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Thread: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (completed 27/11/2013)

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 12/10/2013

    Please update soon. Chloe has to wake up.

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 12/10/2013

    Part 9

    Chloe was probably dead by now. Changed into one of them.

    He couldn’t deal with it. Couldn’t accept it.

    He was left all alone and he could as well die, too. He wouldn’t shoot her. He wouldn’t watch her being dead and still walking. Attacking him. With eyes with no real expression, without the real Chloe inside.

    He found a herd of them.

    He started shooting, attacking. He was venting the grief.

    Couple of them even managed to bite him before he shot, but he didn’t care.

    What was one more bite? Nothing. It couldn’t hurt him anyway.

    And even if it did, he wouldn’t care. He didn’t want to live anymore.

    What was the point of living in such a world?

    He was strong, he was a Luthor and a survivor like his father had always said, but… if Lex was the only one left, he wouldn’t like to be. Not like this. Not for this price.
    Only he realized he couldn’t just let them eat him alive. He didn’t want a painful death.

    And Chloe… he owed her something after all. She wouldn’t like to be a zombie. She would like to die too.

    So he had to come back to kill her… to put a bullet in her head and to bury her.

    It would hurt him. It would leave him a zombie, even without the change. But he had to do this. For her.

    She would like him to and he knew he would like her to do something like that for him too if the situation was reversed.

    Lex noticed a grenade in his bag, so he threw it to the remaining zombies. Instead of running they actually were curious and soon were blown to pieces.

    Lex was coming back, afraid of what he would find…


    When he did, covered in blood that probably was partially his, he could look at Chloe just yet and he decided to dig up a grave. Only he needed to wash himself first as the blood felt unpleasantly sticky to his body.

    When he was cleaned and the wound more or less stopped bleeding, he forced himself to come over to the blanket Chloe was lying on.

    He jerked to a sudden stop when he looked at her face.

    The fever broke. The dark circles under her eyes were gone. She looked… healthy. She looked like she was just sleeping, not undergoing any dreadful transition.

    Lex’s heart started beating so fast he thought he would go into cardiac arrest.

    “Chloe?” he whispered, unable to say her name out loud.

    He crouched to the ground and put his hand to her neck, checking her pulse.

    It was steady, completely normal.

    To be sure, he put his ear to her chest to listen to her heart.

    “What are you doing?” He almost jumped on hearing Chloe’s voice.

    “Chloe?! You’re ok!” he exclaimed, finally breaking his own silence. “Oh, god! It worked! You’re fine!”

    “But you clearly aren’t,” she said in patronizing voice. “What the hell did you do?!” She sat up and touched his neck where she could see a fresh wound. Then she examined him more thoroughly, finding a few more bites on his arms. “LEX!”

    “I’m fine. It’s not like they can hurt me.”

    “But… what the fuck did you do?”

    And just like that, she was Chloe again. The same nosy and sometimes very infuriating reporter.

    “Nothing… ok, ok,” he gave up on seeing the look on her face, “I went… out… to kill… some of them… You know, I needed… I needed venting.”

    “You needed venting?” she repeated with raised eyebrows. “Great, just great!”

    “I thought you were dead! You were barely breathing and if you saw yourself…”

    “But I’m fine now. Lex… you healed me,” she suddenly said, stunned, like it just got to her. “You really did it! Do you realize what we can do with that knowledge?! You can heal!”

    “Well, technically my blood can and if I give away too much I will get sick.”

    “I’m not saying you should be a walking blood bag, I’m saying we should try to produce a cure.”

    “Where? In Edge’s shelter?”

    Chloe lost her enthusiasm.

    “It sucks… you have all that potential and… we can’t do anything with it.”

    “I think it’s too late anyway, Chloe. I may heal somebody’s bite, but I doubt I could heal a zombie. They’re just rotting bodies. Even if my blood could reverse the process, they would still die.”

    “I know… I’m sorry I said that. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I don’t… You know, I don’t treat you like a blood bag, do you? I care about you as a person.”

    “I know,” he reassured her and pulled her to his chest. Chloe snuggled into him eagerly.

    “What are we going to do now?” she asked.

    “I don’t know… go to Victor, I guess.”

    “Yeah, he shouldn’t be alone in there. And we have to stay together. All of us that survived… you’re still bleeding here.” She noticed a wound on his hand and pulled away to look at his face. “Come, we’ll take care of this.”

    She got to her feet, took his hand and pulled him toward the stream.

    Chloe insisted Lex took his short off, so she could see what he’d done to himself.

    “You’re stupid, stupid man…” she murmured under her breath.

    “Careful who you call stupid,” he warned her.

    “Or what?” she asked.

    They were standing under the stream and Chloe took her clothes off, so they wouldn’t get wet and all that was left was her underwear. And Lex couldn’t help but react to her body. Especially when a moment ago he‘d thought he’d lost her forever.

    She didn’t see his kiss coming, but she didn’t complain when his lips touched hers.

    Soon, they were kissing and holding onto each other as the hot water was flowing down on them.

    Lex pushed Chloe gently against the stone wall from which the spring was coming out above them. He put his arm under her head, so she wouldn’t hurt herself, but she couldn’t feel any discomfort anyway. All she could feel was Lex and his naked now body. Grazing against her, caressing her…

    She didn’t even notice when she spread her leg to make room for him. He just slid in smoothly, making love to her immediately.

    “Lex…” she moaned, “yes, Lex…” Her nails were grazing his back and her body clang to him like she was never to let him go again.

    He could just keep pushing into her and feel her. She was alive, she was real. He was inside her.

    Life was so fragile. One minute he was ready to die himself, because there was no one left he cared for. He didn’t want to be all alone. He preferred to be dead.

    Yet, he’d saved her. His blood was now in her veins and she was safe. She would live. And he would never let her get hurt again. He would protect her for all cost, he swore to himself.

    Also, he would not waste this second chance they got.


    “Oh no, that’s not a good sign,” Chloe said when she and Lex came back to the shopping centre Victor was hiding in.

    They were welcomed by the door… opened.

    “I guess it’s not for us,” Lex murmured as he pushed it further to peek inside.

    “It’s dangerous.” Chloe’s hand grabbed his sleeve. “Lex, don’t go in there. I’m scared for you.”

    “I’ll be fine.” He turned to her and smiled. “Don’t worry. Nothing can hurt me.”

    “Well, here you’re wrong!” she hissed. “You can be hurt by them! They can rip you to pieces if there’s too many of them! Remember Tess?”

    “Chloe, we have guns. We need to check it up. We owe it to Victor.”

    “I know we do,” she admitted, “and believe me, I want to help him, but… We need to be careful. We can’t just jump inside and look what’s gonna happen.”

