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Thread: Broken Song (NC-17) Part 7 08/18/2021

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    Broken Song (NC-17) Part 7 08/18/2021

    Notes: How is it going out there N~S? Here we are in 2019 and things are just a mess in the real lives of some of our Smallville favorites (Really AMack?). I had this story and never did much work on it until recently. I still love this pairing and had some time to revisit their never realized on screen love story. I know I have graveyard work that never got its due so maybe I’ll look at those too. Music keeps me going. So chapter titles are songs I think of when ChLex met up. All Chloe POV.

    Title: Broken Song
    Author: Letia84
    Rating: NC-17 For adult language, sexual content, and some violence
    Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Own by DC and Warner Brothers
    Summary: It is eight years post Season 3 of Smallville. Chloe and Lex have broken up. To move on Chloe has run off to California and she is married. After Lex reintroduces himself into her life Chloe has to decided to stay married or repair the broken song she shares with Lex.

    Part 1: Hello (Song by Adele)

    Chloe was on high since boarding the plane to arrive in Metropolis. She was getting an award. A top honor from the Daily Planet that lead many investigative reporters to the Pulitzer Prize.

    “You’re looking good Chlo.” Caleb pulled her flush against him as she tried to pin in her earring. “This dress looks amazing.” He breathed in her sent and they were going to be late if he kept going. His hands smoothed down the floor length gown and she had to stop him.

    “Stop messing with me.” Chloe wiggled in his grasp trying to get away. Turning to look at him he was smiling ear to ear.

    Caleb Huntsman was always smiling and it was one of the things she loved about him. Her husband was a fiction writer, a lover of baseball, and he always smiled. She attributed his joyful nature to being raised in the California sun. After meeting through a dating website for coffee they hadn’t been apart for the last two years. Married after only six months of dating seemed crazy at the time, but looking at him smiling Chloe knew she had made the right choice.

    He looked too good at the moment in his only tux. It was the same one they got married in. He had smoothed his normally wild sandy hair down and shaved showing off a baby face.

    “You look good too.” Chloe reached up to kiss the tip of his nose and turned back to check herself in the mirror.

    “Lois and Clark are meeting us, right?” He spoke moving to lean against the sink of the hotel bathroom they were in.

    Chloe nodded. Mrs. Lane promised to leave her jealousy at home. She may have been the one working at the Daily Planet, but it was Chloe's investigative work at the Star City Registrar that had been picked by the Planet. Lois had nothing to be upset about. She had won this award and the Pulitzer Prize when Chloe was still in college for her in depth reporting on Superman. As it stood reporting on Superman was all Lois did these days.

    “We better get going.” She poked Caleb's midsection and darted out for her shoes.

    “Don’t start that game.” He caught her arm before she could make an exit. “You know you can’t run from anyone in this dress.” A swift motion and he pulled her in for a kiss. It was just the right amount of pressure and a little tongue before she pulled away.

    “Will play when we get back.” Chloe spoke through hooded eyes.

    “Yes, because I have always wanted to have sex with someone with a Pulitzer Prize.” Another smile formed on his lips.

    Chloe couldn’t help but return his grin. “I don’t have it yet.”

    The night progressed just as it should. Three awards were going out to journalist for investigative reporting, feature writing, and feature photography. Chloe would receive hers last. It wasn't unusual for the Daily Planet to single out someone that didn’t work for them, but they had to be extraordinary to be honored by them.

    “Thank you all again for coming tonight to celebrate our Daily Planet Reporters Awards.” Perry White took the podium in the over-sized banquet hall of the M hotel. “We all know the people selected for this award are on the short list for the Pulitzer Prize and our final awardee is very deserving of both awards. She has been an invaluable asset to Star City uncovering the corrupted police forces human trafficking ring. In this age of the superhero we often look to a Dark Knight in Gotham, or an Archer in Star City, or our very own alien in red tights to save the day.”

    Chloe looked over to her old friend Clark Kent and he was adjusting his glasses. Whenever someone talked about Superman he checked his disguise.

    “However this time it was a reporter. Someday I hope she realizes she belongs at the Daily Planet and not the Star City Register, but right now please help me give a hand to our recipient for excellence in investigative reporting, Mrs. Chloe Sullivan.”

    Seated at her round table Chloe stood while everyone applauded. Here biggest fans were surrounding her. Her father the proudest hugged her before she walked up the podium. He looked stronger than ever and she was so happy he could make the long flight into Metropolis from Star City.

    Shaking hands with Perry White, Chloe looked at the crowd and knew exactly what she was going to say. “Thank you Mr. White for those kind words. I'll admit that when Mr. White called I thought he was offering me a job again. In fact he did offer a job.” Chloe paused for the crowd to chuckle. “An after I said no he said I was lucky because my answer didn’t change the fact I would be given this year's investigator award.” That line got a louder roar from the crowd.

    This was her moment and she was enjoying every bit of it. “On a more serious note Mr. White was right we are living in the age of the superhero. I went undercover to produce this story and without the protection of a superhero I wouldn’t have written a word. Superheroes hide who they are, but if my protector is here we share this award.” She caught Clark’s eye and he pushed his glasses up smiling at her with pride. It was Green Arrow that helped the most, but Clark had introduced them once he found out what she had planned.

    “I also don’t want to think of this story as a victory. It may be a victory for those saved, but there are still thousands of men, women and children being brought to America as slaves. Human trafficking is a horrific practice that needs to be crushed.” Chloe paused again letting the seriousness of her statement sink in.

    “I want to thank the Daily Planet board for seeing me as I am. I’m reporter or better put a truth teller. My father said telling the truth wasn’t really a job, but if anyone could make it one it would be me, so thank you dad for believing in me. I also want to thank my husband for trusting me to come home every night while working through this investigation.” Chloe looked at Caleb and his smile was still secured in place.

    “And lastly...” Chloe paused. Reaching the end of the speech she took stock of the room one last time. It was during that time she caught a glimpse of him.

    The bald head of Lex Luthor was hard to miss in a room. He was listening and looking right at her. Her words got caught in her throat. Everyone was waiting for to speak and Lex Luthor was there staring at her.

    “Finally…” Chloe paused again when Lex started to turn one corner of his mouth up into a smirk. She looked away shaking her head and blinking to get her focus back. “Thank you to Eva Doe for trusting me to help her.” Chloe thought back to the woman that risked her life to help save a shipment of people coming in from Europe. She had to thank her and Chloe wished she was there that night to share the award, but she was save away in protective custody.

    The applause started slow because it was obvious she having trouble. She played it off as getting choked up about the award and not because she had seen Lex. It had been nearly eight years and he still had an effect on her.

    Leaving the stage she was greeted by Lois for hug. “Next year this award is mine.” Lois was followed by Clark.

    He pulled her into a bear hug and she disappeared in his huge frame. “Great job Chloe.”

    Caleb was after him. “I love you.” He said smiling ear to ear. She hugged him almost crying. They had been through it while she was investigating. It was another reason she married him. Caleb had learned to handle the way she needed to work.

    “I love you too.” Chloe spoke before kissing him lightly.

    When he pulled away more people were waiting. “Go your public awaits.” Nudging her around Chloe was greeted by people she knew from their names in a byline of various newspapers and they all wanted to shake her hand.

    Her face was hurting from smiling so much, but she had to keep it going. Others from the Daily Planet and Register were giving her congratulations. At the end of the line was the last person she wanted to see.

    “People that win this award usually get the Pulitzer Prize next.” Lex Luthor spoke extending his hand to her.

    She took his hand for a firm handshake as she answered. “I know.” The warmth and strength of the handshake was almost mesmerizing.

    “I'll be at that party too.” He was still shaking her hand in his perfectly fitted tux.

    “Oh, okay.” Chloe answered suddenly unaware that people were staring at them. She let go of his hand and made her way back towards her safe circle.

    Chloe needed to pull herself together. She just received the biggest award of her career and Lex Luthor was ruining it for her. “Caleb I have to go to the ladies room.”

    “Lois wants to toast. Which is code for do shots at that bar.” He announced pointing to Lois forcing Clark towards the bar. Lois knew very well Clark couldn’t be drunk but he could fly her home with ease and let her sleep off her own buzz.

    “Okay, go get mine. I’ll only be a moment.” She retreated to the ladies room. Shaking hands along the way she looked back and Lex was looking at her. Peering right through her. She turned and started to move faster.

    The bathroom was empty. Chloe took a seat on a plush red sofa and stared down at her hands. Lex Luthor had been far from her thoughts for so long seeing him now was making her feel like a seventeen year girl again.

    Her mind started racing as to what he meant by being at the Pulitzer Prize ceremony as well. Then she settled on one thought. “Caleb.” she whispered softly then moved as quickly as she could in her dress.

    Chloe scanned the room and found Caleb taking a shot with Lois and Clark. Lois was going to be the life of party if she couldn’t be the honoree. Breathing out a sigh of relief Chloe was glad Lex was far from her smiling man.

    “Congratulation Mrs. Sullivan.” Someone was coming at her and Chloe shook a few more hands before finding a new hiding place.

    The Metropolis grand hotel had a lovely balcony with no one on it. “I can't believe it.” She breathed out the words taking in the fresh air.

    “Believe what?” There he is was again. The cool tenor of his voice couldn’t be mistaken. She didn't want to turn and look at him.

    Chloe just waited until he was next to her. When she felt him there she answered. “That I won.”

    “Of course you won. You broke up a human trafficking ring that arrested thirty dirty cops and a state senator.” She looked over to him and the pride in his eyes couldn't be mistaken.

    She knew the story. She lived it. She went undercover and pinpointed each and everyone of those dirty cops. “Well I think you just wrote my book blurb.”

    “I want the royalties for it when you use it then.” They both nervously smiled at the joke until he ruined the moment. “You look stunning up there.” He said it so casually. As if there wasn't any history between them.

    “Thank you.” Chloe looked away into the night air and the city lights.

    “It's been a long time.” He brushed his hand over her bare shoulder. “I would think you could look at me.”

    The motion made her tenser. When she finally looked at him a familiar pull was there. Lex always brought something out of her. It was something she thought was gone. Right there in the night air she was reminded of Lex’s power over. She had to shake it off and defend herself from his charms.

    “Why are you here?”

    He looked cross now. “I own the Daily Planet. I'm on the board that selects the awardees. I have to be here.”

    She knew all that, but she had to say something to break the tension. “Sorry. I just thought we had an agreement.” Referring to the messiness of the past didn’t please him further.

    His lips tighten before he went on. “We share a twisted history. I just be wanted to be a part of this moment in the present. I know how important being a journalist is to you.”

    She looked at him. Really looked. A few lines had formed on his face, but he looked the same. His body was well fitted into his dark tux and crisp white shirt. Lex's eyes were still the storm seas she had stared into many a time. Going over his looks it made her lick her lips. This was what she was worried about. Seeing him clouded her judgement.

    “I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.” Chloe referred to a bit of their history that wasn’t so bad,

    “It's one of the few things I can be proud of from my time in Smallville.”

    Working against Lionel Luthor brought them together. Lex saving her from his father’s evil clutches made them a team for a time. It was a tangled mess from the start. Yet together they were for time.

    They shared a private moment just looking at each. Lex’s eyes roamed down then up and Chloe could swear he was checking her out. The warm summer air couldn’t beat back the chill she suddenly felt.

    “There you are.” Caleb called out and the moment was over.

    Chloe watched him approaching behind Lex then take his usual place next to her. “I was just getting some air and...”

    “And Lex Luthor was keeping you company.” Caleb finished placing his hand at the small of her back.

    Lex had never seen her with any other man. His face was completely blank. “You must be the husband.” His hand extended to him.

    “Caleb Huntsmen.” Her smiling man took Lex’s hand grinning.

    “Nice to meet you.” Lex said smiling back then looking at her raising an eyebrow.

    “Chloe has only said nice things about you.”

    Caleb knew what Chloe thought he needed to know about Lex Luthor. It was all very nice things. The worst of it she kept hidden. The naughty and kinky bits she tried to bury.

    “That's good to know.” The answer was followed by Lex smirking. ”I was just about to offer your award winning wife a job when you found us.”

    “You hear that Chlo?” Caleb said with excitement.

    “What job?” Things just shifted into an odd place. Lex was meeting her husband and she wanted out of the forced exchange. Now he was trying to extend his time with her.

    “The Luthor Corp energy plant will be turned on for a forty eight hour test run. We need press but I want to keep it small. A personal professional touch is needed before the test run so people know what to expect.”

    “We were just talking about the power plant. Right Chlo?” Caleb pressed himself closer to her. It was like he was trying to claim her. It must have been Lex’s starting pushing him to do it. Chloe could see Lex tightening when Caleb made the move. Lex’s right hand made a fist then flexed again.

    They were talking about the power plant alright. The whole world was. Only a few stories had been produced about it. A lot of Luthor Cope money was poured into the project. Lois had not gotten far with finding out anything at all. Everyone was thinking it was a weapon. Clark hadn’t breathed a word about it. If something was wrong with the place Chloe hoped Clark would take care of it. Leaving Kansas put her far away from her high school troubles.

    Chloe pressed a little closer to Caleb. This encounter wasn’t going to get the best of her. She had a good life and part of it was standing right next to her. “I’m going to say no.”

    “Chlo you have been talking about this place for months and now you're getting the scoop.” Caleb looked to Lex and spoke “She has been saying she really wants to snoop around in there.”

    “I’m pretty busy.” Chloe looked at him pleading for him to stop.

    “No you’re not.” He shook his head.

    “Caleb.” Chloe looked at him poignantly. They were having a spat in front of Lex Luthor. She needed it to stop now.

    “There is no need to answer now.” Lex rescued her from it going on any further. “I’ll send the information to your editor and you can think it over.” Lex was smirking still, clearly enjoying this moment.

    “I'll do that.” They were free at last or so Chloe thought.

    “It was nice to meet you Caleb...” The men shook hands again making Caleb release her. “...and congratulations again...” He moved his focus to her, pulling her to him with her left hand and gave her hug whispering into her ear “Chlo.” It was a short hug then he was off. His final word made Chloe angry.

    He said her name shorten like Caleb did. That little word said so much without saying anything. He was judging her.

    “He’s nothing like you said.” Caleb spoke and Chloe was reminded that her smiling man knew very little about Lex Luthor. “You should consider that job.”

    “I have the book to think about.” She really didn’t. It was writing itself.

    “You have most of that done.” There was the truth. “You know you have a break coming. You said you have a few small articles then nothing.”

    “I know, but…” Chloe was going to think of another reason not to do it. The only thing coming to mind was her and Lex use to be lovers. The sight of him had her spun. If she been alone with him any longer on the balcony he may have to tried to kiss her.

    All those insane thoughts were quelled when Caleb started suddenly kissing her instead of letting her finish. There had to be a worried look on her face and he was trying to make it better. “Tonight is your night.” He spoke and Chloe's eyes were still closed. “Let’s get back to that. You can think about this later.” She opened her eyes to find him smiling at her. She just loved that grin.

    They went back into the ballroom and the music had started. They had a great time. Lex had disappeared. When his presence was lost Chloe was back to normal. She was able to get back to the way the night should have been. Drinks, dancing, and her lovely husband.

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    Re: Broken Song (NC-17)

    Just stopping by to thank you for posting this. I'm so glad your Chlex muse is alive and kicking- seeing those WIPs taken out of the graveyard would be a treat.

    I'll post you feedback as soon as I get the time to sit down and read this.

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you need any aid with the forum in general- posts,threads, subforums etc. Remember that I'm the only member of the staff that's still around.
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    Re: Broken Song (NC-17)

    It's interesting. I didn't think I would ever enjoy reading a Smallville fic again with that particular character in it. But I was wrong. I can definitely separate the fictional Chloe from the real live actress (or is that actor now?) and that is certainly a good thing. So thank you, letia84 for keeping the fandom and this pairing alive.

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    Re: Broken Song (NC-17)

    Part 2: Together Again (Song by Evanescence)

    When Chloe entered the bullpen of the Star City Register she was greeted with a round of applause. She lifted her cup of coffee in the air and took a bow.

    “Thank you everyone.” The wonderful moment was cut short by her editor coming her way.

    The flight back into town was long but it cleared Chloe’s head of Lex Luthor. She was able to wake up Monday morning and come into the office free of him.

    “Welcome back Sullivan.” Rebecca Gordon had been the editor at the Register for fithteen years. The woman had the grey hairs to prove it. She had made Chloe a better writer and her open mind was always appreciated. Leaving the paper to work for Perry White was out of question with an editor like Rebecca.

    Coming at her quick Rebecca got right to the point. “You should have stayed in Kansas.”

    “You're trying to get rid of me?” Chloe faked a frown at her. ”I just won an award for this newspaper.” They spoke moving through the bullpen towards Chloe’s desk.

    Luthor Corp had gotten to Rebecca. There was no way she was going to write that story. Once they were at her station Chloe was going to sit, but Rebecca snagged her coffee from her hands. “Hey?”

    “I’m serious Sullivan. Get on a plane and get to Smallville.” It was the last place Chloe wanted to be. Rebecca peered at her over thick rim glasses with raised eyebrows. “Luthor’s people are giving you an exclusive tour of their labs.”

    Rebecca knew how excited Chloe got for an exclusive. Now wasn’t one of those moments.

    Chloe had done stories involving Luthor Corp but they were from the safe distance of her California dream.

    “Can’t you send someone else? I have some lingering stories to get done before I leave for my break to work on my book.” It was all true, but she wanted say I can’t be near Lex Luthor.

    “It’s an exclusive. I'm surprised you aren’t begging me to go. Pass your features off, but keep the mayoral race piece. I want your angle on that.” Rebecca sipped Chloe’s cup of coffee and walked off with it. “Thanks for the cup of Joe and congrats again Sullivan.” Rebecca went to hide in her office, which meant conversation over.

    Chloe liked her job and planned on keeping it. That meant she had to go back to Kansa. She was most likely going to be meeting with the scientist involved and Lex didn’t have to be there. With all that Lex had going on there was no reason for him to be there.

    Doing as she was told Chloe passed off her work and went home to pack and break the news to Caleb.


    Kicking off her heels at the door Chloe moved through the house searching. “You here?”

    “Office.” His voice sounded and she turned to the first door down the hall.

    Their place had finally become something respectable. After a massive renovation there was an open floor plan, an office with dual desk for writing, and of course the master bathroom with an oversized tub. They carefully choose each item together.

    He was indeed in the office focusing on his laptop clicking away at the keys. “Hey.” Chloe kissed his cheek and he pulled her back to brush his lips to hers.

    “Hey yourself.” He smiled at her when he was finished.

    He didn’t seem at all concerned she was home early so Chloe cut right to the truth. “Rebecca is sending me back.”

    He clapped his hands together and spoke. “I knew it. You're going to the Luthor Corp.” He was still smiling and it was the first time Chloe was annoyed by his signature look.

    “Not because I want to.” She grumbled.

    He glanced at his laptop to click save. “What’s the big deal? You love an exclusive.” Chloe just stood there thinking of another excuse other than feeling a twinge of attraction towards her ex. She may not have physically cheated but her thoughts had betrayed her marriage.

    Her mouth opened then closed and Chloe was at a loss for words. Caleb must have read her frustration and pulled her into his lap. “You live for exclusives.” He spoke placing soft kisses on her jawline then he moved down to nuzzle her neck.

    “Yes, but…” Chloe couldn’t think when he was kissing her. She leaned her head back and his arm stayed around her waist while the other hand raced down her cheek to her breast. His fingers searched for her nipple through her blouse and bra. The sensation was good and she found her reason to stay. “If I leave you can’t do this anymore.”

    Caleb rested his hand and looked up at her. “I’m doing this now because I know you're going to take the job.” He kissed her lightly then went on. “I know you Chlo. I’ll be busy anyway working on my book edits. His hand went back to squeezing her nipple. “Now let me give you a reason to come back quickly.” With that he was at her neck again.

    She did want to know what was going on in that building. There was no reason for her not to go. Instead of thinking of seeing Lex. Chloe had sex on the floor of her home office with her husband.
    He gave her a reasons to return quickly.


    At the entrance of airport security Chloe was squeezing Caleb’s neck for dear life. “Have fun.” He whispered in her ear.

    “It will be work not fun.” Chloe whispered back.

    “You think your work is fun.” He pulled her back to look at her. “Can I ask you something before you go?”

    Chloe nodded checking her boarding pass. “Of course.”

    “Will Luthor be there?” She looked up at him and his brow was furrowed. It was rare that Caleb was worried about anything. He didn’t grow up like she did in the meteor capital of the world.

    “I don’t see why he has to be. I’ll need some quotes from him, but I can do that on the phone. The people I talked to said as much when we spoke.” The Luthor Corp lawyer she spoke to told her what would happen during the tour. “Can I ask why you're worried about that?”

    “I don’t know.” He shrugged then motioned to fix the strap of her laptop bag. “At the awards ceremony he seemed to be looking at you a certain way.”

    “What do you mean looking at me?” She knew very well the way Lex was looking at her.

    “Chloe he seemed attracted to you. He seemed to get upset when I was touching you. Then he gave you that hug goodbye.” Caleb went from worried to upset.

    Chloe started laughing but Caleb wasn’t joining in. “You’re not kidding?” Her play wasn’t taken so well.

    He rolled his eyes at her. “I know when men are looking at you.” This talk was ruining the great moment Chloe had in the office the day before. She didn’t want to fight with him and have it be the last thing they did before she left.

    “Men don’t look at me.” Chloe shook her head trying to take the talk off Lex.

    “No, they look you just don’t notice.” Caleb looked around them and nodded his head towards a guy passing them. The man was looking at her and he nearly ran into another person's rolling suitcase trying to catch one last glimpse of her.

    Chloe pulled her fingers through her long blonde locks then she tried to reassure him. “Well Lex wasn’t looking at me. He can have anyone he wants.”

    “Yea and he looked like he wanted you. His eyes keep roving up and down you in that dress and you looked damn good in that dress.” Caleb pulled her waist towards him. The talk of the dress made him happy.

    “Well you have nothing to worry about. I only have eyes for you.” She kissed him to prove her point.

    He pulled away again to speak. “You said you were friends right?”

    No matter what she did Caleb was focused on this. “Yea just friends. A long, long, long time ago.” Chloe tried better and kissed him again moving her hands through his wild sandy hair. “Were we at the same party?” she said against his mouth.

    “Yes and I know what I saw.” He spoke and she groaned stepping back from him.

    “Okay. You saw what you saw, but I know for a fact that I am your wife and I could care less if Lex Luthor or any other men are looking at me.” Chloe put her foot down on the subject.

