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Thread: NS Advent Calendar 2003 - The Magic Of Christmas - Feedback thread

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    wow, this story rocks!!! i seriosly love it! please post more on the site so i can read more... great site btw!!!!!

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    This story is the best! It has all the elements I want in a story. Great job!

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    This story is just fantastic. I can't wait to read more. I can really see Lex and Chloe getting into something like this. Great Job!

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    PART 13;


    Part Thirteen

    "And he actually said that," said a disbelieving Lana, "and you actually had a snowball fight with Lex Luthor?"

    "Lana the snowball fight is not important," said Chloe rolling her eyes. "You should of heard him, he was so arrogant and…and…"

    "So Lex," offered Lana.

    Chloe glared at her, "Lana this is not funny."

    "Maybe not Chloe, but I still don't understand why you're making such a big deal about it. Ok he was an asshole, but this is Lex Luthor, so it's expected. He was just teasing you and you being Chloe Sullivan had to rise to it."

    "You know I really hate you Lana when you're right," said Chloe with a small smile. "But he just makes me so mad, one minute he's fine and then he juts pisses me off."

    "Chloe, there is a very fine line between love and hate," said Lana with a grin.

    "And Lana, there is a very fine line between truth and fiction," retorted Chloe with a grin of her own.

    Both girls stared at each other for a few moments before bursting out laughing. "Oh I needed that," said Chloe after a while.

    "You know Chloe, if you didn't let Lex get to you it would piss him off."

    "I know Lana, it's just hard not to react when he says something. It's not in my nature to keep my mouth shut. And there is absolutely no need for you to make *any* comment to that statement Lana Lang."

    "Fine. Fine. Anyway during your time with Lex did you get the cheque?"

    "Oh shit," exclaimed Chloe. "I didn't, we hadn't actually gotten around to discussing money. I had just mentioned the artist when he went off on his superior rant."

    Lana handed the phone to Chloe. "Why do I have to call him? Why can't you ask for the money?"

    "Chloe just call him."

    She muttered under her breath as she dialled Lex's number.

    "Lex Luthor."

    "Mr Luthor, it's Chloe Sullivan."

    "I see we are back on formal terms Miss Sullivan. What can I do for you?"

    Chloe could practically hear him smirk. "I need to get a cheque from you. Do you think you'd be able to drop it at the Talon? I'm helping Lana there this evening."

    "Don't you want to drop by my place to collect it?"

    "Well as tempting as that offer is Mr Luthor, I did promise Lana I'd help."

    "I'll drop by later Chloe, well as long as you can guarantee there won't be any snowballs for me to worry about."

    "Of course not," she said. 'No snowballs, put a punch in the nose mightn't be out of the question,' she added silently to herself.

    "See you later Chloe." "Bye Mr Luthor." And she hung up the phone. "He's going to drop it by the Talon later," she told Lana, "so we should go ahead and book the artist."

    "Good," said Lana, "I'll call him now."


    Lex smiled to himself as he drove towards the Talon. He had been quite surprised by Chloe's call. He thought it would have been awhile before she'd speak to him again.

    He parked his car and got out, heading into the coffee house. It was still decorated; although not too the grand scale that it had been for the kids' party.

    It wasn't busy and Lex spotted Chloe and Lana at a table in the corner. He made his way over to them.

    "Ladies," he said.

    "Hi Lex," said Lana. "Mr Luthor," mumbled Chloe.

    "Can I get you anything Lex?" asked Lana.

    "No thank you Lana, I'm fine. So Chloe, how much this time?"

    Chloe picked up a piece of paper from the table and scanned it quickly. "$500.00 please, for starters."

    "It's for the decorations and the artist," explained Lana. "We're using the same place that we got the kids party stuff from. Chloe got another great discount from them. I think they are scared of her."

    "Hey," protested Chloe. "They are *not* scared, I just negotiated well."

    "Ah so more sexual favours were offered" said Lex with a smirk. "I like the way you do business Chloe."

