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Thread: Anyone's Game (NC-17 Chloe/Lucas; Chloe/Lex UST/Angst) - 25 Nov 2004

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    Anyone's Game (NC-17 Chloe/Lucas; Chloe/Lex UST/Angst) - 25 Nov 2004

    Er - okay - really hesitant to be posting this here, but I was talked into it. If the mod or owners can't stand it because of the Chlex only being angst/ust, then feel free to delete it.


    Title: Anyone’s Game
    Author: scifichick774
    Rating: NC-17
    Category: Drama/Angst – really twisted any way you look at it
    Spoilers: Everything through the spoilers for season 3 at Kryptonsite is fair game.
    Summary: Chloe finds out that the hard way that Lionel isn’t the only Luthor not to be trusted. Chloe/Lex established relationship at the beginning and UST/Angst throughout, but it’s really a Chloe/Lucas fic.
    Disclaimer: Obviously not mine. I’m just playing with the imaginary characters’ lives for fun and not for profit.
    Feedback: Yes please.
    Archival: Sure – just let me know where.
    Author’s Note: Just know that I’m writing this *knowing* that it’s going to tear my heart into itty bitty pieces. Take that as a warning since very few fics do that to me, and none of them are my own.


    Chloe closed her eyes and drew in a shaky breath. She hated lying to her father about where she was going that night, but she didn’t have a choice. She was sure that the truth of ‘I’m working for Lionel Luthor and he wants to talk about the information I’ve dug up on my best friend’ wouldn’t go over well.

    The elevator slowly climbed to the top floor of the building, where the expensive Metropolis restaurant that Lionel chose to dine at for the evening sat. She could practically feel his eyes on her, measuring her inconspicuously through the corner of his gaze so that the elevator operator couldn’t sell the story to the tabloids the next day.

    It was uncomfortable, but Chloe took comfort in the fact that she wouldn’t have to put up with it much longer. Lex had promised that she wouldn’t, and despite the fact that most people thought that he was as morally corrupt as his father, she had never known him to break a promise – especially not to her.

    She had gathered enough courage to admit her mistake in joining forces with Lionel to Lex and put aside enough of her pride to ask for his help in getting out of it. He had agreed, but told her that it wouldn’t be something that could be accomplished overnight.

    Over the next few weeks, he had started to subtly flirt with her, and as the weeks turned into months, he had eventually managed to worm his way into her heart.

    Chloe hadn’t believed that it was happening at first. The entire idea that she had actually been able to let someone besides Clark into her heart, let alone the boy’s best friend, was almost surreal. But now, she found that the secret relationship was her only solace, her only place of peace in the entire messed up world that made up her life.

    The action of Lionel placing his hand on the small of her back shook her from her thoughts and she began to walk forward, trying to ignore the questioning and accusatory looks that they were getting from the people in the restaurant’s waiting area.

    At least she didn’t have to pretend they didn’t exist for long, as dining with the elder Luthor certainly had the benefit of not having to wait anywhere to be shown to a table.

    They were shown to a private table near the back. It was next to one of the large windows but shielded from the other tables by a makeshift wall of a one-way mirror.

    It was the perfect table as it gave them a view of the city if they were interested in that sort of thing, but more importantly, one that let them see almost anyone else who came into the restaurant without being themselves. And, as she was soon to find out, that had been Lionel’s intention from the very beginning.

    “I don’t have anything new on him – or on anyone else,” Chloe started in a hushed tone after the waiter dropped off their menus and went to retrieve the bottle of wine that Lionel ordered without even glancing at the restaurant’s wine selection.

    Lionel gave her a tight yet smug smirk, one that clearly projected that he knew something she didn’t; one that made her skin crawl and brought up buried homicidal feelings at the same time.

    “You judge me too harshly, Chloe. Did you ever consider that I just wanted the pleasure of your company?” he asked. Chloe shot a small glare at him, but restrained herself from letting out a derisive snort. “Whatever my son has led you to believe, I assure you, I’m not your enemy.”

    Chloe’s spine stiffened.

    He knew.

    ‘Of course he knows,’ she mentally chided.

    His relationship with Lex was barely better than the one he had with her, and Lex was his son. He probably had bugs covering every square inch of the castle, cameras recording every stolen kiss and passionate embrace.

    Chloe’s stomach tied into a knot. She realized in that moment that she would never be able to get away from the man sitting across from her. If she tried, then he would not only destroy her father’s life, but hers, and probably even Lex’s as well as retribution for her defying him.

    No matter what Lex had promised her, it wasn’t going to happen.

    “What do you want?” she finally asked quietly, the bitter defeat evident in her voice.

    Lionel didn’t react with the smug, victorious gloating that Chloe would have expected, but surprised her by seeming pensive and almost regretful.

    “You’re an intelligent young woman, Chloe,” Lionel said. “It’s a shame you let yourself be ruled by your emotions instead of your mind.”

    Chloe creased her brow questioningly and Lionel sighed before motioning silently with his head toward a couple who was being seated only a few tables away from the other side of the one-way mirror. Chloe twisted in her seat, her heart constricting painfully at the sight in front of her.

    Lex whispered some sweet nothings into the tall, beautiful brunette woman’s ear, causing the female to giggle and kiss him. He smirked and tugged on her tiny waist to bring her closer to him, capturing her mouth in a kiss that was fiery and passionate compared to the peck she had just given him.

    Chloe felt like throwing up and very well might have had she had any food on her stomach. Her eyes welled up with unshed tears at witnessing the betrayal, and though Lionel had no desire to cause a scene, he didn’t want Chloe to come up with a lie she could tell herself to explain away what she was seeing either.