    “Same goes here. I am only looking at you.” He smiled finally dropping the subject. “But we are talking women not men for me.” The comment made her laugh.

    “I’ll be back before you know it.”

    Chloe said her final goodbye then headed for security. She had a long plane ride to think about what Caleb said. She thought she was the only one that noticed. If Caleb could sense it then maybe it wasn’t Chloe making things up in her head.


    In the middle of nowhere Chloe was starting to worry. Smallville had plenty of hidden nooks and crannies. The sight of security guards along the rode cued her into knowing she was close.

    “We are nearly there.” The driver of the black BMW spoke still keeping his eyes on the road.

    “I was starting to wonder.” Chloe pulled her pen and pad out then attached her recording pen to her blazer. She picked a pants suit and flat shoes in case she needed to move through some difficult spaces.

    The building appeared out of nowhere. The massiveness of it made Chloe sit back in her seat. The car pulled through a metal gate that looked electrified. Whatever was in this place it was heavily protected.

    The car pulled up to the entrances and Chloe checked that her bun had each strand of hair firmly in place. The driver opened the door and when she looked up she was greeted.

    “Welcome to Luthor Energy.” Lex lent his hand to help her out of the car. She didn’t take it.

    Of course Lex Luthor was there. He had stared her up and down at the Daily Planet Honors. Now he wanted a second look.

    His dark suit was firmly in place. It was like he was pressed each morning with a fashion plate. Once she was standing before him the car drove away so there was no escape. “The guards will take your bag.” He spoke again.

    “Can I record?” Chloe pointed to the pen in her lapel.

    “Yes, but no cameras.” He answered coolly.

    “I remember what the lawyers said no photos except the ones you are going to give me.” Chloe looked passed him and saw the double doors wide open for her. She wanted in there. If this was her seventeen year old self she would have dressed all in black and tried to get in the place in the dead of night.

    “Then let's go.” Lex extended his hand to show the way.

    Chloe could sense his eyes looking at her as she moved passed him towards the door. She wanted to tell at him to go away, but she was here as a professional. There were eyes everywhere and it would be rather cruel to belittle their boss.

    Once through the doors Chloe was greeted by the two lead scientist. They exchanged pleasantries then moved on. Both men seemed eager to show off what they had done and spoke at a rapid pace. She was glad she had the recorder to catch it all.

    The halls of the places were all white and metal. It was like something out of sci-fi novel.

    They directed her through the building explaining that most of the facility housed something that produced the unlimited electricity. She was assured that the process of creating the energy ended in a nasty waste like nuclear energy. Chloe shot a few questions their way and Lex followed close behind the three silent.

    His presence wasn’t necessary just like Chloe thought. Only there he was. When she glanced in his direction he was looking at her.

    “Okay Mrs. Sullivan through these doors is the answer to all your questions and the world's energy problems.”

    They entered a lab with several clear boxes that held one item. Meteors rocks were everywhere. The green Chloe knew well. There was also red and her interactions with it were far from pleasant. There was also black meteor rocks that Chloe knew nothing about.

    “Gentlemen I know these rocks well. I know they don’t make any energy.” Chloe looked at Lex and he was smirking at her statement. If Clark knew any of this existed he would have brought the building down. “They only harm Superman.”

    When Chloe had left Smallville she hoped Lex would have found something other than the meteor showers to obsess about. This room proved he had no such luck.

    “Well we found one that doesn’t do so much harm to him.” Lex finally spoke up.

    After all these years Chloe didn’t know if he pieced it together. He had so many clues just like she did. Seeing it first-hand put all the clues together. “It doesn’t hurt him much?” She replied to him.

    “It doesn’t harm him at all in fact.”

    The omission meant Clark got tested, but there was no telling if he he wanted to or was forced to. “How would you know that?”

    “We tested him.” He answered with a shrug.

    Chloe felt her grip tighten around her pen. A tiny bit more pressure and the thing would break. “So you called up Superman and said let me expose you to different rocks from your home world?”

    The sharp back and forth had the scientist silent. “He knows what we are doing?” He was moving in on her invading her personal space.

    “He knows?” Her face twisted and the wheels were turning. Lex smiled seeing her try to work it out. Chloe thought of her talks with Clark of late and nothing came to mind about speaking with Luthor Corp on their rock collection. “I’ll need a quote from Superman.” She answered.

    “You can get in touch with him. Just scream out like you're in danger. He loves to save a damsel in distress.” He was really close to her now. The closeness was bothering her, it was making her feel the sort of thing she didn’t want to feel. She chose to focus on her curiosity.

    The scientist were silent staring at each other when one spoke. “We want to show you the meteor that’s going to change the world.”

    “Fine show me.” Chloe’s eyes moved towards the scientist and they started moving towards the far wall. One of the men went to a computer typing in a few lines of code and the white wall was suddenly glass.

    Before them was the largest meteor Chloe had ever seen and the color was a deep orange. “It's orange.” Chloe whispered moving to almost put her nose against the glass.

    “We just take a small part of this one and use that to produce the energy.” She was listening to whoever was speaking, but Chloe couldn’t take her eyes off the stone.

    “Chloe, this is the future. The alien world that Superman came from has so many answers to earth's problems.” Lex’s voice was close to her and when she turned he was back in her personal space again.

    She moved to back away from him turning to the people with answers. “How does it work?” Both men seemed pleased with themselves and went on explaining.

    They spoke in the white lab of meteors for an hour. According to the scientist the place was guarded so well because they had large collection of meteors to use for experimentation. Most of it was classified. There were endless possibilities for evil deeds in this lab. Yet she was assured nothing had been done that would warrant the government shutting them down.

    Her head was swimming in information. The only thing she didn’t know was what the hell Clark was thinking.

    At the exit of the building Chloe shook hands with the scientist then clicked off her recorder pen. A guard appeared with her bag and she was ready to be off.

    “That's it?” Lex waited until they were alone to speak.

    She looked at him trying to think how he managed to do this. He must have dug up all of Smallville to find that orange rock. “Yes that's it. I'll see you and the scientist in two days.”

    They agreed to meet and make sure Chloe’s explanation of the science was correct. Of course he insisted he be there to give his own input. She agreed to meet at Luthor Corp giving her the chance to get out of Smallville.

    “I feel like we should say more.” He moved closer and Chloe stepped back.

    An uneasy feeling was forming. He was always looking at her with illicit intentions “Why did you ask me to write this article?”

    “So I could get the best story written.” He stepped towards her again this time she didn’t move. Whatever he was thinking he wouldn’t do anything to her while he was under close watch.

    “You have an army of reporters at the Daily Planet, including my cousin who's not a bad writer.” Chloe moved in on him. “In fact she is the person that gave the world the exclusive on Superman.”

    “I didn’t want Lois Lane. I wanted you. The person that can see the truth about what I’m doing here. You understand better than anyone.” Chloe wasn’t going to get into the messy past, but Lex did it for her leaning in close to speak in a hushed tone. “We both know that you can just ask him. I’m telling the truth. This meteor is the real gift to the world not him.”

    All this talking in code made Chloe more confused. He was speaking like he knew. All their fights about this and now he knew. They still wouldn’t be together if he knew or not. They were twisted layers of secrets.

    She couldn’t let anything go. A promise to Clark years ago bound her and it was a promise that went both ways. Backing away from him Chloe answered. “I have some writing to do.” As she turned on her heels to leave he reached for her.

    “There is more.” He let go of her before going on. ”We should talk.”

    “Talk about what?” Chloe wasn’t sure she could take much more.

    “I haven't seen you since…” Before he could go on Chloe had to stop him.

    “You asked me to write. Now let me go.” She made her hasten steps out of there. She had to get to Metropolis to speak to Clark right away.

    In the back of the car again she pulled her phone from her bag. A few swipes and she was sending a text.

    We need to talk. Now!!!

    Chloe waited for what seemed like forever for her phone to buzz. When it finally did she was already halfway to Metropolis.

    Meet me at the Daily Planet

    Clark finally got back to her and she was already headed in that direction.


    For so many years she wanted to be surrounded by the walls of the Daily Planet, but things change. At the moment Chloe wasn't thinking of her childhood dream. She just wanted to get answers from Clark.

    In Smallville for less than a day and she was already in the thick of it.

    He must have heard her coming because he was meeting her at the entrance of the building. The three exclamation points in her text message looked to have him worried.

    They exchanged a hello and moved into a copy room on the first floor. Chloe locked the door for good measure.

    “Where is Lois?” She started. Her cousin knew somethings but she didn’t know all of it. It was better if Lois didn’t know it all.

    Clark adjusted his glasses as he answered. “Out on assignment.”

    ‘“Great.” Chloe heaved in a breathe then let out her building anger on Clark. “Why didn’t you warn me? You let me walk into that place and I got totally ambushed by Lex.”

    He looked at his shoes searching for the words. “Because I didn’t know what he was going to show you?”

    “Well he showed me a gigantic orange piece of kryptonite.” Chloe stretched her arms in the air for emphasis.

    “I know.” He said casually.

    Tilting her head to the side Chloe wondered how the hell he put his tights on in the morning without knocking himself out. “So you knew about the new meteor.” Clark paced the room craving a groove into floor. “Just tell me Clark”.

    He stopped walking to look at her. “You left to get away from this Chloe. To get away from me and my problems. It's been eight years I didn't think Lex would try to pull you back in.”

    “Pull me back into what?” She questioned him on the edge of her seat.

    “He knows who I am Chloe.”

    She wanted to say duh. “Lex said as much today.”

    “When you left he came to see me.” Clark sighed reliving the moment. “He said he would find out. He said nothing was holding him back now.”

    Lex was obsessed with all things alien when she left. The obsession was clouding his judgement. Leaving was supposed to wake him up. When Chloe left she didn’t look back.

    Clark should have told her this. She did ask to be left out of his world, but today he should have said something. “What did Lex do?”

    “I took something from him. It was hidden for me, but he followed the symbols to it first. I had to take it from him.”

    Chloe knew all about the bread crumbs in the form of krypton symbols. “It was the piece that fit into caves.”

    “Yes. It's what lead to my past and sent me towards my future. Image my surprise to find Lex there, in my fortress listening to the words of my father.” Clark gave her pained look about the memory.

    This she knew a little about, but Lex manage to do what he had obsessed over. “What did he do?”

    “Nothing.” He said plainly.

    After knowing all the time Lex spent searching it was to believe once he found it he did nothing about it. “He had to have done something Clark.”

    “He said he would be watching me that's it. After that he was different. He threw himself into Luthor Corp.”

    “Clark you didn't see him then. He was beyond obsessed and from the looks of the lab I saw today he's still just as obsessed.”

    “I have scanned the building. I know about the collection of meteor rocks.”

    “Why does he need them?”

    “He said that I couldn't be all that came from Krypton. If the green meteors changed people there had to be more. Lex has been searching for meteors for years.”

    “You mean the only things that can hurt you.”

    “Well three years ago he asked me to meet him.” Clark turned away from her. “I didn’t trust him. I had Arrow hide out and come with me in case something happened to me.” When he turned to look at her again Chloe was so panicked at what he would say. “Lex told me he found the orange meteor and asked if I wanted to check if I was immune to it.”

    “Are you immune?” Chloe touched his shoulder to look at him.

    “Yes hundred percent immune.”

    “So Lex was telling me the truth.” Stepping back relief washed over her.

    “If he said that then yes it was the truth. Trust me I have looked Chloe. The energy he’s created with the orange kryptonite seems to be a good thing.”

    Searching his eyes there was more Clark wasn't saying. “You still don't trust him?”

    “No. I want to. We started off so well, but after what he did to those people.”

    She put up her hands to stop him. “Clark I don't want to talk about that.”

    “You asked me not to talk about him Chloe. You said you wanted out of my world and into your own.”

    Chloe remembered those words. She did want out. She got out and now she was getting pulled back in. “Clark new rule next time you know I'm about to walk into a LuthorCorp building please tell me everything you know about it first.”

    His face relaxed at last. “I don't know why he asked you in the first place. He knows what it meant for you to leave.”

    “I don't know either, but Clark I have to go.” She reached up to give a quick hug.

    “Where are you going?” He answered as she pulled away.

    “I have an article to write.” She pointed out the headline with her hand in the air. “Luthor Energy solves world's energy crisis.”

    At the door Clark said one last thing. “I’m sorry Chloe. I promise to keep an eye on this.”

    “I know you will.” Chloe hoped he wouldn't find anything. For once she wanted this thing to have a happy ending.


    Meeting at Luthor Corp was a good idea. The two lead scientist were there giving her minor correction under Lex’s watchful eye. They were seated at an oversized oval boardroom table made of marble.

    The room was flooded with light from the floor to ceiling wall of windows. The world could look in on them but they were placed high above any other building.

    “I think that's it.” Chloe closed her laptop. She was done with this painful experiment. She thanked the scientist and Lex said his goodbyes to the men.

    “I’ll see you both Monday.” Lex’s business voice suddenly disappeared once the scientist were clear of the office. ”You don’t have to rush off.”

    She looked at him dressed in his business best and all his smooth skin then looked away before her thoughts went sideways. “I wrote the article. Job done so I should get going. I have a long flight ahead of me.”

    “Chloe we need to talk.” He was up from his seat on the other side of the oval table.

    She was trying her best not to look up at him. Looking at him in the power planet when they were alone made her uneasy. Clark had made it clear he wasn’t a villain in this. He was actually doing something good for the world. All those facts didn't change the past.

    Placing her laptop into her leather bag she was ready to rush out of there. “Lex we are finished.”

    “But you spoke to him. Didn’t you?” He forced out the next part. “To Kent.” He knew the truth and it appeared he still didn’t want to accept it.

    “You just say it like that. What if someone was listening?”

    “I trust this place.”

    “Well congratulations. Looks like all your hard work paid off.” Chloe wanted to say his obsession. Pressing his buttons didn't seem like the best idea.

    “Yes it did. The world will be changed after the energy test.”

    “Again congratulation Lex. You win.” Chloe stood trying to make a run for it.

    “I haven’t won yet.” He stepped in the way of the exit. “There is still one thing I want.”

    “I’ll see you in month.” Chloe breezed past him nudging his body out of the way. The power plants test run was in a month then this would all end.

    She’d be free in her California dream.

    “And in three months after that.” He spoke and she turned back to look at him.

    Chloe rustled with her bag trying to understand.


    “We break ground in Star City in three months. I know this test is going to go well. The Midwest will be secured. The west coast will need its own power plant. I'm sure your editor at the Registrar will want you to write about it.” His smug tone was making her angry.

    It was all coming into focus. “This is why you asked me?” Her mind was racing. He didn't think she was a good writer. It wasn't to say he knew all about Clark.

    He was looking for something. Something Chloe thought was long gone. “You're just trying to weasel your way back in.”

    “Back into where exactly?” He questioned as if he didn’t know.

    “You know.” Chloe was going to tear out of there until he grabbed her arms pulling her towards him.

    He looked at her and it was going to consume them both if they didn’t look away. “Is it working?”

    “Let go.” She spit back at him.

    “You can leave whenever you want.” He breathed in and loosed his grip, but didn’t move away.

    Chloe’s eyes widen and she wanted to smack him. Her body didn’t listen and became plant against him. “Why are you doing this?”

    “Your a smart woman Chloe.” He kept her in place with one arm around her waist and the other pulled her hair out of her ponytail into a mess down her back while his fingers pulled through her hair and he smiled while he did it. “You know what I want.”

    She knew all his moves very well. It had been so long but she was still responding. “Well you can’t have it.” All she had to do was pull away, but she just stood there.

    “Chloe I stayed away like you asked.” He leaned into her nudging his nose against her chin. “I just had to see you when you won that award. Chloe Sullivan all grown up seconds from a Pulitzer Prize.” He breathed in her scent when the words hit her.

    All grown up. She had grown up. Chloe knew better than to fall for this.

    “Let go.” Chloe rustled in his grasp and got free.

    Her mind had to jump start. “Here I am all grown up Lex. You should try it.” She saw her bag had dropped to floor. It made her push out a harsh breathe. Only Lex could make her this angry.

    He snickered at her like he thought her reactions were amusing. “I wasn’t sure until now.”

    “Sure about what?” She narrowed her eyes at him waiting to be enlightened.

    “If we could still do this dance.” His grin grew.

    “You think we're dancing? We are fighting. We are always fighting.” Chloe looked away going for her bag. With her attention away he was after her again.

    Lex gripped her shoulders and pushed her back until her legs were pressed against the marble table. “This is what we do Chloe.” He was talking and Chloe was frozen again. “You always enjoyed a good fight.”

    He pulled her towards him to pressing his lips against her own. She closed her eyes and pressed herself back into him. All of sudden she was on fire. One of his arms went around her and the other smoothed over her breast.

    “What the hell are doing?” She spoke but the words didn't come out. “Stop.” She tried again and nothing.

    All she got was his mouth. His hot mouth devouring her. She did the unthinkable. She reached for his groin and he was hard. Chloe squeezed his growing arousal and his goarn sent vibrations over her tongue.

    He released her mouth then moved to kiss down her neck. “We always danced well together.” Lex spoke kissing his way back up to her lips.

    Lex could look at her just so and she’d give in. For the first time in eight year's Chloe gave in.

    She moved to undo the zipper of his freshly pressed slack. Her hand dipped in passed his boxers and she found what she was looking for. He was indeed hard and Chloe stroked him free. Suddenly they both groaned when he reached to cup her between her legs over her pants.

    Her hips rocked towards his hand and suddenly he let her mouth go to breathe. “We need to take these off.” Lex stopped her fondling and turned her around. He reached around to undo the button then the zipper while playfully biting her neck. He pulled everything down her legs in one swift motion.

    Chloe kicked her flats off and used her bare feet to get her pants off the rest of the way. He pressed himself against her whispering at her ear. “Bend over the desk.” He instructed.

    Chloe did as she was told placing her upper body down against the cool marble. She could hear him behind her removing his pants in hurry then the sound of a wrapper was torn open. He had a condom on him.

    “Damn him.” Chloe thought to herself. He knew they would do this. It may have been a hope, but he knew. Her thoughts were cut short when she felt his hand on her.

    He was reaching between her folds to rub against her finding she was wet. “Lex.” She pleaded with him to move on.

    He took the hint and reared back slightly then he was pushing his way into her. He groaned enveloped by her wetness then repeated the smooth motion over and over like he was trying to find just the right spot.

    Chloe leaned her bottom into his last thrust trying to make him do more. “Faster.”

    Hearing her desperation he did as he was told. Their skin starting to make the sweet sound of thrusting. He was pressing her into the marble trying to get closer to her body laid on the table. She wasn’t in pain, but she would be soon.

    “Won’t last.” He grunted through his teeth. Seconds after he spoke she could feel him coming.

    He pulled out of her but didn’t leave her. His hands went to the void he left. Lex was going to make her come with his skilled fingers. She bucked back into him trying to find a steady rhythm.

    “Let me turn.” She demanded.

    He moved out of the way for her to spin around. She looked at him half naked and softened with the condom still on. The view shifted quickly because he was on her again kissing her hard. His hand didn’t rest either going back to work.

    She fused her eyes shut and tried not to think about anything, but what he was doing. “Lex.” She moaned his name as she came.

    “Next time I’ll last longer.” He whispered in her ear. “It’s just been so long without you.”

    “Next time.” Chloe repeated. The words implying this was just the start. She nudged him back from her ear to look at him.

    He was happy. They had just had sex of course he was happy. She watched him stride across the room. He pulled paper from a box of tissues taking care of himself.

    Chloe looked down at herself not really letting what just happened hit her yet. Her blazer was open and a few buttons of her blouse were undone. She went to do the buttons of her blouse and found her right breast outside of her bra. It all happened so fast she didn't know when he got her that way.

    She righted herself into her bra then secured her blouse and blazer. Before she could reach for her panties Lex was handing them to her.

    “Your flight is tomorrow morning, right? We could have dinner.” He was grinning at her. Lex’s pants were on, his shoes we’re on, and his suit coat was all back in place like nothing had just happened.

    Yet something did just happen. “No!” Chloe snatched her panties from his hands and rushed to put the rest of her clothes on.

    “Chloe…” He started.

    “No!” She stopped him again. He was so casual like everything was fine between them. She was trying to put on her shoes and nearly fell over.

    “Chloe.” He said her name catching her in time before she hit the floor.

    “No!” She said it again looking for her bag.

    “Wait.” He pulled her to him again. He was going to try it again. Lex was going to confuse her with one of weapons, his lips, his body, or his voice.

    “I said no!” She forced him to let her go. It was what she should have done earlier. It was too late now.

    “I understand you're a little upset, but what just happened is alright.” Lex gestured his hand to her then back to him. “It's just how we are together.”

    “We are not together.” Shaking her head no they were far from together.

    “I know, but…” He tried again.

    “No but. I'm married.” She was slammed back to reality now when she said the word. “I’m married, married…”

    Chloe kept repeating the word because she had forgotten it for the briefest of moments when Lex looked at her the way he had so many times before things got complicated. Before it became too complicated for her to stay with him.

    Caleb was waiting for her. Her sweet smiling man was waiting and the thought made her dry heave.

    Lex was at her again sliding his hands down her arms. “Calm down and breathe Chloe.”

    Chloe looked at him and he was calm. Too calm. “Why are you so damn calm?”

    “Because I knew this would happen.” He knew already with a condom all ready to go in his pocket. He’d chosen a floor with just a boardroom. They were isolated and he knew getting her alone would make her forget.

    “Didn't you hear me?” She shook him off again. “I'm married!” She remembered now.

    “I don't care about him.” He raised his voice and Chloe backed away from him. “I care about you.” He finished calmer.

    “I have to leave.” Chloe got her things. Her mind was frantic now. She was an adulterer. A cheater. She was a whole host of things she never wanted to be.

    “I said we could have talked first. You didn't want to talk.”

    “No more talking.” She interrupted him and opened the door to leave.

    Chloe made a b-line for the elevator. He was following her. They waited in silence until the elevator door shut with them inside.

    “Things are different now Chloe” He was talking pushing the button to send them down. “You know they are. That's why you did this.” He stood near. It wasn’t close but there wasn’t much room to get way in the elevator.

    She was silent. Her focus was on the numbers counting down.

    “You said I was obsessed.” Floor 22,23…

    “I changed.” Floor, 20, 19….

    “You spoke to Clark. You know I changed.” Floor, 10, 9…

    “You can’t avoid this.” Floor 2, 1….

    The elevator dinged and the doors opened. The lobby was empty except for a few guards at the front desk.

    “Chloe.” He said her name again this time it sounded like a plea.

