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Thread: Strange issue with editing threads/first posts

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    Strange issue with editing threads/first posts

    I have this little problem. I posted a fic, third in a trilogy, then wanted to go back and edit the first post to add in links to the two fics preceding it as I neglected to do that before, but the only thing that comes up is a blank box when I hit edit, as if nothing had been typed in that first post, and I'm afraid of putting anything into it for fear of deleting my first chapter and the formatting in it. I went back a few days later, but it was still the same thing. I also hit "go advanced" and came up with a blank box with no text. I know I had a previous issue (with not being able to upload avatars) that I finally learned was due to not being a paid member. So I guess my question is this... Have things been changed to the point where you have to be a paid member to go back and edit the first post in a thread you started or is this just a glitch? I have gone back and tried to edit reply posts and found those come up okay, but I still can't edit that initial post at all.

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    Re: Strange issue with editing threads/first posts

    I believe the problem is connected with the cyber attack the site suffered sometime ago. Lots of threads were affected; chapters of fics disappeared and even now it's many a time impossible to post comments in certain threads or to see every post.

    I remember when the forums were more active that there was a problem with the editing option; if the author of a thread wanted to make changes to the title, for example, to add an update alert, it wouldn't let them.

    Weird things tend to happen when posting. I'm still getting a notice to wait a few seconds before adding a new post to a thread whenever I click on "Post" as if the system were registering a double post...

    In other words, it must be a glitch. I'm sure Julie'll be able to shed more light on the matter.

    Have you tried editing the links to your signature at the bottom so that it's made clear both fics are prequels?
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    Re: Strange issue with editing threads/first posts

    That's a good idea. Man, it sucks that the forum went through that. I heard a little about it before, but had no idea there was such extensive damage.

    I'm also getting that false double post thing. I was wondering what was up with that.

    It's not that much of a problem, really. I can also put a link to my fic blogger in my signature in case my other 2 are missing chapters (I haven't looked them over). I'm just sorry the site got messed with.

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