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Thread: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - Adult stories

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    NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - Adult stories

    Here are the entries for the adult version of the March challenge. Please not that these entries have a rating of NC17/R.

    If you're voting and want to leave a small note, please feel free to do so. The voting is anonymous and no one has to tell who they chose; a simple, "Great stories guys" won't reveal anything but can make a world of difference to the authors. And if you don't want it known that you voted at all, you can send me your reply in a PM and I will be more than happy to post it to preserve anonymity.

    Voting ends on Sunday April 11th 2010 at 15:41 Norway time.

    Story one
    Story two
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - Adult stories

    Story One

    He loves her just like this: on her knees before him, his cock in her mouth.

    Her position is one of submission, his of dominance, and it sends a thrill though him like nothing he's experienced before. The parties and drugs of his youth. The fast cars and loose women that are a part of his everyday life. The multi-million dollar business deals that define him.

    Holding another human being's life in his hands.

    Not even the gratification of solving a centuries-old riddle compares to this.

    Chloe gives as much as Lex takes, takes as much as he gives.

    But the moans that fill the room are his, not hers. She doesn't make a sound herself; all he hears are her harsh breaths and the wet suctioning noise from her lips wrapped around him as her cheeks hollow out in a practiced way. Her technique is flawless and effective.

    Cold and calculating.

    He wants her to want this, but the truth is she doesn't. She isn't here for pleasure; she's here out of necessity. And though he's the one in the position of power, he knows that control can be illusionary.

    Her tongue maps out a line around the head of his cock, her hand squeezing firmly, rhythmically at its base. She doesn't look him in the eyes, restricts their contact to the most minimal possible for her goal.

    But it's enough.

    He has to focus on stopping his hips from thrusting forward, on keeping his hands from grasping her by the head, fingers tightening in her hair to guide her movements.

    He won't last, can't, not with the way she slides her tongue along his flesh, flicking teasingly as she works him efficiently to orgasm. It's been too long since their previous encounter and his control isn't what it once was. Whereas before he could go without her touch for months at a time, now he doesn't last more than a week.
    It's been six.

    It's not a valid excuse, isn't a good enough reason for his body to revert to that of a horny teenager, but none of that matters when he feels his release coming, hard and fast. She feels it too, and her free hand slips between his legs, palms his balls, cupping and squeezing them.

    There's a part of his mind that continues to resist. He wants to make this last, knows that the next time--if there even is one--could be months away, and he doesn't think he'll be able to take the wait again.

    But no amount of self-control can stop the inevitable; none of his tried and true tricks are able to delay it. Despite his best efforts, the rushing tide of pleasure overwhelms him, and he feels the tension in his body build up.

    With a light scrape of her teeth along his sensitized skin, he comes with a grunt. His body freezes in place, muscles clenching in pleasure. She doesn't stop though, just keeps moving on him, keeps sucking and stroking and milking him of all he is. Swallows all of him down.

    It only took her six minutes this time.

    He'd feel a surge of embarrassment, but he's certain she doesn't notice anything amiss, doesn't even care--except in that her goal has been reached, and she can go home now, get as far away from him as possible. She quickly dismisses him--rising to her feet and turning to leave before he can take a single, shuddering breath in.

    He stands stiffly, watching her grab her jacket and bag off the chair where she left them. She doesn't even clean herself up. He can see the proof of what they just did, glistening in the corner of her mouth when she tosses him a look over her shoulder and speaks for the first time since showing up in his bedroom unannounced.

    "So, you'll do it?"

    He stares at her, his body chilled from the cool in the air, from the sweat slowly drying on his skin, from the sudden loss of adrenaline. She waits for an answer and he nods mutely as he pulls his pants up and fastens them.
    He can't let himself think about what she's asking him to do.

    Satisfied, she slips out of the room, leaving an emptiness in her place.

    Dropping to the bed, Lex rubs his hands over his scalp and wonders how things got this out of control. How they'd gone from something similar to a partnership--no matter how fucked up it might have been--to this. Whatever this is; something too important to be called blackmail, too cheap to be likened to extortion.

    He knows he should put an end to this arrangement of theirs. It's not doing either of them any good, is only making things worse between them. But he can't. Won't.

    This is the only way he can have her.

    And Lex will take whatever he can get.
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - Adult stories

    Story Two

    It's a fact of Chloe's life that all the men in it want something from her.
    She doesn't begrudge them this, but it does makes it more difficult to do what she needs to do, rather than what they want her to do.

    At this very moment, Clark wants her in her apartment, huddled in bed, depending on him to solve her problems, to fix her. But there's nothing wrong with her other than the fact that the person controlling her body isn't her. Chloe knows this, and she's fine with it. It's a nice break from the stress of her day-to-day life.

    Being Clark's go-to girl and secret-keeper all in one is a demanding job, but one that she relishes. Occasionally it's nice to stop for a while, though, and she'll never do that on her own--too many people rely on Clark, and he relies on her--so, forced breaks are all that she ever gets.

