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Thread: Episode 14 - "Destiny" (PG)

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    Episode 14 - "Destiny" (PG)

    Title: Destiny
    Author: SaraC

    Disclaimers, notes, and such in Episode 1


    “You know, I always wanted to go to Aruba.”

    “I don’t know, I think the Mediterranean would be cooler.”

    “I like Cancun. Lots of hot women.”

    “Why not be different and go to Europe? Paris or Prague?”

    “I say we spend the money in Vegas.”

    Chloe rolled her eyes as she listened to various members of the Smallville High Class of 2005 debate where they wanted to go for the annual Spring Break Trip. While she had obviously had other things on her mind throughout the year, she had participated in several of the fundraisers the class had set up to raise money for the trip. How she found herself on the planning committee still escaped her comprehension.

    “You know, I think we need to realistically look at how much we made and where we can afford.” Her voice was dry as the attention focused on her. “I seriously don’t think we can afford many of those places unless our parents are willing to cough up the extra money.”

    It was the truth. They’d managed to raise nearly five thousand dollars, but for an entire senior class to go for a week in some touristy tropical paradise, it just wasn’t going to cut it. And she knew full well that many of her fellow classmates would not be able to find the rest of the money to make up the difference. Not that every senior would want to go but it was a nice thought to think the entire class could make the trip.

    After another half-hour of arguing, they still hadn’t reached a conclusion and Chloe had a massive headache. On the bright side, they’d agreed that no matter what, the destination had to be tropical. Preferably with cheap hotels and cheaper airfares to get there. On the other side, well, chances were that many of their fellow students would not be able to attend.

    Grimacing as the headache worsened, she decided only coffee would clear her mind. The thought that maybe Jason would stop by put a quickening to her steps as she headed for her car. Ten minutes later she was settled into a booth with her coffee, watching hopefully for a familiar figure.

    Thoughts of Jason brought a blush to her cheeks. Their first date to see the latest Star Wars movie had been wonderful. Jason had been a funny, intelligent, witty companion and there was no questioning the fact that he was one of the most attractive men she’d ever met. Even more so, she’d found it easier to talk and laugh with him than she had with anyone, even Clark. After the movie, they’d stopped for ice cream, enjoying walking through town, the early spring breeze at their backs.

    He’d kissed her that night, and she still felt a wonderful dizziness just thinking about it.

    Jason had kissed her on the cheek before, when they had agreed to go on a date, but that night when they were standing in the cinema parking lot it had been so much more. She’d been kissed before, but she’d never felt that tingle that came from the sweetly passionate kiss he had given her before helping her into the car. Despite her worries over what might happen next, the ride home had been easy and friendly and she’d felt happier than she had in years. He’d kissed her again at her front door before leaving. She’d watched him go with a strangely stupid smile.

    They’d been on several dates since then and she knew that despite all her worries, she was really beginning to fall for Jason. The feelings were new and at times they scared the hell out of her, but the rest of the time, she was enjoying being wanted. Despite the fact that she felt a little awkward around Lana, she was relieved that the young woman hadn’t said anything, just smiled and nodded. Yet another sign that the annoying Lana Lang of last year was growing up.

    “You look happy.”

    She started at the voice, turning to smile at Clark. Not exactly who she wanted to see, but she wasn’t going to complain. “Just thinking about how our Senior Class Trip is probably going to end up being to Metropolis or New York because we can’t afford anything else.”

    Clark settled into the booth across from his friend, sensing she wasn’t telling him the truth. Then again, the dreamy smile on her face as he’d approached had pretty much told him she was thinking of Jason. He felt a slight pang at the thought of Chloe falling for the other man, realizing she was drawing further away from him and their friendship. Not that he could blame her. He spent most of his time trying to figure out what was going on with him and Lana, not to mention his own muddled future.

    But if she didn’t want to talk about Jason, he wasn’t going to make her. Not that it was a topic he really felt the need to learn more about anyhow.

    “There’s nothing wrong with New York. And if its what we can afford-”

    “Clark, don’t you know that Spring Break traditionally means tropical paradise, lots of sand and sea and very little clothing?” Lana joined in the conversation as she brought Clark a mug of hot chocolate.

    Clark’s eyes widened as Lana and Chloe shot each other amused glances as his startled expression. He figured it was better to remain silent and sipped the drink, trying to look thoughtful.

    “It’s ok, Lana. Not that I would be able to afford the extra if we go someplace tropical.”

    Chloe was surprised at how depressed she felt at the idea of not being able to hit a tropical paradise. After everything this town had been through lately, escape was a very, very good thing.

    “Well, you’re not alone.” Clark’s voice was even. “With everyone trying to make repairs from the earthquake, there’s not a lot of spare money to go around. Especially for a tropical island getaway.”

    Chloe sighed and was about to say something when a smooth voice worked itself into their conversation.

    “Might I ask just who is going to be involved in this getaway?”

    The three turned to see Lex standing next to the booth, looking harried but still sharp in his suit and tie.

    “Actually, it’s the entire Senior Class,” Chloe offered as his eyebrow rose. “We’re debating where we can afford to go this year for our spring break trip.”

    Lana’s voice was wistful. “We wanted to go someplace tropical, get away from things for a while, relax. After everything--”

    Lex swallowed hard as he saw Lana and Chloe exchange long looks. He knew they were thinking about losing their memories only a few short weeks ago. He was still having nightmares about the situation himself. Not to mention the guilt that his own selfish desire to have Chloe forget the caves and the prophecy engendered every time he caught her contemplative gaze.

    He knew she suspected he wasn’t telling her things about Project 22, and while it meant something to him that she hadn’t called him on it, he knew Chloe was biding her time. Their tentative friendship was strained but still there. He wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a sign of troubles ahead.

    Still, maybe there was something he could do to assuage his guilt and help further his own plans for the next few weeks.

    “Would a tropical island just off Maui suit?”

    Chloe’s eyebrows rose to her forehead. “Something you’re not telling us, Luthor?” She watched him carefully, noting his eyes were hooded.

    “LuthorCorp recently acquired the island as part of a business merger. It’s very small, but there’s a four star hotel and lots of recreational opportunities.”

    Clark wasn’t sure where this was coming from, but something felt… off. “What are you suggesting, Lex?”

    Lex smiled slightly. “How much did your class raise?”

    “Five thousand dollars and some odd change,” Chloe replied, her voice slightly suspicious.

