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Thread: Anyone's Game (NC-17 Chloe/Lucas; Chloe/Lex UST/Angst) - 25 Nov 2004

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    Oh right! Okay well I won't bother to explain what I thought it was, lol. Thanks

    P. S. Still waiting fer an update here...

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    Chapter 6
    “Okay – go get dressed and I’ll take you to the doctor.”

    Startled, Chloe’s eyebrows rose and she pulled away from him to shoot him a questioning look.

    “Excuse me?” she asked, but turning to go back into the house just the same.

    Lucas followed her and closed the door behind him.

    “Come on. How much longer do you think your dad’s going to let you stay home from school without a doctor’s note?”

    “I don’t know, but --- hey, wait a second. Why did you even come over here if you thought I was going to be at school?” Chloe asked pointedly.

    Lucas shrugged.

    “Stopped by the school first,” he said.

    “You didn’t.”

    “Well, how was I supposed to know you were ditching?” Lucas retorted. “And speaking of my visit to good old Smallville High, I kind of had to think on my feet, so remind me to pick up your homework from the office this afternoon.”

    Chloe’s eyes grew wide.


    Lucas grinned.

    “The conversation with the crypt keeper in the office went much like this: ‘Chloe Sullivan?’ ‘She’s not here today.’ ‘Oh…yeah – I know. I’m here to pick up her homework for her.’ At which point your principal came out and grilled me on who I was and what I was doing on school grounds since I wasn’t a student there.”

    Chloe frowned.

    “How’d that go?” she asked.

    Lucas’s grin only seemed to grow.

    “Good. He seemed to be impressed that you had a boyfriend who was willing to come get your assignments for you.”

    “I’m guessing you didn’t tell him your real last name then.”

    “No. Why?”

    “Principal Reynolds hates Lex and your dad.”

    Lucas raised his eyebrows in surprise.

    “Yeah?” he asked with a thoughtful expression.


    “Good for him.”

    Chloe snickered, but her mirth quickly dissipated as the rest of Lucas’s words sunk in.

    “You told him you were my boyfriend?!”

    “Had to tell him something,” Lucas replied nonchalantly. Seeing Chloe’s discomfort, he shook his head and eased his grin into a comforting expression. “Will you relax?”

    “Lucas ---”

    “Look at it this way – just because we know we’re not together doesn’t mean they need to know it,” he said. “It can only work to your advantage in getting back at Lex if he hears through the small town grapevine that your boyfriend showed up at your school today – even more so when he finds out it was me. Right?”

    Chloe opened and closed her mouth a couple of times before finally settling on a spark of a smile.

    “Besides,” Lucas continued, “If we pretend to be involved, then you’ll finally have an excuse for all those times you had to lie to your dad when you were actually seeing Lex. You can just say you were seeing me and you didn’t want to tell him about it because you weren’t sure it was going anywhere since I lived in Metropolis.”

    Chloe blinked.

    “Are you sure?” she asked. “That’s putting a lot on you.”

    “I think I can handle it,” Lucas said with a smirk. “Now go get dressed so I can take you to the doctor.”

    Chloe sighed and shook her head.

    “I’m not really sick – remember? The only thing a doctor is going to do is confirm it.”

    Lucas made a scoffing sound and rested his hands on her bare shoulders.

    “Chloe, Chloe, Chloe,” he teasingly scorned. “Has our short time together taught you nothing?” Chloe arched an eyebrow and Lucas rolled his eyes. “Just tell the truth.”

    “That I’m pathetic because I still have feelings for your brother even though he treated me like crap?”

    “Noooo,” Lucas strung out. “That you’ve been feeling sick ever since you went to dinner on Friday night.”

    Realization dawned on her and a grin slowly started to crawl across Chloe’s lips.

    “He’ll think it’s food poisoning.”

    “Yes,” Lucas said, dropping his hands from her shoulders. *And* he’ll give you a note that will enable you to have the next couple of days off so you can help me shop for my new house. Woman’s touch and all that crap,” he said with a wink.

    Chloe’s grin spread into a smile.

    “Nice to know what your real motives are,” she quipped.


    Dr. Keeghan frowned as he pulled back from looking in Chloe’s ear. He took a few steps and jotted down something on the chart that lay on the counter.

    “Well, from everything you’ve told me, it sounds like food poisoning,” he said as he wrote. “But given the circumstances…” he paused and his eyes darted somewhat disapprovingly over at Lucas, “I’d like to run a pregnancy test as well.”

    Chloe blanched.

    “What?” she asked.

    Lucas squirmed where he stood, trying to hide his discomfort by folding his arms across his chest.

