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Thread: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (completed 27/11/2013)

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 20/10/2013

    Quote Originally Posted by trinna View Post
    Great story.
    Thank you!:*


    AN: This part seems epilogish, but I will continue after that because there has to be something done with that apocalypse. So you can treat this as a two part fanfic. The first part is over in this chapter.

    Part 14

    “So, doctor Hamilton,” Lex started, facing the doctor, “humor us.”

    The fight was over, but the people that stayed alive were now gathered in the main hall, waiting for some explanation of what had actually happened. They were also very confused because their leader had just died after changing into some kind of a mutated zombie monster.

    Lex as a Luthor owed this place now and he asked doctor Hamilton to explain the situation from a scientific point of view.

    “Well…” Doctor cleared his throat, clearly intimidated as every single pair of eyes were set on him, “Mr. Luthor here, the rightful owner of this and every other LuthorCorp facility, has developed a immunity for zombie bites.”

    There was a surprised murmur among the crowd.

    “Mr. Luthor was caught up in the meteor shower when he was a child. A direct consequence was the loss of hair, but also the unusual white cell grown thanks to which he never got sick. That is the reason why he is immune and till recently his blood could cure a bitten person if they did not change yet… Unfortunately, Morgan Edge was experimenting with the blood and injected it to a zombie. It is obvious that the dead men did not turn back into human. When Mr. Edge was accidentally bitten he injected himself the blood, but it mutated, creating a different kind of zombies. You witnessed it yourselves as the people you knew, the guards that were protecting you, turned one by one within minutes from being bitten.”

    “Thank you, doctor, for this enlightenment,” Lex spoke again and then turned to the people. “The danger is gone as all the new breed of zombies was supposedly killed, but there is a small chance that some of them might have gotten out of this place, managed to run and infect the others. I would recommend you staying here and I can guarantee your safety. I am not Morgan Edge, nor I am my father, I will have your back and I will not conduct any dangerous experiments under this roof. You can be sure that no zombie will ever cross our threshold again. I will do my best for this world, but it will take time… First I need to check the files… is anyone here who used to work for me?”
    Three men, that were the guards now, stepped out of the crowd. “Great. You will get me through them and we shall come up with a strategy. Will you take care of the bodies? We need some kind of a burial. I guess burning the bodies will be a better idea as we don’t want any monsters desecrating them… You can go back to your rooms and rest now… As for me and you,” Lex turned directly to the doctor and guards, “we will meet tomorrow and discuss everything. Thank you.”

    Lex finally finished and the crowd started dispersing. When he turned back to Chloe, he noticed the proud smile on her face.

    “What?” he asked.

    “You’re a born leader, did you know that?” she asked while coming closer and wrapping her arms around his neck. “Something tells me that the world domination is just around the corner.”

    “Oh, so that was your evil plan,” Lex said with poker face, “you seduced me, because you knew you will be the first lady when things get better.”

    “Of course it was.” Chloe giggled and kissed him. “What d’ya say we’ll get out of here? Found some room… clean up and then…” her voice trailed off as her eyes lowered down his body.

    “And then what?” Lex prompted with a chuckle. “Come, I think we can have the master room now.”


    The streaming hot water was pouring down on them as they were locked in tight embrace under the shower.

    Lex was kissing Chloe with all his fervor and his hands were wandering around her body, stroking the more sensitive spots. Her arms were around his neck, hands on his smooth head and she was kissing him back. She could feel by now the urgent erection at his front, pressing against her stomach.

    Her hands slid down from his head to his back, cupped his buttocks and then went up front to stroke his cock.

    “Chloe,” Lex groaned against her lips, his hands covering her breast now, “Chloe, yeah, fuck yeah…”

    Suddenly, she stopped kissing him, now tracing a path with her mouth down his chest as she was slowly squatting by him. She licked his belly button, finally got to his cock and took it in her mouth, started sucking.

    “Oh, fuck,” Lex groaned again, his hands fisting in her hair. “Yes, Chloe…”

    He soon grew too urgent and helped her back up.

