Here's a listing of my Chlex fics, both complete and WIP. Let us hope I do this correctly.

The Humor

I'll Show You Mine (PG-13). A little naughty.

Knight In Shining Porsche (PG). Not a sequel to "I'll Show You Mine," but sort of in the same spirit.

The Darker Stuff

Keeping Score (PG-13).

Choices In the Dark (PG-13)

Night Visits (PG-13). The sequel to "Choices In the Dark."

A Fusion AU

Restless Spirits (PG). A multi-chapter fic. Lex is a Sentinel. And, of course, Chloe gets mixed up in things.

The WIPs
I don't know if either of these will ever be finished, so read at your own peril.

Fall Into Your Dreams (PG-13). Really liked the idea, but writers block got in the way of it taking off. *sigh*

Dreams and Shadows (PG-13). Was going to look at the idea of Lex being a Sentinel from another angle.