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Thread: Phantom - Chapters 1 & 2 - December 7 2012 - PG 13

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    Phantom - Chapters 1 & 2 - December 7 2012 - PG 13

    Title: Phantom
    Author: ChloeLovesLex
    Rating: PG 13 for now, I only forsee one NC-17 chapter in the future.
    Disclaimer: I don't own Smallville, nor do I own any rights to any version of Phantom of the Opera. The intent for infringement does not exist.
    Summary: Chloe must return to a place she spent much of her youth, to uncover the truth about the rumors and stories of a ghost at the Metropolis Opera House. What she finds will result in a series of events that she couldn't have imagined.

    Author’s note: Ok, this has been long overdue to be written. I've had pieces of this fleshed out for a long time, and am now finding time to connect them all together. What can you expect? Well, a mash up of every version of Phantom you may know, mixed with an entirely new Chlex spin on it. There will be nods to Gaston Leroux's Phantom, Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom, & Yeston and Kopit's Phantom. However, best of all, there will be a Chlex Phantom that will emerge.

    Oh, and Bruce. There's Bruce in here too, for all of you Chruce lovers. However, let me note from the beginning, he is never Batman in this story.

    Chapter One - How It Began

    Chloe held tight to the umbrella that was keeping the misty rain from dampening her clothing and completely ruining her makeup and hair for the day. There was no hope for her shoes though. She'd just accidentally sloshed through a puddle stepping up onto the sidewalk.

    She glared up at the building she'd arrived at before ascending the stairs. It had been 15 years since she'd last set foot here. Suddenly she felt like the young girl who'd lost her father and one of her closest friends all over again.

    She'd never known her mother. She'd died when she was very young and her father had raised her on his own until his untimely demise.

    Grasping the polished brass handle she pulled the heavy door open and entered the front hallway. She closed her umbrella and placed it in the stand next to the door, then breathed in the familiar smells and sights of the dimly lit room that hadn't changed much. The same ornately carved side tables with pieces of art scattered throughout. The same paintings graced the walls, although a few new ones had been added, it was all too familiar.

    Taking in a ragged breath she willed her emotions into control. She was here on assignment, and she would and could do this.

    Perry had offered her the opportunity knowing the ties that she once held. Her first instinct was to say no. In fact, the word had rolled from her tongue before she could catch herself. He had raised an eyebrow at her and gave her a sympathetic look. "It's fine if you don't think you can do it, I just thought it would be a fun piece for you. It'd give you the mystery I know you love to unravel. Besides, you all but grew up there."

    For years the rumors had swirled around about the Metropolis Opera House and it's ghost. It wasn't her type of story, but Perry was confident that she would come up with the real story of what was going on there. It was the beginning of October, and he was giving her until the end of the month to debunk the countless stories, and put together a piece that went with the season of spooks.

    One thing was for certain, there was no ghost when she romped the halls there with her friends all those years ago. It wasn't until later that the stories had surfaced. After *he* had died.


    Chloe squealed with delight as she bounded the stairs toward the private boxes. Lex was missing, far ahead and long out of sight, Patricia was well hidden too, that left her alone and running from 12 year old Bruce Wayne, in hot pursuit of his first prisoner to take captive. Hide and seek in an enormous Opera House was exhilarating and quite the task. They had to come up with their own set of rules, and had to divide the building up into sections for each game, or surely no one would be found.

    This time it was the left quarter of the house, closest to the stage, and encompassing both levels, including all common areas and hallways. Normal Hide and Seek rules applied. If you got caught, you were "it". Of course no one really wanted to be "it". The task was daunting. Usually the girls whined enough to get one of the boys to volunteer to be the first pursuer. After that, it was left to fate, and they had hours to play it. Sooner or later, Chloe or Patricia ended up being "it". This would end in one of them sobbing in exasperation because the boys were either too fast, or hid too well.

    Chloe really didn't want to be caught. She put all of her effort into running, but she was running out of steam after making it to the top of the stairs, still ahead of Bruce.

    A hand reached out from behind a curtain housing one of the boxes. She squeaked in surprise, but didn't fight it. It pulled her in and behind the heavy fabric. She was lost in its folds and pressed up against Lex. She could tell it was him, and not Patricia, because he was taller than she was and he held her in a protective way. Something Patricia would never do. She tried to control her panting so they wouldn't be found. She heard Bruce stop and felt the curtain rustle as he peeked into the box itself shouting "Gotcha!". Seeing no one, he hurried on.

