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Thread: ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (completed 27/11/2013)

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    ZOMBIE chlex style NC-17 (completed 27/11/2013)

    Description: Chlex and zombie apocalypse/ AU/ All Lionel Luthor wanted was to cure his disease...

    I do not own anything connected to Smallville.

    A/N I hope you will like it. I have the whole plot planned out. It’s of my creation, so there will be no connection to any zombie movie you may know (won’t be too gore or disgusting, will be a love story ) There will be some pretty good twists.

    Right now my priority is my book that I am writing, so I may have update this story once or twice a week.


    What would you do if the world’s most revolutionary cure turned out to be a curse? How would you survived in the world full of zombies?

    Part 1

    Chloe woke up to an insisting ringing.

    “What the hell?” she murmured as she glanced at her clock. It was barely 4 am. She growled and reached for her cell. “WHAT?!”

    “Sullivan, get over here!” she heard Perry White’s, her new editor, order.

    “What happened?” she asked, sitting up and rubbing her eyes with her free hand. Perry wouldn’t just call her in the dawn if it wasn’t important. She had to listen to him if she wanted to make a career she was dreaming of.

    Over a week ago Chloe had been granted a very special interview scheduled for this day. She would be the very first reporter that would officially write about the new revolutionary LuthorCorp cure. Lionel Luthor, the CEO, had been suffering from rare and deadly liver disease. His scientists had not only produced a cure for that, but it was the remedy for all the world’s problems. It could cure cancer, even AIDS, all by regenerative cells grow.

    Chloe still thought Lionel Luthor was evil and he’d only invested in that research, because he was selfish, wanted to live and refused to sign the company over to his son, Lex, who was currently struggling to make something for his own. Chloe hadn’t see him since she’d finished Smallville high, but she was sure he didn’t even remember her now as she’d been just an annoying teenager who hadn’t let him off the hook until he’d granted her an interview back then. All this time she’d felt like she’d been just a pest to him.

    “It’s…” Perry’s voice faltered, “it’s bad, Chloe.”

    If he called her Chloe then something horrible must’ve happened.

    “What? The world is going to end?” she asked sarcastically while getting up and stretching her tired body.

    “Actually, that might be it,” Perry said in such a serious tone that Chloe stilled.

    “Chief, what is it?”

    “The hell has broken lose, that’s it! Get your ass over here and… be careful. Oh, and better turn the news channel on before you go out.”

    “Ok…” Chloe hesitated.

    “Today, Sullivan!”

    “Ok, I’m going!”

    Chloe ran to the bathroom, then put some clothes on and got out of her room.

    “Lana?” she asked. “Lana, are you up?! Something’s happening!” She turned the TV on.

    In that very moment, the city alarm went off.

    Chloe shivered, having a very bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

    “Attention, attention…” she heard coming from the TV. “This is an emergency broadcast,” Chloe frowned, “stay at home, close all the doors and windows. There are serious side effects to the LuthorCorp revolutionary cure. First high fever and exhaustion, then death, after three hours the brain cells regenerate and the body awakes. It was called the zombie syndrome. Infected people don’t think, don’t feel, they’re not even alive. They crave for meat and they will do anything to get it. If you get bit, you will become one of them. It usually takes three days to complete the process. There is no cure. I repeat, there is no cure. If you were bitten or treated at one of Luthorcorp’s facilities, stay away from others or if you’re brave enough, save them by shooting yourself in the head. If you are a survivor, stay away from the infected, find a gun or something sharp. The only way to stop those phantoms is to shoot, pierce or cut off their heads.

    Chloe was standing there, in her living room, listening to that, hearing the alarm that was still on. She was squeezing her hand around the remote control, still couldn’t believe what she just heard. Zombies? Zombies?! It must have been some horrible nightmare she would soon wake up from, right?
    “Attention, attention…” the transmission started again.

    “What… Wh…” Chloe barely uttered.