    “Do we have a choice?... Stay here.” And he just disappeared inside.

    “No way! Are you… Lex?” She also walked inside the building, but the lights were out and there was no windows in the hall of this centre, so she couldn’t see much. “Lex!” she hissed, doing her best to still whisper.

    “Here!” she heard, so she carefully went in that direction.

    She reached the stairs and slowly walked up. There was less probability the zombies went there if they got inside.

    Suddenly, her eyes exploded in pain as the lights were turned on. She already managed to adjust to the darkness, but now she was blinded again.

    Fortunately, she had enough reflex to jump behind the nearest wall as she saw a glimpse of more than one person.

    “Who are you?!” She heard their raised voices. “Are you alone?! Where did you come from?! Are those… bites?!”

    “Listen! Wait! Wait! I can explain! Look, this one is weeks old! I am immune! I swear! Don’t kill me! You can do it anytime if you see me changing and believe me, it starts with the fever, so there’s no way I can hurt you!”

    Chloe was terrified. She’d almost died last night and now… now Lex was the one in danger for a change? She couldn’t let them hurt him, but how would she stop them? They were at least two of them.

    “It’s just me,” Lex assured them.

    Chloe peek out of her hiding place and she met Lex’s eyes.

    The look on his face and the slight shake of his head meant one thing: don’t.

    She had no choice but to listen. At least for now.

    “So you say you’re immune?” She heard another voice.

    “Yes! Just look at this scar. Does it seem fresh to you? I escaped from safe haven, because I was afraid they would kill me if they knew.”

    “Wait… you’re Lex Luthor. I knew you seemed familiar!”

    “Yes, it’s me,” Lex admitted.

    “So you have to be right… it’s been weeks since you disappeared… but wait, didn’t you run with two girls? And crashed the front gate?”

    “They died,” Lex lied without flinching. “My sister, Tess, died few days ago and Chloe Sullivan, well… she died last night. I shot her and buried her. I thought I could save her whole giving her my blood, but I was too late.”

    “I see… but you know, with the right technology and a lab that we actually do have in safe haven, we could succeed in producing the cure. Of course, if you’re telling the truth, that is.”

    “I sweat I do. I’ve already told you, you can watch me twenty four seven and if the fever ever break you can shoot me.”

    “Alright. You’re going with us.”

    Chloe froze.

    What? She wouldn’t Lex sacrifice himself for her like that. She needed to save him.

    Only he’d already said she was dead.

    If those people found out he lied… they could both die. How would they know Lex didn’t lie about the bite too?

    There was only one way out of this.

    She needed to let them take Lex and then find a way to break him out.

    Or just find a way to get in and keep him safe…

    She was listening to all the sounds that were telling her the men were taking Lex downstairs and to their car. Then she heard the engine running and they were just… gone.

    “Fuck! Shit! Fuck! FUCK!” Chloe cursed out loud and kicked some box in front of her.

    What would she do now? What if they hurt Lex? They wouldn’t care about his well being as long as they had a chance for producing a cure, would they?

    Chloe needed to seal the door back, hide inside, east something and then figure out a way…

    “Bingo!” she suddenly exclaimed to herself. “The sewer system! I can get inside that fucking lab that way!... Just now… where would I find the blueprints?”

    She even felt ashamed that she hadn’t thought of this obvious solution when they’d escaped from safe haven in the first place. There were bathrooms there and running water, so there had to be a way…

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 12/10/2013

    AN Just letting you know about my new fics: The Phantom of the Opera (Lexana); Verus Amor (Lex&Kara) & Mrs. Luthor (Clois & Lexana)
    You can find tchem in my master list.

    Part 10

    What would they do to Lex? Would they hurt him?

    Chloe was still panicking. She knew they would not kill him, but he might as well suffer.

    What happened to Victor and his father? Had they been bitten? Or maybe taken by the men from the safe haven? The second option sounded much better to her and she could only hope for it to be true. It had to be as Victor was very careful of who he let inside.

    She took a few deep breath and forced herself to go look for food. She might not be hungry right now, but she needed nutrition to put her plan in motion.

    She stuffed herself and took a lot into a car she found - the truck had been taken as probably a property of Edge. She was lucky enough to find a car with keys still inside and a half full tank. There was blood inside that suggested what had happened to the owner, but it was better than nothing.

    Chloe was even more scared now when she had to drive alone through the abandoned streets, seeing zombies from time to time. She prayed that she would not meet any larger group. Her shooting was getting better and better, but she was alone. Lex that was always a mainstay to her was gone now. She could as well miss her every target.
    “No, I won’t!” she decided loudly. “Lex needs me and I will not let him down!”

    She clenched her hands on the steering wheel and stopped right by the city library.

    She had been there so many times in the past, always doing some research for her studies. Some days the library had been like her second home. She had never thought of any apocalypse scenario when being in there, on the contrary, she had imagined herself finally getting a job at the Planet and becoming the best reporter.

    Dreams didn’t always come true. That was the brutal truth of life.

    Chloe took a deep breath and stepped out of the car, clenching two guns by her side, each in each hand. She knew she wouldn’t be able to shoot with the left one, but at least she had enough bullets that way. Loading the gun was still a task that took her too much time. She would never do it fast enough to shoot an upcoming zombie.

    She finally walked up the stairs to the library front door and then found herself inside.

    Luckily for her, it was closed, but not locked. Maybe zombies were smart enough to open the door? Or maybe they were just bursting through? Not knowing what a door knob was?

    As soon as she checked the main library and found no one and nothing, she barricaded herself inside while pushing smaller shelves of books right next to the door. No one would get in, but she could get out.

    Now she needed to find some information about the sewer system and find the blueprints of it.

    She felt like her old self again. She was doing research. She was digging through the books. Just like she had done so many times before for her articles.

    “Bingo!” she said to herself when she finally saw the right blueprints. “So… Morgan’s safe haven… must be here… on the LuthorCorp’s ground… wait a minute…” No, she couldn’t be that lucky. But she was!

    She needed to go to the cellar of the library and there…

    She crooked her head, studying the blueprints.

    “Lex will be so proud of me,” she said to herself with a smile. “Hold on, Lex. I’m coming…” she murmured under her breath when she was leaving the room.

    After having packed some food and water into a backpack, she went to the cellar and looked for the passage.

    She didn’t think she would get hungry down there, but couldn’t predict anything. She might walk straight into the Edge’s building, but she might as well wonder somewhere when she would be lost.

    “Now or never,” she said and entered the sewer system. “Oh, god, I hope the dead men didn’t have the same idea… do they even have ideas?” she asked herself out loud and shook her head.

