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Thread: sinecure's Fanfiction List

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    sinecure's Fanfiction List

    I think this is a wonderful idea, Julie. Thanks for being awesome.


    5 Ways Lex Observed Chloe, and 1 Way She Observed Him - Mild R - Short Story
    The mysterious complexities of human nature held more of a pull for Lex Luthor than anything else.

    A Sketch of Happiness - Mild R - Angst
    An idyllic day in the life of Chloe and Lex.
    - Chapter 1
    -- Chapter 2
    --- Chapter 3

    Life's Lessons Learned - R - Short Story
    It takes a few years, but Chloe learns to be who she is.

    Look At Her Past - PG-13 - Short Story
    Chloe decides to leave it all behind.

    Nick of Time - R - Short Story
    Chloe and Lex are trapped and facing death, so they have The Sex. What else could they do?

    On the Surface - R - Short Story
    When Chloe and Lex want, they take.

    See How She Runs - Mild R - Short Story
    Chloe has a problem only Lex can solve... since he's there anyway.

    Such A Dirty Word - NC-17 - Drama
    Chloe... propositions Lex.
    - Such A Dirty Mouth - NC-17 (sequel to Such A Dirty Word) Drama
    Lex confronts Chloe over her blackmailing scheme from Such A Dirty Word.

    Twisted Betrayal Mine - NC-17 - Drama
    Chloe and Lex take advantage of his office door.

    We Fall, But Our Souls Are Flying - R - Angst, smut
    Chloe has a secret that she holds close to her heart and dares not tell anyone else. Will grief make her reveal all? *NEW*

    Challenge Fics

    Distant Dark Places - NC-17 - Drama (Adult Fanfiic Challenge)
    "Another day, another danger."

    These Are the Facts - NC-17 - Drama (March Fanfic Challenge - Adult)
    It's a fact of Chloe's life that all the men in it want something from her.

    Freckles - PG-13 - Fluff (March Fanfic Challenge - PG-13)
    It's Chloe's freckles that make the decision for him.

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    Re: sinecure's Fanfiction List

    looks like these will be intrested
    I reject your reality and substatute my own.

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