Chloe look around.

    "Come on Lana, get me a coffee and let's get this show on the road.


    Lex let himself in the back door of the Talon, and made his way over to Clark. "I see the natives are getting restless outside," he said.

    "Oh hey Lex. How did you get in?"

    "I slipped in the back door. So how are things going?"

    "Well, grotto is all set up, Santa is ready. Pete and I are on riot duty. And Lana and Chloe…" he trailed off as the sound of two girls laughing came from Lex's office.

    "And they are changing," finished Clark.

    Ah the infamous costumes," said Lex with a smirk.

    "They keep popping out," Chloe's voice rang out, causing both men to stare at the closed door of the office. Clark fought the temptation to use his x-ray vision to see what was going on. "Should I even ask?" said Lex. "Probably not," replied Clark, "not if you value your life anyway."

    They continued chatting until they heard the door open and both men gasped as Lana and Chloe stepped into view. "Oh my God," said Clark.

    Both girls sauntered over to them. "Close your mouth Lex, you're catching flies," said Chloe. It took Lex a moment to get his composure, but the sight of Chloe in that outfit was playing havoc with his hormones.

    Lana nudged Chloe and nodded her head in Clark's direction. Chloe looked over Clark's head and saw that was directly under a sprig of mistletoe. "Oh Clark," sang Lana, looking up. Clark followed her eyes and blushed. The two girls walked up to either side of him and each kissed him on a cheek, leaving rather noticeable lipstick marks.

    "Well let's get this party started," said Lana. "Clark would you unlock the doors please?" Clark nodded dumbly at her.

    Chloe linked arms with Lana and they headed over to where Santa was both laughing.

    'Stop looking at Chloe's ass. Stop looking at Chloe's ass,' thought Lex, but suffice to say he couldn't quite pull his eyes from it. Especially when she added a little sway to her hips. 'I think it was a *bad* idea coming here,' he thought, and headed after Clark.

    Four hours later the party was showing no signs of abating in fact it was still in full swing. And the noise level was getting louder; in fact it was so loud that Lana wouldn't have been surprised if the police came knocking on the door.

    "Wow it's going very well," said Pete as he brought a drink over to Chloe and Lana. "You're a lifesaver Pete," said a very thankful Chloe. "The best," said Lana.

    Pete just grinned at them and headed off again.

    "Well ladies, congratulations on a job very well done," said Lex as he approached them. "It does seem that my money was well spent."

    "Ah so that's why you're here," said Chloe, "you wanted to make sure Lana and I didn't make up some of those costs and pocket the money ourselves. I never realised you were that suspicious Lex."

    "I never thought that for a moment Chloe, and that's not the reason as to why I'm here today."

    "Oh, and why are you here then?" asked Lana.

    'Because I wanted to see if you would wear the costumes,' he thought. "I had nothing else planned and thought I'd drop by to see how things were," he said.

    Both Chloe and Lana gave him a 'yeah right' look. Seeing the look Lex made his escape.


    "Thank GOD that is over with," said Chloe, flopping into a chair as Lana locked the door behind the last kid. "I am exhausted."

    "Me too," echoed Lana as she sat down as well. "We'll worry about the clean up tomorrow," she said as she looked around the mess that was now the Talon.

    "My feet are killing me, but I don't even have the energy to take these damn boots off," said Chloe, stretching her legs out.

    "Very subtle Chloe," said Lex, pulling a chair over and placing it in front of her. He sat down and picked up one leg.

    "Lex…what…what are you doing?"

    "Helping you with your boots, that is what you were hinting at," he said with a smirk. He rested her foot on his lap and slid his hand up her thigh to the zipper that kept the boot on. Keeping his eyes locked on hers, he slowly pulled the zipper down, allowing his finger to run along her leg. Chloe gasped slightly.

    Lana watched the two of them with wide eyes. The atmosphere around was almost electric. She watched as Lex purposely caressed her leg before gently lifting the boot off and resting her leg back on the ground.

    'I'm going to turn to mush,' thought Chloe, as Lex repeated the action with the other leg. When he had taking the second boot off, she lifted her other leg onto his lap and began to gently massage her feet. Chloe couldn't help the groan that escaped from her lips.

    "Feel good," he whispered.

    "God yes," she said, "you have *great* hands Lex."

    'Ok, time to stop this,' thought Lana as she saw Clark and Pete approaching. She cleared her throat loudly, "oh Clark, Pete, thanks for dismantling the grotto."

    Their arrival seemed to snap Lex and Chloe out of their haze and Lex reluctantly removed Chloe's feet from his lap. It was probably a good thing anyway, as he had moved his hands to her calves and she had began to caress his groin with her feet. Things could have gotten *very* embarrassing.

    "Well look at the time," said Lex, "I must be making a move. Chloe, Lana, again congratulations on a great party. And I'll talk to the two of you soon about the decorations for the ball. Goodbye." And he left, his coat strategically placed over his groin.