    Daily Planet. Perry had asked her to get there. But he couldn’t be at his right mind! Could he? Chloe was renting an apartment just right the corner, but still…

    “Lana!” Chloe called her friend’s name again. “LANA!!” She ran to her friend’s room and… was stopped on what she saw.

    She vaguely remembered that her friend had taken the LuthorCorp cure.

    “Oh god!” Chloe covered her mouth with her hands as she was staring at her friend who was now standing in the middle of her room, her eyes bloodshot, blood dripping from the corner of her mouth.

    Lana had leukemia. She would’ve lived for a few years, but on hearing that there was a cure she’d decided to take it. It was free for everybody and as Lionel Luthor had told Chloe, he’d wanted to redeem himself when he’d got a second chance at life. He wanted to help people. Maybe his intentions were genuine, but she still thought that everything coming out from his hands was tainted. What was happening now was just another proof to that.

    “Lana?” Chloe squealed. “Lana… please… are you still there?”

    But her gut told her Lana wasn’t there and would never be.

    In that very moment Lana opened her mouth and… roared, she just roared at Chloe like she was some predator.

    Chloe just stood there, completely frozen.

    When Lana moved, trying to get her with her teeth, the blonde reporter finally woke up, running back to the living room, frantically looking for some weapon.

    She grabbed the lamp standing on the table and took a swing at her former best friend that was just behind her now.

    There was no time for crying, no time for grieving. Chloe woke up today to a completely different world and had to fight to survive. Or die.

    The shadow of the person standing behind her wasn’t her friend anymore. It was a zombie.

    Chloe hit Lana in the head, using all her strength.

    She heard another roar and jumped away as Lana fell to the floor.

    But she was still moving, getting to her feet.

    There was no time for packing, no time even for grabbing the most useful stuff. Chloe had to run or she would die.

    All she had on her was a brown shorts and white tank top, but there was no time for getting anything else.

    She didn’t think twice as she got to the door and pushed them open. When she found herself on the staircase, she ran for dear life.

    She knew she was being chased.

    Chloe stumbled and almost fell from the last few steps. She managed to grab the rail and landed on her feet. She was free. Out of the building.

    “Daily Planet…” she thought, but stopped immediately on seeing that the street was already taken over. She could see the walking deads batting those who were still alive.

    Chloe was terrified like never before. Even when she’d been in Smallville there had been nothing there that had scared her so much.

    Blood was raging through her veins now, heart beating so fast she was afraid she would go into cardiac arrest.

    And she would die. She knew it now.

    It was either die here on the street or in her apartment when she left her former friend.

    Then a miracle happened. She noticed a car coming from the distance.

    She had to make it. She had to stop it to save herself. There was no other option. She’d sooner die being hit by a car than being bitten and turned.

    She ran to the street and stood right in front of the upcoming car. She closed her eyes as she saw how fast it was coming.

    Then she heard a squeak of brakes and… nothing happened. She didn’t feel any pain.

    “GET IN!” she heard a woman’s yell and then a gun shot.

    She opened her eyes and saw that it was a sport car. She was lucky it had good brakes.

    There was a woman with red hair behind the wheel and she was the one shooting at the zombies to make it possible for Chloe to get in.

    The stranger didn’t have to tell the blonde twice. She jumped into the car and the woman drove away immediately.

    That was when Chloe realized how shaken she really was. And how cold.

    Her whole body couldn’t calm down, then the tears came.

    “Oh… my God…” She covered her face with her hands, sobbing frantically. “Oh… what… what…”

    But it wasn’t the end.

    The woman pointed her gun at her.

    “Hey!” Chloe yelled.” What are you doing?!” Her body shook even more.

    “Have you been bitten?!” the stranger asked in harsh voice.

    “NO!” Chloe denied in an instant.

    “If you’re lying…”

    “I swear! I swear I’m fine! I just… I just saw my roommate turning into… trust me, if I’d got bitten I would’ve taken that gun from you and shot myself!” she said urgently and honestly, her eyes full of tears.

    “Good,” the red head lowered the gun. “Are you a good shooter?” she asked while handing Chloe a second gun.

    “Wh… what?” Chloe could just stare at her, pale.