    She forced herself to turn and look at him one last time. “I can’t be around you Lex. You know that. It’s why I asked you to stay away from me.” Looking down at herself she didn’t feel right anymore in her own skin. “You claim you're different. Well I'm different too. I love someone else. I can't go back down this road again.”

    “You didn't seem concerned for him a few moments ago. You could have left, but you stayed.” It stung to hear the truth of what just happened. It made her walk away from him faster.

    Chloe walked out of Luthor Corp. She waved off the driver that was going to take her to her hotel and walked. The clerk at the hotel said Luthor Corp had upgraded her room. When she entered there was a vase of expensive flowers that didn't match the rest of the room. She knew where they came from.

    She moved towards the lovely bouquet and plucked the card up to read.

    Here is my private cell. Call me. Either way I'll see you in a month. LL 604-555-3769

    The tears finally came. Chloe ran for bathroom. She had to scrub away the feel of Lex Luthor before she flew home to her husband in the morning.


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    Re: Broken Song (NC-17)

    Part 3.1: Unfaithful (song by Rihanna)

    Home at last for the last week all Chloe had to do was try to forget about sex with Lex. Sex that was adultery. The word made her queasy. She told him to stay away from her. He asked her to write the article to prove he was different. He wanted to show her they were still all about the fighting and fucking.

    Lex said call him.

    Sitting at her desk it was all she could think about. Him behind her grunting like a caveman. The thought was making it impossible to work. The piece she put on the back burner to go to Kansas had to get done.

    The blank document in front of her had her painting a mental picture of Lex’s lips descending on her. “Damn it.” She muttered quietly. Chloe wasn’t going to get any work done.

    She told her assistant she was leaving and went home. Being surrounded by her life with her husband would get her mind off Lex. Sitting alone on her sofa Chloe was wondering if she should just go find Caleb.

    The last few days she avoided him the best she could. She felt if he looked at her to long he would see what she had done. Caleb asked before she left if there was anything to worry about when it came to Lex. When she said no it was the truth. Rather it was what she thought was the truth.

    At that hour Chloe knew Caleb was at the gym. The pictures of them around the house weren't enough, the smell of him in their bed room wasn’t doing it, and the sneakers he kept leaving in the middle of room weren’t reminding her enough of her smiling man.

    “Damn it.” She muttered again slumping back down on her sofa. Chloe looked at her cell phone sitting on the coffee table.

    “Call him.” Her iPhone spoke to her.

    “Can’t.” She answered her own phone out loud.

    “You are alone. You can call him.” The phone replied.

    “No.” She spoke again and realized she was going insane. She was arguing with her phone.

    “Just do it or you won’t be able to get anything done today.”

    The phone replied or it was her subconscious. Lex had to be at the office now. Reaching into her pocket of her suit jacket Chloe pulled out the card from the flowers with Lex’s number. The little piece of paper was a sign of her sickness. She should have tossed it in the trash.

    Chloe picked up the phone and swiped putting the phone number in. Maybe if she spoke to him she could stop thinking about him. Her finger hovered above the phone ready to call. She had already cheated. The lie was linger over her like a dark cloud, but there she was wanting more.

    She pushed call on her phone and placed it to her ear. “Yup I’m insane.” She spoke as the phone rang. Their fucked up attraction was taking a hold of her.

    “Luthor.” His voice was cold.

    “Hello, it's me.” Her voice was quivering. “It's Chloe.”

    “Chloe?” He spoke questioning.

    “Is this a bad time?” She asked.

    “Well it depends.” Lex’s voice became smooth. It sounded like he was happy she called.

    “Depends on what?”

    “Where is…” He started.

    “Don't say it.” She cut him off before she could say it. He was going to ask about Caleb. Lex wasn’t allowed to judge him. He didn’t know him. Lex wasn’t allowed to know him.

    “Where is he?” The word he was just like saying his name.

    Chloe squeezed the iPhone in her hand wanting to toss it and end call. The phone would break then he couldn’t call back and she couldn’t call back either.

    “Chloe, did you hang up.”

    His voice snapped her out of destroying an expensive phone she couldn't live without. “He’s out.” So many lies for Caleb, but to Lex she told the truth. It meant something. What that something was Chloe was trying to figure out.

    “Okay, then I'm not busy.” He answered and sounded relieved.

    “Are you sure?” Chloe was trying to get out of this call. She called him. She had been thinking about him since she left Metropolis. Now she had him on the phone trying to run from him.

    “Well I just finished yelling at my scientist. I hate delays. Now I'm reading over legal documents. They are terribly boring and I'd much rather talk to you.”

    “Oh.” She breathed out. A few moments ago the hardest part was calling now she had to say something.

    “If you're still there tell me what you're doing.” He broke the silence.

    The question was easy to answer. “Well I was at the office and couldn't focus on my article. So I came home to take a break.”

    “What's it about?” He asked and sounds genuinely interested in her day.

    She could feel him smirking on the other side of phone. They slipped into talking easily. It was making Chloe feel better. When it should have been frightening.

    “Well the article is not difficult to write. Just a puff piece on the mayoral race.”

    “Really? You haven't found any dirt on the candidates?”

    “Nothing that hasn't already come out, they're both squeaky clean.”

    “No one is squeaky clean.” He said in a low voice. It was like he was talking about her.

    The chit-chat was a strange. It was years since they had a casual conversation. When they were in front each it was a fight.

    “I know, but you know I have looked.”

    “Oh yes I know you have looked and looked…” Lex let the word trail off. “Sounds like this article you could write in your sleep. Why are you blocked?”

    “I was thinking…” She paused thinking of the right words.

    “Thinking about me?” He questioned.

    “Yes.” Chloe said with a long sigh. Admitting you have a problem was the first step people say.

    “Hold on a moment Chloe.”

    He was busy. This was her moment to hang up. She shouldn't have called. Better yet her husband could come home any moment. “I can hang up if you're busy.”

    “Not busy. Just hold on.”

    She could hear him speaking to his assistant. “Hold my calls. No one comes in my office. Thank you.” There was the sound of his office phone hanging up before he continued. “Now you're thinking about me?” He questioned.

    “Yes...” She admitted again.

    “I think about you.” He a hummed low and deep into the phone. “I keep picturing you bent over the marble table. I can’t use that room anymore. It smells like you in there. Lavender shampoo and a hint of honeysuckle in the fragrance you wear.”

    If anyone saw her they would see her cheeks completely red. He was just as sick as she was thinking about that day. “I didn't call to talk about that.”

    “Didn't you?” He hummed again, almost purring. “Then what exactly about me were you thinking about if it wasn’t me taking you from behind.”

    “I didn’t call for that.” Chloe tried to sound convincing. It was all she could think about. “You said I could call. I called. But I don’t want to talk about that.”

    “Yes you do. You can’t work. Your home alone thinking about me and called. If we lived in the same city you would be in my office right now and in less than ten seconds you would be bent over my desk working on round two.” He was reading her like an open book.

    There was no telling what she would do if she was near him again. Her thoughts had betrayed her all week. She had barely touched her husband all week thinking about Lex.

    Was she that far gone? It didn’t seem like she was that far gone. Caleb had been great all week. He had missed her. He welcomed her home with flowers and kisses. He listened to her stories about her time away and told her about the book tour that was set to start very soon for him. He was a good husband. He wanted to be with her the night she returned. Chloe didn’t want to taint their bed. She claimed to be too tired.

    “I’m not that far gone.” She answered with uncertainty. “I don’t know what I am doing.”

    “I can’t decide for you. If you call I am not going to hang up. If you come to see me I am not going to send you away.” He exhaled into the phone before going on. “If we are going to do this Chloe. I have nothing to lose. You’re the one who has to make the tough choice.”

    He was right. She had Caleb to lose. It would be a big loss. “I don’t know what to do.”

    “You need to be sure.” The question seemed pressing. For some reason after eight years she was still unsure of her choices when it came to Lex.

    “Sure of what?” She asked to see where he was going.

    “Of me.” Lex said plainly. “You left believing things about me that I’d like to explain. I respected your wish to have a new life. Yet the moment we saw each I knew I couldn’t do that anymore. I think you know it too.”

    Lex was right. She broke up with him for a good reason. She got married for a good reason. All those reason seemed to go out the window when they were together again.

    “I don't know what I think.”

    “There are things to say, but right now I think you need something for me.” He cleared his throat. “Now tell me where you are in the house?”

    Chloe raised her eyebrows. “I'm sitting on the sofa.”

    “Do you have a guest room?”

    “Yes we have a guest bedroom.” She answered confused as to where he was going.

    “Go in there and sit on the bed.”

    The word bed made it clear where he was going. She questioned him anyway. “Why?”

    “You know why.”

    “No I don’t.” She played dumb.

    Lex let out a harsh breath before he spoke “We are going to have phone sex Chloe and it will be more comfortable for you if you were in a bed. Just not the bed you share with...”

    He was going to try and talk about Caleb again and she cut him off. “Stop. I’m moving.” She quickly stepped into the room when he spoke again.

    “Lock the door.” He instructed

    “I’m alone.”

    “You can never be too careful.” He was right. Caleb could come home and see her doing what she was about to do. What she shouldn’t do. What she had to do at that moment.

    She did as she was told. “I’m moving to sit on the edge of the bed.”

    He breathed out as he answered her. “Now tell me what you're wearing.”

    “My grey suit. Blue blouse. I kicked off my black heels off at the front door.” Chloe looked down and she had hit the major points.

    “Pantsuit or skirt?”

    “Skirt.” Chloe spoke touching the hem of her skirt with her free hand.

    “Mmmm... Wish it had been a skirt when you were here.” His voice vibrated in her ear. It was like he was there.

    Chloe undid the buttons of her blouse. “How about you? What you are you wearing?”

    “A red and white flannel shirt.” He purred.

    She laughed. Thinking of Clark’s high school wear was the last thing she wanted right now. “Really, what are you wearing?”

    He chuckled back and then suddenly his voice was soothing again. “Black slacks, no tie, and a deep purple button down shirt.”

    “No suit jacket?” Lex was always in a well fitted suit jacket.

    “No, I take it off when I’m at my desk alone.”

    Chloe could see him sitting in his office chair with the phone pressed to his ear focusing on her every word. “Tell me. Can I undo those purple buttons?”

    “No need, I’ll rip it open.”

    “Waste of a good shirt.” It was a cheesy line, but the thought of it made her feel a pull between her legs.

    “I have more.” He said smugly.

    “I know you do.” She answered squeezing the phone in her hand.

    “Chloe my shirt is off, now what?” He seemed to be getting into this as much as she was. There was slight hitch in his voice.

    “You rip my blouse open too.” This was something she would never do. She was doing well, but not as well as Lex to rip up clothing, but anything could go on the phone.

    “Done and done.” His voice hitched again. “Tell me about your bra.”

    “Black, lacy, and tight. I always wear my bras tight.”

    “You do. Your spilling out of it aren’t you? You really should be sized properly.”

    “It fits fine. I just like to stay secure.” The little disagreement made Chloe wanted him more.

    Lex breathing pulsated in her ear before he spoke. ”Well I’m undoing that tight bra Chloe.”

    She breathed out deep when he spoke like his hands were there doing just what he said. Chloe happen to be still in her blazer and opened blouse. She fussed the blazer off her shoulders.

    “You still with me?” He questioned. “If you are tell me which nipple needs attention first?”

    “Both. You take the left in your mouth and grab the right with your hand.” Chloe dipped her free hand into her blouse grabbing her right breast to massage it.

    “Sounds like me, but I’d gently put my teeth on the left breast to make you squeal.” Chloe responded to his words with a soft moan. “Are you touching yourself Chloe?”

    She nodded like he could see her then remembered he couldn’t. “Yes, rubbing my breast.”

    Another low hum pulsated her ear. “Good, I want you to lift your skirt.”

    “Skirts up. It’s getting hot in this room.” She admitted when the cool air touched her bare legs.

    “Tell me what I would do next.” He demanded an answer this time.

    “You move up to my neck.”

    “Yes, and your hands would be grabbing my head pulling me up to your lips.”

    “Yes, I do need a kiss.” Chloe leaned back on the bed and let her hand glide down to her center over her panties. “Lex I’m moving my hand down.”

    “I’m undoing my zipper.” Lex’s response were as quick as her own.

    “Are you hard?” Her voice was almost begging. She was so needy for him.

    “Very much so.”

    His answer made Chloe push up into her own hand. “After we kiss then what would you do?”

    “I’d have to get you out of that skirt, followed by your panties.” He groaned. It was the same sound he made when he entered her from behind a week ago. He had to be stroking himself.

    “Keep going.” She closed her eyes and tried to picture him, while she was dipping her hand into her panties to find her throbbing clit.

    His breathing was quickening. “I lose my pants as well and you take in the view.”

    “It's a good view. You're always so hard.”

    “When it comes to you yes I am.” He was groaning into the phone now.

    Chloe turned on to her stomach and started to ride her fingers going in and out of her wetness. She pressed phone to her ear trying to get closer to him.

    “Tell me what you're doing Chloe.”

    “I’m humping my hand. Now keep talking.”

    “We never established where we were.” He answered.

    How could he be thinking about where she thought? It didn’t much matter now that they were both near a release. “Who cares? Just keep talking.”

    “Your right. Because I’m buried inside you Chloe.”

    “Oh Lex.” She gasped into the phone. It was like the thing was glued to her ear. It was as close to him as she was going to get at the moment.

    “You always say that when I go deeper.” They were both breathing hard now.

    “Do you take me fast or slow?” Chloe questioned trying keep him going.

    “It has been too long it would be impossible for me to go slow.”

    “Yea.” Chloe moaned trying to keep the phone at her ear and her other hand treating her throbbing arousal.

    “Are you going to come for me Chloe?”

    “Yes if you keep talking.”

    “I’m taking you like you like. Fast, hard, and it's been so long I can’t take much more.”

    “Are you going to come?” She turned the question on him feeling her release only seconds away.

    “Yes. It won’t be long now.” He groaned and the sound vibrated in her ear sending her over the edge.

    “Lex, I’m…” The word was cut short as she came. The sound must have did the trick for him to because he was saying her name breathlessly.

    They both took a moment to breathe. Chloe turned on to her back and examined her now wet fingers.

    “Chloe.” Lex spoke breaking the silence.


    “Call me anytime.” He had already said this in Metropolis.

    “This is wrong. How did I do this...”

    He cut in breaking her thought. “I already told you. It’s how we are when we are together.”

    Chloe mulled it over. She just cheated again. It was on the phone, but it was still cheating. Lex Luthor had just helped her get off. “Then we need to have our heads examined”

    “Good you think about how to get that done.” He paused and she could feel that smirk of his again. “I have to go now.”

    “Good bye.” Chloe answered a little upset it was over.

    “I hope you can focus on your article now.”The phone clicked and he was gone.
    Chloe lay in her guest bed wondering what the hell was wrong with her. She felt the tears coming and pushed them back. She pulled down her skirt and went to wash her hands.

    Once she done she went into the office to finish the mayoral race article. It was just in time for Caleb to come home.

    “Chlo?” She heard Caleb’s voice at the front door.

    She couldn’t look at him. Not after what she had just done.

    “Chlo you here? I saw your car but you could be out for a run.” He called out again.

    Chloe still couldn’t answer. It didn’t matter if she loved him. Cheating on him because of an old attraction was wrong.

    “There you are.” He spoke at the door of the office. “Article done?”

    She looked at him smiling at her. He was sweaty from his work out. He was in his gym shorts and tee shirt. He looked good. Better than good. Caleb was a good man. She was happy with her choice the last two years.

    The tears were trying to come but she pushed them back. ”Yes I just emailed my editor.”

    “I’m going to shower. Think about what you want for dinner.”

    “I could come with you.” Chloe answered him. The feeling of Lex was all around her and she had to get it off. Her husband was what she wanted and what she needed.

    “Oh, sounds good to me. I’ll get the water going.” He ran for the bathroom. Caleb loved shower sex. He’d wash her hair gently and she’d wash his hair. They would rub each other all over with soap until their slick bodies came together and Caleb would fuck her against the tile wall. It was good sex in the shower.

    It was good that night like any other time before. It only made Chloe feel worse. She vowed not to call Lex. Not to see him again.

    She loved her husband.

    Chloe called Lex twice more that month before going back to Kansas for Luthor energy test run.


    A month came and went and Chloe was in Kansas. Away from the sunny mornings in California. Smallville had two hotels and she was in the best they had. Martha said she could stay with her, but there were too many high school memories there. Waking up alone didn't help for what she had to do today.

    Her follow up piece on the Luthor Corp power plant hand to get done. They would flip the switch and see if it worked. Lucky for her the world would be there watching to see if it worked.

    In the wee hours of the morning they were going to turn it on. Chloe dressed in her dark pants suit. Skirts had been her downfall on the phone.

    She arrived just as the rest of the press did. The Star City Register photographer was already at the building taking a few snaps. Looking at the setup of the event Chloe told him where she thought the best angles would be. When he walked off she turned to find her place with the other reporters, but Lex was right in front of her.

    “Hello Chloe.”

    She swallowed over the lump forming in her throat. The last time they talked she painted a verbal picture of her on her knees pleasing him. It was all she could think about when she heard his voice.

    There was a moment when the corners of his lips turned into a smile, but suddenly his control took hold and he stopped “I trust your flight went well.”

    “It was fine.” She moved to leave but he spoke again.

    “We should meet after this.” Lex wasn’t wasting anytime.

    “I'll have a story to write.” She wasn’t going to let herself be moved so easily this time.

    “It can wait.” His eyes peered at her then he glanced around to see who was looking. To anyone else Lex was giving her a quote for her newspaper. It was very different on the receiving end.

    “No it can't.”

    “You can't be serious.” He moved in closer to her. “I know he's on a book tour.”

    He was right. Caleb was going to ten campuses in two weeks. He had to get the book out there. He had to go. He left her confused brain alone in the same city as Lex Luthor.

    “We don't discuss Caleb.”

    “Fine by me, but I’m right.” He was hovering over her now and she nodded in reply.

    “I don’t think it's a good idea.” The fight see to go out of her the closer Lex was to her.

    “I'm not going to fight you.” He moved close enough to whispering in her ear. “Come to the manor. I'll wait until four.”

    He walked off after that. Chloe was left there thinking about those phones calls. All the moaning and groaning on the phone. All the imagining of his hands as her own touching her. All of his words were swimming in her head. She wasn’t confused anymore.

    She was demented.

    The ceremony started once Chloe took her seat. Lex looked good up there. He was in a dark suit with a white shirt, and a power tie. He said a few words and flipped the magic button. A whizzing sound started and the lights went off, but seconds later they were back on. This test run would be forty eight hours. The machine would go off again and they would analyze what needed to be changed.

    Chloe couldn’t stop looking at him during the whole thing. Controlled, strong, and charming the crowd. It was making her squirm in her seat. When it was over she spoke to her photographer and got the hell out of there before she did something crazy.

    Sitting in her hotel Chloe wanted to go to airport. She’d wait till the first flight left for California. When she was at the breaking point a text came through.

    Can’t call but I wanted to say I miss you. Also I fear the next generation of English majors are all idiots.

    Caleb wasn’t having the best time but he was thinking of her. She was thinking of someone else. She messaged him back.

    The power planet didn’t explode and the lights are still on here in Smallville. So today was a success.

    She pressed send as she thought of what Caleb was doing right at that moment. Whatever it was it wasn’t what she was about to do.

    Going to the Metropolis to spend some time with Lois. I miss you too.

    After hitting send she noted the time. It was nearly four. She just let the time tick away. She'd have to call Lois and drive her rental car to the city.

    How busy are you tonight? Thought you’d be at the opening of Luthor Energy.

    Before she could look at the time again her phone buzzed.

    It’s nearly four.

    It was Lex texting. Chloe deleted it and her phone buzzed again.

    Superman saved some people in a fire. Perry says always follow the man in tights.

    “Yes. Lois.” Chloe whispered.

    Of course. Superman sells newspapers, but you didn’t answer my question.

    Another buzz.

    Sorry, not busy. Let’s meet after 8 when my copies goes in. Drinks!

    That was nearly four hours from now. She needed three hours to drive, with an hour to do whatever she wanted. “No.” She yelled to herself out loud.

    Coming over. See you around nine.

    When she clicked send it was the start of the lies.

    Looking at the time again she had minutes before it was four. She grabbed her purse. Darted out to the car to go to Luthor Manor just in time to see Lex driving passed her. She waited at the gate to see if he saw her.

    Looking in her rear-view mirror she watched him turn around. Lex pulled up behind her, then the gate opened. She pulled into the grounds slowly then sat in her car waiting until Lex walked up to her driver's side window.

    He tapped the glass for her to roll down the window. “Leave the keys someone will park it.” Then he walked off. She was suppose follow, the lie was set. She just had to get out of the car.

    Lex waited at the front door for her. When she finally joined him he smacked her ass as she walked in the door. “I’m glad you changed your mind.”

    Chloe was on knees now enjoying the length of him. She bobbed her head up and flicked her tongue at the top of his cock. He groaned just like she had been listening to on the phone.

    When she took him back into her mouth she hummed a little moving up and down his shaft. She remembered he liked the vibration from the humming.

    “You forget nothing.” He moaned and nudged her on with a hand at the back of her head.

    This wasn’t what she came into town for but it was what she was doing. The slap on the butt was all she needed to get her to focus. They kissed their way into the study, which hadn’t changed since she was in high school.

    The leather sofa was where they ended up and Lex tried to get her pants off. She had changed by then into some light colored jeans and an old Stanford tee shirt. He was going to go down on her but Chloe didn’t feel she deserved it.

    She was playing with his emotions, her husband’s and her own. Instead she made him sit down and undressed him from the waist down. Currently he had a hand full of her hair letting her work him over.

    “Ah, ah, ah…” He was getting louder and she knew it was coming.

    The orgasm was jerking hips and Chloe did her best to swallow. When he soften she looked up at him and meet his eyes already looking at her. “It’s better in person then on the phone.” Lex spoke smirking down at her.

    She stood up and went for the bar in the room. Filling her glass with whatever was closest Chloe downed the contents.

    “Are you alright?” Lex was whispering in her ear just behind her.

    She sighed harshly picking up the decanter again for another go.

    “Take it easy, that's an expensive scotch.” He pulled her against him. “A fine scotch should be savored.”

    Instead of drinking from her glass Chloe pressed herself to him. His hands moved down her body. She could feel it happening again.

    This time she forced him off her. “Stop.” She moved across the room taking a long swig from her glass. Savoring wasn't on her mind at the moment.

    “I told you already this cannot be helped.” He didn't move from his spot as he went on. “Some people are just drawn to each other.”