    'Damn it,' thought Chloe, as she caught Lana's eye. 'She's going to have fun teasing me over what just happened.'


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    This story was very fun to read. I wasn't in a very xmas-y mood but after reading it I just wanted to go out and shopgifts. LMAO! Great fic, can't for the next part.

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    Fantastic fanfic. But does it snow in Kansas? LOL almost can't wait for the next entry tomorrow. please let it be tomorrow soon.

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    Yeah, it's a wonderful story. You go Fi!

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    Fi, I'm loving this. Really I am. I just really really want to read part 11 now.... The idea of the costumes was perfect. A very Lex-like thing to do.

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    Here's part 11 and 12, it will be on the site later tonight maybe...


    Part Eleven

    “So you are really, really sure Chloe?” teased Lana.

    “Don’t push me Lana, I am so not in the mood for it,” replied Chloe through gritted teeth.

    “Because I will,” continued Lana. “I will be *more* than happy to leave you and Lex alone, it’s no trouble at all.”

    Ever since the incident with her boots at the kids’ Christmas party, Lana had been teasing Chloe unmercifully. And when Lex called to ask them to come around to discuss decorations for the Winter Ball, Lana has been going on and on about leaving them alone.

    “Lana, for the millionth time, there is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, going on between me and Lex Luthor, and if you don’t stop I swear I will kill you and hide your body in a ditch.”

    “Chloe, he sat in front of *you*, he took *your* boots off, it was his hand on *your* leg, did he ask me if I wanted help with my boots, no of course not, because I wasn’t *you*. Now correct me if I’m wrong, seeing as how you are the reporter and all that, but gathering all those *facts* together brings us to the conclusion that there *is* most definitely something going on between you and Lex Luthor.”

    Chloe glared briefly at Lana before turning her attention back to the road. Part of her wanted to turn the car around and go back home. And totally forget about Winter Balls, decorations and Lex Luthor. But the rest of her wanted to see if Lana was right and was there something between them.

    Sensing that she might of pushed Chloe a little too far, and not relishing the fact the she might have to *walk* back home, Lana decided to give it a rest for a little while. ‘Well at least until we get to Lex’s place,’ she thought with a grin.

    “Wow the weather’s really changing,” said Lana, “I think we’ll have snow really soon.”

    “Nice subtle change of subject Lana,” said Chloe with a laugh.

    “I thought so,” she replied with a smile.

    “But you are right, I think the snow is almost upon us and I can’t wait. I love the snow, it seems to really top off Christmas when it snows.”

    “Ooh we’re here,” said Lana, as they turned up to the driveway to the Luthor castle. “Just think Chloe, play your cards right and you could be lady of the manor.”

    “Lana do you *want* to walk the rest of way?”

    “You wouldn’t make me walk Chloe.”

    “Ok I wouldn’t, but let’s make a deal. You quit with the teasing about Lex and if you don’t I’ll tell Clark about some of X-rated entries you’ve made about him in your diary,” said Chloe.

    “But I haven’t made any entries like that…” said a confused Lana

    “Maybe not, but I could very well make some up,” replied Chloe with a smirk.

    “You wouldn’t dare Chloe Sullivan.”

    “Try me Lana Lang.”

    “You and Lex are so well suited.” Mumbled Lana, “and that’s my last quip on the subject,” she hastily added. She had no doubt that Chloe would make something up and tell Clark.

    Chloe parked her car at the main steps and both girls got out and headed up to the main door. Just as they were about to ring the bell it opened.

    “Poor Lex,” said Chloe, “reduced to opening the front door himself.”

    “I saw your car coming down the driveway and thought it would be polite of me to let you in myself.”

    “Thank you Lex,” said both girls at the same time, in a singsong voice.

    As hard as he tried Lex couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the two of them. “Please come in ladies,” he said, stepping back to let them pass.

    He led them along the hallways to the room where the ball would be held. “Wow,” said Lana, “what a room.”

    “It does seem to invoke that response,” said Lex with a smile.

    “Lex, don’t you think it would be better to hire professionals for this?” asked Lana.

    “Chloe said the same thing but no I don’t, I think you two will do a great job. Since this *isn’t* a Christmas Party as such,” he said, ignoring the looks from both of them, “there probably won’t be any need for the kind of decorations used in the Talon.”

    Lex stood back and watched as both girls walked slowly around the room, or more specifically watched Chloe.

    Chloe was aware of Lex’s eyes on her and focused all her energy on not turning around and looking at him.

    “What do you think Chloe?” asked Lana.

    “What…think…” replied Chloe.

    Lana rolled her eyes; “I said what about decorating it as a winter scene. You know, snow, ice etc.”