    Lana gasped, while Chloe just smirked at Lex. 'He is so not getting away with it this time,' she thought. "Well I had made such an impression on them the last time, they couldn't wait to let me put my hands on their Christmas balls again," she said, keeping her face perfectly straight.

    "Now that I think of it, we never did discuss *my* fringe benefits," retorted Lex. He rested his hands on the table and leaned forward towards Chloe.

    "That's because Lex, you wouldn't live up to the *standards* I'm accustomed too," replied Chloe with a smirk of her own.

    "Chloe, your standards obviously aren't that high if you think for a moment that *I* wouldn't live up to them."


    Lana slowly eased herself out of her chair and moved away from the table. Neither Chloe nor Lex noticed her departure. She shook her head and smiled to herself as she made her way to the counter. "They are both in such denial," she murmured. 'Like you and Clark,' an inner voice that sounded exactly like Chloe piped up.


    "That's quite a high opinion of yourself that you have," said Chloe, standing up and mimicking Lex's stance.

    "I have never had any complaints," he replied, his tone and face smug.

    'I'd love to wipe that smug look off his faced,' thought Chloe. She rolled her eyes at his comment and spotted the mistletoe over their table. 'At least I can use it as an excuse.'

    She reached a hand out and wrapped it around his neck and pressed her lips to his.

    Lana nearly dropped the cup she had been holding when she saw Chloe kiss Lex. 'Way to go Chloe,' she thought.

    Chloe nibbled gently on Lex's bottom lip and then ran her tongue across it. It took Lex a moment to realise what was happening, but when he began to kiss her back Chloe pulled away.

    "That was ok I suppose," she said, injecting an air of boredom into her voice. Although she appeared calm on the outside, inside was a different story. Her heart was thumping wildly and she really wanted to kiss him again.

    "Ok," spluttered Lex. "Just OK." He rounded the table and took Chloe in his arms pressing his lips hard against hers. Chloe gasped and Lex slid his tongue into her mouth.

    He tilted her head and completely plundered her mouth. When he finally released her, he smirked at her appearance. Her eyes were glazed over and her lips were swollen.

    Lex walked away from her before he took her in his arms again and they ended up indecently exposing themselves on the table. He handed the cheque to Lana who stood wide-eyed staring at him.

    "Great place to hang mistletoe," he said and walked out.

    Lana glanced up and saw the sprig over the table where Chloe was.

    "Son of a bitch," said Chloe, when she had gotten control of herself. Lana just laughed.
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    Oh Oh Oh.....
    this is sooooooooooo good....hehehehehe love the kiss.....woohoo


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    That was a GREAT KISS . Can't wait for the next part. Post soon.

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    Part 14


    Part Fourteen

    “And that’s the final edition of the Torch for this year,” announced Chloe to an empty office. She had finished her editorial and everything was ready for the printers.

    She had just switched off her computer when the phone rang.

    “Hello Chloe here.”

    “Hi Chloe, it’s Lana, just to let you k now that you-know-who is here. He’s talking with Clark at the moment, I don’t know how long he’s going to be here for but I thought I should let you know.”

    “Damn it,” said Chloe. “Thanks for the heads up Lana.”

    “So are you still going to drop by?”

    “I don’t know yet. I know I’m being a coward but, well…”

    “I understand Chloe. I’ll talk to you tomorrow if I don’t see you later.”

    “Ok, bye Lana.” “Bye Chloe.”

    Chloe hung up the phone and groaned loudly. It had been two days since the *kiss* with Lex in the Talon and she had been avoiding him. She hadn’t even spoken to him on the phone. “I am pathetic,” she said aloud. Any Winter Ball business that needed to be discussed with him, Lana had called him.

    “God he must think I’m a stupid schoolgirl. One kiss and I can’t even talk to him,” she said, “but boy what a kiss. That man’s tongue is amazing.” She blushed as she thought about where else his tongue could work it’s magic.

    “Jesus Chloe, snap out of it. It’s just Lex Luthor, you can do this.” She stood there mentally preparing herself to see Lex.


