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Thread: Anyone's Game (NC-17 Chloe/Lucas; Chloe/Lex UST/Angst) - 25 Nov 2004

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    i love chlex but i will 2 say it's a great story and i am happy that Chloe got even with him for doing what he did to her and I hope he get's to see Lucas and Chloe together, that would be great

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    :yay: Could you please add "Behind the Mask" to this forum also!! I really love that story and would like to see it here!! Please! :biggrin: You're the best!! :yay2:

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    Originally posted by autumngold@Dec 6 2003, 12:13 AM
    :yay: Could you please add "Behind the Mask" to this forum also!! I really love that story and would like to see it here!! Please! :biggrin: You're the best!! :yay2:
    Aww, thanks. I would, but...well, that fic really is listed as Chloe/Bruce with just a tiny amount of Chlex UST. Plus, the ending --- damn. You almost had me giving you spoilers. *shakes head*

    I wouldn't be able to post it anyway, because the new rule for this forum is no new fics - it's only for completed old ones from other categories that don't end up Chlex. They're only letting me finish posting AG here because I started it before the rule was posted - and I have a feeling that it'll end up getting deleted soon. Sorry.

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    Wow, I am loving this story.

    Please finish or post where we can find the finished story when you are done.


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    Interesting, please continue soon.

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    What is taking so looooooooooong?????
    i'm on the verge of insanity here....
    do you really want that on your consience???
    anyway...hope you update soon....
    like really soon as in the next 24 hours...scratch that...
    the next 2 hours...
    anyway that should be sufficant time to complete a new chapter...

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    I demand an update! Like.... now! C'mon, I know you got it! Gimme!

    I'll give you anything you want, okay? EVERYTHING!! Just please update


    I'll give you a cookie....

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    Chloe pulled her knees up against her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs. It had been three days since she found out the truth; three days since she had her heart broken yet again. And though the tears had finally subsided, she was still left with a lump in her throat and an empty feeling in the pit of her stomach.

    No matter how strong she pretended to be in front of others, she had reached her breaking point and was crumbling inside. In testament to that fact, she was at home alone in the middle of the morning on a school day and thankful for it. She didn’t seem to know how to act around people anymore, how to live.

    It hadn’t been difficult to convince her father and Lana that she was far too sick to go to school, as the blood that drained from her face when she witnessed Lex’s betrayal had yet to return and the healthy appetite she had before the weekend was now completely gone.

    So, Chloe sat on her bed and stared at the wall, trying to stay off sleep for fear that the nightmarish visions and emotions of being broken again would come quickly once she closed her eyes.

    Somewhere, in the back of her mind, she vaguely registered the sound of her cell phone ringing and absently unwrapped one of her arms from her self embrace to reach for it. She picked it up and glanced at the small caller ID box before setting it back down on the bed unanswered.

    It was Lex’s number that showed on the display – again – and she had no desire to listen to what she could only assume were the pathetic excuses or apologies he had been able to come up with.


    He could leave yet another message on her voice mail, like he had been doing for the last two days; and she would delete it without listening to it, like she had been doing for the last two days.

    Truth be told, she was tempted just to turn her cell phone off; the promise that she made to Lucas being the only thing that kept her from pressing the power button and ending the persistent reminders that she had once again managed to fuck up her emotional well being by falling in love with a man who would never love her back.

    Chloe pushed past the sour thought and once again focused on the reason she was leaving the slim cell phone’s power intact.


    She frowned.

    Like she needed another thing to feel bad about.

    But the fact remained that what Lucas told her during their first phone conversation was true. She wasn’t the only one in the bed, and since he didn’t seem to have any regrets over what they had done, why should she?

    ‘Because I started it,’ she thought, closing her eyes so water wouldn’t once again be able to well up in them.

    In one night, she had not only realized that she had messed up her own life by being in love with Lex – a man she should have known would never be interested in her - but had managed to mess up someone’s else’s life as well. Lucas now had no allowance, no family that he had always dreamt of, and was currently tying up all the loose ends he needed to in order to move to Smallville.

    ‘*Smallville*,’ Chloe thought morbidly. She had taken everything that Lucas had struggled so long for and repaid him by suggesting that he move out into the middle of nowhere to be surrounded by people he either hated or cared nothing about. ‘Way to go, Sullivan.’

    The only redemption that she could see was that it looked like it was going to be fairly easy to get Rachel Dunleavy released from the asylum she was being housed in. Between bouts of severe depression and sobbing, she had dug up as much information as she could and even been able to get in touch with the doctors at the Summerholt Institute that were treating Lucas’s mom.

    They told her that although Rachel seemed panicked and rambled frequently about things that were obviously hallucinations when she first came in, that she was perfectly stable now and they didn’t see any harm in reintroducing her to the outside community. Her primary doctor had even gone so far as to let it slip that he had actually presented the idea to Lionel Luthor, but that the man had promptly dismissed it and demanded that she stay locked up for several more years, until he was convinced that Lex was no longer in any danger.

