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Thread: NS Advent Calendar 2003 - The Magic Of Christmas - Feedback thread

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    *claps* Oh Fi I loved that part. I think you got Clark down just about right

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    Can't wait for the next part!!!! :lol:

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    PART 18


    Part Eighteen

    Chloe’s mind tried to process what was going on. One minute she was ranting at Lex and really getting into it. And then, suddenly, Lex’s lips were on hers and the rant was forgotten. With the initial shock wearing off Chloe began to return his kiss. Lex teased her with his tongue until she couldn’t take it anymore and tangled her own tongue around his.

    Lex moaned softly into her mouth and as they kissed he slowly began backing her up against the wall. Chloe let out a small groan when she felt the wall at her back and Lex leaned in, pressing his body against hers.

    He left her mouth and began kissing her neck, pulling aside the collar of her shirt. Chloe moaned and arched against him as she felt his tongue and lips on her neck.

    ‘Oh God,’ thought Lex as he felt her press closer. He had originally kissed her to stop her rant but now a haze of lust and desire had settled over them.

    Chloe slipped her hands under his sweater and danced her hands up and down his back, causing him to shiver slightly.

    He brought his mouth back to hers, slipping his tongue into her open mouth. Deftly he unbuttoned her shirt while they kissed. He pulled back and pushed the shirt aside exposing her satin-clad breasts.

    They stared at each other as Lex moved his hands to the front clasp of her bra. His hand hovered over the clasp. “What are you waiting for Lex,” she whispered, “an invitation?” Chloe surprised Lex and herself saying those words.

    He smirked at her and undid the clasp, peeling the cups aside. “Beautiful,” he murmured, as he cupped her breasts in his hands, running his thumbs over her nipples. “Lex,” she gasped, arching her chest further into his hands. She began pulling his sweater up and Lex released her long enough to pull the sweater over his head and off.

    He crushed her against him, moaning at the sensation of her bare breasts against his chest. “Chloe,” he gasped, as she began licking and sucking on his neck.

    He lifted her up and Chloe wrapped her legs around his waist. He manoeuvred them around to the table. She sat on the edge, Lex still between her legs.

    Lex stood back a little to look at her. Her hair was mussed up, lips swollen, her ample chest rising and falling as she took deep breaths. “We can let this go too far Chloe,” he whispered, “not yet anyway.” God how he hated saying those words, ‘damn conscience,’ he thought.

    “I know,” she whispered back, pulling his head down, “not yet.” And pressed her lips to his again, she ran her tongue along his bottom lip, begging entry.

    “You’re not making this easy Chloe,” he murmured. ‘You’re making it so *hard*,’ he thought, as his pants got tighter.

    He opened his mouth and their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouth. Chloe reflexively tightened her legs around him, and Lex gently pushed her till she was lying on the table. He moved his lips down to her breasts, and ran his tongue around her nipples causing her to moan loudly.

    When he had teased both nipples till they were hard points, he moved his lips and tongue to her stomach. When he reached the waistband of her jeans he paused. As much as he wanted to rip off her clothes and bury himself deep inside her he knew they couldn’t go that far yet. He looked up to find her staring down at him. “I understand,” she said softly. He stood up and Chloe sat up on the table. With slightly shaky hands Lex closed her bra and began buttoning up her shirt.

    When she was presentable again he kissed her softly. “Do you still want that invitation?” he whispered with a smirk.

    “No, I think we’ve got over that,” she replied with a smile of her own. “Although we can’t blame this mistletoe this time.”

    Lex looked around the room and saw that there was no sign of mistletoe anywhere. “It looks like Lana hadn’t put it up yet.”

    “We will be tomorrow,” said Chloe.

    “Doesn’t matter, *we* don’t need it anymore.”

    “I had better go Lex,” she said as she watched him pull his sweater back on, and groaned slightly as he was covered up again. He was surprisingly well built for a guy who sat at a desk most of the time.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow for the final check on the room, and as for Friday and the party, I will pick you up at 7.00pm.”

    “Lex you can’t leave *your* party to come get me, I can make my own way here.”

    “No Chloe, you are my date and I will pick you up, anyway guests aren’t going to start arriving till 7.30pm at least.”

    “Ok, ok,” she said, wanting to avoid another argument in case they *did* end up naked and sweaty on the floor.

    He walked her to the front door and kissed her gently. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said.

    “Bye Lex.”

    When she had driven from his sight Lex closed the door and groaned. “I need a very, very cold shower,” he murmured, as he made his way upstairs.


    The Next Day

    “I can’t believe the party is tomorrow,” said an excited Lana as they drove to the castle to make the final check on everything.