    “So are you excited about the party Lex?” asked Clark.

    “I’m looking forward to it Clark, I haven’t quite reached the excited stage,” replied Lex. “But I think it will be a success.”

    “Even with Lana and Chloe looking after the decorations,” said Clark with a grin.

    “Especially with them looking after the decorations Clark, they are doing a great job,” said Lex sincerely. “So how has Chloe been lately? I haven’t seen her around,” he asked after a moment.

    “She’s been putting together the final edition of the Torch for this year so that’s been taking up most of her time,” said Clark. “And it looks like she’s finished, she’s just walked in.”

    Lex turned around and saw her head straight over to Lana. ‘Now this should be interesting,’ he thought.


    “Chloe,” said a surprised Lana, “I didn’t think you’d come.”

    “Yeah well I decided to take an extremely annoying friend’s advice and stop being a coward. It was a kiss, not the end of the world.”

    “Wow Chloe Sullivan taking my advice,” said Lana with a smile, “now *that* is the end of the world.”

    “Enjoy this moment Lana, because it will *not* be happening again in this lifetime. And now would you be so kind as to get me a large Mocha please?”

    “One large Mocha coming up,” said Lana and turned away to get Chloe’s order.

    “Can you get me a black coffee please Lana?” A masculine voice behind Chloe spoke. ‘Great,’ thought Chloe, ‘Lex Luthor decided to make the first move and I haven’t had caffeine yet.’

    He leaned against the counter and faced her. “Chloe, haven’t seen you in a couple of days, how have you been?”

    Before heading over to the Talon, Chloe had stood in the girls’ bathroom practising looking nonchalant for when she faced Lex again. But now here he was and all she could do was focus on his lips and think back to his tongue in her mouth.

    “I’ve been busy Lex, you know this and that,” she replied. ‘Hurry up Lana and *get* back over here,’ she thought, trying to telepathically send the message to her.

    “That’s good to here,” he replied, “I thought you were avoiding me.”

    “And why would you think that Lex? I do actually speak to other people besides yourself.”

    “Of course you do, it’s just that it’s always been you that has dealt with on anything for the ball.”

    “Yeah well I thought Lana should do some of the ‘business discussions’. I decided to delegate.”

    A few more people arrived at the counter, which caused Lex to move even closer to Chloe. Lana put their order on the counter in front of them and moved off to server the others. A couple of people jostled against Lex and he put his arm around Chloe waist to prevent himself from falling.

    Chloe looked up at him when she felt his arm go around her at the same time as he looked down at her. Their faces were inches apart. A chorus cheers came from the crowd assembled around the counter as they pointed up at the sprig of mistletoe directly above Lex and Chloe’s had.

    ‘Damn Lana and her fucking mistletoe,’ thought Chloe when she saw what they were pointing at.

    When she looked at Lex he had his usual smirk planted on his face, “well Chloe it *is* tradition,” he said.

    Clark had now joined the growing crowd around the two of them, and Lana was watching with a grin on her face.

    “Screw this,” muttered Chloe and grabbed Lex by the lapels of his jacket and pressed her lips to his.

    Hoots and whistles sounded from the crowd as Lex wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her back. Chloe moved her arms around his neck as the kiss deepened and their tongues clashed.

    Totally oblivious to the *audience* around them, Lex and Chloe lost themselves in the kiss. Chloe pulled away from his mouth briefly to let them both get some air before their lips met again. He manoeuvred her back against the counter and leaned his body into hers.

    Lana cleared her throat a few times as it looked like things were getting out of hand. “Ok,” she said loudly, “I think you should break it up.”

    “Someone get them a firehouse,” a voice in the crowd laughed.

    Lana caught Clark’s eye and he moved to his friends, “ok guys, show is over.”

    They parted, breathing heavily.

    ‘I need to take a very cold shower,’ thought Lex as he stared at Chloe and saw the lust and desire in her eyes.

    With the show over the crowd around them dispersed till only Lex, Chloe, Lana and Clark remained. “Well guys, that was…interesting,” said Clark with a grin.