    She also brought a flashlight with her, so she would know where she was going.

    An hour later she wiped the sweat off her forehead and looked at the blueprints once again.

    “Where the hell are you?! I should’ve been there by now!” she raised her voice and suddenly she stopped on hearing something.

    Her whole body stilled, trying to assess where the noise had come from.

    Please, let it not be zombies, please… she was asking in her thoughts.

    But no, no zombies.

    She realized that on her right there was a manhole.

    She took one last look at the prints and then shoved them away, pushing at the hatch with all her strength.

    It did not budge, but then she noticed the handle. She could only hope it wasn’t rusty enough as not to open.

    She used all her strength and the hatch just barely moved.

    “Come on!” she hissed to herself. “You can do this! Lex needs you!”

    She was free to go as the door started opening. It wasn’t all the way, but she was small and managed to squeeze in.

    She found herself in darkness, but the smell changed, so she could assume she was in some building’s lowest level. She closed the door behind her as she didn’t want to put the entire safe haven at risk because of her stupidity.

    She straightened herself up, glad that she could and that she didn’t hit her head on any low ceiling.

    The she found a wall and started feeling it up, finally discovering a light switch.

    For a moment she was squinting frantically, not been able to see anything clearly, but trying to desperately nevertheless. She needed to assess the possible danger. She couldn’t get caught.

    The room was empty. It was… Chloe thought that she had enough of luck for the day. She found a closet she knew very well. She had been changing in that room when she had been living here briefly. Those were the outfits the housekeepers wore.

    She shrugged. She was obviously doomed to wear it whenever she was here.

    But the room meant that she was also at the right level with the labs and the doctor’s room.

    She opened the door quietly and peeked outside.

    She didn’t see anyone, so she stepped out into the corridor and started walking, keeping her head low.

    She reached the door to Emil Hamilton’s office and it opened in the same time.

    Fortunately, Chloe managed to hide behind it where on the other side of it was a person.

    “Take five samples of his blood,” she heard doctor Hamilton’s voice and he walked away, toward the elevator.

    Chloe managed no to attract his attention and slipped into the room before the door closed for good.

    She was welcomed by a nurse’s scream.

    Of course, the nurse didn’t know Chloe and even if she was wearing a special outfit, she was still dirty from the sewers.

    So Chloe did the first thing that came to her mind. She grabbed some metal object that she spotted on the table next to a scalpel and hit the nurse in the head, knocking her down.

    “I’m sorry,” she said to her motionless body.

    “Chloe?” she suddenly heard a week voice coming from the back of the room.

    She couldn’t believe it! But it was true! She found him!

    “Lex!” she gasped and got to him.

    He was tied up to a cot, his face white as paper.

    “Did they hurt you?” Chloe asked, almost crying at the sight of him. He looked so weak.

    Her hands cupped his face and she looked into his eyes from up close.

    “No… they’re just… poking me with needles… taking my blood… testing it… giving me time to rest… only when… necessary…” he stopped talking, clearly tired.

    “Oh, god… Lex… I need to get you out of here, but… can you walk? Do you have enough strength to stand? There’s a long way through the sewer system…”

    “You got here through the sewers?” he suddenly asked, looking at her with bewilderment. “That is… brilliant.”

    “I know… and… thank you,” she corrected herself. She didn’t need to show off her pride now. “We need to get you out of here. We can stay in the library. I have enough food for a few days and you can recover… just… please, you need to come with me.”

    “Chloe,” his voice changed, his eyes became so intense, “thank you. I… I don’t know what to say… You’re amazing. Thank you for coming for me…”

    “Of course. I couldn’t not come.” She took a scalpel and freed one of his hand when she heard a dull clung and something was put to her head. A barrel. A barrel of a gun.

    She stilled. She knew her luck would run out soon…

    “I’m sorry,” she heard Emil Hamilton’s voice, “but I can’t let you go. Edge will kill me if Luthor disappears. I really have no choice.”

    Lex tried to free himself, but he still had ties on his left hand and his legs.

    Chloe could just look into his eyes with her own blurred by tears. She wanted to say she was sorry, but the sound didn’t want to escape her throat.

    “I knew you didn’t die,” Emil went on, forcing her to face him, “hands up,” he added. “I know you didn’t die, because when I took a look at Lex’s blood, I knew it healed you. I knew I had a cure in my hand.”

    “You wouldn’t have let us go even if Edge hadn’t been your boss, would you?” Chloe asked bitterly, finally finding her tongue to speak.

    “Of course. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to hurt any one of you. I just want to distribute a cure.”

    “Look what you’re doing to him! He’ll die if you keep it up! You’re draining him of his blood!!” Chloe raised her voice, crying now.

    “I know when it’s the right time to stop.”

    “But he’s in pain! So what that physically he can take it?! Didn’t you swear not to do any harm?!”

    “I’m saving this planet!” Emil also raised his voice. “And you, little girl, will not stand in my way!”

    “Let her go!” Lex yelled. “I’ll stay, but please… let her go!!”

    “No!” Chloe denied, turning to him. “I’m not leaving you!”


    “Well, well, what we’ve got here?” Another person entered the room and Chloe winced as she recognized the full of venom voice. Edge.

    “Miss Sullivan,” he said and walked closer. He had a gun too.

    “No, please…” she started.

    Edge lowered the gun and took a pair of handcuffs from his pocket.

    “Turn around.”

    “But I…”

    “I said, turn around!” He pushed her to the bed and she lost her balance, landing on top of Lex. Their faces were so close for a moment. They looked each other in the eyes and Chloe sobbed as saw the blue grey depths.

    She wanted to save him, only she couldn’t. Her heart was just being sliced.

    Edge put the handcuffs on her and jerked her body to an upright position. She lost the contact with Lex.

    “LEX!! NO!!!!!! LEX!!!” she was screaming, but she couldn’t fight anymore.

    She was dragged out of the room by Morgan Edge and the last thing she heard was Lex’s scream, “CHLOE!!”

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 20/10/2013

    More please.

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 20/10/2013

    I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for more.

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 20/10/2013

    Quote Originally Posted by trinna View Post
    More please. [trinna]
    Here you go!

    I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for more. [evette]
    I'm happy you like it so much!

    Sorry, guys, I am sick and having a hard time updating all my stories. But I'm getting to that.
    Only I think this will only make you want more


    Part 11

    Chloe was taken to Edge’s office and tied up to a chair.

    “You should know very well that no one who has been beaten has the right to live here,” he told her while taking a chair right in front of her. Emil was there too, standing by the door and looking down on the floor. He obviously didn’t like what was happening, only he had no other choice but to stand by.