    “I’ve always been honest with you, Chloe; but I think you’ll agree that there are some things you need to see with your own eyes to believe,” he said. His eyes flit over to his son and his date again. “I don’t know everything he’s told you, but if tonight is any indication of his professed honesty and loyalty to you, then I suggest you reevaluate which side is the right side, *and* which one you’re going to be on.”

    Chloe bit the inside of her bottom lip to keep the tears from sliding down her cheeks, looked down to avoid eye contact with Lionel, and pushed her chair away from the table. She grabbed her small clutch purse and turned on her heel to walk out of the restaurant as swiftly as she could without drawing too much attention to herself.

    Lionel pursed his lips thoughtfully and waited for the elevator doors to close behind the petite blonde before rising from his seat. Chloe had just learned the truth and now that she was far enough away that Lex couldn’t pursue her, it was time for his son to find out that he could no longer count on Chloe Sullivan to be his unwitting double agent.

    “Son,” he cooed as he approached Lex’s table. “What a surprise running into you here.”

    Lex squared his jaw and then pushed a fake smile onto his face.

    “Dad,” he returned, standing up to shake hands with his father.

    The waiter who had been assigned to Lionel’s table started to come back with the bottle of wine that the elder Luthor ordered and two crystal goblets. Lionel waved him over to Lex’s table instead with only a faint motion of his fingers.

    Lex arched a questioning eyebrow at him and Lionel grinned.

    “Please,” he said, motioning to the wine with his hand. “It seems that Miss Sullivan had to leave early, and I’d hate for such a fine vintage to go to waste.”

    Lex paled, but not so it was noticeable to anyone but his father. He pushed his chair away from the table, faking a grin for his dinner companion.

    “Would you excuse us for a moment?” he asked, not waiting for a reply.

    Lionel repressed the urge to snicker, the memory of Chloe’s pain still etched clearly in his mind. He shared a knowing glance with Lex’s date, but Lex was too wrapped up in his own angry thoughts to notice it as he drew his father aside and out of earshot.

    “Hasn’t she been through enough? You didn’t have to do this to her,” he said, his voice hushed but full of venom.

    “*I* didn’t do anything to her,” Lionel countered. “I believe you were the one who led her to believe that you were in a monogamous relationship with her when you were dating someone else the entire time; that you cared for her when you only cared about the information she could give you.” He paused for a second and gave his son a pointed look. “I am not the villain in this scenario, Lex – *you* are.”

    Lex pulled back and narrowed his eyes at his father.

    “You brought her here with the intent of breaking her heart again,” he said. “That hardly leaves you blameless.”

    “What is it that they say?” Lionel began with false thoughtfulness. “Don’t shoot the messenger?” Lex’s nostrils flared as he struggled to keep his cool exterior. “Why are you acting so enraged? It’s not as if you had any real feelings for her.” Lionel’s lips curled upward in a smirk. “And now that she knows that as well, we can all get on with our lives.”

    Pushing down the sudden rush of hurt he felt over what Chloe must be going through, the muscles in Lex’s jaw flexed and he glared at his father evenly. He couldn’t let the man know that even if he didn’t have romantic feelings for Chloe, he had come to value her as more than just a pawn. She had become a trusted friend.

    It was too bad he couldn’t say the same about himself.

    “Where is she?” Lex asked coolly.

    Lionel’s smirk only seemed to grow.

    “She has family in town if I remember correctly, but I doubt she’ll see you,” he answered.

    Lex’s eyes flit over to his date, who seemed to be bored and irritated that he had left her alone for so long.

    ‘Shit,’ he thought to himself. He liked Amanda, he really did. He had even been thinking that he might be willing to get married again if she was clean once all the background checks came in.

    But Chloe was…Chloe. She was smart, funny, and pretty, though he had never looked at her in that way. At first he thought of her as Clark’s friend, then as someone who might be able to help bring down his father, and finally as a friend on her own merits. And he had lied to her time and again, and now, because of his father’s undoubtedly impeccable timing, he had broken her heart.

    If nothing else, he needed to apologize and explain himself before the situation got too far out of hand; before the grudge against him could be built up into something that was much worse than it would be if he took care of it right away.

    He strode past his father and gave Amanda an apologetic look.

    “You’re not leaving,” she said, folding her arms across her chest in an effort to draw his attention to her bosom and away from whatever it was currently on. “You do this to me almost every time we go out.”

    “You’re exaggerating,” Lex pointed out. “And you knew I was a busy man when we first started dating.”

    “But we’re not just ‘dating’ anymore, Lex,” she argued. “We’re a couple. Couples spend time together. That’s what they do.”

    Lex sighed and rubbed his temple on one side. Amanda was beautiful and smart, but she was also co-dependent and entirely too needy for someone whom he had only been dating for a few months. Then there were times, like now, that she reminded him of Helen. Argumentative, defensive, and altogether bitchy if she didn’t just get her way right away.

    It was disconcerting, and a small part of Lex hoped that she *was* working for his dad, just so he would know he wasn’t attracting those kind of women on his own. But, he wouldn’t find out until next week when his private detectives promised they would have a full report.

    Lex leaned down and kissed her forehead. He would make his apologies to her later. Right now he had a different woman to say he was sorry to and he had to find her before she did something that one or both of them would end up regretting.


