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Thread: Monthly Fanfiction Challenge #1 - "A Smallville Wedding" - June 2009 - Winner: kimbo

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    Monthly Fanfiction Challenge #1 - "A Smallville Wedding" - June 2009 - Winner: kimbo

    First, I'd like to give a huge shout of thanks to all of the writers who submitted stories for this challenge. We had an incredible turnout and the amazing Chlex authors did not disappoint. I think that everyone will really enjoy the stories here. Stellar work, guys!

    So, here's the voting info -

    1) Instead of piling all of the stories into one huge post, I'm going to post them each here, as a reply to this post. I will link them all in this first post so that people can easily navigate.

    2) Reply to this post with your votes and list your top two favorite stories in order of preference.

    3) Voting ends at 11:59 pm (PDT), on June 30th.

    4) Feel free to leave feedback. If you want to leave some to the authors in general that's great, or if you want to respond to a certain story, that's cool, too. Just remember that if you're leaving fb for a specific story, include the story's number so that the author knows that you're responding to them.

    5) Although some authors included disclaimers, I'm going to add a blanket note - The rights to Smallville and it's characters belong to their creators, owners, and various studios. No infringement is intended and no profit is made. Believe me, if someone here was making money off this then I'd be hitting them up for loans all the time.

    June’s Challenge:

    A Smallville wedding

    Since June is considered by many to be a month for weddings, the first challenge is about a wedding in Smallville.

    While it’s true that all stories must be Chlex-centric, you don’t have to make it about a Chlex wedding if you don’t care to. It can be any kind of wedding (one that’s happened on the show or one that never will), for anyone at all, as long as the story is about Chloe and Lex, in whatever form.

    Story Links:

    1. Story #1
    2. Story #2
    3. Story #3
    4. Story #4
    5. Story #5
    6. Story #6
    7. Story #7
    8. Story #8
    9. Story #9
    10. Story #10

    In case anyone's interested, there is a banner for this competition in case you want to add it to your signature so that other people can catch the reminder to head over and vote for their favorite fics. Also, if anyone around here is interested in making banners and other things we might need for these competitions, let me know.

    Code for the above banner and link (just remember to remove the two asterisks (*) I added to show it in code form):


    Thanks so much to everyone who participated and to all the voters!

    One more, small note - To the authors, I'm sure that I've posted all of the stories that I've received. However, I'm incredibly a little scatterbrained at times. So if you sent me a story and it's not here, please let me know so that I can add it and apologize a whole bunch.

    Also, some authors sent me minor corrections or things to add to their stories. I've made those changes/additions. However, again, if I've missed something please let me know.
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    Re: Vote Monthly Fanfiction Challenge #1 - "A Smallville Wedding"

    Story #1

    Title: “What Every Wedding Needs”

    At the First Baptist Church of Smallville, the bride and groom’s eyes were focused adoringly on each other while all other eyes of the patrons were focused on them.

    Well, almost all eyes.

    A set of bright green eyes glanced sideways to her companion. “This is completely boring,” the blonde whispered.

    The young bald man dressed in a stylish suit did not turn his eyes toward her in respect of the occasion but did manage to whisper back, “It’s a wedding. What did you expect? They are typically straightforward.”

    Chloe huffed at what she perceived was Lex’s attempt to silence her. “That’s what I’m saying. Everyone here has been waiting for this wedding to happen for years now. No one is going to object saying that they can’t get married because their favorite colors don’t match or she’s faked a pregnancy to trap him.”

    Lex actually had to fake a cough to hide his laughter at her suggestion. “I’m sorry we don’t live in Salem, but what do you expect me to do about it now?” He asked with a bit of exasperation.

    She let out a sigh, and he blissfully thought she had dropped the subject before she turned back to him. “Couldn’t you have planted a bomb under the altar or something?” she pleaded.

    This time he couldn’t stop himself from ignoring the couple at said altar and looked right at her. “A bomb? …You can’t possibly be serious!’ He whispered harshly but somehow it was loud enough to get Nell Potter to turn around and shoot them a nasty look. However, when she realized it was one of the richest men in American she was about to shush, she turned right back around without any further action.

    This time both of them silently laughed at the Nell’s actions before Chloe said, “Not an actual bomb, just one that exploded confetti or something. Could have livened things up a bit.”

    “I’m sorry I didn’t think that the one thing this wedding would be missing was a confetti bomb. I’ll remember that for the next one.” He paused as something occurred to him. “I believe this occasion might have been more interesting if you were up there as maid of honor, why aren’t you up there?”

    Chloe blanched at the thought, “Two words: Pink. Ruffles.” She punctuated each word with the raising of a finger. Lex’s usually stoic appearance visibly flinched at the visual. “So I subtly mentioned that the less people up there with her, then the less likely the audience’s attention would be focused elsewhere and she agreed to go modern without attendees.” Nothing short of walking into an electric fence was going to make her wear that dress.

    “How diabolically clever of you. Soap Opera villains of the world will compete to have you join their factions.” He presented her with his most devious smirk.

    In turn, Chloe shared a conniving smile. “I’ve decided to start my own organization. If you prove yourself worthy, I might allow you to partner with me.”

    Lex moved his arm to drape across the back of the pew so he could pull her closer in order to whisper in her ear. Not for the sake of propriety, but simply because he wanted her nearer to him. “Tell you what: at your wedding I’ll hire an actor to stand up and announce you can’t get married because he’s in love with you.”

    As close as they were, Chloe couldn’t stop herself from moving even nearer to make her next proposition. “That’s a good idea, but why don’t you save yourself some of your precious hard earned money and just do the job yourself?” As she spoke, she grabbed his silk tie and groped it suggestively before looking up into his eyes and giving him the slightest wink.

