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Thread: Broken Song (NC-17) Part2 6/8/19

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    Broken Song (NC-17) Part2 6/8/19

    Notes: How is it going out there N~S? Here we are in 2019 and things are just a mess in the real lives of some of our Smallville favorites (Really AMack?). I had this story and never did much work on it until recently. I still love this pairing and had some time to revisit their never realized on screen love story. I know I have graveyard work that never got its due so maybe I’ll look at those too. Music keeps me going. So chapter titles are songs I think of when ChLex met up. All Chloe POV.

    Title: Broken Song
    Author: Letia84
    Rating: NC-17 For adult language, sexual content, and some violence
    Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Own by DC and Warner Brothers
    Summary: It is eight years post Season 3 of Smallville. Chloe and Lex have broken up. To move on Chloe has run off to California and she is married. After Lex reintroduces himself into her life Chloe has to decided to stay married or repair the broken song she shares with Lex.

    Part 1: Hello (Song by Adele)

    Chloe was on high since boarding the plane to arrive in Metropolis. She was getting an award. A top honor from the Daily Planet that lead many investigative reporters to the Pulitzer Prize.

    “You’re looking good Chlo.” Caleb pulled her flush against him as she tried to pin in her earring. “This dress looks amazing.” He breathed in her sent and they were going to be late if he kept going. His hands smoothed down the floor length gown and she had to stop him.

    “Stop messing with me.” Chloe wiggled in his grasp trying to get away. Turning to look at him he was smiling ear to ear.

    Caleb Huntsman was always smiling and it was one of the things she loved about him. Her husband was a fiction writer, a lover of baseball, and he always smiled. She attributed his joyful nature to being raised in the California sun. After meeting through a dating website for coffee they hadn’t been apart for the last two years. Married after only six months of dating seemed crazy at the time, but looking at him smiling Chloe knew she had made the right choice.

    He looked too good at the moment in his only tux. It was the same one they got married in. He had smoothed his normally wild sandy hair down and shaved showing off a baby face.

    “You look good too.” Chloe reached up to kiss the tip of his nose and turned back to check herself in the mirror.

    “Lois and Clark are meeting us, right?” He spoke moving to lean against the sink of the hotel bathroom they were in.

    Chloe nodded. Mrs. Lane promised to leave her jealousy at home. She may have been the one working at the Daily Planet, but it was Chloe's investigative work at the Star City Registrar that had been picked by the Planet. Lois had nothing to be upset about. She had won this award and the Pulitzer Prize when Chloe was still in college for her in depth reporting on Superman. As it stood reporting on Superman was all Lois did these days.

    “We better get going.” She poked Caleb's midsection and darted out for her shoes.

    “Don’t start that game.” He caught her arm before she could make an exit. “You know you can’t run from anyone in this dress.” A swift motion and he pulled her in for a kiss. It was just the right amount of pressure and a little tongue before she pulled away.

    “Will play when we get back.” Chloe spoke through hooded eyes.

    “Yes, because I have always wanted to have sex with someone with a Pulitzer Prize.” Another smile formed on his lips.

    Chloe couldn’t help but return his grin. “I don’t have it yet.”

    The night progressed just as it should. Three awards were going out to journalist for investigative reporting, feature writing, and feature photography. Chloe would receive hers last. It wasn't unusual for the Daily Planet to single out someone that didn’t work for them, but they had to be extraordinary to be honored by them.

    “Thank you all again for coming tonight to celebrate our Daily Planet Reporters Awards.” Perry White took the podium in the over-sized banquet hall of the M hotel. “We all know the people selected for this award are on the short list for the Pulitzer Prize and our final awardee is very deserving of both awards. She has been an invaluable asset to Star City uncovering the corrupted police forces human trafficking ring. In this age of the superhero we often look to a Dark Knight in Gotham, or an Archer in Star City, or our very own alien in red tights to save the day.”

    Chloe looked over to her old friend Clark Kent and he was adjusting his glasses. Whenever someone talked about Superman he checked his disguise.

    “However this time it was a reporter. Someday I hope she realizes she belongs at the Daily Planet and not the Star City Register, but right now please help me give a hand to our recipient for excellence in investigative reporting, Mrs. Chloe Sullivan.”

    Seated at her round table Chloe stood while everyone applauded. Here biggest fans were surrounding her. Her father the proudest hugged her before she walked up the podium. He looked stronger than ever and she was so happy he could make the long flight into Metropolis from Star City.

    Shaking hands with Perry White, Chloe looked at the crowd and knew exactly what she was going to say. “Thank you Mr. White for those kind words. I'll admit that when Mr. White called I thought he was offering me a job again. In fact he did offer a job.” Chloe paused for the crowd to chuckle. “An after I said no he said I was lucky because my answer didn’t change the fact I would be given this year's investigator award.” That line got a louder roar from the crowd.

    This was her moment and she was enjoying every bit of it. “On a more serious note Mr. White was right we are living in the age of the superhero. I went undercover to produce this story and without the protection of a superhero I wouldn’t have written a word. Superheroes hide who they are, but if my protector is here we share this award.” She caught Clark’s eye and he pushed his glasses up smiling at her with pride. It was Green Arrow that helped the most, but Clark had introduced them once he found out what she had planned.

    “I also don’t want to think of this story as a victory. It may be a victory for those saved, but there are still thousands of men, women and children being brought to America as slaves. Human trafficking is a horrific practice that needs to be crushed.” Chloe paused again letting the seriousness of her statement sink in.

    “I want to thank the Daily Planet board for seeing me as I am. I’m reporter or better put a truth teller. My father said telling the truth wasn’t really a job, but if anyone could make it one it would be me, so thank you dad for believing in me. I also want to thank my husband for trusting me to come home every night while working through this investigation.” Chloe looked at Caleb and his smile was still secured in place.

    “And lastly...” Chloe paused. Reaching the end of the speech she took stock of the room one last time. It was during that time she caught a glimpse of him.