    Lex nodded. “What if I matched the difference and paid to send your class to the island. The hotel would be on LuthorCorp’s charge and all your classmates would have to worry about is spending their money on food and souvenirs.”

    He hid his smile and pushed down his guilt as the three stared at him as if he were crazy.

    “You can’t be serious,” said Lana, “Lex, do you know how much that would cost?”

    “It’s not a problem,” dismissed Lex as he smiled at the brunette before turning back to the others. “Besides, your class should celebrate the milestone of coming this far in spite of everything, especially the earthquake. You all deserve some rest and relaxation.”

    Chloe felt the tingle down her spine that told her Lex wasn’t telling them everything. Still, the offer was almost too good to be believed.

    “Do you think the parents will go for it?” Clark kept his voice neutral but when Lex’s expression sobered, he knew the older man had understood his point. While his classmates might not have a problem accepting the gift, many of their parents might. Not many were Luthor fans in this town.

    “I would hope so, but all you can do is make the offer.”

    Lex found himself desperately wishing they would simply say yes. Not only would he feel slightly better at being able to ease Chloe and Lana’s stress of the past few weeks, hell, Chloe’s past year, but it would also keep them away from Lionel and anything his father might be planning.

    Lex knew Lionel was biding his time, waiting to spring whatever trap he’d constructed. He wasn’t sure how or what, but he knew it would be soon. After returning from Metropolis, he’d been much more docile and civil, a sure sign he was preparing to strike. He had Jason already looking into things but he didn’t want any of his friends, most especially Chloe, in range of his father if things went wrong.

    “Okay, we’ll see what they say.”

    He blinked at Chloe’s clear words and focused his gaze on her. He shuddered slightly as he saw the contemplative look in her eyes. She wasn’t buying his motives. Not that he’d expected her to. He knew her too well. But it seemed for the moment, she would humor him. It was more than he’d hoped.

    “Let me know what the verdict is.” Exchanging goodbyes, he turned and left, his mind begging his friends to accept his offer to get out of town. He couldn’t protect them, much less conduct the investigation he needed to with Clark or Chloe snooping around. And he knew after Project 22, they were definitely suspicious.

    “That was too weird.” Chloe wasn’t able to put her finger on what was troubling her about Lex’s offer, but looking over at Clark, she could tell he had questions as well.

    “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, guys.” Lana’s voice brought both pairs of eyes to her. “I know, I know, it’s Lex and there’s probably another motive to his offer.” She tried not to smile at their stunned expressions. She might not be as inquisitive as her friends, but she was just as observant. “But why not take advantage of it and worry about that later?”

    Chloe had to admit, the idea of relaxing on a beach, distressing after the year from hell sounded perfect. Pushing her suspicions to the side, she smiled at her friends.

    “I say we put the idea to the committee and leave it in their hands.”

    Lana and Clark nodded in agreement, and the trio settled into the booth, discussing the logistics of what had to happen if Lex’s offer was accepted.


    “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe we’re here!”

    Chloe winced at the high pitched voice of the cheerleader seated behind her on the plane. She felt rather the same but had no desire to announce it to all of their classmates.

    Struggling to rise from where she’d been sitting for hours, she stretched, noting her fellow classmates doing the same. Lex’s offer had been received eagerly by students, hesitantly by parents, but in the end, most of their senior class were present and accounted for. Something told her it was going to be an interesting spring break.

    “You ready, Chloe?”

    “As I’ll ever be.” She smiled as Clark moved up behind her, carrying his luggage and Lana’s tote bag. The brunette was behind her boyfriend, amazingly having packed only two
    suitcases for the weeklong stay. Chloe grinned wryly as she looked down at her duffle bag and laptop case.

    “Lex said there would be a bus waiting to take us to the hotel. I can’t wait to see our rooms!” Lana had to admit, she too had had her doubts, but being here, seeing the palm trees and exotic flowers outside the plane window, things were suddenly looking a lot brighter. Watching Clark move in front of her, she found herself suddenly wondering if this vacation would be what they needed to grow closer.

    She fought the sudden shiver that took her as, not for the first time, she wondered if she and Clark could work through everything the past few months had stirred up. It seemed like a lifetime ago that she and Clark were standing on the hill looking over the Kansas valleys. She remembered saying to him that she was so close to being in love with him… almost but not quite. Lana knew that the divide had been eroded since that day: everything that had happened to him, to her, had made her realise that she loved him with all her heart. It warmed her, made her skin tingle, should make her feel complete… but it didn’t. It was quite inexplicable that some nights, she found herself beginning to wonder if love was enough.

    “You okay, Lana?”

    She smiled, pushing her doubts aside as she leaned up to brush a kiss over Clark’s cheek. “Just thinking about getting onto the beach and into the sun.”

    Clark nodded, deciding not to question her answer. He knew things were still awkward between them and he hoped this time away from Smallville, from the reality of their lives, would help them both figure out their relationship.

    Ten minutes later Chloe, Clark, Lana and their classmates were staring in awe at their ‘hotel’. It was more of a resort, looming four stories and surrounded by lush vegetation and very expensive cars.

    “This is what Lex calls a hotel. I should have figured,” Chloe muttered, watching a valet park a Mercedes.

    “They’re going to love a bunch of teenagers descending on them,” Clark offered, wondering again what Lex had been thinking. Not that he was going to complain but something still seemed…off.

    “Well, come on!” Lana tugged on Clark’s hand and he allowed her to pull him, Chloe in tow, towards the lobby. Waiting in line, he observed the tropical fish swimming in aquariums and the local hibiscus flowers filling vases everywhere. It truly was lovely.

    Ten minutes later Chloe and Lana were walking into their room, eyes agape.

    “It’s a suite.” Lana’s voice was slightly awed. “You think everyone got one?”

    “I don’t think so.” Chloe walked over to look out at the spectacular view. From what she’d seen as she’d passed her other classmates, she had a suspicion Lex had upgraded their room. “I wonder if he gave Clark a suite-”

    “You guys aren’t going to believe who I found in my suite!”

    Both turned in surprise as Clark burst into their room, not realizing they’d left the door wide open.

    “Well, that answers my question-” she began but stopped as a familiar figure followed Clark into the room. “Pete?!”

    “Hey ladies, think you’d mind an old friend crashing your party?”

    A huge grin plastered over Chloe’s face as she ran over and hugged her friend, Lana not far behind.