    “Far be it from me not to honour a Christmas tradition,” said Lex, his eyes still fixed on Chloe.

    “Likewise,” said Chloe. She licked her lips and Lx groaned softly.

    “I really should get going,” said Lex, “I have some papers to sign.” He leaned forward and whispered, “drop by the mansion later,” into Chloe’s ear. She nodded and Lex left.

    “So Chloe…” said Lana, a mischievous grin on her face.

    “Clark want to hear what I read in L…” began Chloe.

    “No he doesn’t Chloe,” said a panicked Lana, “anyway *we* should discuss the ball.” And Clark watched bemused as Lana dragged Chloe off.
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    Part 15 and 16


    Part Fifteen

    Chloe sat in her car at the gates to the Luthor castle. It had started snowing again but she wasn't paying attention to that. She was staring at one particular window, the only one with a light in it.

    She had been sitting there for almost thirty minutes. Right after her scorching kiss with Lex in the Talon she would have agreed to anything. So when he asked her to stop by his place, of course she agreed, she was in a lust haze. But now…now that she was here she wasn't so sure it was a good idea.

    'There was mistletoe,' she told herself. 'That's the only reason he kissed you, or did I kiss him. Doesn't matter, there was a kiss, influenced by that damn plant or whatever it is the Lana insists on hanging everywhere.'

    That conclusion reached Chloe decided to start her car and head home. Just as she was about to turn the key, her cell-phone rang.

    "Hello," she said.

    "Chloe, are you going to sit there all night?" an amused Lex said on the other end of the phone.

    "What?" she replied, looking intently at the lighted window in the distance. 'Oh yeah, great answer Chloe,' she thought. 'Way to sound like an complete idiot.'

    "I asked whether or not you were going to sit there all night," he repeated. "Or are you going to come up to the house."

    "No not all night, I…em…I'm on my way," she babbled.

    "See you soon," he said and hung up the phone.

    "Shit, shit, shit, shit," muttered Chloe, banging her head against the steering wheel. 'So much for a fast getaway,' she thought. Taking a deep breath she started the car and headed up the driveway to the main door.


    Lex put the phone down with a smirk. He had been watching Chloe's car from the moment she had parked at the gates.

    He could understand her indecision on whether or not to actually see him. He was slightly confused himself. They kissed, ok it wasn't the first they had, but it happened, a kiss, that's all. The fact that it was one of the most incredible kisses he had ever had meant nothing. Or the fact the mere thought of it make him so h…

    "Stop it," he muttered to himself. "It's almost Christmas, there was mistletoe involved, that's all it was, a Christmas kiss. And I'm sure Chloe will be of the same mind."

    He heard the front door being opened and the muffled sound of voices. He threw a quick glance around the room. 'No mistletoe,' he thought with relief and a hint of sadness.

    "Come in," he said. The door opened and in stepped Chloe.

    "Chloe, can I get you anything?"

    "No thanks I'm fine," she replied, her eyes darting around, never really settling on him. There was an uncomfortable silence between them, so unlike their usual verbal sparring matches.

    "I see it's started snowing again," he commented and inwardly cringed at the lameness of the statement. 'Jeez Lex, people consider you a genius and weather is all you could come up with,' he thought.

    'Lex Luthor is really bad at making small talk,' thought Chloe. And as slightly uneasy as she was her inner snark couldn't keep quiet; she had to comment.

    "I bet business men sit around the board room table riveted to your speeches Lex," she said. "I mean discussing the weather, isn't that so far beneath you."

    "Well I'm *not* the one who is uncomfortable here," he retorted. "Just trying to make you feel at ease."

    "Hey I'm *not* the one who stood at their window staring at me in my car," Chloe snapped back.

    "I'm *not* the one who sat in their car at the gates, afraid to go any further."

    During their verbal tennis they had somehow managed to end up standing in front of each other. Chloe could feel Lex's breath on her face, and get the faint whiff of his cologne.

    "Is…is there a specific reason you asked me to drop by for," she said, stepping back a little.