    The bald head of Lex Luthor was hard to miss in a room. He was listening and looking right at her. Her words got caught in her throat. Everyone was waiting for to speak and Lex Luthor was there staring at her.

    “Finally…” Chloe paused again when Lex started to turn one corner of his mouth up into a smirk. She looked away shaking her head and blinking to get her focus back. “Thank you to Eva Doe for trusting me to help her.” Chloe thought back to the woman that risked her life to help save a shipment of people coming in from Europe. She had to thank her and Chloe wished she was there that night to share the award, but she was save away in protective custody.

    The applause started slow because it was obvious she having trouble. She played it off as getting choked up about the award and not because she had seen Lex. It had been nearly eight years and he still had an effect on her.

    Leaving the stage she was greeted by Lois for hug. “Next year this award is mine.” Lois was followed by Clark.

    He pulled her into a bear hug and she disappeared in his huge frame. “Great job Chloe.”

    Caleb was after him. “I love you.” He said smiling ear to ear. She hugged him almost crying. They had been through it while she was investigating. It was another reason she married him. Caleb had learned to handle the way she needed to work.

    “I love you too.” Chloe spoke before kissing him lightly.

    When he pulled away more people were waiting. “Go your public awaits.” Nudging her around Chloe was greeted by people she knew from their names in a byline of various newspapers and they all wanted to shake her hand.

    Her face was hurting from smiling so much, but she had to keep it going. Others from the Daily Planet and Register were giving her congratulations. At the end of the line was the last person she wanted to see.

    “People that win this award usually get the Pulitzer Prize next.” Lex Luthor spoke extending his hand to her.

    She took his hand for a firm handshake as she answered. “I know.” The warmth and strength of the handshake was almost mesmerizing.

    “I'll be at that party too.” He was still shaking her hand in his perfectly fitted tux.

    “Oh, okay.” Chloe answered suddenly unaware that people were staring at them. She let go of his hand and made her way back towards her safe circle.

    Chloe needed to pull herself together. She just received the biggest award of her career and Lex Luthor was ruining it for her. “Caleb I have to go to the ladies room.”

    “Lois wants to toast. Which is code for do shots at that bar.” He announced pointing to Lois forcing Clark towards the bar. Lois knew very well Clark couldn’t be drunk but he could fly her home with ease and let her sleep off her own buzz.

    “Okay, go get mine. I’ll only be a moment.” She retreated to the ladies room. Shaking hands along the way she looked back and Lex was looking at her. Peering right through her. She turned and started to move faster.

    The bathroom was empty. Chloe took a seat on a plush red sofa and stared down at her hands. Lex Luthor had been far from her thoughts for so long seeing him now was making her feel like a seventeen year girl again.

    Her mind started racing as to what he meant by being at the Pulitzer Prize ceremony as well. Then she settled on one thought. “Caleb.” she whispered softly then moved as quickly as she could in her dress.

    Chloe scanned the room and found Caleb taking a shot with Lois and Clark. Lois was going to be the life of party if she couldn’t be the honoree. Breathing out a sigh of relief Chloe was glad Lex was far from her smiling man.

    “Congratulation Mrs. Sullivan.” Someone was coming at her and Chloe shook a few more hands before finding a new hiding place.

    The Metropolis grand hotel had a lovely balcony with no one on it. “I can't believe it.” She breathed out the words taking in the fresh air.

    “Believe what?” There he is was again. The cool tenor of his voice couldn’t be mistaken. She didn't want to turn and look at him.

    Chloe just waited until he was next to her. When she felt him there she answered. “That I won.”

    “Of course you won. You broke up a human trafficking ring that arrested thirty dirty cops and a state senator.” She looked over to him and the pride in his eyes couldn't be mistaken.

    She knew the story. She lived it. She went undercover and pinpointed each and everyone of those dirty cops. “Well I think you just wrote my book blurb.”

    “I want the royalties for it when you use it then.” They both nervously smiled at the joke until he ruined the moment. “You look stunning up there.” He said it so casually. As if there wasn't any history between them.

    “Thank you.” Chloe looked away into the night air and the city lights.

    “It's been a long time.” He brushed his hand over her bare shoulder. “I would think you could look at me.”

    The motion made her tenser. When she finally looked at him a familiar pull was there. Lex always brought something out of her. It was something she thought was gone. Right there in the night air she was reminded of Lex’s power over. She had to shake it off and defend herself from his charms.

    “Why are you here?”

    He looked cross now. “I own the Daily Planet. I'm on the board that selects the awardees. I have to be here.”

    She knew all that, but she had to say something to break the tension. “Sorry. I just thought we had an agreement.” Referring to the messiness of the past didn’t please him further.

    His lips tighten before he went on. “We share a twisted history. I just be wanted to be a part of this moment in the present. I know how important being a journalist is to you.”

    She looked at him. Really looked. A few lines had formed on his face, but he looked the same. His body was well fitted into his dark tux and crisp white shirt. Lex's eyes were still the storm seas she had stared into many a time. Going over his looks it made her lick her lips. This was what she was worried about. Seeing him clouded her judgement.

    “I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.” Chloe referred to a bit of their history that wasn’t so bad,

    “It's one of the few things I can be proud of from my time in Smallville.”

    Working against Lionel Luthor brought them together. Lex saving her from his father’s evil clutches made them a team for a time. It was a tangled mess from the start. Yet together they were for time.

    They shared a private moment just looking at each. Lex’s eyes roamed down then up and Chloe could swear he was checking her out. The warm summer air couldn’t beat back the chill she suddenly felt.

    “There you are.” Caleb called out and the moment was over.

    Chloe watched him approaching behind Lex then take his usual place next to her. “I was just getting some air and...”

    “And Lex Luthor was keeping you company.” Caleb finished placing his hand at the small of her back.

    Lex had never seen her with any other man. His face was completely blank. “You must be the husband.” His hand extended to him.