    “What are you doing here?” Lana’s voice was happy as she leaned against Clark, seeing his eyes sparkle, his face light up in their old way. She sighed, trying not to think about the fact that he hadn’t smiled like that at her in a long time.

    “I got a call from Lex,” Pete was happy he could say the name without flinching, “asking if I wanted to surprise my friends and take a spring break of my own. You think I could refuse when I heard Luthor was paying?”

    The four grinned at each other before falling into their familiar patterns of all trying to speak at once. When it became clear no one was understanding anything, Chloe held up her hand.

    “Okay, why don’t we all change and then see what this place has in the way of food. Then I’m all for exploring. Who’s with me?”

    Getting nods of agreement, they split up, promising to meet in the lobby in a half hour. When it was only Chloe and Lana, the two girls looked at each other.

    “Lex thought of everything, didn’t he?” Lana’s voice was easy, but there was something in her eyes that told Chloe she was not alone in her suspicions.

    “That he did.” She decided not to say more, still needing time to work things out. Moving back towards her suitcase, she decided to unpack and worry about Lex’s motives later.

    She frowned as she opened her suitcase and found an envelope sitting on top of the pile of clothing. Recognizing Jason’s handwriting, she enjoyed the quiver in her stomach as she opened the card.

    Just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and I’ll miss you. Enjoy your tropical paradise while I’m stuck keeping Lex out of trouble. Love, Jason.

    She suddenly wished Jason could have been here with her; could imagine standing watching the sunset or walking hand in hand along the white sandy beach that was clearly visible from the window. The pang in her heart both startled and awed her as she realized how much she wanted him there with her.

    “Chloe, you okay?” Lana had noticed her friend reading what looked like a card, her cheeks turning red. She figured Jason must have written her something and couldn’t help but feel a tiny, tiny spark of jealousy. He’d used to do things like that for her… Clark used to do things like that for her. Still, they had both moved on and it was for the best.

    “Yeah, I’m just going to shower.” Chloe slipped the card into her purse as she grabbed her toiletries and headed for the shower, an unmistakable spring in her step.


    “You know, it might just be easier to ask the man straight out what he was up to.”

    Lex tried not to show his exasperation with Jason. The two had been searching computer records and files for the past three hours, hoping to find something that Lionel had let slip.

    “He’d never tell us, but he’s getting desperate.” Lex knew he spoke the truth. His father had been more active in the past few weeks than he had been in months. His doctor attributed it to a new experimental type of medicine she’d given him, but he was naturally suspicious. He still had his people working on why Doctor Carlton had been so eager to get his blood, but so far, nothing concrete had turned up. All he knew was that after years of living with Lionel, he knew when his father was about to spring a trap.

    He just had to stop it before being ensnared.

    Jason watched the expressions filter across Lex’s face, marveling again at how calm the man seemed despite the exasperation in his voice. It was obvious Lex was worried that Lionel was going to act and despite his disbelief, he had to believe Lex knew what he was talking about. Not to mention that the several run-ins Jason had had with the elder Luthor still left a twinge of cold fear running down his spine. Strangely enough, he could see the charisma that had drawn Chloe in, eventually frightening her into hiding.

    It also made him glad that Lex had gotten Chloe far away from Smallville and hopefully, Lionel Luthor’s clutches; from what he knew about Lionel, those who crossed him would pay. He would die before he’d let the bastard do anything to Chloe.

    Thoughts of the blonde brought a smile to his face and he wondered if she’d found the card he’d left in her suitcase. Imagining her delighted smile, he felt a stupid grin slide over his face. The reaction happened more and more often when he found himself around or thinking about Chloe.

    The past few weeks had been incredible as they’d dated, getting to know each other and exploring the ‘possibilities’ of their relationship. When he’d first kissed her, he’d known she was different, he was different. He hadn’t wanted to stop. Thankfully, she seemed to feel the same and they’d been getting closer and more heated on each successive date.

    Now he supposed it would do them good to be apart, to see if distance did indeed make the heart grow fonder. It was a silly sentiment, but the tug of loss at realizing she wouldn’t be meeting him at the Talon later showed him that he wasn’t immune to it himself.

    “Jason, you with me?” Lex had been watching the other man for a few moments, wondering at the wide grin on Jason’s features and the far away look in his eyes. He wondered what the man had been thinking about that made him look so happy and relaxed.

    “Sorry, just lost in memories,” he offered by way of reply before turning back to the drawer he was perusing.

    Lex wondered if those memories were of Chloe. It was no secret to him that Chloe and Jason had been seeing each other. Part of him was glad that his two friends had found a connection, but another, darker part, was jealous of the fact that he was still alone. Not that he lacked in female companionship, but he couldn’t remember the last time he’d truly felt for a woman. At least Chloe was happy if the dreamy expression she wore when not looking at him suspiciously was anything to go by. She deserved her happiness after all she’d been through.

    The thought had him turning back to the computer. The last thing any of them needed was to have Lionel destroy everything they’d built. Despite the fact his father was dying, Lex was not letting his guard down, regardless of how jaundiced and pale his father was beginning to look. Underestimating Lionel Luthor was never something he would do. Which meant he had to keep it up for Chloe, Clark, even Lana at the same time.

    As he perused the files, hoping for some clue to Lionel’s master plan, he had a vision of Chloe sitting in the same spot, spouting off symbols and words. Guilt flooded his mind again as he remembered her blank expression at not remembering anything or anyone. Worry replaced it as he thought of the contemplative expression she’d given him during their conversation at the Talon a few weeks ago. She suspected something.

    He himself had nightmares about the vision: wearing the white suit in the oval office, smiling as the skies burned and the world died around him… realizing that Chloe had seen it all. Questions constantly raged through his mind: Was he really going to become the monster he’d seen? Could he really become worse than his father? Why did the idea of so much power attract him so much, fill him with resolve to achieve it?

    Those questions were always with him, were underlying every thought, but now other questions dominated them: how much did Chloe remember? Did she remember his hand squeezing her throat, demanding more? Sometimes when he closed his eyes, he could see her face staring up at him, her eyes wide, filled with a heady mix of panic and fear… terror that he had caused. When she looked at him, did she remember that? He certainly couldn’t forget it. Did she know that it was him, not his father that was responsible for her memory loss?