    “Right now I need to be inside you…” he said, pushing her against the wall and sliding inside her channel from behind.

    “Lex…” now she was the one to keep calling his name as he was drawing deeper and deeper into her until he was fucking her. They were both out of control, both craved for this and each other as they had spent so much time apart.

    “I missed this…” Chloe confessed, “oh, I missed this… sooo… muuchh…” the last word she exclaimed in ecstasy as her channel started contacting over Lex’s cock, bringing him to climax too.

    Her was holding her from behind, still inside of her, leaning against the tiled wall of the shower.

    “I love you, Chloe,” he told her.

    “I love you too, Lex,” she said it back and turned around slowly to hug him.

    “Bed?” he asked, but there was an impish tone to his voice and she knew he didn’t mean sleeping at all.

    “Bed,” she agreed with a smile.

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 15/11/2013)

    Interesting beginnig. More please

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 15/11/2013)

    Great fic, I am so glad that he healed Chloe. I was worried there. Sorry I didn't get chance to read it until now.

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 15/11/2013)

    Quote Originally Posted by HotCrossedBunny View Post
    Great fic, I am so glad that he healed Chloe. I was worried there. Sorry I didn't get chance to read it until now.
    Oh, hi! It's ok. You don't have to read it at all if you're not a fan of the genre. Thanks for the comment!

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 15/11/2013)

    I'm not in general a fan of the genre but I really liked this one and your style of writing and fics in general.

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 15/11/2013)

    AN Ok, as I’m going through my notes for the “second” part I see that I might have exaggerated when saying the fic will be much longer. This is not the end, but we’re close to it.

    And this part may come as a shock to you. I guess pleasant or maybe not so much… ; P

    Part 14
    “Any news?” asked Chloe when Lex came back to their room in the safe haven.

    He just shook his head.

    “Doctor Hamilton is doing everything he can, but I don’t think he’ll come up with any cure,” he said, “nothing like my blood. The new generation of zombies is spreading fast. We still don’t know how many actually got out, but the new ones can actually infect the old, so… it’s bad either way. They’re evolving.”

    “And your blood doesn’t help anymore?” Chloe was seriously worried those days.

    Lex got to bed right next to her and sighed heavily.

    “I’m sorry, honey, but I’m afraid it’s the end. Doctor tried very hard, but I don’t think he’ll do it. He even doubts himself now.”

    “That is terrible,” Chloe agreed and rested her head on Lex’s chest. His hand stroked her hair. “So we need to kill them all. We to keep killing them until the whole world will be cleansed of them.”

    “Chloe, honey, I’m afraid there aren’t enough bullets for that,” Lex sighed again. The brutal reality of it all was hard to bear and she saw it in his eyes, his face. He was so exhausted, yet he tried more and more every day. He didn’t want to give up on Earth, but eventually they may all do so. “We’re still losing people. The new zombies seem to actually think. They’re nothing like the people they used to be, but they move faster and think how to get the rest of us. When we shoot them in the head they raise again very soon and the only way to kill them permanently is to shoot them and set them on fire right away. They turn to ashes and obviously don’t come back.”

    “We could set a whole building on fire,” Chloe suggested. “Of course, with zombies inside.”

    “Only we cannot burn the whole world… what will be left of us?” That question hang in the air, unanswered.

    Chloe felt like she had to enjoy every single day of her life now, maybe even an hour. She didn’t know how much time she had left. She couldn’t know how many nights she would spend with Lex. They were together and they were in love, but sometimes it just wasn’t enough as they had no actual future. They could be parted or killed at any point what made them feel so much more. Their outburst of feelings, them making love, it was always intense, too intense even. Chloe was too overwhelmed by the love she saw in Lex’s eyes, the desperation when they were having sex. He wanted to much to capture the moment, to provide her with a better future. He would do anything for her and that was killing her. She would do anything for him too, but they were helpless.