    “Caleb Huntsmen.” Her smiling man took Lex’s hand grinning.

    “Nice to meet you.” Lex said smiling back then looking at her raising an eyebrow.

    “Chloe has only said nice things about you.”

    Caleb knew what Chloe thought he needed to know about Lex Luthor. It was all very nice things. The worst of it she kept hidden. The naughty and kinky bits she tried to bury.

    “That's good to know.” The answer was followed by Lex smirking. ”I was just about to offer your award winning wife a job when you found us.”

    “You hear that Chlo?” Caleb said with excitement.

    “What job?” Things just shifted into an odd place. Lex was meeting her husband and she wanted out of the forced exchange. Now he was trying to extend his time with her.

    “The Luthor Corp energy plant will be turned on for a forty eight hour test run. We need press but I want to keep it small. A personal professional touch is needed before the test run so people know what to expect.”

    “We were just talking about the power plant. Right Chlo?” Caleb pressed himself closer to her. It was like he was trying to claim her. It must have been Lex’s starting pushing him to do it. Chloe could see Lex tightening when Caleb made the move. Lex’s right hand made a fist then flexed again.

    They were talking about the power plant alright. The whole world was. Only a few stories had been produced about it. A lot of Luthor Cope money was poured into the project. Lois had not gotten far with finding out anything at all. Everyone was thinking it was a weapon. Clark hadn’t breathed a word about it. If something was wrong with the place Chloe hoped Clark would take care of it. Leaving Kansas put her far away from her high school troubles.

    Chloe pressed a little closer to Caleb. This encounter wasn’t going to get the best of her. She had a good life and part of it was standing right next to her. “I’m going to say no.”

    “Chlo you have been talking about this place for months and now you're getting the scoop.” Caleb looked to Lex and spoke “She has been saying she really wants to snoop around in there.”

    “I’m pretty busy.” Chloe looked at him pleading for him to stop.

    “No you’re not.” He shook his head.

    “Caleb.” Chloe looked at him poignantly. They were having a spat in front of Lex Luthor. She needed it to stop now.

    “There is no need to answer now.” Lex rescued her from it going on any further. “I’ll send the information to your editor and you can think it over.” Lex was smirking still, clearly enjoying this moment.

    “I'll do that.” They were free at last or so Chloe thought.

    “It was nice to meet you Caleb...” The men shook hands again making Caleb release her. “...and congratulations again...” He moved his focus to her, pulling her to him with her left hand and gave her hug whispering into her ear “Chlo.” It was a short hug then he was off. His final word made Chloe angry.

    He said her name shorten like Caleb did. That little word said so much without saying anything. He was judging her.

    “He’s nothing like you said.” Caleb spoke and Chloe was reminded that her smiling man knew very little about Lex Luthor. “You should consider that job.”

    “I have the book to think about.” She really didn’t. It was writing itself.

    “You have most of that done.” There was the truth. “You know you have a break coming. You said you have a few small articles then nothing.”

    “I know, but…” Chloe was going to think of another reason not to do it. The only thing coming to mind was her and Lex use to be lovers. The sight of him had her spun. If she been alone with him any longer on the balcony he may have to tried to kiss her.

    All those insane thoughts were quelled when Caleb started suddenly kissing her instead of letting her finish. There had to be a worried look on her face and he was trying to make it better. “Tonight is your night.” He spoke and Chloe's eyes were still closed. “Let’s get back to that. You can think about this later.” She opened her eyes to find him smiling at her. She just loved that grin.

    They went back into the ballroom and the music had started. They had a great time. Lex had disappeared. When his presence was lost Chloe was back to normal. She was able to get back to the way the night should have been. Drinks, dancing, and her lovely husband.

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    Re: Broken Song (NC-17)

    Just stopping by to thank you for posting this. I'm so glad your Chlex muse is alive and kicking- seeing those WIPs taken out of the graveyard would be a treat.

    I'll post you feedback as soon as I get the time to sit down and read this.

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you need any aid with the forum in general- posts,threads, subforums etc. Remember that I'm the only member of the staff that's still around.
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    Re: Broken Song (NC-17)

    It's interesting. I didn't think I would ever enjoy reading a Smallville fic again with that particular character in it. But I was wrong. I can definitely separate the fictional Chloe from the real live actress (or is that actor now?) and that is certainly a good thing. So thank you, letia84 for keeping the fandom and this pairing alive.

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    Re: Broken Song (NC-17)

    Part 2: Together Again (Song by Evanescence)

    When Chloe entered the bullpen of the Star City Register she was greeted with a round of applause. She lifted her cup of coffee in the air and took a bow.

    “Thank you everyone.” The wonderful moment was cut short by her editor coming her way.

    The flight back into town was long but it cleared Chloe’s head of Lex Luthor. She was able to wake up Monday morning and come into the office free of him.

    “Welcome back Sullivan.” Rebecca Gordon had been the editor at the Register for fithteen years. The woman had the grey hairs to prove it. She had made Chloe a better writer and her open mind was always appreciated. Leaving the paper to work for Perry White was out of question with an editor like Rebecca.

    Coming at her quick Rebecca got right to the point. “You should have stayed in Kansas.”

    “You're trying to get rid of me?” Chloe faked a frown at her. ”I just won an award for this newspaper.” They spoke moving through the bullpen towards Chloe’s desk.

    Luthor Corp had gotten to Rebecca. There was no way she was going to write that story. Once they were at her station Chloe was going to sit, but Rebecca snagged her coffee from her hands. “Hey?”

    “I’m serious Sullivan. Get on a plane and get to Smallville.” It was the last place Chloe wanted to be. Rebecca peered at her over thick rim glasses with raised eyebrows. “Luthor’s people are giving you an exclusive tour of their labs.”

    Rebecca knew how excited Chloe got for an exclusive. Now wasn’t one of those moments.

    Chloe had done stories involving Luthor Corp but they were from the safe distance of her California dream.

