Hi everybody,

I know we have moderators, but I think summer gets busy for everybody. I also know there's a glitch that erases the contents of a post when you edit in advanced (like when you'd update the title to include a new chapter). You can get around that by copying the text of the post and pasting it back, but it's clunky.

As a modest fix to letting readers know you've updated, what about having a thread in Fanfiction Discussion where all members can post a note inviting people to read their updates? It wouldn't require anyone new to have admin privileges, though I think Julie might have to create the thread and pin it to the top.

In practice, the authors would post a note in the "I Updated!" thread, and members who had been swamped at work or away for vacation could go there first. We could even have (I believe) click-through links to get them to the story. Theoretically, if an author forgot to post their note, a fan of their story could put a heads-up for other readers. I guess it would be less of a discussion thread, as it would be read more than replied to, but useful for those times when mods are not online.