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Thread: Keeping Up Appearances (NC-17) Updated 4th November 2015

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    Re: Keeping Up Appearances (NC-17) Updated 20th April 2015

    I'm loving this
    I love Chlollie so their moments are making me happy lol
    Can't wait to read more and find out what's going on and who's spying and bugging them

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    Re: Keeping Up Appearances (NC-17) Updated 20th April 2015

    A/N: Hi Malu, thanks for reading. Here's a new bit for you.

    Chapter Eleven

    Chloe lay rolled up like a toasty cinnamon bun in her comforter. She took a deep breath, enjoying the smell of fabric softer. She had been right to splurge for the good stuff. She sighed.

    “Lazy bones, are you planning to get up at all today?” A very familiar, soft teasing voice lilted across the room.

    “Mmmmmm”, she moaned, noncommittally. She loved him even more than her duvet.

    “I’ll take that as a yes”, her beloved boyfriend’s voice grew closer as he padded over to her, his bare feet making no sound against the floor. “Come on lazy bones”, he prodded her. She felt the mattress giving way next to her as he climbed onto her small bed.

    His large arm wrapped around her, “More than enough energy to steal all of my covers during the night but not enough to move this morning. Interesting!”

    “You are such a drama queen”, she lifted her head just enough to be able to see a tiny corner of blanket by her foot that wasn’t currently in use. “There is a bit there”, she kicked it towards him.

    “Yeah, that isn’t going to work”, he noted the whole three inches of cover that she had so generously offered him.

    “You know, this wouldn’t happen if you were more of a snuggly sleeper”, Chloe nettled him.

    “I’ll bear that in mind”, he chuckled. They had been working hard to overcome his aversions to all things couple-like. Most were surprisingly easy with Chloe, others would take a little more time.

    He spooned her from behind now and nuzzled her neck.

    “Ummm …”

    “So, can I unravel you or are you hibernating?” He inquired, smiling.

    “Fine”, she huffed and then decided, “I can unravel myself”.

    “It will be more fun this was. Trust me”, Lex said as he jumped up, stepped over her and then tugged on it. Like Cleopatra immerging form her rug, Chloe was released from her duvet.

    Chloe smiled seraphically up at him. It was the first time that she had seen him that morning. He was gorgeous all smooth and sleek and lean and yummy. She felt energy stirring within her once more.

    “Well I’ll be damned”, Lex grinned down, at her wolfishly, greatly enjoying this vision laid out before him.

    Chloe naturally struck her most seductive if over blown pose.

    “Well, I was going to ask if you if you wanted any coffee, but that can wait”, Lex decided, pouncing on her.



    Chloe stirred at the sound of someone entering her bedroom and rolled over. The other side of the bed was pleasantly warm and had a masculine scent to it. With a contented yawn, she allowed her eye lids to flutter open and smiled as she made out the figure in the doorway.

    Tall and sturdy with blond hair and brown eyes, carrying a tray of breakfast goodies.

    It was not the man she had been hoping or expecting to see in her dreams but the delusion no longer hurt as much as normal. She liked to imagine that that was due to the presence of pastries rather than that she was getting caught up in the fantasy life that they were creating.

    “Good morning darling”, he greeted with a practiced, charming smile.

    “H-”, she croaked and then realised that she was dehydrated. She pulled herself up into a seated position and grabbed her glass of water, downing half of it in one large gulp. “Hello”, she tested her voice out and this time it worked.

    “Better?” He inquired with a knowing smile.

    “Yeah”, she nodded, straightening the straps on her nightgown, hopefully in a way that seemed convincing in front of someone who was already supposed to have seen her naked numerous times. “What’s all this?” She asked, staring pointedly at the tray in his possession.

    “Just my way of saying sorry about yesterday”, he said, a little guiltily.

    She stared at him, trying to work out if this was just a charade for the camera or if there was a grain of truth in it.

    “Is it safe for me to come in?” He inquired, in the tone of a man who really thought that he was in the dog house.

    “Yeah, of course. And as for getting around me, this is a good way of doing it”, Chloe admitted, inhaling deeply.

    He chuckled as he strolled over to her and sat down on the side of the bed nearest to where Chloe was lying. He placed the tray on its little legs and over her much longer ones. He reached out and stroked her hair. “I really am sorry. I shouldn't have got mad or jealous”.

    Chloe swallowed. His apology felt real. “It's alright”, she replied quietly.