    “Can’t you send someone else? I have some lingering stories to get done before I leave for my break to work on my book.” It was all true, but she wanted say I can’t be near Lex Luthor.

    “It’s an exclusive. I'm surprised you aren’t begging me to go. Pass your features off, but keep the mayoral race piece. I want your angle on that.” Rebecca sipped Chloe’s cup of coffee and walked off with it. “Thanks for the cup of Joe and congrats again Sullivan.” Rebecca went to hide in her office, which meant conversation over.

    Chloe liked her job and planned on keeping it. That meant she had to go back to Kansa. She was most likely going to be meeting with the scientist involved and Lex didn’t have to be there. With all that Lex had going on there was no reason for him to be there.

    Doing as she was told Chloe passed off her work and went home to pack and break the news to Caleb.


    Kicking off her heels at the door Chloe moved through the house searching. “You here?”

    “Office.” His voice sounded and she turned to the first door down the hall.

    Their place had finally become something respectable. After a massive renovation there was an open floor plan, an office with dual desk for writing, and of course the master bathroom with an oversized tub. They carefully choose each item together.

    He was indeed in the office focusing on his laptop clicking away at the keys. “Hey.” Chloe kissed his cheek and he pulled her back to brush his lips to hers.

    “Hey yourself.” He smiled at her when he was finished.

    He didn’t seem at all concerned she was home early so Chloe cut right to the truth. “Rebecca is sending me back.”

    He clapped his hands together and spoke. “I knew it. You're going to the Luthor Corp.” He was still smiling and it was the first time Chloe was annoyed by his signature look.

    “Not because I want to.” She grumbled.

    He glanced at his laptop to click save. “What’s the big deal? You love an exclusive.” Chloe just stood there thinking of another excuse other than feeling a twinge of attraction towards her ex. She may not have physically cheated but her thoughts had betrayed her marriage.

    Her mouth opened then closed and Chloe was at a loss for words. Caleb must have read her frustration and pulled her into his lap. “You live for exclusives.” He spoke placing soft kisses on her jawline then he moved down to nuzzle her neck.

    “Yes, but…” Chloe couldn’t think when he was kissing her. She leaned her head back and his arm stayed around her waist while the other hand raced down her cheek to her breast. His fingers searched for her nipple through her blouse and bra. The sensation was good and she found her reason to stay. “If I leave you can’t do this anymore.”

    Caleb rested his hand and looked up at her. “I’m doing this now because I know you're going to take the job.” He kissed her lightly then went on. “I know you Chlo. I’ll be busy anyway working on my book edits. His hand went back to squeezing her nipple. “Now let me give you a reason to come back quickly.” With that he was at her neck again.

    She did want to know what was going on in that building. There was no reason for her not to go. Instead of thinking of seeing Lex. Chloe had sex on the floor of her home office with her husband.
    He gave her a reasons to return quickly.


    At the entrance of airport security Chloe was squeezing Caleb’s neck for dear life. “Have fun.” He whispered in her ear.

    “It will be work not fun.” Chloe whispered back.

    “You think your work is fun.” He pulled her back to look at her. “Can I ask you something before you go?”

    Chloe nodded checking her boarding pass. “Of course.”

    “Will Luthor be there?” She looked up at him and his brow was furrowed. It was rare that Caleb was worried about anything. He didn’t grow up like she did in the meteor capital of the world.

    “I don’t see why he has to be. I’ll need some quotes from him, but I can do that on the phone. The people I talked to said as much when we spoke.” The Luthor Corp lawyer she spoke to told her what would happen during the tour. “Can I ask why you're worried about that?”

    “I don’t know.” He shrugged then motioned to fix the strap of her laptop bag. “At the awards ceremony he seemed to be looking at you a certain way.”

    “What do you mean looking at me?” She knew very well the way Lex was looking at her.

    “Chloe he seemed attracted to you. He seemed to get upset when I was touching you. Then he gave you that hug goodbye.” Caleb went from worried to upset.

    Chloe started laughing but Caleb wasn’t joining in. “You’re not kidding?” Her play wasn’t taken so well.

    He rolled his eyes at her. “I know when men are looking at you.” This talk was ruining the great moment Chloe had in the office the day before. She didn’t want to fight with him and have it be the last thing they did before she left.

    “Men don’t look at me.” Chloe shook her head trying to take the talk off Lex.

    “No, they look you just don’t notice.” Caleb looked around them and nodded his head towards a guy passing them. The man was looking at her and he nearly ran into another person's rolling suitcase trying to catch one last glimpse of her.

    Chloe pulled her fingers through her long blonde locks then she tried to reassure him. “Well Lex wasn’t looking at me. He can have anyone he wants.”

    “Yea and he looked like he wanted you. His eyes keep roving up and down you in that dress and you looked damn good in that dress.” Caleb pulled her waist towards him. The talk of the dress made him happy.

    “Well you have nothing to worry about. I only have eyes for you.” She kissed him to prove her point.

    He pulled away again to speak. “You said you were friends right?”

    No matter what she did Caleb was focused on this. “Yea just friends. A long, long, long time ago.” Chloe tried better and kissed him again moving her hands through his wild sandy hair. “Were we at the same party?” she said against his mouth.

    “Yes and I know what I saw.” He spoke and she groaned stepping back from him.

    “Okay. You saw what you saw, but I know for a fact that I am your wife and I could care less if Lex Luthor or any other men are looking at me.” Chloe put her foot down on the subject.

    “Same goes here. I am only looking at you.” He smiled finally dropping the subject. “But we are talking women not men for me.” The comment made her laugh.

    “I’ll be back before you know it.”

    Chloe said her final goodbye then headed for security. She had a long plane ride to think about what Caleb said. She thought she was the only one that noticed. If Caleb could sense it then maybe it wasn’t Chloe making things up in her head.


    In the middle of nowhere Chloe was starting to worry. Smallville had plenty of hidden nooks and crannies. The sight of security guards along the rode cued her into knowing she was close.

