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Thread: Kit Merlot's Fanfiction List

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    Kit Merlot's Fanfiction List

    Here is the list of all of my Finished Stories:

    My multi-chapter fics:

    A Sparrow Mends Rated PG 13

    Shadows of the Past Rated R

    Scofield Standard Time Rated R

    My holiday themed short stories:

    A Thanksgiving Prayer Rated PG 13

    Christmas Future? Rated PG 13

    Midnight Clear Rated PG-13

    My Film Noir inspired Chlex stories:

    Shoot Low, They’re Riding the Shetlands Rated PG 13

    Violet Noir Rated PG 13

    The Butcher's Boy
    Rated PG 13

    My entries to the Monthly Fanfiction Challenges:

    From Hell October 2010

    Sour Times May 2010

    The Devil Moon January 2010

    In Another Life July 2009

    The Reckoning August 2009

    The Defiant Ones March 2010

    The June Wedding June 2009

    Short Stories

    Damn Shelby, Back at it Again with the Green K My attempts at a humorous short story

    A Measure of a Man's Soul Yet another Chlex interview fic--who doesn't love them

    Randomly changing the color scheme makes me smile--goofy I know
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