    “I don’t think that’s necessary,” he said.

    “Well, you’re not the doctor,” Dr. Keeghan retorted smugly and then flashed a small smile over at Chloe. “I’ll have a nurse bring it in.”

    Chloe nodded absently and barely registered Keeghan leaving the room, the sound of the door closing the only thing that jerked her out of her thoughts.

    Lucas turned his head to look at her, a fixed wince on his face as he struggled with the words he wanted to say.

    “You’re…you know…not…are you?”

    Chloe scoffed.

    “Not to my knowledge,” she said, sighing when he didn’t seem placated by her answer. “We used a condom every time – remember? Don’t worry about it.”

    ‘Yeah, but condoms can break,’ Lucas thought, smart enough to keep the comment to himself and not voice the concern aloud.

    The last thing Chloe needed was the possibility of a pregnancy on top of already being in what he considered to be severe depression over the loss of her relationship with his brother. No. Just the worry over the chance of it would be enough to send her over the edge and close to suicide. He wouldn’t do that to her; not when she was probably right about not being pregnant anyway.

    The door opened and an older woman with mousy brown hair shuffled into the room. Unfamiliar with Chloe’s age or the circumstances that brought her there, she smiled and handed her a small plastic cup.

    “Pee at least up to this line,” she said, pointing to a faint red line on the cup. “Then put it on the counter and call me in so we can run the test.” She glanced back and forth between Chloe and Lucas and then crinkled her nose as her face screwed up in delight. “Ooh, you’ll have cute kids.”

    She turned and left the room, leaving a stunned Chloe and Lucas in her wake.


    That evening…

    Gabe yawned as he entered the house through the door that connected to the garage. Every day at work since he had been hired back from his short period of being laid off seemed like a long day, and the concern for his daughter had only served to make the hours drag by slower.

    He hadn’t taken more than a few steps inside before he was suddenly hit with the overwhelming aroma of…

    ‘Freshly baked bread?’ he thought, furrowing his brow in confusion. “Chloe?” he called out. “I’m home!”

    “Hey Dad! We’re in the living room!”

    A tiny grin twitched at the corners of Gabe’s mouth. Chloe was certainly sounding better. Maybe all of his worrying had been for naught. Maybe all she needed was a couple of days of rest and ---

    His line of thought stopped abruptly at the sight of Chloe sitting on the couch with a handsome boy that he didn’t recognize; the coffee table littered with takeout containers and bags.

    “Chloe?” he asked, a suspicious tone lining his voice. “What’s going on?”

    Chloe turned and grinned at him.

    “Lucas made me go to the doctor. He gave me some meds for my nausea, but he said I have to take them with food, so…” she stopped and motioned to the pile of food next to where she sat.

    “Lucas?” Gabe asked.

    Lucas gave him an upward nod of his head and partially rose from his seat to extend his hand to him over the back of the couch.

    “Hey,” he greeted. “Nice to finally meet you, Mr. Sullivan.”

    “Uh…yeah,” Gabe said, shaking Lucas’s hand. “You too.”

    Lucas smiled with a practiced knowing look.

    “Chloe hasn’t mentioned me at all, has she?” he asked, humor in his voice to help Gabe relax a little, which he did – visibly.

    “No,” Gabe replied with a small smile of his own, shooting a look at Chloe out of the corner of his eye before turning his attention back to Lucas. “Sorry.”

    Chloe let out a nervous half-chuckle and then cleared her throat before standing up.

    “Thirsty?” she asked Lucas, who raised a taunting eyebrow at her in response.

    “Sure,” he answered, barely resisting the urge to smirk at how uncomfortable she was.

    But then, she had the right he supposed. In the span of half a week, she found out her boyfriend wasn’t really her boyfriend, given her virginity to a virtual stranger, caused damage to her health by not eating or sleeping, run the risk of a pregnancy scare (which, although negative, had proved nerve-wracking for both of them), and essentially agreed to pretend to be his girlfriend to keep up appearances. He had been in high stress situations, but they were nothing compared to what he imagined Chloe must be going through.

    “Sooo,” Gabe strung out after Chloe left the room to go to the kitchen. “I guess we should talk.”

    Lucas grinned at him and then sifted through the food that was laid out on the coffee table.

    “What do you want to know?” he asked.

    Gabe blinked at the amount of the young man’s confidence. When he was younger, he would have been decidedly more nervous about meeting a girlfriend’s father for the first time. Still, Lucas seemed friendly enough – and he *had* forced Chloe to go to the doctor against her will. If he cared that much about her well-being, then perhaps he deserved to be given a chance.

