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Thread: Author's Master Lists -- A list with their written stories

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    Author's Master Lists -- A list with their written stories

    (If you don't have access to post a thread in this forum (the fanfiction forum), let me know and I'll look at the control panel settings)

    Each fanfiction author may create their own thread here, if they wish to create a master list of the fanfictions they've written and posted here on NS Forums, so that users can easily find the stories.

    Make sure that the title of the thread is: Username's Fanfictions List

    Of course replace Username with your own username here on NS.

    In the thread itself, post the links to your fanfictions in the following format:

    Title Of Your Fanfiction A (Rated Y)
    Title Of Your Fanfiction B (Rated Y)
    Title Of Your Fanfiction C (Rated Y)

    And then link the title to the actual thread.
    Don't forget the rating!

    How you organize the list is up to you -- chronologically, alphabetically, random... Up to you!

    You can also include the date if you want to, the only required information is title and rating.

    However! When you want to update your list, you will edit the first post and make changes there. DO NOT post additional posts in the thread, it will only make it cluttered and unorganized.
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