    Time in the hospital, a coma, a nice concussion and forced bed rest, those are her vacations.
    Standing in the hall outside of her dorm room, with Lana still asleep inside, she's faced with another man who wants something from her. In fact, Lex wants several things; Clark's secret, her secret--which is currently controlling her--and for her to stay out from between him and Lana.

    Three things he'll never get from her.

    Clark's secret will be hers forever; the words will never pass her lips, especially not in his presence. Her own secret is a minor blip in the scheme of things, just an inconsequential break in her life. It'll be over and done with soon enough.
    But, Lana....

    Clark loves Lana and Chloe does for Clark what he does for her. At least, she often thinks so, but sometimes it's a little blurry, that line that delineates what they're willing to do for each other.

    What Clark is willing to do for her.

    But for Lana, he'd search planets, scour rocks for clues, and turn back time if he could. All of that and more. Chloe understands because she'd do the same for him.

    Her love for her boyhood friend isn't a crush and it isn't fleeting, but as she's standing here, faced with Lex Luthor, with someone else's thoughts guiding her, flooding through hers, she hears and feels things from another source. And this source is angry and hell-bent on revenge.

    But she's also starving.

    Lex is before her, tempting her, offering to help. He wants her to believe he has the best of intentions, but Chloe knows differently. Unfortunately, Gretchen doesn't understand his motives. She's too blinded by need.

    Hands that Chloe knows as hers grab the lapels of his coat and pull him closer. She inhales deeply, closing her eyes at the musky scent of this wonderfully strong person before her.

    This man whose hands are grabbing hers and pulling them from him.

    Gretchen isn't happy about that. Pushing Lex to the wall of the corridor, she presses close, inhaling again before kissing him desperately, urgently... hungrily. Their combined breaths are the only sound in the dim corridor.
    It's like mana from heaven to touch again.

    So much need and desire sweeps through her, making her body shake, but she doesn't let up. Her mouth moves over his, and she's slightly surprised to feel his open under hers and his fingers tighten in her coat, holding her to him.

    Does he feel it too?

    That hungry need fraught with... anxiousness?

    Like time is running out. She wants. She wants this man, but her revenge is waiting and she has so little time to exact it.
    No, not her. Gretchen. It's getting harder to differentiate between her and the hitchhiker controlling her as her lips open on Lex's again and again, taking and taking and taking and... his hand slides around to her lower back, pressing her closer, and then they're spinning and dizziness sweeps through her.

    Lex pulls back, towering over her, breath coming out in harsh pants, eyes darting over her face and then back down to her lips.
    Chest rising heavily, she presses closer to him, feeling a growing hardness against her stomach. This is Lex, she is Chloe, and she wants him.

    Gretchen is retreating, running from the feelings he's evoking in the way he observes her. The curiosity on his face, deep in his shadowed eyes. The darkness of the hall has mostly swallowed him up, and Chloe thinks he's found his place in the world.
    But then he's moving again, kissing her, and she hears a sound come from him, just the smallest grunt or moan, she can't be sure, before it's swallowed by her mouth. Something inside her comes out and she's in control again. Of her own limbs and her lips, the way her fingers clench in the thick material of his coat.

    Pulling free harshly, she rests her head on the wall, eyes closing.

    "It's not me," she whispers to herself, feeling Lex's hand on her hip. Feeling his breath burst over her. Feeling the ache in her chest begin to grow. "It's not me. It's not me."

    Lips by her ear, he rocks his hips into her belly. "Who are you then, Chloe?"

    She's no longer in control anymore; Gretchen is and she opens her eyes, turns her head away. "I'm scared."
    They're no longer alone.

    Lana watches from the doorway of their room, hurt and confused. When she straightens, Chloe can see the decision on her face. That she's right doesn't matter to Chloe, that her friend thinks so little of her doesn't matter either.

    That Lana intends to help Lex lock her up in Belle Reve is all that matters.

    And her revenge.

    Pulling the stun gun from her pocket, she pushes Lex away, holding it up so he can see it. "I'm leaving."
    "Chloe, you're not yourself--" Lana says softly.

    Gretchen chuckles madly, then nods, all amusement gone. "You're not yourself," she mocks, watching Lana stiffen. Then she acts quickly, stunning Lex just as he grabs for her.

    He drops to his knees, Lana's arms around him, but there's a blankness in her eyes, and Chloe wonders if she finally found the one thing that could keep Lana from Lex. Keep her tied to Clark.

    As Lex falls forward, she runs the other way.


    Chloe's back to the day-to-day grind. Her thoughts are her own again and nobody else's.

    Vacation over.

