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Thread: NS Forums Avatars

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    NS Forums Avatars

    Q: How do I make an avatar?
    A: You'll need a graphic programme to make an avatar. Basically you open up your graphic programme, make a new document, and add what you please. Then save the image and upload it somewhere.

    Q: Does an avatar have to be added to the forum avatar gallery in order for me to use it?
    A: Yes and no. If you wish to use it in your profile (under your username in posts) it either has to be in the forum avatar gallery, or you have to have a paid subscription. Then you can upload avatars whether or not they are already in the forum avatar gallery.

    Q: I have a avatar I want to use somewhere else, may I?
    A: Ask the author who made it* for permission to use it somewhere else.
    * If you don't know who the author is, either ask someone on the board, or just leave it.

    To choose an avatar from the Forum Avatar Gallery
    To choose an pre-defined avatar, please go into your
    User CP >> Edit Avatar >> Pre-defined Layout/Skins Avatars.

    To upload your own avatar
    In order to upload your own avatar, you need to be a paying member. Read this thread for more information on what it means to be a paying member, and what you get in the different packages.

    Please go into your User CP >> Edit Avatar >> Custom Avatar and fill out the fields there. If you want to upload the image from your own computer, choose Option 2. If you have the image located on the web, enter the exact url to the image (usually ends in .jpg or .gif) in the Option 1 field.
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