    “I’m sorry it's not okay to feel like I’m throwing away my normal life for this complicated fucked up attraction.” This time at least she was still dressed. She just had to button her jeans back.

    “It’s not fucked up.” Lex didn't know how wrong he was. “I can prove it.” When she turned to look at him half naked he looked so sincere.

    Her phone buzzed. Chloe searched around the room for her purse not knowing where she dropped it when they enter the room. “Hey babe.” She said to Caleb answering it right away once she founded it at the entrance.

    The phone call backed Lex off.

    “Are you okay?” Caleb asked. He could hear the nervousness in her voice.

    “No, I’m okay.” She lied. Things were far from okay. Her mouth had just been on another man's parts. “I’m going to meet Lois. I have a long drive ahead.”

    He sighed into phone sounding concerned. “Good. You need to relax.”

    “I do?” Chloe wasn’t hiding her feelings as well as she thought.

    “You seemed to be a bit on edge the last few weeks. Enjoy your time with Lois. I'll call in the morning.” He paused and breathed out. It sounded like he missed her. “I love you.”

    “You too, talk soon.” She ended the call and placed her down on the nearest surface.

    “You didn't say you loved him back.” There was Lex again just waiting to get a word in.

    “I have to go.”

    “I thought you were staying.” He motioned her to turn and look at him. “We need to talk.”

    Chloe wiggled out of his grasp. “My lie says I’m seeing Lois.”

    “Tell her you got caught up doing something else.”

    “What something else?”

    “I don’t know.” He snapped back at her.

    There it was. The truth. She shouldn’t be there with him. There was no good reason for her to be there. “I need to get driving.”

    “Wait what about you?” His eyes seemed concerned. He’d gotten off she should too.

    “I don’t deserve it.” Chloe started crying. It came out of nowhere strong and hard. His arms enveloped her and it made her cry harder. “This is wrong.” She muttered pulling away.

    “You can't beat yourself up every time something happens.”

    “Every time? How many more times do you think this will happen? Why are you doing this anyway?”

    “Because, I know you. You want me. You have always wanted me. It was the lies that made you leave. I am ready for the truth now.”

    Lex sounded so sure of himself. “I don't know what I am doing. I have to stop.” Chloe wasn’t sure of anything.

    “You don't know because we have been apart and you have been with someone else.”

    “Don’t talk about him.”

    “Why not?”

    “You don’t know him. How good he is or sweet. How he makes me laugh. How he knows what I want to eat before I do.” She was crying again thinking of Caleb and of what she just did. Her chest heaved and she almost fell over.

    “I hate seeing you like this.” Lex moved in on her. When he pulled her in this time she felt his nakedness below. There was only one thing that could make the guilt go away. It was when they were in the act of doing something.

    Her body flexed and she grabbed his member with her right hand then reached up to kiss him. Of course he kissed her back and had to taste her tears. Her hand stroked him while they kissed until he was hard again. Their bodies swayed between the desk and the sofa. The desk had worked so well before Chloe wanted to go there, but Lex was moving them to the sofa.

    He pulled her hand away and nudged her back. She was fully clothed. He went for her unbuttoned jeans and snagged his fingers into her panties to take them down with her pants. “Sit down.”

    They were back where they started and he wanted to go down on her. “No you sit.” He was at her pleasure and did as he was told. His slacks were discarded on the floor and that’s where she found the condom packets. Three. He must have thought she was staying awhile.

    She handed it to him and waited for the condom to be in place before she straddled him then plunged down as he breathed in.

    Her mind went blank and she just rode out her frustrations on him. His fingers dug into her flesh trying to make her stop, yet there was no stopping her.

    Lowering her head she caught his mouth in a sloppy kiss then buried her face in his shoulder. “Can’t think.” She moaned.

    With her words he scooped her up and turned them around so he was on top. His hips went back and he was thrusting at quick pace. “Ah Lex.” Escaped her lips at the change of depth.

    She looked at him above her giving her the best he could bracing his arms to keep some of his weight off her. Her orgasm was building but she didn’t want it to. Just for a while longer she wanted to feel how good he was, but it was too late and she was shattered.

    He was coming shortly after her losing the power to stay up leaning into her. They were half on and half the sofa. “Just give me more time.” Lex spoke moving and taking his warmth with him. “You still need the truth.”

    He sat quietly waiting for her to answer him. The guilt started to creep back in. “I’ll call you later.”


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    Re: Broken Song (NC-17)

    Part 3.2 Unfaithful

    Chloe was feeling pretty good at the moment. Having tequila shots with Lois and singing karaoke had put her in a good mood. Visits with Lois were rare being so far away. They made it count when they were together.

    The guilt of what she had done just a few hours before may have led to more drinks then Chloe needed that night.

    It had been a long day, but Chloe was wide awake in her hotel room. Clark had gotten her there safely. She didn’t remember a word she said to him. The wind rushing by as he flew her back to Smallville was all she could focus on. When they landed Chloe asked if anyone had ever vomited on Superman. Clark didn’t think it was funny, but Lois burst into laughter.

    Clark was pretty upset with them both. They were giggly drunk and he was the cleanup crew.

    Finally arriving in her room at two in the morning Chloe found her phone dead. She plugged it into her charger next to the bed. When it came to life she looked at the last text received.

    I know you're out with Lois. Drink lots of water please. Love you.

    It was Caleb in a few words. He knew she needed to blow off some steam and he wanted to make sure she was alright. She texted back that she loved him instead of calling. Hearing his voice may lead her tell him everything.

    She was just up. Restless. It was the sex from earlier. She was a walking fashion plate of Lex Luthor was here.

    In her restless state Chloe opened her Facebook app and went through her friends. So many were married now. Some of them even had kids.

    “Damn Facebook.” Chloe grumbled and closed the app. It was all a lie. No one put the truth. It was all beautiful scenes, smiling faces, and happy kids.

    No one posted about their last fight with their spouse. No one posted about paying the rent or losing their job. No one ever posted about sleeping with their ex-boyfriend that was obsessed with aliens.

    “Just call.” She grumbled and swiped to Lex’s number.

    “Chloe?” His voice sounded like he was asleep.

    “It’s me.” She giggled into the phone. “How can you sleep? We just fucked today and now you sleep.”

    “I guess Lois showed you a good night out.” She could hear him sitting up in bed.

    “I’m going to hell Lex.” She admitted the truth or what seemed like the truth at the moment. Caleb was worried how she was and she was sucking another man’s cock.

    “No you’re not. Where are you?” His voice was back to normal now.

    “In my hotel room. Do you want to come over?” Her thoughts were so far gone. She knew what she was saying. She knew she shouldn’t say it, but there was no stopping her. “I want to see you.”

    “I’m still at the manor, but…” He sighed into the phone before going on. “You're drunk Chloe.”

    “Yup!” She giggled again. “I had to get drunk. It’s what happens when I see Lois. I had to maintain the lie you know.”

    “You didn’t have to go…” He started and seemed poised for fight then suddenly he stopped. “Chloe go to sleep.”

    “No.” She whined like a child. “You don’t want to see me?” Chloe thought she was giving him the voice she had used during phone sex. There was no telling what she sounded like.

    “I do want to see you, but you’re…”

    “Yes drunk.” She replied faster. “Now get moving. I am in room…wait I don’t know.” She paused to think how Clark knew which room. He must have asked the front desk. “I’ll look at the door. Dammit!” Chloe hit her foot on the armchair on the way to the door but she made it there. “205.”

    “Are you okay?

    “I’m fine. Drive fast.” She hung up before he could answer. Until he got there Chloe decided to have a solo dance party.

    Over the thump of her music she heard a knock at the door. “Lex.” She opened the door smiling, but he was less amused. His eyes trailed down and she was only in her t-shirt.

    “Where are your pants?”

    “Well…” Chloe moved into the room with him following after. “Clark took Lois away from me. He said Lois had an early morning. They were really going to do something kinky because Lois told me.” She paused to stop her phone from blasting in the room. “So I got dumped here and I called you and I have been bouncing around the room. It got hot and my jeans were tight so I took them off”

    As she spoke Chloe demonstrated each of her actions. She didn’t notice Lex cross his arms in front of him. If she was actually looking Chloe may have noticed he was a little annoyed with her.

    “Why aren’t you asleep?” Lex grabbed her and held her arms to stop her from moving.

    “I can’t sleep. My mind won’t stop going.”

    “It will stop if you stop moving.” He squeezed her to make her stop.

    She tried to move again but he forced her to stop. “Don’t tell me what to do.”

    He let go of her at last. “I’m not trying to tell you what to do.”

    Her mind was going a mile a minute. “Can we dance?” Chloe went for her phone at the nightstand and started to play from her slow songs.

    “I suppose.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and started to sway them to the music. It slowed her down and when she looked up at him he was looking back warmly. “I wish we could talk.” He said moving them away from the bed to open space in the room.

    “We can talk.” Chloe hooked her arms around his neck looking up into his eye. “I'm drunk not stupid all of a sudden.”

    “Why did you call me?” He turned her around and placed her back against him.

    The giggles started again and it was hard to stop, but Chloe tried to focus on her answer. “You know why I called. This an affair. Can you call it that when it's only happened twice in person and a few times on the phone?”

    “Chloe.” He muttered her name turning her back around to look at him.

    She keep her space between putting her hands on his shoulders. “Don’t you Chloe me. You said call. I called.”

    “You're right, I said call.” They grew silent and danced to the rhythm. The gentle motion drew her back to him making her arms snake back around his neck.

    “Did you try this with someone else?” Chloe questioned starting to feel like she was slowing down.

    “Try what?” He questioned nuzzling her hair. It was blonde mess but she could feel him breathe her in.

    “This?” She pressed closer to him trying to make him understand.

    “You mean date someone else?”

    “Yes, date someone else.” Chloe started to hum along with the song waiting for an answer.

    “Yes.” They both kept swaying to the soft guitar and Chloe thought he was going to say more. It was like pulling teeth trying to get an answer. “And…”

    “It didn’t work out.” He ended shrugging his shoulders.

    “Why not?” Chloe asked him smoothing her hand against his bald head.

    “They were vapid creatures, not really worth my time.”

    The giggles were starting to come back. Chloe had to push them down to finally get some more answers. “Not one in the bunch without gold digger tendencies?”

    “There was one.”

    “Her name please.”

    “Samantha Bush. She was a lawyer.” The answer made Chloe’s mind drift about who this Samantha Bush was. Chloe had found someone she was happy with. It was good to hear that Lex could have as well.

    “You call her Sam.”

    “No, she hated that. She was tough. A good lawyer. I tried very hard to make it work with her.”

    “Why didn’t it work?” Chloe could see him trying. Candle lit dinners. Overpriced gifts. All the things he tried on her that she told him she didn’t need or want. It was just him she wanted.

    “She wasn’t you.” He spoke looking into her eyes. The tequila hazy was starting to fade the more Lex looked at her. “I wasn’t willing to settle. I didn’t want Samantha to have half a partner and I didn’t want to give myself partly to someone that I knew wasn’t you.”

    She was starting to get upset with him. He was judging her choices again. “So you think I settled for Caleb.”

    “No, I just think being apart made you forget me. You only think about the bad parts. There were some good parts Chloe. There is still some good here. I can show you.”

    The only thing she had been reminded of so far was one part of Lex. “You mean the sex. We always had good sex. You remember that time we did it in your BMW. That was good.” The rambling was still on so the tequila wasn’t completely gone yet.

    “I remember that very well.” He spun her around and as she turned the room did as well. ”Do you understand what I’m saying?”

    Chloe pressed herself to him trying to stop the spinning of the room. “Yes I understand it. I didn’t forget. I just stopped thinking of you, but I hoped you would move on and be happy.”

    “I was never happier than when I was with you.”

    His words burned in her ears. It could have been her drinking but Chloe thought she was feeling something for Lex she hadn’t felt in years. She reached up to kiss him as the song ended. He kissed her back gently.

    “I want you to go to sleep.” He whispered against her mouth.

    “Okay. You too?” Chloe moved towards the bed and didn’t wait for answer.

    He quietly followed her. Lex helped her into the bed and moved to the other side. It may not have been the night he wanted, but it was all he was going to get. Chloe nuzzled her head into his chest.

    Lex was right if she was still she would fall asleep. In a matter of seconds she was out. Even though Chloe had fallen asleep her mind was still wondering. She was dreaming of the past.


    “Right after this they will take you to the safe house.”

    “I remember.” Chloe checked her hair pulled up tight. Lex kept repeating himself and it was making her nervous. “You prepared me.”

    He stroked his hands down the length of her arms. It was a motion she was used to. Chloe had decided it was his way of touching her without giving too much away. Their eyes meet and Chloe thought the moment had finally come.

    They were alone in the courtroom office just before she was to speak to the grand jury. Lex could just reach down and press his mouth to hers and reassure her that everything was going to be okay. The moment she thought it was going to happen it didn’t because Lex was pulling away from her.

    His back was turned to her looking at the door. “You don’t have to do that you know.”

    “I don’t have to what?” He turned back looking innocent.

    “I can handle it you know. You can just go ahead and do it.” Chloe had played this game for weeks.

    “Go ahead and do what?” As he spoke he moved a little closer to her.

    “Lex it’s okay.” She started to take her own steps to close the space between them. “Every time you look at me I keep thinking it's going to happen then you pull away.”

    Last night may have been his worst thwarting of her advances. During a hug goodbye last night Chloe brushed her lips against his cheek. It was an invitation for him to do more yet he ran out of the room before she could say anything.

    When they were finally in front of each other again Chloe twisted her arms around his neck.

    He finally got the hint when she pressed herself against him. “You shouldn’t want this.” He spoke folding her his arms.

    “But I do want this.” He was holding her the same way the night before. Making the first move seemed to scare him away.

    “You're just getting to the hard part of this.” His eyes lowered slightly to look at her lips then moved back to her eyes. Chloe wasn’t seeing things. Lex wanted it her. “You don’t need this too.”

    “I can handle it.” She answered.

    His words were saying no but his body wasn’t. She was surrounded by him and when she spoke his grip tightened. “You should be afraid.”

    “Of you?” Chloe smiled. When they first meet maybe he was intimidating, but not now. “I’m not afraid of you.”

    “But I am afraid of you.” Their noses were touching and he wasn’t going to deny her this moment. There was no reason to be afraid of her. The world was open to him. If anyone should be afraid it was her.

    “I’m harmless Lex.” Chloe spoke and he was finally disarmed. His lips were warm and smooth covering her own. She liked the feeling so much she nudged him closer to her letting his tongue slip into her mouth.


    The dreamy memory of the kiss was fleeting because she was drifting to a moment she didn’t care for.


    “Lex I tell you they were kissing.” Chloe dropped her fork thinking of the moment.

    “Lois and Clark?” He grinned.

    “Yes. Ever since she’s been in town they have had this strange back and forth of fighting and flirting.”

    Lex let his hand brush against her cheek. “I am familiar with the concept.”

    She smiled at the gesture, but Chloe didn’t see them the same way. “We are different. This was freaky. Lana left and Clark has been nothing but mopey. Now all of a sudden he’s kissing my cousin.”

    “Lana Lang’s spell has been broken. It’s a good thing.”

    Chloe shook her head. She had to get the image out of it. “I’m sorry. I’m talking too much about this.”

    He placed his hand on top of hers. “I asked how your day was.”

    “Well I’m done. How was your day?” Chloe placed her other hand on top of his.

    “Well when we are done in here I want to show some more symbols.”

    “More symbols.” Chloe moved her hands away from him to push her food around the plate. He had been nothing but symbols since her return to Smallville.

    “Yes, several match those on the Kawatche cave walls. They were found in China. How could the same drawings be made by the Kawatche people and people in ancient?”

    “I don’t know Lex.” She watched his thoughts racing. He was so focused on learning the truth that it was bordering on obsession. “Maybe we can talk about something else?”

    “You know how important this is. Every time I get a little closer to understanding a piece of the puzzle it's stolen from me.”

    Lex had just nearly died in a plane crash retrieving another piece of the puzzle, but he wasn’t letting the search go. She was too busy hiding from Lionel Luthor’s assassins to know how far it went. The only reason he told her about the crash was due to the bruises he suffered.

    Chloe got up from the table. “Where are you going?” He questioned.

    Turning to look at him Chloe wanted to scream at him, but she did her best to control her voice. “You could have died a week ago.”

    “But I didn’t.” He said with a smirk. He certainly healed quickly, but Lex wasn’t invincible.

    His ego was bigger than she realized at times. “Yes your fine this time, but you're willing to take a gamble with your life again.”

    “Chloe I am so close…”

    She cut him off before he could go on. “What if you’re not close? Think about it Lex. These clues just lead to more clues and more clues. When does it end? When you're dead?”

    “Look you're just getting back to the real world. I’ll understand if you don’t want to talk about this now.” He moved to stand up next to her then took her into his arms.

    Chloe rested there breathing in his scent trying to focus on anything but Lex trying figure out what Clark was. His secret room was overflowing with clues but he hadn’t gotten his answer yet.

    She pulled away from him and folded her arms between them to ward him off. “Lex I don’t want you to let this search consume you.”

    His face twisted at her words. “Your one to talk. Wall of Weird.”

    He was right Chloe did obsess with the strangeness of Smallville. Yet after surviving Lionel Luthor her desire to find truth in the weird was fleeting. Her life could be so much more than the cornfields of Smallville and she wasn’t going to get any closer to her dream of the Daily Planet chasing aliens.

    After Lana left Clark told her everything. The only reason he told her was because of what she was doing to bring Lionel down. At last he placed his trust in her.

    Lionel had taken an interest in her Wall of Weird. Chloe just wanted the fast track to her dream. She had played with fire and was certainly getting burned. The only reason Lionel trusted her was because of all the clues she had found out about the meteors changing people. The obsession nearly got her killed by one of those meteor infected people.

    “You haven’t been by the Torch lately. The wall of weird is gone.” It was her first step to safety.

    “What do mean gone?” A look of shock washed over him.

    Gesturing her arms in the air Chloe told him what he didn’t want to hear. “I mean I got rid of it. All my files are gone too. I have had my fill of looking for clues and getting nearly killed to figure out what they mean.”

    “This is because of my father.” He moved in on her placing his hands on either side of her arms. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there at the end.”

    What he was doing would normally calm her. This time it was fueling her anger. “No you weren’t there Lex. You were out looking for more clues.”

    “I did everything right. You were safe. I thought I was two steps ahead of my father. It's why I had you moved in the first place.”

    Lex had done everything right. She didn’t blow up into tiny bits because of his hard work to keep her safe. “I don’t blame you. You saved me, but Lex who is going to save you. Clark told me about that room you have of him”

    “That room is about me. Clark is a part of that room and you know why.” There was something she did know he didn’t. It may make him stop looking or it could make things much worse.

    “I don’t want to fight with you.” She sighed harshly. It always went this way. It was time for some truth. Maybe it would make him see what he was doing was wrong. “I love you.” Chloe replied.

    “You love me?” His questioning tone meant she had him.

    “Yes and I’d like you to stay alive long enough for me to enjoy your company.” Chloe pulled her fingers through her short hair then moved towards him. She cupped his cheek in her hand while he closed his eyes. “If you keep looking I’m afraid you will get hurt or worse killed.”

    “I can take care of myself.” He finished his reply with a kiss. It was just as hot and smooth as the first one they shared.

    “How do you fight the unknown?” Chloe spoke against his lips. Her eyes roved up to him as she went on. “Obsession is dangerous Lex.” She was so close she couldn’t gage his reaction.

    “I have it under control.” He kissed her again propelling them towards the nearest wall. “Trust me Chloe.” Lex tilted back slightly so he could look her in the eye.

    “I love you too.” After he spoke his mouth devoured her.


    The dreamy memory was fresh in her mind when Chloe woke up. The morning light was burning Chloe’s eyes even though the blinds were closed. She turned her head and realized she wasn’t alone but on top of a man’s chest. She turned her head up and took a quick look at Lex sound asleep.

    Her dreams were full of him last night. Now her head was starting to remind her to never drink like that again with Lois. She tried to move but Lex’s arm had her caught.

    She wiggled away from him and went for the bathroom. Looking at herself Chloe didn’t like what she saw. She just hand on old college t-shirt. At the time it made sense to take off her pants. It was so hot in that room. Now she felt exposed.

    With a sigh she looked away and went for her toothbrush. For some reason she tossed everything from her toiletry bag all around the bathroom. After her teeth were taken care of Chloe washed her face clean then she took a brush to her hair.

    When she was satisfied she was presentable enough she walked out of the bathroom to find Lex on the phone. In a hushed voice he seemed to be making sure things were going well at Luthor Energy.

    While he spoke Chloe avoided him and went for her phone. It was fully charged and she noted the time. It was way past ten in the morning. There were a stream of text and one phone call.

    The first few texts came from a drunk Lois. It looked like she was just as restless as Chloe was last night. The last text was from eight in the morning. Caleb had messaged her. The missed phone call was from him too.

    She was going to return his call when Lex spoke. “Chloe are you alright?”

    Looking up at him she didn’t notice what he was wearing last night. He was in a black t-shirt and black slacks. It looked like he was all in place expect she could see his bare feet. “I can’t answer that.”

    “Do you remember what I said last night?” He started to move in on her and there she was half exposed with a ringing phone.

    Looking at the phone she had a text from Caleb. “I have to answer this.”

    “No you don’t.” He rushed at her faster holding onto her hand with the phone in it. “Answer me first.”

    Chloe thought about the night's events. The only thing she could focus on was him saying he was happiest with her. If all that was true he would have tried harder to keep her. He would have moved past his obsession to see that something better waiting for him. It was too late to go back now, yet here he was in her room looking at her after naked body.

    “Lex I need to call him back.” She pulled her hand away from him. It looked like he wanted to leave but he plopped onto the bed.

    Chloe retreated back to the bathroom. Once she looked at the time again she knew it was too late to call. Caleb must have texted before his book reading starting. He believed she was alone and she wasn’t. She had to say something to him.

    I have a terrible hangover. I have got to get myself together for tomorrow when the power switches back and Luthor Corp gets results from the test run. I’ll call you around lunch my time.

    When she exited the bathroom Lex was exactly where she left him. “That was quick.” He quipped.

    “Why are you still here?” Chloe went right into it.

    “You asked me to stay.” He answered.

    It was true. There were things she had done Chloe would never do. The power Lex had over her was stronger than she wanted to admit. “I know, but why? I have no intention of letting this continue.”

    He looked down at his hands pressing them together. “I should have done this sooner.” Looking up at her Chloe hadn’t seen him so sad since she told him she was leaving Kansas. “Just come with me somewhere today.”

