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Thread: Secrets Revealed (PG-13) Completed

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    AN: This is going to be a very short fic, probably only one ch. So enjoy!

    I hope that I'm allowed to post this here b/c there is no Lex in it. if it's not ok then just delete it or whatever. But i hope you like it.

    Pete is driving down the road in his car going nowhere in particular. It is just another boring day in Smallville. All of the sudden Peteís car begins to make funny noises as it sputteres to a stop.

    "Damnit!" yells Pete. He realizes that he forgot to put gas in his car.

    "Way to go Pete," he exclaimes sarcastically to himself.

    He gets out of the car to see where he is. He realizes that he is not too far from Chloeís house. He walks to the trunk and retrieves the gas can. He begins to make his way to the Sullivanís. On his way he sees this strange looking flower.

    "What the heck is that?" says Pete as he leanes down to get a closer look. All of the sudden this puff of something appeares in his face and he begins to feel very strange. But not bad strange, just really energized. He feels like heís never felt before.

    He continues on his way to Chloeís. When he arrives at her house he notices that Chloeís red VW Bug is the only car sitting in front of the Sullivan house. He knocks on the door. Chloe answers.

    "Hey Pete," she greets him. She notices the gas can in his hand. "Run out of gas? Sucks for you." jokes Chloe.

    "Yeah, you think you can help me out?" questions Pete.

    "Sure!" replies Chloe. "But not right now, Iím really busy. I have to leave in about an hour or so, we can go get you some gas then."

    "Sounds great," says Pete with a sly grin on his face.

    "Ok, come on in," says Chloe and she invites him in.

    Chloe notices that Pete is checking her out. "Why are you staring at me?" she asks.

    "No reason, you just look really good today. That shirt youíre wearing is really tight" he says.

    Chloe begins to laugh. "Youíre kidding right? I mean what are you on?"

    "Nothing, canít I just say that youíre hot for no reason?"

    "Ok Pete, youíre acting really weird. I think Clark is starting to rub off on you."

    Chloe heads back to the living room where she sits down on the floor in between the couch and the coffee table. She has papers strewn all over the place.

    "What are you researching?" Pete questions, pretending to be interested. He sits down on the couch and leans over Chloeís shoulder in attempt to look down her shirt.

    Chloe hesitates, sheís not sure she wants to tell him.

    "Come on Clo, you can tell me anything, Iím one of your best friends."

    "Ok" Chloe finally gives in. "Iím researching Clark."

    "What do you want to know about Clark?" questions Pete

    "Everything" replies Chloe. "I want to know all the secrets that he is so intent on keeping."

    "What makes you think he has secrets?" ask Pete

    "We all have secrets Pete." She turns around to face him. He canít help but notice how luscious her lips look. All he can think about is how much he wants to kiss them. So he does. He quickly places he lips over Chloeís before he realizes what he is doing. He realizes right away that it is a mistake. Chloe pulls back.

    "What do you think youíre doing?" Chloe practically screams at him. She jumps to her feet.

    "Chloe" he says in a very deep, sexy voice. "Donít tell me youíve never thought about us before. We would be so great together. I could make you forget all about Clark." Pete stands up and walks over to her attempting to kiss her again. But she moves out of the way.

    "Pete, what is the matter with you. I thought we were just friends?"

    "Well maybe I donít want to be just friends anymore, Chloe. Maybe I want more. Maybe I want you."

    "Pete, thatís crazy"

    "Why is that so crazy? Youíre a very attractive girl and weíve known each other so long. Canít we just give it a try" Pete moves toward her again.

    "Pete! Maybe I should just take you to get the gas"

    "No!" says Pete as he grabs Chloe by the arm "I donít want you to go."

    He kisses her again. This time he is a little more passionate and he even uses his tongue.

    Chloe pulls back again. "Pete! Stop! I donít want to do this." Pete begins to get very frustrated. He thinks Ďwhat am I going to have to do?í Then he gets an idea.

    "Chloe, I know Clarks secret."

    Chloe just laughs, "Yeah right, and Iím sleeping with Lex Luthor." Chloe says sarcastically.

    "No, itís true! He told me everything." Says Pete.

    "Iíll tell you if you really want to know." He says trying to convince her.

    "Youíll just tell me? No strings attached?" questions Chloe.

    "Why donít we play a game." Says Pete as he heads back into the living room and plops down on the couch.

    Chloe follows him and asks "What kind of game?"

    "For each piece of information I give you about Clark, youíll give me a piece of your clothing."

    "Pete, this is crazy." She says, rolling her eyes.

    "Well I guess you donít really want to know Clarks secret then do you?"

    "Ok fine! Iíll do it" says Chloe, finally giving in.

    "Great! Now hand over the clothes Sullivan!"

    Chloe sits down on the couch and unzips on of her boots and hands it to Pete.

    "Oh and I forgot to mention, if it comes in a pair then I want both of them."

    Chloe lets out a frustrated moan "Fine!" she takes off her other boot and hands it to him.

    "Ok, Clark isnít a regular guy." Says Pete.

    "Oh come on! I already knew that! This is so stupid!"

    "Come on Chloe, itís just a game. Do you want to know anything else or not?"

    "Fine." She takes off both of her socks and tries to hand them to Pete. He motions for her to throw them on the floor.

    "I donít want to touch those." Says Pete jokingly.

    "Ok, Clark is affected by the meator rocks." Says Pete.

    "How is he affected by the meator rocks?" asks Chloe.

    "Ok Chloe maybe you donít understand the rules, but you donít get to ask questions. You will just sit there quietly and strip for me and Iíll tell you what you want to know. Got it?" says Pete.