    There was nothing else to say and nothing else to come up with, so they did what they used to during nights. They started kissing, letting things heat up and then they had sex. It could always be the last time…

    So Lex slid inside her, cherished her, kissed her, let her know he loved her more than life. He was rocking into her slowly tonight. Sometimes they fucked, sometimes it was more about making love to each other. Tonight it was the latter. It was like with every passing day they felt they were given too much time, that it would soon end…

    “I love you,” Chloe said when close to coming. “I love you so much, Lex.”

    “I love you too. More than anything, Chloe.”


    “I think we can get some help if you let me go to Japan,” Emil proposed his plan to Lex and Chloe the next morning. “I intercepted an information that they might’ve had an idea of how to stop the epidemics.”

    “Did they tell you any details?” Lex asked, worried. He was rather reluctant to let Emil go when people were still dying in America and the population was dwindling radically.

    “I believe that they have a better equipment and with the help of your blood we might come up with something,” Emil admitted, “but I can’t promise anything, Mr. Luthor.”

    “With the help of Lex’s blood?” Chloe asked, didn’t really like the idea. “Does that mean Lex has to come along?”

    “Well, it would be useful. But I could as well take a vial of your blood with me, sir.”

    “Would it be enough?”

    The expression on Emil’s face told him everything.

    “Are you absolutely sure there’s a chance?”

    “Would they call me if there wasn’t?”

    “Lex, I don’t like it. I don’t want you to be a guinea pig,” Chloe spoke her mind, her hand squeezing Lex’s.

    “I am the one in charge, remember? Edge is dead. They will do nothing without my assent. Alright then, doctor, I’m desperate, so we can as well try it.”


    After having landed in Japan, Lex and Chloe were given a room in the safe haven they found themselves in and Emil went straight to the labs.

    He walked through a lot of corridors before he reached the right door. He had never been there before but he had gotten a plan of the building and she had told him where to go exactly.

    He pushed the door open and walked inside.

    It was dark in there and he couldn’t blame her. She wouldn’t like to see herself. Not like that. And she wouldn’t like him to see her in that condition too.

    He had tried so hard, so hard to overcome his grief and broken heart. And he had been doing great. He had managed to deceive everyone or, at least, to keep that piece of information from them.

    “Emil… you came.”

    “I did.”

    “I almost wish you didn’t. I almost wish you sent someone else.”

    “You know I will be devoted to you till the day I die,” he said. “You wanted me to get them here, I did it.”

    “They believe we can make the cure?” she asked.

    “Well, I didn’t promise anything, but they took the bait.”

    “You know there’s only one way to end this forever.”

    “I do.”

    “Then you know we’ll all probably die.”

    “But they will be survivors. They have to be. They need to carry on our race.”

    “Of course they will be. Everyone that is innocent and hiding in safe havens across the globe shall be rescued. The process has already started. Soldiers were given orders to leave the raw meat at pointed areas.”

    “Weren’t they suspicious?”

    “They got a message form LL, haven’t they? After all, my name is Lutessa,” Tess said.


    “Mr. Luthor, you can lie down here,” the nurse showed Lex the cot in an exam room.

    Chloe was there with him, scared to even let him go off her sight.

    “You’re not just taking my blood, are you?” Lex asked when the nurse prepared his hand for the blood to be taken.

    “As you’re here already, Mr. Luthor, we will make a full body scan and examination. It may come useful to us.”

    Suddenly, somebody burst through the door.

    “This is a hospital room!” the nurse was outraged.

    “Mr. Luthor, I am so sorry for barging in like that, but…” It was one of Lex’s men that had come with him to Japan. “We lost New York and it looks like we did lose Metropolis too. We have reason to believe that soon the whole continent will be lost.”

    Chloe was devastated and she needed to sit down. She did so right by the cot Lex was lying on, so she grasped his hand.

    Lex did not show off any emotions, he was schooled in that, but she knew it affected him too.

    “Is there any way they can get out of the continent?”

    “No, sir, no way.”

    “At least that is a good news,” Lex sighed, closing his eyes. “You may go now.”

    Chloe felt tears welling up in her eyes.

    Were they doomed?

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 15/11/2013)

    He he I knew that it was going to be Tess. Poor widdle Chloe bear, do I sense a Swan Lake theme?

