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Thread: BACK-UP: Blaire023's Cliff's Edge (NC-17)

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    BACK-UP: Blaire023's Cliff's Edge (NC-17)

    Cliff's Edge (5/5) NC-17 *Complete*
    Title: Cliff's Edge*I don't like the title, so if you have a better one, let me know.*
    Author: Blaire
    Rating: NC17
    Disclaimer: Don't own them. Unless you count a mold replica of certain body parts.
    Archival: Anywhere you want.
    Summary: Chloe gets in a tight spot, can Lex help her out of it?


    Chloe's nails dug into the hard rock edge of the cliff, her feet dangled dangerously below her. A thin streak of sweat escaped her hairline and trailed down past her eyebrow, leaving a dark line down her cheek. Her eyes burned from the mix of sweat, dirt, and the glare of the sun. Whimpering as she shifted she rubbed the side of her face against the arm of her sleeve.Another drop of sweat trickled off her nose.

    Swinging her feet she felt the strap of her bag catch on a jagged point. Twisting her body this way and that, trying to free herself it caught further. With a groan and as much confidence as she could muster up she let her left hand slip from rock it had claimed purchase to. Letting her arm drop back to her side she let her bag fall. Intent on listening to see how long a fall it was, exactly, she held her breath. With a thud her purse landed and Chloe twisted to see where. A small ledge jutted out from the side of the cliff.

    With stark encouragement she shifted ruthlessly until her foot caught in a crack in the cliff. With a yelp of fury and pain she yanked it free and screamed as her other hand slipped. With a hard smack she landed on her back. rolling over, her head hung off the small strip of flat rock. Overlooking the edge of the cliff she saw the endless space below. With a startled grunt she shifted her weight and rolled the other way until she was in the shade. Looking up she saw the inside of a small cave. Or what appeared to be one. Pushing herself off her bruised hands she sat up and her head nearly collided with a sharp rock.

    Grunting she maneuvered herself enough to reach her bag and pull it inside the small cove with her. Reaching inside it she pulled out her cellphone and frantically raced her fingers over the 9 and 1's. A crackle came to life before she heard a dial tone. "No." She held the phone out away from her and screamed at it. "God dammit!" Crawling a little further out until sunlight warmed her again she held her phone out and waited for it to roam. And roam. And roam. With a cry of defeat Chloe almost gave into the urge to throw it over. "God damn, piece of shit, Nokia." She screamed at it and tossed it back into her bag.

    Crawling back into the cave she rubbed at her sore ankle. Dumping the contents of her bag out onto the dirt rock floor she shuffled through it. A pack of gum, her worthless cellphone, her wallet, like that would do any good. A pack of mentos, a granola bar, a bag of coffee beans in case of emergency. She sneered at that thought. A crossword puzzle, a pen, and one flare. Thank god her dad was adamant about things like her car breaking down. And thank god she had been forgetful enough not to take it out of her purse and put it in her trunk as he'd told her to do.

    With a sigh she started packing things back up and kicked off her shoes to assess the damage of her sprained ankle. With the comfort of her fingers dancing lightly over the swelling that began to show, she reflected on her day. It had started early that morning when Clark had backed out on yet another excursion. Pete had asked him for some help with Math. Lana was working today. And well, that was all of her friends. Pathetic. She thought as she dug in her bag for a damn piece of gum. Fucking pathetic that she didn't know anyone else enough to call them a friend.

    And since when were there cliffs in Smallville? She argued with herself. She had simply been walking through the woods, taking pictures of the meteor rocks around the area. She was going to do an expose on them. It sounded trifle enough. But fact was that she had seen other meteor rocks. And the only ones that were green, and not to mention the red ones. Had been from the meteor shower in Smallville. So she had wanted to make a map of Smallville and outline the areas of which were littered in masses of these rocks. Chloe chomped on the gum and rolled her eyes. And it just figured as soon as she had mentioned to Clark where she was headed, he had to remind her that LuthorCorp owned the land. Well no shit. What part of Smallville didn't the Luthor's own? It was a rhetorical question. Everyone would have known that. Shit, even Lex had bought the Kent'sfarm in the auction. He had the deed placed in the Kent'sname. But it was his money that had bought it.

    And her house. Was it not on LuthorCorp land that the townhouses lay? Well of course it was. With a grunt and her head rolling from side to side, she tried to work out the kinks in her neck. She didn't even have a god damn flashlight. Who went out near nightfall without a flashlight? Obviously it was her. Well, she'd just have to wait. With a groan, Chloe thumped her head back against the stone wall.

