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Thread: Serving Christmas (PG-13) (NS Advent Calendar 2005)

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    Serving Christmas (PG-13) (NS Advent Calendar 2005)

    You can find the story here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/1DVPY...it?usp=sharing

    From there you can download it onto your computer for easy reading

    Let me know if you have problems accessing it
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    Re: Serving Christmas (PG-13) (NS Advent Calendar 2005)

    This is my ultimate favorite Chlex Christmas fic and I'm going to download this puppy and start reading it STAT!!

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    Re: Serving Christmas (PG-13) (NS Advent Calendar 2005)

    Not sure if anyone will see this at this point, but... after all these years, I was thinking about this story out of the blue and wondering if it still existed online. Thanks for posting!

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