    “We are nearly there.” The driver of the black BMW spoke still keeping his eyes on the road.

    “I was starting to wonder.” Chloe pulled her pen and pad out then attached her recording pen to her blazer. She picked a pants suit and flat shoes in case she needed to move through some difficult spaces.

    The building appeared out of nowhere. The massiveness of it made Chloe sit back in her seat. The car pulled through a metal gate that looked electrified. Whatever was in this place it was heavily protected.

    The car pulled up to the entrances and Chloe checked that her bun had each strand of hair firmly in place. The driver opened the door and when she looked up she was greeted.

    “Welcome to Luthor Energy.” Lex lent his hand to help her out of the car. She didn’t take it.

    Of course Lex Luthor was there. He had stared her up and down at the Daily Planet Honors. Now he wanted a second look.

    His dark suit was firmly in place. It was like he was pressed each morning with a fashion plate. Once she was standing before him the car drove away so there was no escape. “The guards will take your bag.” He spoke again.

    “Can I record?” Chloe pointed to the pen in her lapel.

    “Yes, but no cameras.” He answered coolly.

    “I remember what the lawyers said no photos except the ones you are going to give me.” Chloe looked passed him and saw the double doors wide open for her. She wanted in there. If this was her seventeen year old self she would have dressed all in black and tried to get in the place in the dead of night.

    “Then let's go.” Lex extended his hand to show the way.

    Chloe could sense his eyes looking at her as she moved passed him towards the door. She wanted to tell at him to go away, but she was here as a professional. There were eyes everywhere and it would be rather cruel to belittle their boss.

    Once through the doors Chloe was greeted by the two lead scientist. They exchanged pleasantries then moved on. Both men seemed eager to show off what they had done and spoke at a rapid pace. She was glad she had the recorder to catch it all.

    The halls of the places were all white and metal. It was like something out of sci-fi novel.

    They directed her through the building explaining that most of the facility housed something that produced the unlimited electricity. She was assured that the process of creating the energy ended in a nasty waste like nuclear energy. Chloe shot a few questions their way and Lex followed close behind the three silent.

    His presence wasn’t necessary just like Chloe thought. Only there he was. When she glanced in his direction he was looking at her.

    “Okay Mrs. Sullivan through these doors is the answer to all your questions and the world's energy problems.”

    They entered a lab with several clear boxes that held one item. Meteors rocks were everywhere. The green Chloe knew well. There was also red and her interactions with it were far from pleasant. There was also black meteor rocks that Chloe knew nothing about.

    “Gentlemen I know these rocks well. I know they don’t make any energy.” Chloe looked at Lex and he was smirking at her statement. If Clark knew any of this existed he would have brought the building down. “They only harm Superman.”

    When Chloe had left Smallville she hoped Lex would have found something other than the meteor showers to obsess about. This room proved he had no such luck.

    “Well we found one that doesn’t do so much harm to him.” Lex finally spoke up.

    After all these years Chloe didn’t know if he pieced it together. He had so many clues just like she did. Seeing it first-hand put all the clues together. “It doesn’t hurt him much?” She replied to him.

    “It doesn’t harm him at all in fact.”

    The omission meant Clark got tested, but there was no telling if he he wanted to or was forced to. “How would you know that?”

    “We tested him.” He answered with a shrug.

    Chloe felt her grip tighten around her pen. A tiny bit more pressure and the thing would break. “So you called up Superman and said let me expose you to different rocks from your home world?”

    The sharp back and forth had the scientist silent. “He knows what we are doing?” He was moving in on her invading her personal space.

    “He knows?” Her face twisted and the wheels were turning. Lex smiled seeing her try to work it out. Chloe thought of her talks with Clark of late and nothing came to mind about speaking with Luthor Corp on their rock collection. “I’ll need a quote from Superman.” She answered.

    “You can get in touch with him. Just scream out like you're in danger. He loves to save a damsel in distress.” He was really close to her now. The closeness was bothering her, it was making her feel the sort of thing she didn’t want to feel. She chose to focus on her curiosity.

    The scientist were silent staring at each other when one spoke. “We want to show you the meteor that’s going to change the world.”

    “Fine show me.” Chloe’s eyes moved towards the scientist and they started moving towards the far wall. One of the men went to a computer typing in a few lines of code and the white wall was suddenly glass.

    Before them was the largest meteor Chloe had ever seen and the color was a deep orange. “It's orange.” Chloe whispered moving to almost put her nose against the glass.

    “We just take a small part of this one and use that to produce the energy.” She was listening to whoever was speaking, but Chloe couldn’t take her eyes off the stone.

    “Chloe, this is the future. The alien world that Superman came from has so many answers to earth's problems.” Lex’s voice was close to her and when she turned he was back in her personal space again.

    She moved to back away from him turning to the people with answers. “How does it work?” Both men seemed pleased with themselves and went on explaining.

    They spoke in the white lab of meteors for an hour. According to the scientist the place was guarded so well because they had large collection of meteors to use for experimentation. Most of it was classified. There were endless possibilities for evil deeds in this lab. Yet she was assured nothing had been done that would warrant the government shutting them down.

    Her head was swimming in information. The only thing she didn’t know was what the hell Clark was thinking.

    At the exit of the building Chloe shook hands with the scientist then clicked off her recorder pen. A guard appeared with her bag and she was ready to be off.

    “That's it?” Lex waited until they were alone to speak.

    She looked at him trying to think how he managed to do this. He must have dug up all of Smallville to find that orange rock. “Yes that's it. I'll see you and the scientist in two days.”

    They agreed to meet and make sure Chloe’s explanation of the science was correct. Of course he insisted he be there to give his own input. She agreed to meet at Luthor Corp giving her the chance to get out of Smallville.

    “I feel like we should say more.” He moved closer and Chloe stepped back.

    An uneasy feeling was forming. He was always looking at her with illicit intentions “Why did you ask me to write this article?”