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 15/11/2013)

    Zannie, yes, poor Tess But it had to be done! Swan Lake... not sure.


    Part 16

    “We’re losing!” Lex’s man informed him the next day. “I’m sorry, Mr. Luthor, but the mutation spread somehow. New zombies are in Europe and Japan too!”

    “How? How could that happen?” Lex asked.

    “They’re smarter. They’re dead, so they don’t need to breath. I believed they’ve gotten across the globe on a plane. We lost contact with two of the fleeting from America.”

    “Damn it!” Lex got angry. He hated to feel helpless and at the moment, he did. He wanted to be the planet’s savior, but he couldn’t do anything more. They were doomed. There was no cure. They would all die. Sooner or later.

    “Lex, it will be alright,” Chloe tried to comfort him, but she knew deep down that it was all futile. It was the end.

    “Chloe, from the whole planet… the great Earth… I have about four hundred survivors. Do the math. Four hundred… and there was… there was…” he stopped, his body shook slightly but he did not cry. He wouldn’t. He was strong and he couldn’t break in front of her. “It’s the end. I am sorry, but we cannot fight against billions of dead men that can’t be killed.”

    “Lex, it’s alright. No one expect more from you than you’re already doing.”

    “It’s all the Luthors’ fault,” Lex suddenly said, his eyes staring into the distance. “My father killed the human race. His blood is in me… how can…”

    “You can’t choose your family,” Chloe quoted and squatted by Lex who was sitting in a chair. “I never blamed you. No one would. It’s not your fault. You couldn’t have known what he would do.”

    “The worst part is that he just wanted to heal himself. Of course, all he cared about was his own life, but through that he could help everyone. And that was the failure.”

    Chloe could just listen and stroke Lex’s knee, the part of his body that wasn’t sexual and she had the access to.

    “We can just sit here, wait to be taken over by them or… we can die,” Lex suddenly said.

    Chloe swallowed hard as she saw the gun lying right next to him.

    “Lex… I agree. I’d rather die than become one of them, but… let’s wait. Till the very end.”

    “You’re right.” He pulled her onto his laps and then put his arms tightly around her. She snuggled her face into the crook of his neck. It was her Lex. Everything about him was dear and familiar to her. His smell, his skin, his breathing, the way he moved, looked at her, touched her. She didn’t want to let that go. She had just got him. They had just began their lives together.

    But they never really had a chance. Not in this world.

    “I love you,” she said.

    “I love you too, Chloe.”

    It didn’t matter how many times he would tell her those words, he couldn’t give her the one thing that could save her. He couldn’t give her a world free of the plague.

    “What about the blood the nurse took? You think it can help?”

    “No,” Lex denied. “I don’t. It’s too late anyway.”

    Somebody knocked on the door and they heard Emil’s voice as it opened.

    “Sorry to disturb you,” he said, “but I need to show you something.”

    “What is it?” Lex asked, not even bothering to loosen his hold on Chloe. It was the end, he wouldn’t feel awkward in front of a stranger.

    “You need to see it on your own eyes, Mr. Luthor.”

    “Alright then,” Lex sighed, but did not get his hopes up. It was beyond that point anyway.

    Chloe got off his laps and he regretted that they needed to move at all. He grasped her hand and they followed Emil.

    “What’s happening? Why the chopper is ready when I didn’t get the order?” Lex asked on seeing what was happening outside through the hall window.

    “You will see,” came the ambiguous answer from Emil.

    “Hamilton, what is…”

    “Please, just… follow me. You will understand then.”

    “It had better be good!” Lex said.


    “Emil, where are you taking us?” Lex asked, suddenly realizing he forgot the gun. If somebody was to bite them right now… he would fail in fulfilling Chloe’s last wish. She didn’t want to become a zombie. It was the last thing he wanted too.

    What happened that he thought about how to die best, how to kill the woman he loved? What happened to the world in which his only concern now would be when and how to propose?

    “Just… go inside and… I hope you won’t be too shocked,” Emil answered and pushed the door to a dark room opened. “I think you should turn the lights on at least that one time,” he directed those words to somebody inside.

