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Thread: Anyone's Game (NC-17 Chloe/Lucas; Chloe/Lex UST/Angst) - 25 Nov 2004

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    Please, please, please update soon!
    Pretty please w/ sugar on top? :blush:

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    Soooooooo sorry I haven't posted yet, I read the update ages ago, but I had to go out just after and didn't have time to post, and it slipped my mind afterwards ( hmy: I know, how could I?&#33


    Perfect update as always.

    Chloe and Lucas pretending to be bf/gf... well it's a start ain't it?

    I can't wait to see Lex's reaction.

    Okay I'm gonna have to re-read it from the start again... yes I'm sad like that, I like to read things till I basically know them off by heart.

    Please update soon!

    Jen x

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    This is going to sound strange, but I like this fic because you have their roles reversed. Usually Lex is the one attracted to Chloe from the onset of the story, and then Chloe realizes she likes him too. In this one, Chloe loves Lex but he doesn't feel the same--YET.

    I also like Lucas and Chloe--he is very sweet to her :biggrin:


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    I'm glad that Lex is trying to change the way he views Chloe. It's a start, right? And I love how Lucas is just sooo sweet to Chloe! Making sure she's eating and such. It's great! Anyway, can't wait 'til Clark tells Lex. Hope you update soon!

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    Beautiful - as always.

    I just dunno what to say anymore Sci! Cause I keep saying it after the last update, there just ain't words to describe how much I LOVE this fic!

    I really really like caring Lucas btw Just wanted to slip that in

    I am awaiting your next update, and am willing to wait awhile cause this is so worth waiting for... but don't forget about us... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    *p.s I'm re-reading Beloved, it's like the fic I always have in the background, and I always end up forgetting about everything else I'm doing, and read it

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    Love Lucas, love this story.

    It's been said, but I'll say it again: Updates are wonderful. Take your time and write us a nice one.

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    Lionel rested his jaw on his bent palm, his index finger straight up against his cheek in a pensive position. True, he knew Chloe wouldn’t take the news of Lex’s betrayal well, but he thought she would have given into her thirst for vengeance and called him by now.

    Instead, he hadn’t heard word one from her. And surveillance reports only added to the sinking feeling that now sat in his gut. His investigators said that she had holed herself up in her home, only venturing out for menial errands like going to the doctor, grocery shopping, helping a friend pick out furniture for a new house, and most recently returning to school.

    The reports also said that she wasn’t driving and wasn’t going anywhere alone; she was always accompanied by her father or one of her other meddlesome friends, most often the slightly older boy whom she helped pick out furniture with. As frustrating as it was, Lionel was informed that the initial photos of the two friends were blotchy and that a new set in which he could actually see the young man’s face would be taken and given to him soon. He suspected there was more to it than that, but it wasn’t as if he could force them to be honest with him.

    Lionel couldn’t help thinking that the situation wouldn’t do at all. Chloe was supposed to have been alienated from the rest of her support structure; not so much that she couldn’t gather information on Clark for him, but enough to make her feel like she had nowhere left to turn except to him and now he was being left in the dark.

    The knowledge that she not only still had good friends, let alone was spending every ounce of her time with them, was not only bothersome, but completely unacceptable. He’d never get the information he needed on Clark Kent if Chloe didn’t start speaking to him again.

    His stomach twisted and inwardly he sighed. In retrospect, perhaps he should have arranged another way for Chloe to stumble across Lex and Amanda; one that didn’t betray that he knew everything about the other relationship and hadn’t said anything to her about it before.

    He was certain that was part of the problem now. She clearly blamed him as much as Lex, and the anger and hurt that she felt weren’t likely to go away anytime soon. Not unless he…pushed things along.

    Letting out an almost silent grunt, he reached for the phone. Arrangements would need to be made if he was going to visit Smallville for an undetermined amount of time.


    Chloe nervously raked her teeth over her lower lip. Setting up an initial visit for Lucas with his mom with Lionel being none the wiser had been more complicated than she’d hoped, but she had managed to pull it off.

    Unfortunately, she hadn’t expected Lucas to practically insist on her coming with him and had been incredibly reluctant in indulging the request. Behind the scenes stuff she could handle; personal, private things were substantially more difficult.

    Lucas was being reunited with a mother he hadn’t seen since his birth and Chloe couldn’t help feeling like she was intruding by being there. That feeling of misplacement companied with Chloe’s buried maternal abandonment issues, settled in her stomach, and made her feel more and more apprehensive with every step she and Lucas took down one of the Summerholt Institute’s many long and winding corridors.

