Part 7 You Lost Me (byChristina Aguilera)

Lex braced Chloe upright with a strong hand making sure she didn’t fall over.

His tongue was performing brilliantly between her legs. Trying on dresses had made Lex want to devour her. A row of them were still hanging on a rolling rack in their hotel suite. Shoes were placed neatly nearby. It looked like the makings of a high end boutique.

The people hired to help her get dressed were shoved out once a choice was made. The hotel door closed and the next thing Chole knew Lex was kissing her.

They arrived early in the morning in Gotham city. A short drive from the private jet way was all set when they landed. After a small meal the women with the clothes arrived.

Each piece of silk, chiffon, and lace was well made and fit her perfectly. When Lex said he’d help with a dress Chloe assumed a quick shopping trip; not a personal fitting where the people already knew all her measurements.

Once again she was reminded of Lex’s wealth. A few words and people would dance for him to get paid for goods and services. It was something Chloe never got used to. After they arrived she was resolved to try and enjoy Lex’s wealth this time around.

When she changed in the bathroom and reappeared it was always a good reaction. Lex would say what he liked and shift around in his seat. The women helping may not have known it, but Lex was getting aroused. It was easy for her to see him fighting it, but his eyes betrayed him looking over each curve of her body.

The three women standing by were eager to make him happy, they didn't notice or ignored what was happening hoping to get Lex's money. After dress number five Lex said that was enough.

He said they would take everything they had brought, even the jewelry picked to match. After a few thank yous he almost shoved them out the door.

“So close.” Chloe called out to encourage him. The words changed the pressure he was using and two fingers suddenly penetrated her wetness.

It wouldn't be long now. Chloe looked down and wished she took off the strapless bra she was wearing before he started.

Everything happened so fast that Lex only took off the dress she was wearing and layed it next to her on the back of the sofa before getting on his knees to pull her panties down.

“Lex…” she hissed his name trying to control the sensation rolling over her body. She was coming in his mouth because he wouldn’t stop. A few carefully placed licks from his tongue and she was about to fall over.

His steady hands kept her up. “This just keeps getting better.” He spoke looking up as he rose to his feet to tower over her.

He was right. Since the first time in the boardroom, sex had been getting better. Chloe was sure good sex wasn’t lacking in either of there lives. It was their connection that was missing.

Before she could remove the darn thing Lex was undoing her bra helping her out of it. It was like he was reading her mind again.

“Thank you.” She breathed out, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“No thank you for coming and making a very boring trip very exciting.” After a small grin his lips pressed against hers.

She was naked and he was completely dressed, which didn't seem fair. Trying to remedy the problem Chloe nudged him back.

“Let me see.” She lowered her eyes to the bulge at the front of his pants. The grin returned as he started to undo the buttons of his dark dress shirt.

While he was busy Chloe took the chance to move to the bed. Her legs were a little wobbly, but she made it by taking a seat at the edge of it.

Gotham city was one of her least favorite places in the world. Any story that came from this place was followed by more problems than it was worth. Staying in a penthouse suite in the best hotel in town could make some things about Gotham forgivable.

It was a good show watching him expose all his smooth skin and toned muscles. As he made his approach she got to see how hard he really was. It made her wonder how long he had been this way during the fitting.

As soon as he was standing over her Chloe was on her back feeling him disappear inside her. For a moment her legs locked around his waist keeping him in place. The walls inside her tightened around him making Lex groan in her ear.

“Let me move.” He spoke covering her mouth with a kiss until she loosened her grip.

A few swift thrusts and she was back to where they started. “Chloe…” his face was buried in her neck hiding the overwhelming feeling they both felt.

“Come, Lex, it’s okay.” Her fingertips were red, holding on to him. He was just trying to savor every moment.

It wasn’t long before she felt his release. His arms extended and he pushed into her one last time. The sudden release made him lose control and his arms buckled colliding their bodies.

When their eyes met his face was flushed from the exertion. “We have to do another fitting soon.” He got back his strength stretching back up to look at her.

“What will I be putting on?” Chloe leaned up to his lips and was met with his half way.