    Lex took a deep breath as he mirrored the look over of her body that she had given to him moments before, and huskily stated “Now how can I possibly denounce a wedding and stand as the groom at the same time?” He lifted an eyebrow clearly believing that he would be the victor of this round.

    However, Chloe was determined not to lose without a fight. She dropped the tie, patted it down in ‘poor you’ manner and leaned away to ask “What makes you think I won’t run away with the actor?”

    With no hesitation, he leaned forward while pulling her to him so that she was pressed indecently close to his body. Nose to nose, she stared at him wantonly as he sternly spoke “Because I will place a bomb in his car that will not be exploding confetti.”

    As the emotion in her eyes changed from desire to surprise to humor and back to a mixture of desire and elation, she grinned as she said, “I love how far you are willing to go to ensure our wedding will be perfect.”

    “Now and for the rest of the days of our lives,” he claimed before kissing her in a manner that certainly drew attention from the wedding couple.

    The End.
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    Re: Vote Monthly Fanfiction Challenge #1 - "A Smallville Wedding"

    Story #2

    Title: What You’re Proposin’

    “You sure about this?” Lex asked again as he walked up the steps to the church, the hand of the only woman he ever truly loved clutched tight in his own.

    “For crying out loud, Lex, yes!” she said frustratedly but with a smile on her face, “God, how can you be so nervous about this?”

    “Hey, remember who you’re talking to” he shot back at her, though his tone was more playful than vicious, “Luthors don’t get nervous”

    “And don’t forget who you’re talking to either” Chloe told him with a mock glare, “You can’t fool me, Lex, you never could”

    That was at least true, Lex had to admit. Chloe had always been the one to see through him to the truth in all its good and bad forms. She believed in him when he told her something honestly, and was the first to pull him on his crap when he lied. She was the only light left when his world turned dark, the only one able to stop his soul being swallowed up by the blackness that threatened to engulf him. It was too bad that they’d lost friends in all this, but to Chloe and Lex it was worth what they had suffered. They had each other, they loved each other totally, and today they showed the world how much.

    “Okay” she said, as they reached the doors and faced each other, “Deep breath and...” she began, but got no further as Lex’s hand was suddenly behind her head, pulling her closer so he could kiss her long and hard on the lips.

    Chloe ought to be mad at the interruption and was definitely light-headed when Lex released her, but she had to admit she liked those surprises. It took a lot for him to say words like ‘I love you’ but she never doubted how he felt when he kissed her like that. Right now, just the way he was looking at her was enough, with that feint smile and adoration evident in his eyes. This was why she’d risked everything for him, why she’d let her friends and family slip away so easily. She had done it to get to this point, standing here with Lex Luthor looking at her as he was now, loving her completely, as she did him.

    “Sorry” he said with a smirk that proved he wasn’t, “Condemned man’s last request”

    “You’re not gonna die, Lex” she rolled her eyes, “Geez, anybody would think it was you about to get fitted with the ball and chain” she joked, as they entered the building.

    “Gate-crashing the wedding of a superhero who hates me, and his future wife whose cousin I stole away doesn’t exactly promise hugs and puppies” he sighed as he followed behind the blonde that he knew he’d follow anywhere, into hell itself... and here it was.

    “You think I’m looking forward to facing everybody, after eloping three years ago?” she shot back at him as they cleared the doors.

    “It’s only eloping if you get married, Chloe” Lex reminded her, “We never did”

    “You never asked me” she told him as they moved up behind the last row of pews, honestly not thinking to lower their volume, even as the wedding guests began to turn in their seats.

    “You’re a modern woman, you could have asked me” Lex told her with an annoying smirk that she wanted to knock right off his face, and probably would’ve if they were anywhere else.

    As it was, the moment was interrupted by a shrill whistle from the alter, and the couple, along with the entire congregation, turned to stare at the bride, just now taking her fingers out of her mouth.

    “Nice entrance, cous” Lois told Chloe with a look that was just this side of severe, “Not loving the escort but hey, it’s my wedding day, so lets all be civilised, right?”

    Chloe had the good grace to look just a little embarrassed as she grabbed hold of Lex’s hand and pulled him into the nearest pew.

    “Sorry” she mouthed to the bride and groom.

    Though it was clear Clark was less than thrilled to have Lex Luthor at his wedding, he managed a smile for Chloe, the best friend who he had missed so much. This was his and Lois’ wedding day after all, and he didn’t want to make a scene.

    In their seats, Chloe held onto Lex’s hand still, despite the semi-argument they’d apparently been having on the way in. They fought like that a lot, usually over dumb stuff that meant nothing. They seldom meant to hurt one another, but with two personalities as big as theirs in one relationship, no-one could expect them to get along all the time.

    “So what do you say, Luthor?” she whispered near his ear, “Should I make an effort to catch the bouquet?” she asked him, a smirk on her lips to rival any he’d ever worn as she glanced sideways at him.

    “Depends what ideas that might give you, Sullivan” he whispered right back, both of them with their eyes fixed at the front of the church, barely glancing at each other as they spoke.

    “I’ve got an idea that it’s about time you made an honest woman of me, Lex” she told him, “Before I get tired of waiting” she said with a smile that was as wicked as any he’d ever seen on her face.

    It was pure coincidence that when he kissed her then it coincided with the bride and groom doing just the same thing, but one day it would be them being pronounced man and wife. The moment Lex’s lips touched Chloe’s own, she knew he was agreeing to her proposal, as strange as it had been. Though she would be naive to think they would live happily ever after, she did know she would never want anything else for as long as she lived.

    The End

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    Re: Vote Monthly Fanfiction Challenge #1 - "A Smallville Wedding"

    Story #3

    Title: The Perils of Pink

    Shiny pink tafetta. Figures.

    Chloe was gritting her teeth beneath a smile at the dress Lana had picked out for her to wear.