    He smiled at her tenderly and leant in to kiss her forehead gently. “Good”, he said as he came back and stared at her, then he leant forwards like a man in love.

    “Mostly because I’m ravenous”, Chloe cut off any amorous intentions.

    He laughed as he halted his progress. “We had better dig in then”.

    “Wait?” She placed her hand on his chest, “You think that you are getting some of this?”

    “Well”, his eyes trailed down her, “that depends on what you are referencing to exactly”.

    “The pastries”, she answered dryly.

    He pouted then teased her, “Greedy! I’ll just leave you to it then”, he offered, standing up.

    “Come back I’m only teasing”, she patted the bed beside her. “Honestly, sometimes you are such a drama queen”.

    “Okay”, he dashed around to his side of the bed and got back under the covers. “Hand over the good stuff!”

    “Just like a man”, she taunted.

    “This from the woman who wasn’t going to share any of her entire plate of pastries with me”, he flashed her his best puppy dog eyes.

    “Good point”, she said, as she offered the plate to him while he poured the coffee. “You know you are going to have to stop treating me like this or they won’t be able fit into a wedding dress”.

    “So I’ll buy you a bigger one”, he offered, kissing her temple.

    “You’re going to need to at this rate”, she said as she bit into the soft flaky flesh of the sweet dessert with a groan of sheer ecstasy.

    “Yeah”, he noted with the strained tone of a man who was imagining something else.

    “God men are easy”, she smirked.

    “God women are mean”, he replied, even as he poured them both coffee.

    She giggled at him. “Eat your breakfast”, she reached out and claimed her steaming beverage. “Ohhhhhhhhh”, another sigh of contentment.

    “Seriously Ch”, he couldn’t say Chloe. Claire, that was her name now but he couldn’t bring himself to use it. “Darling, you’re killing me”.

    “Wait till I get my hands on the wedding cake”, she smirked.

    “I’m looking forward to our honeymoon!”


    “Do you think that they brought it?” Chloe whispered to Oliver as soon as they had entered the relative safety of the living room. She had surreptitiously rechecked the entire apartment digitally with her ‘phone’ and there was still only the camera in the headboard.

    Their romantic breakfast had been followed by his seductively muttered suggestion that they “Go and freshen up”. She wasn’t sure how strong the microphone in the headboard was, but if it was any good at all then they had got a good audio performance of two lovers showering. Of course, whoever was spying on them didn’t need to know that they had taken separate showers with the other person facing the corner for modesty’s sake.

    “Yes, it was very convincing”, Oliver assured her. Seeing that she was not entirely convinced, he smiled, “Also may I say that this is majorly going to help me rep. The noises that you were making … I must be pretty awesome”. She didn’t need to know that they had made him hard.

    “Hey”, she blushed, “I’ve got to make my future husband look good”.

    “Yeah”, he smiled at her words for a minute, but then his face fell. Why was it that that didn’t appeal to him. He didn’t want his street value to increase. He didn’t want other women to want him. He just wanted her all to himself.


    “So, couple-y enough for everyone, do you think?” Oliver was the one to ask this time.

    “God I hope so”, Chloe replied with a groan. Her feet, once again, were killing her. Rome and stiletto heels were not a good combination.

    “I wasn’t aware that being in a relationship with me was so challenging”, Oliver commented dryly as he scanned the surrounding areas to make sure that no one was listening into their conversation. They were not, the tourists milling around were far more interested in picking up cheap souvenirs than in the American couple.

    “According to Lois … yes”, Chloe said, unable to help herself.

    “Thanks”, he muttered under his breath, even as he wrapped an arm around her protectively. He was sure that they were being watched from somewhere, by someone and he didn’t think that it was his paranoia.

    “Look, I’m sure that it isn’t but being in a fake relationship for the sake of someone watching us …” She sighed, “That’s stressful!”

    “Yes, I would imagine that it would be”, he squeezed her shoulder and gave her a reassuring smile.

    “It isn’t for you?” Chloe wondered turning to face him head on.

    “Sure”, he shrugged, he hadn’t really given it a lot of thought. “I mean yes but it is my company that we are doing it for, right?”

    “Right”, she agreed. She supposed that that would make a difference. That, and the fact that the love of his life hadn’t died and left a huge gaping hole in his heart - as far as she knew.

    “Have I told you how grateful I am today?” He stroked his hands down her arms.