Leaning back he seemed to have made up his mind just when she wanted his tongue to keep massaging hers. “Swimwear. I have an island you know.”

Chloe laughed at the thought of two pieces and thongs getting him hot and brother faster than today’s formal wear. “Why don’t we just skip to the end and just do this on a beach.”

“Just say the word Sullivan.” With that he kissed her again.

It was nice to think of their future instead of the present problems they were about to face.


Arriving at Wanye Enterprises Chloe started to worry. The limo pulled through a line until it was at the entrance. They were running from a news story and were about to make a second headline.

“Maybe you should go in alone.” Chloe spoke as they were one car away.

“No, you look amazing.” He answered.

It was true she did look good. Once they stopped long enough to shower separately, a hair and makeup person appeared. Chloe picked the low back emerald green dress. It was paired with diamond earrings and an emerald ring. She looked the part for the party, but it was her appearance keeping her in the car.

“It’s not that.” She didn’t want to say the rest again.

“It’s already out there. Below the fold and reposted on the internet a million times.”

“I know, but don’t you think another headline is salt in the wound.” She looked out the window again seeing the story of them at this party moving to the top of the newspaper fold.

“We already talked about this. I will understand if you don’t get out of the car. I’ll just miss having you with me. In public. Finally.” Lex reached his hand out to hers.

The car pulled up to let them out. He was right. The worst was done. The world knew. She was a cheater and she would be judged in public no matter what.

She took his hand as he helped her out. Standing side by side Chloe answered. “This party better be fun.”

“Wanye throws a good party.” Lex took her arm and led toward the door. “If it is boring we can go back to the hotel and make our own fun.”

The main entrance was well lit. Chloe could see a few of the Gotham elite making their way in. They made it look so easy. For her and Lex it may not be.

“Mr. Luthor and guest.” The woman in the suit and tablet started typing in their attendance.

“Mr. Luthor and Ms. Chloe Sullivan.” Lex answered, squeezing her hand for effect. He wanted to go out in the open with her so badly.

The attendant wrinkled her nose and forced a smile. It was just as Chloe had worried about. “I”m sorry sir, but Sullivan is not allowed on any Wanye properties after her last visit.”

“This is why I hate Gotham.” Chloe spoke under her breath so no one could hear. “I can explain…” She started giving the woman the sweetest smile.

“Explain what?” Lex interrupted.

“Well the last time I was here, there was an open door I didn't know I couldn’t go into.” Chloe started to downplay exactly what happened.

Before she could go on another voice sounded from behind the attendant. “Oh you knew alright and you walked into it anyway Mrs. Sullivan.”

The attentioned completely turned towards the gentleman's voice behind the attendant. Frozen in place Chloe should have had a talk with Lex before they flew there and got all dressed up.

Lex was more concerned with sex to let her tell him anything. Now it was too late to tell him she was in hot water with the person throwing the party.

“Mr. Wanye, we both know that the door was open.” Chloe answered him calmly. The feel of Lex’s hand wrapping around her arm made her want to look at him, but she was trying to get them into this party.

“Yes, but it was a secured floor you shouldn’t have been able to access.” Wayne answered with a grin.

“Well I was promised full access to Wayne Enterprises R&D department. The door said R&D.” Chloe was right, but Wayne was also right. There were signs that said authorized personnel only, yet the door was open.

“No, you were promised access to the R&D main office.”

“I have the emails Mr. Wanye if you want your lawyers to review them again.” They were locked in a staring match.

“Alright that’s enough.” Lex stepped in between them.

It wasn’t like she’d even got to see anything. Alarms started blazing before Chloe could get the lights on and the floor was locked down.

“Bruce I assure you tonight Ms. Sullivan isn’t a reporter.” It was sweet that he made their case, but honestly Lex should know better.

“Sorry Lex. I’m always a reporter.” She said exactly what he didn’t want to hear but she wasn’t done.

“That’s exactly why she can’t come in.” Bruce nodded, taking a sip from his glass as he turned to walk away from them.

The sigh that escaped Lex went into an eye roll directed at her. She could still fix this.

