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Thread: Compromising Positions (NC-17) Completed: 4/24/15

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    Re: Compromising Positions (NC-17) Chapter 4

    Quote Originally Posted by malugargula View Post
    thanks dear
    No, no! Thank you!! I just love it!! HCB said it perfectly, the swanky banner makes it look so much more official!

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    Re: Compromising Positions (NC-17) Chapter 4

    loved it.

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    Compromising Positions (NC-17) Chapter 8

    Compromising Positions --- Chapter 8

    Awesome Banner by: malugargula

    It wasn't even noon yet, but Lex poured himself a drink from the onboard liquor cabinet of the jet. He needed something to busy his hands and a glass of scotch would work. He held the bottle up as an offer to Chloe, but she shook her head without really paying him any attention. Getting back into his seat, he sipped his drink and watched the blonde furiously typing away on her laptop.

    A few pieces had fallen into place.

    When he had showered, his hands had worked over an unmarred body. He hadn't thought about it until now, still so lost in their unexpected encounter this morning. But now his mind was working properly again. The bullet wounds had been gone, as if they never existed. Then he thought of her almost dead state in the car, and he finally understood her power and what she had done.

    A healer. She was a fucking healer.

    And not just that. She took on the wounds of those she healed. He had taken the bullets to save her, and she had turned around and taken them back to save him. Even to the point of her own almost-death.

    The revelation gave him pause. In all his studies and experiments on the meteor-infected he had never come across anything like it. All the cases he had found had worked in only one of two ways. The powers either caused detriment to others, or gave power to the meteor-infected. He hadn't found a single case where the meteor infected individual had a power that helped others, and caused harm to themselves as a result.

    The knowledge that such a power -- that such a person -- existed, changed all his assumptions about the freaks and how to handle them. What if he had been looking at the freaks the wrong way? He had been so focused on containment and protection from them because of their dangerous gifts. What if he should have been looking at ways to channel them into doing something good for mankind directly? Growing their powers, not just to see how much he could, or to drain them for some exterior application, but so they themselves could do good for world? Chloe could be just the first of the...meta-humans that could channel their powers for good and not destruction.

    But that opened a new thought. Could people want to do good, but just got lost along the way?

    Lex didn't pretend to himself that he was a good man, but the last few days with Chloe he had felt like a better man. Someone worthy of...he wasn't sure what. But he wanted to find out.



    "Why did you save me?"

    Her fingers froze on the keys for a long moment, before resuming their typing. "I don't know what you mean."

    He looked at her hard. "Don't lie to me, Chloe. I know you have some sort of healing ability. Not even my high white blood cell count would save me from triple gunshot wounds. You did something..." His voice dropped low. "And nearly died for it. You know who I am and what I've done, and you still chose to save me. I have to know why."

    Chloe shifted uncomfortably. "These past few days, and then when you pushed me clear of the bullets...I thought I saw something. Something in you. Something of who you used to be." Her eyes rose and held his. "Who you could be again if you tried."

    A strange hope and lightness filled his chest. He had thought himself truly a monster by now. He had thought that after all he had done, no matter how necessary, that he would always be written off as soulless. He had only done what he thought he must, but with the power he had wielded, he hadn't expected to ever see the light again.

    But here Chloe sat, the very real and human champion of good and light, telling him he wasn't lost. For years now, he had seen her as both his equal an his opposite. She was the light, while he was the dark. They worked for the same goal, but while his methods had compromised and twisted him, she somehow remained light and warm. She fought against him from the shadows, but only so she could bring his works into the light. This girl that had taken down Lionel Luthor, he had never underestimated. He had never written her off the way a foolish man would have because of her age and background. He knew better. Her drive and intelligence, her heart and resolve, had always been equal to his own. That was part of why he had let her stay free, even after uncovering she was meteor infected. The world would have been a smaller, darker place without her moving in it.

    And now this small force of nature said she saw something in him that was good. Something worth saving.