    He, of course, noticed his mistake and promptly ended the phone call, but Chloe had gotten all the information she needed to get Lucas’s mother out of the institute. Now it was just a matter of waiting for Lucas to come to Smallville so DNA tests could be run and he could be given Power of Attorney status over Rachel’s concerns.

    No matter what kind of pull Lionel had, it wasn’t enough to keep a non-family member locked up in a private mental health facility when there was a family member available to take care of her and the institution’s own doctors recommended her release. It was a good plan, even if it was going to take a month or two to actually happen.

    The sound of her loud home phone ringing jerked Chloe from her thoughts and she unraveled her body from the semi-fetal position she had been in to move toward it. Letting out a small breath when she saw her father’s cell phone number displayed, she numbly picked up the receiver and cradled it against the side of her head.

    “Hello?” she answered, pure exhaustion evident in her voice.

    “Hey sweetheart. Just calling to check up on you. How are you feeling?”

    “About the same.”

    “Sorry,” Gabe said sympathetically. He sighed audibly into the phone and Chloe instinctually knew that she was in trouble. “I know you’re not too fond of doctors, but this has been going on for a few days now. Maybe you should make an appointment.”

    “I’ll be fine, Dad,” Chloe said dismissively, not even bothering to say them with conviction since she knew that her dad wouldn’t believe her anyway.

    “Chloe,” Gabe started with parental concern. “You’re not eating, you’re not sleeping, you *look* awful…”

    “Thanks,” Chloe interrupted sarcastically.

    “You know what I mean.”

    “Dad – I’m *sick*,” she said defensively.

    “And therein lies the reason you should see a doctor.”

    Chloe sighed tiredly.

    “I don’t suppose we could argue about this later so I can go back to sleep?” she asked.

    “Yeah,” Gabe half-grumbled into the phone. “But if you’re not better by tomorrow, I want you to promise me that you’ll call up Dr. Keeghan and schedule an appointment to have him check you out.”

    Chloe frowned. Her father’s ultimatum gave her considerably less self-pity time than she actually needed.

    “Okay,” she finally said in defeat, resigning herself that she would have to pull off a ‘miraculous recovery’ and face the dredges of school and her friends before she was feeling up to it.

    “Good --- damn. Chloe, I’ve gotta go. I’ll call you again later, okay?” Gabe clicked off his phone and flashed an apologetic grin at his boss, who had just showed up. “Sorry, Lex. Just calling to check in on my daughter.”

    Lex nodded once.

    “I ran into Lana at the Talon yesterday. She mentioned that Chloe hasn’t been feeling well,” he responded as conversationally as he could, hoping that it wouldn’t look like he was prodding for more information.

    “Miserable’s more like it,” Gabe confirmed. “She’s so stubborn though. She refuses to go see the doctor. Not like there’s a lot they can do other than tell her to get fluids and rest, I guess, but still…”

    “What’s wrong with her?” Lex asked, interrupting Gabe’s ramble; his heart pounding in his chest as he awaited his answer.

    If his blowout with Amanda had taught him anything, it was that he hadn’t cared for her as deeply as he thought he did; since the situation with Chloe was still the thing that was weighing heaviest in his mind throughout Amanda’s ‘deer caught in the headlights’ babbling excuses.

    Chloe wanted to hurt him so badly that she slept with his brother to make him get even, to make him feel as pained as she did. Whereas, any other woman would have tried to hurt him financially – not emotionally. To Lex, it was a proven fact from the few other women that he had actually gotten serious about. All they saw was his money and him as an extension of it.

    It hurt, but what Chloe had done had managed to hurt more. Not because of how she originally intended the act, but because of the conclusion that he had reached after hours of contemplation about it.

    Chloe Sullivan loved him.

    Not his money or his power, but him.

    And he had destroyed her.

    His guilt consumed him and he called Chloe’s cell phone number every chance he got, but she never answered. Not that he expected her to.

    Lex broke down and purposefully went to the Talon the previous day as it was the only real possibility of ‘accidentally’ bumping into her and it not appearing suspicious to any onlookers.

    He carefully constructed a reason to inquire about Chloe, namely a possible interview, and then he approached Lana; who sadly informed him that her friend was very sick and barely even leaving her room, let alone the house. She said that she’d tell Chloe, but not to expect a response for a while.

    Lex thought Chloe was lying. Faking sick because even after sleeping with Lucas, she still loved him. People didn’t get over real love that quickly and she was probably hurting and not wanting to risk running into him.

    But now…

    Gabe shook his head.

    “I’m not sure exactly,” he admitted. “She hasn’t been eating or sleeping, but…” he paused and gave Lex a hint of a grin. “I’m just being the typical dad and overreacting. It’s probably just the flu.”

    Lex had no response as he had never had a father who cared whether he was ill or not, and he certainly couldn’t bring up his now reawakened suspicion that Chloe was going through some sort of depression because of their breakup.

    ‘Only one way to confirm it though,’ he thought to himself, forcing back a smirk at the realization that with Gabe at work and Lana at school, he could easily go to her house to confront her about it and convince her to forgive him. “I’ll let you get back to work. I just wanted to make sure we were going to make quota for the Petersen contract.”