    They waited a few moments before Lex let her go, and pushed the fabric from around them. They breathed freely now and stepped out of its confines. "Thanks," she smiled brightly up at him.

    He ruffled her hair and smiled back down to her. "No problem, Little Lottie."

    She blushed at him and immediately started looking for a new place to hide. "We need to get out of here."

    Little Lottie was the name of the main character in an ongoing story she and her father had made up together. Lottie loved music, and had an angel of music that visited her and taught her to sing beautifully enough to feature at the most famous opera houses across the world. Her angel, the ghost, brought mischief to everywhere they went. It started as a bedtime story by her father, that Chloe suspected was more about her than a made up little girl, and continued from there. Chloe always thought she'd eventually write them down and compile it into a book when she got older. As much as she loved music, she loved to write.

    Lex had heard the stories with the others, on dark nights up in the attic at Wayne Manor, when the guests would be partying down below, and the children would gather for picnics and ghost stories away from the laughter and boring confines of adult high society. Her father would always come and visit them on his breaks from playing his violin with the quartet and the stories would begin.

    It warmed her heart that Lex made the connection of Lottie to her. She only wished he felt less of an urge to ruffle her hair over it. After all, a nine year old girls crush was a fragile thing, and that sort of attention wasn't what she'd hoped for. Not that she went around wishing for kisses and the like, but she did want him to like her as much as she liked him, and a hug wouldn't hurt. OK, maybe she didn't even want that.

    She just knew that he gave her butterflies in her tummy. Especially when he sang, or played the piano or violin. Which he would be doing shortly in a lesson her father would be giving, like he did every week. And she would watch intently, from a seat high up in the balcony, while she pretended to read a book.

    Lex agreed with her assessment that they needed to find a new place to hide. He ran toward a door that lead to a back set of stairs and down into the lobby area. He pulled it open and held it for her to run ahead of him.

    ***present day***

    "Chloe? My stars! Is that you?"

    A woman's voice broke through her reverie and she focused on who was standing before her.

    "Madame Swan!" Chloe gasped in surprise at the older woman. She was genuinely happy to see her, although she had no reason to suspect that she wouldn't be there, she hadn't thought that they might cross paths again while she worked on this project. Chloe had planned to stay far away from normal rehearsal times and hours when the Opera House was buzzing with activity. She needed for it to be quiet and uninhabited for her research. She was only there at the moment to speak to the House's management about allowing her access after hours.

    The old woman wrapped Chloe up in a warm hug that brought back fond memories long forgotten.

    "You've been missed, child," she released her and a smile graced her aged, but still beautiful features. "I was sure we'd never see you again, come, you must see Patricia too."

    The thought of seeing her old friend brought joy and sadness to her in alternating waves, just as seeing Patricia's mother did right now. They were close as children, very much like sisters, a special bond had formed between them. That was, until it all happened. They were never the same after that.

    Chloe had no idea what to say. What excuse to give for why she'd never made an effort to see them again. Why she'd made every effort not to return to the Opera House. Why it pained her too much to even set foot within its walls again for so many years. Why seeing Lex's nanny and her daughter, seemed like too much for her to handle for so very long.
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    Re: Phantom of the Opera - Chapter 1 - December 6 2012 - PG 13

    Chapter 2 - Old Friends

    Chloe found herself standing on the edge of the stage watching a rehearsal with Madame Swan at her side. She easily picked Patricia Swan out of the ballet corp. She had blossomed into an amazing dancer. Tall and graceful, and every bit as elegant as she remembered her mother also to be on stage. She wondered if the ballet mistress ever did that anymore.

    As the dance they were working on ended, she saw Patricia glance their way. The look of recognition on her face was nearly instantaneous, and she came toward Chloe in a run, then immediately engulfed her in a tearful hug. "My God, it's you! It's really you!" She pulled back to get a better look at her. "I can't believe you're here." Chloe teared up as well, guilt washing over her.

    Madame Swan spoke up, "I suppose it's time to ask what has brought you back to us, Chloe."

    Patricia stepped away, but was staring at her old friend in disbelief.

    "Actually, I'm here on assignment for the paper."

    "The newspaper? Really? You work for the paper?" Patricia responded excitedly.

    Chloe shifted uncomfortably. "I do. I have for some time, but I write under a pen name."

    The ballet mistress nodded knowingly. Chloe had been trying to keep herself hidden upon her return to Metropolis. She didn't want to be found.