    Chapter 1: Missing Person

    Clark slammed his locker one handed. "What do you mean she went out by herself?" He turned and stared down at Pete.

    With a shrug and his hands held out in front of him Pete claimed his innocence. "Just that. She went out alone since none of us would go with her."

    As they walked down the hallway Lana joined the group. "I don't know how she does it." Lana remarked as they rounded the corner towards the Torch office.

    "Does what?" Pete looked over to her.

    "Chloe was out of bed this morning and gone for school before I even got up. Where does she find the energy for that? I got home at midnight and her car wasn't even out there yet."

    Clark's brows furrowed as they entered the torch office. "Are you sure she came home last night, Lana?"

    Lana glanced around the room. "Ummm, No, I mean, I thought..." She walked toward Chloe's desk and looked down at the map of Smallville. "Well, where did she go?" She turned to look at Pete and Clark.


    Lex Luthor paced his office, a copy of a merger in his hand. For the third time he was reading it over. He grunted in disapproval when the phone buzzed. Punching in a button he merely spoke his name. "Luthor."

    "Lex?" Clark waited a beat and fought with himself whether or not he should just send Pete out looking for her instead.

    "This is he." Lex clarified when the other person didn't speak up.

    "It's Clark." He went silent again.

    Lex waited a beat ticking off numbers in french in his head. When he got to twenty without so much as a word from the other end he huffed out, "I don't have time for this, Clark."

    "Oh, yeah." Clark sounded dumbfounded. "Sorry, I was just thinking. See..."

    "Spit it out."

    "Okay, see, Chloe went out last night and isn't in school right now."

    Lex looked down at his watch. "Clark, it's not quite past 8 am. Why don't you give her some time. Then you can call the police." With a deliberate sigh he added, "Next time you need advice, just ask."

    "NO-" Clark rushed out afraid Lex would hang up on him. "Chloe went out investigating last night. She didn't come home last night and she isn't in school this morning. I think she's in trouble. I was going to call the cops. But then I remembered where she said she was going."

    "That's very astute of you, Clark, but-" He was effectively cut off as Clark picked up his ramblings.

    "She was going to Edenton Forest. I told her it was LuthorCorp property but she didn't seem to care." He took in a deep breath and looked at the wall, feeling Lana and Pete both watching him from their positions side by side in the room. "LuthorCorp owns the land, so I thought I'd let you know first. In case, you know, you wanted to do something first."

    "You said Edenton Forest?" Lex repeated it and tried to bring a picture of the rough landscape into his mind. "I don't see where she could be in there, Clark. Not much to see over there." Lex stopped pacing and his eyes shot up to the ceiling before he muttered a curse word. "Shit." He swore softly.

    "What? What is it?" Clark nearly panicked and filled with guilt for letting her go alone.

    "Cliffs. The place has a drop off of about a hundred feet." Lex rubbed a hand over his already tired face. Don't forget to mention the gold mine of meteor rocks out there, Lex. You could always tell people you bought the land to have the rocks cleared off it. Like they'd believe anything like that. "I'll go out and check. Stay at school and I'll check in if I find anything." He leaned over his desk scribbling a quick note for his secretary should she decide to show up at all today. "Can you tell me what she was wearing?"

    Clark was stunned for a moment. "Uhh." His voice cleared as he pulled away from the phone, obviously conferring with other people. "Pete." Came his hush whispered voice. "Do you remember what Chloe was wearing yesterday?"

    Pete shrugged and Lana did the same. After a few moments Clark tried hard to remember. "I think she was wearing a pair of jeans and a white long sleeved shirt that said Hurley on it. I think the letters were red. Or pink." Lex rolled his eyes. Poor Chloe. "No, red. Definitely red."

    Shaking his head, already feeling sorry for the poor girl no one obviously paid any attention to yesterday, he said quickly into the phone. "I'll go, Clark. If I need to I'll call the police. But I don't think Miss Sullivan will be entirely too happy to explain to them what she was doing trespassing on my land."

    "Thanks, Lex. I owe you." Lex rolled his eyes once again and replaced the phone on the receiver. "Welcome." He muttered and grabbed his coat, heading out the door.