    “We need to shoot them to survive.”

    “Eh… I never… I can try… but…”

    “It’s fine,” the woman sighed heavily, “but you keep that gun just in case. It’s not that hard, you just point at the head and then pull the trigger.”

    Chloe, still shaking, took the gun. Her eyes widely opened.

    “Remember that they are not humans anymore,” the woman continued, her voice getting softer like she was compassionate to Chloe now. “It’s like shooting animals.”

    “Uhm…” Chloe nodded quietly.

    “I’m Tess. Tess Mercer,” the red head finally introduced herself.

    “Chloe Sullivan.”

    “Nice to meet you, Chloe.”

    “Where are you going? Is there a safe haven?”

    “Yes,” Tess answered to Chloe’s big relief. “It’s one of the LuthorCorp facilities at the outskirts of Metropolis.”

    “LuthorCorp?” Chloe couldn’t hide the disappointment in her voice.

    “Don’t worry. Lionel Luthor is dead.”

    “What?” That was news. “Are you sure?”

    “Yes, since I was the one to put a bullet into his zombie head,” the answer came bitterly.

    “You… Ok, slow down…”

    “He naturally was one of the first to turn. I was there.”

    “You know the Luthors?” Chloe asked, this time curiosity won over.

    “Worse. I am one of them. And I’ve just killed daddy dearest.”
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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style

    Wow. Just in time for the haunting season I love it. Zombies creep me out. I can't wait for more.

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style

    Quote Originally Posted by falllovessummer View Post
    Wow. Just in time for the haunting season I love it. Zombies creep me out. I can't wait for more.
    I'm happy you liked it.
    Hunting season? What is that?

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style

    Quote Originally Posted by TrinityR View Post
    I'm happy you liked it.
    Hunting season? What is that?
    The Haunting Season is Halloween time. Stores are filled with pumkins and scarecrows and candy and costumes.
    At least all the shops next to me are. Heck pumkin patches are starting to pop up as well.

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style

    Yay a new story! And it's nc 17!

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style

    Really cool start to a new story. Can't wait for you to update.

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style

    I added the rating to the thread title for you, because there's some issues with editing post, but in the future when you post a story, it has to have a rating, even if it's in the NC-17 section
    Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for latest updates and news!

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style

    Quote Originally Posted by Julie View Post
    I added the rating to the thread title for you, because there's some issues with editing post, but in the future when you post a story, it has to have a rating, even if it's in the NC-17 section
    Oh, sorry about that. I was gone for long and completely forgot!

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style

    falllovessumer, kaw, trinna thank you for comments!!


    AN: Thank you very much for the interest in this story and I am really sorry for not being able to update sooner, but it’s not only because of my original work. I am very busy, especially now when I start my MBA.
    I just wanted to make something clear: Clark Kent doesn’t exist in this story. Yes, there was a meteor shower, yes, something weird happened because of that, but there are no aliens. I realize that if I put Clark in here, the way to save the world would be too easy (just watch the episode Rabid from season 9).

    Part 2

    “Wait…” Chloe said, trying to wrap her mind around it all. “You’re Lex’s sister?”

    It could be true judging from the obvious surface similarities like red hair. Lex had had been red-headed, too, right before the meteor shower.

    “You know Lex?” Tess seemed surprised.

    “Kind of…” Chloe hesitated. “I knew him briefly when I lived in Smallville.”

    Chloe remembered that Lex had spent even less time there than her. It’d been just two years and he’d moved back to Metropolis. They hadn’t even spoken that much beside her few feeble attempts to get him to agree to an interview. The last time he’d actually said yes, but Chloe knew now that it’d been out of pity for that pathetic high school girl who’d taken her Torch job way too seriously.

    She’d been following a lead back then connected to meteors that had fallen years ago. They had gotten a few people special powers and Chloe herself had witnessed some pretty wacky stuff. It’d died down. She’d moved out. Started studying journalist and got an internship at the Planet. And now… now when her career was about to start… the world was going to end. She was scared for Perry White. Even though he could be hard on people Chloe liked him and respected.