    “Where?” Chloe questioned.

    “You have to trust me.”

    “I don’t. That’s the problem.”

    “You trust me enough to have sex with me.” He waited for her witty come back. Nothing came to her because he was right. “Please just trust me a little more.”

    The word sex made her uneasy. At the manor yesterday they were all over each other. It was a mistake that she couldn’t repeat.

    “If I go will you leave me alone?” Maybe bargaining was her way out of this.

    “What do you mean?” He stood up waiting for her answer.

    “I thought I made this clear when I moved to California. I can’t see you.” Still pants less Chloe backed up a little scanning the room for where she tossed her jeans.

    “I know, but I told you…”

    He wanted to say how they were drawn to each, but she stopped him. “No, you don’t get it. I am married. I can’t keep doing this. It's obvious to me you don't understand the situation I’m in. You have tried to keep your distance, but seeing me brought something up for you “

    “For me.” What she said had him mad. He was coming towards her. “So you and I in the boardroom was just my doing or at the manor yesterday when you were on your knees. I was all alone. You call me all last month to get off, but again that was just me. How about last night when you called me for a sleepover. I see you and it only brought something up for me. What's happening only means something to me.”

    He was gripping her arms by the end of speech. His closeness was forcing her to think about each moment she allowed herself into this mess. “I…” Chloe started and stopped. There was nothing she could say to defend herself.

    “Do you remember what I said yesterday?” He went back to his question from earlier. She nodded in response. “There is still some good here. Please let me show you that.” He let go of her after he spoke taking a step back.

    Chloe put her phone down on the nightstand. A simple word was all she had to say. He would get himself together and he would go after she said it.

    Nothing was ever simple between them.

    “Did I really make you happy?” The question wasn’t important. Chloe had her answer when he chose his obsession over her.

    He put her face between his strong hands. “Yes.” It was simply answer for complicated questions.

    His omission was too heavy for her to carry. Chloe backed away from his touch before they were kissing. “You can’t depend on me to make you happy.”

    “I want us to be together. If you go home to your husband and I never see you again I’ll have to live with that. What I can’t live with is not telling you the truth.” He paused stepping back before he finished.

    “I know you have meteor powers.” He took another step back from her. It looked like he was bracing himself for whatever her powers were.

    Chloe’s eyes widen like a cartoon character. “Oh.” She whispered.


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    Broken Song (NC-17) Part 4 8/21/19

    Part 4 Possibility (Song by Lykke Li)

    The overpowering sound of the helicopter drowned out Chloe’s thoughts that coming to this place was a bad idea. A car ride would have taken hours and it could lead to talking.

    However, there was no need to ask how Lex knew she had powers. Chloe had this talk with Clark years ago. The details were muddled now, but when someone with powers appeared they would disappear.

    She wanted to help Clark find where they went. It was only when a woman returned did they get answers. They took her but let her go because she wasn't dangerous. There was no telling what happened to the people that were thought to be dangerous.

    “Don’t be afraid.” Lex looked at her as they went down in the elevator. It was first words he had spoken since they started to make their way to place people disappeared into.

    Of course she was afraid. What he did to people like her scared her. They never found a solid answer as to how Lex had taken over after his Lionel was put in jail.

    “Is this 33.1?” She questioned him.

    “That was the original project under my father. This is something more. You will see.” He tried to reassure her again brush his hand over her shoulder.

    It wasn’t working. “Then what is this place for?” The uneasy feeling Chloe was having just got worse once the elevator doors opened to a dimly lit hallway filled with dark grey metal doors.

    “I’ll explain everything once we are in the room.” As they walked the lights came on one by one.

    The place had no markers on the doors to say who or what was behind it. Lex just knew where to go and he stopped at a door halfway down the hall.

    “I need the room.” Lex announced to a few people clicking away on a room full of computers. After he spoke they all quickly ran out.

    Lex turned to watch the last person close the door before he spoke. “I told you the meteors where the real gift and not Superman.”

    “I remember.” Chloe listened closely.

    “My scientist have theorized that meteor infection has jumped started the next step in human evolution.” Lex sat down at a computer station and started clicking the keys. A series of files popped up on the screens around them.

    “I brought you here to show you these files.” He spoke as he typed.

    “You don’t back up your work someplace else?” Chloe tried to make a joke to lighten the heavy mood of the room.

    “Of course we do.” He looked over to her before he went on. ”I wanted you to know that you can walk in as a person with powers and walk back out of this place whenever you choose. This isn’t a place to fear.”

    He was referring to what Clark had found. Chloe wanted to believe him that things had changed. Lex was willing to do anything to get to the truth. Finding it had led to this place, Luthor Energy, and she didn’t know how much more.

    “Well what’s in all these files?” Chloe undid the buttons of her jacket. Still in her outfit from the night before Chloe tried to dress it up with the black two button jacket.

    “Each of these files is an infected person. Some are harmless like myself. Some have no control over what they can do. Others know exactly what they are doing and they don’t care who they hurt.” He stroked the keys a few more times.

    “Do you remember him?” An image of Justin Gaines flashed across the screen.

    “Yes. He tried to kill me.” It was the first of many times Chloe was nearly killed. Nothing like that ever happened in California. Only in Smallville could a boy be charming, move things with his mind, then turn psycho killer on a dime.

    The last Chloe heard he was sent away to a psychiatric ward. Lex must have had him somewhere behind one of the many doors in the endless hall.

    “How about him?” He typed and another image appeared on the screen. Trent MacGowen’s evil mug made Chloe flinch at the sight of him.

    “Yes another one of my would be murders.” She answered him raising an eyebrow looking in his direction.

    “Dear old dad was very disappointed with this one.” Lex smirked in her direction. He was having fun going down memory lane.

    Chloe wanted him to get on with it. “What’s the point of this Lex?”

    He moved away from the desk towards her. “I’m trying to tell you that these people were corrupted by power. They needed focus for their gifts. This place gives meteor infected people purpose.”

    “Great, you give murders jobs.” She quipped

    He smiled at the bad joke “No, but it’s nice to see you still have a sense of humor about all of this.”

    This wasn’t a laughing matter. Her face said as much and he stopped smiling. “So, if they don’t like the purpose you give them what happens?”

    “Then we take care of them.” He said as if she would understand.

    “How?” She moved closer to him.

    “What do think all these rooms are for?”

    “So, you lock people away?” The answer she and Clark never got was here.

    “This place is safe for people to understand their powers. It's also a place for people like Gaines and MacGowen. We keep them from hurting people. The police can’t handle them.”

    “Then when you need a loaded gun like MacGowen you let him out to play.” Standing in front of her now Chloe made her point by poking him in the chest.

    “No. I am not my father.” He gripped her arms gently trying to make his point. “Stop thinking this is a prison.”

    “What is it then?” She answered stepping back to refuse his touch for the first time since they started this affair.

    “My life in Smallville was never simple Chloe. You call it obsession, but how can I not be obsessed. Meteors, symbols, meteor infected, and an alien. I wanted to act. I have the means to do so.” After his long list Lex breathed out long and hard before going on. “I will admit I didn’t start things the right way.”

    “Meaning?” Chloe questioned.

    “When we started we were locking people up. We were tracking them without their knowledge. I thought it was the best way to contain threats. When your name was on a list of those that needed a tracker I stopped the program.”

    “Stopped?” Somehow Chloe didn’t believe that. It's what she feared was happening and why she left. Clark said there was a person with powers he wanted to help and suddenly they were gone. It was the same with Gaines and MacGowen once they were stopped by Clark.

    “Yes, we stopped and changed tactics. Disclosing and offer long term help to those that needed. No one would ever trust this place if it started with a lie. If they want to keep their abilities we help them master them. Dangerous people we find a way to strip away their gifts.”

    The truth sounded too good to be true. “Why not tell me all this before?”

    “I’m sorry, but I thought it was better to hide it. You kept saying how much you didn’t want me to be obsessed with aliens so I didn’t tell you for fear of pushing you away. In the end I was wrong, because not explaining pushed you away.”

    “It wouldn’t have made a difference. I can’t be around this stuff anymore. It's not safe.”

    “Why do think I can’t handle this?” His narrowed. Lex already knew the answer.

    “Superman can handle it.” Chloe truly believed that Clark was a hero. It had taken time, but he had proven himself not just to her, but to the world.

    “You trust him so much. Do remember what he was like Chloe? How many mistakes he made.” The reminder of Clark at the start made her think of her own faults.

    “He was young Lex.” She added with pointed finger at him. “As were you and you made mistakes too.”

    He nodded in agreement for disagreeing again. “I wasn’t an unstoppable force.”

    “Good you get how strong he is. Imagine walking around as a load gun that could go off if you let your guard down.”

    “If that’s true he wouldn’t have made the choices he did. He needed to take on the responsibility of those powers. I wanted to help him.” The past seemed fresh in his mind today.

    “I get it now. “Chloe could see it clearly now. “You think he’ll lose control.”

    “It's not him I worry about anymore. We don’t know if he’s alone.” Now his obsession was adding paranoia. “Luthor energy, this place, and much more are earth’s best defense.”

    “You’re wrong about him. He’s grown up. He’s taken the responsibility. If there are more aliens or dangerous people with powers he can handle it.”

    “Really? You think he has all the answers.” Lex went back the computer to pull up files. “There are second generation meteor infected he knows nothing about.”

    The list of names was pretty long. Anyone having children seemed to be passing on their powers. Maybe this place was what he said. Lex could be helping people. Threats from another world could come to earth and over power Superman. Maybe having people with powers would be useful.

    “You and your army of freaks plan to defend the earth.”

    He shook his head and seemed up set by what she said. “You say it like that and I sound insane. I am not crazy or obsessed. This is my purpose Chloe. I can help these people. I can be ready for other worldly threats. I can also be ready to take care of him if I need to.”

    Time hadn’t made Lex trust Clark anymore. Their soured friendship had never recovered from Clark’s lie. She couldn’t blame either of them.

    “I told you he’s doing good things. He is a better person now.” Saying it didn’t make it true for Lex.

    Still sitting at the computer Chloe watched him change the screen to show an image of red kryptonite. “What are you getting at?”

    “His home world doesn't always react well to his body’s chemistry. Like with this one. What happens if someone uses this against him?” He waited for and answer.

    “Then I guess you will put him in one of these rooms.” Chloe turned away from the screen, but there was another behind her. She didn’t want to be in the middle of Lex and Clark again.

    “You know I’m right. You said it yourself, he’s a loaded gun. The world needs a plan if he’s not as good as you believe him to be.”

    Nothing Chloe said now would convince Lex. Clark’s actions over the last eight years hadn’t wavered his resolve. The meteor showers were a problem Lex had to fix. Clark Kent was a major part of that.

    Lex needed to feel like he had control over his life. It was why he was so scared to kiss her the first time. Chloe made him lose his control. Superman was completely out of Lex’s control.

    Looking back to him Chloe told him what he wanted to hear. “I understand what you’re doing here. I don’t agree with all of, but I understand you’re trying to help. Superman is strong, but he does need help sometimes.” He smiled at her words, but she wasn’t done.

    “I still would have left Kansa.”

    “Why, if you see reason in what I am doing.” He stood up looking disappointed.

    “I don’t want to be part of this anymore. I told you before and I am telling you now. I don’t want to be in danger anymore.” There were some tough things Chloe had to admit to him and to herself. “If this is your obsession then I guess mine is knowing the truth. I would have gotten caught up in all this. I would have put myself in danger again and again. I am done being in danger.”

    “That’s a lie.” He said plainly.

    “Excuse me.” Chloe cut back to him.

    “You love danger. It’s where the best stories are.” He smiled before he went on watching her getting pissed off by his words. “You went undercover in a human trafficking ring. You could have been sold, raped or killed.”

    She let out a harsh breathe ready to defend herself. “That’s different. It’s not people with unpredictable powers. It was just dirty cops and politicians.”

    “It doesn’t matter who it was. It was dangerous.” He moved in her. “You like it that way.” Lex looked down at her tucking her hair behind her ear. “It’s the wall of weird. It’s my father asking you to work for him. It’s danger you have been chasing to get the story. To get the truth.” He leaned into her speaking just in her ear.

    “If aliens are my obsession, fine, I admit that. You need to admit to yourself you like chasing danger.”

    Chloe had to think of what he meant. She didn’t think she chased down danger.

    He stepped back to look at her lost in his words. “Chloe why did you get married?”

    Blinking a few times Chloe had to get her focus back. There still were some boundaries she wasn’t ready to cross. “We don’t talk about him.”

    “No you don’t talk about him.” He corrected.

    “That part of my life is safe from all this weirdness.” She gestured to the room.

    “Exactly what I thought.” He shrugged at her answer.

    “What do you mean?”

    “He’s easy.” Lex said curtly. “He’s safe.”

    “What’s wrong with safe?” Chloe almost yelled at him. Caleb was a wonderful person and she wouldn’t let Lex break him down like that.

    “It's not you. Why did you have sex with me that day at Luthor Corp?” He waited for her to answer, but she was going to walk out the door until he pulled her to him.

    He was quick pulling her into his arms pressing his mouth into her own. Her body was tense from the conversation. Yet somehow she relaxed in his embrace and kissed him back. When he finally released her Lex spoke still holding her in place.

    “You had sex with me because you’re bored with easy and safe.”

    “No.” She answered still holding on to his neck.

    “You said you weren’t afraid of me.” He gently kissed her again. “You told me you were ready to be with, but you got scared and ran.” He kissed her again. “Yet every article you publish still has a hint of danger in it.”

    Lex nudged them towards the nearest desk. “Not all of them.” She mumbled as he moved down her neck.

    Chloe searched for a comeback. She kept thinking why she let herself go that day in the boardroom or right at that moment. “I’m different.” She said with uncertainty enjoying his attention on her sensitive skin.

    He stopped his work on her collarbone to look at her smirking. “No, your hiding.”

    “I know who I am.” She fisted the collar of his shirt in her hands.

    “Alright then. We can leave and you can go back to your California dream.” He rubbed his nose against hers while lifting her up on top of the desk.

    She didn’t let go of him. Her chest heaved against him and she was trying to find air not surrounded by his scent. He was looking at her just waiting for an answer. Kissing her and putting her into position was him trying to prove a point.

    Her smiling man was so far from her thoughts the past twenty four hours. When she stepped on the plane she kept thinking what she would feel like back in Smallville. Most of her feelings were filled with fear, but there was a hint of excitement to.

    When Chloe got married it was because it was easy. It was safe. Caleb didn’t know about Smallville. He didn’t know how far she went for story. He just trusted she’d come home.

    Lex would want to know every detail. He may even help if he was truly interested. She was lying so much to keep her California dream. It was in more trouble before she cheated on Caleb. Maybe it had always been in trouble.

    Her hands fisted on his shirt collar relaxed. Her legs were dangling sitting on the desk. Looking down between them Chloe needed to put her feet on the ground and see she had a good life.

    “You’re wrong about him and me.”

    He wanted her to kiss again. Chloe could feel it in the pit of her stomach exactly what he wanted and she wanted it too. There was still one thing between them. It was what he said that made her come with him to this place. She was trying to avoid it, but he wasn’t going to let her go so easy this time.

    “Do you want to see my powers?” It started this whole thing. It was the finale reason she ran away.

    “If you want to show me.” His face lit up with fascination.

    “Do you have something sharp?” Chloe watched him spring into action. He had no idea what she could do, but he wasn’t afraid of it.

    He stepped back and scanned the room. Just behind her on the desk was a cup filled with office supplies. Lex fished out the scissors and pointed the handle towards her.

    “Not for me. There for you.”

    “Okay, what should I do?” He asked eagerly.

    “Slice your finger.” Chloe smiled at him. He seemed to be enjoying the show and tell. Then suddenly he wasn’t. His eyes slanted. “Trust me.” Chloe answered his silent concern.

    He nodded opening the scissors to slide his left thumb over the blade. “I trust you.” His words were followed by the flow of blood from his finger.

    “Give me your hand.” Chloe closed her hands around the thumb. “Watch my hands.” She closed her eyes focusing her energy. The white light started to flow out of her hand into his thumb.

    “Chloe.” He whispered her name in amazement.

    The sensation was calming when she used her powers, but the worst was about to come. “Ouch.” She opened her eyes to exam her left thumb. Before she could get a good look Lex grabbed her hand.

    “You took the injury and gave it to yourself.” He then looked back at his finger. The blood and wound were all gone.

    “Yes, I have been calling it emp…”

    “Empathic healing.” He finished for her.

    “Exactly.” She nodded.

    “That’s amazing.” He took her hands into his speaking so sincerely.

    “It's not amazing Lex.” She jumped off the desk to step away from him. “I was with my mother in Smallville when I got these powers. It’s what took her away from me.” After so long searching Chloe had her answer. Moria Sullivan had been in a catatonic state since the meteor shower. Her father promised her mother he would never tell her where she was. Moira never wanted her little girl to see her that way. When Chloe found out what she could do healing her mother was out of the question.

    “I figured out what my powers were when I found Lois dead.”

    “When did this happen?” The fear in his voice was what she needed to hear. Something had to shock Lex in to seeing her concerns.

    Chloe could still feel the pain of what she did that day. “You were away in China looking at symbols. Lois wanted to investigate some story in Metropolis. I told her to wait for me and Clark, but you know Lois she went alone. Clark and I found her stabbed. I was crying over her and my powers just took over.”

    “You healed her.” His hand touched her shoulder making her step back.

    “Yeah, then I died. Clark said I was dead for eight hours. I told him we never speak about it again. We never tell Lois.” The memory made her start to cry softly.

    “You came back to life.” He stepped towards her again.

    Wiping away a few tears Chloe had to be strong now. “Right, but what if I don’t come back next time. I don’t understand these powers and don’t plan on using them again.”

    “You understand something. You just healed me on command.” Lex was still fighting for her.

    “Of course I practiced, so they don’t just go off when I don’t want them to.”

    “This is why you left Smallville?” It seemed he finally got it. Chloe nodded slowly hoping that this was over.

    “You were so lost in your obsession. I couldn’t tell you. I couldn’t be forced to choose.”

    “Choose what?”

    “You or me. If you got hurt. I would heal you and I would die. It’s why I left.” Chloe never thought about this when it came to Caleb. “So yes I chose Caleb, because he is safe and easy.”

    “I wouldn't make you choose. I would never put myself in a position I couldn’t get out of.”

    “You don’t know that. I get it Lex, you're capable of handling most things, but dealing with all this alien stuff is unpredictable.”

    “This isn’t the answer. You’re just running away from me. There is another way.”

    “It’s the only way I know I’ll stay alive and I won’t have to watch you die.”

    “That’s unreasonable. What about Lois? She’s still out chasing leads.”

    “No, Lois is chasing Superman. She’s safe”

    “Fine then let me help you. Let the scientist look at you. They can help you with your powers. You can look around here and see what I am doing to protect myself. To protect the world.”

    She shook her head firmly. “You said you wanted to tell me the truth and you did. Now I am telling you the truth. I can’t be around you.”

    “So I stay away from you again.” His healed thumb brushed cross her lips before he went on. “You go back to safe and easy.”

    Chloe closed her eyes and tried to picture her life with Lex if they were together now. Every scenario came back to Lex hurt in an irreversible way. When she opened her eyes he was waiting for an answer.

    Before she could give him one he said one last things to change her mind. “I still love you.”

    “How can you say that?”

    “You left me. My love didn’t just leave with you. You wanted me to just move on, but I couldn’t.”

    Chloe stepped back and looked around them. “I want out of this place.”

    He turned away from her slowly. “I’ll call the pilot.” Lex spoke with his back to her on his cell phone. She finally backed him way when she didn’t return his affections.

    They returned to her hotel in silence.


    Chloe looked up at him and started to wonder how she ended up where she was. His stormy eyes hadn’t changed. His focus on his obsession hadn’t changed. Also his care for her hadn’t changed. He’d took every care to make sure they returned quickly and safely.

    Now he mindless followed her back to her room. After closing the door, Lex just watched her sit down on the sofa she stubbed her toe on the night before.

    Looking up she tried to break the silence. “I’m sorry about this….”

    “Please don’t do that.” He put his hand up sounding defeated.

    “I’m trying to give you closure.” One thing would come out of her horrible mistake. They knew the truth and could be satisfied with that.

    “You’re seriously going to give up.”

    “This month I have been moving backwards. I have to go back to moving forward. That’s not giving up.”

    Lex took a step towards her then backed away. “Then let me say goodbye to you.”

    She knew what he meant immediately “We can’t do that again.” Chloe got up to put some distance between them.

    “Just once more to say goodbye. To give me closure.” His eyes were pleading with her to say yes.

    Chloe watched him fist his hands to his sides. He was going to spring into action waiting for her responds. It was one last time.

    It was one more lie.

    “I need to shower.”

    “I can help you with that.” He grinned at her warmly.

    Closing the space between them Chloe took his hand pulling him to the bathroom with her. He closed the door behind them.

    “This is a tiny bathroom.” He sneered.

    “It's perfectly fine.”

    “Let’s go to the manor.”

    “Lex the bathroom isn’t important.” Grabbing his arm she hoped he’d get his focus back.

    He took her words to heart and grabbed her easily to place a kiss on the lips. They were pressed to each other as much as one could be. Lex grabbed the back of her hair while moving his tongue into her mouth.

    His kisses were better than she remembered. His hands went down between her breasts as their tongues met. He was starting to lean them back towards the vanity.

    “Let’s slow down.” He breathed out pulling away.

    The last few times there was a sense of urgency to do everything quickly. At the moment there was no rush.

    It wasn’t her outfit of the year, but it didn’t seem to bother him. It was a game of tag as she pulled of her jacket, then her t-shirt off, and finally her bra. Lex followed by removing his black polo. She kicked off her shoes and then he followed by taking off his own pulling his socks off after. Instead of undoing her own jeans she went for his slacks.

    Their arms tangled around each working on the button then the zipper. “You first.” Lex nudged her hands away pulling down her pants first. She smiled at him then she pulled his down. When they were just in their underwear Lex grabbed her and turned her towards the vanity mirror.

    His fingers traced a line down her body starting at her jawline moving down her neck then his hand traced a circle around one of her breasts. In the mirror she watched him staring at their reflection. It was like he was trying to remember every inch of her.

    “The water.” She spoke stopping his hand from moving while turning back to look at him. Her body brushed against him as she moved for the shower and she could feel how hard he was for her.

    When she bent to reach the hot water he finished undressing her pulling down her panties. Then she felt down below that he had already removed his boxers. Holding her waist they stepped into the shower together. The warm water cascaded down their bodies for a few moments then she turned to look at him.