    End 1/5

    Chapter 2: Humble Abode

    Chloe braved the non existent wind and sat on the ledge of the cave, dangling her bare feet over the edge. Her cell phone roamed beside her and mentos were disappearing left and right. It was probably a bad thing that she couldn't remember eating the first half of the pack. Forgoing an actual meal, she looked down at her watch. Okay, someone had to know she was missing, it was nearly 8:30 in the morning. Someone somewhere had to realize she hadn't come home last night or to school this morning. Well, there was that phone service. If she missed school today the school would send an electronic message reporting her absence. That was of course if anyone was at home to hear it.

    For the hundredth time she cursed herself as she looked up at the clear blue sky. She had crappy friends. The only thing Lana noticed was Clark. The only thing Clark noticed was Lana. And the only thing Pete noticed was tits and ass. She could ask herself why she bothered with them all day. But she didn't plan on boring herself with inane answers to idiotic questions. What she did want to busy herself with was the ever growing importance of the question of Why had LuthorCorp bought this land when every square inch of it was pure meteor. Maybe they were running experiments with meteor rocks. Maybe they were trying to find a cure for all the crazies in town. Or maybe they were going to clear off the land and make it wholesome again. Chloe pondered over it for a second and then snorted with laughter. yeah, right. Clear it off for the towns sake. If they cleared it off it would only be to use the meteor rocks in some sort of experiment she was sure.


    Lex pulled over to the side of the road behind a little red VW bug. "That was easy enough." He got out and strode over to the drivers side. Empty. With a roll of his shoulders and neck he closed his eyes and breathed in slowly. Now where could she have wondered off to? Lex's subconscious told him to check the cliffs. So that's where he'd have to start. He pat his pocket to make sure his cell phone was with him and entered the forest, heading northeast toward the cliffs.


    Chloe brought her legs up underneath her as she settled back into the cave. Working on a crossword puzzle she nearly missed the sound of the voice above her. With her brows knit together she crawled on her hands and knees toward the mouth of the cave. Peeking her head around she looked up and watched a shadow pass her. "HEY!" She stood up favoring her left leg and made sure she was careful to stay away from the edge. "Down here!" Stupid person. If they would stop yelling for a second they might have a chance to hear me. Her name was being called over and over again and between the distance and everything else she decided to take a deep breath and let out the shrilliest girliest scream she could muster. As her lungs deflated she sucked in another breath and listed to it echo off the sides of the cliffs and carry upward.

    "Mind telling me what that was?" Her head snapped up at the cocky voice. Well that's just sad, she thought. My own friends sent someone out to find me. Pussies.

    "Trying to get your attention." She smiled up at him sweetly, ignoring the crooked smile he was sending back down to her. "So...." She looked to her left and right. "Come here often?"

    Lex shook his head as a warmth spread through his body. "All the time." Lex answered back and studied her from his position above her. "It appears to me, you need to get some new friends."

    Chloe's brow arched and she gave him a questioning look. "Why's that?"

    "They informed me you were wearing a white shirt with red letters."

    Chloe looked down at her blue long sleeved t shirt and khaki pants. "Clark's not one for details when it comes to the latest fashion." She retorted.

    "How did you know it was Clark?" He asked with a hint of a smile. She smiled back up at him.

    "He wears flannel and his ever growing array of colors only wavers between red and blue." She gave a derisive snort towards the thought. "It almost sends me into shock whenever I see him wearing a color that isn't listed in the prime colors category."

    Lex threw his back and laughed at her canniness. "Well, then, now that we've gotten past the formalities that are Clark Kent. Mind telling me how you got down there. And more importantly how we're going to get you back up?"

    Chloe huffed and looked back towards the cave. "Well, silly of me to go cliff dangling and not bring a rope nor the proper harness to adorn it, all I've got is my cell phone." She shrugged and raised a hand to pat the wall of the cliff. "And this nice smooth surface right here isn't quite in ripe conditioning for scaling it. Not that I would know how."

    He put his hand up and then backed away from the edge. Her brows lifted as she stood staring up at the vacant place where he was once standing. "How far of a drop would you say it is?" Lex asked as his face once more appeared.

    "I don't know." She looked up at him and shrugged. "Ten, maybe twelve feet?"