    "So, are you here to write about the new production underway?" the tall and willowy girl asked.

    Chloe's cheeks reddened at what she was about to admit, "I'm here to write about the Opera Ghost."

    Madame and Patricia exchanged a quick look.

    Her old friend let out a nervous laugh, "The Opera Ghost?"

    "Yeah, my boss wants me to unravel the mystery, and find out what the real source is. I'm here to do a little Scooby sniffing around for a few weeks."

    Mother and daughter exchanged another look.

    "Anyway, I know it sounds like more of an Inquisitor piece at the moment, but once I explain away most of the myths, it will become a piece worthy of the Daily Planet."

    Patricia nodded. "I'm sure if anyone can find anything, it will be you."


    Madame Swan had given Patricia instructions to give Chloe a quick refresher tour of the Opera House, even though Chloe insisted that she still knew every nook and cranny.

    "The management offices have moved, they are now on the lobby level, on the back end," the girl informed her. "After Lionel died, no one dared to inhabit his office after the first week."

    "Really?" Chloe pondered aloud. "Why?"

    "Those that took over swore that they felt a presence and could hear....," her voice trailed off.

    "Could hear what?"

    Patricia took a deep breath and finished her sentence, "that they could hear music, singing, and a voice speaking from what seemed like out of nowhere."

    "Oh," was all Chloe could muster as an answer.

    Patricia looked away and then inhaled sharply. "Anyway, there seems to be less activity in the new office. Although the hand written notes still show up."

    "Less activity? You mean you've witnessed some of it? You believe in it? There are notes?" She found it hard to believe that Patricia would fall into an actual belief in ghosts. The stories they'd told in the darkened attic had always been for fun.

    Her friend nodded at her slowly, "You haven't been here Chloe. I assure you, there is more activity than ever gets reported beyond these walls."

    "Clearly," was all she could come up with as an answer.

    They walked in companionable silence for a while. Just roaming the halls that they both already knew so well. They found themselves up in the boxes. Box 5 being the choice the four of them had always selected as children. The girls entered and sat down in the velvet padded chairs.

    Patricia spoke first, "I've missed you all of these years, Chloe. I never really got to tell you how sorry I was about your father."

    Chloe stared down at the stage and nodded.

    "Things haven't been the same since then," she continued.

    Chloe nodded again.

    "I really missed you, although I...well, mother and I both, understood why you never wanted to return."

    She turned to her, "I'm sorry, I didn't keep in contact. The two of you were like family, and I cut you off to keep myself from feeling any more pain," she looked down at the floor. "I even cut Bruce and his family out too."

    "I know you did, he tried to find you, he still checks in periodically and asks if we've heard from you. And he still comes to all of the shows as well."

    Chloe looked up, shocked at the information. "He does?"

    She was surprised to hear that. She thought he hated the Opera House. Bruce's parents literally forced him into lessons with her father. They made the trip every week from Gotham, because they truly believed her father to be the best. Maybe it was because the Luthor's believed so much in him as well. The families loved to put their children in competition with one another. Who knew for certain, but there Bruce was every week, stuck at the Opera House for hours, complaining that he had no interest in the lessons he was there for. All the while his father was in business meetings around Metropolis, while young Bruce waited for his turn with Mr. Sullivan.

    Patricia nodded at her. "He's absolutely going to flip when he hears that you are here."

    Chloe reached out and grasped her hand, "Patricia please don't tell him."

    Her old friend studied her carefully. "Ok, if you really don't want me to."

    "I really don't. I don't think I could handle it."

    She nodded in understanding, "Alright then, mum's the word."

    Chloe let her hand go, "Now, tell me about this latest show you are in. You are amazing on that stage," Chloe smiled brightly at her.

    "I'm just the background. You know how it is for us dancers, we don't see the spotlight, not like *she* does."

    The little blonde knew exactly what was being referred to. "Ahhh yes, I admit that from reading the Entertainment section at the Planet, I can pretty much guess who you are referring to."

    "Lana Lang," Patricia said flatly. "You have no idea, Chloe. She is...she's just...you'll have to see."

    "Is she any good?" Chloe asked seriously.

    "She's good, but she's not the kind of good that we used to see here."

    Chloe knew what she meant. Her father had trained most of the Opera's Soprano's. He was well known for turning out the finest. He may have opted to play the violin in the pit, but that was only because it was his first passion and love. He refused to give that up. However, his second passion was singing, and if you wanted instruction, there was no finer teacher. He'd begun to train Chloe at a young age, but her desire to sing had gone to the grave with him. Just as Little Lottie did.