    “You don’t have to be grateful Ollie”, she said, and not just to be polite. He had saved her, even if he didn’t know it.

    “Chloe”, he cupped her face, taking a deep breath before getting something off his chest.

    “Chloe? How strange, I was informed that she was called Claire”.

    The couple turned around, dazed, to see a middle aged woman with deep set dark eyes and black hair lined with silver standing in front of them, watching them intently.

    “Typical”, Chloe thought to herself, “we go all over Rome looking for a way into the party and then the woman just walks right up to us at just the wrong moment.”

    “Mrs Hargrove”, Oliver greeted pleasantly, trying to brazen it out.

    “You’re the Mrs Hargrove”, Chloe asked, hoping to flatter the woman.

    “Yes”, the woman’s eyes were shrewd. “And I would like to know what is going on”.

    “I’m Chloe Sullivan”, Chloe introduced herself, “Ollie’s fiancée”

    “And I was informed that you are calling yourself Claire because …?”

    “It’s a nickname. Claire, you know like the outlander book series”, Chloe clutched desperately for an answer.

    “What, exactly, are you trying to pull?”

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    Re: Keeping Up Appearances (NC-17) Updated 20th April 2015

    Poor Chloe
    She's missing Lex so much
    But I'm glad that Ollie wants her. I know he won't get her but I love when people realize how wondeful she's and fall for her
    Uh oh are they in trouble?
    Amazing chapter
    Tks for updating this amazing fic

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    Re: Keeping Up Appearances (NC-17) Updated 20th April 2015

    Hello *waves* Thanks for reading and reviewing as always.

    Yes she is. I like that too.

    Don't worry, everyone will end up happy. Ollie included.

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    Re: Keeping Up Appearances (NC-17) Updated 20th April 2015

    Chapter Twelve

    Chloe staggered into her tiny studio apartment, exhausted and bleary eyed. She dumped her bag and kicked off her shoes, groaning in pain. High heels were the work of the devil.

    “Damn the sadistic bastard who created them”, she moaned before shuffling over to her coffee maker. Her one indulgence. Was it an indulgence if it was the only thing keeping you going? She filled it up and went to take a shower.

    She emerged a little over ten minutes later, the ends of her hair slightly damp and dressed in a different outfit with a fresh layer of make up hiding the bags under her eyes. She drank the black coffee straight out of the jug, too tired to notice its scalding temperature.

    With a wince at her reflection in the mirror the former owner had thoughtlessly left by the front door, she picked up her second work bag and left the apartment at the time she should have been crashing into bed.

    The short walk through Metropolis’ frigid night air did little to revive and although she did her best to complete a full night’s work at Queen Industries she didn’t manage it. She had managed to survive on four hours sleep per night since Lex’s disappearance, but the last three days without so much as a nap had been too much. Without knowing it, she fell asleep.



    Oliver Queen frowned. He had come into the office building at six o’clock in the morning, having arisen early and well rested only to decide that he didn’t want to go to the gym. He had noted that one of the lights was on in an office off the main corridor. He wasn’t an eco-warrior but that bothered him. He had gone to investigate and had discovered Chloe, asleep, at a right angle.

    “Chloe?” He asked again softly.

    What on earth was she doing here?

    “Chloe?” He was getting quite worried now. He leant down and touched her shoulder gently yet she still did not wake.

    “Chloe?” He almost shouted this time, concerned that she was seriously ill. He pressed his hand against her forehead and then her neck. She was overly warm but there was nothing wrong with her pulse, she could just have been hot due to sleeping under a lamp for however long she had been there.

    He crouched down next to her and stroked her cheek softly, “Come on Chloe”. He ran his thumb under her eye and foundation was removed. He flinched as he saw the extensive bruising. The poor girl was shattered.

    “Come on then”, he said, turning off her computer - noting what was on the screen - and took her bag before gently lifting her onto his arms and carrying her up to his office. He would worry about the lightbulb later.

    He lay her down gently on the settee in his office and slipped off her jacket and shoes before covering her with a blanket which had always resided in his cupboard for reasons unknown. At least now she would be slightly more comfortable.

    It was seven hours before Chloe began to stir, by which time Oliver had discovered a lot more about what had been going on in Miss Sullivan’s life recently. He had, of course, been aware that she had been fired/had departed from The Daily Planet and had been working for some tech company but not much more than that. It turned out that she worked for a tinpot tech company and overnight for him as of two weeks ago. Apparently using his global satellite to track the goings on in the Arctic.