    “So I could get the best story written.” He stepped towards her again this time she didn’t move. Whatever he was thinking he wouldn’t do anything to her while he was under close watch.

    “You have an army of reporters at the Daily Planet, including my cousin who's not a bad writer.” Chloe moved in on him. “In fact she is the person that gave the world the exclusive on Superman.”

    “I didn’t want Lois Lane. I wanted you. The person that can see the truth about what I’m doing here. You understand better than anyone.” Chloe wasn’t going to get into the messy past, but Lex did it for her leaning in close to speak in a hushed tone. “We both know that you can just ask him. I’m telling the truth. This meteor is the real gift to the world not him.”

    All this talking in code made Chloe more confused. He was speaking like he knew. All their fights about this and now he knew. They still wouldn’t be together if he knew or not. They were twisted layers of secrets.

    She couldn’t let anything go. A promise to Clark years ago bound her and it was a promise that went both ways. Backing away from him Chloe answered. “I have some writing to do.” As she turned on her heels to leave he reached for her.

    “There is more.” He let go of her before going on. ”We should talk.”

    “Talk about what?” Chloe wasn’t sure she could take much more.

    “I haven't seen you since…” Before he could go on Chloe had to stop him.

    “You asked me to write. Now let me go.” She made her hasten steps out of there. She had to get to Metropolis to speak to Clark right away.

    In the back of the car again she pulled her phone from her bag. A few swipes and she was sending a text.

    We need to talk. Now!!!

    Chloe waited for what seemed like forever for her phone to buzz. When it finally did she was already halfway to Metropolis.

    Meet me at the Daily Planet

    Clark finally got back to her and she was already headed in that direction.


    For so many years she wanted to be surrounded by the walls of the Daily Planet, but things change. At the moment Chloe wasn't thinking of her childhood dream. She just wanted to get answers from Clark.

    In Smallville for less than a day and she was already in the thick of it.

    He must have heard her coming because he was meeting her at the entrance of the building. The three exclamation points in her text message looked to have him worried.

    They exchanged a hello and moved into a copy room on the first floor. Chloe locked the door for good measure.

    “Where is Lois?” She started. Her cousin knew somethings but she didn’t know all of it. It was better if Lois didn’t know it all.

    Clark adjusted his glasses as he answered. “Out on assignment.”

    ‘“Great.” Chloe heaved in a breathe then let out her building anger on Clark. “Why didn’t you warn me? You let me walk into that place and I got totally ambushed by Lex.”

    He looked at his shoes searching for the words. “Because I didn’t know what he was going to show you?”

    “Well he showed me a gigantic orange piece of kryptonite.” Chloe stretched her arms in the air for emphasis.

    “I know.” He said casually.

    Tilting her head to the side Chloe wondered how the hell he put his tights on in the morning without knocking himself out. “So you knew about the new meteor.” Clark paced the room craving a groove into floor. “Just tell me Clark”.

    He stopped walking to look at her. “You left to get away from this Chloe. To get away from me and my problems. It's been eight years I didn't think Lex would try to pull you back in.”

    “Pull me back into what?” She questioned him on the edge of her seat.

    “He knows who I am Chloe.”

    She wanted to say duh. “Lex said as much today.”

    “When you left he came to see me.” Clark sighed reliving the moment. “He said he would find out. He said nothing was holding him back now.”

    Lex was obsessed with all things alien when she left. The obsession was clouding his judgement. Leaving was supposed to wake him up. When Chloe left she didn’t look back.

    Clark should have told her this. She did ask to be left out of his world, but today he should have said something. “What did Lex do?”

    “I took something from him. It was hidden for me, but he followed the symbols to it first. I had to take it from him.”

    Chloe knew all about the bread crumbs in the form of krypton symbols. “It was the piece that fit into caves.”

    “Yes. It's what lead to my past and sent me towards my future. Image my surprise to find Lex there, in my fortress listening to the words of my father.” Clark gave her pained look about the memory.

    This she knew a little about, but Lex manage to do what he had obsessed over. “What did he do?”

    “Nothing.” He said plainly.

    After knowing all the time Lex spent searching it was to believe once he found it he did nothing about it. “He had to have done something Clark.”

    “He said he would be watching me that's it. After that he was different. He threw himself into Luthor Corp.”

    “Clark you didn't see him then. He was beyond obsessed and from the looks of the lab I saw today he's still just as obsessed.”

    “I have scanned the building. I know about the collection of meteor rocks.”

    “Why does he need them?”

    “He said that I couldn't be all that came from Krypton. If the green meteors changed people there had to be more. Lex has been searching for meteors for years.”

    “You mean the only things that can hurt you.”

    “Well three years ago he asked me to meet him.” Clark turned away from her. “I didn’t trust him. I had Arrow hide out and come with me in case something happened to me.” When he turned to look at her again Chloe was so panicked at what he would say. “Lex told me he found the orange meteor and asked if I wanted to check if I was immune to it.”

    “Are you immune?” Chloe touched his shoulder to look at him.

    “Yes hundred percent immune.”

    “So Lex was telling me the truth.” Stepping back relief washed over her.

    “If he said that then yes it was the truth. Trust me I have looked Chloe. The energy he’s created with the orange kryptonite seems to be a good thing.”

    Searching his eyes there was more Clark wasn't saying. “You still don't trust him?”

    “No. I want to. We started off so well, but after what he did to those people.”

    She put up her hands to stop him. “Clark I don't want to talk about that.”

    “You asked me not to talk about him Chloe. You said you wanted out of my world and into your own.”

    Chloe remembered those words. She did want out. She got out and now she was getting pulled back in. “Clark new rule next time you know I'm about to walk into a LuthorCorp building please tell me everything you know about it first.”

    His face relaxed at last. “I don't know why he asked you in the first place. He knows what it meant for you to leave.”

    “I don't know either, but Clark I have to go.” She reached up to give a quick hug.