    'Yes I wanted you to come over so we could finish what we started in the Talon,' he thought. But knowing he couldn't say that, Lex was, for a moment, lost for something to say. He glanced at Chloe to see a faintly amused look on her face at his silence.

    "Yes, I wanted to ask you to be my *date* for the Winter Ball," he said.

    Now it was Chloe's turn to be speechless. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

    'Touché,' thought a smug Lex. It wasn't his original plan but he had to admit it was a good one.

    "Well Chloe?" he asked after a moment.

    'Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,' thought Chloe. 'Lex asked me…date…ball.'

    "Yes," she blurted out.

    "Yes what Chloe?" he teased, now that he was back in control of the conversation. And besides, he wanted to hear her say she'd go with *him*.

    Chloe narrowed her eyes and glared at him. 'Right, he wants games, he'll get games,' she thought. "Yes Lex, it has started snowing again," she said smugly. 'Advantage Sullivan,' she added to herself.

    Lex stalked right over to her and tangled his finger around a lock of her hair. If words weren't going to work, he was going to up the stakes.

    "A trivial matter," he said, his voice low. "Now my other question Chloe, is much, much more appealing." He leaned closer, "yes or no," he whispered in her ear.

    Chloe shivered. The little angle Chloe on her shoulder was telling her to say no. The little devil Chloe on the other shoulder was telling her to say yes. Devil Chloe punched angel Chloe and the decision was made.

    "Yes, I'll go with you," she whispered back.

    "Excellent," he said, stepping back from her. "The invitations go out tomorrow. They will have the times etc on them. But you and I will discuss *our* arrangements later in the week."

    "Is…is that all?" she asked.

    "Well yes, unless you have some party business that you need to discuss with me."

    "No I don't," she said, a little baffled.

    "Ok, I'll show you to the door."

    They walked in silence to the door. "I'll speak to you tomorrow Chloe."

    "Yeah sure, bye Lex." And she hurried to her car and got in. Lex waited till she was driving away before closing the door.

    He sighed with relief, "she said yes," he whispered.


    "What the hell happened?" muttered Chloe as she turned out of the Luthor estate. She pulled out her phone and dialled Lana's number.


    "Hi Lana it's me. Can I call over?"

    "Sure Chloe."

    "Ok I'm on my way. Bye." She hung up the phone and headed to Lana's house.


    Part Sixteen

    "Ok Chloe, start from the beginning," said Lana.

    Ten minutes after her phone call Chloe had arrived at Lana's place, looking a little flustered and bewildered. So here they were sitting in the kitchen drinking hot chocolate and Lana was waiting patiently for Chloe to begin.

    "Ok, when Lex left the Talon after our little free show he whispered to me to drop by his place on my way home," she began.

    "And did you?"

    "Yes, well I sat outside for about thirty minutes trying to decide whether or not to go up. And after a while decided to go home. Then my phone rang, it was Lex, and he had been watching me sitting in my car. So anyway I drove up and was shown to were he was."

    "Then what happened?" prodded Lana.

    "Then we got into one of our verbal sparring matches, which went on a bit, and then I asked him why he asked me to drop by. And he was lost for words for a moment and of course I gloated, and then…then he just said it."

    "Said WHAT?" asked Lana, leaning forward in her chair.

    "He…asked me…to be his…date for the ball," said Chloe.

    "Is that all?" said Lana, a slight hint of disappointment in her voice.

    "What do you mean 'is that all'?" exclaimed Chloe.

    "Well I was expecting you tell me that the two of you got naked and sweaty on his desk," said Lana with a grin.

    "Lana Lang…"

    "Don't 'Lana' me," she said. "Come on you can't tell me that you haven't thought about it."

    "Of course I've *thought* about it, a lot, and it was running through my mind when I met him, but that's not important. Lana, he asked me to be his *date*. Lex Luthor's date."

    "Did you say yes?"

    "Yes I said yes, how could I not say yes," replied Chloe. "I should have said no, but no I had to say yes."