    “What is going on? Who is in there?” Lex asked and drew a protective arm around Chloe.

    “Please, go in. We do not have much time.”

    So they did.

    “Hello, brother,” they heard a female voice.

    Lex froze. He thought he was being haunted by the ghost of his dead sister. Or maybe he was already dead. Maybe he and Chloe had killed themselves and now they were in the afterlife?

    “Please, don’t scream,” Tess repeated and in that moment Emil switched the lights on.

    Chloe covered her mouth with her hands and she took in Tess’s image and Lex just paled, all the blood flowing away from his face, his hold on Chloe tightening.

    “I know you two would be eventually together,” Tess said bitterly. “I saw it from the beginning.”

    She was on a wheelchair, but it wasn’t even the worst part. She had been attacked by zombie. And she had survived.

    She was missing both her legs, the right stump ending at her thigh, the left at her knee. Her right hand was also gone while the left survived but was missing two fingers. There were marks and scars on her neck and on her right cheek. All because of zombie bites.

    “Tess, oh my god!” Chloe gasped.

    “How?” was all Lex asked. “I got the healing ability from the meteor radiation. How could you…”

    “You didn’t know,” Tess said, “of course you didn’t. You never knew you had a sister until few months ago. When I was little I had an accident and I needed blood. My type was very rare and then, suddenly, a blood came and I was saved. When I survived the zombie attack I realized that Lionel must have taken your blood to save me.”

    “I… I did give away blood once when I was twelve…” Lex admitted. “ I remember it because it was different than all the other times they were examining it. That time I had given so much I nearly fainted, yet my father thought I could give more.”

    “At least I know he loved me in his own perverse way,” Tess snorted.

    “Tess, if I’d known…”

    “What? You would’ve come back for me? Into a building full of zombies? Lex, see what they’ve done to me! I thought I was dead! I thought I would change but somehow I survived!”

    “But it still doesn’t explain how you stayed alive. You must have been bleeding all over!”

    “Emil saved me. Brought me to a safe place and then arranged a transportation to a place where no one would find me.”

    “But… I don’t get it… when we came to safe haven… you just met Emil,” Chloe noticed.

    “But I saw how he really was,” Tess explained. “It was the end of times, the apocalypse, so we didn’t bother with dating, we just… hit off right away. In fact, he’s the only good man I was ever involved with. The one I truly feel for.”

    “When I came to you, you ran with me,” Lex noticed.

    “What was I supposed to say? That I was briefly involved with a man who was working for Morgan Edge? Our enemy? If Edge knew, he would kill all of us. Emil needed to be discreet.”

    “Why didn’t you say anything? You saved her and you didn’t bother to tell me my sister was alive?!” Lex turned to Emil.

    “I was just following Tess’s wishes.”

    “Or orders?!” Lex growled at him.

    “Lex, stop, it’s not Emil’s fault. He was more than loyal to me, what I can’t say about you.”

    “But how was I supposed to know you were immune?! Tess, how?! Answer me! I was sure you died!”

    Tess and Lex both had tears in their eyes right now.

    “How Emil found you in time?” Chloe asked.

    “He injected me a GPS when I was sleeping,” Tess answered, “back in the safe haven.”

    “Uhm…” Chloe just uttered.

    “What now?” Lex asked bitterly his sister. “What do you expect me to do now?! Why you revealed yourself to me now?!”

    “Because I have a plan to save the human race, Alexander,” Tess said calmly. “For days now I have been watching the zombies migrating. I have told the soldiers to place huge meat chunks in certain areas. Zombies took the bait. All we need to do is to drop bombs on them and if some survived… we have enough soldiers to fight and win.”

    “We?” Lex asked, his voice faltering.

    “Well, you, actually, and Chloe. I need you to go and have a life. I need you to lead the rest of the people that survived and to make a world for them. You can do this Lex, you are a Luthor. Don’t let that legacy go to waste.”

    “My legacy is a disease. It’s our father who’s to blame for all of this.”

