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Thread: Chlex Drabbles (G+) (Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)

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    Re: Chlex Drabbles (G+) (Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)

    LOL! That was cute!
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    Re: Chlex Drabbles (G+) (Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)

    I loved reading all of these! But then I wanted a full story!

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    Re: Chlex Drabbles (G+) (Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)

    Quote Originally Posted by meghanadxb View Post
    This is very good.
    Chlex drabbles are fun

    The Preposterous Plan a 365 word Smallville drabble--Enjoy

    Frequent visitors couldn’t help but notice that the security measures at Belle Reve had increased tenfold since Lex Luthor became incarcerated there.

    ‘I wonder if Clark had anything to do with that,’ Chloe muttered to herself.

    She couldn’t blame him for his fear when it came to just how far Lex would go to expose Superman. On more than one occasion, Lex had targeted Lois because he knew she was a weak spot for the superhero.

    Chloe just knew for the sake of their daughter Julianna and for Lex himself, she could never stop trying to reach him.

    She’d been visiting the prison twice a week and every time she tried to talk to her husband to get through to the sane individual she knew was still lurking inside him, she’d be met with a blank stare.

    This day had been particularly painful because it was Juliana’s fourth birthday. Chloe was showing Lex pictures of their baby girl on her phone when she realized that his eyes were focused beyond the screen.

    He was just staring at the empty table top.

    Her eyes filled with tears and she was reminded painfully of what her dad kept saying to her. “The Lex you love is gone. He’s not the same man who’s your husband or Julie’s father.”

    Maybe it was time for Chloe to face the facts.

    But each time she tried to accept that her Lex was lost to her, something inside her would yell not to give up.

    “You know there’s this quote from W.C Fields about giving up if you don’t succeed because you don’t want to look like a damn fool.”

    Chloe grasped Lex’s slack hand in the tightest grip she could muster and leaned her head against his. “I don’t care how foolish I look or how long it takes, I will get you back. Juliana needs her dad and I need my husband.”

    She was crying again, but her tears didn’t lessen her vehemence. “Please Lex, we need you to fight to get back to us.”

    It was only then that she realized that the hand she was holding onto for dear life was squeezing hers back just as tightly.

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    Re: Chlex Drabbles (G+) (Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)

    Lovely drabble, Kit. Now to break him out and get him back home.

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    Re: Chlex Drabbles (G+) (Excluded from Fanfic Update-date rule, Julie)

    Ooh! I like this Drabble! Any chance for more?
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