    “So you’re from Smallville?” Tess prompted while keep driving.

    Chloe wasn’t even surprised as they passed zombies on the street. All of them tried to come closer, but they weren’t moving fast enough to get to a speeding car. Chloe and Tess were safe for now…

    “No,” Chloe denied. “I lived there only for three years and then I moved back here. I’m pretty sure that your brother wouldn’t even recognize me now… You know, I could’ve sworn that Lex had no siblings,” she dared to say. “I did a thorough research on him to prepare myself for the interview.”

    “That’s because he didn’t have any back then,” Tess answered. “He found me about a year ago and we‘ve become very close.”

    “Can I ask why you two didn’t know about each other?”

    “It’s not an interview, is it?” Tess made sure, half-joking. “If that ends and we survive… or if we start printing news again…”

    “No, I promise. You won’t see an article about you,” Chloe said honestly. “Totally off the record.”

    Chloe understood Tess’s fear of it all coming out. If the blonde herself had no idea Lex had a sister it meant they’d done a pretty good job at hiding the truth.

    “Lionel left me in foster home when I was little. He never wanted me. It Lex hadn’t come across a paper on me in his father’s things, we would’ve never met.”

    “I’m sorry to hear that. Lionel Luthor wasn’t a good person. Trust me, I know,” Chloe said.

    “Yeah, me, too,” Tess said bitterly. “I am not a bad person, you know? But when he turned and… and I shot him… it made me feel like I finally had my revenge on him. He destroyed my life after all.”

    “I understand,” Chloe said quietly. She chose not to think about it too much. “So he figured out that Lex found you?”

    “Oh, nothing ever stays hidden when it comes to Lionel Luthor… or came…” Tess corrected. “And Lex… he was raised by him and Lionel wanted him to eventually become him… Lex isn’t like that yet. He’s not that cruel. He is cold sometimes, I admit, and he has trouble with trusting the right people as all betrayed him in the past, but… he has a heart. He tries to hide it, you know, but it’s there. I should be glad that our father can no longer hurt any of us. Few more years and that drop of humanity that still lingers in my brother… would be gone.”

    Chloe sat in silence, processing it all. She didn’t think much of Lex Luthor and suddenly, his sister saved her life. Their destines entwined. Her whole life had changed in one morning. Everyone she knew and trusted were probably dead by now as that circle was very small.

    “Do you think there’s a chance somebody in the Daily Planet might’ve survived?” she suddenly asked Tess. “Could we go there, maybe?”

    “I’m sorry, Chloe, but I drove pass it. There is no way somebody survived out there. All the public places were attacked at first as the doors are usually opened. You were lucky you were at your apartment.”

    “But… if someone survived…” Chloe started again.

    “I am sorry, but we really can’t get back there. It’s too dangerous and I don’t have enough ammunition or fuel,” Tess said. “Trust me, we wouldn’t be able to get in there. There is a emergency broadcast and they say where the safe haven is. It’s up to people to get there. Besides, the military is already checking the streets, killing zombies and looking for survivors. I guess it’s more complicated, because they have to make sure they aren’t already bitten.”

    “God…” Chloe’s body shook again. “What will happen to us?”

    “You know what I’ve learnt?” Tess asked. “My father left me all alone and I have learnt to adapt. We need to adapt ourselves to the new circumstances, because otherwise we’ll all be dead. It’s like being a cat. Always fall on four. Always survive.”

    “I’ll try that,” came from Chloe. “And thank you. Thank you so much for saving me. Without you…”

    “Don’t mention it.” Tess picked her phone and looked at the screen, biting her lip.

    “What’s wrong?” Chloe noticed the obvious change in her expression.

    “It’s just… I’ve spoken to Lex last night. He was on a business trip and promised to come to the safe haven, but… I haven’t heard from him ever since.”

    “Maybe he’s already there,” Chloe voiced her hope.

    “Maybe… but I think he wouldn’t have gotten there so fast…” Tess sighed heavily. “I just hope he’s alright.”