    "So, what do you think?" Lana bounced up and down in front of her. Infinitely pleased with her selection.

    "I think I'm not going to be allowed to eat anything chocolate until the big day" Chloe responded flatly. And she wasn't kidding. The dress was clinging to her body like a second skin and her ample bosom was nearly spilling over the top.

    A giggle bubbled up out of the brunette standing in front of her. "Then I may have to rethink the maid of honor role for you. You are bound to be grumpy."

    Bound to be grumpy? That was an understatement. She already had to smile through the announcement of Clark's engagement to Lana. Smile through the decision on what type of dinner would be at the reception. Smile during the decision on what color flowers (as if pink wasn't going to be the choice from the beginning). The invitations. The cake. The little containers of bubbles to be ordered for all of the guests.

    She'd passed grumpy weeks ago. Today was a new plateau. She'd reached bitchy. And she hadn't even gone a day without chocolate yet.

    Chloe frowned.

    “Oh come on. You should be smiling. Oliver won’t be able to take his eyes off of you in this” Lana’s eyes dancing at the prospect of Chloe finding a thrill in the situation.

    Obviously Lana hadn’t paid attention to the fact that her cousin had once dated the man. Even if he was her type, which he wasn’t, he was off limits. Actually, Lana’s comment made her decidedly bitchier. Lois would have to see Oliver in a tux walking her down the aisle. Fun.


    The Talon offered her temporary sanity in the form of a steaming cup of coffee. Her hands folded around it protectively and she lifted it every few moments to her lips as she stared off into space.

    Chloe was ready to lose it with her role in this wedding. She’d agreed because it was genuinely flattering to have Lana ask her to be her maid of honor.

    There wasn’t any way she could have known how absent Clark would be in all of it. It was as if the boy suddenly decided to branch out to saving everyone at every corner of the globe the moment planning had begun. Leaving Chloe to do everything alone with Lana. At this point all he had to do was show up on the day of the nuptials.

    After a bit of thought it was obvious she was directing her anger at the wrong person. Lana genuinely wanted a perfect wedding.

    This was Clark’s fault and it wasn’t too far off of the mark to say that she wanted him to pay for it, no matter how good of a friend he was. His actions were single-handedly insuring that Chloe would elope when she found someone to spend the rest of her life with.

    Somewhere in her twisted reverie she heard the front door chime. Footsteps walked past her and Chloe snapped out of it long enough to see Lex Luthor breeze by in that confident stride of his.

    And something suddenly occurred to Chloe. Something a bit nefarious.


    Sunlight streamed into the little white church through the stained glass and the hustle and bustle of preparations continued while Chloe and Lana made their way to the dressing area.

    The big day had arrived and Chloe had successfully made it to the present moment chocolate free. There were no casualties and no one had suffered a major tongue lashing. There wasn’t a need. No, today was a beautiful and glorious day. One for celebration.

    With dresses on and flowers in hand, both girls were ready. Chloe made her way out of the room to a waiting Oliver standing by the doors. Lana in tow.

    Oliver smiled widely at the two of them.

    “Ready?” he whispered to them.

    “Oh yeah.” Chloe responded a little too quickly.

    A beaming Lana nodded her affirmation.

    As the organs first strains began Chloe linked her hand onto Oliver’s waiting arm and together they slowly made their way toward the altar. Clark’s eyes spoke volumes. He was nervous and uneasy. But he wasn’t just nervous about Lana.

    Chloe’s gaze focused on the man smiling at her as she passed him by and her smile widened before she returned her attention to completing her steps with Oliver before separating and waiting for Lana to come down the aisle.


    The couple was announced and they entered into the reception hall to cheers and claps.

    Chloe really was happy for them, but it didn’t mean she didn’t revel in her little distraction. Her revenge.

    The couple mingled into the crowd and made their way over to the bride and groom table.

    “I don’t know Lana. You know I didn’t invite him” she overheard Clark explaining as they approached.

    Chloe almost felt bad. They really did look overly ruffled. Which was absurd. He was just a person, not some bad omen to the future of their marriage.

    “Congratulations again you two.” Chloe beamed at her friends.

    “Thanks” Clark responded with a smile and look down at his new bride. “ I can’t believe this day is finally here.”

    Chloe wanted to roll her eyes. As if he had much to do with any of it aside from asking Lana.

    “Neither can I. The day everyone gets to see me in pink” Chloe quipped.

    She watched Lana and Clark visibly tense after she said it. What? She thought it was kind of funny.

    “And I think she looks ravishing in pink” came the voice behind her as a hand went to her waist. “Wine?” he asked as he extended a glass to her.

    Chloe smiled up and nodded at him. “Thank you, Lex. It will go great with the chocolate cake.”

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    Re: Vote Monthly Fanfiction Challenge #1 - "A Smallville Wedding"

    Story #4

    Title: A Smallville Affair

    Disclaimer: No infringement intended.
    Spoilers: Season 1
    Rating: G

    She couldn’t help it. Seeing the words ‘Luthor Wedding’ on the front page of a newspaper, even a rag like the Inquisitor, made Chloe glow. She couldn’t be happier about the impending nuptials and she knew Lex felt the same, even if it wasn’t prudent to show it publicly yet.

    They couldn’t have gone public with their involvement, after all what would the small-minded Smallvillians have thought about seeing Lex with a high school girl?

    Holding the copy in hand, Chloe absently pushed her way in to the Talon, knowing that the addition of caffeine to the story would only make it better.

    You had to hand it to Lionel, he knew how to work the PR. The spin on the wedding didn’t mention anything about the pregnancy, the conspiracy or the betrayal.

    The age difference was shocking enough, so making the marriage look like an act of charity was a stroke of genius. Marring the daughter of a man whose job you destroyed, what a way to redeem yourself in the eyes of the public.