    Chloe counted three security gates (that were there to prevent patients from escaping) that they had to pass through before they were finally led into a sparsely furnished room on the fourth floor.

    The orderly who guided them there motioned to one of the two couches that were facing each other in the center of the room.

    “Feel free to have a seat. They’ll bring her in a minute.”

    With that, he turned and left the room, leaving an anxious Lucas and a jittery Chloe in his wake. Chloe frowned at Lucas.

    “Are you sure you want me here? I mean, I could always go wait…somewhere else,” she said, murmuring the last part of her suggestion under her breath, her gaze darting to the door as she did so.

    Lucas smirked knowingly.

    “It’s not a regular hospital, Chloe,” he reminded her in a teasing tone.

    Chloe sighed, part of her anxiety fading with Lucas’s words and tone, but her body still tense despite the breath she released.

    “I know,” she said tersely. “And I know we’re not here for me, but…some phobias are hard to kick.”

    Lucas’s smirk faded into a comforting grin.

    “Yeah,” he agreed. “And with everything you’ve been through, I can’t say I blame you.” He stepped toward her and enveloped her in his embrace. “But this isn’t Smallville. Nobody’s going to hurt you here.”

    The rest of his statement went unspoken, but the implication came through just the same. No one was going to hurt her there or elsewhere; and if they so much as tried to, then there would be hell to pay. Lucas would make sure of it.

    Her physical reaction was inaudible, but Chloe felt her breath hitch and her heartbeat quicken. A large part of her knew she shouldn’t be responding – even in the slightest – to his soft, reassuring words; to his warm, muscular body holding her to him.

    She couldn’t afford to let him in, couldn’t afford to let herself believe that their relationship was more than the farce of a romance they’d concocted or the budding friendship it had become.

    She couldn’t allow herself to be hurt again.

    Not ever.

    Still, a small part of her damaged heart was clinging to Lucas. He may be a far reach from being a white knight; but after being left behind, lied to, and betrayed too many times by too many people, a piece of her wanted to just seek solace in Lucas’s arms and be done with it. She wanted to relish in being treated like the fragile creature she’d become and tried so desperately to hide – even if it was only for a short while.

    “L-Lucas?” a small, wary voice called from the doorway. “Is it really you?”

    Lucas and Chloe steadily pulled away from each other and Lucas blinked a couple of times as the reality of the situation finally struck him.

    “Mom?” he asked. He stood there half in a daze even after he spoke and Chloe gave Rachel Dunleavy a weak smile before nudging Lucas forward by pushing on his back with one hand.

    He glanced at her and her smile grew as she motioned to his mother with her head.

    “Go,” she ordered in a soft voice.

    He grinned gratefully at her and then he and Rachel started to walk toward one another. They clasped their arms tightly around each other and Chloe ducked her head, turning away from them when she was suddenly overcome with emotion from watching the scene unfold in front of her.

    Oddly enough, the feeling coursing through her wasn’t the self-pity she had been expecting, but a mixture of pride and happiness.

    She had done this.

    Regardless of everything she’d had to endure up to that point, she had met and enabled Lucas to be reunited with the woman who’d been desperately searching for him since she had been forced against her will to give him up for adoption. That moment in time was worth everything Chloe went through and nobody would be able to take the memory away from her.

    “Chloe,” Lucas called, holding a hand straight out in front of him in a silent gesture for her to come over.

    Chloe took a breath, pushed aside her reservations, and walked over to them confidently. She grinned when she saw Rachel hastily sweeping shed tears off of her cheeks.

    “Mom,” Lucas started, pausing for a split second when he realized the endearment had slipped from his mouth so easily. “This is Chloe. She’s the one who found me and told me you weren’t really dead.”

    Rachel beamed a smile at the blonde-haired girl. Chloe lifted her hand to shake the other woman’s, but Rachel took her by surprise and wrapped her arms around her in a thankful hug. Chloe let out a small, startled chortle and then unsurely returned the embrace, patting Rachel on the back to wordlessly tell her that she could let go of her now. Rachel didn’t take the hint however, and to Chloe’s shock, squeezed even tighter.

    “Thank you,” Rachel whispered. “Thank you so much.”

    Chloe nodded and Rachel finally released her. Chloe gave her a flustered smile.

    “I --- I wanted to say I was sorry,” she said after choosing her words in her head.

