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Thread: Regarding posting of spoiler material

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    Regarding posting of spoiler material

    It has come to my attention that there's been a little too much spoiler material on the loose lately, outside the Spoilers and Speculations forum. And some of the members have come to me about it.

    We're all differently involved in the show, and not everyone wants to be spoiled, or know about an actors/characters future with the show

    So please be considerate towards other members and think about whether this is a spoiler or not when you post news about Smallville, or the characters/actors.

    If you're uncertain if it's spoilerish or not, a general rule of thumb is that, if the topic in question hasn't aired in an episode yet, it's considered a spoiler.

    Also regarding big news like, for an example character deaths, even though the episode has aired, or will air later that same day, it will be a good idea to not put that in the thread title, as the entire world isn't watching Smallville episode at the same pace as the US

    The same goes for posts. Even if the main topic itself isn't a spoiler, you might post something within that thread that might be considered spoilerish to other users. When you need to post something, or discuss something that is spoiler material, or a topic that might ruin someone's enjoyment of the show*, like for an example an actor's future with the show, simply put it in spoiler tags like this: [*spoiler][*/spoiler] without the stars. So that it will look like this:

    Spoiler Below, Highlight to read!
    Hidden text here!

    Thanks guys

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask

    * Future topics in episode discussion threads needs to be put in spoiler tags, but if a character dies in that episode, you're of course free to openly discuss that in THAT episode thread. Users who are a season or more behind, will know that reading episode discussion threads will spoil them.
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    Re: Regarding posting of spoiler material

    i feel like i should come here more often. Chlex is always love =)

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