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Thread: Avalanche's Fanfiction List

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    Avalanche's Fanfiction List

    Avalanche’s Fanfiction Master List


    Stand-Alone Fics

    Dreaming the Wolf (R)

    Unto Death (PG-15)
    Note: This fic is a side story involving Samuel Kale from Dreaming the Wolf and is
    located at fanfiction.net. It takes place years before Dreaming the Wolf.

    Christmas Spirit (PG-13)

    Go (PG-15)

    A Secret Prepossession (PG-15)

    Motivations (PG-15)

    Season of Bliss (PG-15)
    Note: This is a Christmas fic.

    Measured Vengeance Vignettes

    Tipping the Board (PG-15)

    All of You (PG-15)

    Homes Movies (PG-15)

    Level the Field (PG-15)

    Destiny (PG-15)
    Note: The events of Destiny happen chronologically before Level the Field

    Puzzlecraft (PG-15)

    Resetting the Board (PG-15)

    Dauntless Vignettes

    Unflinching (PG-15)

    Resolute (PG-15)

    Work(s) in Progress

    Death Knell (R)

    Round Robin Participant

    Where in the World is Lex Luthor? (NC-17)
    Note: Someone! Write the next part for Pete’s sake! I wrote Chapter Six.

    (This post may or may not have been brought to you by Squirrely P. Delish. Nobody knows. No. body.)
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    Fanfiction Master List

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    Re: Avalanche's Fanfiction List

    . . . Thanks for the fanfiction listing, Tex, but I can't help but feel this is missing something . . . something important. Something about a delightful squirrel who may be delish? (Squirrely P. Delish always believed in you, and now is your chance to repay that with a simple kindness.)

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