    To say that he was a little annoyed would have been an understatement, which would explain his rather terse greeting of, “Good afternoon Miss Sullivan”, even though it was technically morning.

    “Ollie?” Chloe blinked at him and then put her hand to her head.

    “Yes”, he affirmed, “it’s me. And no, you’re not dreaming”.

    “What am I doing here?” She questioned in a cracking voice.

    In spite of his annoyance, he got up and brought her over a glass of water. “Here you are”, he sat down by her feet.

    “Thank-you”, she said, drinking it thirstily and trying to pull herself up into a more complete seating position. Oliver helped her.

    She stared at him, then down at her bag and shoes and then back up at him. “Oliver, what’s going on?”

    “I was about to ask you the same question”, he pursed his lips and noted that she looked ashamed. After several moments of silence, “You aren’t going to tell me?”

    “I don’t know how I got up here”, she said, “you don’t think that I broke and cr-”

    “No”, he shook his head, almost smiling. “I brought you up here when I found you passed out in front of one of the computers. Rather odd really, considering that I wasn’t even aware that you worked for me”.

    “Why did you do that? You didn’t hurt yourself did you?”

    “Don’t change the subject Chloe”, he fixed her with a stern look.

    “I wasn’t”, she protested, “but I will explain. I came in here to work but then I fell asleep. I’m sorry, what’s the time?” She looked down at her watch. “Oh damn it, I’m so late”. She made to jump up but was prevented by a wave of dizziness.

    “Don’t even think about it”, Oliver said, holding her down. “You need to rest”.

    “They are going to fire me”, she complained, nervously.

    “Probably. That isn’t important. The question is what are you doing working for them in the first place? The pay packet is an insult. Oh yeah, and why did you apply for a job here in secret?” He demanded.

    “It wasn’t in secret”, Chloe argued.

    “I don’t remember you coming to me”, he snorted.

    “Well, no, that isn’t how you normally go about getting a job”, she rolled her eyes at him.

    “It is if you know the boss and are as smart as you are. What the hell are you doing working for barely more than minimum wage? And why are you in an apartment which is more than the one at The Talon if you aren’t doing well financially?” He demanded, with no thought to the priority of such questions.

    “You went through my personal details?” Chloe hissed, fighting against his hands to get up but he kept her recumbent. She was too frail to storm off, besides he wanted answers.

    “Technically no I went through my details - or rather the details of my business -, then I went through yours”, he smiled, “besides, are you really in any position to question me or anyone else about their methods or privacy policies?”

    “I’m lying down on your couch”, she answered the position question literally.

    “You don’t have anything else to say?”

    She shrugged. “You’re right. I’ve stepped over boundaries”.

    He shot her a knowing look.

    “Alright, I’ve obliterated the damn things. They are so irksome!” She admitted.

    Oliver smiled. “I know”, it was one of the things that he had always admired about her.

    “So, are you going to let me up now?” She inquired.

    “Are you going to try to jump up and run out of here only ending up making yourself fall over?” He countered.

    “No, I promise”, she assured him.

    “Alright then”, he transferred his grip to her hand and helped her up, “here we go”.

    “Thank-you”, she smiled at him.

    “Tell me what is going on Chloe. Please”, he begged, using his puppy dog brown eyes on her.

    “I’ve”, she shrugged, “this isn’t your problem”.

    “I want to make it my problem. You are my friend”, he squeezed her hand. He would plead and cajole it out of her, and if that didn’t work then she wasn’t leaving.

    She took a deep, sustaining breath, apparently not clear where to begin. “I haven’t been having a great time recently”.

    “I’d gathered that”, he smiled gently and moved around so that he had an arm around her shoulders and was relieved to see that she didn’t pull away, instead she stared at his leather shoes.

    “I wanted to work at The Daily Planet for as long as I can remember and when I got there it was a let down”, she began. It seemed to be easier for her to talk to his foot than to his face.

    “Then everything with Lex. It was horrible. He took every chance to belittle me”, he felt her tensing as she remembered aloud. “I had to walk out but I didn’t really have anywhere to go. The job market is tough”.

    “You could have come to me”, he reminded her.

    “No, I couldn’t. I can’t be dependent on anyone else and I couldn’t keep living with Lois it just all brought back too many bad memories, Smallville, everything”, she shivered.