    Lex knew that what he’d done, he’d done for her. Chloe might not have wanted to forget, but sometimes that choice had to be made for you; that knowledge brought Lex a little comfort, a brief lapse in his guilty feelings. Things had turned out for the best. Judging by her suspicious glances, he’d just have to be careful when she returned; hopefully the spring break would have mellowed her, and it was just a matter of time until her inquisitive mind focused its attention somewhere else.

    “Hey, Lex. I might have found something.”

    He forced the thoughts down as he walked over to Jason. He could worry about everything else later. Once his father was taken care of for good.


    “Now this is the life.”

    Clark grinned as Pete’s words echoed across the sand. The two of them were debating the merits of the Metropolis Shark’s quarterback that year while Chloe and Lana baked in the sun.

    “Right. We’re on a tropical island paradise and you two are talking football.” Chloe couldn’t put any heat into her voice, she was too relaxed at the moment. Two days into their spring break and she was having a wonderful time. Pete’s presence only added to the experience and the four friends found themselves simply enjoying being together without any form of crisis.

    “So, what are we going to do tonight?” Pete’s voice was teasing as he looked at Chloe. “Loverboy over there has a romantic dinner with Lana planned, so I guess that leaves you and me, Chlo’.”

    Lana blushed and Clark looked awkward as Chloe laughed. “That’s okay Pete, we can make our own fun.”

    Pete grinned, tossing sand as his friend. “And what would Jason say to that?”

    Chloe simply smiled and turned over to allow her back to bake in the sun for a while. For a moment, she imagined how nice it would feel to have Jason next to her, rubbing sunscreen on her shoulders and laughing at watching those around them.

    Clark gave Lana an apologetic look as she leaned over to kiss him lightly. “It’s okay, I’m looking forward to tonight.”

    Clark smiled into her eyes. He chose not to think about the fact that the usual jump in his heartbeat whenever Lana was around had not occurred.

    “I can promise you it’ll be a night to remember.”

    Lana smiled, turning back to her beach towel and stretching out on her side. She was looking forward to a romantic night with Clark, she needed to get her feelings for him back on track. She only hoped that nothing would happen to spoil it.


    “So, you going to tell me how serious you and Jason are?”

    Chloe smiled at Pete, taking a sip of her iced tea as she watched him play with the pasta on his plate.

    “I don’t know. We’ve been on a few dates, had a lot of coffee at the Talon, wracked up the phone bills--”

    “Sounds serious.” Pete was glad to see the light on his friend’s features. After the stress and pain she’d suffered in the past year, not to mention the burden of her former unrequited love for Clark, it was good to see her happy.

    “I really like him, Pete.” Chloe was surprised to find herself so easily admitting the words. Then again, this was Pete. She’d always been able to talk to him about anything, why should this be different?

    “Why do I sense a ‘but’ in there?” Pete watched as his friend’s smile dimmed slightly and she twisted her napkin.

    “I guess it’s because I’m scared.” She looked up at him, begging for his
    understanding. “Every time I care about someone, I’ve been disappointed. The idea that Jason likes me, wants me, for who I am, that it’s me he wants to be with, it scares me sometimes.”

    Pete sighed, reaching over and squeezing Chloe’s hand. “It’s natural to be scared, Chloe. In fact, if you weren’t scared, I’d be worried.”

    She looked at him in surprise as he continued.

    “Enjoy it, enjoy Jason. You deserve to be happy and if he makes you happy, don’t second-guess or scare yourself with it. Live for the moment and have fun.”

    She looked at him, sensing something melancholy in his voice. She decided, despite her curiosity, she wasn’t in the mood to push, especially if he wasn’t in the mood to reveal more.

    “I’m trying. But I just don’t know what will happen when school’s over and its time to move on.”

    Pete sighed. “Then you deal with it as it comes. Jason’s working in Metropolis for Lex, right?” When she nodded, he continued. “You still planning to major in Journalism at Met U?”

    Chloe bit her lip. Honestly, she hadn’t really given the matter much thought. With everything she’d been through, what happened next was more of a day-to-day thing than any planned event.


    Realizing she hadn’t answered, she focused again on Pete. “I think so, I mean, it’s always what I wanted. Although, simply getting out of Smallville is definitely in my future.” She sighed, realizing that no matter what she loved about the town, she couldn’t live there. It would stifle her. She needed more. But what that ‘more’ was, scared her.

    Pete sensed she still wasn’t saying what she really felt, and he sighed, realizing there was only one other thing that could make her so uncertain. “You still worried that Lionel might try something?”

    Chloe started, her face paling a bit as Pete hit on one of her deep-seated fears. Not that she chose to admit it or think about it much, but when she did, it sent a shiver down her spine. She knew Lex wouldn’t let anything happen to her, but Lionel had a way of getting around every barrier against him.


    “Sorry,” she sighed as she looked at Pete. “I just can’t help thinking that he’s this shadow over my life, that when something good happens, he’ll somehow take it away. He did it with my mother, and nearly with me,” she whispered, bitterness and sadness mixing in her tone.

    Pete bit his lip. Chloe had filled him in on finding her mother and he had chalked up another black mark against Lionel Luthor in his book. While he might be slowly coming to tolerate Lex, Lionel was and would always remain the devil incarnate. But Chloe needed reassurance and support, even if he doubted that he spoke the absolute truth.

    “He can’t hurt you and if he tried, he’d be behind bars again. Trust me Chloe, you need to move on and be happy. Don’t let Lionel Luthor ruin your life.”

    Chloe looked up, hearing the hard note in his voice. She sighed, knowing old wounds ran deep. She couldn’t blame him, but he did have a point. Lionel was a cold, black-hearted creature.. She could only hope that Lex managed to avoid the cliché of ‘like father like son.’

    Pete, sensing things needed to be lightened up, gave it his best shot. “Just think, you and Lois loose in Metropolis…even Lionel Luthor would run in terror of the Sullivan and Lane combination.”

    Chloe couldn’t help but smile at the thought of her cousin. They would make quite a team. In fact, she wouldn’t mind seeing what Jason thought of Lois. He’d probably run screaming though. The though made her laugh. “I wonder if Jason could handle meeting her?”

    Pete grinned. “No doubt. And hey, if things don’t work out with you two, you’ve got plenty of men to seduce and conquer out there in the big bad world of Metropolis.”

    She laughed, as he’d intended, feeling a little better at talking out her fears. Fears that ran so deep within her that she didn’t always realize they were there. “Thanks for the vote of confidence.” She smiled at him and reached over to grab his hand. “So what are your plans post high school?”