    Chapter 2


    Chloe’s hand went up to wipe away the tears that she had been crying for the last hour, immediately thankful that the mascara she wore was waterproof so unless the people passing her by on the street took a good look at her, they wouldn’t be able to tell that she was currently in any emotional torment.

    And they never did. As with most big cities, the majority of the people in Metropolis were oblivious to anything going on around their circle of friends unless they were directly confronted with it. Watching the news made the citizens feel that they knew what was going on in the underbelly of their city, but they didn’t see what was right in front of them, and that was the second thing that Chloe was grateful for.

    It was enough that the emotional pain of betrayal was reducing her to tears yet again, but she didn’t need someone to call her on it.

    Which was exactly the reason that she had steered away from the family and friends that she had in the city. Once she got desperate and resigned herself to confronting Lionel again, she could get a ride home; or at least that’s what she figured the elder Luthor was expecting.

    Damned if she was going to be played by anyone else again though, let alone a Luthor. She would just wait until morning and take the train home. The commuting trip was relatively inexpensive and she had more than enough money with her to cover it. The problem now was that she didn’t have anyplace to stay the night.

    Not unless she wanted to approach one of her cousins or friends, places where she would not only get the third degree on why she was crying, but also where Lionel or Lex could track her down easily.

    She scoffed with a twisted moment of amusement. As if Lex would actually come looking for her. As if Lionel would either.


    The entire night had been set up to show her how foolish she had been in giving her heart away yet again; to try and wound her enough to want to be on Lionel’s side to get back at Lex. But if Lionel really thought she was that gullible, then he had another thing coming.

    In fact, the only way she could see through the hurt that she was in, was to get even with both of them. She wasn’t sure how exactly, but with that singular thought in mind, her feet led her to an address that she had only ever seen on paper when she was snooping through Lex’s things.

    The beginning of their working relationship found Chloe filled with apprehension and mistrust and she dug into everything she could find to see if Lex’s offer was indeed genuine or not or if he was actually working for his father’s behalf to see if she could be trusted.

    She had come across the address of where his half-brother Lucas was currently staying, and though she had always meant to check it out on her previous visits to Metropolis, she had never had time.

    Now she had nothing but time and the empty feeling in the pit of her stomach that thirst for revenge.

    Chloe sucked in a shaky breath and then made her way into the apartment building’s lobby. Walking briskly to avoid any sort of confrontation with the security guard on patrol, she went to the entrance to the stairs instead of the elevator doors; reasoning that the combination of the physical exertion it would take to climb them and the additional time it would take would somehow steel her nerves, so she didn’t just break down in front of the young man that she was about to confront with a proposition that she was almost entirely certain he would refuse.

    To her surprise, the security guard simply took in her appearance and gave her a sympathetic grin before opening the door to the stairs for her.

    Obviously he was new and didn’t know all the tenants in the building yet, and as it seemed that fate was in favor of her bizarre quest for revenge, she took advantage of it.

    “Thanks,” she muttered in a choked voice.

    The guard nodded once and then the sympathetic grin turned into an expression that Chloe knew only too well, as her dad gave it to her on several occasions. The lecture without being a lecture look. Chloe hated it, but managed to quell down the urge to slap it off his face.

    “Sometimes life is hard,” he said. “But it gets better. Always does.”

    Not trusting her ability to speak without spewing a curse at the man for not knowing anything about her life and trying to act as her therapist anyway, Chloe simply nodded a couple of times and faked an uneasy upward twitch of the corners of her mouth.

    She slipped past him and heard the door close behind her, inwardly groaning when she took in how many stairs she would actually have to climb.

    Her heart began to pound in her chest as she ascended floor after floor of stairs, her hand gripping onto the railing with every step to make sure that she didn’t lose her nerve and simply turn around and run out of the building as quickly as she could.

    Finally she came to the floor where Lucas’s apartment sat, but she found herself in a moment of hesitation. She had never even met the young man in question and she was about to offer herself to him on a silver platter with the condition that he would officially break things off between her and Lex for her.

    Her hand was on the handle that would allow her access to the floor, but her head flopped forward against the heavy door as indecision swept through her.

    She had never slept with anyone before and though it seemed like a childishly romantic notion, she had always held out the hope that her first time would be with someone she loved. A sour feeling bit at her with the thought.

    Clark had been her first love. He hadn’t loved her back, but there was no denying that what she had felt for him was love. Of course, seeing as how the boy was too prude to even make a move on the girl he liked unless he was doped up on meteor rocks, he wasn’t a possibility in the remotest sense of the word.

    Then there was Lex. She hadn’t loved him as she had loved Clark, but she had loved him – or had at least convinced herself that she did. Now she could see that everything with him had been a lie and it hurt more than she ever thought it would.

    The flickering moments of passion that never went any further than making out because he said he didn’t think she was emotionally ready for more than that; keeping their relationship secret so she didn’t get hurt when it was really because he was seeing someone else – someone he actually cared about – at the same time.

    She mentally berated herself for not sticking with her initial instinct of not trusting him and took a step back so she could swing the door open to pass through it.

    ‘512…514…516,’ she thought, stopping in front of the last one.

    She had to admit, it was a good hiding place from Lionel – for both of them. The elder Luthor would never suspect that Lucas was staying in an apartment building that appeared to cater to the upper middle class, and he would certainly never suspect Chloe of turning to a man that she didn’t even know.

    With a renewed sense of vigor, she wiped away any evidence that she had been crying and then pulled back her fist to knock on the door.


    Lucas rolled his head in a circle and then yawned. His arms reached into the air, stretching out the muscles that he had just worked out and were now tense and sore.