    Chloe thought for a moment, “wow that sounds like a great idea. We can have snowflakes, and Lex definitely has the money for a few ice sculptures. We can use blues and whites,” she said.

    “And of course mistletoe,” said Lana with a grin.

    “And mistletoe…what, jeez Lana what is it with you and that damn plant?”

    “Well I know Lex said this wasn’t a *Christmas Party*, but I thought we should at least try and put some kind of Christmassy thing in the decorations.”

    “Oh I agree Lana,” said Lex as he reached them, “I do want mistletoe included.” He looked at Chloe while he said this, enjoying the blush that flooded her face.

    “And I can already think of few places to put it,” said Lana.

    “And I can definitely think of a few places I’d like to stick it,” muttered Chloe, glaring daggers at both Lex and Lana.

    “I’ll leave you girls to your discussions, I need to make a few business calls. As before just let me know what you need and I’ll sign the cheques. I’ll see you before you leave,” and with that he left the room.

    As soon as the door was closed, Chloe slapped Lana gently on the shoulder, “what did I tell you?”

    “Ouch,” said Lana, jokingly. “I said nothing, I mentioned mistletoe and Lex agreed, it was all purely innocent.”

    “Innocent my ass,” mumbled Chloe.

    “I think you’re getting paranoid Chloe.”

    “I think I should start creating some diary entries to pass onto Clark,” retorted Chloe.

    Both girls decided to call a mini-truce and concentrate on the job at hand. They spent the next hour discussing how to decorate the room and by the end were quite happy with what they had decided. They left the room and made their way to Lex’s study. “Come in,” he said when Chloe knocked on the door.

    “Where’s the nearest bathroom, please?” asked Lana when they got inside.

    “Second last door on the right,” said Lex.

    “Back in a minute,” said Lana, ignoring the look on Chloe’s face.

    “So have you come up with a plan?” said Lex, rounding his desk and standing very close to her.

    She took an involuntary step back and Lex stepped forward again. “Yes, yes we have,” she said, “I’ll get together some initial costs and then talk to you.”

    “Excellent, I look forward to it Chloe. I’m dying to know how you’ll persuade me to sign over lots of money,” he said, his voice low.

    Chloe looked up at him, their face's inches apart and decided it was time for her to flirt back. “Should I wear the boots Lex?” she whispered.

    As visions of Chloe wearing nothing but those thigh-high boots flooded his mind he groaned and was just about to grab her and kiss her when Lana came back.

    Chloe and Lex jumped apart. “Ok I’m ready,” said Lana, a sly grin on her face.

    ‘Damn girl,’ thought Lex. “Well yes,” he said when he had composed himself. “I shall talk to *you* soon,” he directed at Chloe.

    “Sure fine,” she said, and practically dragged Lana out of the room, out of the castle and to her car.

    “One word Lana and I swear to God you’re walking,” she said as she unlocked her car, “ and if you say anything while we are in the car, I’ll kick you out.”

    Lana said nothing, knowing by Chloe’s mood that she probably would make her walk this time. So she just managed to keep her smile to a minimum and got into the car.

    Part Twelve

    Three days after Lana and Chloe’s visit to see the room where the ball was being held the weather changed dramatically. Now Smallville was covered in a blanket of snow. As Chloe walked up the long driveway to the Luthor castle and saw the pristine snow covering the grounds she tried to picture Lex making a snowman or having a snowball fight. ‘Maybe I can do something about that,’ she thought.

    When she reached the steps up to the main door she turned around and looked over the estate, “beautiful,” she whispered as a blanket of white greeted her.

    Lex had observed her walking up the driveway and had made his way to the door to let her in. But he never heard the bell ring. When he opened the door he saw her standing with her back to the door staring out over the grounds.

    “Good afternoon Chloe,” he said, causing her to jump.

    She turned around to face him, “thank you for the heart attack Lex.”

    He just smirked. Her cheeks were red from the cold and the walking. “Of course you do realise Lex there will be retribution.”

    “For what? For saying hello?”

    “No for sneaking up behind me and giving me a heart attack,” she replied, her eyes twinkling.

    “Really,” said Lex with a smirk, drawing the word out.

    ‘Argh how can he always be so self-assured,’ she thought. Before she had set out to see him Chloe had decided she wasn’t going to let him get the upper hand with this little flirting game he seemed to have started. She was going to be strong, and not let him turn her to mush.

    Chloe laid her gloved hand on his arm and absently began to pick at invisible lint “Well Lex,” she began as she moved closer to him. She reached her other hand behind her, Lex didn’t notice, he was too focused on her mouth, as she licked her lips.

    “I was thinking,” she continued, “of…maybe something like…THIS.” And she threw a handful of snow in his face.

    He coughed and spluttered in surprise and Chloe chose that moment to move away from him.

    “THAT was not funny Chloe,” he said as he wiped the snow from his face.

