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Thread: Comeback (R) 2-08-10 Updated 7-21-10 Completed

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    Re: Comeback (R) 2-08-10 Updated 7-21-10

    Title : Comeback
    Rating : R
    Character/Pairing: Chloe/Lex, Lex/Lana, Lana/Clark
    Spoilers : Everything up to season 4., I think. But is AU.
    Summary: The story takes place 4 years after graduation.
    This is a fic, I actually have written a few years ago. Didnīt just have time to translate it. So sorry for my english. It was written as a screenplay.
    Disclaimer : I don't own Smallville or itīs characters, this was written just for pure entertainment.

    One of the shareholders: What does this mean? (to Chloe) Who are you?
    Wells: We apologize for the sudden interruption of your meeting, but you will certainly be interested that, Miss Sullivan here owns the 5% shares of Luthorcorp managed till today by our office. According to this new contract ( hands them copies of it) Ms. Sullivan herself shall exercise voting rights. The original clause of unconditional support of the majority of proposals was cancelled.
    Lionel: I must sadly note that our meeting has already been initiated and you canít join us according to the Luthorcorp statutes anymore.
    Chloe: I think that the supervisory board would certainly like to know that you excluded one of the shareholders from exercising their voting rights by committing a few crimes. I would like to ask for approval of special exception for this situation.
    Lex: (with a smile on his face) I propose that Miss Sullivan shall be admitted to further negotiations and the last item of the meeting shall be repeated before we will continue. Does anybody disagree?
    None of them countervotes.
    Lex: Excellent! Now please sit down, we will continue with the last item, that is nomination of the new C.E.O.
    The meeting is over. The rest of shareholders want to congratulate Lex, but he is already heading straight to where Chloe is sitting. She is trying to stand up .
    Lex: (grabs her arm) Chloe, are you alright? You look so pale.
    Chloe: It's nothing, just my head is spinning. Could you bring me some water ... (suddenly she faints, Lex catches her)
    Hospital room. There is newspaper on the table. We can see the headline : The peaceful coup in Luthorcorp - Lex Luthor re-elected to the post of Luthorcorpí CEO by Natalie Lancaster.Chloe is lying in bed. Clark is sitting at her bed. Theyíre talking.
    Clark: (looking at the photo of Natalie Lancaster and then looks at Chloe) I canít still believe it. You look really very similar.
    Chloe: Maybe thatís the reason my grandfather thought I was his mom during my visit.
    Enters Lex with a bouquet and the Daily Planet newspaper in his hand.
    Lex: Hey, Clark! (Walks to the bed, takes Chloe's hand and kisses her forehead) How are you? Sure you donít want to stay another day?
    Chloe: My doctor said that if I'm feeling well, I can go home. It was just a bad reaction to the tranquilizer injection. (she is still holding Lex's hand and turns to Clark) I told Clark, what a shame it is, that he didnít see your fatherís look.
    Lex: (Smiling) I think my father disliked the idea that Luthorcorp could be led someone other than a Luthor so he better accepted the fact that the Luthor will be me and not him.
    Enters a doctor. He turns to Lex and Chloe.
    Doctor: Hello! (after sa look into a card) According to your blood test results, all seem to be OK. You can go home.
    Lex: Are you sure, that nothing can happen now?
    Doctor: You should take care of her today, but I believe that everything is okay.
    Lex: Thank you for everything. (Shakes hand with him and the doctor leaves)
    Chloe: Ií m going to dress up so we can leave as soon as possible. I hate hospitals.
    Clark: I want to see Mitchel quickly, so if you can wait a minute, I will take you home.
    Chloe: Thereís no need to hurry Clark. Lex is taking me to Smallville for a few days .
    Clark looks at them hesitantly and then leaves the room.
    Lex: (sits down on the bed) Did you tell him?
    Chloe: (smiles) I think he got it by himself. A if not, then ...
    Lex: Well, then heíll get it soon. (Bends down to Chloe and kisses her on lips, then looks at her) Who would have said a year ago? (Smiles)
    Chloe: (laughs) Who would have ever said?