    Hearing that, after she had nearly given her life for his, it triggered something in him. That a person as warm and...good as Chloe thought he was worth saving -- even at the risk of her own life -- meant something. He hadn't thought about it at the time, but when he had seen that gun pointed at her, a part of him knew that if either of them made it out alive, it should be her. He really wanted her methods to be the way to protect the world.

    So he had taken the shots instead.

    He didn't know anyone that was willing to lay down their lives for his, except maybe the security teams he paid for protection. And even then, he wasn't really sure if when push came to shove, they would have. None of the women he had married would have been willing to do so. In fact, they mostly tried to kill him. Even Lana had tried to destroy him. There was a time Lana may have killed for him, but she never would have died for him.

    Yet Chloe Sullivan had been willing to give up her life for his. He had expected to die, but then she had flipped the game on him. She had given him back the gift of his own life.

    And he found himself wanting to be worthy of that gift.

    Last night, he had told himself he was claiming her as he slid into her body, but it seemed she had the true claim -- on him.

    And what about what had happened this morning? Was that extraordinary sex a way of reaching back into himself? When she had looked into his eyes, who had she seen looking back? The person he was now -- all sharp angles and twisted soul -- or some better version of himself?

    "But what if you are wrong? What if I truly am the monster everyone thinks I am?"

    "Then I guess I'd be wrong in my assessment of you." She paused. "Wouldn't be the first time."

    They were both silent for a long moment. Then very softly and sincerely Lex said, "Thank you."

    She shrugged in reply, but he could tell she was moved by the simple declaration. She resumed her typing a moment later.

    He continued to watch her, but finally his natural curiosity set in, and he pushed his deep thoughts aside.

    "What are you typing so industriously over there, Chloe?" he asked.

    "Story for Grant," she replied.

    "You have got to be joking. You can't publish any of this." He responded in a disbelieving tone, waving his hand to indicate everything about their situation. She had to know that he wouldn't let her write a story about what they had done the last few days. The informant was still at large, and they had no way of knowing if this was an isolated incident or not yet. It would take some major digging to see if any other disasters pointed squarely at Luthorcorp were in the offing.

    Not to mention that her father was still number one on his suspect list as a mole.

    The look she gave him was pure annoyance. "Of course not, but I have been gone for nearly a week supposedly working on a story about you. I have to have something to turn in."

    His disbelief faded, to be replaced by amusement. "Don't you think then that you should ask me some questions?"

    She didn't look up. "Nope. I'm going to do something with the interview I did with you from The Torch. I'm thinking a retrospective interview. Something like what you answered then and what you've done since."

    Lex raised a brow at her. "The interview from seven years ago?"

    "That's the one."

    "You think people will want to read a rehash?"

    In reply, she started reading a section from that long-ago interview.

    "Mr. Luthor, what do you most hope to accomplish with your work at Luthorcorp Plant #3 here in Smallville? Reply: I hope to build a solid economic base for our community with good-paying jobs and quality products for which we can be proud."

    Looking up at him, she continued, "So what do you think, Lex? Did you build an economic base with good-paying jobs and quality products?"

    He smiled. "That sounded like an interview question."

    She shrugged, trying for nonchalance, but Lex saw through the ploy. She was trying to get an interview without actually having to ask for one. She didn't want to owe him any debts, even though the cover story had been his idea.

    After all they had been through the last few days, a part of him was glad to see that some things hadn't changed. Chloe was still Chloe. He was the one looking through new eyes. The Chloe he had always known was still the same. She still wanted to act on her own initiative -- using her own wits and drive to get what she needed. She didn't see their teaming up or the sex as a pathway for her advancement. She was still going to challenge him at every turn to accomplish what she thought should be done.

    He found himself happy at the prospect.

    Smiling, he replied, "Well, Chloe, since you ask..."

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    Compromising Positions (NC-17) Chapter 9

    Compromising Positions --- Chapter 9

    Awesome Banner by: malugargula

    Two days.

    It had been two days since she and Lex had returned to Metropolis from Nebraska. Two days where she hadn't caught more than a glimpse of him.