    “I might be beaten, but I’m cured now!” Chloe denied fervently. “It’s been some time and I’m still me!”

    “Take her blood,” she heard Edge’s order.

    “What? No! You have no right!”

    “I have every right! It’s my property! My land!”

    “Well, technically, it belongs to the Luthors and shall I remind you that you have one of them imprisoned?”

    “He has bite marks! Multiple number!” Edge finally raised his voice, losing his patience with her.

    Emil got to Chloe with a syringe.

    “Get your hands off me, you…” Chloe started again, trying to get free. Of course there was no way out.

    “I’m sorry,” Emil apologized honestly and took the blood sample.

    “We need to examine it,” Edge continued, “and you should thank me for not killing you and your boyfriend right at the spot.”

    “He’s not… wait, I should thank you?! You’re not stupid! If you were you wouldn’t have survived for so long without going to prison! You know what Lex’s blood can do and you want to keep him alive!”

    “Maybe, but we’re still observing him. He needs to stay in isolation until we have tested the blood on zombies.”

    “Zombies?! Can you hear yourself?!” Chloe was shocked. “Don’t you get that they are already dead?! Even if the cure works on them, all you will have left will be a rotten body of a dead person! It’s not some fantasy world when you apply the blood and they come back! No blood can do that! You’re sick!”

    “I will safe this planet, Sullivan.”

    “And you will kill Lex in the process!”

    “What is it about him anyway, hah? You escaped the safest place in America to safe him and now you’ve come back for him. Why? Are you two in love?”

    Chloe remembered having sex with Lex and how amazing it felt. It was the best she had ever had, but… could she call it love? They never said those words to each other. It was the end of the world and Chloe had gone without it for a long time. Lex was handsome and sexy, so she had jumped the opportunity. He had done it too. But was it the real reason? Was it just because there was no one else or because the one person by her side was the right one?

    She didn’t answer. She would not give Edge any satisfaction from her confusion.

    “I’ll tell you what…” Edge started, “I will keep Lex alive and make sure we don’t drain too much of his blood. I will also keep him fed and healthy, but… you need to do something for me too. I will send you on a mission.”

    “What mission?” Chloe asked, not really liking the sound of it.

    “For Lex’s life. Can you do it?”

    “But I need to know what it is!”

    “Does it matter? You would do anything to keep him alive, wouldn’t you? … Emil?”

    Chloe was sedated.

    Was it possible for her to hate Edge even more than she already did?


    “Hey! Wake up! Chloe, is it? Wake up! We’re almost there!”

    Somebody smacked her gently and then she felt something wet on her face and she winced.

    “There you go. Are you awake now? Can you hear me?”

    Chloe’s head was pounding. She never reacted well to sedatives.

    There was a quiet moan escaping her mouth and she felt something cold put to her lips. A glass of water. She accepted it and gulped it all down.

    She finally managed to open her eyes.

    She saw a handsome dark haired man crouched by her side. He was worried and was also looking at her with… yeah, he probably thought she was attractive. She could tell, because she didn’t usually get that much attention in her life.

    “Who are you?” she asked, putting her hand to her head and sitting up.

    She could hear the constant rumbling around her.

    “Are we on a plane?” she asked another question, looking around.

    There were soldiers. Guns. Ammunition. Supplies.

    “My name is Davis Bloom and yes, we are on a plane. We’re heading toward China.”

    “China?!” Chloe asked in shock. “What?! No! No! I can’t go to China right now!”

    “Hey, calm down! They might’ve brought you here while you were unconscious, but they said you agreed to it.”

    “Fuck!” Chloe cursed and kicked the leg of a bench she was sitting on. “Why are we going to China?”

    “I’m going back there. Came back to America just two days ago for supplies and more people. We’ve intercepted a signal, a cry for help. We need to get all the people that survived out.”

    “So… there is an outbreak in China too?”

    “Chinese are rich, so naturally they’ve come to Luthor for a cure right away. The infection spread faster there, on the streets full of people in the biggest cities. Few are left. The signal came from a place deep in the forest and we can’t get a clear connection because of the trees.”

    “But they’ve sent it somehow, haven’t they?” Chloe started thinking.

    “They must’ve climbed up a tree.” Davis shrugged. “We intend to find out.”

    “By going into a forest?” Chloe raised her eyebrows.

    “That and many other SOSs we heard.”

    “Why do you think they’re still out there? How do you know they’re not dead by now?”

    “They’ve survived long enough, haven’t they?”

    “How many facilities Morgan Edge actually owns?”

    “Enough to eventually become the ultimate leader. He used the old LuthorCorp’s labs scattered across the globe.”

    “Fuck,” Chloe cursed again.

    “You seem to have a strong language,” Davis noticed, chuckling.

    “No, I just… all that happened to me…”

    “It’s ok. I understand.”

    “Wait… what Edge was even thinking? Does he want to kill me?! I barely learnt how to shoot and now I’m on a mission?!”

    Only it was convenient for Edge. He kept her away from Lex, so she could not interfere with his plans and she wasn’t a potential danger to anyone back in Metropolis’s safe house.

    “It’s ok. All the soldiers that are going there for the first time will undergo a special training. You will be just fine, Chloe Sullivan.” Davis smiled to her brightly.

    Only she didn’t feel like smiling. She felt more like crying.

    It was so much bigger than she thought it would be. It wasn’t just one facility of Edge’s, there were dozens all around the world and by organizing safe units and rescuing people he was winning their trust, their gratitude. And they had no idea what they were getting themselves into!

    “We’re almost there,” Davis told her after about twenty minutes of silence. He must have sensed that she wasn’t in the mood for a chat.

    “Great. When will I be able to come back?” she asked.

    When she saw the look on his face she barely stopped herself from crying this time. Tears were pushing into her eyes on their own and she felt they would flow soon.

    “We have plenty of supplies to last for months,” Davis answered. “If you don’t want to be here so badly, why did you agree to come?”

    “To save someone,” Chloe just said and stared at the floor underneath her feet.

    Davis wanted to ask more, but he thought it would be better not to push. He would find out in his own time on her terms.


    The place was much bigger than the safe haven Chloe knew. It was more like a military base with barracks, surrounded with a fence even higher than the one she remembered from Metropolis, also under voltage. That seemed to be the best zombie repellent, especially during the night when the visibility was limited.

    Chloe was given a military clothes, toiletries and a room. It was small, but at least she didn’t have to share it with anyone. Some of the men did, so she figured Morgan Edge wanted her to be on her own, so she wouldn’t get the chance to talk to somebody for too long.

    She couldn’t sleep, so she walked out of the building in the middle of the night and watched the stars. There was day in America right now and Lex was probably still imprisoned.

    She couldn’t think of it. It was just too painful.