    Of course, some of the less gullible and more skeptical members of said public would be wondering about the father of the bride getting a cushy Luthor Corp job, knowing that the concept of dowry wasn’t foreign to the American Elite. The even more astute would be wondering whether said father’s job wasn’t threatened in the first place so the nefarious Luthor womanizer could get his hands (and other parts) on the undeniably sexy young daughter.

    If she didn’t know the truth of the whole story, and wasn’t a major player in the Grand Farce, she would have been thinking along those same lines. And digging up facts for a Torch headline while she was at it.

    It would never have happened without the Torch, now that she thought about it. Lex would never have approached her, flattering her with his interest in her meteor freak theories.

    Clark’s arrival at the coffee shop jarred her from her happy reminiscing, he had that look of shock and disapproval on his face as he headed straight for her table.

    “I can’t believe it!”

    “Well, it’s in the newspaper Clark, so it must be true.”

    Rolling his eyes at the sarcasm, he scowled, “It’s disgusting Chloe, how can you be so, so…”

    Still smiling, she supplied, “Cavalier? Nonchalant? Fill in any adjective here that conveys my lack of disgust that you expect me to feel?”

    She continued with conviction, “I’ve never know two people more suited to each other, Clark. A perfect couple.”

    “How can you even think that Chloe, I know you’re hiding something from me but I know, I KNOW this couldn’t have happened without some kind of… of blackmail or something.”

    If only he knew.

    “What about love, Clark?”


    “How can you give the benefit of the doubt to anyone no matter how many mistakes they have made yet automatically assume that because there’s a Luthor involved, he must have ulterior motives?”

    She got him on that one as she knew she would. She felt a little guilty at his chagrin, but only a little. Her point was still valid, if not in the way he thought.

    “I’m sorry, Chlo. I guess you’re right, I should give him a chance.”

    Chloe snorted derisively, “Very kind of you Clark.”

    Lana appeared with a coffee refill. Trying not to be obvious, she stole a glance at the paper Chloe still had open on the table. Not waiting for Lana to decide how to ask about the wedding delicately, Chloe dove in, “So, are you coming to the wedding?”

    Blushing demurely, Lana spluttered, “Well, practically all of Smallville has been invited, but I don’t know who to go with since Clark said he wasn’t going so I…”

    Clark looked right at Chloe and interrupted, “I changed my mind. I am going.”

    Chloe chose this moment to leave the ambiguous couple to their bargaining. “I’ll leave you two to, uh, figure that one out. I have a lot to do before the ‘big day’. ”

    That was true too. Just not in the way they thought.

    Every inch of the manor and the grounds was decked in faerie lights, casting a pale golden glow over the proceedings and its guests. The bride chose white and gold for her colors, tasteful if just a touch ostentatious.

    Chloe walked through the crowds of disapproving masses, feeling a strong relief when she saw Lex just ahead. They had become closer than she could have hoped during the events leading up to this day.

    She smiled at him as she walked down the center aisle and saw his answering smile in his eyes. Her smile disappeared completely when she looked ahead to the wedding arch and saw Lionel standing at the ready, looking ahead at his bride to be.

    Chloe found her seat next to Lex just as the wedding march sounded. They stood along with everyone as Victoria Hardwick-soon-to-be-Luthor glided down the golden carpet toward her husband to be.

    Hours later and near dead from boredom, Lex saw Chloe out of the corner of his eye, disappearing into the manor. After managing a plausible excuse to whomever it was that was talking at him, Lex quickly followed.

    He saw Chloe wandering down a hall, clearly lost. He was tempted to tease her for it but the words coming out of his mouth instead were, “Have I told you how grateful I am, Chloe?”

    She turned at hearing his voice and perked her eyebrows in a question.

    “That could’ve been me today instead of my father. A fate worse than death.”

    “I don’t think you were ever that deluded about her, Lex.”

    He smiled in agreement. “No. I knew I couldn’t trust her from the beginning. I expected her to try to manipulate me for her daddy’s favor. I have to admit, I was surprised when you brought me those pictures of her sleeping with my father. You never did tell me how you acquired those, by the way. Or why, for that matter.”

    And I never will, she thought. “Isn’t it enough that I did? But we have to give credit where it’s due, Lex. Changing out her birth control pills for a placebo was pure genius. And I can’t think of a more beautiful irony, they deserve each other.”

    Lex put his arm around her shoulders companionably. Chloe sighed in contentment and with a bit of … something else. He would know why, one day. But not yet. For the mean time, she could see them becoming allies again in the future and she was content with that. For now.

    The End.

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    Re: Vote Monthly Fanfiction Challenge #1 - "A Smallville Wedding"

    Story #5

    Title: "Wading Wedding Waters"

    ‘You’ve got to be kidding.’

    When the news was made known to him, he really did think it had to be someone’s idea of a poor joke. Clark he could, begrudgingly, understand. The various meteor infected she’d dated in the past…well, one really couldn’t throw a rock in Smallville without hitting a member of that club. Besides, it showed at the very least a sublimable attraction to danger-something that could work in his favor.

    But this, this, farce of a relationship with someone who didn‘t have the brains of a swine, and then to allow it to proceed to these lengths…

    Something needed to be done. And really, it was about time he came back onto the scene. This whole situation just went to prove how things went to hell in a hand basket without him.

    So what else could he do?


    The side lawn of the Kent’s property that served as the parking lot was, surprisingly, packed. She was still considered an outsider by these simple morons, after all these years. He figured that most people had come out of consideration for either her fiancé- or Clark, as he was not only hosting the accursed thing but he was Walking. Her. Down. The. Aisle. Was he the only one who saw how perverted it looked for the man she once dreamed of taking her virginity to be the one stepping into the role her father should, by rights be in?

    Where the fuck was her father? Did he not approve of her soon-to-be husband?