    And two nights where her body yearned for him.

    She tried not to think about that.

    To keep her mind occupied, as well as to follow up on their mission, she hacked the Savage Inc. servers. From there, she was able to keep a careful eye on the distribution records. She had seen no signs that the material was being prepared for shipment anymore. In fact, just this morning a new report had been generated about "the accident" at the Nebraska plant that had destroyed eight truckloads of soil. Savage Inc. was writing it off as a loss.

    That had done it.

    She knew she should be unashamedly happy, but instead she felt oddly conflicted. She was proud of the fact they had stopped the disaster, but confused by her desire to share the victory...with Lex. Usually the victories were against Lex. So why did she want to call and share in the triumph with him?

    Why did she really want to see him at all?

    He was Lex Luthor, for goodness sake! She should be running away as fast as Clark now that he knew about her meteor power. What if she was wrong about seeing something in him? Maybe it had all been an isolated incident -- his working on the side of good.

    But still, she found herself thinking of how best to share the exciting news in a way that didn't seem like she was eager to celebrate the win. With him.

    Maybe she was wrong to want to celebrate anyway. There were still so many open questions.

    Who was the informant?
    Were there still dangerous moles that were willing to hurt innocents to strike at Luthorcorp?
    Were more attacks planned?
    Was her father involved??

    Too many questions and still so few answers. Questions that she also found herself wanting to discuss with Lex.

    And maybe she missed him. Just a little bit.

    Missed his sharp wit and rarely-seen humor. Missed his stormy blue eyes that seemed to see all of her in a way no one else ever had. Missed his fierce determination and drive that could do so much good instead of harm if only he saw more clearly.

    Missed his hands on her body.

    Damn it.

    She started typing.



    Savage Inc. has written off what happened at the Nebraska plant as "an accident." All affected soil was destroyed.

    We won.


    Lex stood looking out the window of his office, sipping on a glass of scotch. The email from Chloe had been good news. Short and to the point, it confirmed all they had risked the past week had been worthwhile.

    They had won the day.

    So why did it all feel hollow without her here with him? He really shouldn't care as long as he had won. He had never before felt the need to share his victory.

    He had kept himself away from her for the past two days as his mind worked over what had happened. He needed to think over the truths and questions that had been uncovered during his time with Chloe Sullivan.

    Was he not as lost a soul as he had thought? Could he really be a better man? Did he want to be?

    He turned away from the window and back to the monitor with its live security camera feed of the basement level of The Daily Planet. One truth he couldn't deny as he watched her typing away at her desk -- he missed her. She had nearly died to save him, but that wasn't most what he thought of now as he watched her. He missed her smile, her humor, the way she pushed him and made him question his decisions, the snap in her eyes, and the catch of her breath when he filled her.

    And judging by the way she kept refreshing her email, he had to wonder if she missed him too.

    His email dinged again. Lex turned to check the message and felt a smile curve his lips. Sometimes fate worked in mysterious ways.


    Another email. Chloe tried to ignore the strange jump in her stomach when she saw the sender was once again lex.luthor@luthorcorp.com.

    Penpal contacted me again. Meet at Luthor mansion tonight at 8pm?

    Penpal? For a moment, Chloe looked at the screen uncomprehending. That wasn't the reply she had expected. Not that she had really expected a reply. Or wanted one.

    Stop lying to yourself, Chloe. You've refreshed your email ten times in the last six minutes.

    She brought her mind back to the task at hand. Did Lex mean the informant who had sent him the information about the Savage Inc. project had reached out again? If so, what did Deep Throat have to say this time?

    She glanced at the clock. She would need to leave right now, but she could make it back to Smallville with time to spare. Lois wasn't at her desk, so Chloe scrawled a quick note for her that she would be busy tonight. Then she got up and grabbed her coat, just as Jimmy appeared at her desk.

    "Hey, where's the fire, Chloe? I had hoped you would have time now to look over these shots from the Coatesville Dog Show with me."

    She stopped, unsure for a moment. She had told Jimmy she would help him before she had gone away with Lex. "Oh, Jimmy, I was just..."