    What was it between them? How would it all end? Right now she didn’t see how she would ever be able to reunite with him and it broke her heart into million pieces. Did they even tell him why she wasn’t there with him anymore? Did they sell him a lie that she escaped? Was shot? That thoughts hurt her even more.

    She needed to find her way back to him. Again. For all cost. He needed her and she needed him. They only had each other. Everyone else she knew and cared about was dead.

    She heard shots and ran toward the sound.

    She was welcomed by the sight of soldiers standing on their side of the fence, shooting zombies.

    “Davis?” she asked the one person she knew. “Are we under attack?”

    “No, but there are more and more of them coming every night as I just heard. They must be running out of food and smelling us, fresh meat. Don’t worry, Chloe, it’s excellent practice and they can’t get us because of the high voltage. Grab a gun and shoot some. It will make you feel better.”

    It didn’t make her feel better. Her memories of shooting were connected to Lex. He was the one to teach her. He was the one who’d always been there. Or she’d been killing zombies to get to him.

    The next day she went to trailing as everyone else and was shooting to a moving target. It didn’t go that well for her, especially when she was distracted by her thoughts again, but after dozens of tries she managed to get a hold of it.

    “Chloe! We’re going to check that distress signal!” Davis caught her afterwards. “Do you want to come along?”

    “Sure, why not?” She was exhausted of thinking about Lex. Of picturing hundreds of different images in her head. What did they tell him? That was the most nudging question. Did Lex think she was dead?

    “Could you…” Davis started, but then stopped.

    “What? Just ask,” Chloe encouraged him while walking along him to a truck.

    “Could you forget or just give up on that guy you left back in the States?”

    “Wha… What?!” Chloe jerked to a sudden stop. “Who told you?! Was it Edge?!”

    “Hey, hey, calm down! No one had to tell me anything! You have it all over your face. You left a man that was close to you there, didn’t you? Or you were forced to? Can you forget about him? Was he that important?”

    “I can’t forget or give up on him,” Chloe finally answered quietly, avoiding Davis’s eyes. “And I don’t really know what it is that we have. All I do know is that I would’ve been dead if it hadn’t been for him and his sister. I need to pay my debt. This time I need to save him.”

    After having said that she walked the rest of the way to the truck, leaving Davis behind.


    “Perfect!” Edge voiced his admiration when his people brought him a zombie just like he’d asked. “Put it in there, in the cage!”

    Catching zombie under the nose of the people looking for a safe place there was a risky venture, but it would pay off. Morgan had so much hope it would.

    When the zombie was already in the steel cage and few layers of blankets and few sacks taken off his head, it started getting angry.

    “Now…” Edge took the vial of Lex’s blood and walked over to the cage. There was a special mechanism in there, so zombie’s arm would be immobilized when the cure would be applied.

    “You’re wasting my blood when you could’ve been helping people out there!” Lex yelled to him from his place on the other side of the room. He was still tied up.

    “Oh, no, I am not! This trials can change everything!”

    Lex closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down. It was the second time he was in such a predicament, not able to get free. First was in BelleReve, when his father had locked him there. Only this time Lex hoped to get out of it without undergoing a electrocuting therapy and losing his memories in the process.

    “Chloe,” he whispered to himself, trying to picture in his mind every detail of her face, of her body. She was the only thing that kept him sane. Thanks to her he hadn’t lost his hope yet.

    “Chloe is in China,” he suddenly heard Edge talking to him again. “And can I just tell you… I’m pretty sure she’ll forget all about you very soon.”

    Lex just kept his eyes closed. He was hurt.

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 05/10/2013

    You have two chapter that are back to back and they are the SAME..WHY?

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 20/10/2013

    Part 12

    Chloe got into the truck, but she did not say a word the whole way to the forest. And it got them a few hours before she heard the driver informing them that they were actually close.

    And they must have been, because suddenly such a foul smell hit they nostrils that Chloe felt sick in an instant.

    “Here you go. Put this on. Now!” she heard Davis’s voice from the seat next to her and an oxygen mask was given to her.

    “What is that?” she asked him when she finally put it on, so happy that she didn’t have to breath the contaminated air anymore.

    They got out of the car by now, because they couldn’t drive the rest of the way.

    “It happens when people try to protect themselves from zombies,” Davis slowly begun explaining. “We already got used to the view, but… you might wanna stay in the car.”


    “Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

    She almost did, because what she saw exceeded all her expectations.

    There was a house in the woods, probably used to be a hunting one.

    Now there was a fence around it and…

    Chloe really wanted to just bend over and vomit.

    Whoever was inside covered the fence with rotten meat. There were whole hunks of it, still bloody, flies all around it.

    Chloe didn’t want to think how badly it must reek now. She felt blessed that she didn’t have to live inside it without the mask.

    An old woman ran out of the house, yelling something in Chinese.

    “She says ‘thank god, you came’,” Davis translated.

    “You speak Chinese?” Chloe got interested.

    “Well, yeah, I do. Not perfect, but I communicate.”

    “So that is why they sent you here.”

    “Precisely. It’s not enough to be a good soldier, you need to speak the language too…” He spoke something to the woman and they had a brief conversation. “She claims that she and her husband barricaded themselves in there few weeks ago and tried to call for help ever since. They weren’t bitten and the meat keep the undead away, because they look for fresh one, not decayed.”

    “There’s fresh right inside,” Chloe noticed.

    “Yes, but the smell is a perfect cover.”

    “What kind of meat is that?” she asked out of the sudden, interested. She could have so many stories when she would be back… wait, she stopped herself. That was a cunning move form Edge’s side. Did he really think that Chloe would forget about Lex and wouldn’t want to come back, because of how many stories she could get while traveling around the world? Well, he underestimated her. She would go back.

    “She says you’d rather not know, because you look greenish already,” Davis translated the woman’s words and chuckled.

    “That is not funny!” Chloe scolded him.

    The woman looked at her compassionately and Chloe suddenly felt guilty. She wasn’t the one living in awful conditions, she shouldn’t be the one people pitied.

    When they got back to the car, taking the Chinese couple with them, Chloe was hit with the vastness of this apocalypse. It really seemed like the end. People were surely outnumbered and the enemy couldn’t die, because they were already dead. What kind of salvation would there ever be? Would they all just die out eventually?

    But Lex couldn’t. Unless he would be killed in the lab, he would live on.

    Chloe wasn’t sure if she liked that or not. No one wanted to be the last man on Earth, but on the other hand, he could never be turned…

    “You’re thinking that there’s no hope for us, is that true?” Davis’s voice woke her up.

    “Is there?” she asked, sighing heavily.