    “I’m sure he is. I may not know him well, but I know enough to tell that he is a fighter and a survivor,” Chloe said while placing her hand on Tess’s arm.

    “Look.” Tess pointed something on the horizon.

    “It’s a… wall,” Chloe said.

    “Yeah,” Tess agreed. “And a big gate in the middle. They had to separate themselves somehow to be safe inside.”

    As they were closer, they spotted that the huge wall was also under voltage.

    Tess finally stopped her car next to the wrought iron gate.

    They wanted to get out of the car, but they were stopped but the urgent voice coming from the speaker.

    “Get out slowly with your hands up in the air!”

    Tess and Chloe looked at each other, but then obeyed. They had no other choice.

    As they were out in the open, they stopped next to the gate.

    “Have you been bitten?” the soldier on the other side asked.

    “No!” They both denied.

    The soldier looked at them closely.

    “Turn around,” he commanded.

    They did.

    “Are you looking for bite marks?!” Chloe huffed. “We’ve already told you…”

    “I don’t give a damn about what you tell me! We’ve already had a man that came here with a bite mark and said otherwise! We have to check you. It’s better to be safe than sorry!”

    “Ok, soldier,” Tess got angry. “My name is Tess Mercer and I am the daughter of Lionel Luthor. The sister of Lex Luthor!”

    “I do not care who you are, miss. For me you can be a queen.”

    “Just tell me, please, is my brother here?”

    “This place doesn’t belong to Luthors anymore,” the man said.

    “To whom, then?!” Tess was getting more and more irritated.

    “To me, miss Mercer,” she heard a voice and finally, a man appeared just right next to the soldier.

    “Morgan Edge! Just perfect!” Tess huffed.

    Chloe knew it wasn’t good news either.

    “And no, Lex Luthor isn’t here,” he said.

    Morgan Edge was the well-known crime boss of Metropolis. The blonde reporter herself had come across some papers connecting him to Lionel. She just never had enough to actually incriminate him.

    “I will not treat you any different than others. You will not get any privileges. Just because you are a Luthor doesn’t make you special.” He turned directly to Tess now.

    “I’m very aware of that, Mr. Edge,” Tess said harshly. “We are here for sanctuary. I don’t expect anything more.”

    “Let them in,” Morgan told the soldier and the gate started opening. “You two will get a quarter, but you will have to go through the doctor’s examination.”

    “Will do,” Tess said, “we have nothing to hide.”


    Chloe sensed the sharpness in both their voices. It was obvious that Tess felt hostile toward a friend of her father.

    “Take them inside,” Edge commanded the soldier and turned around to walk away.

    “Son of a bitch,” Tess murmured under her nose. “Wait… what will happen to my car?” she asked the soldier.

    “We’ll get it to our garage. We have plenty of vehicles. We need them to go for supplies.”

    They followed the soldier into the facility. The building was very high. Chloe estimated at least ten stores and she suspected there would be an underground, knowing Lionel. She also was pretty sure there was a secret lab in there and she didn’t like that idea at all.

    The soldier stopped and put the walkie-talkie to his mouth.

    “Is the doctor free? We have new survivors. Over.”

    “Bring them. Over,” came in answer.

    “What kind of tests the doctor will do?” Chloe asked. “Do you take blood?”

    “We look for bite marks.”

    “And that means stripping naked when a bunch a men gape at you,” Tess guessed sarcastically. “It’s end of the world and they enjoy themselves like that.”

    “Miss, if you think we take pleasure in that, you’re wrong! What do you think happens to the ones that actually have bite marks? We have to kill them.”

    That made Chloe a little greenish and Tess stopped talking.

    As Chloe suspected, they were led downstairs to a long and darkened corridor.

    “Go through that door. I will wait for you to lead you to your quarter… if everything’s fine.”

    “I can assure you, it is,” Chloe said sharply and pushed the door opened.

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    Re: ZOMBIE chlex style

    Poor Perry. I think Chloe is ready to start slapping some people. Can't wait till the next update.

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