    Hmm, there‘s a thought…

    He was not nearly as dramatic as others before him; the stereotyped, hackneyed and way too melodramatic entrance slamming the doors open and objecting to the union? No, he was a Luthor; he preferred a more direct approach.

    And anyways, the doors were already opened.

    He directed his driver to park the limo as close to the door as possible. Anyone who might have heard him pull up would most likely assume the vehicle was waiting for the happy couple. They’d be half right.

    He paused for a moment, outside the barn, as he was flooded with an innumerable amount of memories; but the voice of the officiator droned on, so he brushed them aside for something infinitely more pressing.

    The back row of people started murmuring in a steadily rising cacophony of voices. Some of the commotion was most likely contributed to the fact that he hadn’t seen fit to inform the general public of his un-deceased state. But most of it was undoubtedly because he was quickly striding up the main aisle towards the wedding party at the front.

    Everyone wore mirrored looks of astonishment, shock freezing them into place until he came within a few feet of the party. The groom came to his senses first, stepping down and to the side to stand in front, halting Lex’s advance and partially concealing the bride.

    Ignoring him, he spoke to Chloe.

    “You’re an idiot.”

    Her jaw dropped in a mixture of astonishment and rage. Clark was glancing between her and Lex with a strange look on his face.

    “Chloe? Did you…”

    She whipped her head around to face Clark. “No! It wasn’t me this time, I swear!”

    Without another word, he reached out and snatched Chloe’s wrist, yanking her past her groom, her small bouquet dropping to the floor . He’d managed to drag her a few feet back down the aisle before Clark intercepted him.

    “What the hell do you think you’re doing, Lex?”

    “Don’t think that I’ve forgotten our last meeting, Clark- and all it taught me.” He glared at him. “You don’t want to stand in my way right now.” He pushed past him, still dragging the blond woman behind him.

    Her mate made a move; Lex and Chloe already half-way to the door. She turned, calling out over her shoulder at him. “I can handle this; keep to the plan-“ she stumbled a little, and turned back around. He stopped at her words, clenching his fists in anger.


    Faced with the prospect of actually having to get into a vehicle with her best friend’s, not to mention her groom’s, nemesis, Chloe started fighting back.

    She pulled back, digging her heels into the dirt as Lex opened the back of the limo. “Hey! I don’t know who you think you are, but I’m not going anywhere with-”

    He interrupted, with a wry taunting grin. “Hi. I’m Lex Luthor, and I always” here his voice lowered, as he finished. “get what I want. And you are mine for the evening.” With that, he laid a warm hand on her bare back and pushed her into the limo, climbing in after. She hadn’t had time to sit before he began.

    “Of all the people in my past, you’re the only one who forgave me for what I’ve done. Or could, anyhow. Everyone else is irrevocably lost to me except you- and I’m not losing you to Oliver-fucking-Queen!”

    Chloe blinked. “Wow. Who knew a fake wedding could cause so much trouble?”


    She bit her lip, filtering her response. “We were trying to lure a…monster out of hiding by recreating my last…y’know what? Forget it.”

    She’d barely had the words out of her mouth before it was covered by his. She jerked back in her seat, shocked. “Wait a minute, I haven’t even forgave you yet! We haven’t-”

    “Don’t care.” He leaned over her, peppering chaste kisses down her throat until she gasped, giving him access to her lips once more.

    ‘Wow…’ Right or wrong, all thoughts went out the window as his tongue slid against hers. Eagerly she pushed against him, sending him to the floor. Crawling on top of him, she paused. Feeling his hands against her skin she gazed down at him- a serious look on her face.

    “You know, this doesn’t mean I love you.”

    He grinned wolfishly.

    “You will.”
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    Re: Vote Monthly Fanfiction Challenge #1 - "A Smallville Wedding"

    Story #6

    TITLE: “Wedding Jitters”

    CHALLENGE: June Challenge- A Wedding in Smallville (2009)


    His baby girl´s getting married. It seems it was yesterday when she arrived in his life and changed it all with her luminous smile and deep green eyes. His heart fell captive the moment the doctor put the precious bundle in his arms and his wife smiled at him aware that the girl already had her dad tied round her little finger. Even now there´s nothing he can deny the blonde dynamo of energy that´s always poking her nose where it doesn´t belong.

    He looks at her as she fleets from one room to the other talking to her fiancé on her mobile while she gives instructions to the florist and dismisses a couple of comments from the wedding planner. He smiles when the aid that her boyfriend billionaire has insisted she accept realises there´s no way she can talk this client into doing what society dictates is fashionable nowadays. It´s `no´ to changing the flower arrangements Lana and Nell have spent hours working on, `no´ to hiring a professional catering service from Metropolis to replace Martha´s homemade cooking and a definite `no´ to booking a top-notch chamber orchestra that she´s certain will put three-quarters of the guests to sleep.

    “Miss, please, this is your last fitting,” frets the designer as she chases the girl around the room while the assistant tries to prevent her from stepping on her train.

    `Dad!´ she mouths silently as she holds her mobile in the nook of her neck and frowns, attempting to dislodge a few hairs from the wreath the designer´s assistant has half-secured. `Do something!´ she adds, making a funny face at him as the older woman tugs at the dress and the mild-mannered male assistant tries not to pinch her or poker her in an eye.
    “Don´t look at me, sweetheart. You´re the one who insisted on getting married,” he shrugs, chuckling under his breath. “There´s still time to back off, you know,“ hoping she´d say `yes´. Considering whose family she´s marrying into, he wouldn´t feel disappointed if she said at the last minute the formerly-playboy billionaire wasn´t the man of her life after all.