    Pete smiled. “I’m hoping for a scholarship to Kansas State or maybe Texas Tech. I’m still waiting to hear from both.”

    Chloe smiled and squeeze his hand again. “You’ll get in. I know it.”

    “Just like you’ll get that scholarship to Met U. No one deserves it more, Chloe.” He smiled at her as they relaxed in each other’s company. It was nice to find their friendship so comfortable after the strain of the past few years.

    Chloe sighed as she noted the waiter bringing their bill, realizing their week was nearly over. “I wish you could come home with us, stay for a while, get to know the Jason I’m falling for.”

    Something flashed in Pete’s eyes but it was gone before she could think much about it. “I wish I could, but I’ve got some things waiting for me back in Wichita.”

    Chloe’s eyes widened, then began to sparkle. “Would those somethings involve a woman?”
    Pete’s blush made her smile grow wider. “Details, Ross, I want details. Spill.”

    With a grin, Pete began to fill Chloe in on the new developments in his life.


    “Clark, this is beautiful.” Lana looked around at the restaurant, lit by candelight on the outdoor veranda where there table sat. Hibiscus flowers decorated the tables and a soft Hawaiian melody floated over the night breeze. The intimacy of the setting was perfect and Lana found herself swept up in it.

    Clark smiled nervously across the table. He hadn’t been sure if this was the right thing to do, but seeing her expression, he realized it had been. He knew things with them had been different since the earthquake, and despite how hard he’d tried, he hadn’t managed to forgive himself for going to Lana first.

    Oh, he knew his mother didn’t blame him, didn’t hold any ill will, but he couldn’t help but blame himself. He was getting better, but he had been pushing Lana away. He hoped tonight might erase some of those barriers and get them back to the comfort level they’d had before all hell had broken loose.

    As they ate, they talked on various topics, ranging from Pete to Chloe to what they wanted to do after high school.

    “You’re still planning on Kansas State, right?” Clark sipped his water as he watched Lana, her face glowing in the soft candlelight across from him. His good mood slipped a bit as he saw hesitation cross her feature. “Lana?”

    “Sorry, it’s just,” Lana bit her lip, unsure of how to phrase things, wanting him to understand but not sure she did herself. “I don’t think I want to go to college.”

    Clark felt something tighten in his chest as he watched her, hearing the serious tone in her voice. He was confused. “But, you told me you’d planned on it. I’ve already been pretty much guaranteed a scholarship there-”

    “Clark,” Lana begged him with her eyes to understand. “This past year, with everything that’s happened, trying to find myself, I realized that I don’t know what I want.” She bit her lip, twisting her hands as she tried to clarify her words. “I thought college was what I wanted, but I don’t feel right now like it is. I feel like I need to explore, to look at all my options.”

    Clark frowned. “I thought you said you’d had enough exploring when you came home from Paris?” He didn’t mean his words to sound hard, but he saw her stiffen at his tone. Trying to gentle his voice, he tried again. “You really feel that unsure?”

    Lana nodded, looking slightly relieved. “I haven’t really thought much about it, just that I don’t think I’m ready to commit to college. I don’t even know if I’m ready to leave Smallville.”

    Clark felt something shift inside him, painfully aware that this conversation could go in many, many directions. Not all of them happy.

    “Clark, would you, maybe,” she paused, unsure of why or what she was asking, just knowing it needed to be said. “Would you consider staying in Smallville?”

    Clark closed his eyes, images and sounds racing through his brain. His father’s proud smile at hearing about the scholarship potential, Jor El’s powerful message of his destiny, the crippling meteor rock that infused Smallville, his one greatest weakness.

    “No, Lana.” The words were sad, yet resolute. “While I love Smallville, I couldn’t live there forever.” He saw the hurt in her eyes, realized how she must be taking his words, thinking he was saying he couldn’t stay with her. “It’s nothing to do with you, Lana.” His voice was pleading now. “I can’t explain it, it’s not even clear to me, but, I have to go. It feels like the world is bigger and I’ve only seen this little part of it. It’s like I have an urge to do something bigger… like I have to fulfill my destiny, whatever that might be.”

    Lana looked at him, confused despite the pain of realizing that she wasn’t enough to keep him in Smallville. “Destiny, Clark? You talk as if you’re supposed to save the world or something.”

    “Not quite.” Something tickled the back of her mind as she saw Clark start, shift in his seat, lower his eyes. All signs that he wasn’t being truthful with her. Her eyes fell to the candle’s flame momentarily as an image flashed in the back of her mind, maybe an echo of a memory, maybe a dream, maybe nothing… regardless, she watched as Clark somehow lifted a car off her like a superhero in a movie. Brushing off the fanciful images, she turned back to Clark.

    They sat in silence for a while, eating and contemplating each other’s words. Finally, Lana knew she had to try and salvage something of the night. “I need to walk off this food, walk with me?”

    Clark gave her a small smile, knowing what she was doing. He was grateful she seemed willing to put this discussion and its repercussions aside. For the moment, he didn’t want to think about anything but her, and being here with her, in a completely romantic setting.

    “I’d love to.” Rising, he offered her his hand, setting the correct amount of money on the table before guiding her off the veranda and onto the soft sand.

    Lana sighed as he slipped his arm around her waist, holding her close as they walked, trying to enjoy the night air and the romance surrounding them. They could deal with reality when they returned to Smallville. For this one moment in time, she was going to enjoy being with Clark and put her doubts aside.

    Clark felt her relax against him and vowed that he would make the rest of their spring break one to remember. He didn’t want to think about what would happen when they returned home. For now, this moment was enough.


    Lex sat on the sofa sipping a glass of scotch. Jason had gone home hours ago, their search turning up questionable business records but nothing so far that had been traced back to Lionel. It was driving him crazy, knowing Lionel must be laughing at him somewhere in the mansion.

    He’d barely spoken to his father since his return from Metropolis. Lionel and his ‘doctor’ spent most of their time together, supposedly researching a cure and caring for his ailing father. Somehow, he knew there was more. And it didn’t help that all the documentation he’d found on his father’s doctor didn’t sit right with him. Something more was going on and he needed to figure it out. The driving desire to best his father, among other things, consumed him.