    He walked around the couch and sat down on the oversized recliner on the other side of the coffee table, reaching forward to see what kind of food Chloe and Lucas had brought home.

    “How long have you been seeing my daughter?” he asked.

    “Since June,” Lucas answered without hesitation.

    It was when Chloe had entered into the deal with his father and they decided that would be the date they’d give anybody if asked so it would explain her time away to friends and family.

    “June?” Gabe asked in surprise. “That’s…a long time.”


    “So, why didn’t she tell me about you before?”

    Lucas shrugged nonchalantly.

    “I’ve been living in Metropolis and she probably didn’t think we were going to be seeing each other that long because of that.”

    “Ah,” Gabe said, reasonably appeased by Lucas’s answer. Then he focused on the first part of what Lucas had said. “What do you mean ‘been living’? You’re not living there anymore?”

    Lord help him if Chloe had brought another one of her friends home to stay with them on a semi-permanent basis, let alone her boyfriend.

    Lucas smiled.

    “I just got a house here,” he informed him, inserting a proud tone into his voice.

    “Yeah? Why’d your parents decide to move?”

    “They didn’t.”

    Gabe looked up in shock from where he was reaching for a bag of food.


    “*I* got a house,” Lucas said. “I sort of came into an inheritance and ---”

    “You got a house,” Gabe repeated in disbelief.


    “Uh…sorry. Guess you caught me off guard there. How much older than Chloe are you?”

    “Two years.”

    Gabe shook his head and grinned pleasantly at Lucas. Chloe’s boyfriend had used whatever inheritance money he had come into and applied it toward a house instead of spending it on frivolous things that he was sure her other male friends like Clark and Pete would have done. That one action alone added up to several positive points in Lucas’s favor.

    “So, what kind of interest rate did you get?” Gabe asked conversationally. Lucas furrowed his brow. “On the mortgage,” Gabe clarified.

    “Oh,” Lucas said in surprise, pushing a charming smile onto his face in hopes that he could get out of the conversation without mentioning who it was that he was related to. “No mortgage. It’s paid in full.”

    Gabe knew his mouth had dropped open, but as he was in shock, he saw no immediate cure for the malady. It was either sit there with his mouth agape or stand up to hug the boy, and he sincerely doubted that Lucas would appreciate the latter.

    Chloe had finally gotten over Clark and had picked a boyfriend with redeeming qualities.

    For the moment, life was good.


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    Lucas is such a good guy. He made a great impression on Gabe and ME!!! I love Lucas.

    I want more. Please update soon. :worship2: :yay: :worship2:

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    *urge to hug Lucas!* Great update! I was actually kinda sceptical about him in the beginning, but he's really sounding sweet! lovely lovely lovely....

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    Lucas is just so sweet!! He made Chloe cheer up enough to eat and made a good first impression on Gabe!! What a great chapter!! It's nice to see Chloe get a little happiness!! :biggrin: But, what is going to happen next? I don't think Lex is going to like their little relationship fibs?!! Great update!! :chlexsign3:

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    Gabe's reactions to Lucas were great- he was like 'Hmmm... I like him!'
    Chloe had finally gotten over Clark and had picked a boyfriend with redeeming qualities.

    For the moment, life was good.
    I loved that! And Lucas is so sweet! I liked how he pretended to be her boyfriend at the school and is now taking her homework back to her. That was cute. I also loved the part w/ the doctor (although I'm definitely glad that Chloe's not pregnant) It was greatness! :biggrin: Anyway, I hope you'll update soon!

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    I LOVE IT! i love it. i love it. i love it! ....I LOVE IT! :biggrin:

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    Oh my! Oh my [dances around happily]! You update. I love this story and this final chapter was great. I liked the fluffyness to it. I am soooooo happy that Lucas is racking in all this brownie points from Gabe, because the moment he finds out Lucas is a Luthor... he is going to need to cash them in.

    This chapter was wonderful. I was worried that Chloe would end up pregnant. I'm glad she's not. She doesn't need more bad news... at least until things get a little better for her.

    Again great chapter... you've made my night! :yay: :chlexsign3: :yay:

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    Kris, great as always :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Still not sure how I feel personally about having sex with someone you don't know for revenge...but it fits with the story line. And although sex might not be a big deal to Lex, he knows Chloe well enough to know that it means something to her--especially her first time.

    Look forward to more, of course. It's actually nice to see Lex not getting his own way for a change


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    I just found this fic yesterday and have already read it twice. I love Lex but Lucas is my favorite guest character and you do such a good job at portraying him. I can't wait for more.

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