    Lex crouched down and peered down at her. "Sounds about right." His cell phone slipped from his pocket and just as he leaned over to catch it in mid air he lost balance and toppled over the edge. Chloe squealed and dove back for the entrance of the cave just as Lex landed where she had been. Pressing a hand over her mouth she stifled her laughter at the absurdity of it all. Groaning Lex pushed himself up on his hand and looked down over the edge. Swearing rather loudly he crawled backwards to the cave and muttered another oath, slightly less colorful than the first when he ran bodily into Chloe.

    "There, there." She murmured and pat his shoulder affectionately. With an arched brow she pushed him off her and backed into the opposite wall as he. "So, Mr. Luthor. First I shall welcome you to my humble abode." Her crafty grin grew into a genuine smile as his eyes narrowed and a frown played with the corners of his lips.
    Chapter 3: Losing It

    "I take it you find this rather amusing?" Lex brushed the streak of dirt off his shirt sleeve.

    Chloe's brows quirked together and then she laughed outrageously. "I wish I had my camera. This would make for a great heroic story."

    Lex grunted in answer and rolled his neck to ease the tension building there. "You okay?" Chloe watched him rub the back of his neck and wince.

    "It's just a kink." He commented as he closed his eyes and frowned.

    "And here I thought you would know everything there is to know about kinks."

    Lex's eyes slanted open and Chloe held out her half eaten roll of mentos. "I'm not responding to that." He popped the mint into his mouth then rubbed the back of his neck in an absent gesture.

    "Here, let me."

    Chloe crawled toward him and positioned herself between his back and the wall of the cave. She framed his neck in her hands and pressed the pads of her thumbs into the tight muscle at the nape. "Jesus, you are tense." Slowly her ministrations went deeper and deeper. Lex fought the feeling of complete relaxation for all of ten seconds before he let his head drop forward and moaned his approval. Chloe smiled behind his back and pressed harder.

    "Where'd you learn that?" Lex asked, his voice serene.

    Chloe grinned and applied the appropriate amount of pressure. "My dad sits behind a desk for part of his day. He always gets an ache in his neck." She pressed her index finger into the skin just below his earlobe. "Right about there."

    Lex groaned in appreciation and leaned into her touch. A moment of silence stretched on for a good five minutes before Lex shook his head and turned to look over his shoulder at her. "Are you okay?"

    Chloe winced as she moved her foot to accommodate their new sitting arrangement. "I think I twisted my ankle, but it'll be fine."

    Lex, still sitting in front of her, turned his head away from her and picked up her foot, Chloe automatically curled her leg around his waist and let him rest her foot on his leg as he gently massaged the swollen tissue. "It's doesn't look too bad."

    Chloe leaned back against the wall. She caught a moan that tried to rise in her throat, his fingers pressing delicately into her bruised skin. Her hands trailed up and down his back, absently.

    Lex held back a shudder as her hands rubbed his back through his shirt. The cave suddenly got a little smaller and he fought the temptation to lean back against her. She hit a particularly ticklish spot near his shoulder blade and he instinctively jerked his body out of her reach. Chloe laughed and placed her hands on his sides, down near the waistband of his pants. Her thumbs rubbing in smooth circles on either side of his spine. "I never would have thought you'd be the ticklish type."

    Lex shrugged, his hope that she wouldn't comment on it gone now. "Not many people get close enough to find out." Purposely he ran the tip of his finger down the center of her bare foot and she jerked it out of his reach. This time he laughed and grabbed her foot, pulling it back toward him.

    Chloe grumbled, the small smile playing at her lips hardly noticeable.


    Clark, Lana, and Pete all sat around the cafeteria table, each looking down at their food, expressions mottled with their thoughts. "Are you sure he said he'd call?" Lana asked once again.

    Pete groaned and ran a hand over his face. "Is anyone else here going through a huge internal guilt trip?"

    Clark shook his head and continued to shovel mystery meat into his mouth. Taking a swig from his milk carton he looked over at Pete and swallowed. "Lex said he'd look for her, if he doesn't find anything, he'll call the police. If he does find her, he'll call us."

    Lana pushed her tray away from her and drummed her fingers on the table. "Why didn't she ask me to go?"

    Pete looked over at Clark and then at Lana, a get serious look on his face. He sighed and leaned over, catching Lana's hand with his own and then patting it lightly. "She probably knew you had to work."

    Lana frowned and looked away from him. "She doesn't ask me to do anything with her anymore."

    Pete contained the urge to roll his eyes masterfully. "Maybe because she thinks you have more important things to do. She asked both of us," he said motioning to himself and Clark, "and we were both too busy to go with her."