    "Have you found your true calling writing about craft fairs and lost kittens?" she heard Lex's smirking voice say in her head.

    She firmed her resolve. Yes, she could stay and help Jimmy with his dog show pictures instead of joining Lex to investigate what the informant had to say. Before this week, a part of her had thought she and Jimmy might be able to build something again if they tried. But that would mean staying on the sidelines. And that really just wasn't who she was. She was the girl that broke into secure facilities with vexing billionaires to save people from harm. She didn't want to settle by looking over dog show pictures when she could be doing something good...with someone that was trying to do good as well. She didn't want to live a PG-13 version of her life. She wanted what she did to matter.

    And she wanted to matter to someone.

    And strangely, working with Lex against Savage Inc., she had mattered. Yes, the things she did with Clark were important too, but with him she was the sidekick, she was support. Working with Lex, she was...a partner.

    Her cheeks flamed, remembering the time in the motel. And she had been...well appreciated in a way she never had with Clark, and certainly not by Jimmy, despite his efforts.

    "Sorry, Jimmy, but there is someplace I need to be."


    "Sorry I'm late, Lex, but traffic was..." Chloe's voice trailed off when she saw who stood in the study with Lex.


    Gabe Sullivan turned around and smiled at her. "Hey Honey," he greeted her. She hadn't seen him since she had gone off the Met U three years ago, when he had moved out of state for a job. Followed by another out-of-state job. Then finally, to a job supposedly someplace in Europe a few months back, when he seemed to go completely radio silent. She had told herself it was because of the cost of international calls...but he hadn't even emailed.

    So the last person she expected to see in Lex's study was Gabe Sullivan.

    Her throat threatened to close on her, but she forced out the words. "W-What are you doing here?"

    He smiled sadly. "Trying to do the right thing."


    He let out a sigh and indicated Lex with a motion of his hand. "I'm the one that sent the manifest and pictures to Lex." He paused, waiting for that to sink in, before continuing. "He told me about how you helped him put a stop to what Savage Inc. was trying to do." His expression softened. "I'm so proud of you."

    She blinked, not sure if she was more surprised by his admission or his praise. He hadn't said he was proud of anything she had done since before Lionel Luthor had used him to hurt her. So the only thing she could think to say was, "But why...?"

    Lex cut him, in a firmer voice. "Yes, Mr Sullivan. Why send me the pictures and the manifest? You must know how it made you look seeing that file."

    Gabe sighed. "Yes, I did, but I needed you to take the threat seriously and personally. I guessed that by showing you that the loss happened under your leadership, you would handle it with utmost priority." He paused. "Even if I had to go down with it."

    "Don't take this the wrong way, Gabe, but you've never been the altruistic type. Why risk it?" Lex asked. Chloe was glad he asked that pointed question, because then she wouldn't have to.

    Gabe shook his head. "It wasn't altruism. It was guilt. I fucked up. I didn't do it on purpose, but it was my oversight in not checking those barrels were destroyed. It was part of my responsibility, but I let so much slide because I was angry at you for abandoning Lexcorp. Two minutes to check the transfer documents, and this couldn't have happened." A sad smile crossed his face before he continued. "Then a few months back, I was doing blue-collar auto parts stocking in Tampa, when I got the call from Savage Inc. They offered me a job managing a plant again, and I jumped at it. Stupid me, I though my ship had finally come in."

    Then his eyes turned pained. "It wasn't until I saw what they were doing, and who they were working against, that I finally understood why they sought me out. They had a dual hold over me. They had the manifest pointing right to me, and they knew I had a grudge against the Luthors. To them, I was the perfect employee for this type of operation. But when I saw what they were planning, I couldn't let it happen."

    Gabe's gaze moved to catch Chloe's eyes. "I guess that need you have to see justice done could be hereditary." His smile was still sad. "I wish I had understood before now. Before..."

    Chloe finished the sentence for him. "Before you have to go underground."