    Images from his vision, the power he’d felt, the horror at enjoying it so much filled his brain, showcased by Chloe’s fearful eyes. He’d never meant to terrify her, but he hadn’t been able to control himself. He needed to know what he would become. Whether he could prevent it, if he even wanted to. What kept him awake at night was the dark, deep desire that he wanted what he’d seen. The Presidency, the power, the fear he’d seen in Chloe’s eyes.

    Guilt and horror immediately followed those thoughts and he’d wake up in a cold sweat, cursing his mind, cursing the damned caves, cursing Clark and Chloe for bringing him into this entire sordid situation. He’d tried to make it right, nearly destroyed Chloe and Lana in the process. Tom’s words echoed in his head constantly. He didn’t want to become his father, did he? But he’d already taken the first steps: he had taken Chloe’s memories for his own convenience… doing to her what Lionel had done to him. The guilt and trepidation grew at this realization, for he had been completely unaware of how closely his actions mirrored those of his father.

    He came back to himself at the sound of shattering glass. Looking down, he realized his fingers had gripped the rim of the glass too hard. Wincing as a sharp piece of glass caught his finger, he stood, walking towards the bathroom to clean himself up.

    Looking into the mirror, he studied his features, wondered what people saw when they looked at him. Did they see the man he would become? Did they see the image of his father? Or did they see Lex, the scared, determined, desperate to be loved little boy?

    None of the images brought him much comfort as he bandaged his finger. Finished, he turned away from the reflective glass, not wanting to look at himself anymore. Scared of what he might see if he looked too much longer. With a flick of his wrist, he plunged the bathroom into darkness. He pulled the door closed tightly behind him.


    Jason smiled as he hung up the phone, Chloe’s soft, ’I miss you, too’ echoing in his ears. Settling back onto the sofa, he let his mind enjoy the memory of the conversation they’d just had. They’d talked every night since she’d left and with every call, he’d found himself falling more and more in love with the blonde beauty.

    Even over the phone she had an energy that captivated and enthralled him. Strangely enough, she reminded him a bit of his mother. Not that she was anywhere near as pushy as Genevieve Teague, but she could give her a run for her money. He found himself almost smiling at the image of what would happen when he introduced them.

    His expression sobered as he realized how serious he’d become. Introducing her to his parents was heavy stuff. Especially since it would mean making contact with them again. Real contact, not just a stilted phone call once a month. Despite everything they’d done to him, all the misunderstandings, he knew anyone he wanted to be with would have to be able to deal with his family.

    They’d give her no choice even if he tried to shield her. But Chloe … well, maybe she was the one that could do it. She was certainly the first woman he’d ever considered allowing to brave his strange family. That in itself spoke of how serious he had become. For the first time, he was looking towards his future, planning for it, and it most certainly would involve Chloe. It was a frightening yet exciting thought. He’d never given much thought to what he would do when the novelty of working for Lex wore off. There were options but he hadn’t really given much thought to them. Now he found himself considering them, if only to have something to present to Chloe, to show her he was going to do something, make something of himself for her. For their future.

    Of course, he could be presuming a lot and probably was. He knew that while Chloe was opening up to him, she wasn’t nearly at the point he was. But it was okay, he knew she’d get there, could feel it in his bones. It made him happier than he’d been in years, if ever.

    Closing his eyes, he allowed the memories of their kisses, her smile, her soft touch to lull him into a peaceful sleep. All thoughts of Luthors and plots to destroy them faded in the image of Chloe’s brilliant smile.


    “So you’re pretty sure it’s Kansas State?”

    Clark nodded as he and Pete waited for Lana and Chloe in the resort lobby. It was their final night and the four of them had agreed they wanted to spend it together. Most of their classmates were off on their own as well, celebrating one more night of freedom before returning to the final quarter of the school year.

    “I know I need to see what’s out there and if I can handle it on my own.” Clark saw the understanding in his friend’s eyes and felt relieved.

    “Not that I have any worries,” Pete offered, smiling at his friend, “but I think it’ll be good for you.” He paused, looking directly at his friend, lowering his voice in case anyone might overhear.

    “Have you given any more thought to the whole ‘destiny’ thing?”

    Clark looked troubled. “I think about it every day,” he confessed, running a hand through his hair. “Especially after the quake.” He shuddered at the memory of his mother, impaled by the pitchfork, bleeding to death.

    Pete remained quiet, knowing how hard Clark had taken his choice to save Lana. He’d called him in Wichita a few days after Martha had been discharged and he’d done his best to provide a sympathetic ear.

    “I just feel like, everything I do has some greater repercussions.” He started pacing, unsure of what he wanted to say. “I feel like whatever I chose, be it my own path or the one that Jor-El wants me to follow, in the end, everyone else is going to lose.” He trailed off, looking at his friend. “I feel so responsible for everyone. My parents, Lana, Chloe, you, even to some extent Lex.”

    Pete sighed, reaching over to put a hand on his shoulder. “You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t feel that way, but you do realize we all can take care of ourselves.” He stopped and grinned sheepishly. “Although I do have to admit you have a tendency to come through in a pinch.”

    Clark could barely manage a smile. “I know that, and I think going off to college is the right thing to do. At least for now. I mean, someday I’m going to have to figure out my damned destiny and what I’m supposed to do, if Lex or Lionel is my mortal enemy.”

    He paused as Pete grimaced. “Clark, you can’t let that worry you. You’re going to do great things, things of your choosing, not some stupid wall painting legends with insane names. Come on,” he laughed, “Naman and Sageeth? Who picks those names?”

    Clark wasn’t all that reassured but his friend’s words did serve to make him feel a little better. Straightening, he smiled at his friend. “Thanks for the support.”

    Pete winked before changing the subject to football again. Both were so engrossed in their conversation they failed to notice the shocked blonde behind a plant to their right.


    Chloe really hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, she hadn’t. But Lana was taking forever to get ready and she’d needed to get out of their suite. It was their last night and she didn’t want to waste it. She knew Clark and Pete would be waiting, considering Lana was already five minutes late.

    So she’d left, wandering down to the lobby, smiling at the handsome picture her two friends painted as they talked. She noted they both wore serious expressions and her curiosity was peaked. Moving closer, she was just about to walk past the huge plant to her right when she heard Pete mention “Naman and Sageeth.”

    As her ears registered the name, her mind was suddenly hit with a flash of light and the remembrance of a sharp pain. Symbols from the cave walls flashed behind her eyes and she nearly whimpered at the white light that glowed from what seemed the inside walls of the caves.