    “As long as we live, yes, there is a chance. And don’t you forget that there is actually a way to kill them.”

    “But only one bite is enough… I just think that this is really the end. Even if there are survivors, they will never be safe under Edge’s reign. How did it even happen that he’s the leader?”

    “LuthorCorp has its subsidiaries all over the world and it managed to create a safe haven while other big companies didn’t even know what was happening.”

    “Edge reacted so quickly, because he was Lionel’s friend and he knew about this before it became public knowledge. It was what he wanted all along. He didn’t say anything right away and then it was too late and LuthorCorp was the only place we could live in.”

    “Why are you so prejudiced against Edge?” Davis asked. “Some people think of him as their hero.”

    Chloe laughed bitterly. “If they knew the dirt I could dig up on him… I just didn’t have any valid proof that would hold in court, but… I was so close, so close… only this… shit happened.” She spread her hands.

    “So he’s the bad guy?”

    “There is one Luthor that survived and it all belongs lawfully to him, only he has bite marks. Edge knows how to play people, so they wouldn’t trust him.”

    “Chloe… I think there’s nothing we can do about it. Edge won. We just need to survive.”

    “Then I will die trying to take him down!” She clenched her fists.

    “Careful there, you don’t want others to hear you saying that,” Davis warned her. “They might not be as understanding as I am.”


    Yes, Edge was really crafty. He sent Chloe away and kept here there, because she knew if she disobeyed Lex would get hurt. On the other hand Lex allowed Edge for everything and he would survive for all cost just to see Chloe again.

    There was no way out of this. Chloe knew it, but yet, she kept thinking hard how to find one.

    “You’re doing that again, you know,” she heard Davis’s voice coming from behind her. “Instead of sleeping you come out and look at the empty road.”

    “Because I can’t sleep,” she answered, standing by the gate that led out of the camp. She did watch the dark road, but did not see it as her thoughts were far away.

    “Chloe, this has to stop. You will get sick if you sleep any less.”

    “Why do you care?”

    “Chloe…” he said her name again, this time softer, in worried voice.

    “Davis, just… please, let me be.”

    “It’s been weeks.”

    “I’m very aware of that.” Her voice bitter now, full of longing.

    “Hey, hey.” Davis circled her and put his hands on her shoulders, looking her in the eyes. “I promise you, we will survive that and we will live.”

    “You know very well that I’m not worried about myself.”

    He did it so fast that she couldn’t stop him. She didn’t see it coming at all. One second he was there, trying to comfort her and she mentioned Lex that was still in America in god knew what condition and Davis… Davis just kissed her.

    “What are you doing?!” Chloe pushed him away as soon as she realized what he’d done. It took her a second to register the movement of his head and then his lips on her, but as she did, she put her hands on his chest and just shoved him. “Don’t do that again!”

    “I’m sorry,” he apologized, hurt.

    “No, I am sorry,” she told him while looking at his face. “I am sorry if I’ve given you any sign… I didn’t mean…”

    “I know. You never did or said anything that could make me hope that we… that we could ever…” he stopped awkwardly. “I just thought that maybe if I just do it you will actually feel something.”

    “Davis, I had no idea that you…”

    “It’s ok.” He raised his hands. “It won’t happen again… unless you want it to happen, in which case you will have to make a move on me.”

    “I’m really sorry.”

    “Let’s forget about it.”

    “I’m coming back,” she suddenly said.


    “I made my decision. I don’t belong here and I’m not good here either. I just… I see how you look at me, Davis, but the fact is that I will never be able to reciprocate your feelings. That is just not possible. And I need to go back eventually. I can’t do this anymore.”

    “But… how? The only way out of here is to get on a plane and you can’t even pilot it!”

    “But you can,” she said, looking at him with sudden realization. “I couldn’t ask anyone, because they don’t know the whole story, but I’ve already told you the truth, Davis. You don’t want to work for that man and you don’t agree with his methods either.”

    “But it doesn’t mean I can just take the plane and then what? You want singlehandedly take down Morgan Edge?!”


    Doctor Hamilton was testing Lex’s blood again as Edge wished.

    He was getting tired of it. Nothing that Edge told him to do worked out the way it supposed to. The blood could cure a person that was freshly bitten, but not a zombie.

    Only Edge was stubborn and wanted him to keep trying.

    “Give me that!” he got angry with Emil when he started explaining to him why the newest experiment would not work.

    Edge took the vial from him and increased the heat in the burner.

    And the lights went off.

    “What’s happening?!” he got even more angry with Emil.

    “You blew up the fuses!” Hamilton got mad too. “The electricity is down! I need to get it up running again or otherwise zombies can get inside the gate!” And he ran out of the door.

    “Perfect,” Edge muttered under his breath.

    Then he felt something moving behind him and…

    He screamed, but it was too late. The zombie, that had been kept in the cage in this room, was set free now. And had just bitten him.

    “Shit! Fuck!” Edge cursed and managed to escape from the room, shutting the door behind him. He hoped the undead wouldn’t get out of there as it was locked.

    Edge ran straight to the lab and shut that door behind him too.

    Blood. He needed the blood.

    But the blood was already in the zombie that had bitten him…

    Only Edge did not know if that was enough and he refused to be his own subject for experiments.

    “There it is!” he yelled and got to a set of vials containing blood that were on the table.

    Luthor was sleeping on a cot, although he was regularly fed and led to the bathroom, so he could take a shower and release himself, he was still a prison. And the blood was still regularly taken hence his weak state and paleness.

    “You got bit? That’s nice,” Morgan heard him saying as he woke up and then Lex laughed. “At least you finally got what you deserved.”

    “I wouldn’t be so sure!” Edge answered back and injected Lex’s blood into his vein. “Now I will be completely fine!”

    Few seconds after the blood found itself inside him, he frowned. Something was wrong.

    He was struck with a sudden fever and his body started shaking.

    “What’s happening to me?!” he roared as his hands clenched on the edge of the table in pain. Then he saw his muscles changing, growing and a piece of the desk went off in his hands.

    “Wait… what is… what have you taken?!” Lex asked, now starting to be afraid. “What happened to you?!”

    “I don’t… I don’t know!” Edge roared as the transition was almost completed. He stopped thinking like a human, he was a vicious monster now. He was a zombie that mutated somehow.

    “Which zombie bit you?!” Lex asked. “Which one?! The one you were experimenting on with my blood?!”

    For a moment there Lex saw understanding on Edge’s deformed face, but then it was gone. The last ounce of humanity was gone too. He was an animal now.

    “Fuck,” Lex cursed and started struggling with the handcuffs he had on. With no results.

    Only the mutated Edge did not go for Lex, instead he broke the door off its hinges and was… just gone.