    The sound of someone suddenly knocking on his door made him arch a curious eyebrow. Lex wasn’t due to see him until tomorrow afternoon and nobody else besides his neighbors, who were far too busy with their lives to bother him, knew that he lived there.

    A sinking feeling hit his gut that his father finally found out where he was and he grabbed a sword off of its pedestal before making his way to look out the peephole. Not the most modest of weapons, but if anyone did visit his home, they would reason that it was purely decorative, giving him the distinct advantage.

    Holding the sword to his side, he pressed his face against the door to peer through the peephole, his curiosity only growing when he saw the blonde woman on the other side.

    The view that the glass gave was distorted at best, but he could still make out that she was beautiful and curvy, making him all the more suspicious about why she would be knocking on his door.

    She raised her knuckles to rap against the door again, but stopped when she heard Lucas unlocking the deadbolt that sealed the door closed.

    He opened the door and leaned against the frame, his eyes grazing over her body unabashedly. Normally it might have been something that bothered her, but as it was, Lucas was much better looking that the video surveillance cameras at Lex’s house suggested, and it was nice to know that someone looked at her as a woman.

    They stood there in silence, summing each other up for a good couple of minutes before either one of them made a move to speak.

    Lucas kept a keen eye on the young woman in front of him. She didn’t seem to be armed or pose any direct threat to him, but appearances could be deceiving.

    Chloe drew in a breath and then looked off to her side.

    “This was a bad idea,” she murmured.

    “I love bad ideas,” Lucas retorted in a light tone, the smirk evident in his voice. He gave Chloe an upward nod of his head when she turned to face him again. “Do I know you?”

    “Seeing as how you have a photographic memory, it kind of seems like you should know the answer to that already,” Chloe said wryly.

    A lopsided smile spread across Lucas’s lips and he relaxed the arm with the sword in it. The only person he had told the lie about having a photographic memory to was Lex, which meant that the blonde in front of him probably wasn’t there to kill him. At least he hoped she wasn’t.

    “You know Lex,” he observed. “Did he send you?”

    “Not in the way you think,” Chloe replied.

    “What’s your name?”


    “Chloe,” Lucas repeated, rolling the name off of his tongue and then smirking suggestively at her. “I like it. So, what can I do for you, Chloe?” ‘Or *to* you,’ he thought. ‘Either way.’

    “I have a proposition for you.”

    Lucas raised an eyebrow at her; a gesture that reminded Chloe only too much of Lex and almost made her eyes well up with tears again. She pushed the feeling down, forcing it to mix with the pain she felt so she could concentrate on her anger rather than on her heartbreak.

    “So?” she asked expectantly when Lucas said nothing.

    Lucas rested his tongue in the pocket of his cheek and then nodded once; stepping aside and pulling the door open a little wider as an unspoken invitation for Chloe to enter the apartment.

    ‘This ought to be good.’


    “Look, I already told you, I haven’t heard from her. I have no idea where she is.”

    Lex ran a hand over his face in frustration. He let out a sigh and then responded to the person on the other end of the phone.

    “Right. Thank you anyway.”

    He pressed the button to disconnect the call, and then, after a moment’s thought, turned the power off of his cell phone altogether.

    He had called every relative and friend of Chloe’s in Metropolis that he knew about and nobody had heard from her. Either that or they were lying to him, and if that was the case, then he was shit out of luck.

    Lex growled and kicked a parking meter. He could practically see his father smirking victoriously at him. Unfortunately, the image quickly transformed into a disappointed look – the same one that Lionel had actually given him for a millisecond back at the restaurant.

    He was used to his father being disappointed in him, but not being disappointed in himself.

    Most likely, Chloe would have agreed to be a double agent for him without him having to engage her in a false romantic relationship, but he had wanted to make certain of where her loyalties laid and felt that making her fall for him was the best way possible.

    He should have known better and he cursed himself for now not only hurting and losing a friend, but for doing it almost knowingly.

    Chloe had forgiven Clark and they were mending their broken friendship, but Lex sincerely doubted that the same could ever be said in the future about his own relationship with Chloe.

    She wouldn’t forgive him.

    She had no reason to.

    And that not only made Lex sad, but it made him worried. If Chloe was able to turn her grief into anger like she had with Clark, then she could be very dangerous.


    Why hadn’t he thought of that before he seduced her into liking him?

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    Chapter 3


    Lucas was torn between letting his jaw drop open in shock and laughing maniacally.

    Over the course of the last hour and a half, Chloe had told him everything that had transpired between Lex, Lionel, and herself. Every last detail had been covered from start to finish – or so he thought.

    He listened pensively as she began to tell him of the events that had taken place that evening and what she described as the strange, twisted plot that her mind had hatched up in order to get even.

    They sleep together on the condition that he breaks up with Lex for her, enabling Lex to feel the sting of rejection twice.

    The only coherent thought that came to his mind was that his brother was a fucking moron for not just recognizing a good thing when he had it.

    Not that he was complaining.

    After all, Lex’s lapse into idiocy had led Chloe to his doorstep, and within moments, to his bed; all because his brother was more interested in playing twisted mind games with their father than playing…better games…with the curvy blonde in front of him.

    “So,” Chloe said and then paused, taking a deep breath to try and calm down the hammering in her chest. “I know this puts you in an awkward position, and I totally understand if you turn me down…”

    ‘Yeah. Cuz’ I’m an idiot,’ Lucas thought sarcastically.

    “But if you help me, I can help you.”