    He nodded. "Yeah. It won't take Savage Inc. long to figure out who gave them up. Especially not after I swiped this." He produced a disk from inside his jacket pocket. "This is everything I was able to pull from the Savage Inc. computers over the last few days." He handed the disk to Lex and his look was serious. "The shipment of meteor-rock contaminated fertilizer from the plant isn't the only thing they've taken from Luthorcorp." He paused for a moment, holding Lex's gaze steady. "And it is nowhere near the worst. You have to track down the other projects and stop them or a lot of people are going to suffer."

    Lex nodded, taking the disc. "I understand."

    Gabe turned back to face Chloe. "I'm sorry we don't have more time, Honey. So sorry that I wasted what we did have."

    Tears blurred her eyes, but Chloe ran into her father's arms, and she hugged him with all her strength. He hugged her back. For the first time in years, he hugged her back.

    Then they all heard the unmistakable whump-whump-whump sound of a helicopter landing. Gabe slowly extricated himself from Chloe and used a sleeve to wipe tears from his eyes. "I think that is my ride." He turned and looked at Lex. "Take care of my girl."

    Chloe expected Lex to tell Gabe she wasn't his responsibility, though there was a slight possibility he might play nice for Gabe's sake and say "I will."

    Instead Lex smiled, and Chloe was surprised to see it reach his eyes. "No offense, Gabe, but if you think she needs me to protect her, you need to think again."

    Gabe blinked in surprise, while Lex continued, "But what I can do is set up some sort of safe conduit for you two to communicate. The new identity I set up for you has multiple separation layers, but I have set up both routine and panic protocols if you need to reach me...or her."

    Gabe nodded in response. "Thank you, Lex." Still holding Chloe's hand he met her eyes. "I'll be in touch this time. I promise." He kissed her forehead and then disappeared from her life again.

    Chloe sat back into one of the study chairs, looking sightlessly at the stained-glass window that dominated most of one wall. A few moments later, the whump-whump-whump sound of a helicopter grew faster then started fading from hearing. Lex walked over to the sideboard and pulled down two crystal glasses and a decanter of some liquor. He poured a generous amount of amber-colored booze into each glass and walked back to where Chloe sat. Holding out one of the glasses, he said, "I think we both need this."

    Chloe accepted the glass and took a large swallow, making a face as the fire of the alcohol hit her throat and caused her eyes to water. Coughing, she gasped out "Thanks."

    Lex smirked, but for once she didn't want to slap his face for it. "No problem. We had a deal, and it was the least I could do for my...partner."

    Her head snapped up. "What?"

    Lex shrugged. "Well, you heard him. Savage Inc. is still a dangerous threat and needs to be neutralized. I assumed you would want in on it."

    Chloe blinked. Was Lex asking her to keep working with him? Even with the information her father had just handed over? "Yes, but..."

    Lex cut her off. "After all, I still think there is a Luthorcorp mole, and trust is a tough thing to find." His voice grew deep and low. "And I trust you. I trust that you'll get to the bottom of this. You'll stick your nose where it has no business being, until you find the truth, all in the name of keeping people safe."

    Chloe felt her eyes narrow at the 'stick your nose where it has no business being' comment, but didn't deny the truth of it. "That may be true, but what about you? Why not just expose Savage Inc. and be done with it?"

    He raised an eyebrow at her. "Do you think that Sullivans are the only ones that can take responsibility?" His voice grew harsh. "This is my company they want to bring down, and they want to corrupt everything I've been working for to do it. I will NOT allow that to happen." His voice changed tone again, becoming light though she still heard a bit of tension in it, even though he smiled. "So what do you say, Chloe? Care to help save the world with me again?"

    Her heart seized, but she ignored it. "Lex, I can't. The Planet..."

    He snorted. "Don't be stupid. You'll stay at The Planet, of course. You'll still need a cover while we investigate the leads on this." He held up the disc.

    She mattered. Her answer mattered. He wanted her to say yes, but wasn't trying to force her. No blackmail, no threats. It was almost too strange for words, but something in her wanted to leap at the chance.