    The girls giggled and reminisced together as they approached the backstage area. They passed all of the dressing rooms. Prop rooms. Break rooms. Rooms to stretch in.

    The hall was long, dimly lit, and twisted around in a long curve. Chloe remembered most of it well. The diva's room was at the bend in the hall so she got a massive expanse for a room in a pie shape. Further down were storage rooms and the like, but Chloe had a favorite room, and she made a b-line for it hoping it was still there. All the way at the end should've been a room for extra or discarded instruments and oversized props. The ceiling in that room was vaulted, and voices would echo in it in a way she had always liked.

    "Patricia! Patricia!!!" Madame Swan was calling to her daughter. She rounded the corner and saw them at the end of the hallway. "There you are! I've been looking all over. Lana has arrived, it's time for a full run through."

    Her friend looked at her apologetically, "This has been so much fun. Don't leave without saying goodbye, ok."

    Chloe smiled at her, "Don't worry, I won't. Besides, you'll be leaving before I do...at least that's what I'm kind of hoping for."

    Madame Swan gave her a questioning look.

    "I know it's a lot to ask, but I can do a far more thorough investigation when the Opera House is empty. Is there any way that I could stay after you all have gone," it was a huge favor to ask of someone that she had basically ignored for the past 15 years.

    The woman gave her an uneasy glare. "I don't know if that is the best idea, my dear. I'm not worried about management finding you here without their permission, but I am worried that you will find yourself spooked by being alone in here."

    "I'm not easily spooked," she smiled. "Don't forget, I'm the girl who wrote ghost stories with her father for most of her childhood," she pointed her finger at herself. It was the first time she'd spoke about it as an admission of anything she used to be.

    The ballet mistress nodded at her. "Very well then, I'll leave you to it. The back stage door will lock automatically when you leave."

    Patricia gave her a quick hug and hurried off. Madame Swan lingered for a moment and gave her a significant look. "Be careful with what you search for here, child. Some stories may be better left untold."

    Chloe's brown knit together, "I'll be careful, I promise."

    The older woman nodded at her, then left her alone to finish exploring. Chloe decided that speaking to the management could wait until tomorrow. With an all access pass currently in her possession unquestioned, she wanted to utilize it right away.
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    Re: Phantom of the Opera - Chapter 1 - December 6 2012 - PG 13

    Interesting beginning. It's a complete AU fic, then? no aliens, no kryptonite and so on? I haven't read or seen Phantom of the opera but I know the basics of the story. With a Chlex twist? Can't wait to read the rest.

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    Re: Phantom of the Opera - Chapter 1 - December 6 2012 - PG 13

    Quote Originally Posted by xmag View Post
    Interesting beginning. It's a complete AU fic, then? no aliens, no kryptonite and so on? I haven't read or seen Phantom of the opera but I know the basics of the story. With a Chlex twist? Can't wait to read the rest.
    Yes, AU. However it is not without it's Smallville related issues. They will be known a little later in the story.

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    Re: Phantom of the Opera - Chapter 1 - December 6 2012 - PG 13

    I can't wait to see where you take this. What happened to Lex?

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    Re: Phantom of the Opera - Chapter 1 - December 6 2012 - PG 13

    Ok, I'm hooked, great idea! I can't believe I didn't think about writing Chlex phantom myself! Now, I don't have to come up with this Though, I would write NC17
    I just hope that Bruce and Chloe will not be an item as I want her with Lex
    And certainly Lex is the phantom. I wonder what happened to him? He just lost his hair or has a scar somewhere? Or maybe he had an accident and Lionel sould his soul for him and now LEx looks like in SV finale? ok, enough with my speculations, because some of them may turn out to actually be true;p

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    Re: Phantom of the Opera - Chapter 1 - December 6 2012 - PG 13

    excellent begining.can't wait to see what happens next.

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    Re: Phantom of the Opera - Chapter 1 - December 6 2012 - PG 13

    will you continue, please?

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    Re: Phantom of the Opera - Chapter 1 - December 6 2012 - PG 13

    I just love The Phantom Of The Opera, with Chlex involved I'm sure I'll love even more

    Can't wait to read more
    Great fic

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    Re: Phantom of the Opera - Chapter 1 - December 6 2012 - PG 13


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