“But tonight…” Chloe called after him. “I can put away my journalist mind and look at what tonight is really about.” Her words made Wanye stop and turn. “ If I leave, Mr. Luthor leaves with me, and so goes his donation.”

Wanye narrowed his eyes and listened closely as she went on.

“Your family has dedicated its life to helping the people of Gotham. I’m sure you don’t want to turn away a donation that could help make a real difference in this city.” She added one last push.

“If you are anywhere you don’t belong…” Bruce started.

“I know…” Chloe finished. “...banned for life.”

“I’ll never say no to taking Luthor's money.” He smiled back at her, finally giving the okay to the attendant to let them in. “Enjoy the evening. Lex it’s always good to see you.”

“Right, same here.” Lex answered, leading them inside before anyone could change their mind. The expression on his face told her everything, he wasn’t happy with her. “You are going to tell me what that was all about.”

“Of course, but first let’s get a drink.” Chloe moved in ahead of him.

Breathing out She scanned the room. There were walking headlines everywhere, but tonight she needed to just keep a mental note of features to come for the Registar. A few people spotted her and Lex close by. She noticed someone whisper to someone else after seeing them.

Instead of dwelling on it they sipped champagne and Chloe explained what the problem was with her and Bruce Wanye. Lex chuckled and smiled. He wasn’t upset or surprised.

After her story of failure Chloe let Lex move them about the space. Once they spotted the man of the hour Harvey Dent, Lex made his move to size him up.

“I don’t want to spook him. You go alone and I’ll be up there.” Chloe pointed her figure to the second tier.

“I’ll come find you when I’m done.” Before letting go of her hand Lex brought her palm to his lips for a kiss.

As Chole made her way up people were looking at her. Maybe it was the dress, but it most likely was because of Lex.

Once in place Chole saw an old college friend. An employee at Wayne Enterprises now. They made small talk and she didn’t once mention the news story.

After a few moments they parted ways and Chloe walked to the edge to look down at the party.

“Seeing headlines?” A voice sounded behind her and it was clear as a bell who it was.

It was a voice she knew well and used to welcome. All of that was before she cheated. This trip was to avoid the mess she had made. Now it was standing in front of her.

No one around was paying attention. Caleb wasn’t exactly a well known face.. They wouldn’t know this person's life was ruined by her.

“Of course, but I won’t be writing any of them.” Keeping it light seemed to be right. Just be polite to him, she thought in the crowded party and try not to make a scene.

“Wanye still not over you snooping?” Of course Caleb knew about her last trip to Gotham. So many lies sometimes it was just easier to tell him the truth.

“I had to make a deal to get in.” Chloe looked down to see where Lex was. Losing him wasn’t good. Lex must have pulled Dent off to the side to talk.

“For you to get in with Luthor you mean.” The answer made her turn her attention back to Caleb.

He looked better than the last time she saw him. It looked like he had a haircut and was in his only tux. Cleaned up Chloe hoped he had gone through the worst of this. “Caleb please don’t do this. I came to Gotham...”

“A place you hate, if I remember correctly.” He interrupted. Together three years and Chloe couldn’t say he didn’t know a few things about her.

“Yes, I wanted to give you space and now here you are.” The truth was all she could offer now.

“Well I had the same idea. The publishing house offered and I jumped at the chance to not sit in our house waiting for you to not come home.”

“I’m sor…” She tried to talk, but was interrupted again.

“Please don't apologize to me anymore.” He cut in.

“I don’t know what else to say. It's how I feel.”

“Well I feel like you look amazing.” He smiled looking her over before meeting her eyes again.

Chloe checked herself, smoothing her hands down the dress. “Thank you.”

“I have seen you look good before but this is different.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean Luthor money can be put to good use, but I like my Chloe in jeans and a t-shirt.”

“I’m sorry, but..” Just as she was going to explain he was interrupting again.

“Your need to apologize makes me wonder if you know you're making a mistake.”

Chloe’s brows came together trying to find what he meant. “I don’t think you understand.”

“I understand you think you want to be with him. All that money and power may be attractive.”

“It’s not about that…” Chloe tried to continue, but he was interrupting her, closing the space between them.