    “I know,” agreed Chloe, “it seems so long ago to when we were arranging the kids party.”

    “Yes and so long ago since you and Lex were just *friends*,” she said with grin.

    Chloe rolled her eyes. She had told Lana what had happened, well most it, she did censor some of it. And the brunette had teased her mercilessly about it, mainly finishing each sentence with an ‘I told you so.’ Granted Chloe had teased her about Clark asking her to the ball.

    “Well Lana,” she said, “we’ll try and keep our hands off each other while you’re around.”

    Both girls laughed as they pulled up to the front door. They got out and Lana grabbed her bag of mistletoe from the boot. They were greeted at the door by Lex who gave her a soft kiss.

    “Ladies,” he said. And they made their way to the ballroom.

    “Before you start,” he said. “I wanted to thank you for all your work, the room looks amazing, you should be both very proud of yourself.”

    “Thanks Lex,” they both said.

    “I’ll leave the two of you alone, I have to pop out and collect something. I should be back in a couple of hours.”

    “No problem,” said Chloe, “see you later.”

    And with that Lex left them and they busied themselves checking over things.


    He got into his car and checked his watch; he had just enough time to make it to the store to collect Chloe’s Christmas present. He couldn’t wait to see her face when he gave it to her on Christmas Eve.
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    Ok, I sooooo want to cheat right now, to find out what her gift is!!!! I can you know, I have the parts.. .. MWHAHAHAHAH!!

    *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no* *no*

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    You have more self control then I do. I cant wait to keep reading.

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    I love this story, it's fantastic! I can't wait to read the next part!

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    More! more! more! more! more!

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    Sorry about the delay, my laptop arrived, and I just got caught up in that... Sorry


    PART 19


    Part Nineteen

    “Five more minutes,” Chloe mumbled as she buried herself deeper under the covers. She reached out one hand and hit the snooze button on her alarm clock for the third time.

    Getting comfortable again she returned to the wonderful dream she was having. It was the one where she and Lex *did* end up naked and sweaty on the ballroom floor. The sensation of his lips, hands and tongue on her skin made her so hot. She moaned softly in her sleep as dream Lex kissed his way down her body.

    “Chloe,” he whispered. “Lex,” she breathed.

    “Chloe,” he said again, although this time he sounded remarkably like Lana Lang.

    She opened her eyes to see a very amused looking Lana staring at her. “Jesus,” she exclaimed, “what the hell are you doing here?”

    “Sorry Chloe, I don’t mean to drag you from your Lex-filled dreams,” said Lana with a grin. “But we have a hundred and one appointments today. So get up, we are already ten minutes behind schedule.”

    “Go away Lana,” said Chloe, pulling a pillow over her head. “It’s *way* too early for this.”

    Lana shook her head and grabbed hold of the covers and pulled them off Chloe. “GET UP NOW,” she said. The shock caused Chloe to fall out of the bed.

    “I’m up. I’m up,” she mumbled.

    “Good,” said Lana, “now I will make you some coffee while you have a shower. And then we’ll be off.”

    Chloe waited until she had left the room before getting up off the floor. ”Yes sir,” she murmured. Just as she was getting back into bed, Lana’s voice rang out. “Don’t even *think* about getting back into bed Chloe Sullivan.”

    With a smirk to rival Lex Luthor, Chloe made her way to the bathroom, mumbling about the brunette.


    “Come in Lex,” said Clark.

    “Here you go Clark, one tuxedo,” said Lex, handing the suit over to him.

    “Thanks for this. So are you all set for tonight?”

    “Well I haven’t really had much to do, Chloe and Lana took care of almost all the arrangements. What time are you and Lana going to arrive at?”

    “We’ll be there about 7.30pm. My mom and dad said they’d be there about 8.00pm.”

    “And you’re sure you don’t want a limo?” asked Lex.

    “No it’s fine. Thanks for the offer anyway.”

    “Ok then, well I will see you and Lana later.”

    “Bye Lex, and thanks again for the tux.”


    Chloe stood nervously in the sitting room, waiting for Lex to arrive. She checked the clock again, 6.50pm. The party hadn’t even started and she was already exhausted. She and Lana had spent the best part of the day getting their hair, nails and make up done. And while these weren’t normally the kind of things Chloe spent her time on, she had actually enjoyed herself.

    The sound of the doorbell ringing caused her to jump slightly. Taking a deep breath and smoothing the front of her dress, she went to answer the door.

    “Oh wow,” she whispered, when a delicious looking Lex Luthor stood in front of her. Decked out in black Armani that fitted his form to perfection, a black silk shirt completed the ensemble.

