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Thread: Halloween Weekend 2010!

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    Halloween Weekend 2010!

    NS Halloween Weekend 2010

    It’s almost the weekend for Halloween, but not everyone celebrates Halloween in their country, so of course we’re doing something special here on NS for everyone to enjoy!
    • NS Halloween Themed Fanfictions
    • Pumpkin Hunt!
    • Halloween Paid Subscription Special!
    • Halloween Fanfiction Battle
    Halloween Themed Fanfictions

    Below are Halloween themed fanfictions posted here on NS. If you read them, be sure to leave your feedback. It won’t take you long, but it’ll really please the author who spent a lot of time writing the story for you!

    (Fanfictions are listed in no particular order. Thanks to Lexie who helped me gather this list.)

    Arielleira "Trick or treat"(PG-13)
    Chloe Luthor "Fear Itself "(NC-17)
    Chloe Luthor "Possessed" (NC-17)
    Gemkat5 "Boys Will Be Boys" PG-13/R
    JennyD13 "Sweet Zombie Jesus!" (R)
    Logan "Masquerade Party" (PG-13 )
    malugargula "Lovely Halloween" (NC/17)
    nonky/kitten "Dressing it Up and Stripping it Down" (NC-17)
    PMD "Smallville/Veronica Mars Crossover Halloween Fic- Happy Halloween" PG-13
    PMD "Halloween Fun - Smallville Style" (PG-13)
    PMD "Halloween Is Just Not The Same" (PG-13)
    PMD Hidden No More (PG-13)
    PMD "How We Never Met Series Part 8 - I Wish" (PG-13) (Part of a series but it can be read as a standalone)
    S.Ann Smith "Batty Post-transference Halloweenfic" (PG-13)
    scifichick774 "The Gatehouse" (NC-17) (It's got a sequel called "Welcome to my World")but it can be read as a standalone)
    Shy Butterfly "Lunar Eclipse" (NC-17) holiday fanfic
    Sydsvaughn "Masked Appeal" (NC-17)
    Sydsvaughn "Seduction in the Wings" (NC-17)
    teejei "Angel-Hair" (G+)
    teejei "Devil's Mate" (G+)
    tthjinni "It's the Great Pumpkin, Lex Luthor"(Pg13)
    tthjinni "Samhain Seduction" - Pg13
    Tracyaching "Two Sides of the Coin" (PG 13/R) (The climax of the story takes place at a Halloween costume ball.)
    Val "Halloween of '91" (PG )
    xevaral "Hallowsville" (NC-17)
    Westwingwolf "A Memorable Haunting" (Fanfic Challenge #5 Oct 2009) (PG-13)
    ZANNIE "Lessons in Disguise" (NC-17)

    (If there's a fanfiction posted here that isn't on the list above, let me know by sending me a PM!)

    Halloween fanfictions on sites other than NS Forums

    Fiona "Trick or Treat" (R)
    Michelle "Masquerades" (NC-17)
    Shadowglove "Lex" (PG-13)

    Pumpkin Hunt!

    I will hide three (3) pumpkins around the forums. Find one and claim a free month of the silver paid subscription plan. You can of course try and find them all, but you will only get one free month Also, it’s first come, first serve. Whomever finds a pumpkin’s location, and sends it to me (Julie) via private message first gets it.

    The pumpkin looks like this:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	pumpkin.gif
Views:	125
Size:	6.6 KB
ID:	118

    There will also be one more winner who will get selected randomly, so not to worry if all the pumpkins are taken, just keep looking and if you find one, send it in right away! You can send me one private message per pumpkin.

    The pumpkin hunt runs from October 29th 6pm (Oslo, Norway time) to October 31st 6pm (Oslo, Norway time).

    If you don’t find a pumpkin in time, and you think you’re out of luck for the random pumpkin, not to worry! You can still get a good deal on a paid subscription!

    Halloween Special - Paid Subscription 20% OFF!

    20% OFF on all yearly paid subscriptions. That means:

    Silver paid subscription, before 20 USD, is now: 16 USD
    Gold paid subscription, before 50 USD, is now:40 USD
    Platinum paid subscription, before 70 USD, is now: 56 USD

    These discounted subscriptions will be available from October 29th 6pm until October 31st 6pm (Oslo, Norway time).

    You can also give someone else a paid subscription if you want to!

    The money from the paid subscriptions goes to support my coffee addiction , domain and hosting expenses, the cost for the forums (support and upgrades), some paid features for the forums and various contest specials we have from time to time where I send you guys actual prizes

    Halloween Fanfiction Battle

    It’s still not too late to join in on the Halloween fanfiction battle. Your story has to be submitted by 11:59 pm (Oslo, Norway time) on October 31st. So go check out the thread for more information!

    So I’ll hope you’ll join us here at NS for Halloween!
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    Re: Halloween Weekend 2010!

    Thank you so much for this amazing site^^

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    Re: Halloween Weekend 2010!

    Great event! It's going to take me a while to go through those fics (again for some )

    P.S.: I also just wanted to mention that in my country, our version of Halloween, called Barbara after Saint Barbe (weird I know ), is celebrated on the 3rd of December; there aren't many pumpkins involved but a whole lot of local delights made primarily with wheat. It's also the day we plant lentils, beans and especially wheat for them to be green and ready for Christmas (as a sign of renewal and hope).
    Of course, American Halloween is still a reason to party here, and themed nights are all the rage in nightclubs. So HAPPY HALLOWEEN people!

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    Re: Halloween Weekend 2010!

    This all sounds fantastic! Thanks so much .

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    Re: Halloween Weekend 2010!

    Sounds awesome to me, I'll be here to have fun!

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    in fanfiction land

    Re: Halloween Weekend 2010!

    Thanks, Julie! This is really fun!

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    Just a Guest!

    Re: Halloween Weekend 2010!

    thank you julie for the organisation

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    Re: Halloween Weekend 2010!

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

    NS Halloween Weekend will begin in about 2 hours

    Eek! I have to hide the pumpkins soon!

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    Re: Halloween Weekend 2010!

    The three pumpkins are now hidden! Go find one, and send me the location (url) of the pumpkin via PM!

    Happy pumpkin-hunting everyone!

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    Re: Halloween Weekend 2010!

    Don't know if I won, but I sent you the link to a pumpkin! This is fun!

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