    "But why couldn't she just wait? What's so great about this place that she had to go there last night? Why didn't she just wait for this weekend when one or all of us could go?"

    Pete narrowed his eyes as he turned and looked out the window. "When was the last time any of us has gone with her to go investigating?"

    Clark shrugged and looked away. Pete knew why he hadn't gone to the forest. But he also knew that he hadn't asked Chloe to wait a few days. Even if she had, he still wouldn't have been able to go with her. It would have been like committing suicide, walking into a forest with meteor rock for moss.

    Lana looked away guiltily and picked at her nails. "She never asks me." She mumbled and got quiet.

    Pete looked from one to the other and then sighed. "Then I guess all we can do is wait."


    The last thing on Lex's mind was waiting. Him and Chloe had devoured the last of the roll of mints and if she didn't shut up soon, he was going to put his minty breath to some good use by kissing her senseless. The only thing he could blame her ramblings on, was that she was bored. Hell, he was bored too, but he wasn't telling her his whole life story. Okay, that wasn't really fair. She was only up to when she was in kindergarten, so she hadn't gotten very far anyway. And some of her stories were cute, he had to admit.

    "...so I got switched out of that class and into another one. My dad had to pay for the glue and then he had to pay for the little boy to have his stomach pumped..."

    Lex's mind wandered in and out of her anecdote. Laughing mildly at some of the more outrageous parts. They sat against opposite walls, facing each other, the crossword book sat in his lap and the pen he held in his left hand twirled between his fingers as he tried to figure out 5 down.

    "...cheats when we play scrabble, I secretly think it's because he doesn't know how to use more than three letters at a time, so he always adds an S or an E-D onto my words. And then he tries to steal the points for a double word score even though everyone knows..."

    Lex shook his head. He had a feeling she'd be at this for a while. He wondered how far she'd test his patience. If she wasn't so damn cute, and he had a book of matches, he could jam the pen into her aorta and somehow shut her up, kill her, and eat her for dinner. Of course he'd rather grab her by her arms and cover her mouth with his, run his tongue along the seam of her lips until she opened her mouth and he could sink into her warmth...

    "...but you already know that. And you're not a bad looking guy Lex. I just sometimes have to wonder why you seem to attract such homicidal maniacs. Two wives now have tried to kill you. Course that first one was kinda hot. But the second one, Ellen or whatever, she reminded me of the female gremlin from that movie..."

    Lex ignored her ramblings and continued with his fantasy. Stretching out her body and then stretching his out on top of hers, feeling every inch of that curvaceous figure she hid under weird and wacky clothes. Running his hands through that mop of blond, inhaling the scent when he buried his face against her neck, sucking on her pulse point and grinning against her skin as she gasped his name.

    "...maybe it's karma. You know, sometimes I think I did something horrible in my life at one time, to end up with Clark as a friend. He's not always that bad, but sometimes he's so dense and all you want to do is scream at him when he tries that stupid, "Oh, I'm just a poor little farm boy, won't you have pity on me and my big stupid puppy dog eyes"..."

    That's it, Lex thought. She starts talking about Clark Kent and I won't have any choice. I have to shut her up.

    "What?" Chloe said as Lex's eyes snapped up to meet hers. "What'd I say?" Chloe tried to inch further back into the wall of the cave as Lex shifted and got to his knees, crawling toward her. "Ummm, Lex?" Her voice squeaked out his name and her breath caught in her throat as he stopped right in front of her, his hands framing her face. He rubbed his nose against hers and then his lips went in for the kill.

    Chloe gasped and her eyes widened as Lex's eyes slammed shut and he effectively cut her off as his tongue swooped down to tangle with hers.
    Chapter 4: Why hold back?

    Chloe held herself still, not reciprocating for a whole four seconds. She was somewhat proud of herself for holding out that long, even though it was simply because he'd shocked her senses. But then the tangy taste of him stroking along her tongue assaulted her, and she dove into the kiss, into the taste. Into him.

    He felt, heard, tasted the groan that worked its way free of her throat, and as he started to pull away, he found himself flat on his back, Chloe half sprawled on top of him, fumbling with the buttons of his shirt.

    When the top few were undone, she shoved her hand inside and stroked her fingers along the smooth skin stretched over his pectorals. Another groan, this one deliciously swallowed by Chloe, erupted from Lex. His hand squeezed at her hips, urging her on, until she shifted and had his legs pinned between both of hers. Her legs on either side of him, trapping him beneath her. His hips raised to rub the hard length of his erection against her mound. Chloe's mouth separated from his with a gasp and she sat up. For a half second, Lex thought she'd scramble out of the cave and try to get to fresh air.