    Chloe is really not appreciating his attitude at the moment. "Whatever!" she exclaims rather rudely.

    Pete holds out his hand for her to give him some more of her clothes.

    She groans and takes off her denim jacket and places it in his hand.

    "Clark is an alien." Says Pete.

    "Oh my God" was all Chloe could say.

    "Sparked your interest have I?" said Pete with a grin on his face. "Do you want to know more?" Chloe nodded. "Ok, you know whatís itís gonna cost you." He points to her shirt.

    Chloe looks down. Sheís clad only in a tight black shirt and a blue jeans skirt. She hesitates but then proceeds to remove her shirt.

    "Oh yeah!" says Pete as her silk covered breasts come into view.

    "Ok, Speak Ross! Tell me what you know." Demanded Chloe.

    "Oh you sound like a dominatress. I bet youíre awesome in bed." With that Chloe slapped his arm really hard.

    "Ouch Sullivan! That really hurt. Itís kinda turning me on." Pete joked.

    "Come on Pete!" Chloe said, starting to get very angry with him for the situation he put her in.

    "Ok, Clark has powers." Explains Pete.

    "I knew it! I just knew it! He is always there to save everyone and he hardly ever gets hurt. What kind of powers does he have?" asks Chloe.

    "What did I say about questions?" says Pete.

    "Now hand over the skirt, or if you really want you can give me the bra." Says Pete in a sexy voice.

    Chloe gives him an evil look as she begins to remove her skirt.

    "Here." She says as she hands it over.

    "Oh come on Chloe! Quit acting like your not enjoying this. I sure as hell am."

    "Pete! Just tell me already!"

    "Clark has a space ship in his storm cellar."

    "No freaking way!" Says Chloe, not believing him.

    "Itís true, Iíve seen it with my own eyes."

    "Now if youíll just remove that bra Iíll tell you even more of his secrets."

    "No" says Chloe. "Iím not taking anything else off until I get to ask some questions."

    "But Chloe, Iím the one whoís running this here. Now take off your-"

    "I said no Pete! I can find out everything else I need to know by doing some research. I donít need you Pete." Chloe begins to reach for her clothes.

    "No wait! Fine you can ask some questions" says Pete, giving in.

    "Thatís what I thought. Now, how do the meator rocks affect Clark?"

    "Take off your bra and Iíll tell you" says Pete with a smile.

    "Tell me and Iíll take off my bra." Replies Chloe.

    "Fine, Iíll tell you. They make him sick. And they also weaken his powers" says Pete. "There! Ya happy? Now off with the bra"

    Chloe begins to get really nervous. She had never been topless in front of a boy before, and especially not in front of her best friend. Slowly Chloe reaches behind her back and releases the clasp of her bra. She bites her lip as she slides it down her arms, exposing herself to Pete.

    "Oh my God Chloe! Youíre soÖÖ soÖÖ. Oh my God."

    "You said that already." Says Chloe trying to lighten the mood. She knows that her face is bright red at the moment. But she is also sure that Pete is not looking at her face. She got an idea. She is going to use her body to her advantage.

    "Do you like what you see Pete?" asks Chloe in a very seductive voice.

    "Oh hell yeah!" yelled Pete.

    "Do you want to touch it?" ask Chloe.

    Pete almost faints when she says that. He can not believe her forwardness.

    "Iím just going to ask you a few questions, ok Pete?" she says as she moves closer to him on the couch. She removes his pull-over. Then she removes his shirt and places her hand on his chest.

    "Now, what kind of abilities does Clark have? And please be as specific as possible" says Chloe as she drags her nails over his sensitive skin. Pete growls.

    "Well umÖ" says Pete, barely able to speak. "He is really strong and he has super speed, and he has x-ray vision and ummÖÖ. Oh God Chloe!" he says as she begins to kiss his chest.

    "Is that all?" questiones Chloe.

    "No, he has heat vision and heís well, heís kind of bullet proof."

    "Really?" asks Chloe, very intrigued.

    Chloe begins to unbutton Peteís pants. He helps her and removes them as fast as he can.

    "Whatís Clarkís interest in the caves?" Chloe questions as she begins to run her hand down his chest and she stopps when she gets to the waste band of his boxer shorts.

    "Iím not really sure Chloe. Itís weird, itís like the people who sent him here made that cave for him, thereís all kinds of stuff from his planet down there." Says Pete.

    "Oh, and what planet might that be?" asks Chloe.

    "I donít know, he hasnít told me yet."

    "Ok" says Chloe as she places a very passionate kiss on his lips.

    "Thanks Pete" says Chloe as she places one final kiss on his lips. She begins to gather up her clothes and heads to the kitchen.

    "Oh come on Chloe! You canít do this to me!" says Pete, very unsatisfied.

    Chloe returns from the kitchen fully dressed and with keys in her hand. A very snarky smile graces her face.

    "Letís go get you some gas Pete" she says as she walkes out the front door.

    Pete sits there bewildered, he can not believe what had just happened. He realized that he had been played by Chloe Sullivan. And he realized he enjoyed it.

    The End!

    AN: Ok! Thatís it! I know youíre just dying to tell me what you thought! Reviews are welcomed! J

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    You know what? I enjoyed it a lot. I like both Chloe and Pete. They are similar, they play smutty games with each other.

    You made a great job. Congratulation! :biggrin:

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    :lol: I loved this fic ! It was funny and well.. kind of sexy

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    I really enjoyed your story, even though I wish Chloe's comment about sleeping with Lex was true!! Great story!! It's nice to see Pete get some mention in a story!!

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