    Lex let his eyes roam over Chloe. Her hair was pulled back from her face, held in place by thing silver snowflakes. Her dress was ice-blue satin; the bodice was a corset complete with laces tied at the back. The skirt fell to her ankles, clinging slightly to her legs.

    He took her hand and kissed it gently. “Beautiful,” he whispered. “You look pretty good yourself,” she said.

    He smiled gently at her. “Shall we?” he asked, holding out his arm. Chloe grabbed her purse and wrap and took his arm, locking the door behind her. They made their way quickly to the limo.

    “Whoa it’s cold out,” said Chloe as Lex slid in beside her. He moulded his body to hers as the car drove off. “Getting warmer,” he murmured in her ear. Chloe nodded and then shivered, only this time not from the cold, as Lex placed kisses up and down her neck.

    She turned her head and caught his lips with her own. As they kissed Lex’s hands strayed to the laces of her dress. How easy it would be to just tug on them gently, causing her… ‘Later,’ he thought. ‘Definately later.’


    Lex led her to the ballroom. “I have to say, in all modesty,” she said, “that Lana and I did one hell of a job.” The room literally sparkled, and gave off the impression of a real winter wonderland. “And I see Lana managed to put her sprigs of mistletoe around the place,” she added with a laugh.

    “And it would be utterly shameful Chloe if we didn’t conform with tradition,” said Lex with a smirk as he took her in his arms.

    “Oh terribly shameful Lex,” she replied with a smile. And their lips met. Lex’s arms wrapped around her waist, as hers found their way around his neck. Chloe whimpered softly as Lex deepened the kiss.

    “Get a room,” said Lana.

    Lex released Chloe’s mouth, but kept his arms around her. “We have a room,” he said, “and you guys are early.”

    ‘I’d say we were just on time,’ thought Lana with a grin.

    “Wow Clark you look great,” said Chloe, admiring her best friend in his tuxedo. “So do you Lana.”

    Clark blushed slightly, “you look great yourself Chloe. And wow this room looks amazing, well done to you and Lana.”

    A waiter appeared with four glasses of champagne. “A toast,” said Lex handing them out, “to our wonderful decorators.”

    All four clinked glasses and took a sip. “And here’s to a perfect party and unforgettable night,” said Chloe, smiling at Lex.


    The party was in full swing. “I think we should set up our own business,” said Lana to Chloe. “We could really make some money out of it.”

    “No thanks Lana, this Christmas has been more than enough got me,” laughed Chloe. “But I’ll be quite happy to act as a consultant for you.”

    “It has been fun though,” said Lana, “and I’m glad it was you and I working on it.”

    “So am I Lana,” agreed Chloe. “Now if you look to your right, you will see that Clark Kent is standing in what can only be described as a perfect position.”

    Lana looked over and saw that Clark was standing directly under a sprig of mistletoe. “I couldn’t,” whispered Lana.

    “You could,” said Chloe, pushing her in Clark’s direction. She laughed as Lana stumbled against Clark and they end up with their arms around each other. Lana glanced up at the mistletoe and Clark followed her gaze. He blushed and then slowly lowered his lips to hers.

    “About time,” mumbled Chloe as the kissed. She jumped slightly when she felt a pair of arms go around her waist but relaxed immediately when Lex whispered in her ear. “I see Lana got caught by her own trick,” he said. Chloe nodded and leaned against him, sighing contentedly.


    The party was winding down and Lex was saying goodbye to another group of guests. He made his way back to the ballroom and saw that Chloe was the only one left.

    “It’s snowing again,” she said as she heard him come up behind her. “MMMM,” he said kissing her shoulders. “Do *you* have to leave yet?”

    She turned to face him. “No,” she whispered, running her hands up his silk clad chest. Lex pulled her tight against him and kissed her passionately. “No stopping this time,” he murmured when they parted.

    “No stopping,” she echoed, kissing him again.
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    PART 20!!


    Part Twenty

    Before Chloe knew what was happening, she herself in Lex’s bedroom. A single lamp bathed the room in muted colours. She turned to find Lex smiling at her.

    ‘She’s nervous,’ he thought. He walked slowly over to her and cupped her face in his hands, kissing her gently. “We’ll only go as far as you want Chloe,” he whispered. She smiled shyly at him and began to push his jacket off. Lex released her face and allowed the jacket to fall to the floor.

    “I want to do this,” she whispered, and began unbuttoning his shirt. She placed kisses on the skin she uncovered and Lex moaned softly. His fingers flexed on her hips tightening each time her lips touched him.

    Chloe couldn’t believe this was happening as she undid the last button of his shirt. She ran her hand over his stomach, watching as the muscles tightened. She slowly moved her hands up his chest. She looked up at him and Lex caught her lips. This kiss was full of want and need and his tongue tasted every part of her mouth. When he finally released her mouth so she could breath, Chloe felt light-headed from the intensity of the kiss.