    Lucas smiled and leaned forward, resting his forearms against his thighs.

    “You’re already helping me. I haven’t been able to go out on a date since Lex started ‘protecting’ me.”

    Despite the situation, Chloe let a half-smile grace her features, and Lucas felt his breath hitch. She was beautiful when she was upset and rambling, but when she smiled, she was…stunning.

    Her demeanor seemed to change and he watched as Chloe ran her teeth over her lower lip nervously.

    “I know where your mom is,” she said. “And I can help you try to get her out.”

    Lucas pulled back and stiffened his posture.

    “My mom is dead.”

    Chloe let out a long breath and then looked at him pointedly.

    “Who told you that?” she asked.

    “Le-- bastard,” Lucas hissed, jumping up from his seat to pace on one small area of the floor. He huffed through his nose a couple of times and then focused his angry gaze on Chloe. “She’s not dead?”

    Chloe shook her head.

    “She was placed in the Summerholt Psychiatric Hospital after she tried to kill Lex when your dad wouldn’t tell her what he had done with you,” she said.

    Lucas’s mind was in a flurry. His mother was alive? And she had been looking for him? He shook his head a little to try and clear his jumbled thoughts and emotions.

    “If she tried to kill Lex, how are we going to get her out?” he finally asked.

    “There’s the thing,” Chloe said. “She was never charged for the crime. She was just put in there to cover up the whole incident so it wouldn’t make it to the papers. And if anyone *did* find out about it…”

    “…They would just be told she was some crazy lady who didn’t know what she was talking about,” Lucas finished for her. Chloe nodded.

    “I’m sorry.”

    Lucas ducked his head and ran his hands through his hair in frustration. When he looked at Chloe again, she could see the pain etched in every crevice and shadow of his features.

    “Maybe this was a bad idea,” she said for the second time that night and began to rise from her seat.

    He reached out and gripped her upper arm as she tried to pass by him, swinging her back into his arms, flush against his body, and slamming his mouth down against hers.

    His hand wove into the back of her hair and fisted to keep her mouth pressed against his, his lips parting as he tipped his head to the side to deepen the kiss. It was brutal and punishing as all of the pent up emotions the two felt about everything came to the surface through the physical act.

    They pulled apart with panted breaths, but Lucas still retained his hold on her. A second of unspoken silence was all it took to cement the deal between them. Lucas and Chloe would sleep together, he would officially break things off with Lex for her, and she would help try to release his mother from the mental facility she was being held in.

    He brought his mouth to hers again, this time a little softer as his already half-parted lips brushed against hers and he darted his tongue out to taste her.

    Chloe welcomed his warm tongue sliding against her own. The feeling distracted her from her anger and hurt, and before she knew it her body was completely taking over, digging her nails into his well-muscled back and shoulders as allowing Lucas to move them toward what she presumed was the bedroom.

    Lucas’s hands crawled up her back, settling when his fingers clasped the zipper on her dress and started to pull it down. The material pooled around Chloe’s high heels and she quickly stepped out of it, using the tips of her toes to push the shoes off her feet immediately afterward.

    The next few minutes seemed to go by in a blur. Chloe could only vaguely remember the feeling of Lucas’s deft fingers unfastening her bra, her own frantic hands pushing the waistband of his worn workout shorts down to his hips only to discover that he wore nothing underneath, and the small trail of clothing and kisses they left in their wake; so it barely seemed possible that she now found herself lying naked beneath Lucas’s muscular form.

    Her heart was hammering hard in her chest. There was a very real possibility that Lex wouldn’t even care that she had slept with Lucas and that she’d be throwing her virginity away on an ill-thought out plan that would only bring about consequences for her and for no one else. And though she supposed she could back out, she didn’t want to.

    The feeling of Lucas’s mouth on her neck and his skin underneath her fingertips was intoxicating enough to temporarily drown out the self pity she felt and she wasn’t about to relinquish that. Not now that she was so close to completely pushing every feeling she had aside and reveling in the emotional numbness that took over.

    Her nails dug into his back and her legs crawled up his until they were clinging to his thighs. Within a second, he allowed her to roll them over so that she was on top. She teased his neck and chest with flicks of her tongue and teeth, covering a nipple with her lips until she swept her tongue against it and Lucas bucked his hips up against her.

    Chloe hadn’t ever gone this far with anyone she’d dated, but with every flex of his taut muscles beneath her, every murmured moan that escaped their throats, and every jolt of arousal that sparked through her, she found that she not only wanted this to happen, but that she *needed* it to.

    Lucas flipped her over again and abruptly pulled away from her, reaching across the bed to the small end table that housed some condoms that he purchased but hadn’t gotten a chance to use since it was ‘too dangerous’ for him to go out and meet anybody. He would have simply called an escort service, but even if he had been able to set his ego aside, there was still Lex’s paranoia and he couldn’t afford to leave any sort of paper trail.

    And now that he found himself with a beautiful, willing woman underneath him, he couldn’t think of anything except for the feral rage that was coursing through him. His brother had betrayed him; had outright lied to him and told him that the mother he had wanted to be reunited with for so long was dead.

    If it had just been that information…well, he still would have been pissed, but he could have dealt with it. After all, he had been essentially treated as a pawn in the ongoing battle between Lex and Lionel, and had sadly gotten used to it.

    But to know that they had done the same thing to the woman below him, that they had hurt someone else so badly that hadn’t even led a bad life from what he could tell, that had no serious sins to atone for…it pushed him over the edge.