    “You’re right Lex,” she said laughing, “it wasn’t funny, it was hilarious.”

    “You realise of course Chloe that this means war,” he stated as he grabbed a handful of snow. Chloe’s eyes widened and she turned to start running, as she did a lump of snow hit on the side of the head.

    Shaking her head she grabbed some more snow and began firing it at Lex. Within seconds the barrage of snow between the two of them intensified. Then Lex caught her with one particularly large snowball and the force of it caused her to lose her balance and she fell face first into the snow-covered grass.

    “Chloe,” said a worried Lex when she didn’t move. He approached her cautiously and heard a soft whimper come from her. “Chloe,” he said again, kneeling down beside her, placing his hand on her back. She turned slowly to face him. “Are you ok?” he asked.

    She brought her snow filled hand up quickly and rubbed it in his face, “I am now,” she said. As she tried to get up Lex grabbed her and what resulted was a brief wrestling match between them in the snow.

    Chloe managed to get the upper hand and when Lex was on his back she straddled his waist. She grabbed two handfuls of snow. “You wouldn’t DARE Chloe,” said Lex.

    She smirked at him and started stuffing the snow down his sweater, his cashmere sweater at that.

    “Jesus Chloe, that’s freezing,” he exclaimed and began struggling beneath her. She just laughed and continued stuffing the snow. Lex managed to grab her arms and rolled them until he was on top. He placed his knee between her legs and held her arms so she couldn’t move.

    “Now Chloe that wasn’t very nice,” he whispered, his cold breath fanning her face. “I told you there would be retribution,” she whispered back.

    “Well you’re just as cold and wet as I am,” he said.

    “Doesn’t matter it was worth it,” she replied, “so are you going to let me up?”

    “That depends on whether or not I have to worry about getting ambushed again, although I do like you *under* me,” he finished with a smirk.

    “You won’t get ambushed, and I’d rather be on *top*,” she replied with a smirk of her own.

    Lex got off her and helped her up. “Truce,” he said. “Truce,” she replied.

    They made their way to the castle and Lex led her to the library where a fire was lit. She took off her wet hat, gloves and jacket. “I’ll be back in a moment,” said Lex, throwing her a towel.

    When he left Chloe let out a small laugh, she couldn’t believe that she had gotten into a snowball fight with Lex Luthor. Granted as a result she was cold and wet, but it was fun…especially the feeling of his body pressed against hers. “Stop it Chloe,” she murmured.

    About ten minutes later a drier Lex entered the library with two cups of coffee. “Oh thank you,” she said gratefully, as she took the cup. She wrapped her hands around it and inhaled deeply before taking a sip.

    “So Chloe was there are real reason you came to see me, or was the snow fight it,” he asked.

    “Yes Lex, I traipsed all the way out here in the cold and the snow just to pick a fight with you,” she said rolling her eyes. “Winter Ball, decorations, Lana and I. Any of this ringing a bell?”

    “And where is your partner in crime today?”

    “Talon, I’m meeting her there afterwards,” she said. “So Lex, did you get a chance to look over the ideas we came up with?”

    “I did and I must say I was impressed that you managed *not* to make it Christmassy.”

    “Well that is what you wanted. Oh and Lana found this cool artist guy, we were thinking of getting a few winter scenes painted, well not exactly painted but using some other arty thing so it’s not exactly paint, although it looks like paint. Anyway where was I oh yes winter scenes, getting some painted on the mirrors.”

    Lex watched bemused as she babbled on, amazed that she could say so much without pausing to take a breath. “How much is he going to cost?”

    “Stop being such a scrooge Lex. If you had hired professional party organisers or whatever they are called it would be costing you a hell of a lot more. As it is Lana and I are doing this out of the goodness of our hearts.”

    “Yourself and Miss Lang will be duly rewarded *if* everything is up to standards,” he said with a grin.

    “Standards MR LUTHOR? Whose standards? Your, ours, the international party organisers committee?”

    “Chloe this is the first big party I’ve thrown since coming to Smallville, everything has to be perfect, the caterers, the ticket printers, the *decorators*,” he said, he was teasing her, but he did love getting her all worked up.

    Chloe put her cup down on the table a little harder than she had originally intended causing it to rattle. She grabbed her jacket, “well Mr Luthor you should of thought of that before asking two *high-school* girls to organise your decorations. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to meet Lana. I know my own way out. And with that stormed out of the castle.

    “Ok, maybe pushed a little too far that time,” murmured Lex, “but the results were amazing. I’d love to see that anger and passion directed in more pleasurable areas.”

    Lex decided to would be better for his health to let Chloe clam down. He would call her later to discuss how much money she originally had come to ask him for.

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    I Love this story. Can't wait for the next part.

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    amazing story. i lvoe everything about it. you should write for the show.

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    Absolutely the best story ever. I love this!!!

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