    Mitchelís room. Clark is standing at his bedside.
    Clark: I'm sorry that your wife died.
    Mitchel: Thank you. Clark I swear that I will do everything in my power to get Lionel Luthor in prison. I have made a big mistake by trusting him. But now itís too late to for regret.
    Clark: (nods)Take care of yourself. (Leaves)
    Mitchel: Clark! (Clark approaches him again) That Lex! He was here a moment ago to thank me. You told me he is your friend and I know I am the last person to give you advise in this area, but he is still just a Luthor. Be careful around him. You can not trust anybody.
    Clark gives him a strange look, leaves his room and comes to the door of Chloeís room. Looks through the glass door at Lex, he noticed him and they share a look.

    Kentí farm. Clark is working in front of the house. A delivery man comes to him.
    Man: I am looking for Clark Kent.
    Clark: That's me.
    Man: Sign it here, I got a package for you. (Clark signs it and the man hands him a large envelope).
    Clark opens it and pulls out a letter. It says: Why not try it the old-fashioned way for change? There above the clouds, everything seems clearer. Lex. A flight ticket to New York is attached to the letter.

    Mansion. Study. Evening. Lex is standing at the fire. Chloe enters.

    Lex: Iīve just had a call from the police. Mitchel died three hours ago, he had a heart attack. I have spoken to him this morning. He was about to leave hospital in two days.
    Chloe: (horrified) You think your father ...
    Lex: (quietly) I'm absolutely sure. Mitchel could convict him of his crimes.
    Chloe: That's not the end, Lex.
    Lex: (coldly) Yes, it is. One of the kidnappers is dead and another is god knows where. Clark cannot testify without exposing himself. Now itís just our claims against my father. (Chloe looks at him sadly) You should go somewhere far away from me, as long as you can.
    Chloe: (angrily) I wonít do that. I wonít give up.
    Lex: (goes to Chloe) Chloe, he is able to do everything to get me to my knees and to make me accept that there is only one possible way of living my life. To follow in his footsteps. To be like him. I hate that he is my father, that he is a part me and I can not change that.
    Chloe: You're not like him, Lex. As long as you have this feeling, as long as you donít give up, you will never be like him.
    Lex: (takes her face in his hands) Chloe, I'm not going to passively watch how all of this is destroying your life. I canít let you bet everything on someone who is not sure of himself.
    Chloe: Iíve already made my decision. Why canít you accept it? Why do you keep driving me away from you? (Lex looks at her lovingly)
    Chloe: (staring into his eyes) For the same reason I can not leave, I donít want to ... Nothing you say, can change it. (Tears are slowly running down her face, she takes Lexí hands in hers) And that scares me more than Lionel Luthor, or that he's your father. (Lex slowly kisses her forehead and hugs her tightly)

    Kentsí farm. Clark comes down the stairs with two big travelling bags. Martha and Jonathan are waiting for him in the kitchen.

    Martha: Give our regards to Lana!
    Clark: Mom!? (Embarrassed)
    Martha: That's all right, Clark. It would be selfish from us to keep you here. (Clark hugs her)
    Jonathan: You've made the right decision. Remember, that whatever happens, you are our son and you have a place where you can return to. (Hugs Clark)

    Jonathan and Martha are standing on the porch and watching the Clark go away.
    Martha: (with tears in her eyes) Why does it have to be so hard?
    Jonathan: (takes her hand) Heíll find his way back someday, but now itīs time to let him leave.
    Clark makes the last stop and once again looks across the farm. Then he turns away and disappears.

    The End

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    Re: Comeback (R) 2-08-10 Updated 7-21-10

    Thanks for the story. I hope Lex doesn't do something stupid and leave Chloe. That would be a dumb move.
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    Re: Comeback (R) 2-08-10 Updated 7-21-10

    i agree if lex pulls a stopped stunt and leaves chloe it would be his worst mistake

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    Re: Comeback (R) 2-08-10 Updated 7-21-10

    I agree as well . Lex with chloe and chlark with lana when she is sane, otherwise go lois.

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    Re: Comeback (R) 2-08-10 Updated 7-21-10

    Thank you all for the feedback. I am glad to have you as readers:-) Your were very encouraging.

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    Re: Comeback (R) 2-08-10 Updated 7-21-10

    Great fic! Surprised I haven't read it before...
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