    “And he is dead because I killed him. I already punished him. Although now as I think of it… maybe it would’ve been better to let him rot as a zombie. That would’ve been a better punishment.”

    “Tess, what about you?” Chloe asked. She noticed the strange tone to Tess’s voice as it she was saying goodbye.

    “Me? Just look at me!” Tess raised her voice. “I can’t live like that. I just can’t!”

    “Tess, you are my sister, I won’t leave you again!” Lex denied, determined.

    “Well, you’re going to. It’s what I want. Ever since I was attacked, my life had been nothing more than a misery. Do you think it’s easy for me to live in the darkness? To not been able to look at myself in the mirror? To not being able to show Emil how much I love him?”

    “But it’s living after all,” Chloe said.

    “No.” Tess shook her head. “I don’t want to live like this. Do you know how much pain I’m in? I called you here because I needed to tell you my plan. Now I can die in peace.”

    “What?! NO!” Lex yelled. “I won’t let you.”

    “You have no choice. The very first bomb will drop right here, on this safe haven. All the people have already been evacuated and if you don’t catch the last chopper on time, you will die down her with me. It’s your choice.”

    “Tess, no, I will take you there!” Lex growled and walked over to her with the intention to take her into his arms and carry her.

    “No!” She had a gun and now she aimed it at her brother.

    “Tess!” Tears in Lex’s eyes welled up again. “Tess, please, don’t do this.”

    “You either run now or you stay and I shoot you. I will not be a zombie and believe me, they are coming. If they’re here faster than the bomb is scheduled to be dropped, I will shoot myself.”

    “I don’t care! I’m taking you with me!”

    Tess got ready to shoot.

    “Not even one step further, Lex.”


    “Look behind you at the woman you love. She is the one you need to fight for. She is the one you need to get out of here, not me. She is the one you owe this to. You can’t die and you can’t take me with you. She has sacrificed everything for you. She had been through so much more, I know, Emil told me. Lex, think of it. You owe it to her.”

    “Tess, please…” Chloe pleaded, remembering how the read head had saved her life.

    “Chloe, I couldn’t have a better sister in law. Please, take care of Lex for me. Love me and be there for him. You know by now that there is darkness in him, but he can fight it and become the amazing man I know he has the potential to become as long as you stand by his side, as long as you give him your love.”

    “It’s time,” Emil noticed. “You need to run now.”

    “But…” Lex started.

    “I love you, brother. Now, if you don’t want to bring death upon the woman you love, you will run!”

    “I love you, sis,” Lex just said, grabbed Chloe’s hand and made his decision. There was no other choice and Tess was right. “Emil?” he asked, but the doctor just shook his head.

    There was no time for convincing him to go with them.


    Lex and Chloe ran out to the roof and managed to jump onto the awaiting chopper in the very last moment.

    “I thought you weren’t coming,” the pilot said. “Thank god you made it,” he added. “Mr. Luthor, I have orders to take you to Paris, to the biggest unit you owe. You’re in charge now.”

    The chopper was flying away toward the nearest airstrip so they could board the plane.

    When they were in a safe distance, the bomb was dropped on the building.

    Chloe put her arms around Lex, trying to give him comfort, trying to show him how much she loved him.

    AN Short epilogue to come!

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 15/11/2013)

    Ohh, interesting.

    In Swan Lake in the end they realise that the world will never accept their love and so they drown themselves so that in death they can be together - I wasn't too bothered by that as I wanted the bad guys to win! The bad girl was a Daddy's girl so you know that I had to support her.

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 15/11/2013)

    Quote Originally Posted by HotCrossedBunny View Post
    Ohh, interesting.

    In Swan Lake in the end they realise that the world will never accept their love and so they drown themselves so that in death they can be together - I wasn't too bothered by that as I wanted the bad guys to win! The bad girl was a Daddy's girl so you know that I had to support her.
    Oh, I am familiar with some versions of Swan Lake, but I was thinking of the black/white swan and not that ending.
    Then, yeah, I see how you could notice a familiarity. It was close, but not enough
    (one lack of happy ending in one fic was enough for me for lifetime)

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