    Instead she surprised him by raising her shirt above her head and off her arms and flinging it to the other side of the cave, towards the back.

    No bra. She wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts were small, pert, creamy white with pale pink nipples peaked with arousal. Lex wrapped his arms around her and brought her back down to him, capturing one tightened bud in his mouth and the other with his left hand. He cupped the fullness of her breast. Letting it weigh in his hand naturally. She felt good. Too good. His teeth scraped over her nipple and he wallowed in the shiver that rocked her body into his. "Lex." She breathed out, her words rushing out on a wave of warm minty breath that fanned over his scalp just above his ear. He shuddered beneath her and was rewarded with her cupping the back of his head, urging him to keep his mouth right there. Right where she wanted it.

    His tongue licked flames against her sensitive flesh. His mouth provided the sweet sweet suction against her aureole. His teeth teased, nipped, causing her to jerk against him each time. "Lex." She panted his name as she pulled away from him, scooting back down his body.

    "Chloe." His voice was low, husky, and seemed to seep into her pores and make her nerves rub together with friction. His eyes darkened, his face flushed prettily. Chloe groaned and finished unbuttoning his shirt. "Chloe." His voice was sharper now. His hand shot out to still hers by the wrist.

    Chloe looked up at him. "Lex."

    Lex closed his eyes and took her hand, leading it between their bodies where his erection strained against the material of his slacks. "Touch me."

    Chloe bit her lip and groaned, then freed her own hand from his and slid the zipped down slowly, carefully. And she almost came when she gripped his flesh in her hand and felt his pulse beat rapidly at the base of his shaft. Chloe looked down at him, was surprised to see his eyes watching her hand, and slowly licked her lips. She moved further down between his legs until she knelt between them. Then leaned forward and licked him from base to tip, leaving a trail of saliva along his hot length. Lex's hands came up to rest in her hair and he urged her forward, urged her to take all of him. And she did.

    Slowly. So slowly he sank into her mouth, slowly he pushed her head down, and then pulled it back up. On her way back down she suctioned her lips to him, causing Lex to buck up hard until her lips met auburn curls. "Jesus, Chloe." He shifted beneath her, pulling at her hair, trying to get her to come back up. She was relentless. Instead she kept him buried deep inside her throat, stroking her tongue along the underside of his shaft, humming appreciatively against the vein running along the length of him. Lex cried out once, her name echoing against the walls around them, his hands still tugging wildly at her hair. Still, she flattened her tongue against the vein and felt the pulses begin, swallowing as his hot cum shot down her throat.

    When his muscles started to relax, when his body untensed inch by inch and his hands fell from her head to his sides, she slowly extracted him from her mouth, cleaning up on her way. As she released him from her mouth, his hands caught her under her arms and dragged her up his body until their mouth were aligned. Chloe smiled against his mouth before running her tongue along his lower lip, the breath panting from between his separated lips arousing her even further.

    "So good." He whispered and then angled his head, raising it up from the ground to lock his mouth with hers. Their tongues rocking against each other, the taste of him, hot and tangy.

    She felt his fingers fighting with the button and zipper of her pants and had to fight back the urge to laugh. Lex Luthor was out of fucking control. She'd found a way to make the ruthless business man disappear, and in his place, a frenzied, hurried fuck machine took his place.

    His fingers slipped past curls to damp panties, searching relentlessly with fingertips for a sweetly slicked nub. Chloe whispered his name as her hips bucked against him, his once flaccid cock now straining to its maximum fullness. "Stand up."

    His order included his fingers leaving her body, and she automatically stood up as far as she could to slide her pants down and off her hips. The quicker she was disrobed, the quicker she could have Lex inside her. She took off her panties in record time and strategically seated herself over his erection. "I'm protected, Lex." She leaned over and with her left hand beside his head, she sucked his bottom lip into her mouth at the same time she grasped his cock in her right hand and guided it to her swollen folds, slick with desire.

    Lex nodded in acknowledgment. She needed this. Needed him. She moved the head of his dick to her weeping entrance and lowered herself slowly, exquisitely down the length of him until he was buried deep inside her.