    Pete’s voice brought her back to the present and she struggled to push the memories away. She had no clue what they meant but had a sudden suspicion she was going to have to find out, and soon.

    “Sorry, just thinking.” She knew she sounded not her normal self, but couldn’t help it.
    Plastering on a smile, she made excuses for Lana. “I got tired of watching Lana primp. She’ll be down here soon.”

    Clark smiled and Pete grinned. “I don’t blame you, I don’t know how Clark puts up with it,”
    Pete teased his friend, who blushed in response. Clark still looked far away she noted and she was glad, figuring it would draw attention from her. She decided to ignore Pete’s clearly curious gaze.

    “There you are, sorry I kept you.”

    The three turned as Lana joined them and a short time later they were seated at one of the island’s local restaurants. Pete, Clark and Lana were happily talking about something end of the year related while Chloe sipped her water, her expression slightly troubled.

    Clark’s expression turned curious as he suddenly realized Chloe seemed off in her own world. Not unusual since it had happened a lot this week. He assumed she was thinking about Jason. But at the back of his mind, something told him she was troubled.

    “Chloe, you’re awfully quiet tonight. Everything okay?”

    Chloe started at Clark’s words, quickly gathering herself. While she probably should just come straight out and ask Clark what he and Pete had been talking about, something was holding her back. That in itself worried her, since normally she would have no qualms asking all her questions.

    She squeezed her eyes shut as another series of images flashed before her… cave symbols flew through her mind and she could literally see herself down in the caves, smell the damp air, feel the cool surface of the cave wall as her fingers grazed over a symbol: a triangle with an oval in the center, then a white flash of light transformed the scene again. She was trapped in nothingness, yet felt like something was right behind her, reaching for her… she couldn’t breathe, felt fingers around her throat, squeezing harder and harder…

    She jerked out of the memory with a shudder, missing the concerned glances she was getting from her friends.

    “Chloe, what’s going on?” Lana’s voice was no concerned as she looked at her friend.

    Chloe tried to put down her unease, and smile for her friends. Tough to do when she really, really needed to talk to Lex. She’d had her suspicions for weeks that he knew more than he was saying about her forgotten memories, ever since he’d asked her almost too casually if she had ‘remembered everything.’ A feeling of dread infused her as she wondered if these flashes weren’t random images, but memories that were forcing their way to the surface – memories that Lex knew all about.

    “I’m fine, just tired. Too much excitement this week and my mind is going a little nuts with everything.”

    Lana nodded. “I know what you mean, ever since we got our memories back, I feel like there’s so much more in my head.”

    “You saying you were a dumb brunette before then, Lana?” Pete kept his words teasing, glad when everyone started laughing, including Lana. He was impressed at how far she’d come, able to laugh at herself and take teasing with a grain of salt. He was also relieved the spotlight was off Chloe. He knew his friend well and it was obvious she wasn’t going to admit what was bothering her. He really wanted to know but knew unless she decided to tell him, he’d have to keep his curiosity at bay.

    Chloe was grateful for her friends deflection and made an effort to seem more into their dinner. However as the night grew on, she grew more tense as more memories swarmed through her head: sitting in Lex’s study for hours at his computer, symbol after symbol appearing before her, the dark blackness of the cave swallowing her, the brightness of a burning sky, the Presidential Crest… she was extremely grateful when Clark proposed a walk after dinner.

    The cool night airbrushed over her cheeks and once more, she longingly thought of Jason, wishing he was there. She needed someone to make her forget the awful suspicions running through her mind, ideas that Lex had deliberately set out to make her lose these specific memories and wondering why.

    She looked up into the dark night stretched out before them as they strolled through the tropical gardens… the high-pitched whistle of the grasshoppers began to echo as her mind drifted away once more. She could hear screaming now, distant at first, mingled with the sounds from the undergrowth, but it quickly elevated to a piercing shriek. As the memory drew her in, she realized that the scream was coming from her. She looked up in pain to see Lex, or what was left of him… those cold, dark eyes bearing down on her, holding her painfully close as her legs gave way beneath her, she was drained, empty…“I need more…”

    “Whoa, careful, Chloe,” Pete called, grabbing her shoulder to stop her, ripping her out of her thoughts.

    Chloe looked down and saw a long striped snake slithering its way across their path.

    Another memory: the breastplate on display, on TV, in the caves, beneath her fingers as she touched it with Lex. A shudder went through her body as the images struck a chord in her mind: it resonated through her random memories and gave them order, structure…

    She remembered. She remembered everything.

    “Chloe, easy girl.” Pete was holding his shaking friend, glad that Clark and Lana were walking ahead of them, engrossed in some conversation. He was truly worried as Chloe
    turned to him, eyes painfully wide.

    “He lied to me. He didn’t want me to remember.”

    Pete felt something in his chest shift as he listened to Chloe rambling in his arms. He tried to gently get Chloe to explain her mutterings, but it was of no use; he watched her shocked, hurt expression turn quickly into blind rage.

    Chloe finally became aware of Pete’s confused, concerned look, and it added to the anger swirling through her. She knew he was worried and she hated that, hated the fact that once more her dealings with a Luthor had led to worrying her friends, whether they knew the source of her unrest or not.

    Lex’s disregard for her, for her friends had hurt her beyond words. She and Lex were far from ‘best friends’ but she had thought they’d reached at least a level of friendship that they wouldn’t lie to each other. That they’d muddle through these situations together.

    “Chloe, you don’t have to tell me, but you need to talk about it to someone.” Pete kept his voice gentle as Chloe turned to look at him. He felt something ache as he noticed the pain in her eyes. He shivered as it was mixed with an anger he knew all too well. He pitied whomever was on the receiving end.

    Chloe gave him a small smile, touched at his concern, thankful that he wasn’t probing further. Oh, we’re going to talk she thought to herself, and sooner than he thinks. With that, she pulled out of Pete’s arms and took off down the beach after Clark and Lana.


    Clark sighed as the plane lifted off the ground. Around him, his fellow classmates were talking and laughing happily, some regretfully. It went without saying the senior trip had been a smashing success. He wished he felt as happy and relaxed.

    Instead, he felt tense and uncertain as he watched Lana and Pete sitting in the seats in front of him, talking about something intensely. At his side, Chloe stared out the window, biting her lip, a sure sign she was thinking hard about something.