    "Chloe you're babbling. Calm down."

    She took a deep breath, "ok calm now," she said with a smile. "So naked and sweaty Lana, have *you* thought about it?"

    Lana blushed. "You have," exclaimed Chloe, "you and Clark. Wow maybe I wasn't wrong about those X-rated diary entries."

    "Chloe Sullivan…"

    "Don't 'Chloe' me," she said, mimicking Lana's words from earlier.

    "Fine, but let's not mention naked and sweaty anybody anymore," she said.

    "I'm not the one who started it," reminded Chloe. "But I'll be the one to finish it," she added, after the glare Lana directed at her.

    "So have you thought about what you're going to wear as Lex's date?"

    "Oh God Lana, I never even thought about what I'm going to wear. Hell I hadn't about what I was going to wear before Lex asked me. Although I do have this dress in my closet that has never been worn. I bought it on a whim the last time I was in Metropolis and I think it just might do."

    "Bring it round the next time you come over Chloe and we'll take a look at it."

    "Thanks Lana," said a relieved Chloe. "So have you decided on what you're wearing?"

    "Yes, I have this pale pink dress that use to belong to my mother. Nell has made some alternations to it and it looks really well."

    "And are you hoping that a certain farm boy will ask you?" said Chloe with a grin.

    "I'm not thinking about that, we'll all be there anywhere."

    "Of course Lana, I believe you."

    "So do you want to stay the night? We can over some of the decoration business," she said, changing the subject.

    "Sure, let me ring my dad first."


    Lex relaxed with a glass of brandy. He leaned back in his armchair, revelling in the warmth from the fire.

    He thought back too earlier with Chloe. When he had initially asked her to drop by, it had been to continue on from their explosive kiss in the Talon. But of course they had started trying to out do each other verbally and then it just turned into a battle of wills.

    He hadn't planned on asking her to be his *date*, even though on the night of the actual ball he had intended on her being at his side. But this way, things had actually worked out better.

    He reached out for the single invitation that lay on the table. All the others would be delivered tomorrow. But he had purposely taken out the one addressed to Chloe. 'It's not like she'll be needing it,' he thought. Also he guessed that when she didn't receive it she would be paying him a visit, in fact he was counting on it. And this time he was going to make sure their verbal tennis ended up with them engaged in more pleasurable activities.

    He groaned slightly at the noise that he heard coming from the ballroom. "Will they ever be finished," he murmured. They were currently building a small *stage* for the band. He had to admit that the room was starting to look amazing; Chloe and Lana were doing a wonderful job.

    "I'll have to think of something to give them as a thank you," he said softly. He had thought about taking Lana's invitation out as well, since his talk with Clark he was sure he would ask her to the ball. But then again knowing Clark as far as Lana was concerned he would probably chicken out, so he left here invitation in.

    He stood up when he heard a crash. 'I'd better check on them,' he thought, 'before the destroy the place, and we have no party at all.'
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    I love this story, I can't wait to read more of it!!

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    Part 17


    Part Seventeen

    “Hi Lana,” said Clark, as he approached the counter.

    “Hi Clark,” she replied, flashing him a smile.

    “How are the plans going for the Winter Ball decorations? Have you managed to prevent Chloe from killing Lex?” he asked with a grin.

    “They are going very well, every thing is nearly complete. We are heading over to Lex’s tomorrow to make the final check. And then the day after, it’s the party. I’m so looking forward to it,” she said. “And as for keeping Chloe from killing Lex, I think it’s also a case of keeping Lex from killing Chloe.”

    Clark laughed. “Well yes they do seem to like pushing each others’ buttons to get the best reactions. Although that was some kiss they shared here a few days ago.”

    “Yes it was,” agreed Lana. “Clark, what were your…feelings on seeing them kiss?”

    Clark thought for a moment before answering. “I was surprised at first but then put it down to the mistletoe and Christmas.”

    “And…and what if it wasn’t just mistletoe and Christmas Clark. What if they really liked each other?”