    A shudder racked her body and she lifted herself slowly, and then sank down. Lex ground out her name between clenched teeth and she decided to have mercy on him. Speeding up her rhythm, she rode him for all she was worth. His name ripping from her lips echoing throughout the cave.

    Lex's fingers dug into the soft flesh of her hips and held onto them as he bucked up into her, his thrusts growing increasingly harder until she cried out his name, her head tilted back, revealing a long clean column of pale skin, her back arched, she came, and came.

    Lex arched his back and thrust into her once, twice, on his third, with her pussy clenching him and violently pulsating around him, he came. Her name echoed through the cave along with some very creative curse words. Chloe collapsed forward, knocking the air out of him, and he could tell she was laughing, her body rocking with every gasp of breath she inhaled.

    They both moaned when he shifted her, his cock still lodged deep inside her, and settled her head more firmly against his chest. Chloe's eyes rolled back in her head as she let out a nearly feline purr of satisfaction. "That was good." She whispered, stating the obvious.

    Lex lifted his arm enough to brush back blond hair out of her face so he could see her clearly. "Better than good."

    Chloe smiled sluggishly and cracked her eyes open enough to look at him. "Bragging?"

    Lex let out a half laugh, the best he could conjure up, and tightened his hold on her. "Should I be?"

    Chloe nuzzled her face into his chest and could see by the entrance of the cave that the day was slowly slipping to night. "You have every right." She whispered back and closed her eyes again, aware that he was looking down at her. She sighed his name and then yawned, not bothering to cover her mouth. Lex let her hair fall back in place and smiled up at the ceiling of the cave.

    He stayed awake long enough the hear her breathing mellow out. Slowly, as the light melted out of his sight, and the darkness took over, he shut his eyes and tightened his arm around her waist, still buried inside her. And he fell into a deep sleep.
    Chapter 5:

    A bright beam of light fell across Lex's eyes and he peeked one open slowly, to see the sunlight just barely illuminating the outermost walls of the cave. His hand trailed up Chloe's spine until he touched her shoulder gently.

    Chloe's head shot up and she blinked at her surroundings. "Where?" She looked down at Lex and slowly recognition settled over her face and a small smile made an appearance before she let her head fall back down to its resting place. "Never mind." She said sleepily and Lex laughed at her partial coherence. She tilted her head and pushed her hair out of her face. "Morning." She said as her hazel eyes twinkled in the dawn of light.

    Lex leaned forward, craning his neck to reach her and brushed his lips across hers in invitation.

    Chloe closed her eyes again and got the hint, feeling him grow hard again inside her. She sighed and rose above him on sleepy weak arms, causing her upper body to remain in close contact with his, her nipples rubbing his own, their stomachs sheened with sweat, slicking back and forth against each other. Lex let his head fall back, and let her take over.

    What felt like hours later, Chloe pushed up on her elbows and looked down at him. "Next time, you're on top."

    Lex's eyes slanted shut as he laughed and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Okay, next time." He agreed and pulled her down to him to taste her lips again. He was hungry, he was addicted.


    Pete and Lana scoured every inch of the forest, calling out for Chloe and Lex. After seeing Lex's car parked within waking distance of their blond friends, they were more and more convinced that something had happened to both of them. Clark hadn't been able to get a hold of either of them, they'd called the police, and the police couldn't do anything about it.

    Sheriff Adams said Gabe would have to come in and file a report, but he was out of town. She said Lex was probably out of town, and it would more than likely be a while before she could prove it.

    "I know they're out here," Pete commented as he stepped over meteor rocks that were imbedded in moss at the base of all the trees. "But do you think maybe we could sit down?"

    Lana scowled at him and huffed out an aggrevated breath. "Look, my best friend is stranded out here somewhere and I'm going to find her."

    Pete watched Lana walked away and sighed, running his hand over his face, wiping away the sweat that gathered there.

    When he heard Lana's shriek he bolted forward and followed the echoing sound.


    Lex lay perfectly still, listening to the footsteps above him. His thumb traced the outline of the small plastic sticker on Chloe's abdomen. When she shivered and whimpered he wrapped her closer to his side. It wasn't until he heard a feminine scream that his eyes shot open completely and he manuevered one arm behind him to prop himself up in a reclining position on his elbow.

    "What was that?" Chloe whispered groggily and snuggled further into his side.

    "I don't know." Lex answered in a whisper and tightened his arm around her.

    "Lana!" Pete called and Chloe's head shot up from her resting place.