    “It’s going to be alright”, he promised her. “You are worried about something else though. I doubt that you were using my satellite fixed on the Arctic for nothing”.

    “I”, Chloe’s gaze fixed on her hands which she was wringing. “I ... You probably know that Lex was out to hurt me”, she said slowly, “I need to know what happened to him”.

    “Things were worse than anyone thought, weren’t they?” He asked slowly.

    “Yes, it’s why Lana left. I ... I don’t want to talk about it. Lex and she split and I somehow got in the middle of it”, she said, awkwardly.

    “Chloe, Lex is dead. No one could survive that. But if you are concerned about it I’ll look into it”, he promised her and pretended not to see the glimmer of a tear in her eyes. She really must be terrified of him.

    “Thank-you”, she whispered.

    “And I wasn’t aware that you were hiring yourself out. If so, I could use a good sidekick”.

    They hugged and Oliver didn’t see the slight smirk on her lips.


    Chloe lay in the bed she was sharing with Oliver Queen as cold as ice.

    “Don’t worry”, Oliver whispered and began to pull back the sheet that was covering her, “I’m not going to hurt you”.

    A/N: Don't worry, all will be explained in the next chapter. Well, not all but this little bit.

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    Re: Keeping Up Appearances (NC-17) Updated 20th April 2015

    Oh snap! So happy we got to see a Chlex flashback... But I also want Ollie to sex up Chloe superhard.

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    Re: Keeping Up Appearances (NC-17) Updated 20th April 2015

    A/N: *Walks in nonchalantly as if I haven't been MIA for the last few months and posts*

    Chapter Thirteen

    “Don’t worry”, Oliver whispered and began to pull back the sheet that was covering her, “I’m not going to hurt you”.

    “It’s alright”, Chloe murmured back. This was the right thing to do. Somehow they had not only talked their way out of a bad situation but around the woman in question. Tomorrow morning they would be heading to the private island where the meeting would take place as personal guests of Laura Hargrove. They were so much closer to solving the mystery and getting back to Metropolis, they just had to get though that one night.

    Oliver’s face hovered just above hers, bathed in moonlight filtering through the curtains, his entire body weight resting on his arms.

    She had got ready that night before him in the bathroom, slipping out of it and into bed wearing only a tiny nightie. She had waited for what had seemed like hours, but had in fact been more like twenty minutes, and then he had come in. She wasn’t a virgin. For several years she had had a very healthy love life. Then, when that had ended, had worn out the batteries in a vibrator. Plus several steamy novels. Still, as she had seen him stride manfully towards the bed, her body had given a small lurch.

    Oliver was different to any man she had ever been with before. He was taller and more imposing physically but somehow less powerful. She smiled nervously as he settled over her. She knew that he wouldn’t hurt her or take advantage of the situation.

    She licked her lips her body aching with longing. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in for a long, luxurious kiss, amazed by how easy it was to lose herself in the deception.

    “God”, she heard him groan and grinned.

    “You like that?” She teased him, running her hand down his back. She knew that she would have to take some of the initiative, proving to him that he wasn’t going to hurt her.

    “You know I do”, he leant down and nuzzled her neck, causing her to release a moan for her own. He nipped her skin and she yelp, bucked up and their heads almost crashed into each other.

    “Ow”, she rubbed the back of her neck where she had just strained the muscle. “I’m so sorry”, she apologised immediately, dropping character. “Are you alright?”

    “I’m fine sweetie”, he assured her reaching over and rubbing his hands along her shoulder. “Is your shoulder acting up again?”

    “Yeah”, she grasped for his explanation.

    “Well, I’ll just have to solve that problem, won’t I?” He grinned roguishly at her.

    “You don’t have ...” She broke off as he kissed her neck and then whispered, “Trust me”.

    “Okay”, she moaned, the blood quickly leaving her brain.

    She knew Oliver Queen’s reputation but she still have to admire his skills. He had somehow managed to remove her nightie in one fluid motion and get her to lie on her front, all without letting the camera catch a glimpse of her breasts.

    In spite of her decade long crush on Clark, a sweet innocent little flower, sexually she had always been attracted to men who were confident in the bedroom. Who knew how to touch a woman. Oliver definitely fit into that category.

    He ran his hands through her hair, making her melt into a puddle. She knew that he was worried about what they had to do that night, concerned that he might over step the line, but his touch was deliciously reassured and she had been working very hard recently. Her body was one huge knot.