    “Penny for your thoughts?” He was glad to get a smile from her. She’d been really tense since dinner last night and he really wanted to know what was going on with her. Hence why he’d convinced Lana to sit with Pete. She was agreeable, making him promise to tell her what he found out. He chose not to think of the other reason he’d wanted to sit next to Chloe. He didn’t quite know how to tell Lana that he needed some space to think about a lot of things that had been churning through his mind since their dinner the other night.

    He wasn’t quite ready to go there yet, although he knew with a sense of inevitability that sooner or later, he’d have to confront his mixed emotions surrounding his future, and Lana’s place in it.

    “Sorry, Clark. Just thinking of things.”

    “Jason?” He asked, not surprised to see her expression soften. Once more that strange pang went through him but he ignored it.

    “I have missed him. It’ll be good to see him.” Chloe had missed Jason, but that wasn’t what filled her thoughts. She knew Clark was curious, knew he sensed her agitation, but she wasn’t ready to reveal why yet. Not until she confronted Lex. Her stomach churned as she thought about the confrontation. Knowing Lex and her temper, it wasn’t going to be pretty.

    “Well, I’m sure Jason will be glad to see you. You’ve got to be a relief from keeping Lex out of embarrassing public situations.” His suspicions went on high alert as Chloe tensed and simply nodded, turning back to the window. He observed her fists were clenched and her jaw was tightened.

    Her demeanor had changed when he’d mentioned Lex. Worry churned through him as he wondered what Lex had done to upset Chloe now. He’d been trying to give his friend the benefit of the doubt, but ever since Chloe and Lana’s memory loss, and the suspicious Luthor connection to Project 22, he’d had his doubts. Not to mention Chloe and Lex had finally seemed to be at a good place with their strange friendship and it had to have been something major for Chloe to be getting so upset and tense at the mere mention of his name

    He knew however that she wouldn’t tell him. Unfortunately, when it came to her friendship or whatever it was with Lex, she refused to talk to him about it. He’d come to accept it, but seeing her agitation now, recent events not withstanding, he made a vow to keep a closer eye on Lex, observing the man carefully. Lex might claim himself a changed man, but an old saying kept running through his head as the plane carried them further from the island paradise.

    The apple doesn’t far fall from the tree.


    “Show her in, Enrique.”

    Lex settled back in his chair, waiting for Chloe to appear through the doors. He’d been anxious to know how the spring break trip went, if Chloe had relaxed and enjoyed her time away with her friends. Sending Pete along had been inspired on his part and he was patting himself on the back for it when the woman in question stormed into his office, eyes blazing.

    He felt his smile fade at the fury in her eyes.

    “Chloe-” he began but she cut him off with a voice filled with anger and pain.

    “Did you really think I wouldn’t remember Lex? Did you really think you could just have Tom take those memories away, absolving you of your guilt, taking me out of the equation so you could continue your research into Clark and the cave symbols?”

    Lex paled but his expression remained composed. Inside, he was fuming, wondering what the hell had happened to make her remember. So far, none of the normal test subjects had remembered anything. Then again, he thought bitterly, Chloe was far from normal, and neither were the memories that he’d tried to suppress. This was going to be tricky, he needed to be careful how he handled this. The last thing he needed was her flying off the handle and going to Clark or someone else, perhaps Jason, with her memories.

    “Speechless? Never thought I’d see that day, Lex.” Chloe couldn’t help the bitterness in her voice, knowing from his expression he was guilty and now thinking of how to conduct damage control. What hurt most was that he’d lied to her, obviously not trusting her to share in his burden, his secret, the secret of the caves. She’d thought they’d been above that, that he’d finally begun to trust in her, to let her help him avoid the path his father had chosen.

    She felt sick realizing the implications. “You did exactly what Lionel did. You took away my memories,” her voice was soft, filled with a yearning pain that had Lex fighting not to cower. Her words hit so close to his guilt-ridden dreams that he had to struggle harder than normal to keep his cool façade in place.

    “Chloe, I thought it would be better for you… you wouldn’t have to worry about everything you’d experienced; or worry about the side of me that you saw, the side that frightened you.” He wasn’t surprised the truth came out. While he certainly wouldn’t consider them great friends, he had begun to rely on the fact that she could understand things and parts of his life that he couldn’t share with anyone else. He suddenly wondered if he’d completely destroyed that. The strange sensation around his heart was quickly pushed aside.

    Maybe it was for the best.

    Chloe took a deep breath. Despite her anger, she knew he had a point. She had been terrified of him, still shivered as she now remembered the determined, cold look in his eyes and the harsh tone of his voice. But underneath the fear was the faith, the conviction that he would not hurt her, not really; she only wished he would believe that as well.

    “What right do you have to take that choice away from me? To make that decision on my behalf? Why don’t you want me to know about the prophecy… why can’t I help you to avoid becoming the Lex that I saw in that vision? Besides, you’re not the only one who was exposed down there, I learned something about myself… who are you to tell me that I can’t remember?”

    Lex tensed at her words, his eyes avoiding hers for a moment.

    Chloe’s heart sank. Her anger and frustration built as he remained silent. Everything was suddenly different, things she’d thought about him changing. Deep down, she found herself feeling sorry that Lex seemed to have so little an opinion of himself, a strange trait for a Luthor. On the surface however, the anger and hurt at what he’d done swirled though her mind like a train on a collision course with disaster.

    Lex knew he had to say something, although he had no clue what would make the situation right. He knew she was right, that she had every right to react this way. He was at a loss for words, but he tried to the best of his ability.

    “Chloe, I don’t know what to say. I never meant for things to go that far. I just didn’t want you to get hurt. I’m sorr-”

    “Save it, Lex.” Her voice was resigned and sorrowful, her once bright eyes now dull with confusion and sadness. “I almost died for that knowledge, Lex, I should be allowed to keep it. Did you know that I lied to Clark for you? But you were looking out for number one, like you always do, and I suppose I shouldn’t blame you for that. You don’t know how to do anything else.” She turned, striding from the room, hearing the silence behind her.

    Reaching the door, she turned back to find him staring at her with a composed face, but she noticed his hands were clenched into tight fists on his desk. Turning, she left without another word.

    Lex stared after her for a long, long time.

    End of Episode 14

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    Re: Episode 14 - "Destiny" (PG)

    I like that Chloe remembered everything that happened in the cave, and the Chlex conversation was just excellent.

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    Re: Episode 14 - "Destiny" (PG)

    Me too! I wouldn't deal with her not being able to remember!

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