    He rolled the condom onto his cock and positioned himself between her legs, slowly pushing into her a little bit before pulling back and thrusting and sheathing himself to the hilt. He didn’t notice that he broke through her maidenhead, but he did notice how tight she was, how her moist heat was gripping around him, and it sent a shudder of pleasure through him.

    Lucas began to pump in and out of her, grinding his hips down against her as his rhythm grew faster so he could hit her clit with each thrust. He basked in the feeling that her closed eyes and drawn out sounds of ecstasy spurred in him; the feeling that even if Lex couldn’t care less about what they had done, it had been worth it just for the experience.

    Chloe’s fingers dug into his skin as she rocked her hips to meet his rhythm, pushing him deeper inside of her and forcing the pain that had been there when he initially entered her to resurface. She needed that pain; that reminder that she was doing this for a reason; that Lex might have hurt her emotionally, but he could never hurt her physically – at least not in the way that she had thought about sacrificing to him.

    Her inner muscles started to twitch, and then they started to tighten. The orgasm that came over her seemed to ripple through every fiber of her being and she could barely make out the passionate sounds spilling from Lucas’s throat because her own cries were so loud and disjointed in her ears.

    Lucas collapsed on top of her, nuzzling the crook of her neck before rolling to his side and lazily wrapping an arm over her body in a silent invitation for her to stay the night.

    Chloe couldn’t say she wasn’t tempted. It had been a long day and every part of her being was screaming out in pained exhaustion. Her breathing slowed down and she finally put the days’ events behind her and let the heaviness of her eyelids get the best of her as she drifted off to sleep.


    When Lucas awoke in the morning, Chloe was gone. He couldn’t say that he wasn’t expecting it, but if she was true to her word, then she should have left a note or something with contact information on it.

    He grunted when he saw a slim stack of papers sitting on the countertop in his kitchen and began to tiredly shuffle over toward them. The corners of his mouth turned down when he saw a bracelet sitting on top of the pile.

    The delicate weave of platinum held a four-leaf clover charm on it with the leaves represented by what looked like emerald stones, but seemed to have a strange iridescent glow about them.

    He fingered the bracelet and glanced down at the hand-written note that was lying on top of the rest of the papers.

    Lucas –

    Sorry to leave, but…well, you know.

    I have a feeling that Lex might not just take your word for it, and probably won’t care if he does, but return this bracelet to him when you tell him. It should be all the proof you need.

    Hope you don’t mind, but I borrowed your computer this morning. I knew I recognized the woman that Lex was with last night, but I had to break into your dad’s computer to remember.

    She works for your dad, though I don’t know in what capacity. I highly doubt that Lex knows, so here are some printouts if you need more ammunition.

    My phone number is on the back. Good luck and thank you again.


    Lucas flipped the page over to make sure that Chloe had indeed given him her number and then looked down at the pictures of a brunette woman talking to his father. He flipped through the printed pages, the photographs of the two people growing more and more seemly with every paper.

    He grimaced at first, as the sight of Lionel with anyone in that context was unsettling for him, but then a smirk lifted one side of his mouth. Lex had not only thrown away what could have been his one real chance at being with someone who didn’t want him for his money, but he had done it for yet another woman who was in league with their father.

    His head turned at the sound of the doorbell ringing and he moved to grab the pair of sweatpants that had been discarded on the floor the night before. Quickly stepping into them and pulling them up, he made his way over to the door, where the doorbell had just rung again.

    “Yeah, yeah, hold on,” Lucas muttered.

    A quick look through the peephole brought mixed emotions speeding through his veins. Lex. One part of him, a major part, just wanted to open the door and beat the shit out of his brother. The more rational side cooled him down enough to think that Chloe’s plan had a chance at working even better than she thought it would – especially now that he had proof that they had slept together and that Lex’s other girlfriend wasn’t who she appeared to be.

    And when it came down to a battle between emotional pain or physical pain, the simple fact was that emotional pain hurt more and left worse scarring.

    He unlocked the tiny lock on the doorknob and opened the door.

    It was time to leave some marks.


    Chapter 4


    Lucas smirked at his brother’s appearance. Although impeccably dressed as always, Lex’s face was haggard and his eyes were bloodshot. Lucas reasoned that there could be two possibilities as to the cause of it.

    Either his brother had a late night with the woman in the photographs on his counter…or he cared more about what had happened to Chloe than he probably ever thought he would or would ever admit.

    ‘Good,’ Lucas thought. ‘That’ll make it hurt more.’ He stepped aside and Lex walked into the apartment. “You’re dragging this morning. Rough night?”

    He couldn’t see Lex wince because he was shutting and locking the door, but he knew it had happened. He could practically feel that it had happened. Smiling sadistically to himself, he wasn’t prepared for Lex’s response.

    “Seems to be going around,” Lex said, motioning to the love bites that adorned Lucas’s neck and chest.

    “Yeah – but mine was the good kind of rough,” Lucas retorted.

    “How could you be so stupid? I thought you knew better than to bring a woman back here, Lucas. You know dad has spies everywhere.”

    Lucas half-ignored Lex’s lecture and strolled over to the countertop. He picked up the pictures that Chloe had printed out and allowed himself another smirk before shoving them at Lex.

    “Seems to me that you haven’t learned that lesson either.”

    Lex flipped through the pages, the sting of betrayal and the hurt that came with anger flooding every part of his being.

    Lucas shook his head lightly and walked over to the refrigerator to grab something to drink as he waited for Lex to erupt.

    “These are fakes,” Lex spat in denial.

    Lucas scoffed.