    There was a bar of soap Chloe had brought with her in the shower. She watched him pick it up rubbing it in his hands. Chloe waited for his touch as he worked up a lather of bubbles. He used the soap to glide down her back up then down shortly followed by sliding it over her backside. One hand washed while the other squeezed her flesh.

    They were so quiet she nearly jumped when she heard him moan. Lex pulled her close to him locking her in his arm while his other hand used the soap to wash each of her breasts rubbing back and forth. His lips brushed against her neck then she felt the soap brush her skin. The gentle massage made her moan.

    It was slowest shower she ever took. Her arousal was aching to be touched, but he didn’t go near it. When she tried to reach for his member she was rejected. All she could do was feel him rubbing soap all over her.

    When he was on his knees to wash her legs Chloe thought her body would combust if he wasn’t inside her soon. Lex didn’t seem to mind her pain as he rubbed the soap up one leg bypassing her arousal only to wash down the other leg.

    Satisfied she was clean he stood up and nudged her back into the water kissing her while they went. She was clinging to him hoping for more, but he stopped and turned the water off.

    “We need a towel.”

    Watching him step out Chloe thought he was torturing her because she said this would be the last time. Before following behind him she twisted her hair trying to get rid of some of the water.

    “I got it.” He was back with the towel rubbing the cotton against her skin then gently pulling it through her hair. She stepped out of the tub.

    “Can I...” Chloe was going to talk put he pulled her into another kiss. He was still wet and making her the same way again. She didn’t complain because it was a good kiss.

    He lifted her up wrapping her legs around his midsection. Lex walked them out of the steamy bath into the cool air of the room. Chloe wasn’t cold being in his embrace.

    Sliding down she could feel the bed behind them. He nudged her down leaning over her making her lay on her back. His hot mouth followed with more kisses that made her stomach flip with excitement of what was about to come.

    Then it never came. Lex moved away from her to pose her body up the bed. His lips took care to touch her sensitive parts, which turned out to be every part of her after their shower. When he made it to her navel his eyes met hers as he started moving down.

    She watched him spread her legs wide open. Her head tilted up towards the ceiling. Chloe felt him breathe out against her most sensitive part before he went on.

    After a large intake of air she tried to be still and let him paint a picture with his tongue around the tingling bundle of nerves between her legs. When he started to suck her legs almost locked around his head, but he was quick to pin them down.

    “Ah...Ah..Lex...Ah” She was babbling hoping he would understand that she needed him to go faster.

    The sensation was suddenly gone and he was looking up to her. When she looked down he spoke. “I am going to enjoy this.”

    Chloe nodded her head then watched him enter one finger inside her. A few pleasant strokes and he stopped to lick to taste her wetness. Her chest heaved and she lay back trying to be patient with him.

    A return to his performance was a single digit turning into two pumping in and out of her. His mouth didn’t rest either making her squeal at the added speed of his tongue lapping helplessly at her. In a moment she was exploding calling his name but he didn’t stop. Two fingers turned to three and she looked down at him working so hard to make climax a second time.

    His mouth closed around her clit and she had to look away. Her body started moving towards him in the steady rhythm of the fingers inside her.

    The second orgasm was stronger than the first and this time he let her leg hook around him keeping him in place. As she was coming down she didn’t notice he had left the room until he was back between her legs sitting up.

    Lex made quick work of putting on the condom then pulled her towards him thrusting forward in one smooth motion. “So wet.” Her groaned pausing to feel her around him.

    “I wonder why?” Chloe quipped back and he made her pay for it.

    His hips reared back and he thrust into her again making her shrink. Smiling at the sound Lex started a steady rhythm angling her towards him. When he gave up trying to hold her up his body forced her down to the bed changing the depth of his penetration.

    Chloe lifted her legs around him sending him in deeper. “Dammit Chloe.” His responds to the shift was to freeze in place overwhelmed by her.

    Her hands went around either side of his face to pull his lips to her encouraging him to move again. Starting slow they matched each other’s thrust and he couldn’t escape with her legs wrapped around him.

    “Lex.” Chloe lift her head back out of the kissing and an orgasm was coming again. “Please...Lex.”

    Begging spurred him on faster. It was better than at the manor or Luthor Crop. They could take their time and enjoy this one last time.

    “Chloe.” He forced out the word strained trying to keep going just a little longer for her.

    His head tilted towards her and her eyes meet his as she was coming again squeezing his flesh for relief. His own release followed shortly after her hiding his face in her neck. He didn’t go right away and let her hands explore his firm body one more time.

    He turned over breathing out heavy pulling out of her taking his warmth with him. “I want to stay, but....” He paused before going on. “I have to go.”

    They had made a mess of the day. In a few hours Luthor Energy would have answers about the orange meteor rock energy.

    “I know.” Chloe looked away from him. She didn't want to do this all over again. This moment already happened eight years ago, yet here they were again.

    He moved to disappear in the bathroom and she pulled the blanket around herself suddenly feeling cold after being so warm in his embrace. He didn’t look at her when he exited. Maybe if he looked he’d stay.

    “Lex.” Chloe called to him, but there was nothing else to say. This was possibly all they were going to get from each other.

    This time Lex kept his distance from her at the door. Before opening the door, he would have the last words.

    “Just remember you can change your mind Chloe.”

    Before she could reply he was closing the door on the other side. Just like that Chloe was supposed to be free of him. That freedom came with a price.


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    Re: Broken Song (NC-17) Part 5 2/5/2020

    Part 5 The Reason (Song by Hoobastank)

    “Yay! Home run!” Caleb roared along with the rest of the Oakland A’s fans surrounding them in there favorite local bar. He exchanged a few high fives with those around them.

    Baseball wasn’t exactly Chloe’s favorite thing to watch, but she enjoyed watching Caleb have fun. She heard all the stories of Caleb’s father taking him to games and drilling into him one day the A’s would win the World Series. The event also came with adult drinks and Chloe was in the mood for a few.

    As the next batter came up and Caleb took his seat next to her. He was smiling ear to ear as he spoke. “Great game, right?”

    Chloe nodded giving a half smile back taking the last sip of her beer. The game was interesting, but she wanted to get his focus on something else for a moment. “How are your book sales?” Chloe asked him.

    “Good. They called this morning while you were out. Sales are up better than projected. They say the book tour helped.” He spoke not turning away from the television.

    “That’s amazing.” At least something good had happened for him the last few months. “I’m proud of you.” The series he had wrote was really taking off. After everything she had done Caleb deserved more than a good book sales.

    “Well it’s thanks to you?” He answered still analyzing each pitch.

    “Me?” Chloe had read the books. They were about a detective catching serial killers. It had little to do with her. She read some drafts of the last book and there was no sign of her in it. “I’m no detective.”

    He looked her way to reply. “She’s loosely based on you. She wants the truth and enjoys a little danger to find it.” Raising his eyebrows for effect Caleb turned back to baseball game.

    Chloe sat back in her seat. It was exactly what Lex said to her. She thought her life was safe from the one she left in Smallville. Yet there her husband was repeating words of Lex Luthor. “I don’t get mixed up in anything I can’t handle.”

    “I know you can take care of yourself, but have to admit you like a little danger. It’s where you find the best news stories.” He turned back to the TV.

    The words had her spun. Lex claimed she was hiding and maybe she wasn’t doing such a good job of it. She didn’t want to push the subject anymore for fear of saying something she didn’t want to say.

    “Another round?” Chloe asked to change the subject.

    “No, no, no!” He answered.

    Looking at the TV Chloe saw the man at bat strike out on replay. “I’ll just get a drink for myself.” She answered.

    “Sorry, yes please. Thank you.” He recovered smoothing a hand over hers on the table. The touch made her pull away. Caleb would touch her and she would cower away from it.

    Now he was saying Lex’s words to her. What happened in Kansas was weighing heavy in her mind. The last time with Lex kept replaying. His face buried between her legs was top of the list of things she shouldn't be thinking about.

    She retreated to the bar hoping he didn’t notice just now. “Two more good sir.” Chloe spoke to the bar man giving her smile while pouring the beers.

    “Are you okay?” Caleb whispered in her ear. Feeling him so close behind her Chloe had no room to move. The bar was packed with people. He pressed himself against her savoring the moment of closeness.

    It had been a while.

    “Fine. Just thirsty.” She spoke keeping her eyes to the glasses coming her way. “On our tab.” With beers in hand Chloe turned handing him a glass getting some distance between them.

    They returned to their table and the answer didn’t back him off this time. “Are you sure you’re okay?

    “I’m fine.” Chloe answered again. The phrase was becoming very common between them.

    She watched pull his fingers through he his sandy colored hair in frustration. “I just can’t touch, right?”

    “What?” Her answer didn’t sound very convincing.

    “I get close and you pull away. I can’t remember the last time I had a real kiss and not just a peck on the lips.” He waited for an answer drinking from his glass.

    “You have had too many of these” Chloe answered lifting her glass to him.

    He breathed out in frustration getting up from his chair. “Just once I’d like a real answer.” Caleb was walking out before she could speak again.

    The crowded bar was too busy to notice the start of their fight as the A’s scored a home run. Chloe closed out the bar tab and ran after him.

    “Hey wait.” She called out to him making his way down the street. They weren’t far from home and he wasn’t stopping to wait for her.

    Chloe had to open the door herself since he closed it behind him. “What was that?” She spoke making it to their place moments after him. Caleb was working his way through the house to the master bedroom. She entered and he was waiting for her.

    “If nothing is wrong then let’s have sex right now.” He pulled his A’s t-shirt off and waited for her to move.

    Chloe tried to think of the last time they did have sex. Nothing was coming to her. The last person she could remember was Lex. She was completely surrounded by him.

    She was trying to get back to normal. There had to be a moment she was overlooking. “We have sex Caleb. Besides marriage isn’t just about that. We share intimacy in other ways”

    Her answer made him twist his face in ways she had never seen. “Intimacy? Do you know the meaning of the word? We haven’t shared shit since got back from Kansas.”

    There had to be some moment he was over looking. “That’s not true.”

    “You call being away from me all day intimacy? When you are here your mind is someplace else. I sit next to you and you move. I sleep next to you and you put so much distance between us you’re nearly falling out of the bed.”

    Chloe pulled fingers through her hair trying to think. Her thoughts did wonder at times, but she was happy to be home with him. All this must be an exaggeration.

    “Tonight is the first time in weeks you asked me about myself.” He brushed back his sandy hair with both hands. The conversation was hard for him.

    “I’m sorry.” Chloe moved towards him and tried to embrace him. His arms went around her as she continued. “I know I have been preoccupied, but I’ll do better.”

    “Chlo I have missed you.” He breathed in her scent then moved in her. His mouth captured hers and Chloe let him kiss her trying to remember why they were together.

    His hands cupped her face trying to deepen the kiss, but she stopped him pulling away. “Sorry.”

    “What is it? You never use to pull away from me. What happened to you in Smallville?” His bare chest heaved up and down agitated by her need to be away.

    “I’m fine.” She repeated the words again going back into his arms.

    Caleb brushed her hair back than smoothed his hand down between her breasts. The last touch she felt there was Lex gently washing her body in the shower. The thought of Lex made her stop Caleb again.

    “Really? What did I do?” He answered as she pulled away. They were frozen in the same circular argument. He’d ask what was wrong and Chloe worked to deflect it.

    “Please tell me.” He pressed her again. “I can’t live another day with you halfway here.”

    Chloe felt the tears come down her cheeks. He used Lex’s words again to break her down. Samantha Bush was spared from feeling like she had half a partner. It was never her plan to hurt him. It was never her plan to make him feel unwanted. It was never her plan to have sex with Lex Luthor while she was married. While she was making plans to be free. Lex had worked his way back in.

    The tears came faster now. Caleb’s arms went around her and she finally told the truth.

    “I cheated.” The release of words didn’t make her feel better. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”.

    She felt him tense up. “Cheated?” Caleb shifted their bodies making her look at him. “Do I know who it is?” His voice was low and calm

    “You know who it is.” She couldn’t say it aloud so close to him. Shifting away abit seemed best.

    “It was Luthor, right?” As he spoke Caleb stepped back away from her as well.

    Chloe put her hand over her mouth choking over sobs. “How did you…”

    “Of course I know.” Caleb interrupted before she could finish. He started moving about the room. First he put his t-shirt back on. Then he pulled underwear from the dresser tossing them on the bed. “I asked you at the airport. You said I was crazy, so I called Lois and she told me what you wouldn’t.”

    He went for the closet and pulled out some shirts and pants. “I saw it. I saw it myself. Him gawking at you. Lois filled in the blanks. You were with before me. Lois wouldn’t say much more other than you left him. She thought you would tell me, but I didn’t want to know. No matter how he look at you the Chloe I knew would never cheat on me.” He went into the closet again looking until he found the carry on suitcase.

    Lois had ratted her out and didn’t call to tell her. It didn’t matter what she said, Lois wasn’t the one to blame. All these years and she really didn’t know the full reason herself as to why Chloe left Smallville.

    Chloe watched him packing things up, but she didn’t stop him. “I’m sorry. I lied to you. Lex and I were involved a long time ago. I should have told you that not Lois. I thought it was over with Lex but…”

    “But you fucked him and realized you were wrong?” He finished restraining himself in the frame of the closest door. Even when they fought Caleb was never this angry. All the year's she had known him Caleb was smiling California dream

    “That’s not fair. I never meant for it to happen. The feelings were stronger than I knew.” It was the truth. When she left Kansas Chloe thought it was over. Seeing him made her realize she was wrong.

    “Fair? I thought I had done something wrong. I have been trying to think of ways to fix this.”

    “I know. I was trying to get back to normal, but…”

    “Things will never be normal between us.” He finished tossing things around and zipped the suitcase. He pulled the handle up taking the bag off the bed. “Do you want to be with Luthor?” He asked plainly.

    Wiping away a few tears Chloe had to be honest with not just Caleb, but with herself.


    His face transformed from anger to sadness. She moved in on him put he stepped back. “Well lucky for you he’s in town soon. You can pick up where you left off.” He rolled the full bag out the bedroom door, only stopping for a moment with his back to her to speak.

    “I never thought this would happen to us.”

    She had time to stop him. There were sounds coming from the bathroom, then in the living room. Chloe let him leave hearing the front door slam behind him.

    The tears had stopped and she slumped onto the bed. The truth was out. She looked down at her left hand. Her ring was firmly in place.

    After two years it was an afterthought. She always had it on. She had been wearing it every time she was with Lex and he never mentioned she take it off. Lex had already told her he didn’t care what Caleb felt. The ring didn’t stop him from kissing her that day in Luthor Corp.

    She reached for her iPhone in her back pocket.

    Chloe pressed call on the phone after putting in a number she deleted, but memorized all the same. “I changed my mind.” She pulled the ring off to find white a rim on her finger.

    She listened to Lex breathe a sigh into her ear. “I can see you tonight. I’m already in town.”


    Chloe followed Lex into his new California mansion. It looked just like a place he would own. Pale colors accented with wood and steel details. The place looked fully furnished, with even the artwork in place.

    “Do you want a drink?” He asked as she moved through the entrance into the open living room leading towards to gourmet kitchen.

    Lex texted her the address and security let her pass with no problem. When he opened the door she had to look a mess. She didn’t change out of her t-shirt and jeans from the bar.

    “Yes.” A drink would do her good. Something was about to happen. She needed to right herself to face it.

    “Here you go.” Chloe had lost sight of him for a moment while he was in the kitchen and now there he was presenting a glass of red wine.

    “Thank you.” Taking the glass she took a sip and he did the same. Whatever he gave her it was good. It was the perfect balance of fruit and alcohol.

    “Do you want to tell me what happened?” Lex’s calmness was just like the day in Luthor Corp. It was as if her presence but him at ease.

    Looking at her glass it was very full, he must have seen her tension and knew the drink would help. She took another sip. Lowering the glass she noticed the glass doors leading out to the pool.

    “Can we go out there?” She moved to open the door before he could answer.

    The infinity pool went out to what looked like a cliff leading to the sea. All this time in California and Chloe was rarely this close to the ocean.

    Taking another sip from her glass she let the ocean waves soothe her fragile nerves.

    “Chloe?” Lex spoke just behind her.

    “I’m sorry Lex.” She didn’t turn to look at him when she answered. Looking around her there was some lovely outdoor furniture placed around her. Chloe put her wine glass down on a nearby table feeling Lex moving to stand next to her.

    “Sorry for what?”

    “I made a mess of things. I hurt Caleb. I hurt you. I hurt myself.”

    “You did what you thought was best for all parties involved.”

    She started to laugh at the thought of the party for the Daily Planet Honors. The thing that made Caleb suspicious. He said Lex was looking at her, but she was looking at him too. Chloe was looking at what she gave up.

    “Chloe are you going to be alright?” His voice sounded concerned.

    “You sure you want to do this again?”

    “I’m sure.” There wasn't a hint of uncertainty in his voice.

    She shook her head no. “But I’m a liar.”


    Before he could go on Chloe interrupted him. “Lex please. I lied to Caleb every day of my life with him.”

    “That’s not true.”

    “It is true. He asked how my life was before college. I said boring and normal. Just a high school newspaper and corn fields.”

    “I’m sure you told him what he needed to know.”

    “He had to know something. I didn’t end up putting your father in jail because of a high school newspaper, but he didn’t question it when I lied that I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

    “Why didn’t you tell him?”

    “I told you I was running away. I wanted to be free of Smallville. I wanted a life where I didn’t have to worry.” Chloe felt her face burning red as the tears started to flow. “I was fooling myself.”

    There was just the sound of the waves crashing between them. She closed her eyes, letting it wash over her the mess she was in.

    “You’re a stubborn woman.” Lex breathed out a sigh. “You have tortured yourself all this time. You could have come to me.”

    When Chloe opened her eyes she was buried in his chest. Looking up his soften eyes told her what she needed. He was so sure about them and it made her want to believe it too.

    “You’re just as stubborn. You have to understand I got married. I wanted to try to make it work.”

    The look on his face me her think her words made him uneasy. “People get divorced every day.” Lex answered smoothing his and down her back.

    The word divorce floored her. “I love Caleb.” She said and it backed him off. “I never thought I would be getting divorced.” He stepped away and it gave her a chance to really look at him.

    His clothing as all in place Lex, but his eyes told a different story. It looked as if Lex hadn’t a good night's sleep since she last saw him. “I guess I mean I thought I loved him.”

    His face softened as he came back towards her. Lex used his thumb to brush away a tear. “The last few weeks have you been happy?”

    “No. I thought I was feeling guilty for what I had done, but that wasn’t it.”

    “What was it?”

    “I was missing you. Every time he wanted to touch me I would flinch. It wasn’t the guilt. It was me wanting you to be the one touching me.” She smoothed her hand over his stopping his movements at her cheeks. “Kiss me.”

    When she spoke he answered with his lips then his tongue sliding into her mouth. Chloe’s arms went around him and she felt him lifting her closer to him. After a few moments they both needed some air and pulled away.

    “I have to get divorced.” Chloe admitted. Opening her eyes Lex’s smile said he agreed.

    “Yes, you do. Since that's not going to happen tonight. What do you want right now?” He didn’t let her go holding her close while she thought it over.

    “I can’t go home.” Chloe replied.

    “Then stay here.” He answered.

    “Forever?” This relationship was complicated by more than just her marriage.

    “For as long as you want to stay. We will figure out the long term.” It seemed like Lex had all the answers. She nodded in response.

    “Your staying here. What else?”

    Chloe felt her stomach tighten. “Food.”

    “I have that too.” He spoke tucking her hair behind ear.

    Licking her lips she answered. “More of that wine.”

    “You liked that?”

    “It was amazing.”

    “Good. It’s a local winery I just purchased.” He said in his Luthor way.

    She chuckled in his arms. “What’s so funny?” He question with a raised eyebrow.

    “I have to remember how rich you are. No one says they just purchased a winery.”

    His smile lowered before he went on. “I’m always happy to amuse you Ms. Sullivan.” Before she could answer his mouth locked with her own.

    “I want one more thing?” She spoke against his lips.

    “What is that?” He whispered moving his mouth to her ear.

    “You know.” She answered taking his hand to her mouth placing one finger between her lips before nipping it with her teeth.

    “You need to tell me.” He whispered again.

    “We’re not on the phone Lex.” She moved to kiss him again, but her stopped her.

    “I want to hear it anyway.”

    Chloe smiled trying to remember what she said on the phone. Pulling his head down so she could reach his ear

    “I’d like to come screaming please.” She didn’t give him a chance to respond and grabbed her wine glass to go back into the house.

    It had been years since they shared a meal. At the island counter top in the kitchen there was dinner waiting. The even progressed like a normal date even though thinks were completely abnormal.

    Taking the last bite of her risotto Chloe spoke. “Who made this?”

    “You know him.”

    “Your chef in Smallville.”

    “Yes, he’s here in California. I made him an offer and he was happy to make money towards a second restaurant.”

    “Well tell Tim this is amazing.”

    “You can tell him he’ll be around making sure I am well fed.”

    They were silent for a moment after that. The bottle of wine was empty and they had moved on to the second. Chloe wasn’t feeling so tense anymore. They sat close on comfortable bar chairs with backs.

    Lex let her leg wrap around his and his hand would grip at her thigh whenever they weren’t trying to eat as they talked. It was like before and the honeymoon stage of this relationship was never their problem.

    “I look at Luthor Corp stock profiles.” Chloe spoke breaking the silent movement of Lex’s hand getting closer to between her legs.

    “You do? Well then you know they are up. You should buy some.” He picked up his glass and took a sip.

    “Yes they are.” She answered, “You have done an amazing job expanding the company's holdings with the science division. A few power plants could fix the world's energy crisis.”

    “This is why I wanted you to write the article. I knew you would understand what I was trying to do.” He added wine to her glass and then his own.

    “The meteors changed me. Made me like this.” He stroked his bald head to explain. “I kept looking at them as hurting people instead of how they could help people.”

    He placed her hand into his and she knew what he was referring to. Chloe's powers scared her. She didn’t want to talk about them now.

    “Lionel didn’t think you could do it.” When she said the name and he looked away, taking his hands with him.

    “No he didn’t.” He took a long sip from his glass at the mention of his father. Dead an buried after a short fight with liver cancer and Lionel still had a hold over Lex.

    “He didn’t see you.” Chloe tried to soften the moment.

    “Meaning?” Lex asked with a raised eyebrow putting his attention back on her.

    “He didn’t see who you were. I always saw a determination that could make anything happen.” She spoke smoothing her hand over his bald head making him look at her.

    “You're the only one then.”