    “Where are you going?” He answered as she pulled away.

    “I have an article to write.” She pointed out the headline with her hand in the air. “Luthor Energy solves world's energy crisis.”

    At the door Clark said one last thing. “I’m sorry Chloe. I promise to keep an eye on this.”

    “I know you will.” Chloe hoped he wouldn't find anything. For once she wanted this thing to have a happy ending.


    Meeting at Luthor Corp was a good idea. The two lead scientist were there giving her minor correction under Lex’s watchful eye. They were seated at an oversized oval boardroom table made of marble.

    The room was flooded with light from the floor to ceiling wall of windows. The world could look in on them but they were placed high above any other building.

    “I think that's it.” Chloe closed her laptop. She was done with this painful experiment. She thanked the scientist and Lex said his goodbyes to the men.

    “I’ll see you both Monday.” Lex’s business voice suddenly disappeared once the scientist were clear of the office. ”You don’t have to rush off.”

    She looked at him dressed in his business best and all his smooth skin then looked away before her thoughts went sideways. “I wrote the article. Job done so I should get going. I have a long flight ahead of me.”

    “Chloe we need to talk.” He was up from his seat on the other side of the oval table.

    She was trying her best not to look up at him. Looking at him in the power planet when they were alone made her uneasy. Clark had made it clear he wasn’t a villain in this. He was actually doing something good for the world. All those facts didn't change the past.

    Placing her laptop into her leather bag she was ready to rush out of there. “Lex we are finished.”

    “But you spoke to him. Didn’t you?” He forced out the next part. “To Kent.” He knew the truth and it appeared he still didn’t want to accept it.

    “You just say it like that. What if someone was listening?”

    “I trust this place.”

    “Well congratulations. Looks like all your hard work paid off.” Chloe wanted to say his obsession. Pressing his buttons didn't seem like the best idea.

    “Yes it did. The world will be changed after the energy test.”

    “Again congratulation Lex. You win.” Chloe stood trying to make a run for it.

    “I haven’t won yet.” He stepped in the way of the exit. “There is still one thing I want.”

    “I’ll see you in month.” Chloe breezed past him nudging his body out of the way. The power plants test run was in a month then this would all end.

    She’d be free in her California dream.

    “And in three months after that.” He spoke and she turned back to look at him.

    Chloe rustled with her bag trying to understand.


    “We break ground in Star City in three months. I know this test is going to go well. The Midwest will be secured. The west coast will need its own power plant. I'm sure your editor at the Registrar will want you to write about it.” His smug tone was making her angry.

    It was all coming into focus. “This is why you asked me?” Her mind was racing. He didn't think she was a good writer. It wasn't to say he knew all about Clark.

    He was looking for something. Something Chloe thought was long gone. “You're just trying to weasel your way back in.”

    “Back into where exactly?” He questioned as if he didn’t know.

    “You know.” Chloe was going to tear out of there until he grabbed her arms pulling her towards him.

    He looked at her and it was going to consume them both if they didn’t look away. “Is it working?”

    “Let go.” She spit back at him.

    “You can leave whenever you want.” He breathed in and loosed his grip, but didn’t move away.

    Chloe’s eyes widen and she wanted to smack him. Her body didn’t listen and became plant against him. “Why are you doing this?”

    “Your a smart woman Chloe.” He kept her in place with one arm around her waist and the other pulled her hair out of her ponytail into a mess down her back while his fingers pulled through her hair and he smiled while he did it. “You know what I want.”

    She knew all his moves very well. It had been so long but she was still responding. “Well you can’t have it.” All she had to do was pull away, but she just stood there.

    “Chloe I stayed away like you asked.” He leaned into her nudging his nose against her chin. “I just had to see you when you won that award. Chloe Sullivan all grown up seconds from a Pulitzer Prize.” He breathed in her scent when the words hit her.

    All grown up. She had grown up. Chloe knew better than to fall for this.

    “Let go.” Chloe rustled in his grasp and got free.

    Her mind had to jump start. “Here I am all grown up Lex. You should try it.” She saw her bag had dropped to floor. It made her push out a harsh breathe. Only Lex could make her this angry.

    He snickered at her like he thought her reactions were amusing. “I wasn’t sure until now.”

    “Sure about what?” She narrowed her eyes at him waiting to be enlightened.

    “If we could still do this dance.” His grin grew.

    “You think we're dancing? We are fighting. We are always fighting.” Chloe looked away going for her bag. With her attention away he was after her again.

    Lex gripped her shoulders and pushed her back until her legs were pressed against the marble table. “This is what we do Chloe.” He was talking and Chloe was frozen again. “You always enjoyed a good fight.”

    He pulled her towards him to pressing his lips against her own. She closed her eyes and pressed herself back into him. All of sudden she was on fire. One of his arms went around her and the other smoothed over her breast.

    “What the hell are doing?” She spoke but the words didn't come out. “Stop.” She tried again and nothing.

    All she got was his mouth. His hot mouth devouring her. She did the unthinkable. She reached for his groin and he was hard. Chloe squeezed his growing arousal and his goarn sent vibrations over her tongue.

    He released her mouth then moved to kiss down her neck. “We always danced well together.” Lex spoke kissing his way back up to her lips.

    Lex could look at her just so and she’d give in. For the first time in eight year's Chloe gave in.

    She moved to undo the zipper of his freshly pressed slack. Her hand dipped in passed his boxers and she found what she was looking for. He was indeed hard and Chloe stroked him free. Suddenly they both groaned when he reached to cup her between her legs over her pants.

    Her hips rocked towards his hand and suddenly he let her mouth go to breathe. “We need to take these off.” Lex stopped her fondling and turned her around. He reached around to undo the button then the zipper while playfully biting her neck. He pulled everything down her legs in one swift motion.

    Chloe kicked her flats off and used her bare feet to get her pants off the rest of the way. He pressed himself against her whispering at her ear. “Bend over the desk.” He instructed.

