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Thread: A Much Needed Apology

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    Re: A Much Needed Apology

    Quote Originally Posted by Julie View Post
    Hey guys!

    First of all, I am so sorry I've been missing in action here. Long story super short, I got a boyfriend (so all my time was consumed into that relationship, hehe), then I got laid off at work, and have spent 2 months trying to find a new job :/ (I did manage to find a new job, started today actually! ). So yes, real life has been hectic to say the least, and NS has been forgotten on my part, and I am sorry, to all of you who still come here.

    I wish I had the time, and dedication, to be honest, to keep up with NS the way I used to. Making events such as the Advent Calendar, fanfiction challenges and more, but I just don't have the time any more

    So you guys, I am so sorry, I haven't had time for NS, and you guys.
    No need to apologise, Jules. We're all delighted to see that things are going so well for you in real life! New man, new job...YAY!!
    "I make my own destiny."

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    Re: A Much Needed Apology

    Oh my god, why would you even apologize?! ^^ I am not here on the forum often but I love everything you do here. I've been here for a couple of years and I can't say how grateful I am this forum is still running. I know I should be a little more active, and I am trying but when I only come once or twice a month, it's pretty hard to keep up with everything. So truly, deeply, thanks for all the hard work! And hope the work and the boyfriend is going well Cheers from France!

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    Re: A Much Needed Apology

    Don't apologize! We all go through spells where we arent around as much!

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    Re: A Much Needed Apology

    Have to totally agree with everything shane77 says, exactly the same for me too

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    Re: A Much Needed Apology

    I'm glad you were able to find a job so quickly. You do an amazing job on this site, thanks for your hard work.

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    Re: A Much Needed Apology

    I hope everything will be better

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    Re: A Much Needed Apology

    I barely remember to show up maybe every other year, so I mean, you shouldn't feel bad for being away for a short while.
    The world didn't need a superman to save it... just a brave one. - Superman, the new animated adventures, on Dan Turpin.

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    Re: A Much Needed Apology

    I think we all kind of flutter off to do our own thing. It's just the next chapter in our lives. I've been gone for so long and didn't even realize it. I just suddenly remembered this place and had to visit--Take a walk down memory lane. I was relieved to see that the site it still here after all of these years and that there's still a good amount of traffic.

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