    “Damn!” she shouts, hanging up. “Why is it that men always think they´re right? I told him I didn´t want our wedding to become a freaking circus! He insisted the wedding planner would take some strain off my shoulders, but she´s driving me nuts. “

    He gets up from his chair and, giving a signal to the designer and her assistant to leave him alone with his daughter, he takes her by the hand and walks her to the sofa.

    “Look at me... Breathe... “ he tells her in a calm voice.” You know you can always talk to me, right?” he asks warmly, brushing a few stray blond hairs off her face. She nods, and tears start to well up in those emerald eyes that remind him so much of his wife´s. “Are you sure it´s the planner you´re worried about? Because if HE has done anything to... ” There´s no need to mention who HE is. She knows he always finds it hard to utter this one surname- the last name he wishes his little baby girl hadn´t chosen to add to hers.

    “He´s done nothing but tried to make me happy, dad,” she responds in a cracking voice. “Aren´t you happy for me?”

    “Of course, I am, sweetheart. If this is what you want,” he answers, remembering the phone call he got from the father of the groom but a couple of weeks ago to try to put a stop to their wedding.

    “I just wish... I just wish mum were here,” she plunges into his arms sobbing and he feels a big lump in his throat as he holds her tightly.

    “My, what´s this?! “ booms Lois´ voice as she barges into the room. “I´ve come to celebrate my favourite girl´s dumping her old `boring´ man and finally leaving the dungeon... OK... no need to glare, Pops... leaving ´her beautiful ivory tower´...”

    “Lo´!” exclaims the petite blonde, leaving her dad´s side and rushing to greet the General´s daughter and receive a bear hug. “I´m so happy you´ve come,” she smiles, wiping her tears away.

    “I wouldn´t have missed this for the world,” she says as she looks smugly at the man over the young girl´s shoulder.

    “Why don´t I leave you two alone? You must have plenty to talk about and I have a tux to try on,” he responds, holding Lois´ mirthful look and pressing a kiss on his daughter´s brow. “See you later. And have fun,” he adds, marching out of the room, wondering if there´s some scientist out there who could build him a machine to take her baby back in time, a time when he was the one she looked up to and the only one she needed to feel loved and protected.

    He opens the door to his bedroom and looks at the king-sized bed nobody´s shared with him in fifteen years. His eyes roam the room and stop on the framed photograph that he still keeps on his bedside table. He picks it up and looks at a much younger version of himself in a tux looking down into the eyes of his bride.

    “You knew this day would come.”

    “But why him?” he responds, clenching his jaws as he sets the frame down.

    “We can´t choose who we fall in love. You told me that once, remember?”

    “You know, his father ...” he´s cut off.

    “...is a pompous ass. “

    “Yeah,” he smiles.”He phoned me.”

    “I´m proud of you... You said `no´”

    “I want her to have what we had, “ he says misty-eyed.

    “And she will, Lex. It´s time to let our baby fly away.”

    “I miss you, Chloe, “ he croaks.

    “Dad? “

    “Coming,” he responds; his Luthor mask back on.

    Lillian Queen. He hates how it rings. Still... there´s some poetic justice to it. Maybe he´ll get his revenge after all.


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    Re: Vote Monthly Fanfiction Challenge #1 - "A Smallville Wedding"

    Story #7

    Title: Out of the Mouth of Blondes
    Rating: PG

    Chloe walked through the doors of the stale looking coffee shop in Luthorcorp towers. Passing the place on the way to work, it was now her first stop. This morning she suddenly felt the need for the largest cup served; last night had been long, angry, and sleepless.

    “You too?” she heard behind her as she turned to see. The man in the charcoal color suit was probably the only other person that had the exact same kind of night that she did, and for once she could see it in his eyes.

    “No kidding, how long did you stay up thinking of an idea?” She tried to smile as she picked up her coffee and moved beside him where he could glare at the teenage boy behind the counter. Evidently, he didn’t even have to speak to be served.

    Retrieving his cup, he pointed to a table in the back that no one ever sat in. It was his. The building was practically his. Chloe followed Lex over and sat down. Sighing, she flipped open the Daily Planet to the headline that she herself had written. She was disgusted. Lex tried to laugh. “And I thought all those years in Smallville were strange. Did you ever see this coming?”

    Shaking her head, she couldn’t. It was unfathomable. The two sat silent and just stared at the picture on the front of the paper. “We all were fine and happy at the last holiday party together. Why can’t it just stay that way?”

    Lex leaned back in the chair and groaned. “At least the article was well written, getting public opinions on both sides. Gay marriage is a tough topic these days. The journalist is in top form.” Putting his cup down, he strained a smile across the table. Chloe met his eyes and shook her head. “What have Lois and Clark said?”

    Chloe rolled her eyes, “Clark is upset that something trivial is taking away from his Superman duties. Lois, though, is about to call the general in with tanks. I swear I’m going to have to spike her coffee tomorrow.”

    Lex leaned forward and couldn’t stop laughing. Leave it to Lois to have the most nonsensical approach, but the best one that anyone came up with. They truly seemed to be in love, and it was a disgrace. “I have a meeting this morning before my final tux fitting. You want me to pick you up around six?”

    “Yeah, but bring the limo; I have a feeling both of us are going to be very drunk.” Chloe laughed as she stood. Standing up, Lex put her coat around her and ran his hands down her arms. Chloe lowered her head slightly to avoid explaining the flush on her cheeks. Turning, she could feel his hand on the small of her back as he led her out the door.


    Lex admitted the mansion grounds were gorgeous. His father had gone all out this time, even for the private ceremony. So why did he feel the insane desire to vomit on his father’s shoes? He watched the processional and smiled the only smile he had when Chloe came down the aisle with her father. The emerald and slate dress she wore was incredible. Too bad she was so pale; it drowned out her beauty.

    Staring across at each other, they both visibly swallowed as the minister started.