    They were quiet again. Chloe had moved closer to encourage him to do the same. “Well he was wrong.”

    “Let’s drink to him then.” They both raised their glasses before he went on. “To you dad. You tried to kill us both and failed. It made us stronger and it brought us together.”

    Taking a sip they meet eyes moving closer until their lips met. Chloe had to pull away before they got carried away in the kitchen.

    “Are we done with this part of the evening?” He questioned her.

    She smirked in his direction. “You don’t like talking?” He seemed to be restraining himself. She was doing the same.

    “I have missed being able to talk to you.”

    The smirk turned to smile at the thought of talking without fear of hiding. The last few months were hiding and when they were first together it was all sneaking around.

    “Really?” She wanted to check where his head was at.

    “Yes. When you did call me it wasn’t just the dirty talk I was craving.” Lex extended his hands around her waist to make her move closer to him. Caught in his embrace Chloe listened as he went on.

    “I don’t know how many ways to say it, but I miss everything about you Chloe Sullivan.”

    “Even the fighting?” She replied wrapping her arms around his neck.

    “I want it all. Talking, fighting, even your stubbornness.”

    When he finished he pulled her in until they were pressed together. She stopped him before he could grab her butt with both hands.

    “Not until you tell me.”

    He moved to speak at her ear and the sound was just like on the phone. “I’ll make sure you come screaming.”

    “Which way?” Turning on her heels Chloe looked over the place and had no idea where to go.

    “Let me help you.” He took her hand leading her through the house.

    As they walked Chloe was getting excited. He showed her to his room. The space was just as put together as the downstairs.

    “Sit down on the bed. I have something for you.”

    She watched him disappear into the what had to be a closet then reappeared with a medium size brown box.

    “Before I open this we need to talk about one more thing.” There was one more thing she had to ask him.

    “Alright. “ A hint of concern was on his face. It was the talk they failed to have.

    “I meant what I said downstairs. I haven’t been with Caleb since you left my hotel room.”

    “You’re telling me this because you want to know if I had sex with some other than you.”


    “After Samantha all my partners have been causal encounters. I have a checkup every three months and I am clean.”

    It seemed a little paranoid to have a check up so often. She started to wonder how many partners that meant. “So there have been a lot of casual encounters?”

    “Are you jealous?” His eyes narrowed looking for any signs she was upset over is disclosure.

    She breathed in some air trying to find the right word. It had been eight years. She didn’t expect Lex to live like a monk. She was trying to make a point that was now lost. “No, I am not jealous.”

    “Then why does this matter? I have already been in your mouth.” His hand reached out to her and his thumb brushed over her lips

    The thoughts of manor must have been running through his mind. Chloe tried to remember where she was going with this. “I just want to know what I am dealing with.” After eight years there had to be a story here.

    He could see her frustration and took her hand into his. “It’s not as many as you think. I have to get regular check ups. I’m dealing with foreign alien objects. I want to make sure it’s not affecting my health anymore than it already has.”

    “Okay, but I guess it’s really none of my business how many.” She squeezed his hand reassured that they were together in this.

    “I’d rather it was just you.” He brought her to his lips and kissed her gently.

    Romantic Lex was always welcomed. She had to get through this talk first to fully enjoy it. Chloe sat next to him putting the box between them.

    “Well you know who I was with and he hasn’t been with anyone else.”

    He looked away as he spoke. “I know he hasn’t.”

    “What?” She sounded surprised.

    “I had him followed since we had sex in the boardroom. I had to know what I was dealing with.”

    “Are you serious?” Her life was safe from him until she let him back in.

    “Of course I’m serious. You married him. He had you and I didn’t. I needed to know who he was.” For just a moment he looked away. He seemed ashamed of what he had done.

    “I want to be mad at you, but of course you followed him. You could have asked about him.”

    Looking at in disbelief he spoke. “You refused to talk about him.”

    Chloe didn’t want to talk about Caleb. She didn’t want to talk about him now. She really wasn’t mad at Lex. It was his way. If he asked she would have to admit to looking into Samantha Bush.

    Samantha had an almost perfect law record after passing the bar. She dealt in wrongful convictions. It appeared she helped free a Luthor Corp employee five years ago. It must have been when she met Lex.

    Instead of focusing on her own subterfuge she questioned his. “What did you find?”

    “He’s a good writer.” Lex admitted.

    “You read his books?”

    “All three. Real page turners. I also know when he was on his book tour he called and texted you often. A college co-Ed propositioned him. He turned her down before she could finish her sentence.” Chloe could see Lex reading those intel reports hoping to find a flaw in Caleb.

    Chloe felt her face burning red. Caleb was a good person. They were doomed before they started.

    “I saw why you married him. I kept wondering even if you came back to me how long it would be before you went back to him.” Looking him over Lex was serious as he spoke.

    “I wouldn’t do that.” Chloe reached over the box to touch him and catch his gaze. “Since I saw you I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I can’t go back now.”

    “Maybe not tonight. I have to be real here. I could mess this up. You could remember something about me you hate and wonder why you’re leaving someone so wonderful.”

    There was no thinking about this anymore. Chloe moved to sit in his lap and was welcomed into his arms. Tonight was the most relaxed she felt in weeks. She just wished it wasn’t at the expense of hurting a good person like Caleb.

    “You said Samantha Bush didn’t deserve half a partner. That’s what I have been to Caleb. I don’t want to live like that anymore.”

    He studied her for a moment like he was reading her mind. “You looked up Samantha?”

    Chloe looked at her hands. How he guest she wasn’t sure. “Yes. We both can’t keep out of each other’s business.”

    His expression softened and he pushed the box closer to her. “Let’s save some of this talk for later. Open your box Chloe.”

    “What’s in this box?”

    “Your things from home.”

    “My things? What things?” Chloe pulled the flaps of the box open and found what he meant.

    The first was a black velvet box. “My necklace.” It was a gift from after Lionel was put in jail. Looking at the piece made her remember she never actually got to wear it in public.

    An expensive gift was a clue. It was only when they were alone she would wear it. She looked at him closing the box. “I can actually wear this.”

    “Keep going.”’ He answered. There had to be something in there he wanted her to find.

    Taking his instruction Chloe pulled out a few articles of clothing. A blouse she must have left at the manor, then her high school crows t-shirt. “That’s where this went.”

    “Among other things.” Lex took the clothes out of her hand has she pulled them out and there was one item left.

    The box looked familiar, yet she wasn’t sure it was the same one. Taking the deep purple case into her hands Chloe held her breath.

    “I couldn’t get rid of it. We had so much fun with it.” As he spoke Chloe took the black object into her right hand placing the purple box down.

    “I remember how much fun we had, but didn’t those memories hurt? Why keep this? Or any of this for that matter?” Chloe examined her last treasure pressing the on button to see if it still worked.

    The vibrator labeled the tiny teaser came to life with a gentle hum. She turned it off quickly then felt Lex’s hand close around it in her hand.

    “All this talk about sexual partners means we don’t need condoms right?”

    It was what she was getting at. Chloe forgot how in sync their thoughts were. She nodded her head to answer. “I was trying to say I am up to date on my birth control shot.”

    It was all he wanted to hear and she was on his lap. His hand took a strong hold of the back of the head as they kissed. The kiss was making up for the awkward talk.

    Chloe tried to move away but Lex’s grip on her tightened. “I just want to get undressed.” She spoke once he finally let go of her.


    He reacted by starting to undress in a rush with her. Lex moved the box of her things to the floor. In the dimly lit room she could still see how stiff Lex nude in front of her. One kiss couldn’t have led to this. It must have been why he asked to end dinner.

    If they were going to use the tiny teaser, it would be wise to help him first. He watched her gaze go down then back to his eyes. “A little help.” He answered sitting back down on the bed.

    She sunk to her knees and handed the vibrator to him. Her fingers gripped him at the base and she let her grasp tightened as she stroked up.

    “How do you know what I’m thinking?” Chloe answered looking up to him as she started to pump him up then down, while gently squeeze each time.

    His head leaned down to her watching each stroke with fascination. It seemed like he was going to speak, but all she got was his tense stare.

    “You wanted to say something?” She smirked at him giving him one last chance to answer.

    “We are…” His words were cut short followed by a groan.

    Chloe took him into her mouth with one smooth motion gripping his thighs for support. She heard his breathing quicking as she worked him over. His hand gripped her shoulders trying to find relief. Her cheeks hollowed and sucked just the tip of him before taking the rest.

    “Chloe…So fucking good.” Lex said her name and it sound like his teeth were clenched. The sound made her pace quicken and suddenly he was coming into her mouth lifting off the bed slightly with a shallow thrust.

    When she had taken all he’d given Chloe looked up as he was already looking down. “I was going to say we are observant not clairvoyant.”

    “Right.” As she moved up his arms welcomed her. “I thought you were going to say some people are just drawn to each other.”

    “Yes, we are.” His arms went around her pulling her to him with her breast at his eye level. “On the bed at the headboard please.”

    She did as she was asked moving up the bed placing her back against the dark grey headboard on her knees. Lex’s naked flesh was coming at her with the vibrator in hand. As he came towards her, she tossed the pillows off the bed to make room for him.

    “Turn around please.” He was close to her reaching his free hand out to nudge her against him while she turned. Her back was placed against the length of him and her eyes settled on the tiny teaser coming to life with a hum in front of her.

    The gentle hum trailed down to her right breast and the sensation made her arch back towards him resting her head on him. His arm around her waist kept her from getting away.

    “I’m so glad you're here.” He whispered in her ear just before pressing the bulb against her left breast. His tongue licked across her neck while Chloe tried to brace herself by taking hold of him.

    One hand squeezed his arm bracing her while the other reached behind her for whatever flesh she could grab. The vibrator worked her over making each nipple stand at attention. His mouth nipped and sucked at her neck. There would be marks on in the morning.

    Lex’s attention after for so long away was welcomed. Her moaning started to fill the room along with the crashing waves outside the wall of windows.

    “Please.” Chloe begged him to stop teasing her. Each touch at her breast was making her hips hump the air in front of her.

    “More please.” She whimpered this time squeezing his thigh and bucking her butt back against him.

    “A kiss first.” He commanded taking the teaser away from her body.

    Her head turned as best it could to capture his mouth. The kiss was cut short quickly when she felt the vibrator pressed between her legs. She wanted to cry out, but Lex used his hand holding her place to turn back to him. Her body became one with the vibration gently thrusting at it trying to get it in the right place.

    Lex’s groans in her ear matched her own as he worked her up. His body pressed her forward to hold her up so his free hand could take in the fullness of her breast.

    There was no fighting her orgams bursting its way through. Her body jerked towards the vibrator and Lex took hold of her placing her against him.

    “That wasn’t a scream.” He spoke in her ear. Chloe looked down and he was fumbling with the teaser’s settings. Suddenly the low hum turned to a higher buzz. “”Let’s try again.”

    Chloe leaned her head back against him once it made contact with her. Her legs quivered in her heightened state, but the headboard and Lex keep her up right.

    His body was rubbing against her trying to be as close as possible. She could feel he was hard again and wanted more of him, but all the focus was on the teaser.

    “Ah...Lex...ah…” Chloe started to babble getting louder. The sound spurred him on gently rubbing the head of vibrator against her bundle of nerves.

    “Holy fuck.” Chloe shrieked. Lex had added more than she could take. The vibrator at her clit, then his free hand pinched her nipple, while his mouth played with her skin, and finally he was thrusting his member against her trying to find his own relief.

    All the sensation ripped through her body and she was screaming his name this time. Her head turned and his lips were waiting, plunging his tongue into her mouth.

    “More.” Chloe spoke when he pulled away from the kiss.

    Lex took the hint that she had come down to make his move. He placed the tiny teaser in her hand then parted the folds of her wetness from behind.

    “Yes.” He hissed finding what he was looking for as he fingered her for a moment.

    On their knees Lex shifted her forward presenting her entrance to him. As he entered her she heard the caveman come to life in his voice. They both shifted a bit finding the best position. He settled his thrust upwards into her and his groans grew louder.

    The vibrator was buzzing in her hand and Lex moved her hand with it back into place. When he was satisfied she was holding it right his hands explored her body as they moved together.

    “Huh, huh….” In unionsion they both breathed out.

    Chloe was close to a third orgams and it would be the one to break her. His body shifted slightly and he was using as much force as possible making it hard to keep the vibrator in place.

    “Yes Lex.” Chloe said his name as his hand went around her neck to gently pull her towards him.

    “Come for me.” He spoke through gritted teeth. She nodded her head in response.

    There was so much to do outside of that room. Her life was going to completely change. It should have been scary, but in his embrace Chloe felt sure she was ready.

    Her whole body quivered and she lost her grip on the teaser. If Lex wasn’t holding her she would have fallen into the headboard. Her screams filled the room as she came around him. She thought her convulsing muscles had brought him to climax right after her. In the haze of the moment Chloe wasn’t sure. They paused taking deep breaths holding on to one another.

    “How was that?” Chloe questioned trying to focus.

    She was tingling all over and had to lie down on the bed. Lex let her go to rest her head pulling out of her reluctantly.

    “I’d say I can do better.” Once she was down he was right next to her at the top of bed smoothing his hand between her breast down her belly.

    Chloe wanted to chuckle at the statement, but she felt the vibrator still buzzing out of control under her. She had to find it. Lex’s sensual touching and the wand still going off was sending little jolts up and down her spine.

    When he saw her searching for it Lex lent a hand and found it under her butt. Once it was off she looked at him and realized he hadn’t come with her.

    She grabbed the wand from him before he could turn it back on. “Always trying to outdo yourself Luthor.”

    “I just want to make sure you are satisfied.” He answered with a strong kiss, fisting his hand in her hair.

    His lips broke away to speak. “I’ll take that.” Grabbed the vibrator from her.

    Suddenly it was buzzing at full blast pressed against her. Her head leaned back as the sensation washed over her. There was no telling how long this would go on, but she couldn’t complain. The jolts weren’t gentle anymore as he worked her back up. She didn’t think it possible, but Chloe shifted her hips towards him while grabbing his stiff member in her hands.

    “It’s going to be a long night.” Lex admitted taking one of her nipples into his mouth.

    It had been so many years since they had done anything like this. That night Chloe realized how much she had missed him.

    He said he still loved her. When she left it didn’t mean he stopped. For so long she thought those feelings were gone and replaced with something new. Looking at him in the morning sound sleep next to her she knew he was right.

    It was the reason she let herself get this far in the first place.

    Running away didn’t make her stop loving him either.


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    Re: Broken Song (NC-17) Part 5 2/5/2020

    So happy to see new Chlex stories! I still love this pairing even after all these years. This is a great story and I love that they are together again. Looking forward to the next chapter!

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    RBroken Song (NC-17) Part 6 11/13/2020

    Part 6 Broken Vow (Josh Groban)

    When Chloe opened her eyes she thought the light would be streaming in from the wall of windows, but the blinds were down. They must have been on an automatic timer because Lex was far too busy then far too exhausted to close them.

    Her eyes settled in the darkness on Lex asleep with an arm curved around her waist. They were in the perfect position, but she had to go to the bathroom.

    Getting free took some doing. When she moved he went with her. It took three times before he let go and turned over.

    The first door Chloe tried was an empty closet. It seemed strange, but Lex’s clothes had to be somewhere in the house.

    The next door she tried was actually the bathroom. Getting the light on took some doing. Looking in the mirror she got a good look at herself.

    If anyone saw her naked flesh they would know how sexed she was. She could see everywhere his kisses had lingered. On her legs she found red marks in the shape of his fingers holding her last night.

    Her body may have been covered in love marks, but her hair was another story. Something had to be done before she went back to bed.

    Snooping around the bathroom she found some soap to wash her face. There was also a new hairbrush, however she couldn’t think of why Lex would have such a thing when he had no hair. Packets of toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes were also there.

    None of these items seemed like they were for Lex, but for someone else staying in that room.

    Fresh faced Chloe tiptoed back to the bed. It was cool in the room and she tried to get under the covers. Before she could get the sheet up Lex was coming for her. The length of him pressed against her and an arm hooked back around her.

    In the darkness he still found her swollen lips from the night before, yet still wanting more. He nuzzled her nose as he spoke. “You found what you needed in there?”

    “I went into the empty closet first then I found what I needed.” Chloe answered dryly.

    “Well it's empty for a reason.” He placed sweet kisses against her chin trying to get her in the mood.

    “Why?” Her eyes settled on him making him stop what he was doing to rest at her side.

    He was pleased with himself as he spoke. “It’s for you to put your things in.”

    Confusion washed over her. “For me? A day ago I was forcing myself to stay away from you. How did you know I would be here?”

    In the dark he couldn’t see her confusion, but he had to hear it in her voice. Instead of answering with words he was kissing her again. It almost distracted her, but Chloe nudged him away.

    “That’s not an answer Lex.”

    “I hoped you would be here.” He brushed his hand down her cheek. “I have become an optimist.”

    “Really?” Chloe questioned and instead of an answer she was greeted by his lips once more.

    He was thinking of her just as much as she was thinking of him. At that moment panic struck. This version of Lex she didn’t worry about. Chloe knew he could be caring and an amazing lover.

    The obsessing and absence that came later were her concerns.

    Chloe pressed her hands against his chest again making him stop the kiss. “Lex I can’t stay here forever. We really need to make a plan.”

    The serious talk pulled him away from her. He took the sheet to cover himself as he slid up to rest his back against the headboard.

    He reached for something in the dark. Dim lights quickly followed and her eyes settled on him, placing a remote down.

    “This place is for me. I’m starting something here and I need a home. I will be coming back and forth between here and Metropolis. You need a place to stay while you get your marriage...” He paused at the word marriage.

    There was going to be a mourning period. Chloe wanted to be with Lex. All the fear that kept her away was still there, but her need to be with him was greater.

    It was time to face her fears.

    He was offering her a secure place. All she could think about was how it would hurt Caleb. Looking up she searched for the right thing to say. Instead of letting him speak she swiftly moved to straddle him.

    Her mouth caught his and she was welcomed with his tongue in her mouth quickly. Rolling her hips she could feel his member twitch with just a little contact.

    Chloe let her arms go around his neck pulling him closer to her. A groan vibrated in her mouth from him to her as he gripped her hips guiding her movements.

    It was going to be hard to do this. Last night was non stop. He had been inside her most of the evening. If he wasn’t as achy as she was then Lex had another super power.

    “Chloe.” He breathed out her name parting their lips. His fingers dug into her sides trying to stop her attention to him.

    “You want me to stop?” Chloe questioned him sliding her hands down his pectorals to pinch his nipples.

    The motion made him buck up into her. Chloe took the action to grind her arousal against him. It didn’t take long for her to paint him with her wetness. Taking hold of his hands Chloe lifted herself up. This was going to hurt.

    She took hold of his hard member pulling back to look at him. “I never want you to stop.” He finally answered her as she sunk down the length of him.

    Each ripple she could feel filling her. Chloe moved her hands to grip his shoulders gently lifting up and down. The pain of each thrust was a reminder of how good last night was.

    “This won’t last.” He admitted.

    “It’s okay.” Chloe sped up her movement trying to see how quickly she could make him climax.

    Her head lowered to his shoulder to sink her teeth into his flesh. The bite made him jolt up into her. She didn’t think it was possible but she wanted to come again.

    To get him moving Chloe licked the wound and bit down harder. This time his arms folded her into him as he released himself inside her jerking up forcefully.

    “Teeth marks?” He questioned, finally catching his breath.

    “There are plenty of marks on me.” Chloe answered looking at him grinning. “I’m sorry. I have to balance everyone’s feelings.” The shift in tone made him look uneasy again.

    “I want you here.” His fingers pulled through her hair and Chloe was glad she had found that brush.

    “I know. I want to be here.” Chloe slowly lifted so he wouldn’t be inside of her, but she stayed in his lap. They were both sticky so a shower was in order soon.

    “This house is a place for me to be comfortable while I work. I won’t be here forever. Have you ever considered moving back to Kansas?”

    The thought had never crossed her mind. Chloe just wanted to set Caleb free so she could try to fix her complicated mess with Lex. Moving back wasn’t in the plan. At least not right away.

    “Your silence speaks volumes. You like it here. I can’t ask you to move. We have to get reacquainted with one another anyway. Let’s do that here.” His eyes were pleading for her to just agree.

    “I like my job. I’m not ready to give that up and move.” It wasn’t the answer he wanted. “I want to be here with you too.” The joy he felt when she answered was fleeting. “When are you leaving?”

    His grip around her tightened at the thought of leaving. “Not for two weeks.”

    “Then I’ll be here in this house when you get back.” She smiled at him while tickling her fingers down the back of his skull.

    “Lay on your back. Hands above your head.” Lex’s instructions were clear.

    Chloe quickly did what she was told and welcomed his lips between her legs. The morning was starting to blur with last night.

    Their bodies had to give out eventually. The distance and years apart made it seem urgent to keep going in for more.

    Reality outside the seaside mansion would have to wait a little longer.


    The sun was welcomed against Chloe’s skin. Last night she couldn’t see the back yard so well. Resting in a pool chair she took stock of her seaside surroundings.

    The ocean air spray was crisp and refreshing. The pool furniture was just as comfortable as anything inside the house. Wearing Lex’s t-shirt wasn't getting enough sun on her skin.

    Moving away Chloe was all work. College and chasing stories was all she did until meeting Caleb. When her thoughts went to Caleb her good mood started to dissipate. Every second she was with Lex would feel wrong until she was separated from Caleb.

    “Coffee?” Chloe tilted her head up to find Lex holding a coffee mug and French press filled with coffee. He was in only a pair of satin pajama bottoms. His bare chest caught the sunlight and it made her bite her lip to see how good he looked.

    “Yes, please.” She watched him put the steaming drink into the mug and handed it over to her.

    “You don’t have to wear that shirt. No one can see you.”

    “You still have staff don’t you? I want to try and not expose myself to them before they have even met me.”

    “I made a call last night while you were sleeping. Some security are around, but no one is in the house or walking around the grounds”

    “I guess the breakfast buffet was made by a ghost?”

    “Yes, Tim said he wants us both in the restaurant this week.”

    “Sounds like a date.” Chloe took her first sip from the mug. She lingered her nose to breathe it in.

    Only Luthor money could buy coffee like that. It wasn’t bitter and went down smooth. The notes of spices danced on her tongue. People in California were all about their artisanal foods, but they would ruin a cup of coffee with sweets and creams.

    “You like it?” Lex questioned settling down next to her.

    “If I say I do, will you buy the place that grows the coffee beans?”

    “I already do own it.” Then they both laughed. Of course he owned. They could have sat drinking coffee enjoying the morning glow, but Chloe knew better.