    Gabe gave him a half-grin.

    “Not an issue.”

    “Good. I’m – um – going to have to be out of the office for the majority of the afternoon,” Lex said, glancing at his watch. “But if you need to contact me, just page me.”


    Chloe grabbed a cold bottle of filtered water and then closed the refrigerator door. Her intention on going to the kitchen had originally been to eat something, to prove to her dad that she was feeling better and that there was no need to go to the doctor, but the second she saw the leftover takeout boxes and microwave dinners, she had lost the small appetite that she had forced upon herself.

    The doorbell rang and she frowned. Nobody should be visiting that time of day; at least not anyone she wanted to greet dressed in a spaghetti-strapped shelf bra tank top and baggy pajama pants that rested low on her hips.

    She shook herself from her thoughts and waited for another ring of the bell. If it was UPS or something, then they would just ring the bell once and then leave the package by the door like they always did. If not, then she would check to see who it was and likely simply pretend that they weren’t on the other side of the door, as she could always write it off later to being contagious and not wanting them to catch whatever she had.

    The doorbell rang again, a few more times in quick succession, and Chloe padded over to the front door to look through the peephole. Her eyes grew wide and she unlocked the deadbolt and the lock on the doorknob.

    She opened the door and her visitor leaned against the doorframe with a smug grin on his lips.

    “Miss me?” he asked.

    “Lucas,” she greeted. “What are you doing here?”

    Lucas arched an eyebrow.

    “I told you I was coming after I got things squared away,” he returned with a hint of confusion.

    Chloe’s mouth opened and closed once before she pushed an apologetic look onto her face.

    “I guess I wasn’t expecting you to get done so soon,” she said.

    Lucas shrugged dismissively with one shoulder.

    “Not a lot to take care of,” he replied. “The apartment came furnished except for the bed, and the back taxes on the house were less than a month’s rent. Got the keys and I’m good to go.”

    “So, you’ve been to the house?”

    “Not yet,” Lucas said, his mouth falling into a pensive frown. His eyes raked over her body and he cocked his head to the side as he met her gaze. “Why are you still in pajamas?”

    Chloe sighed and ran a hand through her hair, inadvertently drawing Lucas’s attention to her breasts.

    “I’ve been playing sick so I don’t have to go to school, but really I’ve just been brooding,” she admitted with the tiniest of embarrassed smiles.

    Lucas’s eyebrows rose.

    “Yeah?” he asked.


    “What kind of ice cream you get?” Lucas asked with teasing interest.

    The corners of Chloe’s lips twitched further upward.

    “None. I’ve pretty much been living off of bottled water.”

    Lucas made a face.

    “Yum,” he said sarcastically. “You sure you’re not really sick? Because that doesn’t seem normal…” he trailed off with a chuckle when Chloe stepped forward and swatted back handed swat onto his chest. “So, I assume this is about Lex?”

    Chloe frowned.

    “I don’t want it to be, but ---” her voice cracked and she closed her eyes as part of an inward sigh. Suddenly she felt Lucas’s strong arms surrounding her and she stiffened. “What are you doing?” she asked, hoping that he hadn’t gotten any ideas about them continuing a physical relationship.

    Not that the night they spent together hadn’t been amazing and exhausting, but even if she thought of him in that sense and hadn’t just broken up with his brother, she didn’t have the energy to get involved with another man who would never love her.

    “I’m comforting you,” Lucas replied almost snidely.


    “I’m not good with the emotional stuff,” he said almost apologetically as he pulled back slightly. “The only thing I could think of was that or offering to get you drunk - and it’s a little early to get plastered.”

    Surprising even herself, Chloe laughed and shook her head before resting it against Lucas’s chest.

    “Thanks,” she mumbled against his tight t-shirt. “I needed that.”


    Lex watched with narrowed eyes at the sight in front of him; Chloe and Lucas standing in her doorway, in what appeared to be an emotionally intimate moment. To his knowledge, they hadn’t even talked since they slept together, but that obviously wasn’t the case.

    He pursed his lips and watched as Lucas grinned down at Chloe and then kissed the top of her head. His brother was clearly interested in the young blonde woman – though it was difficult to tell if he wanted her for sex or a real relationship. His heart constricted as he saw Chloe smile back up at his brother, the same smile that he believed she used to reserve for him, and before him, Clark.

    Lex frowned as his heart constricted. True, he hadn’t ever thought about Chloe in that way, but seeing her with his brother after the false scenario he had developed in his mind about the two of them getting back together and him actually making an effort to try and see her as a woman instead of as a pawn…it caused something inside of Lex to snap.

    A surge of jealousy swept through him and he clenched his jaw.

    Chloe Sullivan loved *him*, not Lucas.

    And he’d make sure she knew it.


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    Thank you so much for updating!! :biggrin: I'm so glad that Lex is jealous!! It's about time that he felt something for Chloe!! :applause: Now he just needs to show Chloe how he feels!! :worship2: :clap: :worship2: Great update!! :chlexsign3:

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    love where this is going! great story! please update again, lol. not to sound greedy tho

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