    “Welcome friends, families, and honored guests. We are here to celebrate love. Love organizes our large and sometimes unpredictable world. The greatest gift bestowed upon humans is the gift of love freely given between two persons.

    In marriage, two people turn to each other in search of a greater fulfillment than either can achieve alone. Marriage is a bold step, taken together, into an unknown future. It shows that your love shows no bounds. The two of you, who have stood apart, come together now, to declare their love and to be united in marriage.

    The words said today have no magic or prophetic powers. The power of the wedding vows is merely a reflection of a reality that already exists in the hearts and minds of these two people. Lionel and Gabe, nothing I can say, or nothing you can say to each other, will ensure a long and happy, satisfying and committed marriage. Only your love for one another, and your integrity to make your commitment real can do that.”

    Chloe and Lex still couldn’t take their eyes off each other. It seemed to hurt less if they looked at each other. In a few short minutes, they would be half siblings with nothing to say about it. Quickly glancing, Chloe caught the next words.

    “And to honored guests here, I ask the question. Do you offer your blessing for their marriage, promising to support them, understand them, and encourage them in their solemn endeavor, in the years ahead? If you agree, please say, ‘We do.’”

    The world stopped. Chloe glanced at Lex who just looked at the ceiling. She saw the minister’s mouth open. “I don’t!” she blurted and everyone stared. “I don’t because I don’t want to be the half sister to the man I love, especially if I’m carrying his child!”

    She gritted her teeth as the room fell silent. She met Lex’s eyes and silently mouthed, “sorry.”

    Unwavering but still a little surprised, Lex moved down the steps to Chloe and went on.

    “Will you marry me?” he asked loud enough others heard. “Five years pretending is enough.”

    Chloe glanced at Lois, and then at her father, who had now let go of Lionel’s hand. “Yes,” she whispered back to Lex. Leaning closer, she whispered, “sorry about the baby embellishment.”

    Gabe sighed in relief; that was too close, but worked as he smiled at his daughter.

    “Thank God for blonde favors,” Lionel stated as he pulled a marriage license for the two out of Gabe’s bag. “Now let’s get the right two married.”


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    Re: Vote Monthly Fanfiction Challenge #1 - "A Smallville Wedding"

    Story #8

    Working Title: The June Wedding

    Not many people believed Chloe when she told the story of how she and Lex Luthor first got together.

    It was difficult for the average Metropolis citizen to get past the image of Lex as the cooly manipulative business tycoon, and see the kind and caring man underneath it all.

    Chloe's dad Gabe Sullivan was one of the very few people who gave Lex the benefit of the doubt and once he saw how much his former boss loved his daughter, they had his wholehearted support.

    At first, Clark thought that Lex’s interest in Chloe was simply to gain information on Superman and to hurt as many people as he could. But after observing the two of them, Clark could see the genuine emotion on Lex’s face whenever he smiled at the blonde, and he offered his congratulations.

    Lois refused to believe that Lex was sincere in his love for Chloe. Lois truly believed that Lex had only started dating Chloe as a way to get back at her because her hardhitting articles were a thorn in Lex's side.


    For most of Metropolis, The Daily Planet wasn't the newspaper it had once been and Lois in particular was routinely scooped by an on line blog called the The Metropolis Beat. A blogger named Anne Blythe broke newstories about unsavory Luthorcorp deals, corruption in the city council and fraud in the school board before the bigger news agencies had even brewed their first pot of coffee.

    The Metropolis Beat was fast becoming the media outlet for anyone who wanted to be in the know in the city and Anne Blythe was it's heroince. Her articles were well written and filled with clear, concise and unbiased information.

    It didn't take Lex long to figure out that Anne Blythe was actually Chloe Sullivan.


    Chloe enjoyed her work as a publicist for Queen Industries, and her secret role as Watchtower for the Justice League, but it wasn't as personally satisfying to her as reporting had once been.

    But her old newspaper contacts still kept in touch with her, and Chloe was not a person to let a lead go uninvestigated, and before she could even blink, she'd found herself writing again.

    She couldn't see herself working for The Daily Planet again because she didn't approve of the tabloid style of journalism it had deteroriated to, so she'd turned her attention to on-line blogging.

    Chloe had been surprised at how quickly her blog had taken off and how popular it become, and she couldn't hide her sense of pride when she'd overhear people randomly on the street talking about the stories she'd posted.

    She smiled to herself when she'd met Lois and Clark for coffee and her cousin hadn't even greeted her before she'd started rantng about "this hack stealing her journalistic thunder," but Clark ended up surprising her.

    He'd turned to look at his blonde friend and with a knowing smile told Lois that they should be grateful to this Ms. Blythe because at least the truth was getting out to the people.

    The evening Chloe received a bouqet of tulips from Lex Luthor, but they had been addressed to Anne Blythe.


    Lex couldn’t quite understand why he was letting Chloe know that he knew she was Anne Blythe. Maybe he just wanted to show the blonde reporter that he was capable of changing, and that making underhanded deals was not the only way he knew how to conduct business.

    Not that she was giving him much of a chance to prove anything. She hadn’t given into his charm until the second week of his calling her everyday and asking her out, and even then, she only agreed to drink coffee with him.

    But that had been the beginning.


    That was two years ago, and while it hadn’t always been easy, or romantic or even sweet, Chloe Sullivan and Lex Luthor were getting married.

    The beginning of their relationship had been rocky, full of arguments and misunderstandings that were not helped by her insecurities or his need to control things, and they both knew that their life together would be difficult at times, but they loved each other enough to try.

    To Chloe’s disappointment, Lois had refused to attend the wedding, and in fact, she’d stopped speaking to Chloe when she learned that her cousin was dating the billionaire. Lex knew that Chloe was deeply hurt by this, and he hated that he was the cause for the cousins’ rift.