    “You wish,” he said.

    “Where did you get them?” Lex demanded.

    Lucas motioned to the papers with his head.

    “You can read the fine print as well as I can.”

    Lex’s heart started beating faster with the sight of his father’s company name listed on the page addresses. Lucas was smart, but he never would have known what to look for, which led him back to his initial question.

    “Where did you get them?” he asked again.

    Lucas shrugged nonchalantly and took a pull on the carton of orange juice that he now held in his hand.

    “Chloe,” he said after he swallowed.

    Lex stared at him blankly, the pieces of the puzzle all there, but not fitting together because of his clouded emotions.

    “Chloe,” he repeated.

    Lucas pointed to the largest hickey he knew of – the one on the right side of his neck where Chloe had almost drawn blood because she had bitten and sucked so hard.

    ‘I’m really going to have to call her,’ he thought absently. “*Chloe*,” he said to his brother again with a smug, self-satisfied grin. “By the way, you two are totally over now,” he continued, setting the orange juice down and picking up the bracelet Chloe left so he could toss it at his brother. “But, I’m thinking you already knew that.”

    Lex stared down at the bracelet and his heart constricted, but he said nothing in response to his brother’s taunting. There was nothing he could say. Finally, he steadied himself and looked at Lucas through narrowed eyes.

    “Are you trying to infer that you slept with my girlfriend?”

    “Noooo,” Lucas strung out as if Lex was an idiot. “I slept with *Chloe*. Chloe is *not* your girlfriend – that chick who works for dad is. And after Chloe found that out, she was basically a free woman. Of course, I guess technically she always had been and she just didn’t know it.”

    “I don’t believe you,” Lex said. “You’ve gone behind my back and you’re working with dad. That’s what this is about. That’s how you got the bracelet.”

    Lucas smirked again and folded his arms across his chest.

    “I’m not. But out of curiosity, what is it that hurts more right now? The fact that your real girlfriend – if you can call her that – is working for and sleeping with dad? Or that you just lost the only woman who probably ever loved you for you and not for your money because of your own stupidity?” Lex glared at him, shooting daggers at him with his eyes, but Lucas’s smirk only grew wider. “That’s what I thought. Man, it must suck to be you.”

    Lex squared his jaw.

    “Tell the truth. How did you get the bracelet?”

    “Chloe left it here so I could give it back to you for her. You know – since she never wants to see you again and everything.”

    “God damn it, Lucas! Just tell me the truth!”

    Lucas raised his hands up in front of him in mock surrender.

    “Hey – the used condoms are still in the bedroom trashcan if you don’t believe me. Go get one and have it checked for her DNA.” He paused and lifted a mocking eyebrow. “There’s enough blood on the first couple of them for you to get a decent sample.”

    Lex glared at him again and turned to storm into the bedroom.

    The smell of sex still permeated the air, and although it was a little stale, it was enough to make his stomach threaten to evict the contents of his breakfast as it tied into a knot.

    He didn’t need to check the garbage to verify that his brother was telling the truth; he knew the truth. But he still needed to have one question answered.

    “Why?” he asked as he stepped back into Lucas’s earshot, his voice lined with the kind of pain that only betrayal could bring. “Why would you do this to me?”

    “You did it to yourself.”

    Lex shook his head.

    “But you’re my brother,” he argued. “I protected you from getting hurt.”

    “Like you said you’d protect Chloe?” Lucas threw back at him.

    Lex opened and closed his mouth, his normal witty retorts all lodged in the back of his brain and denying him access because of the severity of the emotions he was feeling.

    “You told me my mother was dead,” Lucas finally said.

    Lex’s eyes snapped to Lucas’s.

    “She ---”

    “She’s locked up in a loony bin, Lex,” Lucas interrupted with a growl.

    “I was protecting you,” Lex said, feeding his brother the same excuse he had fed himself so many times before. “She’s unstable…homicidal…she tried to kill me.”

    “But she’s *alive*,” Lucas said. “I had a right to know the truth and you lied to me – just like you lied to Chloe.” He moved toward his brother and menacingly invaded his personal space. “You want to know why I slept with her? Apart from the *obvious* fact that she’s hot? Because she told me the truth. She told me fucking everything, Lex. My mom, our dad, Clark Kent - *everything*. And when a beautiful woman spills her guts like that and then asks you to sleep with her to get even with the prick that was lying to both of you? You do it.”

    Lex wasn’t sure what to say, or whether he should say anything at all. Words spoken in anger could wound them both, but seeing as how Lucas didn’t seem to care about it, then he could easily allow himself not to care either.

    “That’s the way you want it?” he asked threateningly. “Fine. Consider yourself cut off from ever having to deal with me – or my money – again.”

    With that, he walked to the door and unlocked it, slamming it a little on his way out.

    Lucas let out a breath.

    He was disappointed in his brother’s final statement, but he couldn’t say that he hadn’t been expecting it. Luckily for him, he had been paranoid enough to squirrel away enough money from each of the monthly allowances that Lex had given him to sustain him for at least four months – considerably more if he moved out of the expensive apartment he was living in and into cheaper accommodations.

    He shook off the line of thought. His financial and living situations were something that could be dealt with later. Right now he had a phone call to make.


    Chloe groaned at the sound of her cell phone ringing entirely too close to her ear, and therefore waking her up.

    She had been fortunate enough to arrive home in the small space of time where her father was still asleep but Lana had already left to get ready to open the Talon. She could always tell her dad a little white lie about how she got home after he had gone to bed and Lana wouldn’t be there to contradict her. It was a beautiful thing.