    "Okay, I know I didn't dream that." She said in a hurried voice and looked toward the opening of the cave. "That was Pete, right?"

    She turned such hopeful eyes on him he couldn't help but smile and run a finger along her bottom lip. "I do beleive it was."

    Chloe smiled and leaned over, kissing him softly. Lex watched her stand up as far as possible, granting him with a delectable view of her rear. He reached out and covered one cheek with his hand. Chloe groaned and looked over her shoulder at him. "Do not start something you can't finish."

    Lex grinned and squeezed the flesh in his palm. "Oh, I can finish it."

    Chloe moved away from him and pulled on her panties and pants. Then she pulled her shirt over her head. "Given the time restraints, I think we need to wait to go another round."

    The hopefullness and the twinge of regreat lining her voice had him smiling to himself as he dressed himself. Once his body was compeletely covered he moved towards the opening of the cave. Miraculously enough, despite sleeping on a hard rock floor, his body was languid and he couldn't remember a time he'd felt so relaxed. Or maybe it was because of the warm body that'd been pressed against his all night. And that bodies responsiveness to him this morning. Oh, yeah, next time he'd be on top, and after that he'd be behind.

    He stuck his head out of the cave and called out the name of the boy roaming the woods above them.

    Pete stopped calling for Lana when he heard a man call his name. "Lex?" He immediately yelled out. He followed the echoing voice over to the edge of the cliff and his eyes roamed the setting below.

    "What are you doing?" Chloe asked as she tried to take her cellphone out of Lex's hands.

    "Well, I'm going to throw this phone at the precise angle I've figured out, and the color should alert Pete or Lana, either one, of our whereabouts."

    Chloe shrieked in anguish as he tossed her phone and she literally felt the tears springing to her eyes. "Why couldn't we throw your phone? Huh?"

    Lex sighed and turned back to her. "Because my phone fell over the damn ledge, remember?"

    Chloe frowned and stared at him for a moment. He held his eyes steady on her until she let her lips curve a little. "That was kind of funny."

    Lex shook his head and laughed. "Sure it was. As long as it's not your phone."

    Chloe quickly pouted again and eyed him warily. "I still don't see why you had to throw my phone of all things."

    "It was red Chloe." He ran both hands over his head and growled. Chloe, he noticed, immediately put her hands on her hips and stood her ground.

    "Look, buddy, don't get all attitudey with me." Chloe began to speak with her hands as her rant got overway. "All I did was ask you a simple question, it's not like I asked you the meaning of..."


    Chloe's eyes widened and she stuck her head out of the cave's opening. "PETE!"

    Lex winced at the high pitch of her voice and looked up in time to see Lana stick her head over the edge of the cliff. "Hey!" She moved away and they could hear her say, "Pete, over here."

    Pete looked over the edge and couldn't help the smile that blossomed at his long time friend and his worst enemy. "Man, you two look like shit." He joked.

    Lana appeared right beside him. "Oh, I don't know..."

    Her voice trailed off as a rope was lowered over the edge after Pete quickly secured the other end of it around the trunk of a tree. "Climb on up." He called out and held on tight.

    Chloe eyed the rope and slung her back over her shoulder. "This should be interesting." She commented as Lex motioned for her to take to the rope first.

    "Ladies first." He said with a grin a mile wide.

    Chloe rolled her eyes and smiled her own wicked smile. "Yeah, like you're going to hate the view, right?"

    Just before she caught onto the rope Lex grabbed her by her arm and turned her back around. "Next time I'm going to tie you down, and do things to you you've only imagined in your wildest fantasies."

    Chloe sucked in a startled breath and let it fan out slowly. She nodded slowly. "Okay, next time." She whispered huskily as all sorts of images crowded her already gutter induced brain.

    "Tonight." Lex whispered as he moved behind her and placed his hands on her hips. "All night."

    Chloe began to climb and felt the air whoosh out of her lungs as she whistled beneath her breath. Oh, yeah. She'd be looking forward to that.

    The End

    Thxs to Esther25jm for creating the banner for me and to beeej for the avi



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    Re: BACK-UP: Blaire023's Cliff's Edge (NC-17)

    Really hot
    Chlex will always be my biggest passion

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    So good! Thanks for sharing!

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    Aaaaahh,, its so good that i didnt realize it was over.. Hope it can go longer. Anyway, thank you.��

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    Thanks for the fic!

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