    “I’d be happy for them,” said Clark sincerely. “They are two of my closest friends and I want them both to be happy. Anyway I think they’re kind of suited. I always thought Lex and Chloe would either end up hating each or getting together. Why do you ask?”

    “Because I think they really like each other and all their verbal snarking etc is just, well like…”

    “Foreplay,” offered Clark, causing both of them to blush.

    Lana nodded in agreement, her hair falling down to cover her blushing cheeks. “By the way, Lex asked Chloe to be his date for the ball.”

    “Wow I didn’t think it had gone that far,” said Clark.

    “Well I don’t think he had planned on asking her, they were arguing and it sort of came out,” she replied. “Did you…did you get your invitation? I got mine”

    “Yep it arrived this morning,” he said. “Lana, I was wondering…if you…if you would like to, em, go with, em, me, to the ball?”

    Lana smiled, “I’d love too Clark.”


    “Yes really.” And both smiled at each other. Just then the doors to the Talon flew open and in stormed Chloe.

    “Hey Chloe,” both Lana and Clark greeted.

    “Hi. Do you know if the invitations for the ball went out today?”

    “Yes they did,” replied Lana, “Clark and I got ours. And so did Nell.”

    “My folks and Pete got theirs as well,” added Clark. “Why?”

    “I didn’t get one,” she said.

    “Maybe it’s just late,” offered Lana.

    “My dad got his, even though he can’t go, and Lex knew that. So what happened to mine,” she sighed.

    “Chloe don’t stress about it, you’re going to the party anyway with Lex,” said Lana.

    “I know, but I would of thought I’d still get an invitation, even though I’m going with Lex…” she trailed off as a thought hit her.

    “Son of a bitch,” she exclaimed moments later.

    “What? Who?” Said a baffled Lana and Clark.

    “Lex of course. He thinks just because I’m going with him, I don’t get an invitation. Of all the arrogant, self-righteous, stuck up…” She trailed off, mumbling more under her breath. “I am going to kill him.”

    And she left the Talon as quickly as she had entered it.

    “Think we should call Lex and warn him that a tornado named Chloe is on it’s way to him,” said Clark with a grin.

    “No,” said Lana, “I’d say he did it on purpose. Let them sort it out themselves. Although my money is on Chloe.”

    “So is mine,” agreed Clark, and both laughed.


    Lex sent his email to his father updating him on the plant and switched off his laptop. “Thank God that’s done,” he murmured.

    He stood up and stretched. The party was two days away and even though the invitations had only gone out this morning there had been quite a number of confirmations back.

    Despite his previous apprehensions Lex was really looking forward to the ball. ‘At least it won’t be some stuffy affair like my father would throw,’ he thought.

    He left his office and made his way to the ballroom. “Wow,” he whispered when he entered the room. It looked amazing. He knew Chloe and Lana would be here tomorrow making sure everything was ok, but he really didn’t think they had anything to worry about. The room shimmered with the various shades of blues and whites that the girls had used.

    He walked slowly around the room, admiring the winter scenes that had been painted on a number of the mirrors.

    “LEX LUTHOR where are you?”

    Lex smirked as he heard Chloe’s voice. “I guess she has realised that she’s not getting an invitation,” he murmured.

    “I’m in the ballroom Chloe,” he answered.

    The door flung open and in stormed Chloe, slamming it shut behind her.

    “Looking for me?” he asked with a grin.

    “Listen Luthor, just because I agreed to go to this thing with you, doesn’t mean that you can assume that I don’t need an invitation. Would I have gotten one if you and I weren’t going together? Yes I would so WHY didn’t I get one now?”

    “Well I didn’t think you’d need one, since you were accompanying me,” he replied.

    “How very arrogant of you?” snipped Chloe. “I still would of LIKED to have received an invitation, bit no, LEX LUTHOR is his wisdom decided that since I was ACCOMPANYING him I wouldn’t need one…”

    As Chloe ranted Lex moved closer to her. “And another thing LEX….mmmmuph.”

    Her words were cut off by Lex grabbing her and covering his mouth with hers.
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