    But unfortunately, it seemed that her luck wasn’t holding if the incessant ringing of her cell phone was any indication.

    Flopping an arm over the side of her bed to the small nightstand beside her, she grabbed the cell phone and held it up so she could read the caller ID display.

    She didn’t recognize the number, but she recognized the name.

    She clicked on the phone and held it up to her ear.

    “I thought guys weren’t supposed to call the next day,” she mumbled tiredly into the phone, just quietly enough so her father wouldn’t be able to make out what she was saying if he happened to be passing by in the hall.

    She blinked and pushed herself up to a sitting position on the bed. She wasn’t sure where the stray thought had come from, but she reminded herself that she lived in their new house now, not their old one, and that she could probably talk even in a voice that was louder than normal and still not have her dad hear what she was saying.

    “After last night?” Lucas responded teasingly.

    Chloe sighed, sensing the reason that he was calling so soon.

    “You talked to Lex,” she said with an observational tone.

    “Yeah,” Lucas said, suddenly somber.

    “And you’re regretting ---”

    “No,” Lucas interrupted.

    “Okay,” Chloe said with mild confusion. She was about to ask why he was bothering to call her so early after the previous night then, but she refrained because he began to speak again.

    “He was pretty upset.”


    Chloe drew in a long breath and then slowly released it.

    “That happens when you find out you’ve fallen for another whore who was working for your dad all along,” she said somewhat callously.

    She could have sugar-coated it, but she honestly hadn’t had enough sleep to not be a bitch about the situation. She was still hurting herself – she didn’t have time to be concerned about Lex’s so-called feelings.

    Lucas raised his eyebrows in surprise and let out a startled half-chuckle in response.

    “True,” he conceded.

    “So, are you calling about your mom? Because I haven’t gotten a chance to look up anything yet.”

    “No. I just wanted to tell you how it went, let you revel in the salt in the wound and all that.”

    “I’d rather not,” Chloe said honestly. “I just want to forget it ever happened.”


    “Not --- you know,” Chloe quickly corrected. “I meant my lie of a relationship with Lex. I just want to purge him from my mind.”

    “Ah. Okay, well there was another reason I was calling. You have a pen?”

    “Yeah – hold on,” she said. Chloe tipped her body and dug through the nightstand’s drawer until she found a pen and an old envelope to write on. “Okay.”

    “I wanted to give you my cell phone number so you could get in touch with me.”

    “I thought you said you were always at your apartment?”

    “Yeah, but like I said – he was pretty upset. Decided to cut me off for sleeping with you.”

    “Oh, my God,” Chloe replied, horrified. “This is my fault. I’m so sorry. I didn’t even consider ---”

    “You weren’t the only one in the bed, Chloe.”

    “But it was my idea.”

    “And I agreed to it,” Lucas pointed out. “Look, don’t worry or anything. I have enough money saved to live comfortably for a while – just not in this spendy apartment.”

    Chloe opened her mouth to speak, but it snapped shut again as she waited for the words to form correctly in her mind.

    “You’re not going to like what I’m going to say, but you could move here,” she said.

    Lucas arched an eyebrow.

    “Pretty sure your dad wouldn’t be happy about that,” he said.

    “Not my house – Smallville,” Chloe corrected. “Your mom bought a house in your name. You’ll probably owe some back taxes, but she paid for it outright.”


    “I’m guessing that Lex didn’t tell you that either, then?”


    “Okay – something to think about at least.”

    “Do you know where it is?” Lucas asked.

    “Uh…yeah,” Chloe said after she thought about it for a moment. “It’s pretty close to where I live now actually.”



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    Kris if it has no Chlex in the end of the story then this is the right place for it.

    "Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. "

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    Stupid Lex! He can't see when good things are in front of him!
    I love Lucas. he's so cute!

    You made a great job. Now I'm waiting for an update. :yay2: :yay2:

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    Ooooo….a new Chlucas fic! And brought to us with four whole chapters to boot! What with this fic and the updates to ‘Killing Moon’ I am seriously girl-crushing right now. And really, how big of an ass has Lex turned out to be? Hmpf…the Chlucas serves him right.

    Author’s Note: Just know that I’m writing this *knowing* that it’s going to tear my heart into itty bitty pieces. Take that as a warning since very few fics do that to me, and none of them are my own.
    Is that because there’s unresolved Chlex or is it because something unfortunate is going to happen with the Chlucas? :unsure: I just wanna be prepared.

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    This is a great fic. Can't wait to find out what happens next. Soon I hope.

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    Oh, this is wonderful:applause: You have totally started me to crush on Lucas. I hope Lex suffers long and painful for what he did. Asshole. :tease: I hope Chloe cusses his ass out. He is such a dumbass! Damn!
    Ok I'm finished bitchin'. Please, please update soon :crygreen: .As you can see I'm not above begging. This is the place where I usually put a Chlex sign, but Lex is being such a jackass, mutherfucker, Son of a bitch, a dumb little shit....
    Sorry, sorry! Ok now i'm finished.

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    I'm glad that Lex feels bad! He should after what he did to Chloe! Even though I like Chlex better than Chloe and Lucas, I really like this story!! Please let Lex realize how much he wants Chloe, now that it is too late!! I'm really glad you decided to post this story here!!

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    I too prefer Lex and Chloe but if I can't have them then I'll take Lucas and Chloe. Great story! Hope you update soon.


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    This was great. I love Chloe/Lucus just as much as I love Chlex. Please update soon :worship2:

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