    But Chloe was never one to be depressed for long. She choose the next best person as her maid of honor: Clark. He worried that despite Lex’s best intentions, he would hurt Chloe one day, and Clark vowed that he would always be there for her, no matter what.

    Gabe and Martha Kent were the only two people who were genuinely happy and full of the joy for the blessed event. Both Chloe and Lex appreciated their enthusiasm in helping to plan the wedding.


    The ceremony went off without a hitch, but there had been a brief moment of worry when the priest asked “if there was anyone who thought that this couple shouldn’t be joined in holy matrimony speak now or forever hold their peace.”

    All of the wedding guests held their breath, and both Chloe and Lex looked around the chapel, almost daring anyone to ruin the moment.

    Thankfully no one did, and Chloe Anne Sullivan became Chloe Sullivan Luthor.

    Her father, Mrs. Kent and even Clark got teary eyed, and Chloe had smiled fondly at all three of them.

    Lex shook his head at their sentimentality, but then Chloe slipped her hand into his, and Lex knew that the best part of his life was just beginning.

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    Re: Vote Monthly Fanfiction Challenge #1 - "A Smallville Wedding"

    Story #9

    The Wedding March started up just as Chloe was trying to duck into the pew, her father already taking most of the bench. He scooched over, but there was only room for half her butt. The bride appeared at the head of the aisle, only a few steps away. The reporter was directly in the path of her big day, and her eyes had that special bridal glow. Not the concealed pregnancy glow, but the other one – crazed.

    More than a little intimidated, Chloe darted up to a seat a few rows closer to the front. They weren't close to the bride or groom, but the guy sweating through a tux had been one of her father's employees at the crap factory. Between dragging their heels and a crowded parking lot, Chloe and Gabe Sullivan were disgracefully late. If she didn't get a space to sit down very soon she'd be a spectacle. A little girl slid from a woman's lap to take up the open seat.

    “Chloe,” a male voice called quietly.

    She flicked her chin around, saw the empty seat next to a man in an overly formal suit, and plunked down next to him just before the wedding photographer tiptoed backward past them. The bride was gliding along, so upright and goddess-like she had to be on a tranquilizer.

    It was fascinating to watch a huge moment in another person's life, especially one that was built up so much. The bride and groom, Beth and Paul, both looked fulfilled and awash in yearning. He reached out for her as she stopped at the altar, managing to look like he missed her exhaustively even when she was holding on to him with both hands.

    “I wouldn't have thought you were the type,” the man next to her whispered.


    “I said, I wouldn't have thought you were the type.”

    The minister started droning about relationships and hardship, so Chloe turned to her neighbour suspiciously. “What does that mean,” she whispered, finally noticing she was sitting with Lex Luthor. He must still be employing Paul. LuthorCorp was still the biggest employer in town.

    “I just meant I didn't think you'd be swayed by the hoopla,” he said. “I wasn't making fun of you. A bit closer to happy hour and I might be moved by it, too.”

    She pushed over and hung off the armrest, muttering at him defensively. “They're happy together and I think that's nice. Just give me a minute and I'll move before your date gets back.”

    He put his arm along the back of the seat, using a fingertip to keep her there. “No date, no rush. It seems like they're invited everyone,” he said.

    The minister was a talker and her left foot was pinching in her shoe. Chloe crossed her legs and wiggled her foot for relief. On her lap, her purse started buzzing and vibrating. She cringed and popped it open, but by then Lex's phone was doing the same thing. She punched buttons furiously, but the screen was stuck on a single flashing status message. “Autosync,” she whispered. “Our phones are having sex!”

    She heard him suppress a snort of laughter, but he was also fighting his phone out of a pocket and tapping it with both thumbs. An elderly woman turned her head and cleared her throat. Chloe smacked her palm on the screen, trying to spank it into submission.

    “It won't turn off,” Lex said. “Can you take the battery out?”

    “I'd need a screwdriver.”

    She cupped her hands over her phone's shame. The two devices dry humped for another minute, then stopped at the same time. Chloe's screen showed a smug little 'Done.' She sighed. “If your phone got my phone pregnant I'm going to sue,” she threatened. “I'll be checking for viruses, too.”

    His refined nose lifted up, and he tucked his slutty phone away. “Your phone started it. Mine was just here to recieve the invitation.”

    “My phone has never,” she hissed, elbowing him.

    Lex's mouth nestled near her ear as he whispered. “I don't think I believe you. It worked pretty fast for a virgin. I think it picked up your wedding kink.”

    The minister was finished the preamble, and he put his arms out and pushed up with his palms, asking the congregation to stand. Chloe used the movement to kick one of Lex's polished shoes and pickpocket his phone. It had looked top of the line before, but when she got it she realized it was more state of the art. He muttered something rude and grabbed to take it back. She scrunched her shoulders down and huddled over it as she scrolled menus. The thing was fast, and she had to admit it was probably anti-viral and bulletproof just from how pretty it looked. She had an irritated billionaire with both arms around her, trying to discretely wrestle the phone away.

    “If I had your labs for one day I'd have a coffee maker that I could call from my cell,” she whispered.

    Lex gave her arm a pinch and took the phone back with an arch look. He pressed a button deliberately, his eyes sliding over to her while he smirked.

    “You did not. I don't believe you just called your coffee.”

    “I'm skipping the reception,” he said quietly. “If you don't believe me you can come with me and see.”

    They applauded when the couple up front kissed and walked down the aisle. Chloe grabbed her purse and Lex went to give his best wishes and his regrets that he'd be missing the cake. She found her father, chatting excitedly with former co-workers.

    “Hey, Dad, I'm going to catch a ride with Lex,” she told him. “Bye.”

    She didn't hear the good-natured teasing Gabe had to suffer about a Luthor wedding in his future, but the Monday edition of the Smallville Gazette featured a cuddly shot of Chloe and Lex at a wedding.

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