    Chloe did as she was told placing her upper body down against the cool marble. She could hear him behind her removing his pants in hurry then the sound of a wrapper was torn open. He had a condom on him.

    “Damn him.” Chloe thought to herself. He knew they would do this. It may have been a hope, but he knew. Her thoughts were cut short when she felt his hand on her.

    He was reaching between her folds to rub against her finding she was wet. “Lex.” She pleaded with him to move on.

    He took the hint and reared back slightly then he was pushing his way into her. He groaned enveloped by her wetness then repeated the smooth motion over and over like he was trying to find just the right spot.

    Chloe leaned her bottom into his last thrust trying to make him do more. “Faster.”

    Hearing her desperation he did as he was told. Their skin starting to make the sweet sound of thrusting. He was pressing her into the marble trying to get closer to her body laid on the table. She wasn’t in pain, but she would be soon.

    “Won’t last.” He grunted through his teeth. Seconds after he spoke she could feel him coming.

    He pulled out of her but didn’t leave her. His hands went to the void he left. Lex was going to make her come with his skilled fingers. She bucked back into him trying to find a steady rhythm.

    “Let me turn.” She demanded.

    He moved out of the way for her to spin around. She looked at him half naked and softened with the condom still on. The view shifted quickly because he was on her again kissing her hard. His hand didn’t rest either going back to work.

    She fused her eyes shut and tried not to think about anything, but what he was doing. “Lex.” She moaned his name as she came.

    “Next time I’ll last longer.” He whispered in her ear. “It’s just been so long without you.”

    “Next time.” Chloe repeated. The words implying this was just the start. She nudged him back from her ear to look at him.

    He was happy. They had just had sex of course he was happy. She watched him stride across the room. He pulled paper from a box of tissues taking care of himself.

    Chloe looked down at herself not really letting what just happened hit her yet. Her blazer was open and a few buttons of her blouse were undone. She went to do the buttons of her blouse and found her right breast outside of her bra. It all happened so fast she didn't know when he got her that way.

    She righted herself into her bra then secured her blouse and blazer. Before she could reach for her panties Lex was handing them to her.

    “Your flight is tomorrow morning, right? We could have dinner.” He was grinning at her. Lex’s pants were on, his shoes we’re on, and his suit coat was all back in place like nothing had just happened.

    Yet something did just happen. “No!” Chloe snatched her panties from his hands and rushed to put the rest of her clothes on.

    “Chloe…” He started.

    “No!” She stopped him again. He was so casual like everything was fine between them. She was trying to put on her shoes and nearly fell over.

    “Chloe.” He said her name catching her in time before she hit the floor.

    “No!” She said it again looking for her bag.

    “Wait.” He pulled her to him again. He was going to try it again. Lex was going to confuse her with one of weapons, his lips, his body, or his voice.

    “I said no!” She forced him to let her go. It was what she should have done earlier. It was too late now.

    “I understand you're a little upset, but what just happened is alright.” Lex gestured his hand to her then back to him. “It's just how we are together.”

    “We are not together.” Shaking her head no they were far from together.

    “I know, but…” He tried again.

    “No but. I'm married.” She was slammed back to reality now when she said the word. “I’m married, married…”

    Chloe kept repeating the word because she had forgotten it for the briefest of moments when Lex looked at her the way he had so many times before things got complicated. Before it became too complicated for her to stay with him.

    Caleb was waiting for her. Her sweet smiling man was waiting and the thought made her dry heave.

    Lex was at her again sliding his hands down her arms. “Calm down and breathe Chloe.”

    Chloe looked at him and he was calm. Too calm. “Why are you so damn calm?”

    “Because I knew this would happen.” He knew already with a condom all ready to go in his pocket. He’d chosen a floor with just a boardroom. They were isolated and he knew getting her alone would make her forget.

    “Didn't you hear me?” She shook him off again. “I'm married!” She remembered now.

    “I don't care about him.” He raised his voice and Chloe backed away from him. “I care about you.” He finished calmer.

    “I have to leave.” Chloe got her things. Her mind was frantic now. She was an adulterer. A cheater. She was a whole host of things she never wanted to be.

    “I said we could have talked first. You didn't want to talk.”

    “No more talking.” She interrupted him and opened the door to leave.

    Chloe made a b-line for the elevator. He was following her. They waited in silence until the elevator door shut with them inside.

    “Things are different now Chloe” He was talking pushing the button to send them down. “You know they are. That's why you did this.” He stood near. It wasn’t close but there wasn’t much room to get way in the elevator.

    She was silent. Her focus was on the numbers counting down.

    “You said I was obsessed.” Floor 22,23…

    “I changed.” Floor, 20, 19….

    “You spoke to Clark. You know I changed.” Floor, 10, 9…

    “You can’t avoid this.” Floor 2, 1….

    The elevator dinged and the doors opened. The lobby was empty except for a few guards at the front desk.

    “Chloe.” He said her name again this time it sounded like a plea.

    She forced herself to turn and look at him one last time. “I can’t be around you Lex. You know that. It’s why I asked you to stay away from me.” Looking down at herself she didn’t feel right anymore in her own skin. “You claim you're different. Well I'm different too. I love someone else. I can't go back down this road again.”

    “You didn't seem concerned for him a few moments ago. You could have left, but you stayed.” It stung to hear the truth of what just happened. It made her walk away from him faster.

    Chloe walked out of Luthor Corp. She waved off the driver that was going to take her to her hotel and walked. The clerk at the hotel said Luthor Corp had upgraded her room. When she entered there was a vase of expensive flowers that didn't match the rest of the room. She knew where they came from.

    She moved towards the lovely bouquet and plucked the card up to read.

    Here is my private cell. Call me. Either way I'll see you in a month. LL 604-555-3769

    The tears finally came. Chloe ran for bathroom. She had to scrub away the feel of Lex Luthor before she flew home to her husband in the morning.


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