    “For what?”

    “You only came to Smallville because of the information I posted on Clark and…”

    Rachel’s mouth dropped open ever so slightly in sudden understanding.

    “You’re that Chloe?” she asked.

    Chloe grimaced. Whenever people put ‘that’ in front of her name, it generally wasn’t in a good context. She stiffened her posture to get prepared for a verbal lashing and then nodded in affirmation. Maybe she could get in her side of the story before she listened to Rachel rant at her.

    “I ---”

    “You hunted down my real baby even after everything that happened?” Rachel asked in disbelief.

    “Uh…well…not exactly,” Chloe admitted. “Lex is really the one who found him. I just told him the truth after Lex told him you were dead.”

    “I suppose Lex felt I deserved that since I tried to kill him,” Rachel said sadly.

    “Who hasn’t?” Lucas scoffed and shot her a cocky, lopsided grin.

    Chloe bit the inside of her lip to keep from laughing, but a snicker escaped her mouth just the same. Rachel looked back and forth between them expectantly, wanting a further explanation, but none was offered. Lucas quickly evaded having to answer the unspoken question by suggesting that they sit down.

    After positioning themselves on the couches, with Chloe and Lucas on one and Rachel on the other, Rachel stared silently at her son, making him squirm a little.

    “What?” he half-barked when her appraisal of him made him feel entirely too uneasy.

    Chloe placed her hand on his leg and squeezed softly. The last thing she needed was to get caught in the middle of an oncoming battle, and if Lucas could reign in his insecurity issues for a little longer, then she wouldn’t have to.

    Rachel smiled and shook her head.

    “I’ve dreamt of this moment; planned all the things I was going to tell you if I ever got the chance…but now that you’re here, I can’t remember any of it,” she said. “It sounds so clichéd, but it’s the truth.”

    Chloe grinned back at her after she felt Lucas relax beside her.

    “Clichés exist for a reason,” she said comfortingly; raising the corners of her lips just a little bit higher when Rachel smiled at her.

    Unfortunately, she still couldn’t relax completely. Lucas’s mom seemed to like her - or she was certainly giving that impression – and she wondered if Lucas would be willing to leave out some – if not all – of the details regarding her respective past dealings with Lex and Lionel.

    She wasn’t used to people appreciating her or things she said and did and she wasn’t terribly anxious to tarnish the image that Rachel apparently had of her. Lucas would understand that…wouldn’t he?

    “So…” Rachel started, stalling for effect as she took in Lucas and Chloe’s body language. They were sitting close to each other and Lucas had one arm draped lazily over the back of the section of couch where Chloe was seated. “How long have you two been seeing each other?”

    Lucas caught the blush that rose to Chloe’s cheeks out of the corner of his eye and he smirked. Much to Chloe’s dismay and Rachel’s surprise, he launched into an entirely honest, yet highly summarized version of everything that had happened up to that point. When he was finished, Rachel was wide-eyed and her mouth opened and closed a few times before finally settling on what her verbal response should be.


    Lucas raised an eyebrow.

    “Oh?” he repeated somewhat tauntingly.

    “I…it’s just…it’s not what I expected to hear,” Rachel stammered. Drawing in a deep breath, she steeled her gaze on the two of them, choosing to focus on Chloe rather than Lucas since she seemed to empathize with her a little more. “I want in.”

    Lucas and Chloe exchanged a look and Rachel glanced over to the door before looking back at them and leaning forward.

    “I know you’re planning some kind of revenge on Lionel and probably Lex too – you’ve got to be – so don’t even try to deny it,” she said in an extremely hushed voice. “So whatever it is that you’re planning, I want in.”


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    You updated~!!

    Thank you sooooo much...have you any idea how many times I have been checking this board to see if you updated this story and now that you have...All I can say is WOW~!!

    Bringing Rachel in for revenge is a nice touch...

    And the fact that she can see the chemistry between Lucas and Chloe just emphasises that they are perfect...After all, mother knows best...

    Hope you update quicker next time though...*hint hint*

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    Not a new reader, just a silent reader... Really love this story! I hope that you can update more and sooner! LOL! I know I'm being a li'l bit demanding.. but I can't help it! I'm a Chlucas shipper also and There're not so many Chlucas stories out there!


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    I was just thinking of the fic the other day and was so happy to see that it was updated. And with a great part. I can't wait to see what the addition of Rachel will bring into the plot.

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