    “I guess that’s even worse…” Lex said to himself. “HELP!!!! HELP!!!!!” he started screaming.


    “We’ve received a distress signal coming from Metropolis!” a soldier got to Davis and Chloe that were standing by the gate, looking at each other, thinking over what Chloe had just suggested.

    “A distress signal?!” Davis repeated, worried. “What happened?”

    “We don’t know, sir. It went off automatically. We can’t establish any connection with them. Something must‘ve gone terribly wrong.”

    “Get the concord ready! We have to get there as fast as we can!”

    “Concord?!” Chloe opened her eyes widely. “You have a concord!?”

    “Recent LuthorCorp acquisition. The last thing Lionel bought before he died. In case of an emergency.”

    “Well, you can’t be a billionaire those days without owing not only a private plane, but…”

    “This is not the time, Chloe. You’ve got what you wanted. We’re coming back!”

    “I just hope it won’t be too late,” she sighed and followed Davis.

    “We won’t be able to land near the exact place, but it will buy us a lot of time anyway!” he told her on the way.

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 20/10/2013

    Part 13

    The journey, even though the shortest it could be, felt like a whole eternity to Chloe.

    She was afraid for Lex. What if something happened to him? If there was a distress signal coming from save haven it meant that it was a breach of security. Davis had already explained it to her. And it meant zombies inside the parcel. If the infection spread there, there was no salvation for the poor people inside. And the worst was that Lex would probably help them, meaning he would lose too much blood. The fact that he was immune didn’t mean he was invincible. If he was beaten again and again and there was hemorrhage…

    Chloe fought back tears. It wasn’t the time for crying now. Maybe he was ok, maybe he was safe. Maybe she would be there on time to save him.

    She had only one regret: she never told him how she really felt. Maybe she hadn’t even known it back there, but now… now she couldn’t deny those feelings anymore.


    “Wait, wait!” Davis arm stopped Chloe from running into the facility.

    “For what?!” she snapped at him angrily. “There are people dying out there! We need to get in NOW!”

    “We don’t know the situation! The gate is closed!”

    “Just because it’s closed it doesn’t mean that somebody inside didn’t just change into a zombie! We need to help them!”

    Davis closed his eyes, clearly exasperated.

    “Look! Somebody’s making a way for us!” Chloe told him and he did. The gate opened for them.

    “Chloe, I need to tell my people where to go. We still need to figure out some plan.”

    “Screw your plan! I’m going to the lab!” Chloe managed to jerk herself off Davis’s grip and sprinted toward the entrance.

    “Fuck!” Davis cursed and turned to his people, quickly giving them orders in which direction they should go.

    “Shoot every dead man you see, but do not touch the injured people. They can still be saved!”


    Davis didn’t know how wrong he actually was. The freshly beaten people couldn’t be saved anymore and Chloe saw it on her own eyes.

    She found a man lying in a corridor. A fresh mark on his neck. His had a pulse, so she thought he had a chance.

    She heard a roar in the adjacent corridor, so she quickly shot the zombie right in the head. Then her eyes came back to the man and… he was changing. It wasn’t even five minutes and he was changing right in front of her eyes.

    “What the…?” she gasped and had no choice but to shoot him when his face distorted and he jumped to her, wanting to bite her.

    The corpse dropped to floor and Chloe could just stand there, frozen and terrified, her face white, eyes widely opened, heart beating too fast.

    If one bite now meant… Lex’s blood could help no one.

    Where was he?! It could also mean that if he was still alive his blood wouldn’t be enough and he would turn too!

    Chloe put herself together, deciding that time for being hysterical would come later and she burst through the lab door.

    She heard shooting in the background and she could only pray that some of the people survived.

    She stood still in the door and her heart seemed to stop too.
    Lex was there.

    “Get away from him!” Chloe heard herself speaking as she held the gun, aiming at the back of the doctor who was just bent over Lex that was lying on a cot.

    Emil Hamilton straightened himself up and raised his hands into the air, then he turned to her.

    Chloe caught a glimpse of Lex’s eyes watching her in awe. Her heart just somersaulted, she was so happy to find him still unscathed.

    “Get away from him!” Chloe repeated.

    “Chloe, it’s not what you think,” Emil said calmly. “Look.” He had a key in his right hand. “I was just about to free him. I didn’t mean to hurt him. You know well I did all of this for Edge. He would’ve killed me if I’d disobeyed… I was also the one to open the gate when the help came!”

    “Where’s Edge now?” Chloe asked, still not sure if she could trust the doctor.

    “He’s… mutated,” Lex spoke, his voice hoarse.

    It was the first time she heard him since… she swallowed back tears.

    “He was experimenting on zombies, brought them here, that idiot,” Lex went on, “and one bit him. It had my blood in its system and when Edge injected it to himself to stop the transition… it was too late. The process was speeded up and he ended up being some kind of a monster.”

    Chloe listened, but couldn’t believe it. It was one thing to see actual zombies on the streets and to witness the apocalypse, but mutations? Monsters?

    “Alright,” she finally said, “un-cuffed him,” she told Emil and he did so.

    Lex slowly got up from the cot and Chloe was just about to finally get to him, feel his touch when…

    She heard a regular thumping sound coming from the hall. It was getting closer and closer.

    “Oh, no! He’s back!” Emil yelled and started walking backwards till his back hit the wall.

    Chloe turned to the entrance, facing it bravely.

    “Will a bullet stop him?!” she asked, terrified.

    There was no other way out of there, only through this door. But there was monster on its way and they had only one solution: to shoot.

    “I don’t know,” Lex said, his voice faltering. “Chloe…”

    “I will kill him, I will fucking kill Morgan Edge. It’s what I always wanted to do, I wanted to get rid of this sun of a bitch! Now when he isn’t human anymore, it won’t even be a murder!” she said, trying to give herself some courage.

    And then she saw him.

    It was a monster just like she’d heard Emil and Lex describing it before.

    There was nothing human in its face, just a grimace, teeth baring in rage, saliva dropping on the floor.

    Chloe swallowed hard, suddenly feeling a little nauseous.

    You can do this, Sullivan, she told herself. You have to do this.

    She raised her gun, aimed at the brain and… shot.

    She couldn’t breathe as she waited and still, nothing happened.

    “Chloe…” she heard Lex’s voice from behind her.

    “I can do this!” she said out loud and shot again and then again and again until she ran out of bullets.

    Edge finally staggered.

    “Chloe!” Lex roared and she felt his arms closing around her from behind and pulling her backwards, out of the way.

    She realized just when the huge body hit the floor right by her legs that Lex had saved her life once again.

    There was silence, interrupted only by distant shooting.

