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Thread: MomDaegmorgan's Fanfiction List - 5/1/10

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    MomDaegmorgan's Fanfiction List - 5/1/10

    Here's my (relatively short) fanfiction list. Maybe someday it'll be as big as my Doctor Who one. *crosses fingers*


    Lactose Intolerance - PG Slightly silly fic based on the prompt "lactose intolerance".


    A Distempered Tango - PG13 My entry for the December Fanfiction Challenge.

    Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered - PG Does anything in Lex's life ever go completely as planned?

    Hell is in the Details - PG13 Clark always tries to do what's right. So does Chloe.

    Illusionary - NC17 My entry for the March Fanfiction Challenge.

    Of Teasing and Consequences - PG13 All she wanted was to have a little fun.

    Truth and Lies - NC17 Sometimes you get away with your lies, other times they catch up to you at the most inopportune time.


    (Mis)Adventures in Remuneration - PG13 All Lex wanted to do was say thank you.
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