    She let out a soft, contented sigh.

    “You work too hard”, he informed her.

    “Yeah”, she mumbled into the pillow.

    Oliver Queen was a magician. He massaged Chloe’s entire back of her body from head to toe, somehow finding every single sore spot and every one that made her hot too. As he rubbed the soles of her feet she almost purred into her pillow, her brain melting into a puddle of hormone filled sludge.

    “You alright there?” Oliver asked, with a husky laugh.

    Chloe made a noise, somewhere between a yeah and an um.

    He leant forwards and kissed her neck, and whispered, “Seriously, tell me if something is wrong”.

    “What?” She asked turning over and revealing herself completely to both Oliver’s lust filled gaze and the camera, not realising what she had done until he gasped.

    “Damn it”, she thought, as the realities of the situation crashed down around her, but she knew that she couldn’t go back now. Leisurely she stretched her arms out above her head, unsurprised when her ‘fiance’s’ eyes went straight to her breasts. The pert flesh pulled taunt and her nipples hard and begging for attention. I had been a loooooong time since her needy flesh had felt a man’s warm, assertive touch.

    “Well, what are you waiting for?” She asked, her voice thick as she locked eyes with him.

    “You’re gorgeous”, he murmured as he finally tore his eyes away from her breasts to survey the rest of her with undisguised hunger.

    “I bet you say that to all of the girls”, she teased him, nudging him with her foot, careful to keep her knees together so that he didn’t get a flash of her damp curls.

    “No”, he grasped her ankle, “only you”. He leant down to kiss her foot, still careful to preserve what was left of her modesty. Slowly and cautiously he kissed and massaged his way back up the front of her body, skimming over one hip, until he got to her breasts.

    He hesitated, she knew for her sake and knew that she was going to have to take the lead again. They had to get this done. That was her only reason. Honest! “Ollie”, she pleaded, “don’t tease me”.

    He laughed again and covered her breasts with his hands. She hadn’t realised just how large they were until that moment. She moaned helplessly as he began to massage her gently.

    “God I’ve missed this”, she groaned, trusting that Ollie would think that she was acting.

    “Me too baby”, he leant down and kissed her cheek, “You alright?” He whispered.

    “Fine”, she smiled back.

    He kissed her firmly and Chloe wrapped her arms around him, drawing and keeping him closer.

    “Let’s not fight again”, he suggested mischievously, loudly enough for the camera to pick up on ... Assuming that it had audio capabilities. If not they were taking a lot of precautions for nothing.

    “Either that or fight more and make up more”, she smirked up at him, running her hand through his hair.

    “That could work”, he smiled before burying his face in the crook of her neck, he breathed in her sweet scent before murmuring, “Are you ready?”

    “Yes”, she nodded, stealing herself.

    Oliver pulled the blanket over them both and then slipped off his boxer shorts and cast them aside, thankfully he had another tighter pair on underneath, still she could feel the heat from his hardened length against her thigh a be began to mimic the movements of love making.

    Chloe held onto him, stroking her hands down his exposed back, feeling the muscles working beneath her touch. He was rigid as he rocked them both back and forth, every inch of his straining not to actually plough into her. It was so hard to remember that they were only pretending when she moaned so convincingly against him.

    “I love you baby”, he whispered, “I love you so much”.

    Chloe’s hands clutched at him, pulling him closer to her. She was beyond convincing. Her legs wrapped around him, her back arched arched pushing her breasts against him, her sweet breath, coming in soft pants, tickled the side of his face. Oliver was forced to shift his position again so that she wouldn’t be so aware of his length hardening, unfortunately, by doing so, he inadvertently pressed his hip into her. The pressure was too much for her, the sensation of his hands on her hips, his hard chest chaffing her nipples, the pressure on her clit. She came with cry.

    It was too much for Ollie. He followed suit, coming against her thigh with a shout. “Oh shit!”

    A/N: Anyone still reading, if so please review.

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    Re: Keeping Up Appearances (NC-17) Updated 20th April 2015

    *raises hand* I'm still here! And I also love Chlollie, so great chapter ;D But still waiting patiently for the Chlex

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    Re: Keeping Up Appearances (NC-17) Updated 20th April 2015

    Thanks hun. I'm trying to get back into posting regularly. Great to know that you are still here too.

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