    He kept his eyes locked on hers and he began to tug gently on the ties at the back of her dress. ‘Looks like I’m getting my wish,’ he thought as he felt the corset loosen, ‘I’m unwrapping Chloe like a Christmas present.’

    When they had been undone Lex slowly knelt down bringing the dress with him. Chloe shivered and suddenly felt very self-conscious, standing in Lex Luthor’s bedroom wearing just a strapless bra and matching underwear.

    “Magnificent,” he murmured, kissing her stomach lightly. “Lex,” she moaned, when she felt his lips on her thigh. He stood back up and dropped his shirt and reached behind Chloe to unhook her bra. When the item had joined the growling pile of clothes on the floor he pulled her against him and kissed her. Lex moaned as her tongue entwined around his. And he moaned even louder as she rubbed gently against him.

    Mouths still fused together; he lifted her up and laid her on the bed, positioning himself over her. Chloe’s hands fumbled with his belt and zipper, but she eventually got them open and began pushing his pants off.

    Lex discarded his pants and settled again more comfortably between her legs. He moaned her name when he felt her wet heat. He slid one hand down into her panties and caressed her gently. “Oh God,” she moaned, and began breathing heavily as he moved his fingers faster. When she started moving her hips in time with his hand he knew she was ready.

    Quickly he divested both of them of their last item of clothing and positioned himself. “Are you ready?” he whispered. “Yes,” she gasped.

    His kissed her hard and thrusted deep inside, swallowing her cry. He continued to kiss and whisper to her as she adjusted to him. Chloe shifted slightly beneath him and he groaned. He started moving slowly and bent to kiss her breasts while Chloe dug her nails into his back.

    “Lex. Lex. Lex,” she chanted as he moved faster and harder. He hooked her leg higher and slipped deeper inside her, “Oh Chloe,” he groaned. An incredible sensation began in Chloe’s stomach and rapidly began spreading through her body, centring on where she and Lex where joined. She cried out his name as her climax hit her and the sensations of her pulsating around him sent Lex spiralling into his own.

    He collapsed on top of her breathing hard, and Chloe held him close as she tried to get her own breath back.

    “Oh wow,” she said after a moment. Lex lifted his head and smiled at her. “I’ll second that,” he replied. He slipped out of her, moved to the side and pulled her close. Chloe laid her head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her.

    “Merry Christmas Lex,” she murmured. “Merry Christmas Chloe,” he said, kissing her head, and pulled the sheet over them.


    Chloe woke when she felt Lex move beside her. His arm tightened around her waist and he mumbled something in his sleep. She managed to untangle herself from him and propped herself up on one elbow to watch him.

    She couldn’t believe that they had made love. Granted if was pretty much all she had thought off since he had taken her boots off after the kids’ party, but still it all seemed like an incredible dream.

    ‘All I want for Christmas is Lex Luthor,’ she thought with a smile. She glanced at the clock, 8.00am, thanking the Gods that her father was out of town till the 22nd visiting people. There would have been no way she could have stayed the night if he had been home. But when he got back she would tell him about her relationship with Lex, leaving out the sleeping with him part of course.

    She laid her hand gently on his chest where his heart was, feeling it beat. She looked up to see him staring at her and she blushed slightly.

    “Morning,” he said softly. Chloe scooted up and kissed him lightly, “morning,” she said.

    “Did you sleep well?” he asked with a smile. “Very well,” she replied, “I’m all rested.”

    “Rested,” he repeated with a smirk, pulling the sheet down to her waist. “Yes,” she gasped as his hand cupped her breast. She moaned as he ran his thumb over her nipple. The phone rang and Lex answered it with his other hand. “Lex Luthor,” he said, smiling at Chloe as she leaned into his caress.

    “Lex,” his father’s voice said, “why aren’t you here?”

    Lex groaned and released Chloe, running his hand over his head. “Because I told you I was staying in Smallville for Christmas.”

    “And I told you to come here,” said Lionel.

    “Well dad unless you want to fly back to Smallville and physically drag me with you back to the Caribbean I’m not leaving.”

    “Fine, it’s not like you’re fun when you’re here,” snapped Lionel.

    “Bye dad, have a good Christmas, I know I will,” he smirked at Chloe and hung up the phone.

    “Now Miss Sullivan, where were we?”

    “I think we were about here,” she said with a laugh, rubbing herself wantonly against him. Lex grabbed her and turned them till she was beneath him again and began kissing his way down her body. He smirked to himself, as her laughs became moans. ‘Oh yes,’ he thought, ‘a very good Christmas.’
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