“Whatever it is, are you sure you're making the right choice?” He took her hand in his before he went on. “It's been eight year's. Are you sure he knows you anymore or do you really know him?”

“She knows exactly who I am.” Lex moved in on them and his gaze never left his target. “Chloe is everything alright?” Lex was questioning her, but his focus was on Caleb as he spoke.

Chloe quickly took her hand back. “I’m fine. Let’s just go.”

“What if I have something to say?” Caleb replied first.

“Your right, this is your moment.” Lex agreed.

“Lex, please.” Chloe tried to stop this before it got worse. They weren’t going to fight over her at this party.

“No, this is his moment. I plan on never seeing him
again and he has something he needs to say to me.” Lex looked back to him. “Go on Caleb, the floor is yours.”

“I should beat your face in.” The anger came out of nowhere. Again the smiling man she knew had been reduced to someone she never wanted to see.

“Caleb…” Chloe tried to step in between them. Someone passed by and said hello to Lex. The conversation was short but painful. The head of Gotham’s biggest law firm wanted to make sure the Luthors knew they were available.

While they spoke Chloe looked at Caleb. He was already angry and the person he just said he wanted to beat up wasn’t paying attention to him.

The man finally got the hint something was going on and he walked off. Lex turned his attention back to them waiting. “Where were we?” He looked at Chloe calmly, smiling. He was enjoying this too much. “If I were in your position I would want to beat my face in too.”

“Lex, let’s not do this.” Chloe wanted to disappear. This moment was what she wanted to avoid in Star City.

“It’s alright Chloe.” Caleb flexed and breathed out deeply before he went on, “Lucky for you Luthor I am nothing like you.”

“Maybe if you were more like me Chloe would be here with you.” The words cut into Caleb. His eyes widened and it looked like he was searching for a reason not to fight Lex.

“We need to go.” Chloe spoke up, but Caleb wasn’t finished yet.

“He said this was my time and I’m taking it.”

“Yes, let him have his moment Chloe.” Lex's voice was menacing. It sounded calm, but the tenor of his voice could cut through you like a knife.

Caleb took a step closer to lower his voice. “All this time I have been worried about what was missing that she wanted. Looking at her dressed up like your doll. I wonder if you know her at all.”

It wasn’t like Chloe to never dress up. Tonight she was on another level. The private dress fitting, the makeup artist, and the hair specialist had put her on a level playing field with the wealthiest at this party.

To Caleb this meant she wasn’t being herself. Chloe was being honest with herself for the first time in eight years. All the stuff she was bottling was free.

The Lex she was running from wasn’t the scary villain she assumed him to be. She was happy to be free of it and that was something she never had being married to Caleb.

Processing it all Chloe was going to speak up, but Lex cut in before her.

“There is a mountain of knowledge I have about Chloe that you never will.”

“Maybe, but there are things I know too.”

“Since we know you are not going to beat my face in, why don’t you enlighten me to what you think you know.” The anger was vibrating off both of them.

Some women wanted lovers to fight over them. Lana seemed to enjoy it during their high school days. Yet this wasn’t something Chloe felt she needed in her life.

“I know whatever happened between you and her made her run away from you and led her to me. She married me. Not you.”

Caleb’s word penetrated all three of them. Chloe trusted Caleb with certain parts, but not all of her. It was Lex that held those hidden pieces. Saying that out loud wouldn’t make any of this better.

“You got me there Caleb. She wanted to leave and I moved out of the way.”

Chloe grabbed Lex’s hand trying to make him stop talking, but he went on.

“Right now she’s changed her mind. It’s you Caleb that needs to move out of the way and let her go.”

“That's enough.” Chloe pulled Lex’s arm. “Lex let’s go.” She had to force him to look at her. A small nod and he seemed to be agreeing it was time. “Caleb, as much as you don’t want to hear it I am sorry.”

They turned to walk away, but Caleb had one more thing to say. “You better keep her close to you, Luthor.”

Lex turned to answer while squeezing her hand. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“We are still married. She might change her mind again.”

“That would never happen.” Lex sounded so sure Chole was were she was meant to be.

“I said the same thing.” Caleb also sounded just as certain. After saying his final dig Caleb walked off in the other direction.