    “I need to go back to the place.”

    “What place would that be?” He questioned still in a jovial mood.

    “The facility. I need to understand my powers.”

    “Are you sure that’s what you want to do?” The mention of powers changed his demeanor. It was what sent her running. Lex couldn’t want to bring it up now after a good night.

    “I have been trapped by fear for too long. It’s time to face it.” Taking another sip from the mug there was more. “I’d also like to read the data files.”

    A small look of relief washed over him. “There is so much for you to learn.”

    “I know.”

    “You should start with the exposure files.”

    “Exposure?” She questioned listening closely for any bit of information. Eight years of knowing nothing had been hard for her.

    He nodded once before going on. “Most people were in direct contact with the meteors. Others didn’t know the radiation had leached into the ground. If their farm used well water everyone in the house got infected.”

    Chloe didn’t know any of this. It sounded like Lex was right. Clark had no idea how many people like her were out there.

    “Your right. I should start there.” It was just as he said. Chloe would fall down the rabbit hole with Lex just to know the truth.

    For a moment they took in the morning light and coffee. Breakfast was just as pleasant. Letting go of fear was liberating.


    Driving home Chloe didn’t know what she would find. She and Lex wasted the morning talking then making love in the kitchen.

    The only reason she was in the car now was to get some clothing. She couldn’t very well walk around in the same jeans and t-shirt. The clothes she had left behind in Smallville wouldn’t be enough.

    Caleb had left the night before. Chloe could have called, but decided against it. Lex was hovering around her all morning. It was welcomed hovering, but she wasn't alone long enough to make the call.

    Reluctantly Lex let her leave. She promised to be back soon. After dropping off her things she was supposed to ride in a car waiting for her. The winery he purchased required changes to the tasting room.

    It was supposed to be a calm afternoon tasting wine and picking paint colors. First Chloe had to go back to her life.

    Walking into the place she lingered in the living room. There was a blanket and a pillow on the sofa. She had slept there a few nights ago. Caleb was right to be angry.

    She was so far away from him the last few weeks and he could feel it. No matter how good it felt to be with Lex, what she had done to Caleb was wrong.

    There was no making right what she did to him.

    While she was still alone Chloe pushed back the tears and went to work. For the next two weeks Lex would be in town. It seemed like enough time to give Caleb space before they talked again.

    After some careful selection Chloe was ready. Opening the door to start carrying her things down she was floored by who was on the other side.

    “You're still here?” Clabe questioned moving into their home. His sandy hair was more ruppled then normal. He was dressed in the same A’s shirt from the day before.

    “What are you doing here?” The question seemed to make him angry as he pushed into the condo.

    “You're my wife Chloe. I made a vow to you for better or worse. I didn’t like the way we left things.”
    Breathing out a long sigh Chloe wasn’t leaving right away. “Well this is the worst of it Caleb.”

    “Believe me I know. I didn’t sleep last night just thinking about you with…” He paused and she could see him thinking of the best way to finish. “Of you with him.” He continued looking away from her.

    Chloe looked down. If he was looking closely he’d see she was covered in Lex. “I’m sorry.” She moved her hair in place to cover her neck. Lex had left marks all over her. Last night she wanted to be covered in him. Now it was another slap in the face for Caleb.

    “By the looks of it you're really leaving me.” He gestured to her suitcases at the door.
    “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen this way.” The time for hard truths would come but right now Chloe wanted him to know how sorry she really was “I didn’t mean to drag you into my mess of a life.”

    “I wanted to be in your life, remember.” The warm look would have made her melt, but for some time now that spell had been broken.

    “I haven’t been honest with you and…”

    Caleb cut in before she could go on. “Then be honest with me now. Did you stay here last night?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I called last night expecting you to answer. I called throughout the night because like I said I couldn’t sleep. The only time you don’t answer your phone is when you're investigating. Please tell me that’s what you were doing last night?”

    “I didn’t stay here.”

    “Where were you Chloe?”

    Taking a step back Chloe moved her hair again to cover the marks on her neck. Caleb wanted honesty so she had to do something right by him. “When you left I called Lex.”

    “He’s here? He’s in Star City?” The calm had left him and his voice was panicked.

    Chloe nodded her head to answers, trying to make it easier than hearing the truth.

    “So he flew in just because you called and you ran to him”

    “No, he is here for the ground breaking on the new energy plant.”

    The realization that maybe this would happen no matter the location washed over Caleb’s face.

    “So you were going to see him again anyway? That's why you were saving yourself since you got back from Kansas. You were going to cheat on me again, but I forced you to tell me what was going on?”

    “No, that’s not what happened.” It wasn’t technically what Chloe wanted to happen.

    “Please explain it then.” He wanted answers staring her down. The answers weren’t easy to formulate.
    “Your right I made a vow to you too. I broke that vow and I was trying to fix it. I was trying to repair my connection to you, but not telling you was just making it worse.”

    “So you just want me to let you pack up and leave? Three years and I don’t get a say?”

    “You're saying you can forgive me and you want to stay together?” One day Chloe hoped he’d forgive her, but staying married wasn’t possible for her now.

    “I don’t know, but I know you're not giving me a chance to process any of this. You have known about it for... Wait…” He paused thinking of the timeline of events. “The first article when you went there did you have sex with him.”

    “Does it matter when I did it?” Of course it mattered. Chloe just didn’t want to tell him.
    “It matters to me. You came home and we had sex after your first trip. I don’t know where the hell he’s been.”

    “We used a condom.” Chloe replied, feeling so small as if saying that would make him feel better.

    “Great, that makes me feel better.” He said sarcastically.

    “I’m sorry, but I wasn’t ready to give up on us yet. I thought the first time was just some left over feeling. I was trying to move past it.” Chloe

    “Yes, lying is better. Cheating was a better choice. Pushing me away to save yourself for him was a great choice.” He was getting louder. His hand rough up his sandy colored hair trying to wrap his mind around it all.

    “I don’t know you at all, do I?”

    “That’s what I am trying to tell you. There are things about me. About my life.” Chloe pulled her fingers through her hair trying to find the right words to explain herself, but all of them ended in him thinking she was crazy.

    Aliens and super powers didn’t roll off the tongue. Instead of making it worse Chloe tried to focus on her feelings. “I married you because I love you, but I never told you what I left behind.”

    “Explain it then.”

    “It's complicated. I left Smallville wanting to move on, but when I saw Lex...”

    “You realized you weren’t over him?” He sat down on the sofa searching the room for something he may never find. “Are you sure you love me?”

    “I believed I loved you.” The word dawned on him slowly. There was a lot of care Caleb had taken with her over the years. She didn’t want to disrespect that, but she couldn’t lie anymore.

    “You have always been better with words than me. You believed you loved me. That seems to sum up what’s happening. I guess you're going to tell me you're in love with Luthor.” His final words he said slowly.

    Chloe placed her hand on top of his trying to get him to look at her. There was no way to answer without hurting Caleb more. “I’m trying to fix what I have done. Lex and I were not over when I married you. You deserve better than this. Your an amazing person. Someone deserving of you will see that. I’m trying to free you from all this.”

    “Don’t flatter me.” He turned finally to answer. “Just say what you mean. Freedom means divorce.”

    Slowly nodding Chloe replied. “I can’t be with you anymore. There is no right way to say it. I have missed him.”

    Caleb took his hand away from her. It wasn’t like him to turn her away, but she couldn’t blame him for not wanting her comfort.

    “You need to go.”

    “I’ll give you sometime.”Chloe started to go for her things at the door.

    “Chloe.” Caleb's voice cracked when he spoke. When she turned to look at him he was still looking away. “Are you staying with him?”

    “Caleb.” Chloe started to move as he turned to look at her. His face was flushed and tears started to roll down his cheek. The sight of him made her start to cry as well. She went back to him on the sofa and took him into her arms.

    His hand moved to her hair and he brushed it behind her shoulders. He saw the evidence where she had been. Caleb’s fingers moved across her neck over the marks on her skin. He knew what she had done. The lingering kisses Lex had left on her neck and shoulders were clear to him.

    “There’s my answer.” Caleb let his hand brush against her neck once more before pulling away.

    ”I never wanted this for us.” She replied hoping to hurt him less.

    He closed his eyes retreating into himself. ”Well at least we agree on one thing.”

    Caleb walked out of the room, leaving her alone to collect her things to go.


    Kissing shouldn’t be so good. The sound of it shouldn’t fill the room. They were supposed to be doing other things. Lex had phone calls to make. Chloe had a book chapter to edit. Yet there they were kissing on the sofa in the living room.

    “Can I?” Lex questioned treating her pulse to soft kisses while his hand tried to go up Chloe’s dress.

    It was a hot day and she picked a light summer dress that went down to her knees. Lex had pushed the thin fabric up her legs asking if he could go further. It was the question that woke her out of their make out session.

    “We should be working.” Taking his hand resting on her thigh Chloe looked at Lex’s expensive watch to see how much time had passed. “We have been kissing each other goodbye for fifteen mintues.”

    “I blame you.” He smiled, taking her hand to his lips for a gentle kiss.

    “Me?” Chloe crossed her eyes at him.

    “You put your arms around my neck that was an invitation for more than one kiss goodbye.” He placed her hand back to where they started around his neck.

    “You're the one trying to go up my dress.”

    “So these buttons on my shirt just undid themselves.”

    Chloe did that on instinct. It was natural to want him out of his shirt. “I think we are both to blame.”

    “Agree to disagree.” He unhooked himself from her and stood before she could say another word. “I’m going to my office.”

    “Fine I’m going to work outside.” Chloe stood up and they were supposed to go in opposite directions. To do so she brushed against him to get by.

    “You're doing it again.” Instead of letting her pass he grabbed her arm to pull her to him.

    “What’s another fifteen mintues going to hurt?” Just as she spoke his lips were pressing into her own again.
    Her arms went around his neck pulling him closer and they were leaning each other back towards the sofa. Time had made them both needy for each. Maybe it would wear off, but they couldn’t be in a room together and not close.

    Once they were finally settled back on the sofa in the same position Chloe heard her phone ring. It didn’t make them stop kissing. Instead Lex slipped the strap of her dress down to place a soft kiss on her shoulder.

    As he tried to work the hem of the dress up again the phone hadn’t given up. “The universe is saying we need to stop.” Chole admitted.

    “Universe shut up.” Lex called to the phone making her laugh out loud. The phone or universe wasn’t listening as it rang out again.

    “I’m going to get it.” She spoke placing both her hands on his chest to get him to move.

    Checking the caller ID Chloe noted it was her editor calling. “It's my editor.” She spoke into the phone. “Missing me already?”

    “Hang up.” Lex mouthed to her silently.

    “I need you in the office ASAP.” Most days Rebecca was a force to be feared. The sound of her voice on the phone didn’t sound anything like her.

    “Is it a story?” As she questioned Chloe righted herself in her dress pulling the strap back up her shoulder.

    As soon as it was in place she felt Lex’s fingers pull it back down.

    “It’s important I need you in the office.” She sounded concerned.

    “Okay.” Standing up Chloe fixed the strap one last time. “I’ll be right there.”

    Lex spoke leaning back on the sofa. “The universe has the scoop of the century.”

    “My editor thinks so. She wants me in the office now.”

    He pushed out a long sigh of frustration. “Then you better go or I will get nothing done today.”


    It wasn’t usual to sit in Rebecca’s office. Chloe always seemed to be in some kind of trouble or getting praised for her work. That morning in the office wasn’t like those times.

    Her boss was always so sure of herself. Years in the newspaper business had made her tough yet today she looked a shell of the person Chloe grew to admire.

    Seated across from Rebecca, Chloe listened closely to what she had to say. “Sullivan over the years I know I have been hard on you. I have been a force for perfection when it comes to you and you always deliver.”

    “Thanks for the compliments, but why do I feel like you're about to fire me?” Chloe tried to shake the tension in the room with a joke and a smile. Rebecca wasn’t receptive to the attempt.

    She started to motion into her desk as she spoke. “Once your sabbatical is over I want you back in here pitching new features.” Rebeccca paused to pull something out of the right drawer of the desk.

    “Great, I’m not fired. What is this about?” Chloe’s eyes fixed on the yellow envelope in Rebecca’s hands. The paper looked to be trembling in her hands.

    “I can’t say it out loud so here.” Rebecca tossed the envelope across the desk at her. Undoing the silver latch Chloe pulled several letter sized photos out.

    The first was just her exiting a car, the following picture was Lex waiting. Once Chloe got to the third she knew exactly what was happening. The pictures were taken two days ago. Chloe remembered their visit to the winery. It was a drive outside of the city, but the place was beautiful.

    They enjoyed the day just as Lex promised tasting wine and picking out a style for the place. As she flipped through photos of them outside listening about their surroundings Chloe knew what this meeting was about. She was kissing Lex in some of the images. They had been left alone or so they thought.

    Placing the photos back Chloe spoke. “What do you plan on doing with these?”

    “We are running them.” She said plainly.

    “Running them where?” Chloe just had to hear the whole ugly truth before storming out of there.

    “On the website, entertainment section, and below the fold front page tomorrow.”

    “Front page!” Chloe didn’t realize how loud she was until Rebecca came back at her.

    Rebecca pulled her glasses off and stood to tower over her. “I have been holding the photos for two days. It's a below the fold story. Lex Luthor is solving the world's energy problems and he’s kissing my married reporter in public.”

    “We were supposed to be alone.” Chloe shot back at her standing as well.

    “Sulllivan you know better than that. Someone is always watching a man like Luthor.” She sighed deeply looking at her watch. “I held the story out of respect for you. I asked you here to tell you before we ran it. This kind of thing sells papers. I just didn’t feel right about it without telling you.”

    She moved to take her seat and put her glasses back into place. “I told you now you can do what you need to with the information.”

    Watching her go back to work on the computer meant conversation over. “Thanks.” Chloe got up to go taking the photos with her.

    “Sullivan are you going to be alright?” Rebecca questioned letting her gaze move to her at the door.

    Of all things her boss was, she wasn’t her friend. It made perfect sense. She was there to get good features out of her. There was no room to be concerned for her marriage. “Don’t worry boss, I’ll see you when my sabbatical is over.”

    “Good.” Rebecca replied, getting back to work on her computer.


    It was hard enough to tell Caleb she had cheated on him. It was even worse to tell him he would see it on the front page below the fold of the newspaper she worked for. After leaving Rebecca’s office Chloe made the call in the lobby to ask Caleb to talk.

    Meeting in a coffee shop near their condo seemed safer than the home they shared. To break the ice Chloe ordered him coffee. He rarely looked her in the eye as he sipped it. Caleb still looked worn to the bone.

    This was her fault.

    Explaining to him what had happened came out in a rush. She showed him one of the photos of just her and Lex holding hands to prove her point. Caleb then claimed she asked to meet in a public place so he wouldn’t yell and make a scene.

    It was true.

    When she apologized again he got up leaving his cup of coffee. It was another step too far.

    Pulling her car up to Lex’s seaside mansion Chloe was trying not to cry too hard inorder to drive safely. When the tears started she didn’t see the guard waiting to take her keys.

    Sobbing against the steering wheel Chloe couldn’t ignore the banging sound on her window. She looked out her window to find Lex looking terrified.

    She opened the door and he took her into his arms. It couldn’t have been a comfortable position for him leaning into the car, but it was welcomed.

    “Please tell me what’s wrong.” The sound of Lex’s voice had her worried. She must have looked a real mess.

    “I’m sorry, I messed this up. I didn’t do this the right way.” What she was saying wasn't meant for Lex. The person she needed to say sorry to didn’t want to hear it.


    The day wasn’t supposed to go this way. They should have been at dinner.

    Leaving her husband wasn’t supposed to be a front page below the fold news story, yet nothing was easy when Chloe was with Lex Luthor.

    Getting her out of the car took some doing. He took her to the bed room and waited for her to tell him what happened.

    It came out harsh where Lex was concerned. Chloe blamed him for flaunting their romance to the world. It was of course no one's fault, but at the moment Lex was who she wanted to blame.

    Instead of saying anything else he excused himself. Now Lex was upset as well. It was par for the course the last few months that Chloe wasn’t handling things well.

    “Can we talk?” Chloe stood in the doorway of Lex’s Office. He was typing at his computer focused on work. She remembered he said Luthor Crop was the only place he trusted, so it made sense he would retreat there.

    “Of course.” Lex looked at her and his face wasn’t what she was expecting. He was calm. Anytime they would fight he’d have a hard time letting it go. He could hold a grudge over trivial things. At the moment it didn’t seem to bother him at all.

    No matter his look Chloe would tread carefully. “I’m sorry for what I said. I didn’t mean to put the blame on you.”

    “I can’t control the press following me. My people catch most of them, but some of them are very clever.”

    She nodded, moving into the room to sit on the other side of his desk. “I don't think you did it on purpose.”

    “That’s comforting to hear.” Chloe focused on him looking for the Lex she thought she knew and he didn’t flinch. “I want us to work.”

    “I do too.” He answered plainly.

    “Well, good. I have been thinking about what a mess I made.”

    “You think we are a mess.” He questioned her moving from his side of the table to stand over her.

    “My dad is going to read the newspaper and freak out and Lois might fly out here.” Lois banging on her door wasn’t something to look forward to.

    “That kind of mess. We have been focused on each other. There hasn't been time to tell anyone. Besides, the people in your life will want you to be happy. Even if they hate me.” Most of what Lex said was to try and make her feel better about cheating.

    “Right, but it’s not just my family. Caleb’s mom doesn’t know. This isn’t the way I wanted to tell her.” They had grown close. It was nice to have a mother figure in her life.

    “What would have been better?” He replied.

    “Not like this. I have hurt everyone involved enough.” Closing her eyes Chloe thought of the man in front of her. When she ran away he had a health dose of all the hurt. “That includes you.”

    “Chloe what makes you think it will hurt less if he sees us together now or later.”

    “I don’t know.” It was a valid question. Today or in a month from now it would be the same outcome. “I just want to control the timing. Caleb has never done anything wrong to me. I want to try and absorb the damage if I can.”

    He‘s lip turned into a small grin at her words. “I have been where he is now Chloe. I know how much it hurts. When he sees us together it will hurt no matter the timing. You can’t control how he will feel anymore than you can control how you feel about us.”

    “I wasn’t trying to hurt you when I left. I needed peace of mind. I needed a life that was on my terms.” She wanted to explain, but Lex interrupted.

    “I know that. We talked about this. I needed the separation as much as you did.” He took a knee in front of her trying to make her feel better holding her hands. “Even if it hurt. You wanted to leave and I had to respect that. Caleb needs to do the same for you.”

    “I made a mistake.” Squeezing his hand back she answered. “You were right, he was easy and safe. He didn’t know about my past. I wanted to get married to prove a point.”

    “That you didn’t need me anymore.” He said the worst part.

    Chloe nodded her head softly moving into his arms. It was a mistake to think she could fill the space in her heart Lex had left. It was wrong to use Caleb to do it.

    It was nice for a moment to think now matter how hard she fought against it things were set themselves right. Caleb would move on. She didn’t have to be forgiven, but she owed him his freedom.

    “Why aren't you more upset?” Chloe questioned leaning back from Lex’s shoulder.

    “Would you rather I argue and raise my voice.”

    “No.” She thought about it for a second. Debating a topic and actually fighting with Lex were very different. One was fun, the other could be scary. “I just mean you're so calm.”

    “I have worked hard to be this way. Most things I can’t control. The things I can control like my reaction to these situations is one of them.” This zen version of Lex was nice.

    Chloe knew the old Lex was in there somewhere. “So you are angry?”

    “Of course.” He lost control of his voice for just a moment then breathed out to calm down. “I don’t want to talk about Caleb anymore, but I have to. He has been in your life for three years. There are feelings you have to deal with.”

    Those feelings are of respect and appreciation for the life Caleb shared with her. She had disrespected what he gave her.

    At the moment reassuring Lex was what she came to his office for. “Your right, but you know I want to be here.”

    “I know. It’s why I can control my anger. I want to focus on us and where we are going. You say you want to be here so I’m focusing on that.”

    “So, no angry Lex.” She looked him over searching for the other side of him.

    “I can’t promise that. Showing that anger right now keeps me from the good thing happening with us. It would also push you away and maybe back to him.” He looked down away from her, still unsure of her.

    Chloe pulled him toward her. He’s body followed like she wanted and their lips met. She rested her forehead against his as she spoke. “I won’t leave again.”

    “You don’t know...”

    She stopped his words with another kiss. Her hands moved around him pulling him closer in his kneeling position.

    For a moment Chloe angled herself away to look into his eyes, “I won’t.” She wasn’t sure how to handle Caleb, but she knew where she wanted to be.

    “I won’t forget you said that.” He kissed her again before going on. “I have a suggestion.”

    “What?” For the first time all day Chloe’s eyes brighten.

    “We can get away for a few days.”

    “Get away?” The thought of avoiding the fall out even for a day sounded good.

    “I have a business event that just came up in Gotham City.” He answered with a raised eyebrow.

    Chloe pulled out of their embrace. She loathed Gotham. It was full of people she feared after learning about her mother being committed in an asylum. Yet she had an idea of what he wanted. Gotham was always an easy feature for the newspaper.

    “Harvey Dent.” She said plainly.

    “Of course you know.” He moved his hands to each of her thighs. “He’s running for mayor.”

    “I know, the mob hates him. He has put some of them out of business, but the cops don’t trust him. Dent needs the GCPD if he wants to change Gotham.” Chloe had already written this article. Dent wasn’t going to win.

    “Well Bruce Wayne trusts him. He’s throwing a party to raise money for him and help him win.”

    Now Wayne was involved. Chloe couldn’t tell him
    that Wayne hated her. It was so long ago Wayne may have forgotten.

    “So Wayne thinks Dent can change Gotham city?” It wasn’t too far of a stretch to think that Dent could change the city, but his methods would take down more than just the mob.

    “Wanye must think he can change things. Wayne Enterprises will benefit from it of course.” Lex's view became transparent. This was about Luthor Corp.

    “So we go, you size him up, and we miss the initial fall out of our news story.”

    “Exactly.” He kissed her before she could answer. It was hard to let go when it felt so good after a sad day, but they both needed to breathe. “Are you in?”

    Chloe moved to stand and Lex followed her to his feet. “What will I wear?” Chloe questioned.

    He fixed his hands in her hair to answer. “I can take care of that.” Then his lips smoothed over her own.

    It seemed to be an unspoken goal to have sex in every room of the house. The office was checked off before dinner.

    In the early morning they would be on a plane to Gotham city to let the fallout happen, but reality would only be two days away.


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