    Chloe couldn’t move, could barely breathe, still in shock after what she had done.

    Then it slowly came to her that Lex held her tight in his arms. She could feel his chest on her back raising and falling as he was breathing hard, adrenaline still raging in his body. She could even feel his heart that was beating so loud. His hot breath was on her cheek, his face in the crook of her neck.

    Her body started shaking.

    Then she could finally move.

    Lex felt that she wanted to turn around, so he let go of her, but his hands were still on her shoulders when she finally faced him.

    She could drown in the depth of his eyes or be burnt alive by the fire that was there.

    “Lex…” she squealed his name.

    “I’m here, Chloe, I’m here,” he reassured her and put his arms tightly around her again. She held on to him, breathing the familiar scent of his skin, realizing just now that he was there and they were finally reunited.

    The shooting was much louder now and it seemed like the fight was getting closer to them.

    “We need to help them,” Chloe came to her senses and let go off Lex. “There are weapons in a room not so far away from here. Come!” She grabbed Lex’s hand and pulled him toward the door. She didn’t care what Emil would do. He was a doctor, not a soldier and he probably didn’t have any training, so they left him.

    “Lex,” she turned to him once again when they took the guns and were just about to go fight, “be careful.”

    “You too, Chloe,” he told her and they ran out.

    They could only trust each other to hold on long enough.

    Chloe ran up the stairs and got to the main hall. There weren’t as many zombies in there, she thought, at least not anymore, so they just might have a chance.

    “Sullivan?!” she suddenly heard a very familiar voice. A voice that she thought she would never hear again.

    She turned around and stood face to face with her boss.

    “Perry?!” she didn’t even care that she used his first name instead of White.

    “I’m so glad you’ve survived, kiddo!!”

    “Where did you show up in here?” she gasped when Perry swept her into his bear hug and then let go.

    “Few days ago. I’d held on for quite some time in the Planet. I thought you were dead.”

    “Well, vice versa… excuse me!” She just shot a zombie that was getting dangerously close.

    “Is those rumors I heard true? You and Lex Luthor? Chloe, that could…”

    “Perry, no offence, but it’s the end of the world, zombie apocalypse, literally, so save that article for later!... Davis!” She suddenly saw her friend, but…

    She saw him getting beaten from behind. A zombie just sank its teeth in his neck and Davis howled.

    “Chloe!” he noticed her too, but it was too late.

    Chloe rushed forward and shot the zombie, then squatted by Davis that was by now lying on the floor.

    “Davis…” she said his name, because she didn’t know what else she could. They both knew by now that those zombies were a new bread and that there was no cure. “Davis…” she started crying. All that pressure and terror finally kicking in. She could only hold on for so long. “It’s my fault,” she said.

    “No, it’s not,” he disagreed, “I would’ve got here with or without you. If you have to blame someone… I guess you were right, it’s Morgan Edge’s fault.” Davis hand raised up and touched Chloe’s cheek. She didn’t push him away. Who was she to deny him that touch when he was dying? Only she didn’t see that the fire ceased and the fight was over plus Lex stood in a close range, watching her.

    “Well, Edge turned into a freaky monster and I killed him,” she told him.

    Davis chuckled. “That’s my girl!”

    “You can’t die, you just can’t…” she sobbed after few seconds of silence.

    “It’s ok, it’s better this way,” he whispered, stroking her cheek. “I love you, Chloe, but you love someone else and you should be with him. I’m just an obstacle. Live for the both of us. Promise me you will be brave enough and you will get what you want. Tell him how much you love him.”


    “I know, Chloe, even if you still don’t. Someday it may be too late for saying I love you… so do it now… and… kill me.”

    “No, I can’t!” She shook her head fiercely when his hand dropped to the ground, lifeless.

    “You… have… to…” he said with difficulty and then he closed his eyes, his heard stopped.

    Chloe slowly raised from the ground, never taking her eyes off his body.

    When she stood straight the corpse woke up, zombie was raising.

    She took the gun and shot it in the head, then she dropped it to the ground with disgust and that was when she noticed Lex staring at her.

    “Lex!” she called him and got to him. “Lex…”

    “Who was that?” Lex asked in a cold, distant voice.

    “Davis… wait, Lex… it’s not what you think. He was in love with me, but I… I treated him as a friend and there was never anything between us… and…. Why the fuck am I even telling you this?!” she suddenly snapped at him.

    Lex was taken aback and didn’t know what to say. And here they went again… Chloe was the only woman he’d ever met that could infuriate him, making him want her and be confused with her at the same time. And he was never confused by a woman! He always knew what they were going to say to him or what they wanted from him! Not Chloe. Chloe was different. Maybe she wasn’t like every other girl Lex had met or dated in the past.

    “You idiot!” she called him what surprised him even more.

    “Chloe, what are you…”

    “Yes! You are a freaking idiot! So much happened between us! SO MUCH, Lex! And you never told me what you really felt! That man who just died, Davis, told me he loved me even though he’d known me for few weeks! Even though he knew I would never feel the same!! He told me!! He was brave enough to bare his feelings to the person he cared for! And you… what the hell are you thinking?!”

    Now Chloe was taken aback as Lex’s lips came crashing down on hers and effectively shutting her up as he begun kissing her with fervor.

    At first she lost countenance and forgot about everything, all that mattered was that feeling, but then… she got even angrier and pushed him away.

    “Chloe, but I already told you,” he confessed, staggering backwards.

    “You already told me what?” she asked, much quieter now. She couldn’t stay mad for him for long after such a kiss.

    “I already told you: I love you.”

    She was looking at him, completely baffled.

    “When? In my dream? Because I don’t remember it happening for real,” came the sarcastic retort.

    Lex chuckled and then cupped her face, looking her in the eye.

    “When I gave you my blood and I thought you were dying… I whispered it to your ear just before I stormed off to…”

    “…kill some undead?” she finished after him. “Still thinking that wasn’t much smart of you.”

    Lex smiled.

    “I love you, Chloe Sullivan.”

    “Well, I love you too, Lex Luthor. There, finally said it.”

    “I love you with your whole infuriating person,” Lex added.

    “Wait, what do you…” Only her mouth was closed again by another kiss and this time she did forget what she was about to tell him.

    Suddenly, they heard clapping.

    They broke the kiss and looked around, found all the survivors in the room, watching them.

    “Ehm…” Chloe got read on the face, especially when Perry raised his thumbs up, his smile as big as banana. Chloe even noticed Victor with a much older man that must have been his father. So they survived too.


    AN Not the end yet: ) And even the next chapter won’t be the last one. I know it seems so, but no Few ideas still in my head!!
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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (updated 20/10/2013

    Great story.

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