    She fought the urge to say 'Yes,' and placing her empty glass down, got up from the chair. "Lex, this was a one-off, I can't help you..."

    His eyes bored into hers. "Then why did you save me if not to do something better? To do things like prevent what almost happened in Nebraska from happening again?"

    "Lex, I..."

    "I know what you are, Chloe, remember? I know what you can do." He put his own drink down and made his way across the room until he stood inches away from her. Her body was leaning towards his without bothering to check with her head first. His hands reached up and cupped her face as his eyes searched hers. "You are unique, but that doesn't mean you are alone." She blinked, confused. "Your power helps others, not yourself. I didn't know that could happen. Now I wonder if I've been looking at the meteor-infected wrong. They might not all just be problems to be solved and contained. What if you are the first of those that can actually help the world?"

    She snorted. "Yeah, like I can heal every person on Earth."

    He smiled. "No, but you want to. Look at what happened with me. And I know the strength of your will, your drive. You'll kill yourself in the effort, and by so doing you would make the world a darker place." Then his eyes grew hard. "And I won't let that happen."

    She pulled away. "What do you mean you 'won't let that happen.' What I do is my choice. Not yours."

    His smile returned. "True. I could lock you up, but something tells me you would still find yourself free. So instead, I offer you this." He held up the disk again. "Something worth living for."

    He eyes moved to the disc. He had gotten her true to rights. She had died several times already with her power. She hadn't begrudged the sacrifice, because she had felt the lives she saved had more value than hers, but one day she might not come back. Lex's counter of offering something she had been born to do was hard to deny. Her eyes flashed up to meet his, and she saw something else there. Something she remembered from years ago...and days ago.

    He was letting her see inside himself. Not the facade of "Lex Luthor" but the real him. Just Lex.

    And that Lex didn't want to lose her.

    Something deep in her stirred at that realization. She felt she had known him once, and over the last few days she saw glimpses of that person. When she had decided to heal him, it was because she had seen something in him worth saving. When he taken the bullets meant for her, she had thought that for the first time in years, she thought he saw it too.

    He wanted to do something better, to protect his company and innocent people. And he wanted her help.

    Wanted her.

    It wasn't a promise that he would change overnight. It wasn't even a declaration of love.

    Because, honestly, she wouldn't have believed either.

    But it was a first step.

    She found herself smiling back. "Alright, Lex. I'll help you."

    He smiled and it reached his eyes. She saw the unasked question in their blue depths, and replied with her own.

    Then he lowered his head and caught her lips in a kiss.

    It felt like a new day, a new beginning. For both of them.

    -- THE END --


    Author's Note:

    This story was created for the Winter 2014-15 SecretChlex exchange for apeygirl.

    Apeygirl asked for:
    1.chlex as enemies aligning for a cause/forced to work together
    2.extreme sexual tension
    3. early season 7 (before Lex's big downslide)

    I think I got it all in there. This was a challenge as apeygirl wrote a big S7 Chlex story. I wanted to do something that felt like it fit with her beloved canon, but obviously didn't happen. Though it should have -- Dammit!

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    Re: Compromising Positions (NC-17) Chapter 9

    Weeee!!! I still love this story! Seriously it needs to be made into a movie.

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    Re: Compromising Positions (NC-17) Chapter 9

    Aww, thanks HotCrossedBunny! So glad you still love this story. And I'm waiting for Hollywood to come knocking at my door any moment.

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    Re: Compromising Positions (NC-17) Chapter 9

    Sometimes they can just be so lazy! And yet they have all the time in the world to make 50 Shades of Disturbing! Where are their priorities?

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    Re: Compromising Positions (NC-17) Chapter 9

    Aww. I loved this!

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    Re: Compromising Positions (NC-17) Chapter 9

    Thank for commenting! Glad you liked it!

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    Re: Compromising Positions (NC-17) Chapter 9

    I adored this story. Your characters were spot on. Smut was awesome. This story was perfection. Well, except for the fact that it needs a sequel!

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