    Sighing as the elevator to the basement jerks to a halt, she wonders if she could accidentally slip on a banana peel and get some more time off. Work is ridiculous. The deadline her editor is calling for is ridiculous. Clark's demands--
    A hand wraps around her throat, cutting off her scream. She claws at it as she's shoved firmly against a wall and stares into a familiar face. A flood of moisture gathers between her legs and something in her belly flips and then flips again because she knows what's coming.

    His hand releases her, slipping up to her cheek and into her hair. "Relax," Lex purrs, lips settling near her ear, soft and familiar. "You can use your nails later."

    He doesn't bother with small talk; they never do. Pulling her into the supply closet, he kisses her, bent solely on arousing. And it works. It always works. He's the enemy, but she can't stop wanting him, can't stop needing him, can't stop fucking him against walls and over tables. On her knees on the floor and with her legs over his shoulders.

    Well-manicured fingers yank her panties down, bend her over, forcing her to brace her hands on the wall, and then slip inside her. His chuckle taunts her while his cock thrusts inside, replacing his fingers.

    He's working her into a frenzy of need and desire, feeding it like she feeds his. Neither speaks. Neither wants to hear the other talk about their day, their accomplishments, or their setbacks.

    This isn't a relationship.

    Her life is more complicated now, and if she's honest with herself, it's juggling Lex and Lana and Clark and keeping them all from finding out about one another that's doing her in, not work.

    Lana and Clark have each other again.

    Is it wrong for her to want someone as well?

    With no strings attached, no messy emotions to deal with, and no romantic dinners or arguments with make-up sex afterward... she has the perfect arrangement. She doesn't need any of that stuff.

    Just this. A nice diversion.

    Though they don't speak about it, she knows that Lex wants the same thing. It's in his eyes, in the way he touches her only with purpose.

    Closing her eyes as her orgasm approaches, she clenches the wall instead of his skin, inhales the cleaning supplies instead of his cologne. Breathing hard, she bites on her own lip instead of his.

    And as she comes, she clenches around his cock and wishes she were someplace else.
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - Adult stories

    Both stories were just excellent, and I especially loved how in story #2, Chloe's and Gretchen's thoughts were so intermingled--very well done

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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - Adult stories

    Story One

    Oh my heavens, this fic was HOT! And brilliant besides the hotness I think I have a special weakness for seeing Lex receiving blowjobs, especially blowjobs that leave him nerveless and weak with sensation.

    It actually made it so much more intense knowing that Lex knew that Chloe felt nothing but cold, analytical calculation while she was administering the blow-job. Lex might be the one who was getting the BJ, but it was most definitely Chloe in control and in charge of the situation.

    It was even more intense knowing that Lex not only was getting off on the purely physical sensation from Chloe’s mouth, but was thrilling and delighting in Chloe’s presence alone. He’s obsessed with her, and he obviously lives for these chance sexual encounters, waiting for the days when she would approach him looking for a favour from him… in exchange for sexual favours from her. It might seem like the opposite at first glance, but Lex is actually Chloe’s whore in this fic

    Story Two

    This was a great fic. It was amazing, heartbreaking, intense and thrilling seeing how Chloe actually welcomed an interloper inside her own body because she so badly needed a vacation from her life. Poor Chloe cannot allot some time out for herself unless she’s possessed?!? That girl seriously needs to learn to re-set her priorities!

    heh… good thing Gretchen strayed into her body to help her shift around those priorities, eh? For all of Gretchen’s faults, she demonstrated GREAT taste in men, LOL! I highly approve of Gretchen’s decision to jump Lex the first moment she saw him, just because she couldn’t resist tasting this deliciously irresistible man.

    And, of course, Lex is a smug asshole besides being incredibly hot, so of COURSE he deserves to be tasered after the hot kiss, lol! That’s two of Chloe’s fantasies taken care of in one instant. Go, Gretchen!!!

    The ending was fantastic. I was really glad to see that Chloe’s newly discovered way to meet her own needs didn’t end with Gretchen vacated the premises. Chloe might be keeping Lex as a guilty, dirty little secret, but at least she’s still getting something out of him. And I have to admit that there’s something really hot about a dirty, filthy secret affair that needs to be kept (literally) in the closet from everyone else.

    Fantastic fic! Thanks for writing!

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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - Adult stories

    Thank you for the stories they were awesome!!!

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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - Adult stories

    Today's the last day to vote, so vote if you haven't already! The poll closes tomorrow morning when I get to work (around 8am my time).
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - Adult stories

    And the winner is...


    Who wrote story number 2!


    And thanks to everyone who participated! Don't forget to check out our April prompt
    NS Monthly Challenge - #9 April 2010 - We're going in blind...
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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - Adult stories

    Thank you for the votes, everyone! I'm thrilled. *bounces* The other fic is hot and dark and fantastic, and I'm in very good company here.

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    Re: NS Fanfic Challenge - #8 March 2010 - "Pic Challenge" - Adult stories

    Congrats on the double win, sinecure!

    Thxs to Esther25jm for creating the banner for me and to beeej for the avi



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